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McCann Case: Media Vultures, Waiting On Death

How the British media, like stalking vultures, prey on an expected death to capitalize higher dividends in advertising.

Vultures are birds of prey that feed almost exclusively on the decaying and putrefactive flesh of dead animals. Their constant presence in places of death, become a symbol of death in the eyes of Men.

Maddie McCann suspect Raymon Hewllett Urged to tell all before he dies 

A CONVICTED paedophile wanted for questioning by detectives working for Madeleine McCann’s parents is close to death, it was revealed yesterday.

Sex fiend Raymond Hewlett, 64, can no longer speak because of throat cancer and lives in a council flat he shares with his partner in Aachen, ­Germany.

Investigators fear that Hewlett could take the secret of Madeleine McCann's disappearance with him to the grave.

Hewlett’s lawyer, Detlev ­Wagner, said: “He could not talk to them even if he wanted to.

“He is gravely ill. He does not have long for this world.”

Retired senior police officers working for Madeleine’s parents, Kate and Gerry, from Rothley, Leics, have been trying to quiz Hewlett since May.

But while he has spoken with British police investigating other offences against children dating back nearly 35 years, Hewlett has steadfastly refused to co-operate with the private investigators.

The Briton, who has multiple convictions for offences against children, came to the attention of investigators after an ­English couple came forward with new information.

They alleged he was near to the Praia da Luz holiday resort in Portugal where Madeleine, then three, ­vanished in May 2007.

Private investigators Dave Edgar and Arthur ­Crowley, both ex-police officers with many years of experience, first went to see him in Aachen when he was being treated for his cancer in hospital.

Numerous requests to interview him were all turned down.

Wagner claims that his client was poised to broker an interview with the detectives but broke it off because he found the lawmen “too pushy”.

In June Hewlett – still ­smoking the cigarettes blamed for causing his throat cancer – said: “It’s obvious why they’re interested in me.

“But they can all think what they like. I didn’t kill the McCann girl. It’s the truth and it’s never going to change.”

He admits he was in the Algarve at the time Madeleine vanished.

Hewlett looks ­strikingly ­similar to a sketch of a suspect with a pock-marked face seen lurking around the apartment where the family stayed in May 2007.

Daily Star extra bits:
Hewlett has been quizzed by Brit police over a sex assault on a child three decades ago. But he has refused to co-operate with detectives acting for the McCanns.

When private eyes Dave Edgar and Arthur Crowley – both ex-policemen – went to see him they were turned away from the hospital in Aachen, Germany, where he was being treated.

Medics have now sent him home to die. McCanns spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “Until Hewlett agrees to see our investigators he will remain of interest to them. We urge him to help.’’

Though private eyes suspect Hewlett was not directly involved in the abduction, they believe he knows who was.

Published today on Daily Star and on Daily Express


  1. Don't let Clarence speak for you, Edgar and Cowley. Come out and say it for yourselves! Do you believe Raymond Hewlett knows who was involved?

  2. everyone knows, including Hewlett, who was "involved in the abduction".....


  3. I feel sorry for this guy's family. How about Mrs McC answering the questions.

  4. Clarence Mitchell would have been Hitler's right hand man had he been around in those days. He really is the lowest of the low IMO!

  5. And where is the real police in all this? All we read about is ex-police, retired police, privite investigators - Meretardo, Oakley but no interest from real cops .

  6. If the Mccanns are preparaing to have Madeleines remains found there will be no 'real police' involved in this.(Mccanns becareful..Hewlett can no longer speak according to this article) So, what will we have a written confession ?even better explaining exactly with the help of a diagram where she is. However, if she is still in Portugal or Spain (Huelva)...Both countries do not allow private investigators on their soil..This information will have to be handed over to PJ or Guardia Civil. I would imagine they will make damn sure this time that all forensics are not contaminated.

  7. What we are witnessing is a predictable tactic. If the McCanns were confident of coming out on top with 'Plan A' i.e. their court action against Dr. Amaral, and his book, there would be no need for this ploy. But they are far from certain and therefore 'plan B' has been launched in order to countact any fallout from the possible failure of 'plan A'.

    The McCanns' main objective is to keep Madeleine in a state of limbo, missing, but with no evidence that she has been harmed. That way they can still pursue 'the search' whilst at the same time avoiding the danger of having to appear at an inquest in the UK which would involve everyone concerned being required to give evidence to a coroner's court under oath.

    McCanns know that there is no evidence either for abduction or against it, after all, they went to great lengths to make certain that no evidence could be found or to rubbish any that was found in spite of their efforts to conceal it.

    Unfortunately, the British media have proven time and time again that they do not require evidence, but are willing to accept prima facie anything the McCanns choose to tell them.

    Expect two camps to form therefore. On the one hand the Portuguese police, Dr. Amaral and other esteemed experts and on the other, the McCanns with spokesman etc. and of course the British media displaying as usual their fetish for racism and cheap insults.

    The only way to stop this obscene carousel is to find the body or some form of indisputable evidence that she is dead and that the McCanns are involved.

  8. Oh! yes...Hewlett knows.....as much as we ALL do INCLUDING the PJ.And I dare say: even the "cowboys" know,they might just want confirmation ;)
    To team mccann:
    Mirror,Mirror on the Wall
    WHO is the sickiest of all?

  9. This guy is a red herring, just like the Victoria Beckham lookalike.

  10. Come on Portugal, get that case reopened and the arguido status back on the McCanns.

    All this rehashing to deflect from the trial is sickening.

  11. Although Hewlett has a sordid past, I cannot believe that he would, if he knew something, take it to his grave. He could have even asked for payment for the information to leave to his family.

    IF he knows something and is afraid to tell then we can only assume that is because he knows he is dealing with very dangerous and powerful people.

    or I hope he has written a book which will be published after his death telling how he has been hounded by the McCanns etc.

  12. jesus not this old chestnut again,i hope someone knows hewlets family and can get a message to them to sue the mccanns for every penny they have,they are soooo disgusting to make a mockery out of madeleine they ought to given life in jail,and to think the tapas bunch know what happend to her but still wont say where she is so madeleine can be at peace,how sad is that.

  13. C'mon Gerry, hurry up! Take a pen, a piece of paper, a few mill from the fund - if there's any dough left that is - and board Branson's private jet to Hewlett's death bed. His family might need the money and we know you are a very persuasive guy. He is dying and can't speak anymore, but maybe he can sign the paper blank. He's so weak he can't rwrite the confession himself. Then you can than fill it up, we also know you have a lot of imagination. We'll all finally know what happened to your daughter, an will apologize to you. How does it sound?

  14. Vultures, indeed. When Team McCann first put Hewlett's name in the press, it was obvious what their tactics would be: wait until the man was on his deathbed and bring him back into the news with a 'he took his secret to the grave' type story.

    The groundwork has already been laid, and many gullibles will fall for this garbage hook, line and sinker. Note how they manage to slip into the yarn that "though private eyes don't believe Hewlett was involved in the abduction, they believe who knows who was."

    Utter tripe, all of it.


  15. If Hewlett knows anything it is a "con" when he sees one. It's all a con job and we all know it. The lie will be persisted with no matter what, that's the route that has been taken. Mitchell has all the traits needed to be a scumbag politician. I will bet they cannot wait for Hewlett to die so that he will be to blame one way or another.

  16. He knows as much as Obama knows.

  17. What the papers fail to mention is that Hewlett called the McCanns' bluff and agreed to meet with the PIs whilst still in hospital. Instead of hurrying back to interrogate him as after all, that was the reason they flew all the way to Germany for, they fled to the airport en route back to England with Clarence Mitchell lamenting that Hewlett should have given enough notice that he was ready to talk! That man Mitchell........... :-t

  18. Joana -could Gerry's quote about like being overdrawn on your overdraft be included in his quotes on your front page? I personally think it's his most shocking statement.
    Best wishes to all of you on Friday.

  19. http://www.maddiemystery.blogspot.com/

    The Mccanns are fooling no one.

  20. No arguido status back on the couple.
    It would become again the miserable story from 2007.
    As witnesses.
    A witness is obliged to answer all questions.

  21. Flogging a dead horse 2 days before the Court case.
    Hewlett has been "close to death" for many months (google: Hewlett close to death)

    I guess there will be a strong lead about a sighting of MBM before 9 am Friday 11th December.

    What a circus, what a bunch of clowns.

  22. Would'nt it be funny if Hewlett called a press conference and then said I will tell the world who I think it was..... G McCann. Now that would call Mitchells bluff since he thinks Hewlett knows. What a hoot that would be.

  23. Anonymous no 18 If i recall correctly he said this in the first proper interview after Madeleine went missing. I remember hearing him saying it on TV and it was the first WTF moment for me. I knew then that something just wasn't right - I could not see how you could relate your missing child to that of a bank overdraft.

  24. Re-Open the Case! It's the only way to get the Truth out!

  25. I've just watched the video of Dave Edgar's interview after he had scrutinised the PJ files. I've never seen a more miserable and uncomfortable response from anyone in this saga as he denies he found anything incriminating about the MCcs.

  26. I am a little curious as to why only The Express and Star are carrying this story. All the rest seem interested in blackening the Italian Judicial System with regards to Amanda Knox...and the sleazy reporting of Tiger Woods and his 'Transgressions'.

  27. The Mccann numerous smoke screens are now getting in their own eyes.

  28. Anonymous no 18, 23

    About bank overdraft thing. I asked about it yesterday here and I was appalled to learn it wasn`t only someones joke. Very shocking statement.

  29. There is no such thing as a "convicted paedophile" in the U.K. or in America. Being a paedophile isn't a crime.

  30. of course he will tell "the truth" if he´s getting lot of money for his "poor" family! great busyness!

  31. The Express and Star did not pay out money in a settlement. Their insurance company did. It was pre-planned. Print months of stories and then use the libel insurance policy to pay out the settlement. The same with the Tapas 7's payout - all paid for by insurance. These scamsters are fooling nobody who digs deep into the truth. Peter Hill described it as the biggest story since the Lindbergh baby. No it wasn't. He just had to make out it was to justify the daily stories prior to the insurance claim.

  32. Have we had Jane Tanner recognising Hewlett as eggman yet, or did I miss that?

  33. How low are team McCann prepared to go in their quest to hide the truth?.....as low as they need to it appears.
    But why oh why are the British press going along with their charade?
    This I will never understand.

  34. The Macs are very sure of themselves, they have always been and probably so because the body is being kept in a very safe, graceful, peaceful place. The church keeps coming back to me. If I remember correctly the dogs were not in church, and besides I dnt trust that Brit. priest/pastor, whatever. ,

  35. Message to the McCanns.
    Everything else is just your desperate circus act. Still got your safety net?

  36. Anon at 34

    No doubt they are going along with it because they have been told by the McCanns that as they are no longer arguidos they have been cleared of all charges, like there had been some sort of trial.

    So, logically, if they have been 'cleared', then it must have been that big bad abductor that took Madeleine after all.

    That's why the reopening of the case is the last thing the McCanns want to happen.

  37. Post 29 Rolex President, i take it you're a paedophile then, because in the Uk and USA it is a crime, you sick f**k. Can you report him/her Joana. Or is it one of the Tapas clan.

  38. I see Sky News is reporting that Mitchell has said the McCanns will be attending the opening of the trial on Friday but will be returning to the U.K. "fairly swiftly" - that would be much like their departure from Portugal once they were declared arguidos.

  39. In the Sky report it says 'as they launch their libel trial' i do wish they would get it right. The best xmas present would be the pair of them arrested on landing in Portugal and locked up with their scum friends.

  40. i thought sky were the first for breaking news,bit late with this aint they,bloody ridiculous they need to get there facts right

  41. They are probably hoping for a quick getaway before the end of the Court case which, if there is any justice, could very well go against them. They won't want to face the world if it does and will crawl back under their stones pronto!

  42. The PJ will have to be very nippy to catch that pair, they wont linger long in case they get arrested.

    Weren't they supposed to be going in for more questioning just before they skipped back to UK and went straight away and got themselves an extradition lawyer.

    It is amazing that they have gone back at all, but I suppose the lure of all that money might have something to do with it.

  43. funny how sky wont let you comment on this story.is it the truth they are frightend of i wonder

  44. McCanns spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “Until Hewlett agrees to see our investigators he will remain of interest to them. We urge him to help.’’


    Well until KM agrees to answer the 48 questions she refused to answer and the McC's and the T7 agree to return to Portugal to take part in an official reconstruction and the McC's request the re-opening of their missing child's investigation then they will remain totally fishy to me. I urge them to help and imo stop being a hindrance in the offical case of their missing child they claim has been abducted by paedophiles!

  45. poster number 38

    that is a very unpleasant retort and wholly unnecessary.
    being a paedophile is NOT a crime unless that person (who, remember, is sick) has committed a crime concerning a child. there aplenty of adults who have a need for such awful and unacceptable acts but do NOTHING about it. i know this as a friend of a top paedophile police investigator.
    dont get me wrong....i would want to kill the person who indulged with children but we must keep our shoot from the hip thoughts more considered.

    whilst here - i would like to point out that i think that gerry and kate ARE involved in the death of madeleine and i am in FULL support of the wonderful amaral.

  46. Janf58 - Before you resort to rudeness once more, can I just say that paedophilia is not actually a crime, its a psycholigcal disorder. However, child abuse is a crime. One can be a paedophile (which is a lover of children), without committing a criminal act at all - although most do.

  47. I think we are all a little edgy at the moment with the latest Mccann scam and the biased reporting from the media. We are a good team here and I think the odd out burst can be forgiven.

  48. Its the art of Spineless Spin....the last one last of the Pink Era :D

  49. It doesn't really matter what Sky News says or doesn't say, or what the Express or the Sun or any of them say or print or do. The only people who think it does matter are Sky News themselves and the rest of the media and of course the sad individuals who just cannot live without the orgasmic experience of seeing their names up there time and time again. Such sad individuals are commonly referred to, again by the media, as celebrities.

    Not the McCanns of course, even the media would have a problem with that and yet, that is exactly what they are; celebrities. They have harnessed the media for their own ends and with the aid of a professional liar and a firm of dodgy libel lawyers have foisted themselves onto the media as celebrities.

    Yet the only thing they have ever done of note was to leave their infant children alone night after night in order to enjoy their alcohol-fuelled me time, until one night one of the children mysteriously disappeared. That makes the McCanns a world first: the world's first celebrity bad parents.

    I suppose being constantly referred to by the media is extremely addictive, rather like a class A drug. Once you're hooked you cannot stop as you progressively lose touch with reality and actually start to believe everything you read about yourself.

    Meanwhile back in the real world, the one in which Clarence Mitchell and the McCanns failed, things are progressing towards their inevitable conclusion. The efforts of a few very clever and dedicated experts around Dr. Amaral will surely bear fruit and the mystery of Madeleine's disappearance eventually be solved; but it will be solved quietly with patience and hard work and without the sensationalism of a media spectacle.

    In the meantime it is the Team McCann media spectacle which will continue to provide the ghoulish entertainment for the mass market and the feel-good factor which its leading participants obviously need so desparately.

    It will eventually end badly for them of course, but that is a fate they share with addicts everywhere.


  50. 'tis a very sad day when I almost feel sorry for someone like Hewlett. It's obvious he is being set up as a scapegoat: whether he "confesses" or "takes his secret to the grave", he fits the tale very conveniently. Slight snag though: he used to go for older girls, didn't he?
    Like anon 35 I have always thought the church has played a vital role in this tragedy. I watched Amaral's interview again this week and he mentioned the PJ decided to leave the church out of their investigations. If those walls could talk...

  51. They expect people to recoil from Hewlett. Hewlett is the dregs of society, who is going to care whether or not there is any evidence. Their private detectives have said as much "he's not involved, but ........"

    That's their ideology, to treat everyone else like the philistines they are. They and the British media suit each other well, but a source close to the blogosphere says "it's ludicrous and unhelpful to snare a dying man, even if he is a filthy scumbag."

  52. The court hearing is on the eleventh.
    The famous Fund is getting empty.
    It's nearly Christmas - and as the Americans say, go figure.

  53. The Sky news report online is the most accurate of the three I have seen today albeit it could have been a bit more informative. For example, they quite rightly use the word 'disappearance' not 'abducted'. Sky reports that Goncalo Amaral was taken off the case, not 'sacked' as is usually reported in most UK articles. More importantly, it also says Mr Amaral claimed Madeleine was dead and questioned the McCanns' account that she was taken while they were eating with friends. It doesn't say that they were responsible for her death. Sky news also accurately report that this is an injunction banning further sales and finally at the end of the article, they correctly state that their arguido status was lifted after questioning by detectives instead of the usual rubbish that is usually printed by other media outlets that they were cleared of any involvement in her disappearance.

    It's taken a while but glad to see that Sky have got it right at last.

  54. In her Diario, Kate also knew that Robert Murat was The One. Now, Hewlett is The One, after a whole string of suspects also known as The Ones.

    Desperate to find the perpetrator or desperate to find a Scapegoat?

    Yeah yeah, he's The One....

    Roll on Justice.

  55. @ post # 54, couldn't agree with you more.

  56. I think police is closer now to find the place where the young girl was kept until they were ready to move her to the next address. That will certainly be the best clue to find the grave. Following traces. Take the dogs to the Church won't make any difference at that time. Churches have always cadaverine odor. What they're looking after is substantial evidence to reinforce a new investigation line. Like some good and faithful friends in Algarve, etc. A big judgment is coming but I may be wrong....

  57. Link to the Sky News story (no comments allowed .... Grrrrrrr)


  58. SO MANY LIES ON BRITISH PRESS. Hewlett did not refused to cooperate with Mccann's detectives. HE SAID THAT HE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH MADDIE CASE AND HE JUST SAW AND KNOW THE GIRL FROM THE NEWS, LIKE TRILLIONS OF PEOPLE IN THE WORLD which were not bottered by the Mccann's only because they were not at a dead bed and don't have a pass with sex abuse conviction.

    AND MORE, Mr. & Mrs. British journalists, he was investigated by Pj and British police when they were at the hot hunting of Madeleine and her ofender(S) and was dismissed. AGAIN THE INSANE MCCANN'S USING IN AN INSANE WAY THE TRAGEDY OF A WEAK AND POOR MAN WHICH HAVE NO STRENGHT TO FIGHT FOR HIS OWN LIFE. Stop not respecting basic rights of people.

  59. All of us should keep in mind that little Maddeline is the victim in all this, a little girl who in my opinion has been let down by her parents who still take no responsibility BUT expect everyone else to.

    Good Luck to all in Portugal who are involved in finding the truth.


  60. Off topic I know - but what`s happened to `The McCanns Abuse of Power` Blog? Its saying its been sabotaged by Debbie Butler and her cohorts.

  61. The strange for me is how LITTLE the McCanns have made of Hewlett. He's the ideal candidate and he was in the area around the relevant time. Surely over the last few months they should have been jumping up and down and screaming at the authorities to do more to interview him and find out what has been going on.

    But no - despite the fact that his profile seems to fit, they really make very little use of him.

    They prefer to set hares running all over the place - yachts and Australian heiresses and all the rest.

    Very, very odd.

    Perhaps they recognise the danger in focussing on one suspect.

  62. I think we can do without paedophile sympathisers on this forum thank you! I know too many children whose lives have been ruined by them and I am speaking from experience! So spare me sympathy for this bunch of criminal perverts. I'm sure that if any of them read this forum they will be heartened by the remarks of those on here who are treating the subject so lightly. Lock them all up and throw away the key, or put them on some special paedophile island where they can't hurt anyone, and then perhaps children will be safe to play in our streets!

  63. T4two post 50 - well said, very articulate post. You echo my thoughts nearly exactly. Thank you.


  64. Why are the McCanns allowed to injunct Mr Amaral because they say his claims are damaging to them and he has no evidence to back it up, when they have no evidence to back up any involvement of Hewlett? They have defamed him, although you could argue that his character is already damaged bacause of his past, but for alot of people the same could be said for the McCanns- long before Arguido status and Mr Amarals book, many people were already critical of the McCanns for leaving their children to the situation they find themselves in. I wish that someone would sue them for defamation- Perhaps Hewlett could go through the German courts, there is not a great deal of sympathy there for the saintly duo from what I can tell!!!

  65. The Sun has reported an unbiased piece about the duo going to Portugal. The Sun even said "former cop" when writing about Amaral. Perhaps even the newspapers fear for Freedom of Speech.

  66. I would have thought that the McCann's would have been more concerned about the information that Halligen didn't pass on than somebody writing a book.

    They haven't made a fuss about that and the lost opportunities of finding Madeleiene.

    I wonder why that is? Could it be because they know that this information is useless because she is dead and they know where her body is?

    I hope that I never have to cross their path as I would have a problem stopping myself from spitting in their faces.

    I have never in my life felt such contempt and disgust for another human being on this planet as I do for them.

    Good luck to G. Amaral tomorrow and if there is any justice in the Portuguese courts, the McCann's will lose the case.


  67. Thanks Anon 63, what these people forget that it is the children who suffer throughout their lives, i worked with the NSPCC with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, it is a well known fact paedophilia is an untreatable condition, for people to sympathise is really unhelpful. If i have offended anyone with my past post then tough, free speech!

  68. I agree with anonymous poster #11. My very best wishes to Mr. Amaral.

  69. In regard to the McCanns presence in Lisbon, I note that Mitchell announced they will "appear" at the opening. The announcement reads like that of a PR person for a celebrity film star.

    My very best wishes go across the ocean to Mr. Amaral.

  70. Tomorrow at the first hearing held ...:- o:-o

    A man is brought to the stake, no one responded, the revolt that has been spilled on paper, on keyboards, on the Internet.
    True, one for freedom, is she more? ... words on paper, tomorrow, them, there probably more than enough!
    How can we accept such a mistake, everyone who supported Amaral?
    How did we get such a thing, but there will be no opposite? Why this helplessness?
    Why some way, let silence without feedback?
    Why let this former inspector being trampled, so fly, so that he removes his right to express ... that is destroying his life and that of his family when he did that show what happened during the police investigation itself, which besides a lot of files open to public on Internet reiterates the same beliefs?

    Why even powerful people of this beautiful country called Portugal did not seek to expose and challenge the right to expression, which belongs to every citizen, without exception?
    Why Portugal did not lift a finger to stop this very serious mistake through this trial of injustice against Amaral?

    Unfortunately, it evokes a sad ridiculousness of staging that will begin tomorrow under the bold and unwavering commitment of Mr. and Mrs. Mac Cann: the investigator pursued by the former "arguidos" at this moment the scene has shifted upside down.

    Little question on the eve of the trial;)): do you think the thoughts of Mac Cann is currently set on Madeleine and her research, as mentioned, or rather the pleasure of addressing their revenge and how they will relate the outcome of this trial?

    In reality, what are these elements of weight, these explanations can actually prove that Macs Cann are totally innocent on everything that we could discover and over time and their actions?
    To these questions, yet are key questions are what bring THE RIGHT TO MAKE REAL TRIAL JUSTIFIED IN GOOD SHAPE AND PROPER and this trial that Mr Amaral had much desired and could stop any the case or open a new perspective.
    But Mac Cann never watched this eye-there and not hear it that way then.

    This trial will be a heinous abuse of objectives and does reflect the reality and the real objectives:
    What happened to MADDIE?
    Yet it is the vératible about a lawsuit, one that SHOULD TAKE PLACE!

    Mac Cann, in this outrageous coming trial, are not they being put on another statute, even less flattering than that of arguidos worn for a year with the swindle he eagerly prepares d 'institute under the guise of real lawyers Quaestors money against this former policeman, and the face of everybody?

    I am not Portuguese, of course, but am disgusted by this helpless world where no one has proposed to solve and eliminate this dilemma, built on a lack of defense of a country facing one of its nationals but may also be an enormous deception ~ x (!

  71. I think it is very important to look carefully at the Hewlett saga. Pay careful attention to the former Scots Guard, Peter Verran. He is the ONLY source for the following claims about Hewlett:

    Hewlett owned a white Mercedes van - like the one seen in PdL (untrue)
    Hewlett was approached by gipsies wanting to pay good money for his blonde daughter (Hewlett said it was rubbish)
    Hewlett had been to the "holiday flat" in PdL many times and had parked near the complex (NO proof and denied by Hewlett)
    Hewlett left Portugal "within 30 minutes" after Maddie "vanished"

    Verran allegedly contacted the *MADDY TEAM* after seeing reports in the Mirror about Hewlett.

    The PJ visited the Hewletts at least twice - he gave them a DNA swab and fingerprints.

    Peter Verran served with the Scots Guard in Northern Ireland and suffered a "serious spinal injury".

    I think there are serious questions to be asked about Peter Verran's veracity. I think it is entirely possible that Halligen & Company had a hand in these false allegations.

  72. Hewlett was a sitting target for them.

    But no doubt, any old paedophile would do.


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