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McCann hear cries of support to Gonçalo Amaral in Lisbon

"I'm not behind the influenza virus A. .. for this they [the McCanns] can not blame me", said Gonçalo Amaral outside the courthouse when faced with the possibility of the McCann's doubting his lawyer's disease, which led yesterday to the postponing of the trial which opposes the McCann couple against the former PJ inspector.

The McCanns arrived on Thursday evening at Lisbon to attend the trial of the injunction brought to stop the commercialization of the book "Maddie, The Truth of The Lie" written by Gonçalo Amaral, decreed on September 9. The session was scheduled for 09h45 and was postponed in consequence of António Cabrita's absence, Gonçalo Amaral's lawyer, who had to stay at home in quarantine due to influenza A.

The former inspector said, upon arrival, that he was not worried about meeting the McCanns since "what is at stake is a book fundamented in a judicial investigation" and "which brings together the consensus of professional colleagues".

Even before the departure of the British girl's parents, the book's author refused to answer to the English journalists, postponing all the enlightenments to a more peaceful and timely moment. "The British journalists should have the conscience of the smear campaign that they have made against me since day one", he said when asked about the silence towards the British media.

The couple left the court later, at about 10h10, and stressed that this delay does not disappoint them and that they did not even thought about whether they want to return to Lisbon in January, for what will be the start of the trial. "The decision on the book banning continues, so there is no reason to be depressed about this delay," they said, reiterating that "the search for Maddie continues" and that they still count on "people to support them".

Under a climate full of provocations, the couple went to the car, followed by their lawyer. The Citizens Movement for the Defense of Rights and Freedoms was present to distribute red carnations, remembering the 25th April.

The members of this project arrived about the same time that Gonçalo Amaral and even to journalists they gave red carnations as a symbol of a right which they say that is not being respected. Besides this group,there were also some populars that appeared at the court's entrance chanting support to the former inspector.

In the end, and possibly unaware of the meaning that has the red carnation for the Portuguese, Kate McCann accepted one of the carnations and took it with her. The girl's mother had remembered seconds before that "freedom of expression can not outweigh the respect for people", nor of family values.

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  1. GA knows them so well..he also has a wonderful sense of humour..My God has he needed it..I can imagine Kate screaming and Mccann swearing just like he did that day in front of his children...The Mccanns thought 'the sardine muncher' was a fool..they played him for a fool...GA is no ones fool and I think in the coming year he will prove it. The game has now shifted..GA is on his own soil and he has many Powerful friends just as Powerful as the Mccanns...This has become a game of Chess...your move Mccann...

  2. You had your cake Kate and Gerry now eat it. What a man Mr Amaral is Sir I salute you.

  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1234603/Distraught-McCanns-accused-offs-Portuguese-police-chief-led-failed-search-Madeleine.html

    There was a time when this would have been HEADLINES...not any more I had to scroll right down to find this piece..

  4. There has never been as many anti-Maccann comments as they are today in the Mail. Amazing how the British public have now awaken to all the facts.

  5. I hope in time that Amaral also goes after the Britidh Press..and how they villified him...I also hope that one of his Targets is the deranged ROSIEPOPS...Hurtful though it is I hope someone copied the words she wrote about his mother the day she died...

  6. How strange Halligen's, (Mc's former PD agency) girlfriend Shirin Trachiotis was supposedly a doctor specializing in emergncies.
    If she is the same Trachiotis as i researched, She did a post graduate in 1995 in Sibley Memorial Hospital 5255 Loughboro Rd, NW Washington DC. Her training- unknown. board certification-unknown.
    A similar looking female can be seen in Ralph Eveleighs BB Villa in Spring 07, only the photos are a bit blurred.
    Could it be possible it was a blackmale situation, after all Kte did state(it is alledged) she hated Robert Murat in her diary, also
    (They have taken her!

  7. Me thinks Influenza A Stole Christmas ;))

  8. http://skynews4.typepad.com/my_weblog/2008/05/burglar-snatche.html

    Who remembers this?...One month later after this 'burglary' the Mccanns go on holiday and meet with Susan Hubbard in Canada...

    The Mccanns are this weekend with the Hubbards.

  9. http://www.cbc.ca/news/reportsfromabroad/durham/20080502.html

    Susan Hubbard ' We keep in touch through text and e.mail.'

  10. I wonder if the McCanns will be visiting Robert Murat while in Praia de Luz. I bet they hope they won't bump into him while maybe visiting the tapas bar for their evening tipple!

  11. I think the McCanns should realise that they are not up against some incompetent in Goncalo Amaral. He is a brilliant detective and has more brains in his big toe than the pair of them put together! If he decides to play cat and mouse with them, who can blame him! They may have won the hearts and minds of the British press, but hearts and minds change, so they shouldn't think they've got it in the bag! And I'm not talking about the one they 'lost' in PdeLuz!

  12. I have been wondering how come they used the back door of the Court, which is reserved for the judges!...Who authorized that?
    And the securtiy elevator?
    They were so afraid...their conscience is not really clean.

  13. I don't think they won the hearts of the British Press. I think the British Press is largely made up of cowards and liars who have willingly gone along with the "party line" for fear of losing their jobs or worse. I think there is no doubt the British government is controlling the story and what has been written. Laugh as we did about Halligen's assertion that Clarence Mitchell is actually MI6, it is possibly true. If the media can manipulate everyone into believing Halligen is a kook, then if he ever discloses the truth about the case, the public will be hoodwinked as they have been by the British Press to date. The British media have earned the disdain of the entire world. They are lazy, cowardly, inarticulate and no longer needed. The internet is slowly but surely taking away the need society once had for "journalists". Perhaps they could have saved their profession from ruin if they'd had any form of commitment to the truth, but as it is society will soon be rid of the lot of them, a welcome change. The only reason the tabloids still sell is the flesh-market aspect - sexy photos etc. Certainly not purchased by people seeking accurate information about cases like Madeleine's. And while I'm at it, I must add that the xenophobic reporter shoving his microphone in Amaral's face and demanding he speak in English yesterday should be fired over his disgraceful behavior. What a prat.

  14. It was said that it was Mrs Hubbard who gave Kate the Bible with the verse marked about the child.

    If so, then what to make of that!

  15. Post 7
    Eveleigh-Halligen-Trachiotis links. The PJ did have a search warrant for Quinto Salsalito, the Eveleigh B&B. Where can the photo be viewed? What would Halligen's girlfriend be doing there?

  16. Great job Dr Amaral! We're on your side

    Your proud supporters Karen and Tina


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