1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

McCanns allege Censorship to Gonçalo Amaral but Claim to have rights

Isabel Duarte, the McCanns Portuguese libel lawyer,
former defender of freedom of expression and constitutional rights

Gonçalo Amaral, the former PJ inspector led the investigations of the Maddie Case. He ended up publishing a book in which he defended the thesis of the death of the British child, whose sale would be suspended, after an action brought by the McCanns.

Gonçalo Amaral ended up writing new book, titled "The English Gag". In an interview to i Amaral said that he owes nothing to the British couple and considers the suspension of the sale of his first book a restriction on freedom of expression.

Through their lawyer in Portugal, Isabel Duarte, the McCanns challenge, to i, the position of the former inspector: "Gonçalo Amaral, only acknowledges and poorly, the limits of the the rights of others. The Law and the Constitution contain an essential democratic and imperative rule that orders to respect the reputation of people not convicted criminally. What to say then of two people who were not accused of any crime? Did the book brought an advantage or boost the investigation into the disappearance of our daughter?", they stressed.

Maddie's parents argue that they still have the right to face Gonçalo Amaral "in the courts, whose decisions are sovereign and free". "What comes next, be it in our favour or against us, is not the censorship of other times, it's just a result of applying the rules of democracy, which the author of the book(s) does not seem to appreciate", they added.[translator's note: would the McCanns who didn't even understand the symbolic significance of the red carnations ever use a common Portuguese expression relating to Salazar's regime like 'the censorship of other times'?]

In an interview to i Amaral believes that the Maddie case, who disappeared in the Algarve on May 3, 2007, should not have been made public. [this citation is wrong what Dr. Gonçalo Amaral said was meant in an ironical manner regarding the censorship of his book: «Q: The process is public. .. A: But it should have been censored. If they say that this book, which is based on the process, is defaming, then the process also defames. Why don’t they censor the process itself? It is in circulation… It has been distributed to all journalists.]

in i online newspaper

Este 'direito à resposta' merece umas perguntas dirigidas à Dr. Isabel Duarte: «Quando os seus clientes, o Casal McCann, chamaram aos Portugueses de fascistas terceiro-mundistas que estavam eles a fazer senão a difamar um povo? Quando os seus clientes, o casal McCann acusaram o Dr. Gonçalo Amaral de mentir e de ser uma vergonha que estavam eles a fazer senão a difamar um Cidadão Português? Quando os seus clientes através do media spinner Clarence Mitchell e dos familiares McCann deram a entender que a PJ estava a plantar provas para os culpabilizarem ou a oferecerem acordos de prisão com penas mais baixas em troca de confissões que chama a Dr. Isabel Duarte a isto? Quando os seus clientes tentam banir um livro que é fundamentado numa investigação feita em conjunto por Policias Portugueses e Britânicos, e tentam asfixiar o autor do livro financeiramente de modo a que esse não se possa defender em tribunal que se pode chamar senão censura? E por último como é que uma advogada que pretensamente defendeu a liberdade de expressão (FP25 de Abril) e a liberdade de imprensa, agora passados 35 anos defende a censura, a apreensão inconstitucional de um livro?»

This 'right to reply' deserves some questions aimed at Dr.Isabel Duarte: «When your clients, the McCann couple, called the Portuguese of Third World fascists what were they doing but vilifying the nation? When your clients, the McCanns, accused Dr. Gonçalo Amaral of lying and being shameful what were they doing but defaming a Portuguese citizen? When your clients through their media spinner Clarence Mitchell and the McCann family suggested that the PJ was planting evidence to blame them or that the PJ were offering deals to lower prison sentences in exchange for confessions what does Dr. Isabel Duarte calls to this? When your clients try to ban a book that is fundamented on a jointly investigation by British and Portuguese police, and try to stifle the book's author financially so that he can not defend himself in court, what can this be called but censorship? And finally how does a lawyer who allegedly defended freedom of expression (FP25 April - a far-left terrorist organization) and freedom of press, now 35 years later supports censorship, and the unconstitutional seizure of a book?»


  1. Muitos parabéns pela força e das verdades nas respostas colocadas no I!

  2. Merry Xmas Isabel Duarte,Merry Xmas.....you"ve just joined the club against freedom of expression the very same one you"ve defended.
    May be Papa Noël will bring you a tube of valium to calm your conscience because as you said: 90% of people do not believe in the case you are defending.
    Try to think before it is too late although it might be far too late: your "good name" is tainted on account of your pathetic association with this sad couple.
    The mccanns have ONE right beside SHUTTING UP: re open the case....

  3. Isabel Duarte looks worse for wear since she has taken on this case.
    She certainly looks like a very problemed lady.
    It seems to me that the Mccanns have always been able to employ weird people to assist them in they "ploy"
    Anyone normal will simply not do!

  4. ''Did the book bring an advantage or boost the investigation into our daughter?''

    With all respect to Madeleine but why should it? Contrary to what the McCanns believe it is not the responsibility of the world and his wife to search for Madeleine. The two people who were responsible for Madeleine did not protect her and they have allowed the official investigation to be shelved. How they can expect everyone else to take responsibility now is beyhond me. If the book presents scenarios which are different to the McCanns version of what they believed happened then so be it. Ultimately it may well lead to the investigation being re-opened. Isn't that what everyone wants? Isn't that what any loving parent would hope for?

  5. Thanks for pointing this out Joana - yes, the McCann Clan have defamed Goncalo Amaral and the PJ far more extensively and in such a nasty manner. Anyone knows that the parents of a missing child are the first to be suspected and GA should be given a pat on the back for doing his job correctly rather than being sued - its all such a farce. I can`t understand why any lawyer would take the McCanns case on.

  6. Inmo Isabel Duarte took on the case for one simple reason - ££££££. Lots of it, straight from the 'fund' that innocent pensioners and children paid into.

  7. Totally agree with poster 4 ...from the very first night they CHOSE to neglect their children ,The Mc Scams lost any rights they had ,from the very first day THEY have not bothered looking for Maddie ,And now think the public via the "fund" have a God given right to pay for the service ..I pray 2010 brings the case being blown wide open ,and justice finally for Maddie ,something the Mc Scams dread happening as their glory day will be over

  8. I can see in Duarte's eyes the same ethical conflicts that I (on a lesser and certainly less public scale) am facing right now. She is doing something that goes against her ethical grain. Unlike some, she feels it. Uh-oh!

  9. Excelentes perguntas, Joana. Mas suspeito que vais ficar sem respostas.

    Natal Feliz.

  10. So the McCanns have now taken to responding directly to interviews given by Amaral by contacting the publication? Are they sitting uneasy?

    Also, I find it a bit curious that the dirt the couple have dug on Amaral since September haven't been published in the British press. Is it that the press recognise what the couple are up to in waging the campaign of smear or has Clarence Mitchell asked them to hold back till around January 12 when the hearing in Portugal is due to start?

  11. Indeed Shubob, and i newspaper wasn't the only one being contacted recently by the McCanns actual libel lawyer in Portugal who forcefully requested a 'right to reply'; however not all publications oblige to the whims of inconsistent persons - some editors still have their eyes wide open.

  12. Does this Isabel Duarte sleep well at night?
    I doubt it.

  13. Seems like desperation if she is demanding newspaper column space to justify her actions. How many British newspapers have given Goncalo the right to reply?

  14. O que o cheiro do dinheiro faz às pessoas!Esta "senhora" abdica de tudo aquilo em que acredita (suponho que, sendo advogada de um jornal, é/era defensora da liberdade de expressão e do direito do público a ser informado)mas a possibilidade de ter os seus 15 minutos de fama e de pôr as suas mãos imundas no dinheiro de um cidadão português, fê-la esquecer tudo.Desprezível.Pois saiba, Dra Isabel Duarte, que os portugueses não vão esquecer. Nem a Madeleine.

  15. Thanks Joana. I get the impression that Isabel Duarte has swallowed more than she can chew this time and like Clarence is IMO avoided like the plague by ex colleagues, Duarte has found herself in a similar situation. Doesn't she have other clients or has she shut shop to concentrate on the McCanns? After all, there's big money to be made from Maddie's disappearance!

  16. If Duarte is the one contacting the papers for the "right to reply" then what are the McCanns' Portuguese PR team getting paid for? After all, Clarence Mitchell recently told a room full of delegates at a conference that the couple retained the Portuguese PR agency to "enhance engagement with opinion formers and PT commentariat".

  17. As hinted at http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2009/12/summary-of-what-happened-yesterday.html Lift Consulting [CEO Salvador da Cunha] have a very specific target and objective.

  18. http://www.mattwardman.com/blog/2009/12/18/trafigura-the-bbc-settles/

    Carter Rucked...

  19. Well, I could be wrong but it looks like Lift are the best in the business in Portugal. So once again, the McCanns choose the very best for themselves and the absolute worse for Maddie by way of incompetent PIs!

  20. what a load of sh@:I

    what about peoples reputations like the victoria beckham lookalike in Australia who was dragged into the charade. Had she been criminally convicted of anything?
    yet look at the coverage she was subject to concerning this case?

    what about sketches been broadcast of people suspected of been key players and needing to be eliminated?
    where they convicted ?
    was there any consideration to their reputations etc

    what about all the houses that were searched....does that imply that every citizen was a suspect to have the house searched?
    were they allowed privacy?
    what about there feelings?

    Everthing that comes from the Mccanns team smacks of double standards.

    a phrase that springs to mind



  21. Post 4. Agreed. "Did the book bring an advantage or boost the investigation into our daughter?" The answer to that is that the book is about the police investigation, which did indeed bring us closer to the truth about the girl's disappearance. The investigation should be reopened. Why don't the McCanns want that, to find the truth about their daughter's disappearance. Why do they prefer expensive PIs who don't find out anything?

  22. The major trouble with this vile duo is,from day one they have been treat with kid gloves ,they overnight became celebrities,neigh Royalty ,therefore they were never allowed to be PROPERLY quizzed ,the protection given to them has been unlike anything I have seen before or since ,they have been protected for reason ,the start IMO the begining of the end for the "Golden couple"will be when someone blows the whistle of the massive cover-up which surrounds this case

  23. On another note I had to giggle at a comment made in DM by a reader posting about mother-in-laws. They wrote Get Carter Ruck they are good at gagging.

  24. POST 22, it's not unheard of for MI5 and MI6 operatives to "turn"

  25. Joana #11 - It's good to know some editors have standards.

    I'm not an angry person but I feel myself getting angry and it is much too close to Christmas to be feeling like this. Merry Christmas to you Joana and thank you for all you do for us and, of course for Madeleine.

    Merry Christmas to all!!!

  26. Merry Christmas, No. 24

    Merry Christmas, as you say, to all posters but special wishes to Amaral and Joana, who, I think have worked the hardest of anyone for Madeleine.

  27. The McCanns and their team are obviously on the defensive now. Freedom of expression is a very sensitive matter for the Portuguese who lived under 48 years of a dictatorship.


  28. I have just read on one of the Friends of Mccanns blogs that Kate said she did not go the apartment because they could not contact the British owner….This apartment is rented out by MW the Mccanns always claimed not to know Ruth Mccann…the same Ruth Mccann that lives within a mile of Kates parents…Why would the Mccanns be contacting the owner when they claim not to know her?????

    I think the Mccanns did not go the apartment in case it was bugged by PJ.

  29. a special thanks to GA Joana and the portugese people at christmas time but dont forget that without the internet to bring everything together there would have been only silence in england the land we have always been told is the land of truth and fair play. With the internet they now have a tiger by its tail

  30. I agree with poster 24 ,Thank God there are people like Joana and Amaral,without them what chance has Maddie got ? without them we ( the English) would never find out what is happening in this charade ,as the cover-up here is sickening ,Keep up the good work both of you ,and on behalf of myself ,a Mother and Grandmother,and Maddie ,an innocent child used by her family to make money ,Merry Christmas to you both ,and prayers for answers in 2010

  31. I agree with everything above but unfortunately I have to say that every person has the right to defend himself and has the right of getting a lawyer to defend him.
    By chance it is Isabel Duarte but it could have been any other lawyer.
    The McCanns wanted to sue Gonçalo and they needed one in Portugal.
    Isabel Duarte said yes and who knows she regrets it now because it will be tough for her, with so many good witnesses in favor of the book and of freedom of speech.
    She must have seen the McCanns request as a chalange for her, like Bush saw Afghanistan as a chalange for the USA.
    Everybody has the right to be brave, although Bush and the McCanns never showed up personaly on the battle fields.
    Not only generals but also manipulators die in bed.

  32. Isn't 5 A in the PJ's hands?

  33. Isabel Duarte does not need the suine flu to look sick.
    Neither do need the McCanns in the last 7 weeks, after the A Minute for Madeleine and their visit to Portugal.
    And Mitchell looks really old, worse than Father Christmas.

  34. Yes, I listened again to Jim Gamble, I now believe the goal of the appeal is to reach a close relative, a father or a mother.
    Not even a brother or a sister.

    Not Tapas 7 of their eventual friends.
    This mother or this father will have to save other vulnerable children, who are living at terrible risk, before another terrible accident happens.
    It is now their responsibility.

  35. Mrs. Isabel Duarte works for the Portuguese newspaper Expresso.

    Expresso was founded in 1973 by Francisco P. Balsemao

    Francisco P. Balsemao is Independent Non-Executive Director of Daily Mail and General Trust Plc. since 2002. He is chairman and chief executive of IMPRESA, S.G.P.S, chairman of the European Publishers Council and a former prime minister of Portugal.

    Mr. Clarence Mitchell certainly knows the people at the Daily Mail since he sat down with their editors to shape the stories.

    So there you have it, one happy family.

    Merry Christmas, hopefully next year people in a position to do something about this case will say enough is enough.

    Feliz Natal

  36. If Isabel Duarte was originally known as a champion of free speech, then if she wins this case it will IMO be a pyrrhic victory. Conscience is a wonderful thing, but also troublesome to those who have one. Those who speak out on the side of freedom of speech will be known and remembered for their principles; those who only speak to silence others by taking away their right to free speech will be known and remembered for their help in acts of suppression. I know which one I'd rather be.

  37. It is in the interests of the public at large for the book to be in circulation, so as to warn people that the McCanns fairy story of an abduction has no evidence to back it whatsover.

    It is the McCanns who should be stopped from begging money from people to put in the account allegedly set up to find Madeleine, yet is really their own money to do with as they wish, even to the extent that they were caught paying their mortgage with it.

    Utterly sickening they are allowed to get away with this, and those in authority turn a blind eye.

  38. Besides those 48 questions Kate refused to answer, people should be reminded that the McCanns lied when they said they had no credit cards, when it was since discovered that they did, after they hired the car with one of them.

    Why did they lie?

    What are they hiding?

    Did they purchase something on that holiday they don't want known about?

    I wish they would be asked that question again by the PJ. The information contained on the credit card account may be the most important evidence needed to charge the McCanns.

    The McCanns should not be given a pass on this lie.

  39. "2010" is going to be a very interesting year for Team McCann the UK Labour Government will be kicked out by May, imo this is where the whole cover up with this case lies, "2010" is the year when this case will start to unravel, I remember a couple of years ago a Portuguese Grandmother who was interviewed by the PJ regarding the case said "when you all find out what really happened that night your jaws will hit the floor", this imo will be exactly what will happen, but not about the Tapas lot, but the UK Government and what there involvement really was regarding this case............Tick Tock!!!!!

  40. If as Feliz (35) says these relationships exist I wonder how far Francisco P. Balsemao tentacles reach. Does he have any influence over the judicial system or judges?

    Does anyone know the history of the judge who has been chosen for the January hearing.

    The McCanns have already tried it on a few times with the British justice system. Now maybe it is Portugals turn. Let's hope they finally have met their match.

  41. What will become of Lift Consulting and Isabel Duarte when the McCanns are exposed? I imagine the Portuguese people and Portuguese business (and perhaps even the Portuguese government) have had just about enough of being defamed and their livelihoods damaged. Will they forget and forgive so readily or will Lift Consulting and Isabel Durate be for ever remembered as people who aided and abetted damaging the Portuguese nation.

    I hope these people realise what damage they are doing to their country and their country-folk. Is it all worth it they must ask themselves or will they become the nation’s pariahs too. I hope they have demanded high fees, when this all goes wrong for them let’s hope they will too be outcasts and rue the day they ever became involved in this charade.

    A Happy Christmas and heartfelt thanks to Joana, Astro and the team and to the seekers of truth everywhere.

    Mr B

    Isabel Duarte was connected to portuguese terrorrist group FP25 de Abril. My source is rock solid. This woman has more skeletons in her closet than a cemitery. This woman has to destroy Goncalo Amaral because he is from PJ and PJ's know about her past.
    Poor little Maddie is defended by crooks, criminals, fraudsters.
    Happy Christmas, if you can still call this Christmas.

  43. To Anon 42:

    As they say: Birds of a feather flock together!

  44. For our foreign friends who don't know what the FP 25 de Abril was:

    Forças Populares 25 de Abril (English: Popular Forces 25 April) (FP 25 de Abril or FP-25) was a far-left armed organization operating in Portugal between 1980 and 1987.[1] Some of its members had previously been active in the "Brigadas Revolucionárias" (English: Revolutionary Brigades), an armed group with links to the Partido Revolucionário do Proletariado (English: Revolutionary Party of the Proletariat). A total of 18 people were killed by the FP-25 as a result of armed attacks, bombings and confrontations with the police during bank robberies and escape attempts. Judgment for these crimes was never fully carried out due to legal prescription and granted amnesties. The main figure of the FP-25 was Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho, a leading figure of the Armed Forces Movement (MFA) which was responsible for the Carnation Revolution military coup in April 25, 1974. Saraiva de Carvalho served several years in prison before being released during an amnesty.

    Source: wikipedia

    So, apparently this was the organization Isabel Duarte was connected with. From revolutionary to fascist it just takes a few £££ from the Madeleine Fund.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    F. Finland

  45. I wanted to add my thanks to Joana and Goncalo... they are forging ahead and staying with the 'facts' in a case where so many are trying so very hard to distort the 'truth'. Thank you to both of you and Merry Christmas.I am hopeful that the New Year will bring many things for each of you... but mostly I hope for 'freedom of expression' for Goncalo and for the 'truth' to be revealed in this case for both of you.. but mostly for a little girl who is no longer here.

    May all those who follow this site and contribute enjoy the true meaning of the season... love, joy and peace. It is something I don't believe Mr. and Mrs. McCann will be enjoying now or for a very long time...

  46. Isabel Duarte, I despice you. (and you same taste for spotted scarfs and kate mccann wears, yak)


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