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McCanns Update from Praia da Luz

Devastated McCanns, early June 2007

Yesterday morning Gerry and I attended the Civil Court in Lisbon for the planned trial relating to the injunction against Goncalo Amaral's book and DVD. The trial was postponed until January as Mr Amaral's Lawyer was unable to attend. As the injunction remains in place (following the Judge's decision in September), we have no reason to be dissapointed. For us it was important to be there, especially for Madeleine.

We travelled to Praia da Luz yesterday afternoon. I have longed to come back here for two years for personal and emotional reasons. Early this morning we went to the lovely little church of Nossa Senhora da Luz. It was so quiet and peaceful - a real sanctuary. Although our pain feels much rawer here, it is comforting at the same time since we feel closer to Madeleine. We then walked down to the rocks on the beach, with its crashing waves and sense of vastness and freedom -
another place where I've always felt able to reach out to Madeleine and find a little solace. For the rest of today we are planning to catch up with some very good friends. We hope that the media will respect our privacy and needs, as requested, as well as those of the local community.


  1. Since when did the mccanns ever consider the local community?

  2. Their needs needs needs...........

  3. Is Kate suggesting that Maddie is buried at sea?

  4. Now, remember we are talking about a missing child, "alive", "not dead" and supposedly in the hands of a paedophile. Listen and understand her sentiments:

    1) The church where prayers were supposedly said for Madeleine's return: it brings "peace", "comforting", place where she "feels closer to Madeleine"

    2) The beach at Praia da Luz: "a place where she's felt able to reach out to Madeleine and find solace"

    Now in the context of the manner in which Madeleine was "taken" and "the situation Madeleine finds herself in", how can a heartbroken mother of an abducted child find peace, solace, comfort by visiting the very place where this crime allegedly occurred?? I think you know the answer....

  5. The media can do what the hell they like.I just hope there are a couple of PJ keeping a very close eye on the Hubbards and the Mccanns.

  6. Kate went to university but can't spell 'disappointed' - how disappointing!

    As for the reporters respecting their privacy, well, all I can say is, "If you don't like the heat, stay out of the kitchen"!

  7. If she longed to come back to PDL, why did it take her over two years to make that visit. It's only a couple of hours by plane. Stuff and nonsense. I wonder if someone has paid them for an picture exclusive with a Sunday rag?

  8. By the way Kate, it wasn't to be a trial, but a hearing! Really, you should get your facts right!!

  9. Hi Anon 8

    I would imagine the 'rags' will be full of it tomorrow. Nothing like the McCann image to sell their grossly incorrect statements about the whole case. I don't think they will be any different tomorrow bearing in mind that Goncalo Amaral, quite rightly bearing in mind how they've slandered him in the past, refused to answer one quesstion from the UK reporters.

  10. It sounds like Kate is about to confess. Does she know where Maddie is?

  11. Anon post 5...Kate Mccann is not very bright is she..She speaks of a dead child.

  12. "Reach out to Madeleine" on the beach, with its crashing waves and sense of vastness and freedom? Yes, because she is gone, isn't she?
    Am I going to be sued for finding this a very strange thing to say?

    Which is why the McCanns could not even be bothered to search for her on the night she disappeared. This video clip can never be shown enough:


  13. Who are the "very good friends" Kate is referring to in this article, the Hubbard's or the Geraghty's?

  14. 5 Anonymous
    Perps often return to the scene of the crime. It enables them to make sure that nothing has been found and gives them inner strength in that they are in the place where they were at their most powerful, able to do whatever they wanted with no one to stop them.
    Your observations are very precise. A decent mother, unwillingly taken back to where her daughter was abducted by a p*** who must, if one accepts their insistence that M is still alive, be still abusing her, would be beside herself with grief and remorse. She would be punishing herself emotionally for the neglect, and might well be on the verge of needing professional psychatric help.
    Do we see this ?

  15. Ms Healy, if you had respected your daughter's needs, she would still be in this world. If you had reached out to her when she needed you most, her destiny would have been duly investigated by a credible, legitimate police force, whether in Portugal or in the UK.
    Ms Healy, if you had taken proper care of your children, you would not be in pain now. Then again, if you were a proper mother, you would be more concerned about the suffering of your child than about finding solace for yourself.
    Ms Healy, from one mother to another, there is no way that your writing matches that of a mother who believes that her daughter is out there, somewhere, waiting to be rescued. Yours are the words of a mother who has lost her daughter two and a half years ago.
    For one reason or another, you do not even try to pretend otherwise.
    Ms Healy, you are well aware that your daughter will not rest in peace until you put an end to the charade that you fooled the world with.
    For the sake of Madeleine, for the sake of the twins, for the sake of Truth and Justice and Freedom, Ms Healy, the next time that you write about yourself (it's always about yourself, isn't it?) - would you be so kind as to explain why you did nothing to prevent the investigation into your daughter's disappearance from being archived?
    Would you be so kind as to explain why you did nothing to get the case reopened?
    Would you be so kind as to explain why you let your children down, every single day of their lives, by living a lie and destroying other people's lives?
    Ms Healy, could it be that, contrary to what you so desperately want to believe, you have lost all control of the situation that you find yourself in? Could it be that you are past the point of no return?
    Ms Healy, I wish you no harm. I wish you no ill. I wish that you can find peace, some day. But peace does not lie within lawsuits and spokespeople and marketing agencies.
    Peace lies within the heart of good Men and Women.
    Peace lies where Truth and Justice meet.

  16. "sense of vastness-and freedom"of speech? for Amaral?
    How nice of you!

  17. Espero que o Padre Católico daquela altura tenha fugido ontem para muito longe!

    e o g. pelo menos duas vezes escreve o nome da Filha.

    Passear,apanhar sol,ver o mar, andar.............

    Pobres Pessoas de lá a terem que apanhar com aqueles.

  18. "Those of the local community" are vomitting you, guies.
    The hope you don't come to church tomorrow morning.

  19. The McCanns went to Praia da Luz church at 5:30 am according to Martin Brunt's twitter

  20. Well Kate will not find solace on the beach, or in churches, ever.
    Because she knows what happened to Madeleine and she knows many other people do too, so fear will always be with her.

    Even if she escapes persecution, she will never be able to answer to the person who matters the most in all this: Madeleine.
    Who at best was callously neglected.
    Not only that but the amount of grief the McCanns have caused to those genuinely searching for Madeleine is unforgivable.

    Alcohol or anti-depressants are Kate's best chance of facing the aging years ahead.
    For those without peace...

  21. Olá, Joaninha.
    Well, yes, a good time not to be confronted with any decent citizen. ;-)

  22. If she wanted to be close to her daughter (note no mention of THEM being close to THEIR daughter) then she would have been much better off visiting the Ocean Club creche or locking herself on her own in apartment 5A for the evening...or even lying down in the wardrobe or behind the sofa for a while.

  23. The Church the Beach - finding solance in these places is the Key.
    I fear we shall never ever find the truth. I cannot believe the arrogance they display. They are obviously 100% sure that they have left 'No stone unturned' as to what really happened. God Bless the Child. I dont want it to be, I want Justice but I fear we will never get the truth. They are too cock sure of themselves. May God forgive them - because I never will.

  24. I think this is it. Kate is publicly accepting that Maddie is gone. Did they put Maddie's body in the sea?

  25. Am I wrong in remembering that the dogs were reported as having followed a trail of cadaver smell to both the church and the beach?

  26. I hope she gets no peace, not one day of it, not until she along with tiny tears starts telling the truth. Then and only then will she get peace. Whether you believe in God or not, none of us know what we will meet when we die, and i for one would not want to be in their shoes at that time. I didn't decide they were guilty because of any book, it was their behaviour and remarks live on tv, that did it for me, but as they have never admitted any responsibility for what has happened to Madeleine they are never going to take it for anything else. They are both so self-centred it beggars belief. All the hallmarks of the narcissist.

  27. Joanna Wasn't it about that same time (5:30) that they went to the beach/church on the morning after Madeleine went missing? Coincidence or deliberate timing?

  28. We all from time to time go to the cemetery to visit our deceased loved ones, too. So let us not be too harsh on Kate, please!

  29. Shubob...Paulo Cristovoa believes so...


  30. Fernis i agree, my husband goes to the grave of his mother and sister at least once a fortnight and has done for 4yrs for his mother and about 12 yrs for his sister. Always taking flowers and cleaning the plaques, it is one of the things i love about him. If they are visiting Ms grave it's taken K a very long time.

  31. Quietness, peace and solace. The sense of vastness and freedom she feels at the beach - freedom from what?

    Kate sounds as if she longs to unburden herself from something that has become too heavy to endure.


  32. If the McCanns are guilty of involvement with what happened to Madeleine, then they are using the church in a sham because they are not following the teaching of the Church, which plainly teaches that no liar may enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

    The only way to overcome this is to CONFESS and stop doing what you are doing. It does not mean confess, and then carry on lying.

    If they have been told that it is OK to lie and ignore the consequences of misery for other people in order to save their own skin, then whoever told them that is wrong.

    They will have to hope they do not die in the night if they carry on with their lying. For a true Christian this is very serious.

    God is not mocked.

  33. Joana, it maybe a good idea to have a chat with a few people and have Christovoas book translated and put on the Internet...Maddie 129 is already in English...this may be a good idea to have this also Online...these books have been out for sometime now...what are the Mccanns going to do ?..i think it would be a good move..what do others think? It may be a good defence for GA..

  34. Post 28....Mccann and Payne went out at 4am after the police and people stopped searching...The Mccanns say they went out calling Madeleines name at 6am...but where did Mccann go with Payne and where did kate go with Mccann...?
    Kate when asked did she never want to go and search herself seems to have forgotten this...When you tell the truth you always remember.

  35. @35: well, they never searched so that much is true.

    If they did go out it was surely for other reasons.

  36. I believe there are few people who know what happened on that night and the Hubbards are some of them..remember the smear campaign against the catholic priest Father Pacheco? Father Pacheco who said the Mccanns 'were lost souls'the Hubbards are not Catholics and yet we heard time and time again the Mccanns who are devout catholics...Susan Healy put that one to bed when she said that they are catholic but not devout.More lies...

  37. Anon at 35

    The timing would coincide with the sighting of a man and woman scurrying off down a path carrying a child, caught in the headlights of a man's car as he was travelling back home.

  38. Their words reveal that they seek escape. How can a mother find peace in the Luz church, or freedom and solace on a beach, or with friends, when she maintains that her daughter is imprisoned in a lair not ten miles from Praia da Luz, as her PI said.

  39. They know that we know, the family knows, the priest, knows, the police knows, journalists know, the friends ran because they know, we know, twins will grow and know.
    That's how it goes, everybody knows.
    Alexandra Correia

  40. The mccanns damaged so much of Praia da Luz!

  41. They can't face the local community.

  42. Maybe we should be a bit cautious though, because if the McCanns are involved in this, then it may be a game to make people think that is where she is.

    The truth may be that Madeleine was there once, but had to be removed to a safer place when the investigation began closing in on them.

    If only they would reopen the case, search the Church, the area surrounding PDL, and their house and garden back in Rothley, using the dogs, that would be a start to eliminate certain places Madeline might be.

  43. "We then walked down to the rocks on the beach...".At 5.30 am?Hmmm.....

  44. yeahh..while they warmly catch up with buddies(lets say:having some drinks),Maddie is beeing held within 10 kilometers by a paedophiler in some cold cave or celler!!!!(their private detective´s theory)

  45. Right Anon 45, though apparently they did find time to play tennis (Gerry) and hair streaking and jogging (Kate), right after little Madeleine went missing.

    Not to worry, there were others out there crawling through the bushes and turning over the stones. Clever McCanns.

    For them, it would appear that it's all about priorities.

  46. "The McCanns went to Praia da Luz church at 5.30am,according to Martin Brunt."

    Jezus was still in pajamas.

  47. Who stood up to open the church's door for them or do they still have the key?

  48. Good question Anon 48.

    It's dead easy to get a key copied before you give a key back.

    They were in that Church so much at one time it must have seemed like a home from home. They had time to get to know every nook and cranny in there.

  49. Don't worry everybody David Payne is looking after their other two kids.


    There can be no greater sin
    Then to deny a sanctified grave
    Where a child may lie in

    A place to reflect on its short existence
    The place to morn without resistance
    That tiny soul that once was lit
    Denied a burial so befit

    A place to grieve and feel her loss
    A mother left to bare her cross
    Her gift from nature, What ever the form
    One love, One life as soon as was born

    What depths then has this one steep
    To deny such love with such dark feat
    She weeps and wails for all to see
    Yet hides such dark deed, how can this be?

    For all the world did plead her salvation
    As coins of blood collect from all nations
    Yet asleep at night, the child appears
    Her eyes full of love, no hate, no fear

    She speaks so softly, A smile on her face
    As tears run down her mothers face
    Pleas mother dear, do-not forsake my soul
    She holds out her small hand for her mother to hold

    Her stricken mother, with crucifix in hand
    Did fall to her knees to weak to stand
    Forgive me my child, for my life now looks bleak
    I miss you so much, no word could I speak

    Then mother dear repent and redress
    Pray grant me a grave where my soul may now rest
    Where together we may lie at the end of your time
    United in love so unique and sublime

    Lay a rose at my feet for all those to see
    How much you truly loved me
    When you set my soul free.


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