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McCanns: 'For the rest of today we are planning to catch up with some very good friends'

«The Ulster detective leading the search for Madeleine McCann today reveals his most chilling theories yet, exclusively to Sunday Life. Hardened ex-RUC cop Dave Edgar told us he is convinced that little Maddie is imprisoned in a hellish lair – just like kidnapped sex slave Jaycee Lee Dugard.

He insisted the “back from the dead” reappearance of Jaycee – and the cases of Austrian cellar girls Elisabeth Fritzl and Natascha Kampusch – confirmed his suspicion.

And despite fresh leads taking his probe to Australia and Barcelona, the east Belfast man insists the golden-haired youngster is being held just 10 miles from where she was snatched in Praia da Luz two years ago.

But he warned that the sprawling wilderness where he believes Maddie is languishing is almost impossible to search completely.»

«He feels this is the lone prowler who has Maddie stashed in a cellar or dungeon in the lawless villages around Praia da Luz.

But Dave warned: “This rural, sprawling terrain makes it extremely difficult to search. You could quite easily keep a child there for years and no-one else would know.

The person who has Maddie is most likely a paedophile or a person so desperate for a family they were willing to kidnap for it.

“I wouldn’t like to speculate on what is happening to her.”

Dave says the region where he feels Maddie is being held has attracted many strange characters, including convicted sex offenders.

“I don’t want to generalise or make gross exaggerations, but there are people there living on the edges of society,” Dave said.»

Sources: Belfast Telegraph and The Independent, 13 September 2009

However in today's Find Madeleine McCann Fund site update allegedly written by the mother of the child, who according to Dave Edgar is being held captive just 10 miles away from Praia da Luz, says:

«We travelled to Praia da Luz yesterday afternoon.»

« Early this morning we went to the lovely little church of Nossa Senhora da Luz.»

«Although our pain feels much rawer here, it is comforting at the same time since we feel closer to Madeleine.»

«We then walked down to the rocks on the beach, with its crashing waves and sense of vastness and freedom...»

«For the rest of today we are planning to catch up with some very good friends.»

Make your own conclusions.


  1. she's blabbing a bit too much - Gerry give her hand a harder squeeze

  2. I came to my conclusions a long time ago about this devious couple. They trip themselves up frequently on their blogs, both she and Gerry. If they wanted the privacy they keep on about they would close the blog and stop doing their very best to make personal appearances. They are hypocrites in wishing to silence Goncalo Amaral, the detective who has put himself on the line to help find out what happened to Madeleine, but they want everyone else to listen to what they have to say. Was it not Kate McCann who said she believed Madeleine was dead the day after she went missing. Just what happened to change her mind? Goncalo seemingly came to the same conclusion that she did.

  3. I wonder if they will have time to look under the stones that pave the the way to this Obscur Famous Lair....or pay a visit to the PJ....

  4. If that detective believes that Madeleine is being held in that place then why is he advertising that to the world, or does he think whoever has taken her can't read and be making plans to move her.

    As for what Kate McCanns says, it sounds like more whimsical rubbish, like Madeleine saying she had the best day of her life on the day she disappeared. Really, Kate, and what had she done different on that day?

  5. They are jusr rubbing our noses in it. Kate is telling us that Madeleine is dead and there is not a thing we can do about it . Madeleine is well hidden and will only be found when the Mccanns decide the time and place.PJ should have been on guard from the moment the Mccanns set foot on portuguese soil ...that means 24 hours..I hope they have done just that.

  6. Edgar is a clown.
    What is more, he knows it.

  7. Well the Epress have a good headline tomorrow. "I NEED TO BE NEAR MADDIE" .

  8. I don't know about anybody else but I am feeling very uneasy about them moving around in that area at all, especially in the early hours of the morning in the darkness.

  9. Freedom of speech. Kate, there are 48 questions to answer.

    Beata, Germany

  10. Anon @ 4, yes, on the face of it it seems very strange that Dave Edgar said in that interview that he is convinced Madeleine is being held within 10 miles of Praia da Luz, as of course this would have given someone time to move her if that was true, but the fact remains that he did say it, yet the McCanns have never mentioned it themselves, even on their previous visit to Portugal.

    Dave Edgar also said: 'All we can do is try and keep public awareness high – and try and reach as much of that mountainous region outside the resort as we can.'

    How better to alert the public than to tell them what he already announced in the Belfast Telegraph about his certainty of Madeleine's whereabouts, so that people in the region can be on the alert for anything suspicious? And how is he going to search that 'mountainous region' without any help, seemingly even without any help from the parents while they're in that very area? Unless of course we see them beginning to search tomorrow - I live in hope.

    Another thing: reopening the case - wouldn't this be the ideal time to make a formal request to the PJ to have the case reopened? Dave Edgar could share his views with the officers of the PJ and they could decide whether a search of that area is warranted. He could also discuss low copy number DNA with them, something Dave has called 'an amazingly powerful tool' and which he has used to solve other crimes when he was a police officer.

    The possibilities are endless, if this particular private investigator's words were taken seriously. It's very odd how the national press in the UK seems not to know what Dave has said to the provincial Belfast Tele, or else seems not to be bothered about. The press has shown quite a bit of interest in previous investigators employed by the McCanns, but usually only at the end of their term of employment or months later. I feel this is a mistake; surely anything said or done by the current investigators is of enormous importance, particularly as they are being paid from a Fund which includes large sums of money donated by the public. I know the Mail on Sunday did an investigation of their own into the current investigators, but maybe it's time some of them focussed a little more attention on what Dave E has said. Sometimes you'd think the matter of Madeleine's whereabouts is only a sort of side issue in this case, rather than the only thing of importance.

  11. OK. My conclusion. They must have taken a boat trip.

  12. the mccanns are taking the piss out of the media and us but us are not fooled one second by all this,private visit my ar** pr stunt more like. mccanns you are the lowest of the low,
    oh by the way are you going to turn a few stones while you are there looking for madeleine, ah thought not,seems visiting old friends is more important to you.

  13. Anon 7. You got it exactly right!

  14. For a couple who want to be left in peace, they have a really strange way of showing it. Now they can look forward to another show of force in January, that's if they decide to go again, after having a less than friendly reception from those outside the Courthouse!

  15. Leave no stone unturnes in Burgau.

  16. Dave Edgar ,The Mc Canns,or Gordan Brown should give Bear Grylls(Google him) a phone call and pay him to search "THIS RURAL SPRAWLING TERRAIN IN AND AROUND PRAIA DE LUZ" after all this is just up his street and would be a complete doddle for Bear to under take with his expertese and s.a.s training etc,What are you waiting for.
    Surely spending 100k on Bear would be far greater value than all the money the Mc canns have given to ALL these jokers over the past two years?
    I cant understand how the media have not exposed all these chancers including this big Spoofer Edgar!!



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