1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

A summary of what happened yesterday

During the afternoon of the previous day, before the witnesses’ hearings, a friend told us that Dr. António Cabrita, Mr.Gonçalo Amaral's lawyer due to his illness and because his secretary caught the swine flu had to stay at home.

Another friend mentioned that Sandra Felgueiras interview would mention this fact at RTP 1 night news; the spreading of the news in the way that was divulged gave the wrong idea that nothing would happen in the next morning.

However all parts had to attend the session to hear the decision to postpone the hearings. So, the McCanns were going to be there, their lawyer Isabel Duarte, Gonçalo Amaral and the witnesses called by his defence lawyer to give statements on that day. 3 witnesses were called for yesterday’s hearing, two of them appeared.

At the PJGA a decision was made to change how and what we would do according to the last minute news.

The members started arriving at the courthouse from 9:00 am forwards. We took with us 100 red carnations and press kits, like the one available at the site, in two languages, in Portuguese and in English to be distributed among the media, and whomever else that could be interested in reading our manifesto.

We were about 11 people in total from the PJGA, there were also a few populars that were attending the event. No one was there to support the McCanns.

When we got there, at one of the entrances of Palácio da Justiça, photo journalists and cameramen surrounded the members to shoot what we were talking and doing, like taking out of the bags (the forbidden book, the red carnations and the media kits). We also dressed T-shirts that stated on the front: “Liberdade de Expressão” and the PJGA site link – www.pjga.blogspot.com, and on the back “Censura Nunca Mais” – “Freedom of Expression” and “Censorship Never Again”.

Mr.Gonçalo Amaral and the McCann couple were already inside the Courthouse. Meanwhile, outside there were several journalists, mainly from Portugal and from the UK. A few familiar faces from the UK media were there, from Martin Brunt to Keir Simmons, and a few others that have been following the McCanns case since Praia da Luz.

The atmosphere outside was of excitement, the journalists were frenetic, some were circling around the huge Courthouse building to see if the McCanns didn’t attempt to escape from the back doors, others were calling the editors, others preparing the satellite connections. Every time that a false hint that someone was coming out of the court room was made, the journalists gathered like vultures at the entrance door in a semi-circle, all on the top of each others, squeezing for a better space.

Our PJGA representative, Dr. Luís Arriaga, was giving several interviews to the media at that time. We, the rest of the members, were distributing the press kits and carnations, and talking about our views quietly with journalists from both countries.

Some press members came out from the court session, and a few minutes later so did Mr. Gonçalo Amaral, immediately the half-circle of journalists surrounded Gonçalo Amaral. Generally, because of the sheer amount of journalists one or two are appointed to make the questions, one of the questions was made by Sandra Felgueiras, she asked if: “Do you think the McCanns now have the sensation that you made everything for this trial to be postponed knowing that they were coming to Portugal?” to which Gonçalo answered that he was not the creator of the influenza virus, and that was not something the McCanns could pin on him.

On the half circle, while Mr Amaral answered the journalist’s questions there was an English journalist named Kier Simmons who was constantly and rudely interrupting Mr. Amaral, he said multiple times, “Why don’t you speak in English for our viewers? Can’t you give us an answer in English?” – the blatant imperialistic rudeness of that man, was amazing. I caught him up later and told him that he was very bad-mannered not for interrupting, but for demanding that Mr Amaral, a Portuguese man in Portugal spoke in English – a language that Mr. Amaral does not speak nor does he have the obligation to speak. Obviously, Kier did not know one word of Portuguese.

Moving on. Like a pack of wolves, the British journalists followed Gonçalo Amaral until he entered his car and left.

At the courthouse door, where the McCanns were supposed to appear, was Salvador da Cunha, the CEO of Lift Image Consulting, the new McCann’s PR man in Portugal.

According to what was leaked by a source Lift Consulting was the company that was hired to wash Fátima Felgueiras [Sandra’ mum] image, when she runned away from the Portuguese Justice to Brazil.

The McCanns are paying this firm with the Find Madeleine McCann Fund. According to a source the firm allegedly has two strategies to follow: one, to wash the McCanns image in Portugal and two, to attack Gonçalo Amaral using every possible means.

Like prima donnas, we had to wait for the McCanns to feel comfortable enough to get out, Mr. Salvador da Cunha, vociferated to the journalists to move two steps backwards otherwise the McCanns would leave from another door.

A member of the PJGA attempted to give this ‘gentleman’ two carnations in the name of freedom of expression only to be welcomed by a sentence, spitted with hatred between his teeth; “No, I don’t want it. What you’re doing is not defending the freedom of expression, but the freedom of distortion”- he also accused the PJGA members of being paid to support Gonçalo Amaral and a few other things that we caught on film but are too offensive to publish. [view the video here]

The McCanns came outside and answered 2 or 3 questions made by the journalists, one of them made by Sandra Felgueiras, who funnily enough made one of the most biased news piece for TV – we could think she was hired by UK’s Mirror or Sun's newspaper. But this is another matter that I’ll leave for later.

What was interesting to notice in their pre-prepared script was the new vocabulary, something that most will instantly recognize has being taken shamelessly from the PJGA’s Manifesto and Public Petitions. The McCanns, for the first time in two years, used the words: Justice, Freedom of Expression and Truth.

The McCanns, after the short media statement runned to a black expensive car with a hired driver, followed by journalists and a Portuguese lady that went there to support Mr. Amaral on her own. A member of the PJGA was able to approach Gerry McCann and offer him a bunch of Red Carnations as a sign of our fight for freedom of expression; another supporter gave a red carnation to Kate.

The McCanns went to Praia da Luz, with a few English journalists, in what could be their last time in Portugal. They rented an apartment in the Algarve, away from Praia da Luz and the population, and supposedly, they are going to stay there for the weekend.

The book “The English Gag – The Story of a Forbidden Book” by Gonçalo Amaral was launched at the LX Factory- Ler Devagar in the afternoon. Only one question remains, what on earth was Isabel Duarte doing there?


  1. Obviously, the media spread lies when they said less then 10 people were there to support Amaral. They were talking of members of the PJGA. Have an organization with such number of members his quite a lot. They forgot to mention the amount of public which were there against the Mccann's. A friend of me was there. OFF-course, if that people were there against the Mccann's, that mea's they are supporting Amaral. So obvious!! Sandra Felgueiras became an ashame journalist to me. She shows everytime that she is working pro_mccann. IS she in Praia da Luz, having a dinner with them? How manny GUY LAROCHE, GUCCI'S ETC, she got from Maddie Fund?

  2. This Felgueiras girl is finally just an idiot.

  3. aacg

    Sadly I agree with you. What is really going on in her head? She seems to be under the McCann's spell.

  4. ...because the idiot journalist must be from that tribe that believes Portugal is no more than a member of the British Empire!

    When in Rome....

  5. Thanks Joanna.

    This bit:

    "Kier Simmons who was constantly and rudely interrupting Mr. Amaral, he said multiple times, “Why don’t you speak in English for our viewers? Can’t you give us an answer in English?”

    What a cheek, mind you didn't McCann say outside the courtroom 'we're British' perhaps Mr. Amaral should be able to distinguish the British reporter and speak in fluent English to them.


    How rude and ignorant.

  6. I told the same before,Mss.Sandra Felgueiras is a very idiot girl.

  7. Próximo artigo


  8. You see, a few British still think that it's OK to come over here and piss on the streets, vomit their guts out when drank, mistreat locals, create havoc in bars, you name it. This Kier Simmons seems to be part of this few. He obviously lacks manners and someone should teach him. His bullying attempt on GA shows he is an accomplished JERK!

  9. well done all of you,been watching keir simmons on twitter, other one
    who has not read the files and according to him has followed the case for 2yrs,blimmy,you would think he had learnt something about the case by now and i found him very bias.

  10. Goncalo Amaral was completely correct not to answer the UK's bunch of parasite reporters. They've never printed anything remotely fair about him so they deserved that response. I hope they all go back to the UK realising he is not the disgraced ex cop sardine muncher they are always talking about, but an intelligent honest person who doesn't have to shout his answers to rabble reporters to make himself understood.

  11. I may be missing the point but what is Sandra Felgueiras getting criticised for?

  12. Thanks for the report.

    Why would anyone expect Amaral to speak in a different language especially when he's in his home country? Where the Germans also expecting him to speak in German? The British journalists are stupid if they didn't think of employing translators to ask the questions on their behalf.

    Joana, can you please tell us what was Keir's response when you confronted him? Thanks.

  13. It must have been a bit embarrassing and irritating for the McCanns when they found out about the meaning of the carnations, especially as they were seen leaving the scene holding a bunch of red carnations. Maybe they thought they were being greeted with flowers?.. I remember it well from the 70's.. "La revolución de los claveles"-"The revolution of the carnations". But of course the McCanns wouldn't know that. It always pays doing a bit of research beforehand about the places you visit.. Maybe they still don't know about the meaning of the red carnations? But of course, if they read this site, they will by now.

  14. Like ShuBob...please can someone tell us about Sandra Felgueiras, I don't understand...many thanks.

  15. The McCanns' never cease to amaze me, when i go to Spain where my parents have lived for 23yrs and my sister for 3yrs i always try to speak some Spanish. I always feel embarassed that i don't know more and they can speak English. It harps back to the old days when people make remarks like 'we're British' so bloody what, ~Britain does not rule the world.
    Well done everyone and thanks Joana for keeping this English woman informed.

  16. On his twitter account, Keir Simmons has ADMITTED to asking Amaral to speak in English but as if to excuse himself, he also claims Sky news and Five news did the same as him! He should be ashamed of himself!

  17. did gerry and kate speak portugues or only english

  18. I guess that Lift Image Consulting must not be that good a PR company because their client Fátima Felgueiras, Sandra's mother, lost the last local elections for mayor of Felgueiras. And by a big margin and she was the incumbent mayor to boot.


  19. shubob,keir simmonds has let himself down but he ce time hant see it all the he is up the mccanns ar** and he reckoned it was unbiased reporting.i dont think so

  20. Nobody with any sense of decency would work for the McCanns, nobody.
    As for Felgueiras, the connection via Lift Consulting is now clear. These people will be swept away by the events of the coming months; cheap opportunists always are. History will not even record them as a footnote.

    Thank you Joana for this excellent report - and in English too :) and well done to all of you who uphold the cause of freedom; the cause will surely prevail.

  21. Thanks Joana.
    The mccanns new vocabulary makes me laugh...coming from them that is!
    So Ms.Sandra has been "swollowed up" by the "Obscure Side"? Soon she will need a psychologist as well...


  22. Ora , aí está o que já me vinha a chamar a atenção desde ontem.E que foi reforçado pelas palavras de J.M. no twitter.


    vi o vídeo,porque não podia lá estar, e pareceu-me à saída do casal e à porta do Tribunal,ter reconhecido um homem, sem dúvida com bom ar, sempre muito atento(antecipo-me) às palavras do aluno Gerry;

    G. à saída, utilizou todas as palavras do grupo de apoio, como censura,não; liberdade; liberdade de expressão e em uk isto é "sagrado"(quando não mete os casos de T....figura);

    por outro lado,também penso que Isabel D. está igualmente a aprticipar activamente no processo de lavagem.

    Daí o ter dito 1 frase " simpática sobre os 90%)para enganar e diminuir a força dos apoiantes TODOS.

    Isabel D. esteve na Livraria:óptimo!
    Gostará de ler? Ou foi descansar um pouco as pernas e a cabeça?
    Ou foi (fingindo) apoiar Gonçalo Amaral;

    ou foi para pegar em mais alguma coisa para ver até que ponto poderiam sair mais umas libras e uns euros do bolso de ALGUÉM.
    Faz lembrar os tempos perigosos do antigamente,não faz?

    Quanto ao Salvador da C., então?

    Pensaram que o Menino(assim tratado pela família)alguma vez iria aceitar?

    E lá em casa dele e na Empresa o que iriam pensar?
    Ficava desacreditado!Muito aborrecido...lá teria que ir a uma super-lavagem para obter créditos.
    Já agora, era um dia útil.
    Quem trabalha e não pode de modo algum perder o emprego não poderia ir.
    Mas, há mais um pormenor,todos nós sabemos que à CAUTELA não vamos em suposições e deveremos mesmo comparecer no Tribunal.

    Mª do Carmo

    Os parabéns estendem-se à postura,dignidade,calma,maturidade e educação de Gonçalo Amaral.

  23. SoJ.

    Give up now before you lose your minds.
    This is why I have left Maddie Case Files site.

    It was a suddening recognision that they will never be charged. At least not in my lifetime, they are 20 yrs younger than me.

    It won't happen. Get away from the keyboard, forget about them and enjoy your own family. The alternative is to find yourself still here in 2015 and still beating your head against the establishment's brick wall.

    I started on the Mirror forum on 13th May 2007, after accusing G.McCann of being a control freak on ebay forums. Wow! I was accused of being hard and that Mommy dearest was probably sedated by her doctor. Yes, fine.

    I have come to the end of my posting road. I will still read here but for me it has ended.
    SoJ, my sign in, stands for Scales of Justice. I see no sign of that.

  24. ShuBob,

    Sandra Felgueiras performed quite a good interview with the McCanns, where she asked a few questions to which the McCanns showed some difficulty in answering. Namely when she asked what they would respond to the dogs finding, just to be answered by Gerry: Ask the dogs Sandra.

    A few days later she appeared in a morning Portuguese TV programme where she kind of questioned GA's investigation, probed his personal life, and gave hints of sympathy towards the McCanns.
    Now, the questions she put to Amaral were again, what can I say, biased?

  25. The McCann's new PR Company got off to a bad start by the sound of Gerry's words, "We are British"!! I bet that went down like a lead balloon with the Portuguese!! What an ignoramous!!

  26. give up ,you have to be joking,we are talking about a 3yr old child
    who,s parent didnt give a toss for,no sorry it might seem there will be no justice for madeleine,but i think there will be,so im not giving up on madeleine

  27. Fernis @ post 24, thanks but I don't agree that Sandra is biased. Is she only allowed to appear sympathetic towards one party....ever? I still contend that she is fair and the question she asked Amaral outside court HAD to be asked. If it wasn't by her I'm sure it would have been by someone else.

  28. Shubob, I still haven't posted her rtp reportage at the courthouse, she clearly distorted the truth. She was neither fair or unbiased. Have you bother to read the full report? - there is an update.

  29. Keir Simmons going to Portugal (the land of wonderful food!) and having a Big Mac for dinner tells me all I need to know about him.

  30. Joana, I can only go on what you've put up. If you bother to put up the rest of the report then I might have a different view.

  31. I will have to see a lot more evidence of Sandra's perceived bias than is being suggested here. Anyway, does it really matter? She only has her own reputation to damage if she has a renewed agenda. The truth will win in the end IMO!

  32. Shubob, when you read above the connection between SF and Lift consulting that didn't make any bells ring? The reportage is just a confirmation. ;)

  33. Joana, I made the connection but since Lift were apparently no good for her mum lol I think she's on a hiding to nothing! Seriously, I think she only has her own reputation to destroy if she has an agenda.

  34. ShuBob,

    Maybe biased was the wrong word, but her questions to GA showed a Sandra trying to put Amaral on the defence. And to me and many, her sudden attitude (or turn) seems kind of strange.

  35. absolutely Shubob, and that is a real pity, I truly admired her work and tenacity in this case.

  36. I wonder if the McCanns realise the significance of the red carnations?

  37. Post 18. "I guess that Lift Image Consulting must not be that good a PR company because their client Fátima Felgueiras, Sandra's mother, lost the last local elections for mayor of Felgueiras. And by a big margin and she was the incumbent mayor to boot."

    That's an interesting connection between SF and LI Consulting (no pun intended). Perhaps it would be in the interests of a PR company to have a 'tame' journalist to ask sympathetic questions and tow the party line?

  38. I don't think SF was toeing any party line when she questioned the McCanns following the CEOP appeal. She seemed genuinely taken aback when Gerry answered that she should "ask the dogs".


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