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Mr. and Mrs. McCann: Give Madeleine a Chance

video by Justice and Truth * Acta non verba – Actions, not words

Mr.and Mrs. McCann: Give Madeleine a Chance, please ask the Portuguese Public Ministry to reopen the archived Case, for Madeleine's sake, for your daughter.

And while her parents don't ask and don't fight for the re-opening of Maddie's archived case, let's help them by pressuring the Portuguese Public Ministry to re-open the investigation so that international police forces can work together to find Madeleine. Sign the Petition here.


  1. No chance of that.

    They are trying to avoid being made arguidos again.

    Do turkeys vote for Christmas!

  2. Excellent! This point needs to be made at every opportunity.

  3. Excellent video.

    Drs. McCann, give your daughter a chance.
    Ask for the case to be re-opened in Portugal or a cold case review to be done in England.


  4. Guys, spread the video: twit it and share it on facebook.

    twitter example: - just copy paste

    #McCann http://www.j.mp/6NdFnQ Mr. and Mrs.McCann:Give Madeleine a Chance http://www.j.mp/5x4yOG ask the Portuguese Public Ministry 2 reopen Maddie's case

  5. just signed hope its gone through.every time i look at her little face i could break my heart thinking how innocent she looks.IF YOU LOVE HER GERRY AND KATE ASK FOR THE CASE TO BE REOPENED SHE NEEDS THIS FROM YOU HER PARENTS >IT SHOULD NOT BE THE PUBLIC ...

  6. Why on earth would the Mccanns want to re-open the case? God forbid,the truth might come out, then what?

  7. This is all well and good but the McCanns have never gone to their own police force in England to file a missing person's report. If they did so then the British police would be compelled to look into the case. Amaral mentions this little known fact in his book and many people overlook this aspect.

    The McCanns don't need to ask Portugal to reopen the case. All they need do is ask the British police to do so.

  8. actually you're wrong, the judicial jurisdiction of the archived process belongs to the Portuguese Public Ministry, when will you people learn that Britannia does not rule the world anymore?

  9. That is powerful not sure if it was the music or the dog reacting to maddies small shirt but very emotive.

  10. http://www.maddiemystery.blogspot.com/

    Well Joanan the good people from Wales are fighting for Madeleine.

  11. I echo Ironside's comment @ post # 12. I was totally gripped by the video. If the McCanns have a conscience (I doubt they do but I'll be happy to be wrong) they too would be gripped by it!

  12. Have shared on my facebook account and I encourage everyone to do the same. If you don't have a facebook account I can see no better reason to set one up. Good to have Ironside back on here.

  13. brilliant,thank you joanna,lets hope this is spread FAR AND WIDE
    just a reconstrution would do for a start.is that to much to ask for madeleine

  14. Signed and posted petition and youtube video , to my facebook page, with pleasure Joana .

  15. With all due respect I can"t see that re-opening the case will solve
    anything, every Avenue was exhausted before it was shelved. Also, why should the Portugese Police and Leicester Police spend any more money,
    at the last count the LP bill was £750,000 God knows how much more the
    Portugese taxpayer has spent. All this while the McCanns have WASTED almost £3 million. Please, lets have a reality check here, do you really believe Madeleine is alive? What about all the other children who are
    missing, should their investigation be re-opened.?

  16. Ironside at #13, the link you gave leads to a page that does not exist.

  17. http://www.maddiemystery.blogspot.com/

    Try again it works fine for me.

  18. http://thecouncilchamber.blogspot.com/2009_11_01_archive.html

    Or try and scroll down to enter this way.

  19. Hi Beattie, I agree a very large amount of money has been spent and thank you for reminding us of the amount that came from Tax payers and not the fund. All avenues have not been exhausted. Paulo rebelo asked the Mccanns and their friends to please return for a reconstruction they refused. The case has to go back to that night May 3rd...the Mccanns have to answer ALL questions. Madeleines medical records should also be given to PJ for what ever reason they needed them for.No I do not believe Madeleine is alive but I believe she deserves a place to rest in peace. Don't you?

  20. Beattie, if Madeleine is dead, then this is potentially a murder case. All the more reason to reopen.

    Not all avenues of investigation were exhausted.
    A reconstruction was never made; info about bank accounts ("follow the money"), phone calls, or about Madeleine's life in England, was never sent to Portugal. The man in the Smith sighting was never identified. David Payne's past was never investigated (Yvonne Martin appeared to recognise him if I remember correctly).
    I could go on...

    In fact it was scandalous that the investigation was shelved at all.

  21. Strange these McCanns.

    How many other people with a missing child would leap at the chance to have the case reopened.

    Not the McCanns. Now why do you suppose that would be?

  22. I was watching Camarate case Documentary at RTP and the all case reminde me about Madeleine. So sad!!!! Not because of the similarity of the crime, but because of the way portuguese justice handle the two cases- TWO HOT CRIMES WHICH are being convenniently hide from public eyes. WHAT WAS AMAZING IT WAS WATCHING SOMEBODY INVOLVED ON THE INVESTIGATION IN CAMARATE CASE, ASSUMING IN THE TV THAT THE " MINISTERIO PUBLICO" ERASE FROM THE LAB REPORTS THE PROUVES WHICH SHOW'S THAT CAMARATE WAS A CRIME. And what about Maddie Lab report, which most of us think was manipulated? Seem's that portuguese justice instead of solving the cases and give justice to the victims, they choose the easy way- Erasing prouves to avoid further investigations, courts and troubles to people located in public power positions.
    Again Rogerio Alves show-up to comment Camarate Case. He always have a word on suspicious cases...


  23. Mushroom Head/ Salsa

    Apparently there were calls deleted on the McCanns mobiles, these may have
    been important but no good speculating . The Prosecutor asked the Court
    to allow evidence from Molbile phone calls. The Judge refused on the grounds of invasion of Privacy but said the triangulations could be used.
    The questions asked by the LP at the interviews in 2008 in the U.K. were
    as inane as the answers so what good would a recon do now when Kate"s
    part in the Cutting Edge Documentary could not be used because it did not
    tie in with the others version. To my mind the only way the case could be
    re-opened is to question where all the money went, certainly on not
    searching for Madeleine.

  24. Beattie, I'm not sure I understand. Yes the investigation was a farce after Amaral was removed.

    However the problem was NOT that there were no leads, but that anything that might point to the McCanns or their friends was not followed up.

    An honest investigation would have plenty to do.

  25. Sunday Express:
    Sunday December 6,2009
    By James Murray
    DETECTIVES in Britain have passed details of several possible sightings of Madeleine McCann to their Portuguese counterparts following a worldwide internet appeal...

  26. Any news about Halligen?

    Where is he now?

    Did he escape or is Clarence sitting on him, to hide him?

    Can somebody tell me what happened?

  27. The person in Portugal,Algarve, who knows where the body is buried,

    PLEASE put her body somewhere visible in order to be found.

    You will remain unknown and Madeleine will have a decent grave.

    Don't wait till somebody goes to the police, telling you helped to hide her body and you are still hiding it.

    There are (many?) people who know you got involved in this, probably against your will.

    You were manipulated.

    And you have nothing to do with her death.

    Do you intend to continuing sacrificing yourself to protect the offender?

    Do you realise the offender can again abuse more vulnerable children,child sex abuse has no cure?

    By now, 2.5 years later, he probably has already abused other children, destroying their lives?

    You are not responsible for what happened to Madeleine but you are now responsible for other children's disgrace.

    Will you continue to keep your mouth?

    On some photos Madeleine has sad eyes. Was she abused and by whom?

    Be responsible, eventually write an anonymous letter to the police, if you are scared, or put her body on a visible place.

    The least she deserves is a grave with flowers and visitors.

    Come foward, you who received her body and kept or buried it.

    You who know who the offender is.

    Please, save other children!

  28. again to the person who helped the offender,

    If you don't come foward, you are voluntairely being part of his game.

    You are colaborating with him and destroying young lives.

  29. Why should Madeleine get more resources than any other child? This case was filed by the Portuguese Police, IMO, because there was a lack of credible evidence that Madeleine was abducted by a stranger. I think the view was taken the parents were, in some way, responsible for her disappearance and it therefore came within the jurisdiction of UK Police to progress the matter.

    But at the same time as castigating both British and Portuguese Police, people on here are demanding they do more. Demanding the McCanns do what they plainly will never do, work with either British or Portuguese Police, attend a reconstruction etc. What purpose is served by continuing to make these demands?

    Sometimes difficult cases get solved by the Police waiting for the vital evidence that will enable a prosecution to arrive. What is Mr Halligen going to have to say for himself as he struggles to avoid a massive prison sentence in the US.

    There is probably a huge amount of confidential intelligence being shared on the Madeleine case, but people profess they know better which never failts to amaze me. How do you purport to know exactly what is going on and what the police are or are not doing. And I would ask again, given the massive resources already spent on the Madeleine case, why does she deserve special treatment? It seems to me her parents were responsible, I think that is what the police believe and they are doing their best and they know all abused children are special, not just Madeleine McCann.

  30. Post#10 - Isn't Madeline technically a "ward of he court". Therefore, can't the court/state file a missing persons report. Isn't the "State" now responsibly for her well-being now since Gerry/Kate ceded that?

  31. http://www.mccannfiles.com/id232.html

    A nice christmas tale from Mccannfiles

  32. Were the nappies of the two smaller children of the McCanns ever gotten hold of because they surely could have been tested for drugs.

    Or were they not available because the McCanns were driving around with them in the back of their hire car, or taking them to the public dump?

  33. Viv,

    You are quite right. The only reason we insist the case be reopened is because of the never ending deceit coming from the parents and the chaos they brought to people due to the massive amount of financial and political backing they are enjoying. Other missing children's parents did not behave in the same way and they did not get millions of pounds at their disposal to employ private detectives, pr companies, spokespersons, secretaries, you name it, in an attempt to whitewash their image. This is obscene, to say the least. Our calls are more a kind of kick in the ass of the police and judiciary, in order to remind them that we don't forget and are still waiting for the case to be concluded. At the same time it is a message to the parents saying: STOP THE FARSE, SPEAK UP! WE DON'T GIVE UP!

  34. To answer a couple of Anonymous posts first.

    Halligen is safely locked up in a British Jail, due to appear in Court
    on 27/1/10.

    I would assume that Madeleine is no longer a Ward of Court since how could
    the McCanns have named her in their suit against Amaral unless they are her Guardians.

    Unfortunately, the Portugese Police left it too late to request a recon.
    It should have been organised while the McCanns were in Portugal. They
    must have noticed the anomalies in their Statements.

  35. Really great, especially the text in connection with the music is very compelling

  36. viv...

    when will you get real, wake up and smell the coffee.
    Are you the sameviv who blogged at 3a's..telling everybody how behind the scenes the british police were going to get the mccanns....can you not see what has gone on?

    where you legally trained ?
    your post seemsto be digging at the people who are trying to get resolution to this case! and ultimately justice for a little 3y/o child.
    your correct that other children are equally important and that is why this fight must continue.
    and dont forget...if this lie was not continued that fund money would have been to help those "other" children.
    but no it has all be wasted on one where the circumstances suggest something different to what the public are been told.
    but if you are the same viv from 3a's you know this anyway.

    your like dont get on the police's back and expect them to help....my god.( were nearly 3 years on and there is still a small girl missing with circumstances that point towards something very very wrong ).

    offer some pearls of wisdom ...on how you think justice can be won!
    You on one hand say you dont believe the mccanns.....so what would you expect the course of action to be.

    or are you wanting everyone to
    allgo quiet and let the system work behind the scenes......do you really believe that?

    what fails to amaze me is how you purport to know whats going on behind the scenes......but nobody else can make such assumptions.

    what is happening to the world?

    to me you are the epitoneof blind faith!


    keeping the faith that those prepared to fight for justice will get it!

  37. Nothing has been proved against the McCanns, perhaps because they are innocent ? Only new facts could lead to re-opening the file. as nobody else but private detectives are looking for those new facts, I'm wondering why the MP would take a petition into account. I'am wondering something else : should Madeleine be found safe, what would you say ?

  38. "nobody else but private detectives are looking for those new facts"

    Where, anon 40?Inside their pockets?

  39. They could look for Dave Edgar's "lair" in PdL. No-one from the Mccann family has tried to find it yet.

  40. If Madeleine were to be found safe and well I'm sure everybody would be overjoyed.

    But, unfortunately, it aint going to happen.

    Not in this life anyway.

  41. @40

    heres a fact !
    the child has still not be found, the Mccanns can request the case to re-opened, they can help the PJ to a reconstruction of the night.....to clear inconsistencies thus creating a accurate timeline for ALL scenarios.

    another fact
    nearly 2 milion pounds later, the backing of some very rich and powerful people,the help of governments and yet what can they add to the case of abduction?
    a victoria beckham looklike????

    sounds like a golden balls upto me !


  42. Even if an abductor is found, it may still be necessary to do a reconstruction as the abductor's version of events will no doubt differ from the Tapas members'. What then? Will the McCanns agree to take part?

  43. I bet they would all have turned up if Murat had been charged. All set to get him convicted, when now it turns out they were wrong about when they had seen him and Jane Tanner, predictably, changed her mind yet again and said it wasn't Murat after all.

    How many times is that then Jane? How many different descriptions with the telling?

  44. In reply to some of the above posts, a reconstruction around the time was not possible from the Police point of view because of the large numbers of press/people in general swarming around the resort. Also the McCann's favoured a Crimewatch style reconstruction only with plenty of press reporting. Alternatively the Police only wanted to study the timelines and not have any press intrusion. Therefore from the Police angle it was better to choose a quieter time to undertake the reconstruction but unfortunately by this time the McCann's had fled Portugal.

    Also, yes other missing youngsters are as important, but other missing children are not thought to have disappeared as a direct result of neglect/cover-up by their parents. The Portuguese Police are trying to keep their costs down by only investigating credible sightings/leads. The costs have spiralled because of the McCann's constantly coming up with their own ‘suspects’, which then have to be investigated.

  45. I agree with all Your comments so many lies poor little Darling the case must be reopened to clear the Maccanns (i dont think )
    Keep Wondering why that dreadful Woman feels so lose to Maddie when She is by the sea in Portugal !!!!!!!!!!

  46. The McCanns make no secret that they want someone who doesnt beleive they are involved to be in charge of the case.

    Someone 'objective' - like their paid detective is objective! LOL!


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