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Pics of the day


  1. Where was the demonstration?

  2. Poor, thin, frail, Kate!

    She should be careful she doesn't get the flu, she can't afford to lose any more weight.

  3. The stress is showing in Kates face...looks like she has not slept for weeks..Mccanns lips are looking more like Mitchels...What a terrible way to have to live your life...was it worth it?...In their faces the answer is no..but they must continue there is no going back.They started this circus and now they must live side by side with the monster they have created.

    Just a reminder to those whose hatred on Blogs for Amaral is at its most vile....

    PAULO REBELO...when he took over from Amaral said the INVESTIGATION still pointed in the right direction...It was REBELO who invited the Mccanns and their friends to PDL for the reconstruction...They all refused...

    SF in her interview with the Mccanns asked Kate what did she think when even Rebelo thought you were involved with Madeleines disappearance..i.e. ' The Investigation still points the same way'Kate did not answer except talked over SFs question...

    Many thanks to NIGE:::as always...

  4. OMG Kate looks like a blonde aged version of Michael Jackson!!!!

  5. If Carter-Ruck are operating on a no win, no fee basis, as I understand they are, the MCanns may have no choice other than to go through with this performance, as the lawyers will have incurred considerable costs thus far and will want to recover them. However, they may have to say goodbye to their money if matters proceed on current form. No chance of CR undertaking pro bono work.

  6. The other time Kate McCann looked like this was when they first arrived back from Portugal, and they were still arguidos.

    They must have been very worried then as the PJ were still after them.

    Since then, she has been around quite a bit doing her thing, and looking very glamourous at times.

    This emaciated kind of look will definitely be a sympathy vote for her.

  7. Kate McCann looks like she has had very little to no sleep. I am atually quite shocked at how aged she's become.

  8. I think that the photo of Dr Amaral shows a man who appears to be quite relaxed in contrast to the photos of the McCanns!

  9. OMG, kate is michael jacson's blonde version!I thought they coundn't get uglier but I was wrong, they look awful!That's what happenns to you after years of lies, insults, defamation and manipulations against the ones who want the truth.And I believe the worst is yet to come.So prepare yourselves mccanns.

  10. What a contrast, Goncalo looks relaxed and confident, telling the truth will be simple and painless. The McCann's will need to navigate through the tissue of spin and lies. If at any point they are forced to answer direct questions, its hopefully game over.

  11. Carter Ruck do not do no win no fee. No doubt Kennedy is paying. But Amaral's lawyer IS acting pro bono.

    When he can get off his (ahem) sick bed, of course.

    The McCanns turned up. He didn't. Says it all, really.

  12. Oh! they are unhappy Mr. and Mrs. Mac Cann, they look very angry!

    Oh poor Gerry! its a failure for you, sorry ...!

    Oh Kate, we dared to take your time for nothing ... It's not fair!

    Well do not worry, you do not tell me you're looking for money
    and you expect with a treasure that you will shortly receive ...
    Well, the unexpected can happen in life!
    Be humble for a moment, please Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mac Cann!
    Never forget that you're not at home and certainly not welcome here in Portugal ...
    Keep calm!
    You come back next time! All is not lost for you ...
    Perhaps a surprise awaits you in more next time, who knows!

  13. To post 11
    "Carter-Ruck: The firm that aims to 'nip in the bud' hostile press coverage"- The Guardian Oct 13th 2009.
    "Carter_Ruck has also been prominent, however, among firms developing the much criticised conditional fee agreements as a libel weapon....Under these no win no fee rules, critics allege that a client with no money can hold media organisations to ransom. .. On its website,CR promises it can often 'nip in the bud' the prospect of adverse media coverage by going over the heads of reporters to newspaper lawyers and making threats. It boasts of being able to obtain injunctions....'often in a matter of hours'"

  14. Anon No 10: "telling the truth will be simple and painless."

    Perfectly and simply put. Making the liars wait a little longer is quite a master-stroke by Dr Amaral. The truth never changes, lies always do. Dr Amaral, the PJ, the British police - they all know that poor child died two and a half years ago. Time is not of the essence for poor Madeleine. Justice for her is, it's not in a hurry, and justice is coming. The liars know this, as sure as night follows day. They can stop this right now, today. But they foolishly choose to continue fighting the Police. Very unwise. The police never, ever give up.

  15. I am for freedom of expression and sincerely hope Senior Amaral can speak freely again. On the other hand, even if the Mccann don't seem as innocent as they claim, i wish that they are left free, free to live together and free to raise their children.
    In his book, Amaral, at a certain point, said he thought "well, if the English authorities are not interested to know what happened to the little Madeleine who after all is an english person, I am not going to insist in that case". Curiously, after a while, he changed his mind, resigned, and decided to publish that book, knowing the risks and prepared to face them. I must say the Mccanns are more clever in their fight not to be convicted than ex-inspector Amaral was on his fight to find the truth. May be I will seem an amoral person but the prison is not always the solution...

  16. Post15
    You need to consider the welfare of the two children if the McCann couple were in some way involved in the death or the concealment of Madeleine's body.

  17. Kate should stop all the running she does, then she wouldn't burn so many calories, always fit enough to run at least an hour a day if not two, he looks so arrogant in the pics

  18. OMG! That first picture reads to me like:
    "FGS Gerry,watch out what you are saying! Don't say anything that we'll get us in more trouble!"

  19. gerry mccanns mouth looks like an anus

  20. Anon at 15

    So you think it's OK to go out for the night and leave the kids alone, one ending up dead, and no punishment at all.

    Liberal minded indeed.

    The McCanns would no doubt agree.

  21. Anon 15 - if they were convicted, it would have to be prison for their own protection.

  22. To Anon 20
    No it is not "ok" to leave 3 children alone, of cause not. The Mccanns were "overconfident" ; some of us are like that and it doesn't mean we are dangerous child abusers.

    To Anon 16
    Kate Mccann decided to stay at home to look after the twins and it's obvious they will overprotect their children.

  23. Kate looks very frightened !!! GOOD

  24. I see that Maddie is having her very own revenge . No doubt Gonçalo Amaral will see to it. Katie just looks more like ........... a monkey face look alike - in the white version of course LOL , just imagine her covered by red, brown or black hair. I reckon she is going to end up in a psyc. ward. For the rest of her life.


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