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Madeleine’s parents seek to extort the sum of 1.2 million Euros from Gonçalo Amaral

Amaral seeks support for Social Security and says he has no goods

by Alexandra Serôdio

Gonçalo Amaral asked for the help of the State in order to be able to defend himself in the case brought by the McCanns [1,200 million Euros- £1,092,713.00 GBP].

Alleging economic insufficiency to pay the court costs, the former PJ coordinator saw the Civil Court of Lisbon preventively seize the earnings made from the sale of the book and of the documentary through a sole-proprietor company in his name, as a way to ensure that there will be money to pay any compensation, whose pertinence can only be examined at the main action.

In the aid application document, dated 24 September, Amaral declared an annual net income of 39 thousand Euros [£35,565 GBP], with a household of four people: himself, his wife and two little girls, of 11 and five years old. He also states that he does not to own real estate property.

According to a document from the Land Registry Office of Olhão, dated 21 September, to which the JN had access, Amaral, 'owns' [via a second mortgage loan to BES bank according to the Expresso newspaper article on 28 October 2009] a single-family house consisting of two floors, two terraces and a swimming pool, which is valued at more than 200 thousand euros [£182,144 GBP].

The sole-proprietor company in Amaral's name, created for the marketing of the book, has a car registered, of the Jaguar brand. The registration of that property was made in May, this year.

source: Jornal de Notícias


  1. Why in the world are they not suing Halligen. Not only has he hampered the search for Madeleine as they claim Amaral has done, he has wasted almost £500,000 of the fund's money which was donated by the public, they should at least seek to get that back. They sue anyone anyone at the drop of a hat, but the person who should be sued for squandering the Fund's money - not a dicky bird,the hypocracy of the McCann's is astounding. They are only sueing Amaral because they seem to have the full backing of the Portugese judicial system behind them, as they seem to have the weight of financial backers, government spokesmen, best lawyers, etc. to defend their good name. Who is pulling the strings?

  2. I don't understand this. Is the article alleging that Amaral DOES have property but he's lying about it?

  3. To answer the questions of @ 1: Halligen's (or better Halligan) job was not the search for Madeleine. He wasn't hired and paid for that. (If you read statements by former Método 3 detectives, you will see that their job wasn't to search for Maddie either. Rather «finding» witnesses for sightings of Maddie far away from Portugal). His job was money laundering in order to pave the way for the McCann's disappearance from the UK. Given the present situation imagine what happens if they sue Halligan and he spills the beans in court or even prior to the trial with the media? It would be the end of the McCann-Mitchell-Kennedy et. al. fairytale and prison time for the McCanns, the Tapas gang,Mitchell and others. As to your next question: Why do they sue Amaral? Verty simple. Because Amaral came too close to the truth. That's why he needed to be removed from the case. And this case is not just about missing Maddie. It is of a much bigger dimension and involves many so called «honourable» political figures in Portugal and the UK. If that one is being revealed it would be an earth shaking event and the political scandal of the 21. Century. Thati s what was not supposed to happen! And now Amaral must be silenced and destroyed because he is dangerous for them. But, rest assured, that is not going to happen! And it makes no difference that his phone lines are illegally bugged and his emails monitored. It simply proves that certain figures in Portugal and the UK are scared to death.

  4. The article is poorly written, Shubob, it means that his family house belongs to the bank and due to loan mortgages there are restrictions, specifically Amaral can't sell the house.

    The other part just means that the house is registered to his name, it's a normal procedure, when you get a credit loan to buy a house from the bank, the property registry will have the name of the buyer not of the bank.

    The journalist could have added the current bank information on the house mortgages, seeing that she probably had those details with her, but I imagine she gave more attention to the details in the other article also signed by her and published today.

  5. @ comment 2

    There sueing Amaral because its only them after his money, and IF they win the case...they get it ALL.

    Halligen is been pursued by many and theres a possibility there is nothing left.( much more complexed to get at the MONEY ).......also by pursuing kevin Halligen it will attract more negative attention on them and their activities with the fraudlent fund.

    Amaral is a double edged blade for them....victory would result in getting HIS money, win the court case against him preventing the dvd/book permanantly!!!.... and then should this happen..off we go again in the media.....Goncalo the bad guy blah blah blah

    pick your head up though
    the twist is yet to come.....i really feel this time the mccanns number is up!


  6. It would be interesting to know whether the McCanns have paid their mortgage off completely yet?

    Have they had any more of the Fund to find Madeleine money to help do this?

    But of course, they must have made quite a bit themselves giving their story to all and sundry who have paid for it.

  7. What a pity the McCanns haven't put the same effort into finding Madeleine as they have in hounding Goncalo Amaral!

  8. Sorry about this. I have no idea whatsoever about the legal situation regarding mortgages in Portugal where the law may differ from that in England as to ownership.

    However, I know a little about translation and am disappointed that the 'translation' on this blog is not actually direct translation of the Jornal de Noticias article as the casual (particularly English-speaking) reader would probably expect it to be.

    This paragraph is the significant one.

    "De acordo com un documento da Conservatoria do Registo Predial de Olhao, datado de 21 de Setembro ultimo, a que o JN teve acesso, Amaral e proprietario de uma moradia unifamiliar, composta por dois pisos, dois terracos, e piscina e que esta avaliada em mais de 200 il euros."

    The translation above reads as follows:

    "According to a document from the Land Registry Office of Olhao, dated 21 September, to which the JN had access, Amaral, 'owns' {via a second mortgage loan to BES bank according to the Expresso newspaper article on 28 October 2009] a single-family house consisisting of two floors, two terraces and a swimming pool, which is valued at more than 200 thousand euros [£182,144 GBP]."

    I am not an expert in the Portuguese language but believe that the following is a more accurate translation.

    "According to a document from the Land Registry of Olhao, dated 21 September last, to which the JN had access, Amaral, is the owner of a one-family house consisting of two floors, two terraces and swimming pool, and which is valued at more than 200 thousand euros."

    I accept that the phrases contained within the square brackets are additional information and that this was partially implied by their inclusion in such brackets and by reference to the Espresso article. But I would have preferred a clearer indication that they were not part of the translation.

    However, I cannot understand the substitution within the translation of owns by 'owns', (ie the additon of the inverted commas). To my mind this changes the meaning of the paragaraph significantly and does not represent the original article accurately.

  9. re jjp Post 9.

    As I read it, the inverted commas on the word, 'owns' followed by the brackets (via a second mortgage loan to BES bank...) are simply there to highlight the fact that Amaral does NOT really OWN the property, the bank does, although it is registered in his name. Otherwise people may incorrectly think this capital asset belongs to him.

  10. jjp, the square brackets have always been used in this blog when there's a need to put the information into perspective or sometimes to add personal comments. The word owns with inverted commas has an immediate relation to the subsequent sentence. A successful translation from Portuguese to English cannot be done with the notion of literally or formally translating word by word; the main purpose of a translation is to convey the meaning of the 'message' globally in a way that an non Portuguese reader can understand even what is not explicitly evident.

  11. I accept your explanation, Joana, regarding the brackets. And as someone daily involved in complex translations, I understand the need for the translator to have some freedom to express the underlying ideas as word for word translation is often incapable of such accuracy.

    However, I don't see any justification for the use of 'owns' as opposed to own. It seems to be putting a doubt in the reader's mind as to actual ownership which is not (as far as I can see) in the original JdeN article.

    It should be irrelevant to the translator whether the article is accurate in its claim or not.

    Any such belief should be made in a follow-up comment rather than by changing the sense of the actual piece translated.

  12. Another story of a 5 year old little girl that was said to have vanished while shopping with her mother last june in the town of Maubeuge. This morning, after a 6 months investigation the mother has admited her daughter died ...

  13. Thanks Joana @ post # 4 for the explanation.

  14. Poster No5 needs to take more water with it.

  15. Post 5. Obviously well researched facts, the view of someone in the know or at least with some plausible intuition. But Amaral cannot be silenced, there are too many people aware of his story who will carry it on and on. If he is harmed it will result in someone's political downfall for sure.

  16. Initially, this is the case of Madeleine McCann Mac!
    But long ago, Madeleine is forgotten, this is the case of Mr and Mac Cann Me!

    Why Portugal and its officials not involved in this dilemma that ridicules them and the whole nation?

    Why Portugal is not helping one of its nationals is more, he who was the coordinator of the investigation into Maddie?

    Faced with such contempt, such ecroquerie? Portugal expects him to call to order that until the Mac Cann, who with all his team of investigators and lawyers, no one has ever been capable of bringing any evidence that may contradict the version of Amaral, the simple story of an investigation conducted by his team and himself and make sure to think that Maddie has really been kidnapped!

    What do you expect to react the gentlemen responsible for this country to put the record straight with this company was made up of lawyers who ditsoutenir the cause of defamation. "You find it normal in this context?
    What is that authority gatherer of money, it's like the time lords where leus poor did not say all their intentions, even lower as engaged in this society with impunity, the most serious is that it scares everyone, and obviously, everyone folds to its heavier whims, without intervention and without putting things really fit? But we are no longer the Middle Ages, that I know!


    One thing is sure, it's not blabla what should Amaral for Mac Cann, but this process should be the real trial, an explanation healthy, balanced level of both sides waiting for clarification and explanation from the disappearance of Maddie, while not preparing a meeting grotesque, vile, wretched and which paralyzed all audiences witnessed without being able to put a fist to stop this circus.
    While all things considered, the public and all who are interested in this case expect a wait Epiloque true to what the history and purpose: that is what is the disappearance of Madeleine Mc Cann!

    To those who help this extorction to freeze property Amaral you look in a mirror, you memorize the reason for the action of Amaral through this book, think a bit further than your little nose and stop you behave like robots without brains, act thoughtfully on the merits of what you should or should not do! Be at least lucid and secured to one of yours ... a Portuguese as one that has the same right to freedom of expression and who has done nothing wrong!

    Portuguese leaders instead of you to demean these robbers money, react: reopen the case and put in good order!


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