1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Pela Liberdade de Expressão Assine a Petição

«A livre comunicação dos pensamentos é um dos mais preciosos direitos do homem. Todo o Português pode conseguintemente, sem dependência de censura prévia, manifestar suas opiniões em qualquer matéria, contando que haja de responder pelo abuso d’esta liberdade nos casos e pela forma que a lei determinar» in Art.º 7.º, Constituição política da Monarquia Portuguesa, 23 de Setembro de 1822

Nós, Cidadãos pela Defesa dos Direitos e Liberdades - Projecto Justiça Gonçalo Amaral, de acordo com o que está previsto no Artigo 52º da Constituição da República Portuguesa e na Lei nº 43/90, de 10 de Agosto, alterada pela Lei nº 6/93 de 1 de Março e pela Lei nº 15/20.03 de 4 de Junho e pela Lei nº 45/07, de 24 de Agosto, vimos pela presente declarar a nossa indignação face ao ataque perpetrado contra o direito à liberdade de expressão do Cidadão Gonçalo de Sousa Amaral, que viu ser censurado não apenas um livro, mas também qualquer expressão, oral ou escrita, sobre a tese que defende.

Com efeito, a decisão recente de proibir, mais do que a venda de um texto, todo um raciocínio que lhe está subjacente – raciocínio esse que se encontra, comprovadamente, expresso, fundamentado e deferido, no âmago de um processo de investigação criminal -, constitui, na nossa opinião, um grave e preocupante precedente.

Nunca, desde a Revolução de 25 de Abril de 1974, se havia assistido, neste País que tão valorosamente lutou na defesa da Cidadania responsável e livre, a tamanho ataque contra a Liberdade de Expressão, direito fundamental consagrado no Artigo 37º da nossa Constituição e no Artigo 19º da Declaração Universal dos Direitos Humanos.

Um ataque agravado pelo facto de a tese defendida pelo Dr. Gonçalo Amaral reflectir rigorosamente os factos de uma investigação já fora do segredo de justiça e já tornada pública, um raciocínio lógico e devidamente fundamentado. Concorde-se, ou não, com as conclusões a que chegou toda uma investigação policial, é indefensável proibir a sua reprodução e discussão.

A Liberdade de Expressão, exercida com responsabilidade, é um direito inalienável de qualquer Cidadão Português, e não podemos aceitar sem protesto que se volte a perder algo que tanto custou a conquistar.

Desta forma, solicitamos a imediata devolução do Direito de Expressão ao Cidadão Gonçalo de Sousa Amaral, ao abrigo da Constituição da República Portuguesa, e em respeito pelos Direitos Humanos universalmente consagrados.

Concordo e Subscrevo,

Os Signatários

- A assinatura é feita em Petição Publica, clique aqui para assinar -

A Petição Projecto Justiça Gonçalo Amaral, para Assembleia da República; Tribunal Europeu dos Direitos do Homem, Parlamento Europeu foi criada e escrita pela comunidade Cidadãos pela Defesa dos Direitos e Liberdades.

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  1. Já assinei, anteriormente.
    Joana, onde foi parar o advogado Rogério Alves?

  2. The Labour Party Call this Justice...

    Remember her name...LADY JUSTICE BUTLER SLOSS...

    Subject: FW: The labour party call this justice!
    Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2009 12:08:12 +0000

    Not a very nice read i'm afraid but please read.......

    Do you remember February 1993 in England , when a
    young boy of 3 was taken from a Liverpool shopping
    centre by two 10-year-old boys?

    Jamie Bulger walked away from his mother for only
    a second, Jon Venables took his hand and led him out
    of the mall with his friend Robert Thompson.

    They took Jamie on a walk for over 2 and a half miles, along the
    way stopping every now and again to
    torture the poor little boy who was crying
    constantly for his mummy.

    Finally they stopped at a railway track where they
    brutally kicked him, threw stones at him, rubbed paint
    in his eyes, pushed batteries up his anus and cut his
    fingers off with scissors. Other mutilations were
    inflicted but not reported in the press.

    N.B. :- Remember, a 3year old cannot possibly
    defend themselves against a 10 year old, let alone of 2 them.

    What these two boys did was so horrendous that
    Jamie's mother was forbidden to identify his body.

    They then left his beaten small body on railway
    tracks so a train could run him over to hide the mess
    they had created. These two boys, even being boys,
    understood what they did was wrong, hence trying to
    make it look like an accident.

    This week Lady Justice Butler-Sloss has awarded
    the two boys ( now men ), anonymity for the rest of
    their lives when they leave custody with new

    They will also leave custody early only
    serving just over half of their sentence.
    They are being relocated to Australia to live out
    the rest of their lives. They disgustingly and
    violently took Jamie's life away and in re turn they
    each get a new life!

    Please.... . If you feel as strongly as we do, (
    and if you haven't already signed this petition ) that
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    If you are the 700th person to sign, please
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    There is power in numbers & these petitions do help.
    Maybe it'll prevent another child from a violent
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    Please take a few seconds to forward it to your
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    Steve Uncles
    English Democrats

    Thank you

  3. The McCann's have made a real error. I believe that if they hadn't gone on their whirlwind campaign "The Justification of Innocence" and had slunk away under an unturned stone, everyone (mostly) would have forgotten about them.
    There may have been a few accusatory fingers but they would have been able to live their lives in peace.

    However, in their pursuit of innocence with ever inflating egos they are finally coming unstuck.

    Firstly, they got used to the idea of taking newspapers to court and receiving large libel payouts. This has resulted in them severely under estimating Dr. Amaral.
    Not just the fact that he hasn't libelled them in any way but the fight is not about their innocence anymore it is about freedom of speech.
    In their blundering attempt to totally stifle Dr. Amaral they have tried to castrate our fundamental right to free speech.

    I believe that this will finally be their undoing.

    The idea that Amaral's book "hampered the search for Madeleine because anyone reading it, might believe her to be dead" says it all.
    They are frightened of people reading it because it only speaks the truth.
    Can people not make up their own minds after reading the book?
    Obviously the evidence in the book is too compelling for the McCanns.

  4. Alredy signed!

    Sorry, not exactly related to this topic, but someone in another topic asked what was the meaning of the red carnations. I'm not sure if it was answered already, but here it goes:
    On the 25th of April 1974 there was a military "coup" to overthrow the dictatorial right-wing government that rulled Portugal. It was a peaceful revolution, meaning that there was no bloodshed and almost no fighting. The population immediatly joined the cause and welcomed and cheered the military on the streets. The most important actions of this movement took place in a part of Lisbon called Largo do Carmo, in front of the Quartel do Carmo(military barracks of the GNR where the then Prime Minister Marcelo Caetano and some ministers took refuge). The military sieged the barracks until the ministers surrended peacefully.
    In that Largo do Carmo(Carmo Square) there were some stands with ladies who sold flowers, and, as it was April, the most common and available flowers were carnations, and one of the flower vendors had the idea to go to the army men and place a red carnation inside the barrel of their shotguns( I have no idea why she chose a red one, she must have had only red carnations, maybe). The other vendors soon followed her example and in a moment the place was a "sea" of red carnations. Someone among the reporters at the place took photos of the scene and it came out in the papers with the title " A revolução dos cravos"( the carnation revolution), and everyone took to this slogan. I was just 12 years old in 1974, but this is what I recall most from those glorious days, the portuguese people where filled with such hopes for the future, there was such an enthusiasm, an energy! It's so sad to see how the 25th of April spirit has been forgotten and disrispected, trampled on since then.
    I fear for my country and for our sons and daughters, what kind of country and society will they be left with?

  5. Agree with Anon 2 - their arrogance has become their downfall - to really believe that they can disrespect the constitution of another country says it all - this isn `t on a par with Hitler` s mindset? They have no respect for the culture and history of Portugal.

    Kate and Gerry - you protest too much - people aren `t stupid.

  6. What a lovely story of the Red Carnations that is. Are there any photos of the Carnation Revolution?

  7. People in Algarve (also tourists)and on the rest of Portugal were searching for Madaleine in May, June, 2007, while the McCanns were ggoing to the church, to the Pope and were talking to the media.
    Very soon we started to suspect the story, after the McCanns started asking for money and receiving a lot of it.
    In Algarve we thought Maddie was hidden somewhere, alive, and the parents wanted to make money out of her.
    Already on May the 5th, the Diario de Noticias published a story with a title "Esta é uma história muito mal contada", This is a Very Badly Told Story.
    There were suggestions already about inconsistences.
    When Gerry came up with the Findmadeleine.com, we were shocked with the first name of store online. Its name was Madeleine Store.
    And we were feeling already the child was dead and her death covered up by Tapas 9.
    If the McCanns accuse us of not seraching for Madddie anymore- and we did it a lot, while they stayed home-why did they never search for her themselves?
    The best advise is the good example itself.
    Very soon in Portugal, we all knew that the McCanns did nothing phisycally to search for her.
    Neither did the McCanns' family, who went to Praia da Luz and enjoyed swimming and playing tennis while Kate and Gerry were jogging around and letting themselves being filmed and giving interviews.
    And visiting the church of Luz at 2.00am, when all angels were still flying around in pajamas.
    While they all were busy with themselves, we in Algarve, police, population and tourists were checking everywhere.
    At a certain moment, very soon, we concluded the child was dead and that the parents knew more than they were telling.
    This happened already in May, after the fund and the Pope.
    And after that "last"photo of Maddie's, where she looks much younger and much less sunburned than on the photo with the tennis balls.
    On August the 3rd, when the PJ went to check on Murat's garden, the McCanns went to Huelva, instead of staying outside his home, waiting for the results.
    Every innocent parent would have done it.
    And that after Kate was insisting for the PJ to continue investigating on Murat.
    In September the PJ could not prove the death for 100% but everybody, also in the UK, knew the parents were official suspects.
    And the dogs were British.
    And Kate refused to answer 48 questions.
    If they are innocent, why not to cooperate with the police?
    If people stopped searchig for the girl, they definitely stopped in September 2007.
    The PJ conclusions and suspicions were enough.
    And why are the McCanns suing Amaral so late?
    They could have done it July last year.
    On the last interviews in England, where Jim Gamble is also interviewed,we can feel the interviewers don't believe the McCanns.
    Neither does Jim Gamble.
    He does not talk about abduction.
    He stresses the danger to other children.
    And the McCanns look bad, very bad.
    Let us hope a brôther, a sîster will tell what they know.

  8. If the mccanns wanted the public to be involved, they"ve "won".
    They wont gag me.
    Nobody ever will.

  9. Any news about the Oldfields?
    I always wonder if they have something to hide, themselves.
    I hope the police and the CEOP are checking on them too.

  10. Anon 7
    But we're Portuguese. What do we know?

  11. Joana please forgive me if I am missing it but is there an english translation for this article? Thank you.

  12. Hi #6, yes, there are plenty of photos of that day, just google 25th of April 1974, or Revolução dos Cravos,and you'll find pictures of it. There's a photo of the military with carnations inside the guns in: assincroniaprodutiva.worldpress.com/2009/04/18/os-cravos-e-os-fuzis/

    And you can try Youtube:


  13. Hi, I have found a great photo thanks. andreiacosta.nl/weblog/25abril.jpg

    This is a great site and I am learning a lot about many subjects. Thanks for your hard work Joana and all the Translations..

  14. Hi everyone - I was the one, or maybe one of the ones, who asked about the red carnations. Thanks all for the explanations and links to photos.

    It is a proud moment for Portugal and for human freedoms. The McCanns apparently represent the opposite of that. Presenting them with the red carnations shows a kind of class that they are not capable of understanding. (IMHO)

    Blessed be...


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