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To Speak the Truth by Gonçalo Amaral

Two years ago a company of private detectives hired by the parents of the child who mysteriously disappeared in the Algarve, announced that the end of the drama was at hand. The child was about to be found and spend Christmas with her family. The desire of all those who wanted a happy ending was defrauded.

Today we discuss the opposition to an injunction that withdrew the fullness of freedom of expression fundamented on multiple stampedes on the truth. It is said in the injunction that a book written by me was to blame for the failure of the search for the missing child.

To Speak the truth would be to question the work of private detective firms, hired since the early days of the investigation, that could be considered disastrous.

To Speak the Truth mean to say that at the date of publication of the book, July 2008, the private detectives companies were already working on the case for many months.

To Speak the Truth would mean to say that at Christmas 2007 I was a policeman in service, calumniated and smeared by the support staff of the parents of missing child.

To Speak the Truth is to make clear that to restore the fullness of my freedom of expression I had to retire from the Judiciary Police, because only in that way I could defend myself.

in Correio da Manhã, Opinion column 'Matéria de Facto', 12 December 2009


  1. God bless you Goncalo.
    Stay strong.
    The truth will triumph eventually.

  2. Bravo Goncalo! You are a man of honour, which is more than can be said of those determined to see you disappear from the face of the earth!

  3. Well said and Well Done Mr Amaral for Never giving up on the TRUTH. We who have followed you 'Salute You' and your courage for taking to your heart the cause of a small girl whom you never met - but knew for her sake you would Never give up until the truth be known! 'Thank you Sincerely' from your many friends in England who want to remind you that although it's been hard for you and your family - ultimately the TRUTH will set you free. Alas, until the McCanns face and speak out in Truth - they will Never be free!

  4. well done Sr Amaral for once again looking cool calm and collected in front of the press yesterday. you looked extremely professional whilst handling the uk vultures. as for speaking english sir that is up to you and being british i dont mind if you do or if you dont. im just glad to hear you speak as the only other voices in the media are sickeningly pro mccann.

    and to you mccanns....
    you could do with taking a leaf out of Sr Amarals book, i hear theres two to choose from?

    Sr Amaral i wish you great success and hope that you and youre family will soon live in peace again.

    justice for madeleine

  5. Sr. Amaral I would just like to tell you how much I admire you for putting your career and well being in second place , for the sake of truth and justice for little Madeleine who hasn't a voice of her own . You have put into writing what many thinking people have thought about Madeleine's disappearance .

    Many blessings from England .

  6. Anonymous no4 I echo your sentiments but would add not just in England, but his many friends in Scotland, Ireland and Wales and all over the world :)

  7. To speak the truth....and listening to the truth is always a bitter experience.

  8. Well done Snr Amaral. You have the support and good wishes of good intelligent people all over the world. May God protect you and your fine family.

  9. Best wishes from England - you deserve all the support we can give you.

  10. The McCanns shouldn't ever be allowed to contest the word of this HERO Snr Amaral, when he proves that there was never an abductor which I have always concurred with, will this case be re opened ?? No damage to the door !!
    No damage to the window !!
    Only Kate's fingerprints on the window !!
    Gerry says in his 1st police interview that they menaing himself and Kate used their KEY to enter the front door !!
    I believe Gerry !!
    Go get em my HERO Amaral !!!

  11. The McCanns main objectivity at the moment is the case against Snr Amaral and once again they put poor Maddie 2nd ! but still use her dissapearance to highlight the court case, what is the matter with these two ????


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