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McCann Couple to attend Amaral's Trial

the suffering McCanns

The McCann Couple should be in Lisbon, on the 11th of December, when the complaint against the former Judiciary Police Inspector will start to be tried.

by Alexandra Serôdio

The Lisbon Civil Court will begin to judge on the 11th the interlocutory proceedings which oppose the McCann family against former PJ inspector Gonçalo Amaral. The process further involves a book publisher [Guerra e Paz, Editores, SA], a TV channel [Prisa's TVI] and a media production company [Valentim de Carvalho].

Kate and Gerry McCann should attend the first day of trial, given that they are committed to continue the search for their daughter Madeleine who disappeared on the 3 May 2007, from the room where she slept in the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz (Lagos). A presence that is not confirmed by the Portuguese lawyer, Isabel Duarte, but by sources close to the couple who affirm their presence as certain.

The trial has as basis the interlocutory injunction brought in May by the McCanns and on behalf of their three children, Sean, Amelie and Madeleine, which intended to remove from the market the book "The Truth of the Lie" and the documentary based on the same book. As well they seek to put an end to the commercialization of the book copyrights by the publisher company Guerra e Paz abroad, and also to prohibit the now retired from the Judiciary Police, Inspector Gonçalo Amaral, to speak publicly about his theory of the case.

Justifying their temporary injunction with the fact that they wish to «guard themselves against future injuries of their rights, or the worsening of the already injuries», the McCann allege that the divulgation of the book and the DVD «deepens their suffering» and «harms the search for Madeleine».

The allegations made by the McCanns, led a judge of the 13th Civil Court of Lisbon [judge Amélia Puna Loupo] in September to decree the banning of the book and DVD sales, as well as to prohibit Gonçalo Amaral to make any comments, written or verbal, that defend the thesis of Madeleine's death or the concealment of her body by the parents.

Opposing to the interlocutory proceedings, Gonçalo Amaral's lawyer, asks for its revocation, arguing that «the prohibition is based on facts that are not truthful» and that «were deliberately misrepresented in order to achieve the desired outcome measure».

According to António Cabrita, the former PJ Inspector «does not defend the thesis» of Maddie's death nor the concealment of her cadaver by her parents. «At no excerpt or passage in the book does Gonçalo Amaral attribute to Kate or Gerry McCann, or to anyone else, the homicide and the cadaver concealment of their daughter Madeleine», nor «in any of the interviews given by him does he ever emphasizes that Maddie's parents killed her or concealed her body».

The lawyer said that the thesis put forth in the book «does not attempt against the image, the good name of the McCanns, let alone treat them in a way that could be considered degrading, cruel or inhumane». He also said that Amaral only comments on the results of the investigation already divulged through the CD made by the Prosecutor's Office in Portimão.

source: Jornal de Noticías


  1. if this goes against mr amaral THEN WILL KNOW THAT THERE IS CORUPTION IN PORTUGAUL.and i hope there will we a public outcry
    from every one

  2. Everybody is taken to court BUT THEM x(
    Portugal,PLEASE, wake up!!!!!!

  3. "the McCann allege that the divulgation of the book and the DVD «deepens their suffering» and «harms the search for Madeleine»."

    I allege that they have deepened their own suffering by their inability to win total support because of their arrogant and selfish attitude and it is they who harmed the search for Madeleine by not fully co-operating with the police in failing to answer all questions and take part in a police reconstruction

  4. Ver para crer, como São Tomé.

  5. "the McCann allege that the divulgation of the book and the DVD «deepens their suffering» and «harms the search for Madeleine"

    The McCann's really mean "the divulgation of the official files and DVD" - they are the most harmful to the McCann's and unfortunately for them are in the public domain

  6. Let's hope Amaral's counsel gets an equal hearing this time.

  7. Joana,
    I'm worried and have a lot of questions.
    Did the Mccanns sue Hannigan as they did for Amaral? Problems with their detectives really "harms the search for Madeleine".
    Is there a complaint against Amaral about his private life? If there is, will Cipriano's lawyer use it on december 11th? I read on Rosiepops'blog he says you're wrong and portuguese laws allows him to do it.

  8. @6 spot on,and when the dam breaks ,which it will believe me.thats the day there will be justice for madeleine,and jail for the mccanns

  9. "A presence that is not confirmed by the Portuguese lawyer, Isabel Duarte, but by sources close to the couple who affirm their presence as certain."

    Can you imagine the McCanns and G. Amaral face to face? Not in a million years! They will try to avoid him as the devil avoids the cross. The question now is money, and their lawyers can take care of this. They might come to Portugal, but won't be present at the court, that's for sure.

  10. A little girl disappeared in France 3 monthes ago.
    Typhaine's mother confessed today to police she killed accidentely her daughter and hired her body.

  11. The only thing that harmed the investigation is themselves and their corrupt friends, Had Amaral been left to finished the investigation they would have both been behind bars by now.


  13. What about Sr Amaral's need to set the record straight after the vilification of him by the UK media and the McCanns. He could base his justification for writing the book on that alone.

    He has children too, or don't the McCanns consider anybody but themselves to be of any importance.

    These characters were the ones who brought this on themselves when they chose to leave their children by themselves, and since then how many others have been caught up in the sickening saga.

    Have they forgotten that Robert Murat also has a child. Another person who suffered vilification at the hands of Team McCann and the media.

    Sr Amaral's book goes some way to setting the record straight.

  14. Alguém sabe dizer se o julgamento é à porta aberta? Esta é uma boa altura para estarmos presentes, pelo menos quem pode, eu posso. Podíamos combinar e usar todos algo simbólico. Eu não me importava de usar uma mordaça, mas não sei se será permitido fazê-lo numa sala de audiência? Joana? Astro? Respondam-me por favor.
    Vou estar presente. Vão estar presentes?

  15. this will be the turning point of that im sure!

    If the courts stay onside with the mccanns.. then i seriously believe it will be the catalyst to many problems in Portugal and the UK.....there will be all sorts of groups coming out the woodwork...some serious world shaking will begin.
    I honestly believe the both governments know this !!

    this will be the beginning of justice for Goncalo i hope.

  16. I'm getting the impression that in the photo above of the 'suffering' McCanns, Gerry is saying to Kate 'aren't I clever Kate, aren't I clever'.

  17. Dave Edgar said in September that he is convinced Madeleine is being held within 10 miles of Praia da Luz. According to journalist Aaron Tierney 'the east Belfast man insists the golden-haired youngster is being held just 10 miles from where she was snatched in Praia da Luz two years ago.'

    If the McCanns believe their chief investigator to be right, then why did they recently release the Internet video in 7 languages and ask people worldwide to send it to as many people as possible? What good would that do if Madeleine were still near Praia da Luz?

    If the McCanns don't believe Edgar is right then why are they still employing him? Surely his interview in September, giving his firmly-held idea about where Madeleine is, is far more detrimental to any search for her than anything said by Gonçalo Amaral, if in fact she isn't near Praia da Luz ? Why aren't they suing him for what he said, as his words may well have had the effect of stopping people looking for Madeleine anywhere other than near Praia da Luz?

    Of course, DE didn't write a book and make money which the McCanns want for themselves.

  18. They will only really suffer when the money runs out


    "«At no excerpt or passage in the book does Gonçalo Amaral attribute to Kate or Gerry McCann, or to anyone else, the homicide and the cadaver concealment of their daughter Madeleine», nor «in any of the interviews given by him does he ever emphasizes that Maddie's parents killed her or concealed her body»."

    As another poster has said, if this Hearing goes against Amaral, this will prove there is massive corruption in the portugese heirarchy and the Portugese people should express their disdain in some way. Either that or its backwards down the slippery slope once more.


  20. Does anybody know exactly what is happening?

    Will this be merely some kind of hearing about whether to impose a permanent injunction, or is this the defamation trial during which Sr Amaral can call witnesses.

    If it is only relating to the injunction, then surely it would have been more logical to have the trial for defamation first and let the outcome of that decide whether or not to ban the book.

    But then, I have yet to see some logical decision making within the Portuguese judiciary, so why should I be surprised.

  21. Deep suffering from a book they can't even read ?

  22. Hello Joana

    I'm really fed up with the McCann and their trecherous use of the judicial system to make money - disgusting people.

    However I will not surrender to having censorship restored in our country on their behalf, or watching a fellow citizen being harassed by a couple of fraudsters.

    If anyone could provide more specific information about the hour and the "juízo" where this trial will take place, I intend to gather a couple of friends and go there with our (purchased) "A Verdade da Mentira" in hand, to ask Mr. Gonçalo Amaral for an autograph. I would like to see if the judge will take away our property when we rise them up in Court...

    Thanks for any further info about the timing of the trial.


  23. Dave Edgar is probably the closest yet as to where Madeleine is.

    Only not a live Madeleine, a dead one.

    Can't have people searching along those lines though, they might find her!

  24. "Não vives até ao Natal"
    "A miúda foi safa pela mãe, que a empurrou"


    Casal McCann no julgamento
    Uma presença não confirmada pela advogada portuguesa, Isabel Duarte, mas que algumas fontes ligadas ao casal dão como sendo certa.


  25. Isn`t it time the whole PJ department stepped up to back Mr Amaral?
    Surely everything he has ever said on this case is in their report, & that report was made public.
    I think it is outrageous that they leave Mr Amaral out to dry.



  28. Dimsie @ post # 17, we don't know if Edgar doesn't charge for interviews. I won't be surprised if he does!

  29. I don't think this has to do with any corruption in Portugal.
    This has to do with the right somebody has to protest.
    But Amaral, Guerra e Paz and others have the right to defend themselves.
    By the way, the book, the video, etc were the results of the PJ investigations, not of Amaral's and of the rest.
    The PJ was publishing the DVD with about 15% of the conclusions.
    It is the law in Portugal.
    They did not make any exception for the McCanns, why should they?

  30. As long as Amaral is allowed to defend himself, I won't be too bothered about the verdict!

  31. Luz, what a great idea. I wish I could be there too. I hope lots of people are coming.

  32. I will be amazed if they set foot in court. But I am intrigued... if they lose this case, who will pay the costs? Kennedy? The Fund???

  33. Alexandra @14, Luz @22, anon 24 - Anyone who would like to rally and be present to support Amaral and give a propper "welcoming" to the Mccs, unless someone has a different plan, can you contact me at this site to arrange details - http://justiceandtruth.ning.com/

  34. It looks as though rosiepoops has got that nutty lawyer on J4 writing about a phone call.


    What a lot of crackpots they are on there.

    Isn't rosiepoops a relative of the McCann's? I'm sure she said that she was Kate's auntie from the Isle of Wight?

  35. 34, cartazes e tomates, Aeroporto de Lisboa e Hotel do Parque Eduardo Sétimo - só precisamos da horas.

  36. On the 3A site somebody was saying that Rosiepops had been able to be traced directly back to Gerry McCann himself, because of something that had been left open in error?

    Don't really understand the technical operation of this.

    But it would not surprise me.

  37. Anon # 29: " The PJ was publishing the DVD with about 15% of the conclusions.
    It is the law in Portugal.
    They did not make any exception for the McCanns, why should they?"

    Imo I think they thought that when the secrecy was lifted that they and they alone would be handed the case file. They and they alone would decide what the public throughout the world would know. They possibly at this point would have had their own book based on exclusive information contained within the file all McCherry picked info such as the McMediapoopaganda that was spoonfed to the UK Press/Media and then vomited out to the UK public! I can only suppose that the UK Press and Media have been super-injuncted hence the zilch reporting of any information from the file. Just my opinion, I will not be surprised if they are trying to gag the content of the file completely and gag the world from breathing a word about it and not to even contemplate thinking about it. All the while releasing their book/s, film/s and giving interviews galore! What next worldwide McPolice, worldwide McTV and McNews channel. Wake up Portuguese judicary!

    Luz that is an excellent idea. Hope to see (via this site) Dr GA in the press calmly signing privately owned copies of his gagged book!

  38. Anonymous 33 and 36 that deranged woman and her lies, have no place in this blog, she will be handled by those with authority to do so, and that's all.

  39. Anon #36 that would not surprise me at all in fact I would be surprised if it did not lead back to that person.

  40. Anon @ 33

    That rosiepops buch is a real affront to human intelligence! And they are vile too...

    Anon @ 35

    Por favor, não esquecam ovos também. É a côr de uma das bandas que sempre têm no pulso... Para não destoar!

  41. It gets a bit too much when Dr Amaral is being physically threatened by Rosiepops, which is what happened. That has to be against the law, and an end put to it.

    Or would it only be a threat to the lives of the McCanns that matters?

  42. Snr Amaral's book is truthful, and is the thesis of the whole PJ team of investigators, not only Amaral. It is simply based on the evidence published in the police files, open to journalists and public. There is no defamation. Will the McCanns produce psychiatric reports to support their claims of suffering? But I thought they have been appearing on TV in the USA, and Europe, running for charity in UK, and laughing like in the photo above? If they are ill, whose looking after the twins? Didn't Kate say to journalist Sandra F that she is working on the published police files she has had translated, all the time? So they are not ill, not suffering at all. Where is the evidence that they are suffering?

    Snr Amaral cannot be penalised in this court, if he is, then the full weight of Human Rights Law for issues of Freedom of Speech will be taken up by the public and society's good Lawyers alike.

  43. I too will be surprised if the McCanns attend court. They might be in Lisbon for interviews off the back of any result coming out of this trial or for PR purposes, but I'd be surprised to see them in court. Unless of course their new PR in Portugal has told them it would be good for them to be there.

    As to Snr Amaral and his book, it isn't a straight replication of the PJ files; it's his interpretation of the investigation. And that means it could be defamatory unless he can back his theory up with evidence. The Final report of the Attorney General released the 3 arguidos as there was no evidence against them of any crime, so it will be interesting what Snr Amaral has to say in his defence.

  44. A temporary injunction against Dr. Amaral which banned the sale of his book, banned the sale of the copyright to other countries, banned him expressing anything concerning the McCann case and seized his property, effectively taking away his means of defending himself, was imposed after a one-sided court hearing conducted in camera in a Portuguese court by a Portuguese judge. Such behaviour is unacceptable in a society purporting to be a democracy.

    In every democracy there are balances built into the constitution which are intended to avoid an uneven distribution of power. The most important of these concerns the separation of powers because without such separation of powers a branch of the system of rule could accumulate power and become harmful to the democracy itself.

    IMO the McCann case demonstrates very clearly that the separation of political and judicial powers in both Britain and Portugal is insufficient at the present time to safeguard the basic democratic rights of individuals in both countries. Yes, I include Britain with its secret 'super injunctions' 'D' notices and other instruments being deployed by a politically and financially powerful elite to repress freedom of speech and other basic democratic rights.

    I do not see a sudden U-turn by the Portuguese judiciary happening in this case. The circumstances which led them to conduct proceedings against Amaral to remove his democratic rights have not changed and the same politicians and judicial figures in both Britain and Portugal are still in power and exercising power based on common interests. Apart from this, the financial implications of reversing the imposition of the temporary injunction could be substantial if the publishing house and Dr. Amaral were to take action to recover damages incurred.

    It would be naive to expect some kind of Hollywood-style movie victory in this case, so I don't think Paulo Sargento is about to do a John Wayne and come riding in with the cavalry to rescue Dr. Amaral at the last moment. History tells us that redressing imbalances of power in a democracy is a longer and more arduous process which can take years if not decades to achieve.

    We should therefore not be discouraged by temporary setbacks or the apparent victories of those who actively seek to usurp power. Looking at the picture fronting the article I couldn't help thinking of the English proverb, "He who laughs last laughs the longest."


  45. 43, for me would be much more interesting what mccanns are going to say in their defence . "... their new PR in Portugal has told them it would be good for them to be there." IMO they feel the same wherever they are.

  46. Snr Amaral's book is about the PJ official investigation which he led and the evidence his team found. If factual, and making no accusations, then it is not defamatory. It was the published Judicial conclusions that alluded to the likelihood of the child having died but without any further conclusions being drawn.

  47. @ 44
    T4two - Right on the money, could not have summed it up any better

  48. If the book had sold only a few copies, and netted an insignificant amount of profit, would the McCanns be suing? I hardly think so.

    ''Deepens their suffering''? It's an account of the investigation; how exactly does that deepen their suffering? By making it obvious to all and sundry that these were people who didn't care enough about their children to ensure their safety, perhaps?

    ''Harms the search for Madeleine''? I am looking forward to them trying to defend this theory in court. How exactly has it harmed the search for her? In a similar way to, for example, how the people who were present that night refusing to take part in a reconstruction - a process which was described by the police as 'essential' - has harmed the search for her?

    Any sum they recover should be immediately forfeit to cover the enormous cost to the Portuguese people of an investigation only made necessary by the negligence of the parents in the first place. They utterly sicken me.

  49. T4two, you made a precise and clear synopsis about the very thin and fragile line that should separate the judicial from the political influence in a democracy, unfortunately this case has revealed that in both our countries an urgent reform and protection of the law and constitutional rights is needed to prevent the misconducts against fundamental civic and human rights.

    The McCanns, like Carter Ruck, Rogério Alves and now Isabel Duarte, are a byproduct of the promiscuity between economical, political and self interests, all of them have a wilful disregard for ethical values like free speech, a right consecrated internationally.

    That is why there is a need to submit the case, via the petitions, to an external body, like the European Court of Human Rights so they can legally redress this breach and complete disrespect of freedom of thought and expression rights. Hopefully this could help set an example at a time when the misuse of libel laws are being discussed in Britain.

  50. good to see T4two is on. all ways good to read but where is Ironside come back on miss you

  51. Joana, I do not think that Rosiepops views are of any interest anymore to many of us and she certainly is not worth talking about on here. But I have read the comments on J4 supposedly written by a lawyer, and was just wondering why on earth any lawyer would want to allow his 'tape' contents to be made known in this way before he has used his so called evidence. It just not make any sense to do that IMO

  52. IMO if this goes against Mr Amaral, Portugual will then have a big problem on their hands because I think G & K are gunning for the PJ and they will be next, remember they are not bothered who they trample on to try and protect them selves.

  53. When ever I see the picture above of them 2 with the "Never give up" slogan on Kates T_Sirt It just sums them 2 up, THEY WILL NEVER GIVE UP TRYING TO COVER THEIR SORRY ARSES, imo that slogan was put on those T_Shirts for them not Maddy

  54. I was thinking the other day, now that mud is flying against Sr Amaral (and to a certain extent Joana) that this is just what is to be expected now that the McCanns have employed PR agents in Portugal. Isn’t this what PR people do, dig for dirt, spin stories, begin whispering campaigns.

    It also made me think a little about the morality of people like the Portuguese PR firm that the McCann’s have recently employed. Does this firm have no National pride. What they are helping to do is to destroy the good name of some Portuguese people, further harm the livelihood of people in and around PdL and to damage the integrity of the Portuguese State.

    What does the PR firm get out of it? A few thousand ‘dirty’ Euros and an infamous profile. What use is that when they could be destroying the freedom and economy of their Nation. I hope they enjoy their windfall profits whilst they can.

    Mr B

  55. Mr B, Money is the route of all evil, the McCanns are proof of that. It comes before all else to some people even if it means destroying their own

  56. Sr Amaral has said that he can prove that Madeleine is dead, and then we have the other chief investigator saying they have 'stand alone' evidence.

    Let's hope they get the chance to present it.

  57. Anon at 55

    It is the 'LOVE' of money that is the root of all evil.

    You know, like some people, they can't get enough of it!!

    Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme. And that may be the undoing of them.

    By the way, did the McCanns take their money with them when they went out night after night and left their kids? Or possibly hide it away somewhere so it could not be found?

    If so, then that is very telling about their attitude to the safety their kids.

  58. Bravo T4two @ post # 44. You are spot on IMO!

  59. As I said before, just why don't the McCanns put as much effort into finding their child as they do in trying to bleed Sr.Amaral dry? They are a sorry excuse for parents.

    Luz has a very good idea, and it would also maybe shame the authorities there if all the photos of the McCanns grinning from ear to ear, especially on Maddie's birthday three days after she disappeared, were blown up and held up for all those going into the Court to see!

  60. "the McCann allege that the divulgation of the book and the DVD «deepens their suffering» and «harms the search for Madeleine»."

    For me, what is significant about this expression is that "deepens their suffering" precedes "harms the search for Madeleine", suggesting yet again that their suffering takes priority.

    If she is dead, I hope her spirit lives on.

  61. Generaly, books that are likely to contain sensitive material go through something called a 'legal read' - a lawyer goes through it with a toothcomb to alert to anything that may be defamatory. I would expect Amaral and his publishers to have done this.I'd be astounded if not. If not, they have left themselves wide open.

  62. They have a habit of showing up when it suits their purpose to portray themselves to the cameras as victims. They didn't show up to search for Madeleine the night she went "missing" and left Portugal abruptly when they were designated aguidos when it would have been beneficial to the investigation had they answered all questions.

  63. What wonderful people there are here, planning a welcome committee of tomatoes and eggs.
    Shame on the lot of you.

  64. Anon @ 60

    A great idea, splash on their faces the painful photos of the grieving parents they are. That is indeed something I will never forget and understand: how was it possible for these parents to parade like movie stars, wide smile on their faces, jogging and playing tennis just as if nothing had happened, just a couple of days after loosing their daughter.

  65. Anon at 44

    Absolutely right. It is a disgrace what has been going on.

    Judge Hogg in the UK should also recuse herself from sitting in judgement on any matter concerning the McCanns if it is true that she has a sister that is in any way involved with them or the off shoots from the McCann 'industry'.

    It has been said recently that this is the case!!

    They are not referred to as 'Your Honour' for nothing.

    People expect them to be just that, HONOURABLE. But sadly it is becoming apparent that is not always the case. They are bringing the judicial institution into disrepute by already having done the deals in the back rooms, or being influenced or swayed by emotional PR without bothering to find out the facts of the case. Shameful.

    Justice is supposed to be blind.

    Pardon me while I laugh!

  66. Let us all pray that Amaral's witnesses will not get the mexican flu.

  67. I would prepare yourself for the inevitable....Amaral CANNOT PROVE what he wrote is the truth..he wrote it to make some money and he wrote what he THOUGHT happened....he cannot do that unless he can prove it and he cannot.....the McCanns have nothing to prove.

  68. "Luz has a very good idea, and it would also maybe shame the authorities there if all the photos of the McCanns grinning from ear to ear, especially on Maddie's birthday three days after she disappeared, were blown up and held up for all those going into the Court to see!"

    Anon # 60 your comment above. Just what I was thinking when I was catching up reading the posts.

  69. Anon at 67

    Please spare us the histrionics.

    It's a load of bull.

  70. mmmm tomatoes and eggs... i love Portuguese cuisine.

  71. Maybe this action will backfire on the McCanns. My curiosity in this case started when it was published in the British Press about the Victoria Beckham look alike suspect. (just to add I am a great fan of the Beckhams)

    It was a real "eye opener" visiting various sites, reading the released police files, statements from the McCanns and Tapas friends, dogs dont lie etc. as there were so many conflicting issues around the night Madeline went missing.

    What discusts me about the whole thing is the McCann Team appear to value their reputation and money more than their missing child.

    In my opinion by suing Mr. Amaral I hope a lot more people are curious.

    To say the least I feel that the Mccann Team have harmed the search themselves but of course any responsibilty would never be their fault would it?

  72. Anon@64

    Gonçalo Amaral did not make up anything in his book. It is a book about the investigation carried out when he was the coordinator and it can be verified by the police files which were made public when the case was shelved. The conclusions at the end of the book are the conclusions from the report drawn up by inspector Tavares de Almeida. There are no fantasies in the book and he wrote what happened during the police investigation. It seems to me that you must not have read the book for you to say what you did.
    For those who followed the case in Portugal, there were no surprises in the book as most of the information had already been amde available in the press and on televison.


  73. I think the best way we can show support for Amaral is to show up at court, certainly, but always acting in a dignified manner, no lowering of standards to rosiepops and co. level.

  74. Anon. 67. But isn't that what you do with circus Clowns, throw flour and eggs at them?

  75. Anon 64
    you're right.Everybody knows already they are negligent and careless as parents, compulsive liars, manipulative and greedy.So what more is there to prove?If Amaral wins they lose, if Amaral loses they lose too and you know why?Because then people who have always doubted them will think they were right becuse his couple couldn't care less about their daughter.They only care about money.When the girl disappeared they never looked for her and now, almost 3 years later, they still aren't looking for her , they prefer to spend their precious time going to court because of a lawsuit against a policeman.And the only thing that made them go back to the country where they lost their child was that policeman's money.
    People aren't stupid, stealing money from a policeman and his family its disgusting.Even more when whe all know how this money will be spent:mortgages, spokeperson,fraudsters...

  76. Someone is getting worried ...Don't worry, portuguese tomatoes and eggs are very tasty.Kate and gerry will like them.

  77. Anon 67 I agree with you, shame on those wanting to welcome the stars with tomatoes and eggs. How stupid the people who suggest that are, it will only strengthen support for these poor innocent caring parents.

    Far better to give them what they like best, pictures of themselves splashed everywhere so I am all in favour of a silent support group holding up as many pictures as they can find of the grieving parents such as the one above and they could throw in for good measure a "take your pick picture" of the ever changing abductor as seen by JT and a blank sheet showing the Smith sighting with the caption "there cannot be 2 abductors and we prefer our version" and how about a poster asking why they did not answer all the questions with Gerry's reply "ask the dogs". Don't concern yourself 67 I am sure they will be given the reception they deserve (if they actual go!)

  78. oh just piss off that person who is so upset at us wanting to welcome the ghastly mccanns with tomatoes and eggs. why dont you go on another obsequious mcanns we love you forum.

  79. Why should the McCanns have a welcome given them at all by the people of Portugal?

    What good have they ever done Portugal?

    And if they had looked after their kids in a responsible way Madeleine would still be here.

    So, if the people of Portugal felt like throwing eggs and rotton tomoatoes at pictures of the McCanns then who could blame them. It would be a way of making a point that might get across to the media and to the McCanns that they are not welcome.

  80. We love our children so much - but we go on holiday and leave them in the care of others all day

    We are good parents - but we leave our children unattended all evening, every evening

    We will leave no stone unturned - but we won't answer the police questions

    We trust our friends completely - but they won't return for a vital reconstruction

    We are grateful for the kindness shown to us by the Portuguese people - but we're suing the detective who led the investigation

    We are responsible parents - but we left our children alone in unlocked premises.

    I could go on for hours, such is the gulf between what these people say, and what their behaviour says about them. They have never urged others not to do what they did, leaving their children alone. They have never said how sorry they are. They have never acknowledged that no child could have been 'taken' had they, her parents, been there. They have never apologized for pointing the finger at an innocent man. They have never, throughout this whole pantomine, accepted responsibility for their actions. Never.

    This is what horrifies me more than anything. I have known people who have lost a child in tragic circumstances, to illness or accident. It was not their fault at all. But they never stop blaming themselves. This pair never even started to blame themselves, and reacted with fury when it was suggested they bore some responsibility.

    Now they want to sue the man who tried to discover what happened to their daughter, to silence him.

    Why? Afraid, perhaps?

  81. Anon at 64

    Sr Amaral does not go off into the world of fantasy like the McCanns. There is no evidence of an abduction.

    What he has written is in accordance with the investigation, before and after he left, and the conclusions the investigators, including the UK police, reached.

    Why would somebody abduct a dead child?

    Truth is, they wouldn't. But somebody may have reasons to hide a dead child.

    Why do the dogs say there was cadaver scent and blood under tile at exact place behind the settee? Also, other blood on wall in same area.

    Of all the cars the dogs were shown, only the McCanns hire car was picked out for cadaver scent.

    Why do the McCanns ignore the Smith party sighting, if not for the fact that it was said the man looked like Gerry McCann carrying a lookalike Madeleine to the beach area.

    Why did the McCanns get rid of Madeleine's toothbrush and hairbrush so there was no DNA found for her, and Gerry had to go collect what he said was Madeleine's DNA from Rothley, though after testing it was thought that Gerry McCann could not have been the father of the person whose DNA it belonged to.

    Whose DNA was it then?

    And so it goes on.

    Are we all supposed to stay silent and ignore all these things that do not make sense.

    A child is missing, all indications are that she is dead. Some people want to know the truth, and it is not what the McCanns are telling as that makes sense.

  82. Amaral, the editor,the tv channel, etc know what it will be said in court against them.
    Probably the McCanns don't know everything this group will reply.
    Or do they?
    I hope they don't.

  83. It is known that bad luck comes in a group of 3.
    An air crash is followed by two other ones, within a short time.

    The CEOP appeal, bad for the McCanns, was followed by the Halligen arrest on the same month(worse for the Mccanns).
    Who knows Lisbon will be the 3rd bad luck and the worst.

    I believe in such a things.

  84. Jim Gamble used the CEOP for one use and one use only to help the Mccanns remove the image of Madeleine. We now have a black or white child who looks around thirteen years of age. Place together Madeleines last photo aged 3 years next to CEOPs idea of Madeleine now.Get the picture? Plus Mccann now states that Madeleine is most probably wearing contact lenses. Kate, Madeleines mother said 'Oh it is just a fleck you would have to be really close to see it'.
    On top of that we have the new 'search' it is not for madeleine it is not for the imaginary abductor but the abductors family and friends. Madeleine IS no more.

    It has also not gone without comment the real reason the Mccanns have a PR team in Portugal. This is to dish the dirt on GA.. What GA does is in his personal life is of no interest to me and bears no change on the Mccann case. Paulo Rebelo took over this case and invited the Mccanns and the tapas to do a reconstruction they all refused. This had nothing to do with Amaral. Paulo Rebelo took over the investigation and said it was still pointing in the right direction. This had nothing to do with Amaral.

    The CEOP was not bad for the Mccanns it was part of the AGenda. What ever that may be . I hope Joana that you are doing something positive about the forum of Rosiepops and Bonny Braise for all our sakes.

  85. If there is to be a judgment made at this courts them Mr Amaral will be judged guilty for daring to publish the truth.
    He will be forced to pay many millions of euros compensation to the two swingers who are responsible for the loss and probable death of their child.
    His book will be forced to withdrawn; all copies in circulation will be collected by the McCann police and placed on a pile in the city centre where the head of the Portuguese judiciary will burn them whilst all the citizens of Portugal are forced to watch
    Mr Amaral will have his life ruined.
    There is no justice in Portugal the Portuguese system of democracy is broken
    What was the revolution for?
    Letter from Iberia

  86. I also see St Majic from Raptors 'The All truth blog' has spoken and now threatens to report on poster Skeptical. Well St.Majic for your information it is not illegal to use a photograph of the Mccanns in this way. This report is a TRANSCRIPT from the article not the newspaper article itself. I guess you can say it is a bit like the Mccanns and the Maddie T shirts still selling with madeleine aged 3 years. It is still madeleine. I see you have no problem with BB1 calling Joana a fascist.Xenophobic sites with hatred for anything foreign.Lucky for the Mccanns that this happened in Portugal and not England . The Mccanns and Madeleine were an accident waiting to happen.

  87. Kate refers to Gordon Brown in her diaries as Gordon Brown, she refers to the British Priminister as Tony.
    Do you think the Mccanns real fiend in this was Tony Blair
    Gordon Brown was just the goffer.

    What about operation Orr, the paedophile list that could have brought down the British Government.

  88. You are all seriously deluded. You are living in cloud cuckoo land and you will burn in hell for the vicious way in which you persecute this couple and support a bungling lying ex Portuguese policeman whose arse should be kicked from here to Kingdom Come.You nasty nasty nasty illiterate bunch of nasty low lives.

    Do you get my message? Good, let me reiterate oit again; you are vile vile vile and I will watch everyone of you go down for your evil actions.

  89. So, IF the decision goes against the McCanns and Sr Amaral is vindicated I assume that Team McCann will pay the court fees and GA's defence costs.

    But then, does it lead the way open for GA to sue the McCanns (as we were all lead to believe that GA would be launching a counter-action)?

    I am not sure who the parties to the current action are, I know we have read that it on behalf of G, K, S & A... and M, but who is the claimant named on the papers, could it be the legal entity 'Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited' so that the McCanns are personally isolated from the action?

    Mr B

  90. One way or another 'Whoever's pulling the strings' it seems that the Mccann's have backed themselves into a hole with no way of escape. In to court they will go - can't back down now since they themselves have instigated the hearing! We knew something BIG was afoot to take Kate Mccann back to Portugal.

  91. anonymous 64 «Amaral CANNOT PROVE what he wrote is the truth(...)he cannot do that unless he can prove it and he cannot.the McCanns have nothing to prove.»

    There is a very simple way to show the facts either in court or in public, via a blog such as this one. If a side-by-side factual comparison of Gonçalo Amaral book's with the Case process released by the Portuguese Public Ministry is published here, and in a few other public/social sites, can you imagine the amount of oddities, incongruences and deliberate obstructions to Justice the McCanns would have to explain?

  92. Anon @ 88

    Always amusing when someone accuses others of being illiterate when they make simple punctuation mistakes, spelling errors and misuse of compound words.

    Mr B

  93. I do not think it is a coincidence that a lot of dirt on Amaral has been dug up prior to this attempt to sue him. The McCann admiration society are now pulling out all the stops to paint these uncaring money grabbing, child neglecting, aggrogant "parents" as saints.

    Whether they are innocent or guilty of Madeleine's disappearance it is the McCanns themselves who failed their kids, failed to co-operate with the police and are continuing to fail to convince many that they actually care about anyone but themselves.

    They have not only insulted the Portuguese, they have insulted many of us British too, by allowing people to believe that we think leaving small kids alone in the way they did was "normal".

    Sadly I think they will win this case (although I hope not) and if they do I am sure it will then result in nobody actually attempting to persue them further. The only hope there will be then, is that the money runs out because they will have no one else to sue and they will then put themselves in the same position as other parents with missing children, dependent on police help.

    Anon 86 - I know nothing about what you said regarding Joana being called a racists on BBC1, how did that come about. IMO if someone has bothered to let the BBC know what someone has said on a blog, they must be worried about something, otherwise why bother.

  94. Anon 88 Calm down dear - You can carrying on supporting Saints McCann, the perfect caring parents if you want. Most of us support getting to the truth for Madeleine. The only people that are vile low lifes are those who know what happened to her, whoever they may be

  95. Anon @ 93


    Read post 86 again it is not BBC1 but a blog/forum colloquially known as BB1. There is lots of muck raking going on at the moment. Things like Crime of the Century... Joana uses pictures to illustrate her blog entries that were not in the original newspaper article. This is from Blogs and Forums that spin the truth so far that even reading the text from an article (let alone seeing the pictures that accompany it) is a step too far.

    Take this article for instance. The picture Joana uses in her article about a story in Jornal de Noticías is not that used to illustrate the original story. But, Jonana provides the link to the original story so she is hardly trying to hide anything.

    I still can't get my head around why this is supposed to be such a big deal (especially compared to the inaccuracies and spin, and lack of pictures, on other sites). As I said before the McCann PR machine is in full swing trying to dish the dirt on anyone who does not tow the McCann party line.

    Be vigilant, be strong.

    Mr B

  96. So glad you let this one in Joana, maybe you should pass a few more like it. This is the kind of ignorance we 'The Mushroom heads' are up against. Mushroom heads thats from BB1s site..A staunch one who thought the Mccanns were guilty of something and certainly child neglect, is now a buddy of Rosiepops.Would the Mccanns with their snooty noses ever really mix with such vile people themselves. I think not. However, they do serve a purpose (for the moment dishing the dirt on Amaral) when the Mccanns have finished with these do gooders they will be forgotten just like Madeleine has been in this war of words.

    Amarals private life has nothing to do with the Mccann case. BBi and Rosiepops think that the Mccanns can take a tape into court with them and prove what a nasty man Amaral is. Many men have affairs as do many women and yes jealousy rears its ugly head.The Mccanns would be laughed out of court if they think this will help them as I am sure they have been told by their lawyers CR...One has nothing to do with the other. However, the foolish pros who all sound like a bunch of frustrated housewives from the North of England and the ghetto part of Scotland who do not have a man between them have no idea of the law to think by passing this tape around will help their idols. BB1 and Rosiepops you may laugh and cackle at us 'The Mushroom Heads' in your hovels but you are the fools taken in and used by the Mccanns. What do you get out of it when this is all over...the Mccanns are rich..will you be..madeleine is still missing will you have helped find her...Do yourselves a favour and go and find a man.

    This was the post...

    Anonymous said... 88 You are all seriously deluded. You are living in cloud cuckoo land and you will burn in hell for the vicious way in which you persecute this couple and support a bungling lying ex Portuguese policeman whose arse should be kicked from here to Kingdom Come.You nasty nasty nasty illiterate bunch of nasty low lives.

    Do you get my message? Good, let me reiterate oit again; you are vile vile vile and I will watch everyone of you go down for your evil actions.

    Sounds very deganged and desperate to me....

    Signed 'mushroom Head'

  97. Certainly, large posters showing the Mcs laughing like fools just after their child disappeared would be very appropriate outside court. The press and photographers would publicise that nicely. Oh the poor poor victims.

  98. Mr B - 92 - Well said!! We all know who Anon 88 is - the same illiterate who has been spewing filth ever since Maddie disappeared, and who blogs supposedly on behalf of children!!

  99. Good name, Mushroom Head - even the edible kind will poison once past their sell by date and and there are many that cause hallucinations and even instant death! Not long now for that load of child neglecting supporters!

  100. The Express reports that Clarence has confirmed the McCanns will attend the first day of GA's trial. So he is back again now they are off to Portugal to include a nice freebie holiday for him too. Why is it they need a spokesperson with them and will use the Madeleine Fund to pay for his lip service, when they have shown they are quite capable of lying for themselves on camera.

    No comments allowed on the DX of course.

  101. Can somebody possibly clarify what exactly this trial or hearing or whatever it is called, is about.

    Because if it is about the injunction put on Sr Amaral and his book, then the McCanns are claiming the injunction due to the effect the book will have on their children?? (is that right). Due to some silly emotional thinking on the part of the judge, it seems that is why the injunction is there in the first place.

    The judge has not considered the effect on the children of Sr Amaral who has been vilified by the McCanns and the media for doing his job, and they have never lost an opportunity to tell to the world lies about him. Sr Amaral has put that straight in his book by telling of the true facts and circumstances of the case.

    Sr Amaral should sue them. Robert Murat should also have sued the spokesman of the McCanns for what was said about him.

    The judge should do her job properly and look at both sides, and not be swayed by emotion of Kate McCann with trembling lips, trying to look the martyr.

    Yes, put up the pictures of this couple laughing their heads off Portugal, let the world see how parents can look immediately after they tell us their daughter is taken by a paedophile. I think they are going to end up being one of the most disliked/hated couples ever. Just think, from people feeling sorry for them to actually disliking/hating them. And this is many thousands of people, not a handful.

    They bring it on themselves.

    Or, is the upcoming event a trial for defamation? If it is, then no way can the McCanns win that, as Sr Amaral can back up what he says in his book, with the case files and with witnesses.

    If the McCanns won that then there is no rational person sitting in judgement in Portugal. The judge would have to be without any sense of reason whatsoever, or there is some other reason we could only guess at.

  102. Mr. T Many thanks for the explanation (anon 93 here who forgot to sign in as Fencesitter). Having now read Mushroom Heads 10.19 post too, I understand all now. Not a site I think I will even bother to read because I can guess what it is like. As Mushroom Head said, Amarals private life has nothing to do with the McCanns. Even if he did have an affair, what the hell has that got to do with the Madeleine case and it is certainly no excuse for not co-operating with the police fully and taking part in the reconstruction they wanted to do.

  103. 'Rosiepops' was discovered to lead directly back to Gerry McCann himself.

    So please don't try and distance the McCanns from these people, it would not appear to be the case.

  104. To T4two
    I always appreciate your thoughtful posts. I've made sure that I download as much material as possible, including Mr Amaral's book, in case it disappears. People who have seen this material have been quite shocked.I don't know if you saw Jim Gamble's TV interviews with the McCs beside him, but I was suprised when he made some reference to it being normal procedure to look to the parents first in cases like this. This recording seems to have disappeared, but I didn't imagine it; I was quite taken aback that he had been allowed to say this.

  105. Who is paying Clarence Mitchell's retainer fee now?

  106. I believe that this hearing has to do with the injunction on GA forbidding him from speaking on the case. As far as I know, the injunctions on the book and the video are no longer in force, as no case was filed against the publisher and the producer within the 30 day limit in accordance with Portuguese law. It seems that the McCanns one and only target in Gonçalo Amaral.


  107. Thank you for that information Caroline at 105.

    Then if the injunction is only to be targetted at Sr Amaral to stop him speaking about the case, what reason could the McCanns be using to have this applied, being as how he lives in Portugal and they in UK.

    Or is this something to do with trying to stop him speaking in UK?

    If he was stopped from speaking, somebody else would take over instead and speak. It is madness, this trying to silence people. It will only make people all the more want to hear what somebody has to say. Like a forbidden book will be passed around and read no matter what.

  108. Control Risks Group employed in May 2007 and paid for by Brian Kennedy.
    See DCCB letter to Amaral on27.9.07. "they had got wind of the possible arrival of certain englishmen from an information gathering organization CRG, supposedly with an assignment to clean places and things associated with the family."

  109. If we watch the SF interview once again. When SF asked him about the book Mccann said' It was everything really the realeasing of the files' Somehow through CR the Mccanns have managed to stop the DVD Files being reported in the British press.I doubt if you speak to Joe Blog in the street he even knows the files exist thats how good the non coverage has been.However, the files are there for all to see and will remain so. How do the Mccanns have these removed. I have no idea of the law but if it is proven even though the book is based on the police files to be libel,will that also mean having to withdraw the files from the public domain. I feel this is what the Mccanns are trying to do, while those files are sitting there in the open for anyone to see this creates a danger to the Mccanns...for there lies the truth of their neglect and the suspicion of David Payne. Kates bruising that she tried to explain away by thumping her hands on the wall. The knuckles would have been bruised, they were not. These marks were more from someone gripping her tightly.Kates admission that she slept not with her husband but in another bed. So many things that the Mccanns do not want the public to know. This holiday was not a happy time for any of them it would seem. The kind of man Mccann really is was shown on the bus on their trip on what was to be a family holiday...'Fuck Off' This is the true Gerry Mccann.

    The twins shoved back in the creche so the Mccanns could do their photo calls. Would any mother who really thought there was an abductor on the loose in PDL leave her children once again in harms way. She would not. Kate mccann knew there was no need to worry because there was not an abductor to worry about.

  110. Do the British media know already about September 11th?


    Do the media in the UK know already about December the 11th?

  112. How can the McCanns decide how many days they will spend at the trial and when. Surely, the proceedings themselves will dictate how long they will be needed for? They should be questioned rigorously about their own assertions. At one point, they accused the PJ of planting evidence. Although statements like this were attributed to family, they said nothing to contradict them and family comments would have been issued only on the authority of the MCs themselves.

  113. @ anonymous 111

    There is an article in today's Scum


    One of the few Scum's articles where comments are not allowed

  114. How does such a trial go?
    It is not a regular trial and the files are still shelved, I presume.
    What is the difference about this that is about to happen and a regular trial?
    Can somebody explain me?

  115. I know that the taped phone-calls made by the McCanns in the days and weeks following their child's disappearance were deemed inadmissable in any case 'against' them, but would it be possible, I wonder, for those phone transcripts to be allowed in 'defence' of another, who has been taken to court BY the McCanns ?

    Could those phone transcripts be the 'stand alone' evidence we have heard of ?

  116. When you get a bunch of pedos, you will get their friends running interference for them, they stick together, if the truth about this case was revealed it would bring down the government in Portugal and Great Britain, when you get the likes of Rosiepops (who incidently is mad as a hatter)sticking up for them, there is but one conclusion to be drawn, another pedo?

  117. One thing is for sure this case involves one of 3 things. Sex. drugs or money (Possibly all three). Kate Mccann has let it be known that her reputation is everything to her.John Stalker said they were hiding a secret that was an embarassment to them all. I agree Rosiepops is deranged and deranged people can be very dangerous.

  118. As a Guardian reader, I would like to know why nothing of Helligen's activities and arrest has been reported. Even if a super-injunction is in place with regard to the MCcanns, it should not prevent reporting on Helligen's case.

  119. You might try sending an e.mail to the editor of the Guardian and ask him why no reporting. You may get a reply then again you may not. It is a mystery everyone around the Mccanns is a very suspicious character.

  120. The duo got a spin doc, oh sorry, I mean spokesperson to speak on their behalf. Lucky them, they only need speak when they like and have lots of sources to get their message out in the media. Some things the duo said, that they later didn't like, have disappeared. Some people who said things the duo didn't like seem to have disappeared as well. Very scary.

  121. @ post # 104, I can confirm what you say about Jim Gamble. He made the comment live on Sky news when being interviewed by Kay Burley. Unfortunately, the camera didn't pan to the McCanns when he said this. It would have been interesting to see the look on their faces!

  122. @ post # 112, there is a quote directly attributable to Kate McCann regard the alleged framing by the PJ. She mentioned this is her (in)famous interview with Lori Campbell on the day she was made an arguido. She said the PJ wanted her to confess to something she had not done as they didn't want a MURDER in Portugal. That was the first time I'd heard murder mentioned by anyone involved in the case.

  123. 84, the McCanns forgot to tell Maddie is using false teeth.
    If they did not tell it, it is because they don't want her to be found.

  124. Apparently, Halligen didn't appear in court today as scheduled to apply for bail and has been remanded in custody until January 27 in his absence.

    This looks fishier than Billingsgate market on a cold morning!

  125. It was also noticeable when the camera went back to the McCanns that somebody's foot was shaking back and forth.

    A sure sign of annoyance.

    If only the camera had stayed on the McCanns for the time Gamble was speaking.

  126. What about you all sending an email to the CEOP, asking them to check on the police, asking if there have been statements already about Madeleine's disappearence?
    I sent one to Jim Gamble, warning him about December 11 and asking him to control the police.

    If Amaral comes with evidence(s), also showing Tapas 7 are hiding a crime, will Tapas 7 be found guilty of colaboration?

    They can better come forward now.

    Misplaced loyalty is bad for everyone.

    And the truth will come out one of these days.

  127. To Shubob:

    I don't think that Halligen has disappeared or that there is anything fishy. He probably realised that he would not be granted bail and decided not to go to court. Now he has been remanded in jail until 27 January, I think.

  128. oh my god no. 88 you have let yourself down albeit unknowingly due to you low intelligence.
    a person who has to reiterate x3 her/his words ("vile vile vile" and "nasty nasty nasty") is someone who is hopping with anger and unable to express themselves due to lack of command of the english language.
    more importantly....i am absolutely convinced that kate and gerald mccann are GUILTY of wrongdoings and i believe results gleaned from dogs used in crime cases are finite. the portuguese are kind child loving people. no doubt their only 'bungle' was due to believing the feigned grief of the parents that night. that was their only mistake. what a pity. it could have been wrapped.
    good luck goncalo amaral x

  129. Thanks ShuBob for reminding me it was the Kay Burley interview. Halligen's non=appearance would be normal procedure if he doesn't believe his bail application will succeed at this point. He is probably better off in high security Belmarsh prison

  130. @ posts # 127 and 129, thanks for the explanation re Halligen's non appearance.

  131. #117

    There are other possibilities as to why the truth has been hidden. One of them being involvement in something the British government does not want to be ever made public. Why? Something that might bring intense shame and which the British public would be outraged to know?

  132. Post 88 does seem a bit vexed!

  133. Post 131..I am outraged everyday by this sleaze of a Goverment...Cameron is no better...'Intense Shame' is their middle name.

  134. Anonymous at 118. Steady on. The Guardian reported on the search for Halligen on Nov.22nd and on 25th on his arrest. Both reports were objective and measured, as you might expect.

  135. Anon @ 88

    Have you lost your marbles? Yes ? GREAT!

  136. The MCcanns are having a ball, and ...I , As a Portuguese Citizen, am suffering terribly because of the harsh and cruel defamation of my Country by this dreadful situation, caused solely by the gross negligence of these people.- Madeleines parents.. All the millions in their fund will not be enough to make amends. Thats why, Kate and Gerry Mc. should pay dearly for inflicting such trauma and desperation in my Nation, and by God they will.

  137. Since the McCanns will be visiting Portugal for the opening of their case against Mr. Amaral, I trust they will be paying their own expenses. Since they will not be looking for Madeleine the Fund should not be covering their personal expenses.

  138. After a 6 month inquiry Typhaine's mother has confessed yesterday the little girl died last June. The mother, Anne-Sophie Faucheur had declared her daughter aged 5 had suddendly disappeared while they were having a walk in the town of Maubeuge, in north of France. She and her boy friend who was also arrested had made an appeal in front of the press and the cameras with a photo of the missing child. They will also be convicted of denunciation of false crime...

    Last September it was Marina's parents who confessed their daughter's death (their parents said to the police their little girl aged 8 had disappeared on a McDo parking)
    More recently in Belgium, Younès 4 was found dead in a river but according to autopsy no water was found in his lungs ; the parents had declared to the police their child had left home in the middle of the night while the door was left open as they had a violent raw. The parents left belgium for Marocco for their son's burial where they intend to stay for a while.

    Not mentioning the mysterious disappearance of Antoine 8 from his home near Clermond-Ferrand in the Center of France, last year His mother was strongly suspected but not formerly found guilty

  139. Anon, 138. These cases show the thesis that the parents should always be the first suspects.

  140. No evidence of an abductor... that actually is not true. The truth is the pj FOUND no evidence of an abductor..a very important difference. The truth is ...according to the published files... the pj found no evidence at all. Draw your own conclusions.

  141. Sr. Amaral I just wont to wish you and your family many blessing , you put my thoughts into words in your book based on the PJ Files .You deserve much better treatment than you have experienced . God Bless .

  142. Anon 88

    I doubt you will find that Sr Amaral is lying about anything.

  143. Madeleine ask the injuction against Amaral. If she is dead, if she died on May 2007, what will be that injuction? ANNOTHER CRIME? Peraphs the Lisbon Civel Court is aware about how danger it is mccann's game if their daughter is really dead? WILL BE THE FIRST TIME IN THE JUSTICE STORY, ALL OVER THE WORLD, THAT A DEAD PERSON MOVE A PROCESS AGAINST SOMEBODY AND.... HUGE IRONY, AGAINST THE POLICE WHICH LOOK FOR HER AND SICK JUSTICE FOR HER.


  144. Anon. 140. But the police found evidence of suspcious changing stories and conflicting statements, of a mysteriously cleaned apartment, no toothbrush, none of MBM's DNA, though everyone elses, blood and cadaver odour, there have never been any credible sightings. Draw your own conclusions.

  145. The only evidence that could ever be used against the Mccanns is the bark indication given by the dogs. The dog, Eddie, is an EVRD. An EVRD is trained to detect to smell of human cadaverine. The problem with that is cadaverine is also produced by rotting meat products such as pork and bacon, urine and decaying human hair, skin and finger nails. The dog is supposed to be used as a conclusinve proof, ie, finding a body under a floorboard or underground. It should never be used, as in this case, the foundations of a case.
    I personally suspect that Madeleine was taken on the night by a paedophile and sadly murdered. The problem is now, there has been so much media speculation and rumour, people will believe anything.

  146. Anon at 145

    Good try, but if that was the case all the others involved whose property was tested would have the dogs indicating too, but only the McCanns and things associated with them were picked out by the dogs.

    There is also so much more that we are not privy to, and Dr Amaral is.

    All the investigators, including the UK ones, believe Madeleine died in the apartment.

    Do you also think that the behaviour of the McCanns on that night when Madeleine disappeared was consistent with Madeleine having been taken by an abductor. Why weren't the McCanns out there looking, searching for her, hoping she had merely wandered off, especially as the door had been unlocked.

    The people who saw their behaviour that night were incredulous, even embarrased? by what they were seeing from these doctors. Read what they say.

    Don't you think that such behaviour would be more consistent with the death of a child.

    So many things that don't make sense.

  147. Anon @ 145

    It is obvious that you will believe anything too when it comes to the smell of cadaverine.


  148. 145, Eddie only signalled in the McCanns' apartment and hire car, Keela the blood-detecting dog signalled in a couple of places the same as Eddie. So are you saying none of the Tapas 7, Murat and the drivers of the other cars had any pork, bacon, urine, hair, skin and fingernails? Just the McCanns? And that Keela happened to get it wrong too in the same places as Eddie? Aye right...

  149. Post 145 you are wrong the EVRD dog does not react to anything other than cadaverine, the blood dog reacts only to human blood. Get the facts right before making such stupid comments.

  150. no. 145 I have never read such nonsense with regard to the dogs. The dogs have been trained specifically for human cadaverine and the idea that this could be mistaken for rotting meat, urine and natural things such as skin and hair which we lose every minute of the day (its commonly known as dust) is just frankly ludicrous. Why bother training and spending millions on these cadaver dogs because this excuse could be used in all cases. Personally I don't believe that she was abducted but there has been so much deliberate obfuscation in this case that I doubt we will ever know what really went on in the days leading up to her reported disappearance.

  151. Anon @ 145,

    I think you are misinformed or then you do it on purpose, just read on:

    The EVRD dog is trained using whole and disintegrated material, blood, bone tissue, teeth, etc. and decomposed cross-contaminants. The dog will recognize all or parts of a human cadaver. He is not trained for 'live' human odours; no trained dog will recognize the smell of 'fresh blood'. They find, however, and give the alert for dried blood from a live human being.

    The dog that alerts to human blood is trained exclusively for this purpose, and includes its components, plasma, red cells, white cells and platelets. Given the nature of the training, the dog will not alert to urine, saliva, semen sweat, nasal secretion, vaginal secretion or human skin unless these are mixed with blood. The components of blood are approximately:
    Red cells 40-50%
    Plasma 55% (of which 95% is water)
    White cells
    DNA can only be removed from white cells.
    This would suggest that, of the samples signalled by the dog looking for human blood, approximately 5% are available for DNA tests.

    The dogs do not get confused. They transmit a behavioural response inspired by the recognition of the odour for which they were trained.

    (information obtained from an expert EVRD dog trainer)

    So, they don't react to: dirty nappies, rotten meat (unless human), perfume, pork chops, juicy bacon, filet mignon, chicken piri-piri, sea bass or anything else.

    Your pedophile theory needs a revision. Therefore I suggest you read the official files. If after reading them you still think an abductor took Maddie, then I suggest you read them again, and again, and again beacuse it's there! Abductors exist only in the imagination on Gerald McCann, Kate Healy and their Tapas friends.

  152. Anon @ 145

    Good try, but no cigar...

    'False' positives are always a possibility; to date Eddie has not so indicated operationally or in training. In six years of operational deployment in over 200 criminal case searches the dog has never alerted to meat based and specifically pork foodstuffs designed for human consumption. Similarly the dog has never alerted to 'road kill', that is any other dead animal.

    It takes quite a lot of spin and an active imagination to guess what the EVRD did alert to if it was not human cadaverine. Why is not the simplest answer, that it was human cadavarine, the most likely explanation for the alerts? (I think it is called the application of Occam's razor).

    We know it is not 'conclusive evidence' but merely an important part of the jigsaw. The same with the blood splatters and the inconclusive (but indicative) DNA. Why look for a complicated reason to explain these indications away when the simplest of reasons is the more probable.

    I recall we heard from Team McCann that there are innocent explanations for all of these coincidental markers. but why have we not heard about them? Are we to believe that some rotting pig meat was dragged along the floor and other places in 5A, came into contact with the car, happened upon some critical items of clothing?

    I can't get my head around where the supposed rotting pig meat came from (if that is what Team McCann are suggesting the EVRDs alerted to). Are we to expect Team McCann's innocent explanation is that they had a tendency to keep copious supplies of rotting pig meat on their person? I thought part of the problem was that they ate out all the time and did not spend family home cooked mealtimes together (hands up all the Brits who go in for a bit of home cooking, pork style, on their Mediterranean holidays!).

    It has been suggested that KM's clothes were cadaverine contaminated because she wore the same clothes to work (six corpses) as she wore on holiday. I find that level of hygiene difficult to understand in doctors let alone that they allowed their holiday home, car, clothes and whatever else to be tainted with rotting pig meat!

    None of the single items are ‘conclusive evidence but I am reminded of the opening line from Flemming’s ‘Goldfinger’:
    "Once is Happenstance. Twice is Coincidence. The third time it's Enemy action"

    Rant over.

    Mr B

  153. Mr B,

    A first class shooter. Dans la mouche, mon amie...

  154. Loved all your comments to 145, Lets hope if this ever goes to court the McCanns lawyer is as well informed as 145 =))

  155. Mr B

    I think you left out the latest explanation (which I believe has been referenced to by Gerry in his blog).

    One of the two year olds got a great addiction to sea bass to the extent that it was eaten by the child all over the place even behind the settee, in the wardrobe, and in the boot of the hire car. (Apparently cadaverine and sea bass smell the same!!!).

    But curiously, the sea bass was not eaten in any place they moved to after the apartment.

    It has to be supposed by then this fad was over!

  156. For those who are interested of Marcos Aragão Correia, under the nick name "Leonor lawyer", paranormal beliefs:


    It may explain a bit of the opposition there are against his ability of excercising law.

  157. There is an old song in my country that says "the first one who says the truth, (he) will be slated".

    I don't think the McCann will ever be sued. All this story has gone too far.

    They are all making a scapegoat of Amaral. Two years ago, Gonçalo Amaral was told not to put his hand in this investigation, he made the couple "arguidos" and was punished once for that. He insisted in publishing a book about the police inquiry and was punished again ; and today he can't say he hasn't been warned. I am sorry for this man but he will loose his case in court...

  158. I doubt the McCann's do not know what they are doing with this Court case. They must be confident that it will be to their benefit or they would not bother. They would never dare take someone to Court who they think is going to get the better of them. The only hope is that someone pops up with something unexpected that they are not anticipating or have been pre-warned about. They are a very well briefed couple and have got all their 'ducks in a row' in readiness.

    Mr Amaral needs something very special, imo, to sway the Court's decision in his favour and even his threat of disclosing something he has up his sleeve has not deterred the McCann's thus far. Perhaps they have their own informant who knows what Mr Amaral may reveal and they have their defence pre-armed for such a disclosure.

    I really hope Mr Amaral is keeping his cards close to his chest and that this is not just a bluff that he makes.

    Mr Amaral needs support from others in Portugal to overcome the McCanns.

  159. post 145. Your assertions about the cadaverine being present in rotting meat etc. doesn't 'wash' any more than the cadaverine washed from the floor of the apartment, or the other items that somebody washed that fateful day. Do you really think that anybody would believe that the British and Portuguese police would spend thousands of pounds/euros deploying specialist police dogs that could detect either a body, or maybe rotting pork, bacon, or 'pigs that fly'. If you do, you really must be either a fantasist or pathalogically arrogant to believe that the police authorities would be so irresponsible and stupid. Please consult a psychiatrist.
    Sorry Babe, that evidence remains set in stone.

  160. Speaking of Sea Bass. The Mccanns will know this.

    Technically decomposition begins about four minutes after death, when cells are deprived of their usual supply of nourishment. Absent these food molecules, digestive enzymes begin gnawing upon the cells themselves, a process called autolysis. Within a few hours the chemicals that allow muscle fibers to slide freely are metabolized, causing a temporary profound stiffness known as rigor mortis. The body pales in color as its blood pools at the lowermost portions.

    With the human immune system permanently off-line, the digestive bacteria in the gut gain the upper hand, causing an upset in the uneasy intestinal alliance. These bacteria begin nibbling on the body itself. As the host’s cells steadily self-destruct from autolysis, their membranes rupture, spilling the nutrient-rich cell filling into the tissues. The bacteria thrive in this river of food, and they soon establish decomposition franchises at every extremity.

  161. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1562599/Madeleine-search-How-did-it-come-to-this.html

    How did it come to this? A good article with a journalist that had doubts about the Mccanns.

  162. This is all about manipulation and money, they will never give up, but the rumour is that Madeliene was going to live with a relative.
    I dont buy any of it, why pay private detectives when Scotland Yard and the Portugeuse Police have the access to the latest technology, why do they not demand for the case to be reopened? Why use the hospital as a business address??Why would you need a publicity team and spokesman, leaving no stone unturned means exactlt that, polce teams, tracker dogs anything that will help, not just printing posters, they were told initially not to publicise as possibly M would be hurt, so what did they do??Publicise, and become famous. I felt sorry for them but now the constant travel and search for money. They are allowed freedom of speech but Mr Amaral isnt, theirs is not the actions of grief stricken parents. Good luck Mr Amaral, any policeman that deals with missing children deserve praise, their job is not easy, this I know

  163. From reading some of the comments from other posters it is sounding like the case is already stitched up in favour of the McCanns.

    What a wonderful surprise it would be if the court found in Dr Amaral's favour.

    I would have to take back all I have said about the judiciary in Portugal which has so far not inspired much confidence in their decision making.

  164. There only needs to be that tiny chink in the McCann's armour that reveals they knew that Madeleine was dead, whether or not they had anything to do with her death, and there wont be enough money around for the McCanns to pay the law suits that will come against them.

    It is not simply about proving whether or not the McCanns were involved in what happened to Madeleine now, it has moved on to whether or not the McCanns are perpetrating a massive fraud on the people, either through donations to their fund, or whatever else way they have been given money.

    That is besides the suffering of people like Robert Murat, etc, who have been persecuted. They will all no doubt, sue.

    Does such evidence already exist in the information the investigators already have?

  165. Soy de Argentina, La PLata. Vengo siguiendo este caso dia a dia desde el comienzo. Los comentarios son bastante buenos y aclaratorios. Personalmente, estoy de acuerdo con Fernis N# 151. Como dice un dicho en mi pais , creo, que a los McCanns "se les esta viniendo la noche" pero sobretodo deseo JUSTICIA para la pequeña y encantadora Maddie!

  166. The article that Mushroom Head posted above has the following sentence:

    "Why, Portuguese police want to know, did the McCanns hire a car five weeks after Madeleine's disappearance and one day before they flew to Rome for an audience with the Pope?

    I never realised that fact! If it is true, then I learn something new about this case every day. Why would you hire a car, knowing you were going to Rome, if you had not needed one for the previous five weeks?

    Even more importantly, Carter Ruck are at it again. The McCanns are really trying to censor the entire internet.


    Can I suggest that everyone gets hold of copies of all the relevant documents and saves them to their computers. They may all disappear at some point. Also, use every method available, tweeting, msn, email signatures etc to try and cause another tidal wave against Carter Ruck, which will ultimately damage the McCanns.

  167. I think this was only a question of time. The Mccanns or should I say who ever is behind them want the only version to remain and that is their version. Mccann files will be next.I would imagine whoever helped the Mccanns in the beginning did not imagine it would lead to this. However, it has. The Mccanns are a loose cannon a liability. None of us have seen such 'Power' before. The Mccanns are moving in for the kill GA does not stand a chance.Someone wants this over and done with fast, who ever it is has had to handle the Mccanns now for nearly three years. I would imagine they are sick of them as are we all.

    For the poster who asked the question about the hiring of the scenic, yes it is true. I believe that Madeleines remains were moved the day the Mccanns were with the Pope.Every reporter would have been there and ask yourself which one of the tapas was there in PDL who was covered by insurance to drive that car? All eyes were on the Mccanns no one was watching PDL that day.
    Someone tipped PJ off to search that car . Or, maybe it was the neighbour who thought it odd that someone leaves a car boot open on several evenings.

    I still say Jim Gambles job was to remove the image of madeleine so that there would be no more sightings. The photo fit is of a child much older than 6 years..she may well be Asian according to this photo. The Mccanns helped Gamble by Mccann saying that she is very likely wearing contact lenses. Kate said when asked about her eye' it is just a fleck you would have to be really close to notice it'....There you have it...No more sightings.No more eye defect.
    This is almost over.

  168. post 35 After these intials reports, there has been no further reporting.

  169. Just to add Ed Smart has done the exact same thing. All articles and blogs have been removed if they doubted the Smart version.The Smart version is also a very doubtful story. Again we have political involvement and the Mormon Church (A cult movement). The Smarts are now very powerful people and very rich . Mitchel and Wanda who are both accused according to Elizabeth of rape...(as many as 4 times everyday).Even though at times Mitchel was in prison for a week or on a trip Elizabeth stayed with Wanda and begged with her in the streets for money. There were many witnesses to this not one has been called in Wandas trial.Wanda had to take a plea bargain. Wanda also did not stand a chance against the Smarts.
    Nor will Amaral.

  170. Any potential Woodward and Bernsteins out there? If so, download as much as you can for posterity.

  171. A Human Rights lawyer could take up the issues about whether the book can be banned from the whole world. The facts in the book can still be published by someone else, in the USA, for example, for an American audience, safely and with impunity. American libel laws are much more reasonable. In the meantime it can be downloaded and saved for future reference. Hundreds of thousands of the books exist privately, so it is too late to ban it anyway. Online too, the book could be available to read in the USA. There is geographic Server software that can prevent viewing by users in other selected countries, such as the UK, keeping it safe from legal action. The book can remain in the public domain. The doubts about the McCanns will probably always be in the public minds, finding the child would possibly clear their names or re-opening the case. An emminent Human Rights lawyer would take up the issues of Freedom of Speech whch are likely to run and run for years to come.

  172. Did I miss something here?

    Am I the only one wondering what has happened to Stevo's book? Or has that been Carter Rucked as well?

  173. To Anon@173: Don'tworry. Rest assured, Stevo's book has not been Carter-Rucked. It is in the process of updating and hopefully ready for sale this side of Christmas. I know for sure because just an hour ago I discussed the project with Stevo. Hope, this helps.

  174. Thanks Anon at 174, that is good news. Maybe there will be a clunk whoosh surge against the McCanns coming at them all at once, as the tide it is a turning.

    Things do seem to be happening thick and fast now.

  175. The lion is out for the kill...every scent of this case will be censored. they they will hope to live happily ever after, a 2.2 nuclear family. I felt so sorry for them but now I changed my mind.
    All this goes beyond reason, and should not be allowed, influentail or rich, 1.2 millions to them when thousands of children are dying of starvation, if they were genuine they ...if they win....should give it to provide food for others that are dying out there. Religious..I dont think so

  176. ooh and one other thing, it would be a great loss if the McCann files disapeared

  177. Come on Stevo, I've been missing the old 3A's and need some Christmas reading.


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