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'McCanns Trip to Lisbon is a Form of Pressure'

Gonçalo Amaral: The audience tomorrow may not happen.

Sandra Felgueiras [Voice Over]: It was Gonçalo Amaral who unraveled the veil on the news. The quarantine of his lawyer may lead the court to postpone the witnesses hearing requested by the former inspector to bring back to the market the banned book about which he writes now.

[Inset of the new book’s cover – ‘The English Gag - The Story of a Forbidden book’]

SF: To publish this book, exactly tomorrow, can’t it be seen as a provocation?

GA: The book was not written now, I wrote it in September, 10 or 12 days after I was notified of the temporary injunction. When the book launching date was set, no one knew that tomorrow would take place a session in the scope of an opposition.

SF: How do you see the McCanns trip to Lisbon to be tomorrow present at the audience?

GA: I understand it as a form of pressure over the witnesses who are going to be heard. Additionally, as a form of pressure on the court itself.

SF [Voice Over]: With the absence of Gonçalo Amaral’s lawyer tomorrow at the court hearing, the arrival of the McCanns today in Lisbon may be in vain. Nevertheless, even if it is postponed the mission of the civil court of Lisbon will always be to decide if the banning of this book [inset of the book ‘Maddie, The Truth of the Lie] is definite or not. For the McCanns, Gonçalo Amaral only published the book for financial reasons, which translates in the opening of a society to allegedly  avoid paying 500 thousand Euros of old debts.

GA: (... - voice cut ) I imagine so. There are debts and we are going to pay them with our patrimony, there is no doubt on that. However, I will never pay anything to the McCann couple. That is for sure. The procession is just beginning, between a lot will happen. We have no doubts that we will demand and ask for an award of damages for what we have suffered, my family and I.

SF: Which results do you expect from the hearings that will end next week?

GA: I believe, and according to other jurists, that the book should be already in the market, since the interlocutory restraining injunction to the companies, like Guerra e Paz [the book publishing house] was dropped, because 30 days after that injunction was made there was no action. There is only an action against myself.

SF [Voice Over]: Confident in a favourable decision Gonçalo Amaral adds that after tomorrow the thesis that Maddie did die will be divulged, not by him for the reason that he is prohibited, but by many other voices.

GA: The witnesses that will now be heard are police officers who worked in the investigation, they are criminal investigator officers, and have the obligation to speak the truth.

"The English Gag - The story of a forbidden book"

SF: And to speak the truth means to talk about the thesis that Gonçalo Amaral is now forbidden to talk about?

GA: To speak the truth it is something very simple. There is a book and there is a case file, there is a book that describes an investigation, and there is an investigation that is on that case file. Now, are there any differences? There are none. What is in the book is on the process.

SF [Voice Over]: And in the ‘English Gag’ as the new book is named, Gonçalo Amaral is indignated at a censorship, one that we only have memory from before the 25 de Abril [Carnation Revolution, 25th April 1974].

Broadcast by RTP Portuguese Channel, 10 December 2009


  1. So does this mean that the court will have to wait until the secretary of Sr Amaral's lawyer is better?

    And then how long before it is certain that the lawyer has not caught it?

    Does anybody know about the timeline here?

    I think this will all work out better for Sr Amaral though, as his new book will be alerting people to what is going on, and the consequences for freedom if the McCanns get their wishes.

    With a bit of luck the judge will read it and might learn something.

  2. All those police officers saying the same as Sr Amaral about the death of Madeleine is not going to look too good for the McCanns.

    I hope the UK media are in court to hear it.

    The question is, are they going to do a bit of honest reporting or are they going to twist it to accord with McCann spin.

    If only we can see the tide turning in the UK media and the truth coming out at last.

    I am hopeful, but realise Team McCann are masters at media manipulation. They don't miss a trick.

  3. Forca Goncalo! I apologise that I keep on saying it, but it is the only Portuguese I have picked up and I am just so proud of that man! Lots of others would have given up by now and Goncalo Amaral goes from strength to strength.

  4. "SF [Voice Over]: Confident in a favourable decision Gonçalo Amaral adds that after tomorrow the thesis that Maddie did die will be divulged, not by him for the reason that he is prohibited, but by many other voices.

    GA: The witnesses that will now be heard are police officers who worked in the investigation, they are criminal investigator officers, and have the obligation to speak the truth."

    I'm hoping that this is so.

  5. We have enough bitter experience to know that we will not hear anything like the full story from Lisbon. Normally if things go particularly bad for the McCanns the story is just ignored.

  6. The Mccanns managed to evade justice for a very serious crime, thus far, but GREED is going to be their downfall.

  7. Goncalo seems determined that the McCanns will not receive any money from him. So if the case goes against him and he refuses to pay them a cent,it could surely mean prison for him, or his home taken from him! I pray to God that doesn't turn out to be the case. GOOD LUCK GONCALO!

  8. It's an attempt at a form of pressure, but it is also a huge tactical error, as is the whole libel action.

    Dr. Amaral is fast becoming a Portuguese folk hero, not least because of the extent and obvious unfairness of the injunction against him and its implications for the democratic system and civil liberties in that country.

    This is a touchy subject in Portugal and understandably so, since democracy and the civil liberties that go with it have had to be fought for and won within living memory. The Portuguese people therefore cannot be expected to stand by and watch as these are trampled into a quagmire of corruption and deceit to satisfy the McCanns' avarice and vindictiveness.

    In bringing this action, the McCanns and their lawyers, together with the support of the xenophobes of the UK media world, demonstrate once again that complete inability to understand cultural differences or even to recognise that there is a need to understand them, which unfortunately seems always to be a hallmark of the British psyche when it comes to dealing with other countries.

    This action and in particular McCann's behaviour in Portugal displays the arrogance and vindictiveness more in keeping with a poorly educated shabby little expat clerk in a British colony of 60 to 100 years ago than someone who has ostensibly received a higher-level education and is a practicing doctor. That is why, as was the case with the British Empire, McCann and his strategy are unsustainable and he will eventually lose everything.

  9. I wake up early in the UK morning, and hear the headline news on the radio (the station is Classic FM, a major classical music station in the UK) at 5AM and at 6AM. I am often struck by the differences in the reports between those two times - not just on this case but generally. It is as if the spin doctors wake up and say "holy toledo, what are they saying? Damage control, get on the horn now and fix it!"

    This morning, the 5AM report went something like this. This and subsequent quotes are from my memory and cannot be taken as exact.

    -- Kate and Gerry McCann are going to Portugal for the LIBEL TRIAL [false] of the detective Goncaro Amaral, who published a book called "The Truth of the Lie" which asserted that the McCanns were involved in their daughter Madeleine's disappearance and that she most likely is dead. A judge has already issued a ban on the publication of this book.

    The 6AM report went like this: (again from memory)

    -- Kate and Gerry McCann are today in Portugal to attend the LIBEL TRIAL [still false] of Goncalo Amaral, a former police detective who has published a book making allegations about their daughter Madeleine. The book has been banned by a judge in Portugal.

    May the nets close, and may justice prevail!


  10. GA,

    Go for the jugular. This couple deserves no mercy!

  11. Gerry McCann told Sky News he believes Snr Amarals book has hindered the search for Madeleine. I hope Snr Amaral retaliates with Gerry and Kate McCann hindered the search for Madeleine, by failing to answer all the questions or taking part in a police reconstruction etc etc etc

  12. If "The Truth of the Lie" is no longer subject to an injunction, can the publishing house release it again whilst the libel hearing is pending? Will the British press tell its readers the real story about the book ban and why it is no longer in force?
    Guardian Reader

  13. just on sky news..case postponed for one month.

  14. I am optimistic for Mr Amaral but I do feel the Portuguese courts may have been compromised by foreign-invaded politics. Why are the McCanns so confident? Is it because they know the courts are being compromised?

    On the other hand it has to be said that the McCanns have gone to extraordinary lengths to silence anyone who doesn´t comply to their story/thesis and only a guilty party would go to any such kind of length.

    If it was my daughter who was genuinely missing you can bet your sweet ass I would be on my hands and knees combing the whole country of Portugal and beyond. I wouldn't be wasting time "banning" and "silencing"...I would be crawling.

    My best wishes for Snr Amaral and his family.

    As for the McCanns: I am sure your day will be dawning very, very soon. Be very sure of that. Be exceptionally sure that you both and your team are going down.

  15. If things go bad for the Maccanns the UK press will not report full stop. They are all Maccann luvvies' Mr Amaral should never ever give any interview to the UK media the way they have treated him and his family. Can anyone tell me are the Maccanns hands glued together do they need an operation, how on earth do they go to the toilet.

  16. I don`t know why today is different, but some news websites are allowing comments - the Orange/Sky news one has loads and there are many who don`t agree with what Mcs are doing :-



  17. I agree and pray we are right ,that greed will be their undoing,My best wishes go to Goncalo and his family

  18. Now I understand what husbands suffer when their wives are delivering a baby and they have to stand on the corridor, waiting for the news.

  19. Does anyone know more about Quinto dos Figos, PdL, which was searched on 6.5.07.? Blood samples were taken.

  20. Can someone answer me what the likely outcome of this is likely to be when it does eventually get to court?
    Its the mca... who should be in court NOT Mr Amaral this is a fu$$ing disgrace

  21. It has backfired spectacularly today, and will now be taking place in January!!!

    All the reports note that the McCanns want £1M and it looks AWFUL for them!

  22. Just seen the Maccanns on UK ITV news they looked scared stiff, Mr Amaral looked wonderful God Bless Him and be with him and his family, he dismissed the british reporter who tried to speak to him wonderful, God Bless Portugal and justice for Madelaine Maccann.

  23. Poor Kate, hasn't she enough money by now to get herself a brand new cardigan? There it is once again, that pink one, maybe it is her "lucky" cardigan? A sort of a lucky charm?...

  24. Please, today's Daily Mail(online) is publishing this postponement as being of Mr. Amaral's fault, they are saying it was postponed because he DID NOT SHOW UP! What a dirty attempt to once again show him in a bad light and promote the image of the poor suffering McCanns! I'm asking for anyone who is registerd with the Mail to please put a comment there that straightens up the facts, please! It might not get published but at least they will be aware that people know they are distorting the truth(what's new, eh?)!
    Thank you so much!

  25. The case was adjourned.
    No one was surprised.
    So why did the McCanns make the trip ?

  26. http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/World-News/Madeleine-McCann-Parents-Gerry-And-Kate-In-Portugal-To-Fight-Goncalo-Amaral-Over-His-Book/Article/200912215497848?lpos=World_News_News_Your_Way_Region_3&lid=NewsYourWay_ARTICLE_15497848_Madeleine_McCann_Parents_Gerry_And_Kate_In_Portugal_To_Fight_Goncalo_Amaral_Over_His_Book

    My oh my, Gerry looks as though hes on drugs or something, cant cotrol his voice or his facial ticks. Worried about something Gerry?

    What a shame about today...... was looking forward to good news.

  27. I am sure it is a form of pressure for the McCann's to be present.

    Even Mr Amaral was reported as not attending because of his book launch, and he faces ruin if they win.

    Are they hoping that with their pitiful and pained faces looking at the Judge they might sway her decision?

    I doubt it because no doubt the Judge has seen their photo on their daughter's 4th birthday, all smiles and looking happy, just 10 days after her disappearance, which is a time when it would be really raw and painful for most parents who had just lost a child. It would be a poignant day full of sad reminders.

  28. Still on the D. Mail, it seems they replaced or updated the article I read yesterday, called "Mccanns TO fly to Portugal", with this new one " McCanns fly to Portugal for nothing"..., yet they copied and pasted the comments from the previous article to this new one. Those 10 comments published under today's article are the exact same from yesterday!

  29. I imagine the McCanns will be pretty worried about what GA is going to say in his new book. Hopefully some of our spanish friends can soon tell us exactly WHY GA thought he'd been gagged by the English.

  30. I watched the itv news and it stated that Goncarlo Amaral walked straight past The McCanns ,so the Mail is lying when saying Amaral didn't show up,this farcicle reporting is what the decent Mr Amaral is up against,i hope and pray that the Mccanns lose their libel case and that Goncarlo Amaral is vindicated.I do hope that he knows that not all the British are gullible.Good luck Mr amaral

  31. No doubt Kate will fatten up again when they get home and the pressure is off.

  32. Anon at 19

    I have a feeling that what you are referring to may be very important, but could you give more information as to what you think this may be about.

  33. Anon at 32
    This is another property where the reasons behind the early searches are not mentioned. Aparthotel Sol e Mar, Burgau was searched on May 5th and this address the following day. It may be information contained in the unreleased PJ files which is just alluded to in the available PJ files

  34. I think that must be the case Anon 32 because otherwise no doubt it would have been discussed by now.

    So much is alluded to in the files that are not released.

    They are keeping information back for their own reasons. Maybe awaiting the reopening of the case.

    With the McCanns out of the way, and kept from hindering the case, evidence might have been discovered that will mean that with a new Prosecutor the McCanns may be charged after.

    Sr Amaral says there is such evidence that would reopen the case. The Attorney General has it.


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