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Pilgrimage in Portuguese Lands

McCann couple exiting the Church of Luz, on 12 May 2007, 9 days after the alleged abduction

by Antonieta Janeiro

They are mistaken those who thought that the famous Doctors McCann were travelling to Portugal to assist the first session of the claim filled against Dr. Gonçalo Amaral regarding the temporary injunction, because of ‘insults’ made against them in the book ‘Maddie, The Truth of the Lie’.

They brought more in their luggage: In yet another claim against Gonçalo Amaral (this time for allegedly lying to the Court as to the goods and wages earned), they had in mind a glorious Hollywoodesque entrance, obfuscated by flashes, inundated with questions, with requests for autographs, with swarms of journalists, television channels, anonymous public and a crowd bath similar to the ones of 2007.

A Portuguese lawyer, who said she was in a deep state of stress, accompanied them.

However, God writes straight with crooked lines ... and the virus H1-N1 contaminated the ‘Maddie case’!

Besides the frustration of having entered a court for nothing, they mainly felt the frustration of not having anyone waiting for them to give them that superstars status. Quite the contrary!

The star, this time was the man against whom they voted the entire world's hatred, because he might prove the «Truth» of the lie(s) that they have forged all over the world.

The posters that were seen in the open sun of a winter morning were in support of Gonçalo Amaral.

There was not a single word with «Maddie», «McCann», «fund», «search». NOTHING!

There was a bunch of red carnations that was offered to them, but whose meaning they did not know – it was the «poisoned chalice».

Visibly tense, uncomfortable and disappointed, they went forward with the «plan B» : A PILGRIMAGE TO THE PAST.

It was, after all, what the McCanns really wanted - MEDIA and PROPAGANDA.
They failed in Lisbon ... they headed to the Algarve!

Unfortunately, that theory that “the killer always returns to the crime scene” seems to apply to them.

They returned to the macabre route of the church and rocks on the beach.

It was very clear heard, at the Courthouse door, the failed act of Kate saying that Maddie was entitled to a decent funeral, «...Madeleine has the right to a proper...uhm... a... a proper ... a proper... search »

God be praised! Where (in this context) the adjective «proper» applies to the noun «search»?!? Are there, by chance, «fitting searches», «decent searches», «due searches »....??????????

If she had hesitated in the adjective «right», «accurate», etc…, before saying 'search', it would be different, especially since she was speaking fluently. She was not looking for an exact adjective to define an idea or concept.

Now, PROPER ??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then, later in Aldeia da Luz, she had another slip, stating that it was THERE where she felt closer to Maddie.

It never went unnoticed the saga of the church key, the prayers made at any time of day or night, always going in and locking themselves inside to meditate.

In cases of extreme agony, it is admissible for the parish priest of any church to facilitate the out of hour’s entrance for the relief and moral support of some parishioner.

But this was not the case.

And so strange and disturbing it became, the Bishop of the Diocese had to intervene in person and order the suspension of all those special meditations behind closed doors.

This happened, I believe, before they rented a car and changed apartments.

By now, and without private key, there it went Kate McCann on a pilgrimage to Praia da Luz, stopping in two places, which according to her, are where she feels the closest to Madeleine - the Church and the rocks from the beach.

Next appears in the British press a story-teller fantasying about «lairs», «traps», «hide outs», probably guarded by giants, monsters, ghosts and goblins, within 10 miles of the Ocean Club, citing examples such as the Austrian abductees , raped and walled up for years without realizing that these were teenagers and that Maddie was a girl-child.

For a paedophile, there is no difference.

However, for a sexual pervert who hides his special prey, there is a difference between a teenager and a little child.

And there is another big, huge difference, too.

We are all inserted in the great European Global Village.

But there are features that distinguish the Latin and Peninsular people from the Anglo-Saxon.

It is an insult to our Culture and to our Institutions, what a half a dozen Anglo-Saxons have been doing at our Lusitanian Coasts.

Lisbon, December 12, 2009


  1. I liked the scathing tone of the Antonieta's "Pilgrimage in Portuguese Lands" of the McCanns. For their hypocrisy, deception and outright contempt for others, they deserve all the "stings" that we can give them. And could someone, please, tell them that every visit they make us is an insult, and here remais the warning that this time we will throw some red carnations at them.
    I'll wait for January, when they will hear from the mouth of Gonçalo Amaral's witnesses what they don't want to hear from him directly, because Moita Flores and the others won't keep their mouths shut. That's for sure!

    But looking at these famous photos I get confused. Is this ultimately a tragedy or a travesty?

    Joanna, I heard that Sandra Felgueiras was again in the program Praça da Alegria talking about this last McCann's visit. Do you know anything?

    F. Finland

  2. These picutures still shock me to the core. What kind of person is Mccann? What mother on her 'abducted' daughters birthday would be able to smile? Madeleine had been missing for such a short time...9 days...How can a father look so happy when he wants us to believe his daughter is with a paedophile?..The child was 3 years old for Gods Sake...The Mccanns are beyond help and I fear for the twins. They should be stopped but it seems no one is interested to stop this circus and the harm it is surely doing to the twins. Two babies that were left alone with their sister. Two babies that were in the way of the Mccanns photo shoots. Two babies that were left once more in the creche so the Mccanns were free to laugh and enjoy the attention that is so clearly shown in the photos above....Not failing to mention the family of Goncalo Amaral.Sofia his wife how is she coping in these troubled times?
    Also please do not be upset with SF, she is a reporter and doing her job. If she has changed her opinion and now believes the Mccanns version of events. So be it . There is a long way to go and the journey has yet to begin.

  3. The depth the McCanns plumb never fails to amaze me. So they have also been getting information about private matters relating to Sr Amaral. Is that what their so called private investigators were really doing?

    That will be the day when we can have the same information about them. So what would those credit cards have disclosed if there had been cooperatlon from the UK?

    By the way, neither of these two are Anglo Saxon. Anglo Saxons are descended from German tribes and really are English.

    Gerry McCann is of Irish extraction, which is Celt, and as she is from Liverpool, no doubt there will be much Celt there too as many Irish came across and settled in Liverpool. Not to say that Celts are likely to do what these McCanns do. These people are something else!

    So please don't blame the English, as I had enough of Gerry McCann saying that the English left their kids while on holiday like it was a tradition or something. Notice, he did not say the Scots or Irish. Always ready to blame somebody else eh, Gerry. The same goes for Blair and Brown, both of Scottish heredity. Not Anglo Ssxon.

    Gerry McCann makes me utterly sick, they both do, and as an English person I do not wish to be associated with these creatures in any way.

  4. Looking at the photos above taken only just 9 days after the abduction, can't help thinking that these two must be the biggest pair of perverted psychos in England today.
    Why are they being shielded ?

  5. Anon @ 3 , exactly did SF really believe the Mccanns when they told her they had hired a PR Team in Portugal so that they could warm to the Portuguese people. They lied to her. I think that was obvious when suddenly a tape appeared Online from the deranged Rosiepops. RobinHood and her band of merry men really thought this would hurt GA. In their little minds they thought it would make a difference. They were joyous . They believed that this would somehow make everything better. They were wrong. Unfortunately there will be a lot more dirt on GA from this delightful chap we had the pleasure to witness on Friday...so fasten your seat belts it is going to be a bumpy ride. Joana ,I know that you are being struck from all angles at the moment and having to fend off a lot of abuse. Stay strong and my only advice is to ignore them ..they like nothing more than to see you rattled. Do not give them the pleasure.Be still Joana you are doing a fantastic job.

    As for Sandra F. she is going to have to learn the hard way.

  6. "The rocks on the beach". Are these the same rocks that were pictured with Gerry and Payne very early on? That picture has caused me to lose sleep.

  7. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/maddie/article393960.ece

    Jose Cabrera WAS on the Mccanns list.He is a very wealthy man and invited Kate Mccann to sue him. He finds her a very interesting case ..he has studied her from the very beginning . I wonder what his thoughts are?

  8. Somebody has said on 3As that some link to Rosiepops was accidentally left open and it led directly back to Gerry McCann.

    That would be no surprise.

  9. What a very clever man
    We ought to call him SIR Gerry McCann
    Around the world first class travellin'
    Doing it all for the sake of Madeleine
    But what we all find very puzzling
    Is why he left her to go out guzzling

  10. These are one of the most damning pictures but it seems that the happy grin from the "distressed parents" are slowly turning in a rictus of fear.....

  11. Anon at 9

    How right you are with your clever poem, and it wouldn't surprise me if they don't end up as Sir and Lady McCann, or with seats in the unelected House of Lords courtesy of their pals in high places.

    That might even be what they are aiming for.

    They have to be stopped, this has gone far enough.

  12. It doesn't really matter if this singularly unattractive duo are Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Lusitanian or anything else, they're simply low and repellent individuals of the sort, unfortunately, that can occasionally be found anywhere. But having publicly proclaimed their 'Britishness' they're then liable to a particularly British and unforgivable sin, that of exhibiting 'bad form' - or perhaps it could be said that the McCanns are not so much guilty of not having good form as of having no form at all. Their vulgarly inept theatrical performances, their uninhibited desire for attention, their transparent greed, their defiant lack of shame over their own ignorance, their choice of 'colleagues' from amongst the rejects of every profession, their inarticulate mode of defence that consists of nothing more than screaming back accusations of which they themselves are guilty, are such that even a relative fool must be sceptical and must in the end and almost by a natural law bring about their downfall. Certainly they could never have got away with all this without cooperation from more powerful backing, but if their protectors are no better at least they're probably better able to conceal it. My guess would be that the McCanns are beginning to overstep the mark and soon it will be time to throw them to the wolves in order to save other skins before they become an embarrassment. Personally, I can't wait, not because I believe the world will be any better for it but because there has to be from time to time some slight indication of disapproval and some small show of ethical standards

  13. Anon 12 - thank you for expressing, so eloquently, exactly what I feel - the disapproval seems to be coming merely from us plebs or `nutters` as GM would say. If no one in the so called `establishment` has the guts to challenge this farce, it reinforces the fact that there is serious corruption going on somewhere.

  14. In the famous "Ask the dogs" video, we were all praising the audacity of Sandra Felgueiras. She was brave enough to try some difficult questions.
    I noticed at one point, Gerry's jaw tighten and I thought at the time it was a 'dangerous' instant, a riled and angry man.
    Sandra has obviously been persuaded to change her tack and she has my real sympathy.
    For that one interview, she was the only journalist in Europe who had real guts.She therefore became a vulnerable target.

  15. So we are supposed to believe the McCanns wanted the keys to the Church so that they could spend hours on end praying.

    Of course, those devout McCanns would be wanting to do that!

    Please PJ, reopen the case and search that Church.

    Search also the McCann's house in Rothley, in the garden, and in the child's bedroom.

    Besides that, ask the public to help search whenever they have time the area around PDL.

    All this time the McCanns have been asking people to be looking for a live child, and much time has been lost in searching for a dead one.

  16. Anon 13 ....No-one but a 'pleb' by instinct - and I'm afraid that accounts for most of our so-called rulers - would dream of touching the McCanns with a barge-pole. Let's not imagine that "serious corruption" doesn't go on universally, but the interesting question here is why it should stoop so low as to embrace this pair of clowns. I'm inclined to believe that they're so ridiculous, and their visible supporters so incompetent or unbalanced, that more sinister speculations are probably exaggerated. The spectacle remains highly entertaining, if far from edifying, for all that. I dare say there are a few other diverted spectators just waiting to pounce.

  17. Anon 16 - "..... but the interesting question here is why it should stoop so low as to embrace this pair of clowns?"

    Good point - I`ll have to sleep on that one !

  18. Anon at 16, you might think they are a pair of clowns, we might think they are, nevertheless they do have friends in high places, especially in the media.

    Just think of fawning Fiona and Lorraine and the other idiots who have tried to sanitise this pair and make out they did nothing wrong.

    On and on they go, reinventing the McCanns as the perfect parents and batting on about the big bad abductor who snatched Madeleine in that MOMENT when they weren't there.

    We don't take these people seriously yet they are all part of the media machine that is at work.

    More to the point is why the need to bring in spinner Clarence hot foot from Blair and Co, and why the top politicians got involved in the first place.

    Why was a UK Ambassador withdrawn when he voiced his concern that the McCanns were involved?

    We can't write the McCanns off so easily as we don't know why these things happened.

    Yet Sr Amaral says there was political interference on their behalf and he should know. A top policeman would not be got rid of so easily, and this was after Kate McCann was wanting him gone. Then we have Brown enquiring if he had gone yet.

    None of this can be downplayed, and you Anon at 16 may be quite genuine in your belief, yet from past experience I have realised there are always people coming in trying to deflect certain issues are discredit them.

    If Sr Amaral is saying politics was/is involved in this case we should believe him.

  19. They ARE clowns, aren't they?

    They are addicted to adoration and anyone or anything that gets in their way is targeted and, so far, successfully sued or censored.

    But the drums of truth are still beating, Gerry and Kate. Above and beyond all the antics, that's what is important.

  20. Anonymous 12, "My guess would be that the McCanns are beginning to overstep the mark and soon it will be time to throw them to the wolves in order to save other skins before they become an embarrassment."

    This is the same sentiment I expressed months ago but the wolves are still waiting. I have always felt that their need to be the centre of attention would eventually lead to their downfall, but it seems that their supporters are very tolerant.

    Louise #13, given the extent to which certain people have gone out of their way to move the earth for these two, we may be dealing not only with a ring of corruption but perhaps even immorality.

    The question is, who exactly is running the show ?

    On the British side the embarrassment could easily be eliminated by not reporting on the McCann couple anymore.

    What is happening in Portugal is shameful. The McCann couple have degraded Portugal in their international interviews, and yet they are treated as dignitaries. The former lead detective in this case now finds himself defending his logical deductions in a court of law, while the parents, who were sheltered from being investigated and who have dozens of serious questions left unanswered, are now prosecuting the lead detective. This is just another indication of the corruption that exists in Portugal and why Portugal is not able to achieve all that it could as a nation. It's distressing.

  21. If the court case develops the way Goncalo Amaral wants, will we ever see a judge with the guts to summon Gordon Brown, José Sócrates, the British ambassador and Clarence Mitchel to tell what was their part in this disgraceful affair?

    PS. This is not a joke! :))

  22. When those who are elected democratically to protect and promote national interests, fail to do so in such a spectacular way, we can only assume that they are instead protecting and promoting intensely personal interests. I am deeply shocked at how the Portuguese establishment has allowed the McCanns to get this far. Regardless of their 'connections', they are an ordinary British couple who freely admitted to neglecting their children on Portuguese soil and who thus have already confessed to a crime before we even reach the question of what really happened to their eldest daughter.

    But power is still ultimately in the hands of ordinary Portuguese people. I hope you will use this court case as an opportunity to show your politicians and media how you feel, publicly, en masse, and in no uncertain terms. In my opinion it is now the only way to turn this tide, and I again thank Joana & her team here for this site, and everyone responsible for and actively involved in the PJGA, for taking this initiative.

    Força Portugal-
    Censura NUNCA MAIS!

    :) E

  23. Post8 Is Rosiepops the same person advertising a dining table and chairs for sale on the net. Located on the Isle of Wight?

  24. Bem apanhado Antonieta. Esta triste história por um lado, é um insulto para nós portugueses por outro, faz-me lembrar uma musica do Leonard Cohen que diz ..."everybody knows the captain is lying... everybody knows... that's how it goes...everybody knows...
    Passa-se o mesmo connosco, a maioria de nós sabe o que aconteceu porque lemos os relatórios da Polícia Judiciária, a Polícia sabe, o M. P. sabe, a família sabe, os amigos sabem e piraram-se, os jornalistas sabem mas não ousam escrever. Os únicos culpados não foram apanhados na altura e agora a Besta tornou-se mais forte, com instintos de sobrevivência reforçados, e o dinheiro, o imenso dinheiro que parece vir duma fonte inesgotável, serve para corromper, comprar, influenciar.


    A verdade é simples e a mentira é sempre complicada. Não há memória dum caso assim, porque não se trata de procurar uma criança desaparecida, trata-se de devolver aos pais o estatuto de santidade como se fossem pessoas de bem.

    Estatuto que eles perderam quando afirmaram o rapto da filha e a polícia descobriu que eles e amigos abandonavam as crianças todas as noites num apartamento, num pais estrangeiro para irem jantar como se fossem solteiros.

    É a própria Polícia que diz nos relatórios que eles mentem quando dizem verificar as crianças de 1/2 em 1/2 hora. Há uma testemunha inglesa que ouviu Madeleine chorar sozinha mais de uma hora. Que pais são estes, afinal?

    Uma criança desapareceu (mas deixou rasto) e o único culpado é o polícia que a procurou horas, dias, meses. Isto é que nós não podemos aceitar.

    O importante agora é mobilizar as pessoas par estarem presentes no tribunal. Reforçar esta ideia. Passar a mensagem na comunidade, no trabalho, nas faculdades, nas imediações do Tribunal. Temos de arranjar maneira de representarmos as pessoas que aderiram a esta causa mas que não podem estar lá fisicamente. Temos de mobilizar o país para a Liberdade de Expressão.

    Vamos embora, o medo é o maior inimigo. Se o enfrentarmos de frente já ganhamos.

  25. Anon 14 - Yes, its odd that Sandra`s perspective should have changed after the `Ask the Dogs` interview. Maybe she got a massive telling off for daring to challenge these `important people` (I bet Gerry was livid about it). Has she been `persuaded` or has she been `threatened`?

  26. Fernis at 21 - I know you`re serious. The thing is, that the judge`s strings can be pulled and they probably only get to be judges in the first place if they are willing to be `adaptable`.

    In the UK, if there are enough voices about a cover up, the government has to bring an Enquiry, e.g. Diana, David Kelly, the Iraq War Enquiry presently being heard and many more - and yes important people have to give evidence e.g. Prince Charles and Tony Blair have to give evidence on oath. I`m not sure what happens in Portugal and whether you can be called to give evidence in another country.

  27. Enfys said
    "But power is still ultimately in the hands of ordinary Portuguese people. I hope you will use this court case as an opportunity to show your politicians and media how you feel, publicly, en masse, and in no uncertain terms. In my opinion it is now the only way to turn this tide, and I again thank Joana & her team here for this site, and everyone responsible for and actively involved in the PJGA, for taking this initiative".


  28. they are like rodeo clowns, whose purpose is to distract the bull...

  29. guerra #20 ....as a foreign resident in Portugal I entirely agree that all this is shameful, and so I think would most of the Portuguese population, but if it comes to shameful behaviour there's nothing particularly unique or special about this country unless it be a long tradition of dogged and sometimes effective resistence to it - which is more than can be said of the British Isles, for instance, where the majority of the inhabitants is only too ready to be brought off or block its ears for its own comfort. If more of the Portuguese are not manifesting indignation over this
    miserable pair it's because a variety of other more immediate scandals is also available and because of more pressing personal day-to-day exigencies. But the press coverage, though sparse, is nothing like so blatantly one-sided and sickeningly sentimental as it is in England; nor perhaps is the Portuguese public quite so gullible or fearful. Whatever the future decision regarding this illegal injunction, it won't pass unnoticed, and then some feathers might start to fly ....

    and anon #18 ....I agree also that none of this could be achieved without a powerful background machine, but given the visible
    manipulators of it it's a poorly designed and ramshackle instrument. Surely any really ambitious con-man would have better judgment, or better taste, than to employ the dregs that the McCanns must have scoured around under stones for? And I assume you use the word 'friends' ironically - forced acquaintances of necessity has to be the more accurate expression, all of them concealing a great many dirty dealings of their own and ready to stab each in the back as soon as it's convenient to do so. It's true that a lack of anything resembling a conscience is of considerable advantage to a life of crime, but it also lays the culprits open to the continuous risk of betrayal by their equally conscienceless confederates. It would be easy to demolish the little McCanns - cut off their money and the publicity; those commodities being arranged they can as readily be un-arranged. No-one else could have much to fear from any disclosures, since the puppets have already done such a good job at establishing their credentials as inconsistent liars....

    Or perhaps they could just be surreptitiously bumped off in a happy accident, that sort of thing isn't unknown

  30. Post 12
    Eloquently put! I think we should also be asking if anyone living in the Portuguese community has anything to lose by the true facts of this case coming to light. I have slowly come to my own conclusions on this, but will keep it to myself as it's only speculation, based on some odd things I've read and pieced together. If I'm on the right track, I'm sure Mr Amaral will know all about it.

  31. I wouldn't care to suggest anything about anyone "living in the Portuguese community" because like the rest of us I don't know. I dare say a few public rogues have a finger in the business, and a somewhat encouraging thing in this country is that they usually get found out eventually. But speculations are futile, the first and most important thing is that this pair should be dealt with according to the letter of the law and then the rest will follow. If the absurd injunction is not upheld then the McCanns have simply had it; if it is, there'll be an outcry. The breathing space has been fortuitious since a fair number of people have been alerted to take an interest, and unless they're quite off their heads the conclusions they come to can only be in one direction. If there is some sinister high-level plot behind all this, well the perpetrators will probably manage to escape but at least we'll be spared any more of the McCann tomfoolery and this distressing public display of appalling behaviour


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