1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Project Justice Gonçalo Amaral has already gathered approximately three thousand euros to support the former PJ inspector

Gerry McCann with PJGA red carnations bunch

The citizens’ movement Project Justice Gonçalo Amaral has already gathered approximately three thousand euros to support the former Polícia Judiciária (PJ) inspector in the processes that have been filed by the McCann couple, the parents of the child that went missing in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, in 2007

Luís Arriaga, the spokesman of the project that supports Gonçalo Amaral, told Lusa agency that the amount that has been gathered so far, within a month’s time, “is manifestly insufficient to face the numerous processes”, yet asserted that the collection of financial means will continue.

“We want to gather the sympathy of people who can help in the creation of a support fund”, said Luís Arriaga, next to the Palace of Justice in Lisbon, where other members of the project reunited, before the first hearing concerning the prohibition of the book “Maddie – The Truth About The Lie”, by Gonçalo Amaral.

The trial ended up being postponed to the 12th, 13th and 14th of January, due to the illness of Gonçalo Amaral’s lawyer, António Cabrita, but before the postponement was confirmed, some ten members of the project symbolically distributed red carnations.

“That is the primary focus: to raise awareness within the public opinion, towards the need to recover the sense of the 25th of April [Portuguese Freedom Revolution in 1974] in freedom of expression. We cannot return to obscurantism, to the rejection of freedom of expression. Everyone can speak, obviously there are no boundaries. The boundary will be that of law”, Luís Arriaga explained.

The spokesman further defended the need “for a new revelation if the judicial system is badly designed and if the rich are being protected in access to justice”.

Apart from the presence of members of Project Justice Gonçalo Amaral, with t-shirts bearing inscriptions “Freedom of Expression” and “Censorship Never Again”, other people protested against Kate and Gerry McCann at the moment when the two of them gave statements to the Portuguese and the British journalists.

Kate and Gerry McCann, the parents of the English child that disappeared in the Algarve in 2007, arrived at Lisbon’s Palace of Justice at around 9 a.m., while Gonçalo Amaral arrived at around 9.20.

Before entering the court, Gonçalo Amaral told the journalists that “Portugal is a country with freedom of expression”.

The parents of Madeleine McCann, who went missing on the 3rd of May 2007 in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, allege that the book and the video that was sold after a documentary that was shown on TVI, divulge Gonçalo Amaral’s thesis, which they consider unsustainable, that both are involved in their daughter’s disappearance.

Therefore, through the request that has been presented by lawyer Isabel Duarte, the British couple asked the court to remove, albeit in a provisory manner, the book and the video from the market, which was granted on the 9th of September.

Another action against Gonçalo Amaral, with the accusation of statements that are considered to be defaming, in which the British couple demands a compensation of at least 1.2 million euros, is also running its course.

source: Lusa/Sol, 11.12.2009


  1. Thanks a lot for your efforts, Joana and astro :)

    Please when can we see pictures of your protest?

  2. Excellent... Gerry assumed the flowers were from well wishers - he's so used to taking from the public

  3. Is it easy to send up a weekly or monthly standing order to the fund from a UK bank account? Do you know if there would be charges to do so? How long will this fund run for, I really want to contribute?

  4. It's a pity they didn't get thrown at him instead.

    Then he might get the message.

  5. Anonymous, post number 2: I bet Gerry McCann will be 'furious' when he realises the red carnations weren't a gift from well-wishers. Clarence Mitchell will no doubt announce that it was 'ludicrous' and Kate will think it was an 'unhelpful' thing to do....

    No doubt the McCanns will also be spitting with rage when they realise people are donating money to a fund to support Gonçalo Amaral.

  6. Flowers - how lovely!! Of course he doesn't know you wished him ill, and I for one am glad of it.

  7. 11/12/2009 17:36
    Anonymous said... 2 Excellent... Gerry assumed the flowers were from well wishers - he's so used to taking from the public


    Thanks for explaining that I could not figure out why mccann had such a large bunch....Doh..

  8. can someone explain about the flowers for me please

  9. Is Gerry smiling at the beauty of his own reflection on the car bonnet?

  10. The McCanns new that those were PJGA red carnations, the only symbol we took to the demonstration of support to Gonçalo Amaral and for Freedom of expression. They were also given to their lawyer Isabel Duarte, and to every British and Portuguese journalist along with a press kit with the PJGA Manifesto and petition texts in English or Portuguese depending of the journalists nationality.

    A PJGA supporter gave an interview to Sky News, another to BBC and another channel 5, the PJGA spokesman, Dr. Luís Arriaga gave several to the Portuguese media who were also interested in hearing what the concepts of the 'Citizens in Defence of Rights and Freedoms – Project Justice Gonçalo Amaral' are.

    The McCanns are on Praia da Luz, tonight.

  11. They are our symbol of freedom DUDE! It is indeed ironic that Gerry holds a bunch of red carnations, the symbol of our revolution, the symbol of liberty and of freedom of expression. He, who tries to prevent the disclosure of the truth at all costs. He, who tries hard to put a gag on Goncalo's mouth. Poor Gerry, your ignorance is appalling!

  12. thanks for the flower explanation,and well done all that attended

  13. Gerry has no more concept of democracy, justice, honesty or even parental love than a snake.
    In fact probably less. Flowers as a symbol of democracy are completely lost on him. As was his daughter, unfortunately, poor Madeleine.

  14. I think the postponement, although a bit of a let down, is a good thing as far as Goncalo Amaral is concerned. It will allow more money to flow in for his defence, and also give the public more time to ponder on the evidence he has made public since Maddie disappeared. So the McCanns will have to sweat a bit longer!!

  15. Joana,

    What the hell are they doing in Praia da Luz? Holidays, perhaps? This time with no children, just to make sure not another one goes missing. And if not looking for that lair where Maddie suppose to be kept, what else can it be other than another provocation. Typical McCann!

  16. Off topic but this one baffles me. Or probably not. BBC tells us:
    "Lawyers for US golfer Tiger Woods have obtained a UK injunction preventing certain information purportedly about him being published."

    Do we know who's behind this injunction? Does this sound familiar?

  17. Fernis remarked on "the lair", which was of course an idea mooted by the current McCann sleuths. I just wonder why they can't provide enough supporting evidence to get the case re-opened. However, the statement does provide support, albeit minimal, that Madeleine is still alive, surely an important factor in the McCanns' case against Amaral.

  18. AH! AH! Esta ansia de Gerry saltar sobre tudo o que lhe pode dar protagonismo e que ele possa usar em seu proveito proprio, colocou-o nesta situacao ridicula: SEGURAR UM RAMO DE CRAVOS, SIMBOLO DA LIBERDADE E DA ABOLICAO DA CENSURA, convencido que era uma mensagem de apoio a sua causa. FARTEI-ME DE RIR. FOI REALMENTE UM ENORME MOMENTO a somar ao ridiculo aproveitamento do caso Mariluz.

  19. In USA TIGER WOOD, no matter being famous , is treated as a normal citizen. Criticized and obliged to face justice and the bad comments which start because of his wrong behaviour. Off-course, Tiger Wood will be protected in UK. After the Mccann's, UK get framed by the huge and stupid support they gave to a pair of careless parents. IF were in USA, THE MCCANN'S WILL BE IN JAIL SINCE THE FIRST WEEKS AFTER MADDIE WENT MISSING.

    In Portugal, where politics, lawyers and the top characters of justice are corrupts, they use G. Amaral case to show all the investigators what can hapen to them if they tray to investigate them and show the public the truth they find. Specially if the truth is a crime. THIS IS A MESSAGE OF RED LIGHT TO ALL INVESTIGATORS INVOLVED ON FACE OCULTA and Freeport. ASHAME!!!!

    The interview of Armando Vara in RTP was a poor copy of Carlos Cruz, years ago, about Casa Pia. Armando vara follow the strategy of all guilts: accusing the investigators and the judges and protecting himself. He was so nervous that became ridiculous. Same with mccann's. Accusing polices and wearing a victim coat it is not ennough to erase the crime and convince the public.
    By the way, for the first time they came to Portugal wearing grieving cloths ( black). Is it because is winter or that mean's more.... Maybe they got a little conscience and for the first time became real with some need of respect to Maddie memory.

  20. LOVE this picture! I thought the same as Salsa - a narcissist gazing lovingly at his own reflection. And to be holding a bunch of carnations without understanding the significance is just priceless!

    Well done all those who attended. I couldn't be there, but since it's been postponed I've been given another opportunity to add my voice to the protests. I couldn't give two hoots about the McCanns, but I want the Portuguese government to see a movement which is gathering momentum.


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