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New leads over missing Maddie

by James Murray

Detectives in Britain have passed details of several possible sightings of Madeleine McCann to their Portuguese counterparts following a worldwide internet appeal.

Police in Leicestershire – the county where her family live – were fed information about the sightings after the unique appeal by the London-based Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre last month.

Pictures of how Madeleine, now aged six, would look were featured in the 60-second film called A Minute For Madeleine, which has has been seen by more than 10 million online.

Its aim was to prick the conscience of someone close to Madeleine’s kidnapper. The Leicestershire officers sifted through the information before deciding what should be relayed to Portugal. Detectives there said they would work only on credible new information because they did not want to waste any time on fruitless endeavours.

But the Sunday Express can reveal that evidence they gathered has not been put into the Home Office Large Major Enquiry System (HOLMES) by Leicestershire police.

Last night former Scotland Yard commander Dai Davies said: “I find that unbelievable that key information from Portugal has not been processed.

“To get the full benefit you should input all available information on the crime. It is common sense to provide as many pieces of the jigsaw as possible.”

source: Sunday Express, 06.12.2009

Very Stupid Remarks & Foolish Xenophobic Lies
Police here have given up looking for poor Maddie
By Dai Davies Former Metropolitan Police Detective Superintendent, sundaymirror.co.uk 23/09/2007


In my 38 years of police and private security work all over the world I've never known anything like the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

To the outsider it has all the ingredients of a classic Agatha Christie-style whodunit - but in reality it's far more complex and heartbreaking, because it involves the disappearance of a little girl.

I spent a week in Praia da Luz where Madeleine went missing, "walking the shop floor" as I call it, going over the available evidence and unearthing some startling new information about the case. And in what will surely be another hammer-blow to the McCanns' hopes of finding their little daughter, I've discovered from lengthy talks with my barrister contact that Portuguese investigators have unofficially abandoned the hunt for Madeleine's alleged abductor.

There is now NO detective work being carried out by Portuguese police to link anyone other than the McCanns to Maddie's disappearance. Officially, they say they're continuing the search for an abductor. But their policy is now to only respond to sightings reported to them by Europol and Interpol.

The officers leading the investigation are pinning their hopes on the DNA evidence, getting some sort of confession from the McCanns or their friends, or finding Madeleine's body.

They remain convinced of her parents' guilt, apparently unwilling to consider another scenario, even as their "house of cards" case collapses around them. Another fresh revelation that undermines the Portuguese effort is that police also failed to take DNA samples from Madeleine's little brother Sean, two, and his twin sister, Amelie, until their parents were made "arguidos", or suspects, just over two weeks ago. This failure has seriously undermined the whole forensic case against the McCanns. It means early forensic work is flawed and needs to be re-examined. A process that could take months.

Evidence gathered by the Portuguese police against the McCanns which we have learned about in the past couple of weeks depends entirely on forensic tests, including DNA evidence, so-called bodily fluids and hair.Yet I have found that evidence has been fatally flawed through their own incompetence. The apartment was also not sealed off properly, meaning any evidence was contaminated from the outset.

Also,I can now see the McCanns in no way abandoned their kids, as some have suggested. I was amazed at how close their apartment was to the tapas restaurant. After just a few hours it was also possible to dispel some of the slurs that have been levelled at the McCanns. Gerry did not call Sky TV before he called the police, as the Portuguese media has claimed. Police now know this was done by Gerry's sister, Philomena, in Glasgow. But they have allowed that rumour to fester.

The McCanns are also deeply religious, yet the Portuguese police want us to believe they have disposed of their daughter's body at sea or buried it in unconsecrated ground.

The police now need to halt their campaign to pin this awful crime on two innocent people and bring in new officers for a complete overhaul with fresh eyes. It's back to square one.


1. Maddie was snatched by an opportunist paedophile. He only planned to abuse her but panicked, possibly strangled her and took the body. Profile: White male, 20-35, single, lives with mother. Known to police, knew resort.

2. A planned abduction, plotted in UK, in which she was "snatched to order" by a paedophile gang. Profile: British, male or female, 20-40, living alone.

3. Someone holding a grudge against the McCanns. Profile: Impossible to estimate, but likely to be more than one person.

4. Snatched by local childless couple. Profile: Portuguese, 30-45.

I am afraid to say it is most likely Maddie is dead. AndI fear the failure of the Portuguese investigation could lead to the shadow of suspicion hanging over the McCanns for years to come.

Retired North Wales cop backs McCanns over Madeleine
Sep 27 2007 by Carl Butler, Daily Post

A RETIRED senior detective from North Wales last night publicly backed Gerry and Kate McCann’s battle to clear their names over missing daughter Madeleine.

Dai Davies, a former chief superintendent of the Metropolitan police and ex-head of the Royal protection squad, claims the McCanns are victims of an orchestrated slur campaign.

He told the Daily Post he believes the Portuguese police have abandoned trying to find the four-year-old’s abductor.

Mr Davies, of Llanrug, near Caernarfon, spoke out as a picture taken by a Spanish tourist in Morocco three weeks ago showing a child resembling Madeleine turned out not to be of her.

Reporters descended on the remote hillside village of Zinat in the north of the country after the image of a young girl being carried on a Moroccan woman’s back was flashed around the world as a possible sighting of the four-year-old missing girl. But it quickly emerged the girl in the photograph is believed by villagers to be five-year-old Bushra Binhisa, the daughter of an olive farmer.

Speaking through an interpreter, Bushra’s father, Hamid Binhisa, told him: “Bushra is my little girl.

“She is not Madeleine. I do feel sorry for her parents. I hope they find Madeleine. But Bushra is definitely my daughter.”

Mr Davies, who also worked on the Lucie Blackman case in Japan, the former air hostess who was abducted and murdered, said he was being assisted by ex-detective friends in his investigation.

“We just think it’s time someone was strong on behalf of the McCanns,” he said.

“In my 38 years of police and private security work all over the world I’ve never known anything like the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

“I spent a week in Praia da Luz where Madeleine went missing, ‘walking the shop floor’ as I call it, going over the available evidence and unearthing some startling new information about the case.

“In what will surely be another hammer-blow to the McCanns’ hopes of finding their little daughter, I’ve discovered from lengthy talks with my barrister contact that Portuguese investigators have unofficially abandoned the hunt for Madeleine’s alleged abductor.”

Mr Davies, a former divisional commander in West London, with child protection experience, has “deliberately” not met with the McCanns, but regularly speaks to their new spokesman Clarence Mitchell.

Welsh-speaker Mr Davies retired from the Met in 1998 where he had been the Operational Commander in charge of Royal Protection.

Kate and Gerry McCann: Portuguese cops’ hunt for Maddie “pathetic”
By Lori Campbell, sundaymirror.co.uk 27/07/2008

Portuguese police knocked on just 443 doors in the failed hunt for missing Madeleine McCann.

Their investigation was last night branded “pathetic” by her parents Kate and Gerry, who are furious police did not do more to find their daughter.

There are 7,000 homes in Praia da Luz, the resort where four-year-old Madeleine was snatched – but police went to fewer than one in 10 doors, says a report into the investigation.

In stark contrast, British police probing the disappearance of Shannon Matthews earlier this year knocked on 5,000 doors and searched 2,000 houses.

Nine-year-old Shannon was found in 24 days, whereas Portuguese police have stopped looking for Madeleine after 14 months.

A friend of the McCanns said: “The 443 doors would barely cover 500 yards from the apartment where Madeleine was taken. That is shocking and unacceptable.”

Police didn’t even bother to go out of the resort to question residents in neighbouring towns.

The McCanns expect to see the full police report this week and their team of private investigators will go through every shred of evidence.

The source added: “They will analyse exactly what has and hasn’t been done. If it means going back to the very basics of knocking on doors in Praia da Luz, then they will do it.

“The report shows Portuguese police clearly didn’t do a thorough job from day one. It is immensely frustrating for Kate and Gerry.” Former chief superintendent Dai Davies, who was head of the Royal Protection Squad, slammed the Portuguese detectives’ efforts as shameful.

He said: “It is simply ridiculous they only knocked on 443 doors. That would take just a few hours.

“In the UK, officers go to thousands of doors and don’t give up until they have a lead.

That is basic policing, especially in an abduction case when the child could still be nearby.”

Sunday November 8,2009
By James Murray, Investigations Editor

SCOTLAND YARD should be brought in to take ­control of the investigation to discover what ­happened to Madeleine McCann.

Kate and Gerry McCann want the Yard’s ­renowned kidnap team to assess an avalanche of new information after last week’s emotional internet appeal, which ­generated five million hits from around the world.

Portuguese ­police, the Sunday Express can reveal, have failed to set up a new phone line for callers to ring with information.

Last night there was fury over the dismissive response. Interpol and Europol are among 163 ­forces worldwide that have committed to help with the appeal.

Portugal’s Policia Judiciaria is still ­in charge of the Madeleine case because that is where she disappeared over two years ago.

It would say only that if credible information comes in by fax, letter or email, it would be passed to senior officers if it was deemed “significant”.

There were also reservations last night about Leicestershire Police, who are aiding the ­investigation from this country ­because the McCanns live in their catchment area, at Rothley.

Last night former Scotland Yard chief Dai Davies said it was time to let the Yard take over.“Madeleine is a ­British subject and she deserves the best, which the Yard can provide. It is time to put any daft police protocols to one side and get on with the job of finding her. It is a solvable case.

“It is astonishing and disgraceful that the Portuguese have not assigned a specific team to scrutinise leads which could provide a breakthrough in the world’s biggest child abduction case.

“It is frankly outrageous that the parents of this poor child should be hiring private detectives to conduct an investigation which should have been taken on by the Yard in the first place.

“The Yard has a kidnap squad with a brilliant success record, and access to the best Holmes computer technology, forensics and investigative techniques in the world.”

Holmes, which stands for Home Office Large Major Enquiry System, is a state-of-the-art data system designed to deal with the huge volume of information major crimes ­generate.

Sources claimed last night that Leicestershire detectives have not been inputting all their information on Holmes.

Police forces across Britain have cracked scores of tough cases using the system because it can be programmed to ­highlight suspects and analyse the value of myriad leads.

No one was available at ­Leicestershire Police yesterday to confirm or deny the claims.

On Tuesday, Kate and Gerry, both doctors aged 41, made new television appeals via the UK Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.

They urged: “Please take a minute and help us bring Madeleine home. Let’s hope and pray this message reaches those who know who took Madeleine and they find the strength to do the right thing.”

On Friday, a Leicestershire ­Police spokesman said any new i­nformation from the CEOPC ­initiative would be passed on to the Portuguese who would consider credible lines of inquiry.

Requests from the Portuguese to carry out new inquiries in the UK would be co-ordinated by Leicestershire Police.

New images of Madeleine, who would now be six, were shown in a video in English, Arabic, ­Portuguese, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

One showed how she might ­appear if her skin had darkened and her hair had been dyed brown to make her look like­ ­other children if she is being held in Morocco or Tunisia.

Another time-generated image showed how she might look now with her natural blonde colouring if she is being kept in ­Northern Europe.

While Kate and Gerry McCann believe Leicestershire detectives have worked hard, they feel ­Scotland Yard’s experts on ­kidnap, forensics and offender profiling could bring much ­needed impetus to the inquiry.

Madeleine vanished, aged three, from the family’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on the Algarve on May 3 2007.


  1. Here we go again!

    Another magical mystery tour that will predictably end in a wild goose chase.

  2. "But the Sunday Express can reveal that evidence they gathered has not been put into the Home Office Large Major Enquiry System (HOLMES) by Leicestershire police."
    Perhaps because they know it is nonsense.
    The same reason Halligen did not bother answering the phone to people reporting 'sightings', or following them up.
    Everyone knows it is tosh.

  3. And the farce goes on, when will it ever end.
    Sinse they are still carrying on with this abduction theory and they want to convince us it's true, why don't they investigate the mass of evidence pointing towards death in the apartment first.

  4. Suggests the LP know the 'new leads' are yet more diversions... in the week Amaral goes on trial

  5. Sounds like the LP are thinking that it is fruitless and an utter waste of time.

    Now why would that be?

  6. It is not a coincidence that these news come as GA's trial approaches. Fortunately the Portuguese police doesn't bite the bait, to their chagrin.

  7. There is one way now and one way only. The Mccanns and their friends HAVE TO return for a reconstruction of that night. Leicester Police have been accused of a cover up in all if this from the beginning. The whole case stinks of corruption. It is time someone opened this case right up and that begins with a reconstruction.

  8. Dead on cue for the trial eh, and can you see the publicity for those poor McCanns still searching for their child, and that interfering Portuguese investigator with his book trying to hinder the search.

    Excuse me for being cynical, but can't help but think Gamble is in on all this. He was a pal of Gerry's from the get go. If he is serious he should give them a wide berth and look at all the facts of the case, not what the McCanns want him to look at.

    Has he sent on information about Payne yet?

    Don't hold your breath. Payne is too close to the McCanns and will have been vouched for by Gerry so that will let him out.

  9. Don't these child neglecting excusers write a whole load of rubbish.

    The idiot says he was surprised to see how close the Tapas was to the apartment.

    So what has that got to do with going off for lengths of time leaving your kids by themselves. It only takes seconds for a child get into serious difficulties and end up dead no matter how close he may consider the Tapas to be.

    Which is not so close it takes seconds to get back.

  10. Interessing, now they don't come up with a name of any country or any town. Too danger yah? They are affraid of the comments from the public.... Very convennient a sight, somewhere in the space. To answer many questions made by thousands of us which start asking about the results of the last planetarium campaign. The ANSWER WAS SO USUAL.... annother sight. WE were waiting for a litle girl, six years old, with tan skin, looking like a teenager, rescued somewhere from the deep African continent or the Latin america. And what Leicester police pretend to show us, playing a dirty side on Mccann's game: "We pass the sights to the portuguese police, but only the most credibles". They went everywhere to check and evaluate what can be credible? Or they are iluminated now by the same paranormal power which drives Aragao's life? BY PHONE LINE THEY CAN EVALUATE WHO AND WHAT IS CREDIBLE...???... Amazing how easily they label the PJ with incompetence and at same time leave to the British Media the oportunnity of dumping that members of Leicester police in a Jam of clowns. I don't know who seem's more incompetent.
    By the way, Santa is busy filling up his carriage with most wanted sort of whishes and dreams. That sights of Maddie mean's she is hold by Santa in the North Polo and will land on Mccann's chiminey by cristhmas? Well done! In Fairyland everything it is possible, but we pass already the age of believing in fairys or Santa.

    Give us a break. CAN YOU MCCANN'S TEAM, FIND ANNOTHER WAY TO ASK PUBLIC DONATIONS FOR YOUR CRISTHMAS PRESENTS AND HOLIDAYS? WE, THE WORLD HAVE NO TIME TO FILL YOUR AGENDA. And please, please, please... at this time don't show up at any newspaper, even if it is the SUN, with your time table for Cristhmas Eve and Cristhmas day. Please, please don't fill a newspaper page with how many presents you have for Madeleine and who gave them. AT LEAST SAVE PAPER, SAVE A TREE.... Now, when the world is at Copenhag looking for a better earth with better people.

  11. its Xmas soon, so wonder if they have ran out of ideas to raise more cash

    NEW LEADS is so boring and mundane. The McCanns must have better ideas to con more money from the unaware e.g. pensioners who don't surf the internet, so will donate money to the Fraud Fund

  12. It's time the Leicestershire Police came off the fence and advised the McCanns to do what we have all been blogging about for such a long time, i.e. do a proper reconstruction of what happened, with their tapas pals, and no excuses this time, and also advise Kate to answer the 48 questions. The fact that she remained silent must infer that she is guilty. An innocent Mum would have bent over backwards to help the local police. That is something they should have made clear was essential from the start.

    It's good to see Martin Roberts back on McCann Files. His wry humour and insight is a breath of fresh air. Also good to see Ironside back with his interesting posts. Nice to know they weren't whoosh clunked!!

  13. If Gerry McCann said 'find the body, prove we did it' or words to that effect, it sounds like he has thrown down the gauntlet.

    He also sounds very confident it can't be picked up.

    Somebody is going to have to think outside the box.

    The McCanns are vulnerable while they are back in Portugal because they don't really know what evidence the investigators have found since they left.

    Dr Amaral has said there is evidence to reopen the case. The McCanns might end up finding themselves arguidos again.

  14. I just looked at the leaves in my empty cup of tea.
    They indicate that there will be several reliable sightings of MBM during the last week of April 2010, shortly before the 3rd anniversary of her disappearance.
    The tea leaves gave a PS: there will be no sightings of MBM if the McCanns are in custody by then.

  15. Please,please,give us some money....we will sue the Portuguese state now,please, before we are forced to re open the case, please....:D

    THANKS to the Sunday Express for this magnificent piece of reporting

  16. Two quotes from Mr Dai Davies from the above article:

    23/09/07 "I am afriad to say it is most likely Maddie is dead."

    05/12/09 "I find that unbelievable that key information from Portugal has not been processed. To get the full benefit you should input all available information on the crime. It is common sense to provide as many pieces of the jigsaw as possible. "

    Reading between the lines things are looking up.......

  17. 14. I have been thinking the same thing.

  18. Fernis said... 7

    It is not a coincidence that these news come as GA's trial approaches. Fortunately the Portuguese police doesn't bite the bait, to their chagrin.

    - EXCELLENT NOTE FERNIE!! Let's even more naive AND YET ;;)!

    Strongly agree also with anomynes 6 and 8;;)!

    In retrospect, I was very imppressionné by the way Mr and Mrs McCann have made their bow as a pain, really theatrical, or even seriously ridiculous ... He feels that Madame had to do the same thing as Gerry, but why ... left such an image, such a circus! Why have erased all calls leaving little chance for the police to expect in this way? Why are they so smart, having entered the whole world, trampling the scene this way? Why Mr. and Mrs. Mac Cann, handling them with dexterity the laptop, did not they immediately called the police, that any parent would have been terrified: for help in the POLICE!


    Excellent answer!

    Start from scratch ... in any and RELIABLE NEW ELEMENT, Scotland Yard Dai Davies

    Why was heading into the abduction so shamefully sweeping elements found by the dogs and everything that has been described in the survey Amaral, where everything seems to be clear! No need to go knocking on 5000 doors if the clues are in the flat, ridiculous! Finally, why not lean on it, why not also consider the insistence of Mr Smith, who immediately recalled having virtually acknowledged Gerry Mac Cann on leaving the aircraft?

    But now that Christmas arrives, we will have again and again touching the heart in the public ... Strategy ritual which we unfortunately witnessed!

    If there was something to do while it was initially, when the 2 Mac Cann are left in the UK in 2007.
    But why have they not acted by requesting the assistance of Scotland Yard at the time, instead of making the survey of Zorro funny themselves, bizzare still have much energy and ideas on how to act, no psychological annihilation, this is what always amazed me!
    If indeed the little Maddie was taken to a pedophile or a similar organization, a mom and dad are terribly tormented viscerally and tremble at the thought?
    Instead, the utility of the pope was their priority in the search for Maddie (one wonders why? Priority or ele was already starting to parents or Mac Cann to Madeleine, their daughter?), And to advance the recheche also, they went traveled ...
    Surprisingly too, there was only one distress call on the night of the disappearance, pui no more regular calls through the TV like any loss would have given some credibility in what they did ...
    The behavior has been strange from the start for grieving parents!

    And why have played the card of a fund, to be completed by the public and generous ordinators, but what an odd idea, oh yes, it was urgent to think about drafts of the house ... must not forget!

    It was rather to prevent Scotland Yard and seek effective help as soon as they felt themselves saying the investigation did not much! The family of Mr Blair, friends of Mac Cann would not seek to intervene better in that ...!
    Why not have turned any logic in that direction?

    And now the long history can not stop at once, for lack of ideas when they realized they could not go on begging for the kind of money, people are not fooled with the version Amaral, this has cast a sacred trouble ...!

    So with support like Mitchell and high connections, what better than to go 2 ½ years after asking a helping hand to Scotlang Yard, CEOP and company, but you had a good idea Mr Dai Davies, former head Scotland Yard, Dai Davies! What insight and dedication to this honorable family of doctors ... you're probably right and you'll probably find Madeleine soon. Still, it's all we like, we share the public world to the approach of Christmas ;;)!
    Proposer une meilleure traduction

  19. The Express appear to be putting some pressure on the LP to act. The LP may have more power in getting this case reopened than we think.

  20. what worries me more ...is the quality of the police that have risen to the the top in my country and then gone on to be investigators.
    The man is either as thick as 2 short planks with his 4 theories ?
    or he's a lackey...with no honour .....it really is that simple.
    How anyone can talk such s@:>< beggars belief.
    This case has made me question the legitimacy of my countries system.....and the conclusion is that it is rotten to the core!
    I want to see everyone involved in this lie made to show themselves and justify their comments and actions.
    ( this is about a 3y/o girl )
    There integrity will never recover and further more allow for a question mark on previous cases they have worked.

    I hope they read here, and i hope they know deepdown that their words and actions WILL catch up with them. despicable people.


  21. 'Last night former Scotland Yard commander Dai Davies said: “I find that unbelievable that key information from Portugal has not been processed.

    “To get the full benefit you should input all available information on the crime. It is common sense to provide as many pieces of the jigsaw as possible.”'

    Oh, is the info from the PJ files there yet? Or is that a part of the puzzle that should be swept under the carpet?

  22. Not too long after the child went missing I said I do not think she will be found alive. I was told I was heartless and should have hope. I'm not heartless and wished I had been wrong. I wonder how those who said I was heartless are feeling now.

  23. So, so predictable, the McCanns need to distract the public in favour of the 'abduction' theory before GA's court case. They are pathetic.

  24. So glad to see Dr MR is back and in good form. Thought he had been Carter F....d too. Love his articles!

  25. I agree with Dai Davies. Let Scotland Yard work on the case. Get the group back for a reconstruction and have Mrs Mc answer ALL the questions. I'm sure they would want to cooperate. It's not too late!

  26. new leads!!!!! load of bo**ox

  27. Someone should point out to the Sunday Express that nowhere in the the film is the word "kidnapper" used. It talks only of a "disappearance".

  28. The Polícia Judiciária should send coppies of their informations, to the CEOP, Scotland Yard and to HOLMES.
    It is a scandal if this news is true.
    Is Brown behind this?

  29. 'The McCanns are also deeply religious, yet the Portuguese police want us to believe they've disposed of their daughter's body at sea or buried it in unconsecrated ground.'

    Eh gads! Well, can you see Kojak or Columbo falling for that old chestnut?

    And this David Davies chap is an ex 'senior detective' with Scotland Yard? Sherlock would br screaming. Another myth crumbles before my eyes. The loaded languge used by Dangerous Dave is revealing IMO.Yet another paid-up placeman. And anyway, I've never trusted high-flying professionals who insist on maintaining their nicknames.

  30. Each of us could send an email to the Portuguese police in Portimão, warning them about this article today and asking them to send coppies of their informations to the CEOP, Scotland Yard and to HOLMES.
    I just did it.


  31. Its a crying shame that the Leicestershire Police are involved at all - aren`t they all best buddies with the Mcs? Leicestershire Health Authority/Leicestershire Police seem riddled with corruption to me. Or is it the same in every institution - the higher up the pole they go, the more corrupt they become?

  32. Anon 29 - I`ve often imagined Columbo dealing with this couple ! He`d tie them up in knots - pretending he`s naive and giving them more and more rope until they hang themselves. I was hoping that that was what Jim Gamble was up to.

    For an interesting read about this case written by a professional criminal profiler, read Pat Brown :-


    Also, for those of you that believe in astrology, both the McCanns have a major aspect coming up in the next week - read this :-

    "Neptune square Neptune (occurring at one fourth of its 168 year cycle) expresses itself by stimulating feelings of confusion and contradiction, and by giving us difficulty in focusing. When this transit is strong we have a harder time choosing a course of action, and when we look to our future and reach out to grab it, our hand grasps thin air--very disconcerting especially for strong Saturn, Capricorn "in control" types and for those with charts strong in the fixed element--Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius. (You are used to seeing what you want, planning, executing step-by-step movement and getting success.) This proven approach usually doesn't work now. This period can also put you into rather sticky situations in dysfunctional organizations, working for dysfunctional bosses whose inefficiency or inattention to detail costs you. Or you can be placed among dishonest, untrustworthy, or otherwise inept individuals. (Just yesterday a client told me she was up for a job promotion, and through the grapevine learned that someone had accused her of being a poor time manager--the offer was postponed--and she's left with only a fuzzy idea of who made the false accusation.) Another classic way this Neptune transit manifests is with boundary issues. If bosses at work ask you to do something above and beyond, instead of getting "extra credit" you may just be taken advantage of. Or you may be hired into a new situation that isn't exactly as portrayed, or you work your head off in a company that's a sinking ship.

    I liken this Neptune influence to this scenario: It's late at night, you're on a mountain road you've never traveled before, it's foggy and you're in a hurry! How do you respond? You can try to see by putting your high-beam headlights on. What you find is they blind you more. (You can't force or will your way through.) What is required? You need to realize you are in a situation now much bigger than you have the ability to control or manipulate. You have to let go--"turn it over," as they say in the twelve-step programs.

    So what to do? Slow down! Make no big decisions, take one step at a time, keep your attention close at hand--follow the center line of the highway. Ask yourself, "What can I accomplish this hour, this day, this week?" In this way you can have small accomplishments and at least feel you're moving. While you're biding your time, focus on your spiritual life, do inner work, read uplifting books, study your dreams. In time the fog will begin to lift and you can see where you are.

    Drugs? This is the worst possible time for them. They just make you more confused, though may make you think you've temporarily escaped the confusion. You are more susceptible now to the subtle vibrations around you and can pick them up like a dry sponge. This transit may be more easily accepted by those of us comfortable with ambiguity.

    Yet Neptune does have its rewards: A waking-up to your inner life, a re-finding of lost dreams, and the priceless learning that, rather than always having to control life, you can flow with its currents and rhythms. "


  33. Dai Davies just another paid ex cop mouthpiece, just there to give credos to the BS of the Express. What will he be selling next, home security? The LP clearly suspect or know what happened and it is not convenient to act. That's the bottom line. So it is no wonder the LP are not going to play the game in chasing shadows so the the rubbish express can print even more pages of BS and the Fund gets a few more donations.

  34. mr mrs mccann,how can you take money of off the public to find madeleine,when YOU CANT EVEN DO THE RECONSTRUTION.now thats what i called fraud

  35. if the private investigators have found new leads over Maddie,why don´t they give all infomation to the PJ and british police?
    So they can re-open the case!

  36. http://richardwilsonauthor.wordpress.com/2009/12/06/democracy-under-attack-carter-ruck-persuades-house-of-commons-speaker-that-courts-can-ban-the-reporting-of-parliament/#comments

    Carter Ruck tightening the noose.

    With many thanks to 'HIMSELF'

  37. The CEOP got to be informed about this article on the Sunday Express.

    Let us warn them!

  38. Sorry. it is out of the matter, but i took a look in portugese petition and it grows well this week end. I also read the comments about it in portuguese Expresso.very interesting comments...

  39. http://richardwilsonauthor.wordpress.com/

    Scroll down for more on Trafigura and Carter Ruck.

    Carter Ruck specialise in libel. I think we now know that all newspapers are gagged and have been for quite some time.. There must be a loop hole that we are unaware of where a statement like Mrs.Fenns becomes libel.Dr.Katherine Gaspar the same. I can understand CR saying because the Mccanns have not been charged one cannot say they are responsible for the death of Madeleine. However, I cannot see the libel in the statement of Mrs.Fenns and us concluding that checks were not as the Mccanns would have us believe. Nor can I see any libel in stating that the Mccanns ARE responsible for whatever happened to Madeleine as she was left alone by her parents. Carter Ruck like it or not the ONUS is on the Mccanns. Yet, there seems to be no way that the British Press can even report statements that are not libel but show the Mccanns in a bad light.
    I wonder if this will be pushed even further to suggest that the DVD Police Files are full of libel content? Mccann when talking to SF said it was the Files being released not just GAs book...is GAs book being used because it is really the Files that the Mccanns want removed from the public..is Amaral that stepping stone to achieve this goal?

  40. I just sent the Express article to the CEOP, warning them in case they did not read it.
    They can check on it and find out if it is true.

  41. Sometimes I wonder what people are talking about? "Let Scotland Yard work on the case. Let them do the reconstruction" etc. This is not a case for Scotland Yard but for the Portuguese Polícia Judiciária. The girl disappeared from their happy hunting grounds. And their investigations came too close to the truth. A very inconvenient truth for the McCanns, Tapas gang, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and others. That is why politics interfered with the investigation. And there is more to it: The minimum requirement for the British police to step in on their soil would be filing a report about a missing person by the McCanns. So far, this has not been done.

  42. Claudia at 35

    How can they do that when no doubt everything they find has to go through the McCanns first to get their approval.

    Has anybody ever before heard of people who have themselves been suspects in a case asking people to give information to them or people working for them, when they should only be requested people to give information directly to the PJ or the LP.

    No doubt they are then able to sift through for anything that might be incriminating to them, (shades of the Smith sighting!). That was one of the best for that night, but hardly given a passing mention because the man looked like Gerry McCann.

    The inmates really are running the asylum in this case. If only somebody in authority would step in and put a stop to this farce.

    By the way, at the beginning weren't the McCanns also asking for photos taken during the holiday by other holidaymakers. Were any of those valuable photos given to them first? Given to people who later themselves became arguidos!

    Might that still be the case? Are they still being sent photos and are they themselves deciding what is relevant and what is not?


  43. For all those thinking about forwarding information to CEOP, think again! I don't trust them one bit! Jim Gamble is close to the McCanns and CEOP had a hand in the persecution of Robert Murat. They profiled him in the early days and decided he met the profile of Maddie's alleged abductor. Surprisingly, there's no information about DAVID PAYNE being profiled yet he had the Gaspars' statements hanging over his head around the time. If CEOP can explain to me why Murat was profiled and DAVID PAYNE wasn't, then I might reconsider my stance!

  44. Thanks Ironside for the above link re Carter Ruck. I cannot believe that the Speaker will be swayed by this "right wing acitivist group" who clothe themselves in the respectability of a law firm. This cannot happen. It will be the slippery slope backwards from democracy. I cannot believe people will allow this to happen - it made my heart sink.

  45. the maccanns and their whole team of smelly people surrounding them, should shut up, and let the case to be reopened, so the truth will be revieled, by amaral. They are afraid of the truth..its to obious, these so called new leads, its plain stupid and so transparantly seeking for sympathy coming 11 december. I think these people drown in their own lies someday.

  46. http://ore-exposed.obu-investigators.com/Jim_Gamble.html

    I agree with you SHUBOB...I posted this on the 3As but well worth reading again. CEOP while Jim Gamble is in charge are not to be trusted...There is also the ex RUC connection once again.

  47. Daftdai Revisited

    Reading the redtop articles I noticed that Dai has been promoted from Former Chief Superintendent to the rank of Former Commander since September 2007.

    Intrigued by this I popped along to New Scotland Yard to have a word with Dai's former colleagues and get some background on the man and his unique career progression.

    Unfortunately, whenever I mentioned his name, people broke into incontrollable fits of laughter or else looked me up and down with open hostility, muttering under their breath something which sounded like daftdai before turning away and ignoring me completely.

    After around 10 minutes of this treatment at the hands of what was once reputed to be the world's elite police force, I was approached by a Humphrey Bogart figure in a white trench coat, his face half concealed by the trilby pulled down tightly over his brow.

    "Now come along sir," he said, taking my arm to propel me roughly through the entrance doors, "You can't smoke in here."

    "But I don't smoke," I protested.

    "Not you, me, jerk," he snarled, "We cannot have you wandering in here asking questions. We're the police; we ask the questions and you give us the answers, get it?" he sneered, pushing me out onto the pavement. "Meet me at 5:30 in Starbucks on the Tottenham Court Road," he muttered before giving me a final push into the street for the benefit of the surveillance cameras zooming in on us from all sides.

    "What's all this about?" I asked him later over a couple of café lattes in an almost deserted Starbucks, "Why has Dai been promoted even though he was pensioned off a long time ago? Oh, and what's daftdai?" I added.

    "Well sir," Humphrey Bogart spat out the word sir like a bad taste in the mouth, "Dai became an embarrassment. He maintained that the only way to solve a case was to completely ignore all the evidence gleaned from hours of meticulous police work and simply input every theory, irrespective of how ludicrous, into the Holmes system. Anyone who suggested looking for things such as evidence was immediately shouted down as being daft. That's how he became known as daft Dai I suppose. Anyway, putting all this stuff into the computer regularly caused it to crash which is how the term 'doing a daftdai' was coined.

    "So, the only solution was to pension him off?"

    "That's correct," he nodded, "And since we were afraid that he might start talking to the press about Madeleine McCann, when he started to give interviews to the redtops we promoted him in the hope that the larger pension might reduce the incentive to earn a bob or two on the side."

    "That explains a lot," I said, "But did you actually ever try putting all his crazy theories about the McCann case into Holmes?

    "Oh yeah, we tried alright, but the computer did a daftdai every time", Humphrey Bogart nodded.

    "So the case is unsolvable using Holmes?"

    "Far from it sir," said Humphrey Bogart, "We took the lot and entered it into the new government super computer and it came up with the answer faster than Gordon Brown can throw a telephone at the wall in No. 10. Two nanoseconds to be precise."

    "Just like that?" I asked, not intending to sound like a parody of Tommy Cooper.

    "Just like that sir," answered Humphrey Bogart, "But I'm afraid I'm not at liberty to divulge the answer of course," he smirked triumphantly and then relenting, leaned across the table, "But I can tell you that it isn't politically acceptable."


  48. http://wikileaks.org/leak/waterson-toxicwaste-ivorycoast-%C3%A92009.pdf

    Att: Mark Aspinall

    The Minton report:

    Carter Ruck also tried to supress this scandal as we all know.

  49. Shubob, are all these ex RUC types assisting because the IRA are involved. Extended family in trouble , plan hatched. extortion paid for by the fund, hence the money laundering. Still cannot 100% make my mind up if it was a kidnap that went wrong.

  50. This is again from Richarde Wilsons Blog...he makes a good point ...

    “Newsnight” is being threatened by the lawyers for Trafigura, Carter-Ruck, if it repeats an allegation against Carter-Ruck that deaths were caused by the dumping of toxic waste in Ivory Coast, even though in 2007 Hansard reported the Transfrontier Shipment of Waste Regulations laid by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs before Parliament, and a memorandum of explanation to those regulations stated:

    “The recent example of the release of toxic waste in the Ivory Coast leading to the deaths of a number of people and the hospitalisation of thousands underlines the risks involved in the movement and management of waste.”

    How can it be that that can be in Hansard, yet there are still threats of legal action against “Newsnight” if it reports the very same wording that is used in there?


    Carter Ruck are trying to close down PAMALAM for the same reason and the question remains. How can Pamalams site be libel if she reports the investigation from the files. Witness statements are not libel . Mccanns blogs are not libel. Newspaper article reporting is not libel.

  51. http://www.metro.co.uk/news/world/804010-supporters-hit-out-at-amanda-knox-guilty-verdict

    Déjà vue???

  52. Thanks for the link, Ironside.

    This i from Sky's Martin Brunt's blog:

    "Jim Gamble, the genial Irishman who heads the Child Exploitation and On-line Protection centre, is often accused by cops of being a self-publicist.

    CEOP was the first British law enforcement agency to send staff to Portugal to help with the Madeleine investigation.

    I mention this only because I think Mr. Gamble may have gone a little too far this time."


    If Brunt is correct, Jim Gamble sent his staff to Portugal BEFORE UK police got there and UK police were there within two days of Maddie's disappearance IIRC. Why did Gamble send staff there so early on? What had he heard to prompt him to act with such speed? Did he profile DAVID PAYNE? What were the results if so and why is nothing of the sort mentioned in the PJ files?

    IMO, Jim Gamble is one to watch!

  53. @ post # 49, I have no idea about that. It was only recently I found out that Gamble was in the RUC. His involvement in this case is of interest to me. Why was he so pally with Gerry in the early days. Why did he send staff to Portugal so early on as alleged by Martin Brunt? What does he make of the allegations against DAVID PAYNE? These are questions that need answers.

  54. ShuBob, you are talking about the Gamble of the first few days.
    At that time he had no idea about what happened.
    CEOP problably believed in abduction at that moment.
    Clarence was "informing" the British media about the facts.
    The PJ were not telling what they suspected or knew.Secrecy of Justice in Portugal.
    We are 2.5 years later now and Gamble has seen already the PJ's CD.
    He read already about David Payne.
    Who knows he knows much more about Payne now.
    Gamble dares a lot.
    Watch the fear and even horror(Kate) on the McCanns faces,during the moments Gamble is giving interviews (Joana's The McCanns Marathon, short after November,3.)
    They look terrified.
    Kate approached Gamble last september, probably expecting the CEOP to make a video with the Eggman, Gerry's abductor, the thin man with a bad skin, and Jim came up with "we told Kate and Gerry we would come up with a different approach"
    Too late to tell him:
    "-OK, in this case, never mind.Don't bother, you have such a lot to do."
    They had no other choice but to sit down near Gamble and to listen to him saying "the offender is not feeling comfortable about this(video), the offender is controling people around him, relationships change, the offender is following what the CEOP is doing,we are telling him we are getting close to them".
    My English is not very good and I ask about grammar.
    Is THEM the plural of He?
    Or is this a Freudian slip?
    Gamble starts a sentence on the singular,HE, followed by THEM.
    Who can explain this to me?

  55. remember it was ceop manuals that gerry and kate were found to have in there possesion at the apartment.
    They are shown on the video footage taken at the apartment by the pj, they detail the methods the police use to investigate such crimes, and are not for members of the public!

    do the maths!

  56. Ironside, @ 40 - yes, without a doubt the very existence of the police files is a massive irritant to them. Tough, because what's in the files is known now and can't be unknown, including their own statements and accounts of their own actions. The many contradictions and discrepancies are there for anyone who cares to look to see. Do they really in their wildest dreams think they'll stop the content of the police files from becoming known more and more as time goes on? If they try to stop it at one place, it'll just pop up somewhere else, just as everything of interest in the case has done, in spite of their spending a lot of time and money to try to stop it. Might as well try to stop the tide rolling in, but they seem blind to what should be obvious to them.

    They think stopping Mr Amaral's book will do them some good; well, it may well get them some money and make them millionaires, but they'll never stop what's said in the book - all of which is based on the official investigation - becoming better known. What will they do with the money if they get it? - employ more detectives like Metodo 3 and Mr Halligen? Or stick with Dave Edgar who's convinced Madeleine is being held within 10 miles of Praia da Luz while there are 'sightings' of her elsewhere? Hmm, something seems just a little bit odd here!

  57. Anon @ 49, personally I don't think the presence of the two ex-RUC people means any involvement by the IRA or any other Ulster terrorist group. Dave Edgar was only taken on by the McCanns as their chief PI this year, whereas if any RUC connection was important I imagine there'd have been an ex-RUC man 'investigating' long ago.

    As for Jim Gamble, he may not be as wedded to the CEOP as we might think, because earlier this year he applied for the job of chief constable of the PSNI (the RUC morphed into the PSNI back in 2001) and was short-listed, though lost out to Matt Baggott in the end.

    So I think the ex-RUC thing is of no real importance in this case, but just a coincidence.

  58. Why should the Portuguese police send information about sightings, that happened in Portugal, to the British police?
    It it as bit far away, isn't it?
    Is the British police suppose to walk around in the UK, searching for the suspect?
    Is it a question of sightings or is it a question of identified people, names, etc, and these people live in England?
    And that's why the information did not go to HOLMES?
    I don't see any reasenable explanation to inform Leicershire, unless it has to do with identified persons who live around it.
    If the offender is a milkman in Luz, it is the PJ's problem and the British police have nothing to do with it.
    No need to inform them.
    But if the offender is British, living in England, the PJ needs help.
    If it is true the PJ sent information to the British police, after the CEOP video, I'm sure it is important.

    And it has not to do with the investigations in Portugal but to do
    with suspects in England.

    Somebody must have told something, I hope.

  59. I,m sorry, now I understand this text has nothing to do with the PJ.
    It is again an ironic article about the detectives.
    I understood everything wrongly an I posted it about 30 or 20 minutes ago.

  60. The Sunday Express' line about Leicestershire police not entering the evidence, 'sightings' they gathered into the HOLMES system seems to be a way of saying they believe that the sightings aren't credible. The SE always includes a line to cast doubt on the story they've been given.

  61. Would anyone like to add to the similarities with the Knox case:

    1. False allegation of break-in.

    2. Rapidly changing accounts of what happened on the night in question .

    3. Dismissal of vital forensic evidence.

    4. Media manipulation through photos, appearance etc.

    5. False accusation against an innocent party.

    6. Ethnic stereotyping in the media.

    7. Claims that the accused could not possibly be guilty of the offence because of their socio-economic background.

    I'm sure there's more...

  62. The Maccanns deeply religious don't make me laugh, its a farce walking in and out of church Kate had IVF the Catholic church forbids IVF Its a show they are no more devout catholic than Ian Paisley. One of the teachings of the Catholic faith is to bury the dead and deep respect for the body after death Religious my backside.

  63. Anon. @54 That word "them" as used here can be understood as singular as well as plural. Maybe it´s not very logical or "correct", but it is often used in this way when the speaker doesn´t want to be gender specific, i.e. it´s less clumsy than saying "him or her".

  64. Anon at 62

    I do believe you are right about things like that.

    That's why I don't believe Myra Hindley died when they said she did. So convenient for Blair, just before an election when the people would have been furious with Blair for allowing her release.

    Her supposed cremation was all done underhand, I don't think there was even a relative there. Catholics, which she and her family and friends in high places mostly were,(remember Lord Longford), would not have allowed a cremation.

    She's probably sunning herself on some island somewhere, or living on the estate of one of her rich and powerful pals with a new identity.

    The Government are never passed putting one over on the people, all in the interests of themselves of course.

  65. Anon at 54

    It would not surprise me it if was Murat he still had his sights on.

    I doubt he would have liked to have been proved wrong the first time.

  66. Actually 64 Myra Hundley's living on a remote Scottish island with Lord Lucan, Elvis, David Kelly and Madeleine McCann.

  67. Anonymous 61: Disparagement and mistrust of another country´s police force and judicial system?

  68. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/clinton-offers-knox-hope-as-26year-jail-term-begins-1835523.html

    Joana this is a perfect example of America just like England with their racist xenaphobic remarks..Amanda Knox has been found guilty of murder...It was a fair trial ,have followed it from the beginning.Amanda is blonde with blue eyes. Had she been Black or Hispanic we would not be hearing anything on this story. read the comments under this article and see what I mean.

    Had the Mccanns not been Doctors but Black without their 'Contacts' we would not all be here now discussing this case.

  69. Murat had a visit from Kennedy..Murat no longer wanted or needed Max Clifford to handle him. The idea that Max would have made Murat squeaky clean and have told his side of the story must have put fear into the Mccanns..Murat would have made a fortune . No one turns down money . I would imagine Kennedy made him an offer he could not refuse. Silence is Golden. Murat is safe now and I would imagine very wealthy. Murat needed to explain his comment ' This is the biggest Fuck up on the Planet'...Murat knows something.

  70. T42 - 48 -

    If only that wasn't just an imaginative post and was really true, the newspapers would love to get their hands on that story, but whether they would be allowed to print it is another thing! Carter Ruck need to be bluffed by someone taking them to Court for a change and the residing Judge putting a squib up them!

  71. @ post # 54, I don't buy the explanation that Jim Gamble may have been fooled in the early days. He was after all a policeman of many years standing. All options should have been considered at the beginning including parental involvement. I also do not accept that he only read about the DAVID PAYNE allegations after the release of the police files. British police had those details within days of Maddie's disappearance. It's one thing withholding the information from the PJ but it's a scandal if Gamble didn't know about it. In fact, I have very good reason to believe he did know about it! What did he do then? Instead, he became pals with Gerry, DAVID PAYNE was going about his business without getting a mention in the press while Murat was persecuted partly as a result of the CEOP profiling!

    Why doesn't Gamble ask his pals Kate and Gerry to go back to Portugal and assist the PJ? Does he think it is acceptable that Kate refused to answer the PJ's questions and that the couple along with their friends including DAVID PAYNE refused to go back for the proposed reconstruction? The "Minute for Maddie" appeal is nothing but a farce IMO! Gamble should be doing more to help Maddie. He's got the power to IMO!

  72. @ post # 65, I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised if that's who Gamble has his sights set on! How does this man justify his friendship with McCanns given the facts?

  73. Anon 61,8 Thorough cleaning of the apartment. 9 Strange and unsual behaviour of the co-accused.

  74. Ironside # 40 wrote: "wonder if this will be pushed even further to suggest that the DVD Police Files are full of libel content? Mccann when talking to SF said it was the Files being released not just GAs book...is GAs book being used because it is really the Files that the Mccanns want removed from the public..is Amaral that stepping stone to achieve this goal?"

    Ironside just my opinion. I think that is exactly what they want. However from reading this past 2+ years I believe the normal procedure in Portugal is Secrecy whilst investigating and then the information of a case becoming a public document when the case is archived or closed. Therefore does that mean they want the Portuguese Law changed to suit them?

    T4two #48 - Brilliant!

  75. "One showed how she might appear if her skin had darkened and her hair had been dyed brown to make her look like other children if she is being held in Morocco or Tunisia."
    But surely we were told that she was targetted and abducted for a wealthy Morroccan family who PRIZED blonde hair.
    Which is it ? You can't have it both ways. Come on Clarrie, try a little harder.

  76. Anon. 61. A different sort of gase but also:
    8. Strange behaviour by the accused/guilty party.
    9. Denial of the evidence.
    10. Ridiculing the country and legal system by the family's

    The difference is there was no political interference.

  77. Anon # 76

    The political interference starts now, if we are to believe The Sun's article.


  78. Ironside @ post # 69, I believe Murat knows something too but perhaps, not what you think he knows. If he was bribed by McCann agents, I don't believe he accepted it because shortly after Kennedy's visit, Metodo 3 went for him hammer and tong. That was around the time the Metodo 3 boss gave an interview saying they knew who took Maddie and that she would be home for Christmas. The McCanns kept quiet about the visit. It was Murat's lawyer who finally revealed that such a visit had taken place. Kennedy also vistited the Smiths and Mr Smith allegedly told him where to get off. It wasn't surprising that Clarence Mitchell later tried to discredit their sighting.

  79. If anyone wishes to read a story about a cover-up of paedophile rings, can I refer you to Nick Davies article in The Guardian- Oct. 1997. "Secrecy imposed ot the exposure of alleged child abuse" It went on In Wrexham, North Wales for over 20 years.

  80. http://www.perugiamurderfile.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=180

    For anyone interested in the Amanda Knox trial there is no better place . The reporting and comments by posters has been amazing. Adults discussing this case, although there have been I am sure spats from the 'Website Friends of Amanda...a Rosiepop type of site. Justice has been served.

  81. Ironside 69
    Look at Aparthotel Sol e Mar, AptC in PJ files, searched on May 5th 2007, and look at haplotypes of maternal lines of Murat and Tanner. How did the investigating officers get onto that one so quickly?

  82. Besides, Gamble says "relatioships change".

    His relationship with the McCanns have changed too, I believe.

    Because the story is not what he has been told.

    That is why he came up with the video.

  83. Anon at 66

    If only that was so.

    It is amazing how many attacks I got when I dared to suggest this previously.

    Do the Government have their own paid posters that make sure certain subjects are off limits?

  84. @ post # 81, that is one issue with this case that completely baffles me! I have no understanding of it and wish it's discussed more. I don't believe Murat is linked with the Tapas 9 but that information may suggest I am wrong. Can anyone please she a bit more light on it. Thanks.

  85. Anon 81...There are still so many unanswered questions...starting with Kate Mccanns. I know I have seen this not sure now but was the hair that could have come from Tanners haplotypes found in a property belonging to Murats family' Don't quote me on this it may have been a myth. Does anyone know for sure.

    An interesting way to be heard..Trafugura..free Speech and the Internet cannot be gagged.


  86. Anon 75
    If maddie with the her fair skin was exposed to the sun, her skin will look like a boiled lobster.I live in Estoril and it is amazing to see the english that exposed themselves to the sun even in winter looking like lobsters. The colour Maddies picture seems to be painted with very dark make up XD.The people who used the picture is stupid or think the others are stupid, arrogant as they are.

  87. Post 61

    Yes, good points all except that the outcome was somewhat different. I have the impression that the judiciary in Italy would not submit to political pressure anyway or is it only right-wing politicians who get taken to court whilst left-wing politicians get away with murder as the expression goes?


  88. In the space of less than a year, the McCanns have unveiled three totally different efits of what they say they think Maddie may look like now. If there was any doubt that they didn't want that poor child found, this is it IMO!

  89. To think there is a link between the RUC and the IRA is ridiculous, the RUC is made up of protestants, the IRA catholics. Very similar to oil and water, believe me my parents are both from Belfast and one of each who had to leave Ireland when they married 60 yrs ago. As for the McTwats being catholic, Kates' mother said in the early days that Gezza and drippy katey were not devout. It was all for show for the people of Portugal.

  90. Who said Gamble has a friendship with the McCanns?
    The McCanns force every important contact to give the impression they are powerful.
    Brown, the Pope, Gamble.
    They are manipulators.
    Manipulators act like that.
    And it is not only Gamble, about the appeal.
    It is the CEOP and Jim Gamble is its spokenman.
    That video is clever.
    Even Martin Brunt had the courage to speak about "other vulnerable children". And "who ever took Madeleine could strike again".
    (who took her down the street, toward the church).

    He did not say "the abductor could strike again".

  91. To posts 84 and 85
    There's nothing in the PJ files to say why this Aparthotel was searched. There are also photos of the exterior. I think the Sergeant's Inn blogsite refers to Aparthotel Sol e Mar being buit by the Murat family, but this is qualified by saying there is no information that confirms this.

  92. Well Bristish ex-cop against POrtuguse ex-cop, they should reunite their strength and experience to solve the case ! Would be, in my opinion, much more efficient than condemning the parents (Amaral) or not (Dai Davies)

  93. The most amazing of all for me was when the Mccanns were asked about Madeleines eye. The pair of them sat there straight faced with Gamble sitting on the other side of (cannot remember the chaps name who did the interview..John somebody)and said Madeleine is most probably wearing contact lenses now...and Kate said with a wave of her arm ' oh its just a fleck you would have to be very close to even notice it'

    The whole 'LOOK' campaign was based on Madeleines eye defect. The Mccanns went against PJs wishes by advertising this eye defect. Mccann even approached Google and ask if they could use their Logo.

    The photograph looks nothing like Madeleine even in your wildest dreams. This image is to muddy the waters this could be any child, anywhere...and Gamble is fronting this.

  94. Anon at 82

    I bet Gamble is still backing the McCanns to the hilt.

    If not, when are we going to be hearing something about Payne?

    It is unbeleivable that there was all that public outrage against Murat after he had blundered into the case and had the finger pointed at him by the Tapas lot, and there is Payne with those Gaspar statements, and not a thing has been said about him in the media.

    What excuse is Gamble going to use if he doesn't go after him as a suspect?

    He should be right up there on top of the list after the Gaspar statements. If not, why, Mr Gamble??

    How can you retain any credibility if not?

  95. Stephen Carpenter's statement to LP.
    He says Gerry and Kate and all their friends were seated in the Tapas Bar at 8.30. and that he spoke to them. Carpenter left between 9.15 and 9.30. He also says he was the person who introduced Robert Murat to Gerry.

  96. I wonder why the abductor has stayed quiet for so long... Gerry and Kate have said that this dangerous person is still out there and must be caught

    yet the abductor left no fingerprints or glove prints in 5A, no visible trace of entry or exit at 5A and no further abductions...

    the cadaver dogs, however, found plenty of indications that a dead body had lain in 5A


  97. The mccanns cant complain! There have been more comments than any sight of Madeleine and certainely no proof she has been "abducted" since on 3rd of May 2007.....almost 3 years soon....Re open the case and make justice TO Madeleine

  98. Post 77. In March 2008 at George Washington University, Hilary Clinton gave a speech on the Iraq war, in it she referred to a trip to Bosnia, saying, "I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base." The reality was somewhat different. There were no snipers. The war in Bosnia had ended three months before and an eight year old girl even walked out and presented Clinton with flowers on the runway.

    If that's Clinton's grasp on reality is it any wonder she may interfere inappropriately in the Knox case? How foolish.

  99. Why talking so much about Murat?
    The poor man just wanted to be helpful and he got in trouble.
    An according to a letter of the PJ's, after Amaral left, Kate was insisting on investigations on Murat.
    What a bloody people.
    Murat has nothing to do with this at all.
    And Tapas 9 never searched for the child on the street where the abductor was seeing, towards Murat's home.
    When the PJ went to search on Murat's garden, the McCanns went to Spain, instead of waiting for the results.
    That was also a confession itself.

    They knew the child Murat was innocent.

  100. @ post # 94, I couldn't have put it any better! Thank you.

  101. janf58 post 89, the suggestion I think is that someone in the T9 may have links with an INFORMER i.e. someone who passes to the RUC info regarding the IRA. That's the suggested link as I understand it, I also understand that the peace in Northern Ireland is a fragile one......

  102. Anon 96. The abductor also didn't leave any prints the night he might have done the dry run when the children cried.

  103. Ironside@93
    If the MCs underplay Madeleine's coloboma, they may avoid being asked questions about the health related problems that may be associated with it; including heart problems. Her health records have never been released and this may re-focus unwanted attention.

  104. How does Clarence Mitchell manage to live with himself? IMO, he is far, far worse than the couple he represents!

  105. It's only my opinion, but to release a video which is supposed to appeal to the conscience of 'a person' who knows 'the abductor' is nothing more than a stunt or a diversion and as such a complete waste of time.

    'The abductor' doesn't exist, there never has been an abductor and consequently there is nobody who knows 'the abductor' and nobody's conscience to appeal to.

    G. Amaral, P. Sargento, F. Moita Fiores, and the PJ know this and they also know that certain Portuguese politicians, certain members of the Portuguese judicial authorities, J. Gamble, K&G McCann, the Tapas group, G. Brown, D. Miliband, J. Smith, everyone at Leicestershire Constabulary and Scotland Yard, all the UK tabloids etc etc. know it too. In fact the whole world knows, including and especially the dogs.

    The only conscience one can appeal to is a person outside the power group who knows and can prove that manipulation of evidence took place. Bearing in mind the government's record on dealing with whistleblowers it would be a brave person who blows the whistle on these people before it became clear that they are going to lose the power to exact retribution with a walk in the woods or similar scenario.

    Having said that it might be a good idea to release a viral video asking such a whistleblower to come forward.


  106. post 102, maybe it wasn't the intention for it to be a dry run, maybe it was supposed to be the real thing, but the kids waking up and crying put a stop to it. Funny that the McCanns should volunteer the information about the night Maddy was crying,if they were just worried about Mrs Fenn they could have denied it and said the crying came from a different apartment. Pity the twins don't remember anything about that night.
    I think maybe malinka is innocent, as for murat having no knowledge hmmm I'm not so sure....

  107. Two and a half years gone and these competent detectives continue getting new leads over and over again. Is this a fact, or fabrication? If it's a fact they have been so good that the police throw them straight to the trash can. If fabrication they must be working for a Christmas bonus? We know the McCanns are extremely generous and pay on time.

  108. Does anyone know if the option to ask for Amaral to amend his book is open to the courts? I ask because if the courts agree that while the book is based on the PJ's conclusions as revealed in the process files, because of the PP's conclusion the book is defamatory. So while it's ok to state the PJ's conclusions, Amaral should also mention the PP's summary to add balance. Is that an option?

  109. Yes, 103, it seems Maddie was short for her age.
    And she looked fragile.
    Fragiler and smaller than the twins at her age.
    Coloboma can be associated to heart problems and the child remains small.
    Who knows Calpol was too much for her.
    Accumulation of Calpol in her blood, through the years.
    Or some other medicine.

    Not only David Payne.

    What about the silence involving the Oldfields?

  110. Hei 106,

    So you think the dry run is for real? You must be joking! The kids were crying because they were scared to death. They were left alone in a strange apartment in a strange country, in the dark. And no parents near to comfort them. Dry run? NO WAY. Parental neglect? YES.
    And as to Murat, if you know something or suspect something, let us know. But as you just hmmmmm not so sure, I guess you don't know a damn thing.

  111. Did I dream that Murat, at a very young age, was with his parents at a wedding celebration of one of Kate's family? And there is the Exeter connection where he is said to have met Gerry at a Labour Conference, not forgetting Gerry's refusal to comment on Murat when asked by the reporter in Portugal! I have always thought after that remark that there must have been something going on between them, although nothing proven of course.

  112. For Kate Healy to say that Madeleine's coloboma was hardly noticeable must be added to her list of less than honest remarks. If it wasn't noticeable, how come it stood out like a sore thumb in the photos distributed at the time she went missing. Just why was it highlighted?

  113. has this ever been pondered ?

    firstly let me say nothing would surprise me in this case.

    Could the marketing ploy of the coloboma, now be getting in the way of a potential contigency plan to clear the cloud of suspicion from them and all the other backers/ institutes that have supported them.

    I believe deepdown whatever the courts say the Mccanns know there will never be a true resolution until Madaleine is found one way or the other.
    so aslong as that remains the case the cloud of suspicion will remain firmly overhead.

    Could it be possible that a child is found alive and well.....resembling the changing pictures we are been giving!

    Tests are carried out by "forensic experts" and confirmed it is their daughter ....suddenly the papers/media would be off..can you imagine what this would do!

    I guess what im getting at is that the marketing ploy of the coloboma has made finding the right person so much more difficult given how rare the disorder is.
    but given that she may have adapted over the years ..the child wouldnt need to be english speaking etc ( so the pool widens of who could fit such a role )

    could this be why they seem to be flippant about the coloboma now?

    does anybody think that this could be a possiblity?


  114. 106

    Still another thing and taking advantage of Anon #109 post which I hope you read; the twins don't remember anything about that night because they were nicely asleep with the help of CALPOL. You don't share this opinion, of course..

  115. Maybe some do not realise how dark a room is when those shutters are down. In England we have a little light from the moon or even street lights. In hot countries where these shutters are needed to keep out the heat when pulled down at night the room is pitch black.
    Kates own admission the shutter was not raised at all that week.They claim the door was left ajar but what if it was closed... a child waking to that darkness would be terrified.

  116. I was also wondering why Kate would volunteer that information about Madeleine saying they were crying, then thought, perhaps that was to reinforce that Madeleine was alive the next day, when she wasn't.

    Also, that Kate was not there in the apartment the night before, when she was!

    When was the actual date that Madeleine 'disappeared'?

    Has that ever really been concluded by independent witnesses, and I don't mean a name in a creche record book. Where are the independent photos of the last day? Where are the photos of the children's boat trip on that 'last day' that would settle the question of whether or not Madeleine was around? Did no parent or creche worker take photos?

    Hard to believe.

  117. http://themccanngallery.blogspot.com/

    Himself has gone into a lot of research with regards to the Mccanns story. I suggest anyone who thinks of 'DRY? runs read this.

    The only thing 'DRY' on that holiday was their Martinis...The children were not checked we know that from Mrs Fenn.

  118. Shubob that has also crossed my mind. If the issue with the McCanns is the inference that she is dead, then there is an easy solution here, just take out that part that offends them. My thoughts are that it is the money that they are after first and foremost - If they were that bothered about Mr Amaral's writings then they had plenty opportunity to stop it from the beginning not wait until he had amassed 1.2 million in profits.

  119. Apparently the investigators could not get hold of any photos of the nights spent at the Tapas either, so were unable to discover what people were wearing.

    Especially, what was Gerry McCann wearing given the sighting by the Smith party, and Mr Smith identifying the man carrying the child as looking like Gerry.

    There were what looked like light coloured trousers on one of the beds in the photos of the McCanns apartment bedroom that looked like they had been hurriedly discarded.

    Did Gerry McCann take clothes back to Rothley to leave there before the dogs from UK came on the scene, so his clothes worn in Portugal would not be able to be tested?

  120. Murat has said he never met the McCanns before then, and I believe him.

    That remark from Gerry where he left it in question as to whether he knew Murat or not certainly got people going, and made people believe there was something sinister in their relationship, when there had been no relationship to begin with.

    Wasn't it Gerry McCann who said that confusion was best.

    I'm still waiting for the explanation by Kate McCann about why she said that she knew Madeleine had been taken because cuddlecat was on a shelf, then it turned out that it wasn't it was on the bed.

    Don't expect that will be asked her though, as no doubt they would not choose that one to answer. They don't want awkward questions do they, and they can pick and choose now they have been turned into saints by the media thanks to the likes of their fans, fawning Fiona and Lorraine, and the rest.

  121. Hi Mojo,there was suggestion at one point that Madeleine was not the biological daughter of Mccann. I think this was later proven that Mccann was Madeleines father.Therefore , any child found would prove positive by DNA to be the daughter of the Mccanns. I have no idea now why they are trying to hide Madeleines eye...but knowing the Mccanns there IS a reason.Madeleine had no problem with her English she used to read Harry Potter???????remember.

    Having witnessed the crazy 'Victoria' in Barcelona saga...your theory in the Mccann world is very plausible . The British public have been led to swallow much more so yes why not introduce a child into this plot and say this is Madeleine...

  122. The McCanns have always been confident that Maddie is findable and is giving someone her tuppenceworth. They have never looked like grieving parents either. It would never surprise me if Madeleine turned up and ran back into her 'surprised' parents arms. I believe they, and their tapas pals, are capable of duplicity to make money. Even though all the evidence points to Madeleine coming to serious harm in the apartment, could it all have been a huge scam and they know exactly where she is? I'm thinking of the way they prostrated themselves wailing and keening in front of the PJ's that night, but even then didn't turn out to look for her.

  123. Post 111
    I read a blog from someone named Hannah -Oct 08- saying she was at a wedding in 1975 when Kate was a bridesmaid to Paul Beneduce and Maureen(Sunter?) in Blackburn.She said Kate was related to the Murats, but gave no information to support this. The wedding is registered at the time she states. Apparently Hannah reported this to the police.

  124. Hi Mojo I have considered this myself especially since they have produced many changing pictures in the past year of how Madeleine would look now and the dismissive attitude by Kate McCann towards Madeleine's eye which lets face it, was a good marketing ploy according to Gerry. There would have to be a lot of people involved in this to make it work though including close relatives and friends. Not impossible but could you imagine if years down the line the imposter went for an independent DNA test and it in no way matched the parents. :-o Very tricky! Just a thought, no better way to prove that Mr Amaral's theories in his book were wrong than for Madeleine to turn up this week. No need to appear in court and Kerching!!

  125. joyce1938 you could not write such a plot,so muddled and so many people that may or maynot be envolved,how do we start to unravel it all.i just wish i could get all info in order,something stinks,poor kid

  126. What was the secret service doing tracking the McCanns? Why would they be doing that?

    What was all that about, does anybody know?

  127. Anon at 122, you mean like all the info needed to do it could be got from a forensic book, and sea bass could be scattered around for the cadaver smell?

    What kind of wicked devious mind would be needed to do something like that!!!

    And that person would be willing to stand by and watch all the misery caused to so many innocent people. All for money.

    That would be pure evil.

  128. Fernis, I am poster 106, how would you explain that shortly after Maddy went missing four identical photos of her (at a younger age) were circulated in PDL? The PJ proved that these photos were not printed on any printer in PDL. Do you buy the explanation that the photos came from O'Brien's memory stick and were printed on a machine that belonged to the boyfriend of a nanny who promptly disappeared off to France. Well it's either that or (a) The T9 happened to have four identical photos of Maddy for some other reason (in which case why lie about it?) or (b) the photos came from computer equipment that they didn't want the PJ to see (highly suspicious) or (c) the whole thing was pre-planned. If (c) why couldn't murat be involved?

  129. I Think Kate volunteered the information re the crying because of what Mrs Fenn told police she heard the previous night,Maybe it was Kate crying Maddie Maddie for 75 minutes rather than Madeleine crying Daddie Daddie and thats why Kate got her spoke in first before and when the police asked her about it, Also the fact Kate lied and said "we never called her Maddie" to me was trying to cover herself if the police suggested to her that she had been heard crying Maddie Maddie for 75 minutes the previous night.

    Has anyone ever suggested or thought that Robert Murat may have helped the Mc canns in Disposing of the body? I remember Murats mother was being interviewed and Robert was standing in the backround nervously and making sure his mother didnt say anything incriminating.

  130. Anon 128

    McCann's remark about the sea bass was in his blog in June. That was way before anyone thought of bringing in dogs. What a strange thing to write about a child barely two years old, that it had developed a taste for sea bass. Was this his way of letting people know that he had all angles covered? They never used the sea bass excuse for what the dogs had found; saving it for a rainy day perhaps, just in case?

  131. Anon at 129, if Murat had been involved in helping the McCanns dispose of Madeleine he would have eventually spoken out and told the truth about that, because it was the McCann's friends, and even Kate McCann herself pointing at him, so why should he stay silent for the McCanns.

    Why be willing to get himself hung, drawn, and quartered by the media for them?

    He would have to be insane to have done that.

    A conspiracy like the covering of the death of a child needs as few people as possible involved because people talk. Those involved would need to be very sure of each other.

  132. Anon 128

    I'm of the opinion that Gerry McCann is always five steps ahead of everybody else, like that Fund, up and running in the blink of an eye.

    By the way, couldn't he have heard on the grapevine that the dogs were going to be brought in. Perhaps his pal Gamble knew and told him.

  133. hi Ironside..
    Was it ever proven that Gerry was the biological father? i know Clarence came out with statements to the effect that he was, but proven?

    The whole forensics science service aspect to this case for me...is a huge part of the corruption.
    it just stinks to high heaven what has been going on at this so called world class outfit.
    I honestly believe this is were some of the most shocking sides to this case are hidden.
    A huge can of worms awaiting to be opened.....possibly all evidences destroyed now to protect some key players in this charade.
    so for me there are many questions on dna samples.....still?

    In terms of the english speaking aspect....let me just say recently in the states i believe there was a father who had created a huge hoax of his son climbinmg into a homemade ufo type ballon ..im sure you know what im talking about.
    Children are unpredictable ( the reason why they shouldnt be left alone)... and the hoax was soon taken apart when the child was questioned ....so i honestly believe that should the thesis i allude to be possible, it would be better if the child didnt speak english...ie abducted by non english speaking family and adapted in its new life.

    It would strengthen the belief of abduction on a few fronts matching their early rants ....of a swarthy foreigner taking her

    It would help explain why given the worldwide campaign why no leads came forward...non english speaking child with changed appearence making the search difficult.

    I must stop its beginning to sound like a genuine Hollywood blockbuster..would you not agree


  134. The McCanns are controlling the British press. You can't say that a newspaper that writes with bias in favour of the McCanns is being gagged, because any ethical newspaper would abstain from printing anything at all on a topic if it couldn't write objectively. Knowing that the McCanns are deeply religious is as shocking to me as it was to their parents when they first found out about it. Usually I would doubt any statement made in the British press regarding the forwarding of information to the Portuguese police, but given the timing I wouldn't be surprised if the Portuguese police has indeed received reports of numerous sightings.

    There is an anonymous who always gets upset when someone mentions that the British authorities should take over the case, why get upset? I would say let them take over, but I know they wouldn't even if the Portuguese authorities asked them to. The reason being that they have already reached the same conclusion, a conclusion that is not allowed in Britain.

    I can't say that I'm looking forward to the farce that is going to take place in a Portuguese court room. What a strange case, a case in which the suspects have always run the show and are now prosecuting the lead investigator. What is happening to Mr. Amaral is just another indication of how little the Portuguese government cares about Portugal and its citizens.

  135. 132 -

    I've always been of that view. I think a lot of people on the blogs underrate GMC's intelligence and abilities. He's intelligent enough to appear not so intelligent when it's necessary!

    I think he is a PR natural - he really understands how people think and how the media can influence how they think.

    He hasn't got everything right, but combined with the professional Clarence, he's really hit a lot of targets.

    Rewind the tape to those early days. Think of Kate's early performances. Really quite disastrous. But he was always pretty much on message - apart from the rather unfortunate plans for the anniversary concert to mark Madeleine's disappearance.

    You have to look back to realise what a concert master he's been...

    Remember how at one time "the wider agenda" was important? Where's that gone??

    Remember how at one time it was vital they tour European cities and publicise Madeleine's disappearance? Hmmm...but no longer it seems.

    Remember how at one time his regular blogs were essential to the "search". No more.

    Remember how his prediction that people would lose interest was fulfilled for a few months? How strange! Then - more sightings.

    You could write a very long book about the way he's handled this case.

    That guy is a real master.

  136. Anon at 135

    He may get a prize as a master manipulator but he is still an insensitive dork.

    I ask you, what parent would say things like 'at least it was only one child that was taken and we still have two left' or when discovering Madeleine had 'disappeared', 'it was like going to the bank and finding out your grant money had been used up and there was nothing left' or words to that effect.

    How can anybody describe the disappearance of a child like that.

    It is hard to fathom how this guy thinks.

    I think Gerry McCann may end up over egging the plot. There is such a thing as being too clever for your own good.

  137. All this discussion about Maddies' eye defect, it's quite simple, they are doing what they always do which is damage control, remember how it was said advertising it could get her hurt of killed? It's their way of covering their backs, same as the children never woke up, but when Mrs Fenns' statement came out they then said Maddie had told them that morning she and Sean had cried. They are not as smart as they think, they are always coming up with one excuse after another, what they have had is support from lots of other people. Freemasons?

  138. Anon 135

    'it was like going to the bank and finding out your grant money had been used up and there was nothing left' or words to that effect.

    Are you joking or are they really said this??

  139. Anon at 138

    Words to that effect. Yes.

  140. @ post # 138, it is no joke! Gerry said that within days of Maddie's disappearance and that's not the worst thing he's said about her IMO!

    I do really think the man is not well!

  141. Anon at 138

    I believe this is what he said:

    "The analogy that I like to use is a bit like when we were students and you'd got to your overdraft limit and you'd gone beyond it and there was just nothing left in the tank…."

  142. After reading Sr Amaral's book it said they were never able to get hold of the McCanns credit cards because they were told they didn't have any, yet they knew they did because they had hired the car with one.

    They should continue trying to get a look at what the cards were used for, because there may be some very interesting information there.

    Like, the purchase of a fridge or something similar, for instance!!

    David Payne said they had trouble with the fridge in the holiday apartment. As they were only there a few days when exactly was this? Was it a couple of days earlier than when Madeleine was reported missing?

  143. Speaking of credit cards, CEOP's Jim Gamble knows a lot about them, doesn't he?

  144. By the way, perhaps they should have checked David Paynes' credit cards as well.

    You know, 'we have a pact' and all that.

  145. As regards Madeliene's blanket, was it really a red blanket she had, like in the children's series 'In the Night Garden' which would have been broadcast on TV just before Madeleine disappeared. Sorry, but I don't have much confidence in anything that has been told. People have been very trusting and believing of too much.

    There was what looked like a red blanket spread along the bottom of that big shaded buggy that is photographed with the McCanns pushing it with a sort of funereal look on their faces on 6/7 May going down past the apartment. The buggy is covered, but as the sun catches it the interior shows something very strange in it that people have commented on.

    A bit later that day the buggy is gone and the McCanns are photographed coming back and looking much better!!

    I do hope this trial will make a difference and the case is reopened immediately.

  146. The best thing to do is to find the place where the body was kept until new address. That will be the right trace to follow. First we take Manhattan then we take Berlin.

  147. Sorry. it is out of the matter, but i took a look in portugese petition and it grows well this week end. I also read the comments about it in portuguese Expresso.very interesting comments... :))

  148. The Church was down towards the way they were heading.

    Perhaps they should start there.

    There were reports there was a very bad smell at one time, I think it was around the doorway area, but may have been coming from below there.

  149. Where, below the Church is the crypt?

    Does anybody know?


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