1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Requirements and justice

by Gonçalo Amaral

Socrates, the philosopher, used to say: “an indication is an indication; two indications are two indications; three indications is evidence”. The sentence contains a requirement in the evaluation of evidence from indications. A mere indication is not enough; something more is necessary.

A few days ago, I met a young Portuguese man who was condemned to life in prison by an English court, based on a single, false indication. The apparent ease with which a foreigner is condemned in the United Kingdom is in contrast with the Socratic requirements and some archiving of crime processes in Portugal.

The conclusion is simple: in Portugal, contrary to the United Kingdom, more is required. That is to say, the foreign suspect is feared and if he is powerful, archiving is always a legal escape and a balm for fearing souls. The abandonment by the Portuguese Government that said citizen suffered, goes to show the disdain that we are subject to, whenever we collide with the police and judicial system of a major power.

The Portuguese State’s interests do not cover its citizens’ defence, leaving them alone and without support. Without the support that was required, the young Portuguese man managed to prove his innocence and now fights for compensation over the damages that he suffered due to the time that he spent in a British prison. He remains without Government support.

in: Correio da Manhã, 19.12.2009


  1. I have no doubt that if a Portuguese couple had gone on holiday to the UK, left the children alone in a hotel room and lost a child in similar circumstances, they would have been arrested and crucified, pronto.
    When bad things happen to a British child in Portugal, of course it's the Portuguese cop's fault. He is vilified, the parents are the poor innocent victims and treated like royalty.
    What makes me furious is that the Portuguese authorities would just stand by and let this happen.

  2. I take it that he didn't have his own PR machine at work for him then, and his own spinning spokesman.

    Nor did he have friends in high places and the media.

    Nor a Fund for his own personal use containing millions, all given by the generous, trusting, public.

    Whoever said 'justice is blind' must have been pulling our leg.

  3. Another very srange name coincidence:


  4. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

    According to traditional Christian belief in witchcraft, the pact is between a person and Satan or any other demon (or demons); the person offers his or her soul in exchange for diabolical favours. Those favours vary by the tale, but tend to include youth, knowledge, wealth, or power. It was also believed that some persons made this type of pact just as a sign of recognizing the Devil as their master, in exchange for nothing. Regardless, the bargain is a dangerous one, for the price of the Fiend's service is the wagerer's soul. The tale may have a moralizing end, with eternal damnation for the foolhardy venturer.

    It was usually thought that the person who had made a pact also promised the demon to kill children or consecrate them to the Devil at the moment of birth (many midwives were accused of this, due to the number of children that died at birth in the Middle Ages and Renaissance), take part in Sabbaths, have sexual relations with demons, and sometimes engender children from a succubus, or incubus in the case of women.

  5. Infelizmente é verdade....Suponho que o Sr Gonçalo Amaral fala do Nicolas Bento?Para quem estiver interessado saiu agora um livro intitulado "Inocente,Not guilty", escrito pela jornalista da RTP que seguiu o caso e fez alguma investigação.Parece que há algumas revelações interessantes...

  6. The Nico Bento case has so many similarities to the McCann case. An "FBI trained Expert Witness" analysing the video footage, who later turns out to be just some guy who'd previously worked in a supermarket, who then very conviniently committed suicide. FSS employees subjected to injunctions, forced to resign, and still being threatened with legal action for speaking out about a clear miscarriage of justice.

    Lets get this very clear, a UK government establishment proctively took action, spending tax payers money to prevent a senior scientist from raising the alarm about a miscariage of justice. What exactly where they frightened of ?

  7. Now Astro , The Anglo-Saxon and Latin cultures are worlds apart. We are nobodys subjects, we are a Republic where everyone is born equal. We are not racists either, quote- Jesus made the white and black men, the Portuguese made the brown. lol. In the Uk is quiet common to have a very obvious class separation. The Lords and Ladies , Royalty/Clergy all in one, the Wall Street and the Main street and finally the fishmongers, people like you and me. ( so they think )

  8. In England there is a class system the working class are better than the middle class , the working class know poverty which makes them better people , the middle class are mostly jumped up working class who become snobs and forget there working class roots or pretent to . The upper class is no better than any one else , the only difference between the upper class , middle class and working class is money , that enables the the well off to buy justice .

  9. Jamar (5)

    I cant agree more with you.
    The problem is the UK has not yet recovered from its "emperialist loss". Unless they deny their absurde "monarchy" and all which is attached to it,they will go backwards and it shows everyday a little bit more.
    This is beyond class system we can now speak of "cast system"....lords & ladies,royalty/clergy,todos a la p....calle!!
    This also is applicable to the "monarchy" in Spain and anywhere else where "somedy" is a "king" or a "queen" on account of "divine" election.....centuries of LIES.....

  10. http://trannyfattyacid.blogspot.com/
    copio e colo:
    Corporate Corruption
    There was an interesting snippet in Private Eye in relation to the ongoing campaign by certain law firms to subvert the democratic process.

    Unfortunately I can't find my copy - so from memory it concerned an Islamic charity and it's connections with terror groups. According to the lawyers the group doing the investigations should dissist because the charity involved are not Islamic and are not connected with terrorist groups. This dispite the US State department saying that they are.

    And speaking of dodgy charities.

    I notice the McCann's have been fiercely defending their children's privacy once more, with the release of there Christmas fund raising appeal.

    But hey! we are talking about the law , so one shouldn't be surprised at the hypocrisy, legal and logical inconsistency and lawyers harrasing people without access to the law and the 'legal club'.

    Speaking of which, it seems the current fad for spurious legal suits doesn't only extend to the libel laws and 'reputation protection'.

    Because Games Workshop has sought to protect it's shareholders by issuing a slough of cease and dissist letters to various websites who are deemed to have infringed their Intellectual Property.

    Now leave aside that much of the Intellectual Property they are defending is not really 'their' intellectual property, seeing as it is 'borrowed' form out of copy-right historical sources, and indeed this is clear in regard to their claim against Librarium Online. Which is based on the website's use of a double headed eagle. I kid you not. The symbol which appears on the Albanian flag, is the icon of various German states and was long associated with the Romanov Tsars - of course none of these are likely targets for this Games Workshop phishing trip on account of all these legal entities have the power to fight back - much like the US state department in the case of the 'Islamic' charity - and therefore would not be subject to challenge by the bullying lawyers and the British legal system.

    Now obviously Games Workshop are entitled to do this - after all some of the websites targetted were illegally using their artwork and printed products - but I can't help thinking that this latest move is ill judged. No doubt it is linked to the fall in profits in recent years - but I do wonder how much it is connected to the fact that various legal firms have been touting for just this sort of business - much like those lawyers one sees enquiring if you have tripped over in the street.

    Posted by transfattyacid at 13:21

  11. Rosiepops launches a Xmast appeal: she asks Amaral's family and friens to say what they nows!

  12. A very interesting article by Amaral, which illustrates very well the differences between Portugal and the United Kingdom. Indeed, and without intention of offending anyone, I dare say that it illustrates the difference between Portugal and the rest of western European countries. Sorry, but I can't help thinking that if Madeleine had gone missing in.. say Germany or France (many other countries come to mind) things would have been different.. From the very beginning the Portuguese authorities have behaved in this case in a subservient way in the face of the "powerful" foreign visitor, backed up by their "powerful" country, and right to the end they have bent backwards to accommodate both the foreigners and their country of origin. Why, for instance, right at the beginning did they accommodate the requirements of the British Embassador? Why didn't they tell him to mind his own business and not to interfere in a police investigation? Why didn't they INSIST on the reconstruction? etc. etc.
    It is about time that the Portuguese judiciary and the Portuguese authorities stop behaving like if they are in a Third World country, because you are not. You are nor more nor less than any other EU country. And they should behave as such.

    BTW, I'm neither British nor Portuguese, I am a European of the EU, so I think I can look at this with a bit of perspective.

  13. Anon 12 - Yes, it may look as though the PJ, on instructions from some higher authority, kowtowed to the McCann Gang`s wishes, but we know that Goncalo Amaral and his colleagues felt disturbed by this and also frustrated in their investigations - he had instructions not to upset an already bereaved couple.

    I don`t think its really a case of Portugal acting servile to UK, but a case of corruption at higher levels and a vulnerability in the Portugese heirarchy that they were able to be manipulated by the UK. You`d have to ask our Portuguese friends what that vulnerability could be.

  14. Rosiepops is deranged..She gets double time at xmas so must be seen to earn her 40 pieces of silver...Xmas 2007 she worked 48 hours over the holiday period on the DX. Now that is what I call loyalty..not done any searching though just copy and paste.

  15. http://zoompad.blogspot.com/2009/06/prayer-dear-god-please-reveal-truth.html

    Threats from Carter Ruck and info on Jim Gamble...Special Branch supressed Forensic evidence????

  16. http://www.annaraccoon.com/madeleine-mccann/colin-port-jim-bates-operation-ore-madeleine-mccann-death-rattles-from-the-ongoing-colin-port-saga/

    Colin Port and CEOP

  17. Louise 13.... it might be something like this: 'power' in Portugal is currently in the hands of a number of disgruntled individuals with the mania of blaming their own deficiencies on the machinations of previous regimes. Call it rightful indignation or vengeful spite as you wish, but if you observe the UK I think you'll find a similar phenonemnon. The point, as verified by ordinary psychological and historical observation, is that these people wish to change nothing except to reverse roles with themselves as the dictators. I don't doubt the veracity of Sr Amaral's investigations, as would no-one with a modicum of intelligent common sense, but to a number of the Portuguese who actually don't care particularly about the sordid activities of a pair of foriegn frauds, he represents a figure who in a different context might well have belonged to the PIDE, the secret police. His position is therefore very ambiguous, to be openly reviled and secretly and embarrassingly feared and upheld. That, evidently, promotes a climate in which suspicion and blackmail is almost inevitable and conceivably exposes this weaker country to whatever threats might emenate from the McCanns' more savage home territory. You'll have to answer for the crimes of the British that promote these scoundrels to their apparent invulnerability


  18. The Telegraph today reports that the McCanns are preparing for another sad landmark early next year. On January 27th it will be 1000 days since Madeleine disappeared!! How they are milking the disappearance of their daughter! They should remember that it's also the day they went out boozing with their pals leaving all very young children alone in their beds! They won't be mentioning that though!

  19. the injustice is the tragedy of Maddie
    but the antics of her parents is also a tragedy
    their sick behaviour and campaign to find Maddie is such a disgrace
    i think only their twins when they are older will discover the truth, KWIM

  20. get the professionals on the job.....as you can see the British police are worldclass.



  21. It is very clear that there are high stakes and some kind of background political deal here.
    Gordon Brown will go down in history as the most inept (and incidentally unelected) UK Prime Minister ever. Not only has he presided over (and in some ways helped to precipitate) the worst financial crisis on record, he has presided over one of the most currupt Western governments of modern times. His leadership skills are non-existent thus leaving a moral vacuum which needs to be filled.
    I don't know what the political deal is but I suspect it has something to do with the EC (between UK and Portugal), and everything to do with empiracal Scottish loyalties (between Brown and his cronies and Gerald McCann). There are definitely sinister forces at work here. Will a new UK Government bring a fresh approach? Possibly, but we need a co-ordinated and sustained plan to keep Madeleine at the forefront of their minds, and we need to find out what the deal might look like. It will be interesting to see how the McCanns react when their friends lose power.
    I don't generally post anonymously but those that seek out the truth in this case are ruthlessly persecuted, which in itself not only jeopardises their search but is concrete evidence of the sinister forces at work.

  22. ive often read that there has been a close alliance between portugal and england going back a few hundred years.. i think im begining to understand the reason for this is is perhaps that they share the same ideas on the way to run a country with a corrupt government and justice system

  23. Portugal ainda continua com a mentalidade do "é pra inglês vêr". Só que desta vêz foi para eles (o governo inglês) verem que somos boas pessoas e até fazemos como eles pedem, e não queremos fazer mal nenhum aos McCann, que coitadinhos estão a sofrer imenso com a perda? da sua filha levada por um malvado qualquer e mantida aí num buraco perto da PDL. E claro mostrámos logo que somos uns compinchas do caraças, e vai daí é logo tirar o estatuto de arguido aos papás da Maddie porque eles ficaram muito zangados com a polícia portuguesa que, ignorantes, se atreveram a apontar-lhes o dedo (sujo de comer sardinhas) :) da suspeição. Imaginem, a eles, ingleses e médicos. Que atrevidos estes polícias!

    Desde que baixámos as calças aos ingleses após a disputa sobre o Mapa Cor de Rosa, que este complexo não nos deixa. Porra!!!
    Eu não tenho nada contra eles, juro que não! Mas que nos lixam com frequência, lá isso lixam!!

  24. Anon 19


    Do those british policemen take too long lunches and eat sardines too?

  25. Anon 11,rosiepops got mad!
    Today i went shopping to Cascaishopping and i looked in FNAC for GA's book. They told me they had sold all, and they was waiting for more, i think it is a good new.
    people don't like being gaged and if the gag come from a foreign country, it looks worse. Mcn's layer couldn't do worse to the reputation of their clients. She can count 99% against now.

  26. Anon 21 .....The famous, or infamous, "Anglo-Portuguese Alliance" refers initially to a marriage of convenience which meant, as every schoolboy was supposed to know, that Prince Henry the Navigator was the grand-son of Shakespeare's John of Gaunt. More recently in the 18th cent, it refers to a trade monopoly imposed by the English on the Portuguese and predominantly in favour of the former. It's been dragged in since whenever the English wish to act as bullies, but it's unlikely that anyone concerned with the sordid story recounted here has the faintest awareness of any of that, and anyway it's hardly any longer relevant to anything. It may be true that there is a certain imitation of the policies - if that's quite the word - of the present British government by the present Portuguese one, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they have an exclusive or unique claim to 'corruption'. The incident, one assumes, could have happened anywhere, it was just unfortunate for Portugal that the Mccanns chose the Algarve for their exploits. Not that something sinister isn't going on, from all the avidence, and very probably some complicity, but what that is exactly and for what purpose is the tantalizing mystery of the whole business.
    I've heard that Sr Amaral was interviewed last night on a special programme on RTP2. Does anyone know if that's correct? If it is, his case is rapidy gaining public attention, and judging by the readers' comments on irregular press reports almost entirely supportive attention. So the 'English gag' is far from being effective. Were the English themselves un-gagged it would all be a very different matter.

  27. Message 26

    Very good post and very enlightening . I would just like to clarify the fact that John of Gaunt was a real historical figure . Shakespeare's play " Richard the second" , has a character , John of Gaunt in the Drama , who was an uncle to Richard . They were related in real life .

    In fact Shakespeare our play write didn't live in the same period of time as John of Gaunt, Shakespeare used his character in his historical drama ." Richard the second ." I'm sorry if you already knew that John of Gaunt didn't belong to Shakespeare .

  28. Message 18

    It's good news to see that the Telegraph Newspaper are using the term(Disappeared ) instead of the usual term ( Abducted)

  29. I buy today 2 books, online, from WOOK. I would like to send a warm Merry Christmas and Happy New year to Mr. Amaral and his family. I hope, January and the next year will bring sunlight days to him and justice for Madeleine.

  30. Mr. and Mrs. Amaral and family

    I would like you all to know that you are on my mind most days . I am praying for your peace of mind and justice to surface for all of your sakes . I'm sure things will turn out very well for all of you . The truth is a mighty armour against lies .

    Many Blessings .

  31. anon 27 ... thank you, I am aware of what you say, I mention Shakespeare only by way of a poetic authenticity to duller historical facts. If the English generally were a litte more sensitive to their own history and culture instead of being so intent on trampling on that of others this present sorry situation might not have arisen. I'm not condoning the behaviour of a few Portuguese, but the main fault arises from that island which one notable Portuguese said "only the sea prevents from swallowing in disgust". If you deal with the McCanns yourself you spare the rest of us the trouble imposed on us.
    I'm not speaking in a personal sense, of course, but it's not quite fair to blame the country in which they happened to intrude for the consequences of the misbehaviour of a couple of insignificant foreigners whatever their dubious 'connections' .

  32. Nr.18, how do the McCanns know that Madeleine will not be found before January the 27th?

  33. How do the Maccanns know they have to face Mr Amaral in court Madelaine could be found any day and come home to them and live happily ever after, and Mr Amaral would be on the Maccanns christmas dinner invite list for ever and ever. Wonderful

  34. This is interesting re: the Mccanns accounts at Companies House: http://retiredrambler.typepad.com/tonys_ramblings/2009/08/the-madeleine-fund-an-update.html

  35. fernis..@24
    they certainly don't eat fish.....ive heard that contains omega oils.
    Good for the brain.

    however i am lead to believe they were the inspiration behind the keystone brigade.
    just be happy they dont follow you into tube stations


  36. If my missing child had a prayer of being alive I would be relentlessly demanding the police reopen the case. That and only that would fill my time.

    Yet, here we have the Gerry and Kate Show doing
    everything and anything but that.
    You'd have to be moron to ignore their abnormal behaviors.

  37. digressing slightly.
    ive just been looking through the video clips here and noticed one with Christopher Meyers and Roy Greenslade something quite interesting!
    Mr Meyers alluded to the role of the PCC in contacting the Mccanns 48hrs after the dissapearence via the British Embassy in WASHINGTON !
    Why that route?
    How had the Embassy in the USA (washington) become involved at this early stage and how/why?


  38. I believe that the McCanns Lawyer Isabel Duarte only figured out the s**t that she got herslef involved in, when it was already too late to step back... Same as happened to all the McCanns supporters...
    And nobody has the balls to admit it....

  39. "STOCKING FILLERS" by Dr Martin Roberts, at Mccannfiles, annother wonderful article about the last Mccann's circus.

  40. Melanie Phillips from Daily Mail asks:

    Death of free speech: Is Britain becoming the censorship capital of the world?


    Very interesting reading.

  41. Anon at 31

    I am rather cheesed off at all this dissing of the English.

    When are you going to realise that McCann is SCOTTISH, as is Blair, Brown, and most of the rest of them in this sorry tale.

    And don't forget while most of the rest of Europe was caving in to Adolph Hitler and his regime, it was the British nation who were standing alone at one point, (except for a few brave freedom fighters in Europe who were risking their lives). Besides Hitler, they were fighting the Japanese, being starved and tortured and killed in Japanese death camps, and the rest of the other hidous things they endured in the name of freedom.

    In fact, there are not many families of the English, as you put call us, who did not lose relatives in the last war that was fought in that name of freedom. So give us a bloody break, because if you carry on you will be losing the active support for Sr Amaral because the English, who are patriotic as a nation, as no doubt are the Portuguese, will be turning away in disgust. Or is that the idea behind these nasty postings?

    Many English are well and truly behind Sr Amaral, so stop this nonsense comments against the English people.

  42. Thanks fernis I was interested in this...

    Pamalam who Carter Ruck threatened has made it clear that her host is in the US...

    In one infamous case, U.S. author Rachel Ehrenfeld was sued for libel in Britain over her book Funding Evil about the Islamic terrorist money trail.

    Her book was not even published in the UK. But 23 copies sold over the internet which were shipped to Britain opened her up to a libel suit, in which she was ordered to pay £130,000 in costs and damages.

    This case has led a number of U.S. states to pass a special law to prevent English libel judgments from being applied to books published in the U.S.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-1237392/MELANIE-PHILLIPS-Death-free-speech-Is-Britain-censorship-capital-world.html#ixzz0aJhnZXNV

  43. Fernis 40 - and they are allowing comments - yippee !

  44. In todays daily star Gerry says there is evidence and facts that indicate Maddie is alive, if that's true why haven't they contacted the PJ, they said the case would only be reopened with new evidence, so Gerry make that call, only you won't will you?

  45. On the Daily Star I read Gerry says they have evidence and facts that Maddie is still alive.
    At the end of the story he says
    "If you know where she might be, please, please..."
    Why ask us if they have evidence and facts?
    We don't have any, Gerry.
    The mcCanns are under a heavy pressure.
    I hope social workers are watching them and the siblings.
    They don't sound healthy.
    Not at all.

  46. Post 44. Agreed, McCann has no real authority to say that there is evidence that MBM is alive. Only the police can make such a statement with authority, and they have not done so. If CEOP received such information, then it would have to be passed to the LP and PJ first, to be assessed whether it is credible and then, only then would a statement be made to anybody including the McCanns. So is McCann desperately trying to keep a false impression alive? If this were true the case could be reopened in a flash. If anyone's daughter were missing, wouldn't the parents insist that the case were kept open if the parents were innocent of any wrong doing as they claim? Such statements in the press do nothing to increase their credibility.

  47. http://www.foreversearching.com/about_us.php

    Hi Jan it seems CEOP policy is...if there is no evidence of a dead child then the public should keep on looking for a living child..

    What is Mccanns mantra' There is no evidence that Madeleine has come to any serious harm'...

    Foreversearching is a business take a look at their 'On Storeline'

  48. Sorry jan forgot to put this seems to be the evidence and facts supplied by CEOP...

  49. All this banging on about her still being alive - and now they have facts and evidence ! In that case, she must have been frozen with a view to thawing her out at some time in the future - anyone know anything about cryonics?

  50. To post 28
    Unfortunately, Tracy Kandhola, The Observer on Dec. 19th refers to the "abduction." Who says only quality papers can be relied on for good reporting? I think she's a Rothley resident.

  51. I am English............ proud of my heritage and would love for England to return to the good times of its past.

    However i am disgusted with what my Country has become, granted most the positions of power in this country no longer seem to sit with ENGLISHMEN, infact i would go as far as saying the English have the sh@: end of the stick in their own country.
    You only have to look at the unfair policies been past on healthcare, education etc etc

    I will say it again im proud to be an Englishman.....but I am totally disgusted with how corrupt my country has become !
    I pray for the day when the shake up happens.....and it will!

    May i just add that Madaleine was British and the only person fighting for her Justice in a comprehensive way is a Portuguese Man .......if anything i would hope that people in both countries realise the governments are corrupt on both sides to equal measure on this case.

    For me this case has nothing to do with been patriotic.

    Its about finding the TRUTH
    Its about getting Justice for an innocent 3y/o girl who I firmly believe is dead.

    Personally I think anyone who still believes in abduction to be deluded, hypnotised or paid.

    If by doing so it shows the corruption going on in the UK AND Portugal then great............because that can be addressed too.

    lets also remember the patriotic British Citizens are been lied to by their Representatives on so many fronts.
    Should we sit back and accept that?

    Weve got Men and Women been killed daily for a war conceived on LIES.

    I refuse to follow blindly in the name of been patriotic.

    I hope one day sheeple can become people again!


  52. Anon 41

    Agree. Further comment superfluous.


  53. Tracey Kandohla
    Correction to my post; the term she uses is "snatched". I've also corrected the spelling of her name.

  54. Have Carter-Ruck ever represented the " good guys"; supporters of democracy, fighters for truth or anyone trying to make the world a more decent place?
    A rhetorical question!

  55. Just read about CM's talk in Dubai.
    At one stage he is quoted as having said, "I have 120 interview bids on the table for Kate and Gerry, from their local paper in Leicestershire to Larry King. We have also worked with Al Jazeera because we feel there's a chance Madeleine could be in the north of Africa."
    Well, what happened to Edgar's lair?

  56. Is it all down to Dave Edgar now? Can he find the "hellish lair"?
    Perhaps he could co-ordinate a search by all the MCCs supporters in the 10 mile radius of PdL. I'm sure they would all volunteer their services and could boost the local economy at the same time.

  57. anon at 41 i am sure that any anti-english posts are not aimed at the average english person but at the english media and english establishment who have acted recently in a way that any justice loving person must be disgusted with

  58. Type the words 'faked abduction' or 'fund fraud' and see which name comes first on the sites!

  59. From the Daily Star:
    "MADELEINE McCann’s parents last night told how they have “facts and evidence” indicating she is alive... the couple claim the private eyes’ inquiries indicate she was abducted and may still be alive."
    I wonder if it was Metodo 3, Halligen, Oakley, Edgar or another PI.
    There's no mention of them having passed the "facts and evidence" to police so it's safe to assume that these facts and evidence boil down to nobody having been able to find a body.

  60. Anon 55 said:

    "Just read about CM's talk in Dubai.

    At one stage he is quoted as having said, "I have 120 interview bids on the table for Kate and Gerry, from their local paper in Leicestershire to ..."

    Do I understand he is now auctioning interviews? He has 120 bids on the table! :-o

  61. https://publicaffairs.linx.net/news/?p=1267

    CEOP to become INDEPENDENT....That means Jim Gamble will have more power to do and say as he pleases.

  62. CEOP to become independentChild protection, Law enforcement - liaison The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) is to be made an non-departmental public body, a junior Home Office Minister announced this week. Non-departmental public bodies (NDPBs) are more commonly known as “quangos”.

    The significance of the announcement is that it will give greater independence to CEOP to set its own strategic goals and priorities. CEOP is currently accountable to the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA); while CEOP enjoys operational independence, SOCA oversees its annual plan, budget etc. NDPBs generally have full independence: their purpose and powers is set out in the statute that creates them and within that framework they have almost complete strategic freedom.

    Jim Gamble, the senior police officer who is the Chief Executive of CEOP, has a record of being outspoken in his criticisms of the Internet industry, particularly social networking sites, and arguing that CEOP should not have to pay costs to ISPs, unlike the regular police. Heading an independent quango, rather than answering to a policing agency, he will have even greater freedom to campaign to set limits on industry self-regulation.

    Posted by malcolm on Friday, December 18th, 2009 at 1:10 pm. RSS feed for comments on this post.Both comments and pings are currently closed.
    Comments are closed.

  63. Annonymous 51

    I'm English , I agree with your every word .

    The ordinary people of the world must realise that it IS the fault of world establishments that brings trouble on mankind not the common people of the world . Our establishment along with the U.S. and other nations are fighting a war on , " terror." , a war that has no winners .

    Our (young men) our soldiers are coming home in body-bags but what about the soldiers that have been seriously injured ? The British media doesn't mention them too much do they ! Yes we stood alone for a time during W.W.11. Hitler was defeated but only when the American Nation decide to got involved in the war for reasons of self interests , alegedly . " Oh how high the Mightey have fallen." Hitler and his evil regime came to a sticky end .

    With God's help , Sr Amaral , will overcome the evil that now surrounds him . Powerful people have powerful enemies . I believe that there will be justice for Sr Amaral not all powerful people are evil , they will clearly see what is going on , it's as plain as daylight that the McCann's are playing the power game and paying through the nose for Carter Ruck to tell their lies to the rest of the world . The British libel law is an absolute disgrace . It must be changed for the sake of democracy .

  64. Ironside @ post # 63, thanks for the information. I wonder if Gamble will employ Kate and/or Gerry to take up a role in his quango. Perhaps, even get DAVID PAYNE on board. Anything is possible with these people by the look of things!

  65. http://www.obu-investigators.com/news.php

    Wade your way though this lot...Jim Bates...Jim Gamble ...CEOP and Operation Ore.

  66. I wonder who will get the winning bid. The duo do not do good telly.

  67. Anon 32 - good point! The McCann's are always planning something ahead just like I'm sure they planned the whole worldwide media campaign before Madeleine went missing, with a little help from their friends! How could a young couple who have just 'lost' their child have the time, inclination, or energy, to get into a media campaign when such a tragedy occurs! Only the McCanns it seems!

  68. Bent cop Jim Gamble given even more independence? This gives this thug even more scope to lie just as he did during Operation Ore, falsely incriminate and ruin people lives. This man should be sacked, proscuted for perjury and jailed.

  69. @i never did trust jim gamble to much up the mccanns arse for my liking


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