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McCanns 'private trip' to Praia da Luz

«They are also thought to have prayed in the town's church before visiting friends. Their spokesman said: "After their court appearance, the rest of their trip is private."»
                            in Daily Mirror's Press statement issued by the McCanns


  1. Please Gerry tell the truth your charade is over. You have had a good run but now is the time for you.

  2. Kate's outfit could be considered funeral attire.

  3. Oh ...

    So we are not going to know what you eat for lunch and dinner, or how the jogging runs are going.

    Just a thought whilst you are visiting Portugal you might like to ask if the case may be re-opened?? Ask your Tapas friends to join you in a re-construction?? Answer the 48 questions.

  4. Whatever happened to Madeleine, they are suffering.
    Tey feel terribly guilty.
    And they are.
    They look very bad.

    The truth liberates!

  5. Looks to me like they keep having to wipe the comments on the Daily Mail/Mail on Sunday online version. I've been on a couple of times now. Or do they take them out for review?

    Anyway, when they have been available the ratings have been running about 3-1 in favour of the negative comments.

    The pros get seriously p'd off having their comments downgraded all the time!

    We hope and pray Amaral will prevail. I feel this is so important. It's not just him. It's freedom and democracy in Portugal. And it's not just freedom and democracy in Portugal - it's about freedom and democracy in the UK because the McCanns' ultimate aim is to prevent Amaral's book appearing in English in the UK. That's what the game of legal charades is all about.

  6. McCanns, 'walking the red carpet of their grief'.

    Here we go again! "This is a private visit (although we did tell you exactly when to be there with cameras at the ready) so please respect our privacy and get as many shots into the Sunday papers as possible".

    Calculated, staged, despicable.


  7. It is very well possible that kate is being treated by a psychiater or psychotherapist and, after two years of treatment, he/she sent her to Praia da Luz, to re-live the happenings of May the 3rd,5A, the death, the church, concealing of the body, etc
    This could be a part of helping her to accept what happened or even to help her to confess the truth.To confront her with reality, teaching her to stop cheating herself.
    This therapist must know the truth and he/she urges her to confess, for sake of her own health.
    That's why she went to Alagarve dressed up in black, already indicating she admits the child is dead.

    If I am right, the therapist acheaved a lot. It is the first time we see her dressed up so darkly.

    Her outfit is addapted to the circunstances, she could be at the final of part 1 of her treatment.

    Am I right or am I right?

  8. I strongly believe that Gerry doesn't know how to tell the truth or why one should - that his lies have been humoured for his whole life and it has served him very well, so he sees no reason to stop.
    (Why would he need to, I suppose? His family and friends must now realise that the whole 'jemmying' incident was a lie and yet, as far as we know, they see nothing strange in that.) He looks quite scared sometimes (as here), which underlines the fact that just because sometimes stamps their feet and says, 'I want to be in charge', it doesn't necessarily mean they have a clue what they're doing. It seems more likely that his ill-advised megalomania will catch him out than a conscience, or the realisation that people can see that his story can't be true.

  9. Why doesn't a journalist ask what we all want to know?

    "where's the body?"

  10. And Maddie is only 10 miles from there, in a hellish lair, we have been told, by mccanns PI's/spokesman.
    And the parents go and have a walk, go to church and have a good time with friends.
    After they have been telling us that Maddie is near PDL.

    They have been telling that "fact" to us !!! They dear employee they are paying, to find out where Maddie is !!!
    And they are just finding freedom in PDL, freedom for who ?? Sure not for Madeleine, but did she ever matter to her parents ?
    I don't think so.

  11. Are this couple fated to go on forever locked inside a lie?

    What a prospect for a life, watching every word and constantly looking over their shoulder?

  12. Private visit my arse

    All planned to get the Christmas sympathy vote,I guess the golf club fees are due again

    No point in asking if Kate will answer the 'questions' while she is there!

  13. É verdade. Estão vestidos de escuro,o que poderia ser considerado vestes de luto.
    Mas como de noite "todos os gatos são pardos", a negritude do vestuário pode servir a uma tentativa de virarem pardos.
    Mas, também a lavagem os pode ter aconselhado, a cobrirem-se assim.
    Já que por cá,muitos se vestem de preto,principalmente nos meios pequenos.
    Pessoalmente nem defendo cores escuras para o Inverno,já por si tão sem luz.

    "privada" com os do canal 4/ITV.

    A "privacidade" pedida é mais para não ouvirem mais apupos.Quem lhes consegue perdoar tudo desde os primeiríssimos dias de Maio de 2007?

  14. For the first time, Kate wear some clothes respecting Madeleine memory- Black and white!. She is in grief. No yellow or green rubber bands. She knows... there is no any possibility for Madeleine to come back. Interessing, the places they visit: the church and a rock close to the sea. The church, where Madeleine probably rested during few hours and the sea, where she was probably dumped. They choose a high rock which can give them a huge sea vue, long, long ...on the deep ocean and high, high, close to the sky, where angels use to live. THERE IS ALWAYS A LOGICAL EXPLANATION FOR THAT BEHAVIOUR.

    Again they walk holding hands. trying to foolish the portuguese public and made them to come back to the Fund and make some donnations. THEY ARE GOOD ACTORS, after more then 2 years of specialised advisers.

    Who they visit? Father Hubbard off-course, a master piece which need's to keep his mouth closed forever. Marcos Aragao, which need to spin more at media against Amaral and pro-Leonor. And probably people close to the Amaral witnesses, to pressure or corrompe them, asking them for not atending the trial. like that will appear to the public that Amaral is loosing support and will help to descridibilize him. Unfortunnatly, some of the Amaral witnesses, from PJ look, at me, very easy to corrompe and pressure. Remember the leaks strategically delivered to the media and to the Mccann's, helping them work ahead of the investigation. They must came from somebody close to the investigation with two purposes: HELP THE MCCANN'S AND STRESS AMARAL WORK. There is people on your team Goncalo that are not truthfull. I hope, you know who they are and protect yourself from that guys without honnor.
    Sandra Felgueiras, she already start working on your descridibilization at RTP, spreading the spin around the world. she said on her report last Friday in lisbon, that from 7 witnesses which are nominated to attend the trial, only 2 show up. There is a reason behind that news, because coming to that blog I realise that in fact only 3 witnesses are suposed to atend and only one did not show up. The reality is totally different then what sandra felgueiras spreaded trough the screens of RTP international. She need to be replaced soon by a truthfull journalist, independent, which respect the money of the portuguese. We are paying the salarys of that journalists. We need information without manipulation. THE TRUTH and nothing else.

  15. It has taken two years and the chance of getting their hands on one million pounds before they decided to visit their daughters grave.

  16. So private they give an exclusive to a newspaper. Do you think they were paid for this exclusive? They really do think they are celebs (whatever that is) don't they. This is a non story about parents who left their children alone night after night to go drinking and eating with friends. Somehow this never gets mentioned these days.

    Bravo Dr Amaral for not speaking to the British press who vilified you. Now there's a man with a moral compass.

  17. Like rats they come out only during the night. So private a visit that interviews were given and photographs were taken by the British press of course. Private indeed. With these McCanns nothing is what supposed to be.
    Any of you go to church at 05.30?

  18. Isn't that the same outfit Kate McCann wore for the court hearing? Are we supposed to think she is too poor to afford clothes, because all their money is being spent on searching for Madeleine?
    So much for a 'private visit'! They announced that they were going to Praia da Luz, let it be known that they were at the church service, and have arranged for photos to be taken....

  19. Where are the high-quality wristbands? Where is Cuddle-Cat, the consummate prop? Where indeed are the big stupid grins that this lot sported despite their daughters disappearance?

    Either the nets or closing or they are getting much better PR advice.

    May justice prevail. Soon.


  20. Without meaning to libel anyone nor do I wish to carter-rucked; Is it true that a copy of ceop manual was found in K&G's room in PDL? This manual is only accessible to government and police authorities. If this is true, this is the most intriguing story.

  21. anon. 2o, yes it's true you can actually see that with your own eyes in a video made by the PJ when searching the McCanns Villa, after they moved from the OC apartment. Let me see if I can find the video for you.

  22. Right Anon 20

    But you know Gerry, always one step ahead of everybody else, hence him mentioning their two year old child loving sea bass in his blog before the dogs were brought in.

    Apparently this can give off a smell like cadaver scent.

    Strange the child stopped eating it by the time they moved out of the apartment as no smell in the other places they stayed, though the smell was also in the hire car, so figure that one out.

    Answer for everything, that's Gerry.

    Or, so he thinks.

  23. Hi Joana Shocking! I would really appreciate if you could find the video. Thank you

  24. AN THE OSCAR GOES TO: G. and K. MC´C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. You know Gerry is actually a speaker at a CEOP event on abducted children, in January 2010. Some of the other speakers are interesting as well, including a gentlemen from the FBI Child Crime Unit who will be speaking about faked abductions!

    It can be booked on the CEOP website, costs about £190.00 - but includes the chance to question speakers. I hope all of the speakers know the other side of the story with regard to the Maddie case. Perhaps we should educate them as a precaution?

  26. CEOP event (ref post 25). Wow, Gerry is going to be mixing with behavioural experts including one gentleman whos role is to investigate adults who have sexual intercourse with children!

    Why not invite David Payne as well?

  27. Sandra has disapointed me :-(

  28. 16#
    I don't think that mccanns do anything at all for free. They looooove money.

    (and I wonder from where kate find those horrible scarfs)

  29. Anon at 25


    All done to reinforce the abduction of Madeleine.

    When are the McCanns going to prove there ever was an abduction, yet they try to silence anybody that says there wasn't?

    It is a farce!

  30. The experts at the CEOP event are just the people who should be analysing the Gasper statements. You know the gestures I am talking about - the masonic gesture for sexual intercourse? Whilst talking about Madeleine???? Is it a trap for Gerry or is it protection ?

  31. Who would be the best person or people to attend Gerry's talk and question him?

  32. They went to church in Praia daLuz to pray? What a bad joke! These people are anything - but not religious!!! This is what I know from a source very close to them. They are not catholic at all, but members of the Anglican Curch. Gerry does not even know how to behave in church or dress for church! Why did they went to that particular church? Tomeet the British parish priest who knows the truth and has been activeley involved in hiding Maddie's body (more precisely in a deepfreezer on the premises of the church) prior to the final diosposal, and make sure that every possible trace has been removed and to reforce the strategy to follow agreed upon earlier just in case the Portuguese PJ might reopen the case without the McCann's request. This so called priest is not cartholic and therefore cannot hide behind the "seal of confession" because that applies only to cahtolic priests. No doubt, PJ knows about his and his family's involvement, and sooner or later they will approach him. Everybody who thinks the case is over in Portugal, closed and shelved for all eternity, is grossly mistaken and possibly in for a big surprise.

  33. In Sky News there's a video of their going to the evening mass in Luz, Martin Brunt tells that Kate wept during the special prayers for Madeleine, but we are not shown any footage of it, and he also says that they had been to the beach early that morning, the beach where THEY HAD PLAYED WITH MADELEINE IN THE DAYS BEFORE SHE DISAPPEARED!!! WHAT?! When did they ever take Madeleine to the beach, let alone play with her there? Doesn't he mean the nannies from the creche?
    And from the sounds of the hymns chanting I'm sure this was an anglican service, NOT catholic mass, and it is most likely that the congregation was composed only of expacts, no portuguese locals!

  34. I'm afraid to say that she is carrying a great deal of guilt in her face, but him just evilness to say the least.
    Justice will come one day and God bless Madeleine and Dr Goncalo Amaral and his family.

  35. It is amazing that the ignorant private detective told Maddie is in a lair next to PDL . Portugal is very small country, there are no room to less law places , are you confusing Portugal with the old cowboys movies... and the less law places? rofl
    Yesterday night i read the comments in Daily mail.most of them was very and against mccanns . these ones was greenharrowd with big numbers. The comments pro.. was all redharrowd.
    Today morning all had disappeared.

  36. To Anon @ 20: I can re-confirm Joana's confirmation. Yes, the CEOP manual was indeed found by PJ in the McCann's apt. after they left and had moved to the other place in PDL. And also another British police handbook "For Official Use Only" dealing with the standard police strategy in cases of missing persons, especially children. I have this confirmation right from Gonçalo Amaral's mouth. So, take it for granted.

  37. anonym 20 I found it, was in my own youtube account :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akIDiz5Rv_c at about 0:53 you can see the CEOP Manuals, various.

  38. translation of the video, anonym 20

    Antena3 Article: The McCanns kept numerous medicines which provoked sleepiness

    New Exclusive Images of the Report
    Madrid, Espejo Público [an Antena3 TV Show]

    Given the repeated denial of the British police to send different reports about the married couple, the Portuguese police made a profile searching throughout the McCanns second house, in Praia da Luz.

    This way, officers accompanied by two police psychologists, carry out a meticulous search in the main bedroom [the parents' bedroom].

    In a case of abduction, the family circle is always investigated. The police were surprised on having seen the bedroom. Kate seems to be mourning. In her small bedside table are many photos of Maddy [sic] surrounded with rosaries and a Bible, which had bookmarked, with a picture a fragment of the Old Testament in which it could be read: " "However, because by this deed you have given occasion to the enemies of the LORD to blaspheme, the child also that is born to you shall surely die" [2 Samuel 12:14]".

    At the other side of the bed, on Gerry's bedside table the attention is given to, between other books, "The interpretation of Murder ". In the study [office space] where Gerry writes his blog and where he works at the campaign to find his daughter, another surprise: CEOP manuals, books with access restricted to police and governmental entities.

    Before this discovery, Mark Harrison, the British police officer sent from the United Kingdom to coordinate the case, does not give credit. He wonders how many married couples had access to these manuals, which are exclusively reserved to police officers.

    The Portuguese Officers confirm in this way their suspicions regarding the contacts which are provided to the McCanns, which for them is translated in a big political pressure that to their judgement, limits the investigation.

    Also, the police find numerous medicines, which they examine in search of these sedatives that they fear that were given to the children by the McCanns on the night of the 3rd of May. They also register the side effects caused by the medicines that they find, and verify that the majority of them provoke sleepiness. They examine as well the drawers, closets, as well as the twins' room and that no longer sleep in cots but in beds.

    The final report of the process, in contrast to the images included in the same report, state that independently of the curious and morbid conclusions, the only fact that one can determine, as such, is the disparate behavior of the couple at the time of facing Madeleine's disappearance.

    Source: Antena3 (Spanish)

  39. Hi Joana I cannot get that link all I see is Tarzan and cats..any chance of isolating it.Many thanks.

  40. try here http://themaddiecasefiles.com/topic5048.html

  41. Anon 14, don't forget the outfits specially bought for the visit to Rome when the Pope got to meet them! Black funereal suits, which were worn again shortly afterwards when they went on another visit on a very hot day, so totally unsuitable attire. A lot of people believe the visit to Rome and the Holy Father's blessing of Maddie's photo was a substitute for a funeral service, and that the subsequent visit was actually for the burial. The rest of the time in Portugal they just wore their usual (colour co-ordinated) Primark clothes.

  42. Thank you for the video. G. did mention that he did not go on holiday to enjoy himself. It is also very shocking but very sad to see the shrine for M. I do now beleive that the Mcs have a cast iron protection but for the sake of M. one day the truth will come out.

  43. Miserable actors! DO NOT BELIEVE THEM!

  44. Did anyone ask how they got hold of such material or were they too afraid to upset them? Also is it not illegal? "Interpretation of Murder" is that a novel or a reference book? Why carry so many pills that induce sleep on holiday?

  45. @ Anonymous 10
    "the parents go and have a walk, go to church and have a good time with friends.After they have been telling us that Maddie is near PDL"

    Yes and they keep on asking people to look for Madeleine as a must ! This is even their main argument against GA : his "absurd hypothesis" stopped people to look for M., in other words spoiled a propaganda that concerns anyone one but the McCs.

  46. They are staying with friends in Luz! What friends?

  47. The only reason the McCanns have returned to Portugal and PDL is the lure of the 1 million compensation. Everything they do is for money.

  48. Friends who have a freezer? When will this whole sorry charade end..lets hope Dr Amaral can out this ugly pair of actors.

  49. Thanks Joana, that link works fine. I like to spread the word.

  50. Hello Anonymous(25) Whoever invited Gerry McCann, to speak at a CEOP event, is a disgrace, he or she knows, that it is the McCanns fault Madeleine is missing and they are the cause of whatever suffering she has endured. Why do people pander to the gruesome twosome? Especially those who are involved in the missing child issue.

    I hope the guy from the F.B.I. Child Crime Unit, looks Gerry McCann in the eye, when he speaks of fake abduction.

  51. Thank you Joana, for the information about the contents of the McCanns holiday apartment in PDL.

  52. You know, there might be a double bluff going on here.

    Like, Madeleine was hidden in the Church after being kept a few days in a fridge/freezer, and then when there was wind that the investigation was closing in on the McCanns, a trail was laid that led away from the church.

    Whereas, Madeleine is really still hidden in the Church somewhere. Perhaps behind a wall or under a flagstone. Only a tiny space would be needed.

    Whatever forensics were found in the boot of the car could be from clothing or something that was in contact with the body, hence the foul smell in there.

  53. The CEOP manula is freely available - it can even be downloaded for free from the web.
    I don't know which idiot said it is secret or classified, it isn't and never was!!!

  54. Joana - I do not believe that MWT ever said such a thing - he would be familiar with the CEOPs manuals and know of their availability.
    Google the titles - you will see that what I say is the truth, and the version that is constantly put out that they are 'restricted' is a nonsense.

  55. Maybe the truth is that the people that are protecting this disgusting pair are also protecting themselves.Then all this would make perfect sense.All the answers to the reasons WHY, can be explained.

  56. Since Kate was not religious, because she did not atend any mass in PDL before Maddie disapeared and a Bible it is not a book to read and carry on Holidays...Who gave her the Bible and WHY? And most important... Who advise her to read and sinalise that particular passage of the Bible? Must be somebody which knows well the Bible and knows what Kate is going trough ( grieving from a close one which died behind tragic circunstances). TO MY MIND JUST COME THE ANGLICAN PRIEST.

  57. The Mccans love publicity if they have some tears to "cry" they call a the Sky News to show them to the world.

    Why for God sake I'm writing aigain about such a people?
    Am I sick like them?


  58. It has been said a number of times that Mrs Hubbard gave Kate the Bible, but why mark such a passage if the child has gone missing but is not dead, as the McCanns keep insisting on.

    But, if the child is known to be dead, then it would be some sort of comfort, because it talks of King David seeing his child again when he himself eventually dies.

  59. What a circus? all this "Lights,camera,action "at 5.30 in the morning ? A so called "Private visit?"where is their shame ?They disgust me

  60. i think this visit to praia de luz and her being near to madeleine
    is a red herring,beware


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