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Videos: McCanns arrive to Lisbon Airport


  1. Most rattled I've seen Gerry for a long time! The time is nigh.

  2. What is damaging is that YOU do not say the truth,so let others do it,rightly FOR MADELEINE"S SAKE.
    SHE is the only direct victim of the failure you are as parents.
    Think about it and if you so believe in justice,just ask the Procurador de La Republica to RE-OPEN the case.
    Stop your circus.It doe not work anymore

  3. The McCann's action in banning the book isn't good enough for them they want a million pounds ! May justice and truth along with a good kick in the backside hit them and their powerful supporters head on for the appalling distortion of truth and the misery they have cause to Sr. Amaral .

  4. A million euros eh? Just a tad over the top don`t you think Gerry. And you wonder why people don`t take you seriously ....


  5. why oh why doesnt a journalist say in reply to the usual bla about the book damaging the search that they shoud request reopening of the case to see what his reply would be we know kate couldnt answer she has previous form

  6. how do you think the chances are that you'll win? now that's a question no-one would have dared to ask in the UK and why Gerry struggled to answer.

  7. The McCanns are now in PDL, an even bigger protest than the one outside the Lisbon court is expected in the resort.

    I pray that while the McCanns are in Portugal, the police find that missing piece of the jigsaw that will enable them to put the gruesome twosome where they belong, behind bars. The bill for their accommodation should be sent to Gordon Brown, the PDL residents have suffered enough financial hardship, because of the McCanns behaviour. Gordon Brown has proved that he supports those who neglect their children, by helping the McCanns evade justice, so let him pay, out of his own money, for the McCanns accommodation.

    I hope the people of Portugal, realise that British people in the main, do not behave in the way the McCanns behaved, even though they would have the Portuguese believe, that the way they behaved, is the British way of life.

    The McCanns looked positively angry yesterday, lets hope it continues, I would sooner look at their angry faces than the smirks they have made since they caused Madeleine's disappearance.

    I wish the McCanns a very unmerry Christmas and I hope that 2010 is the year that Madeleine gets the justice she deserves.

    I wish Goncalo Amaral a very merry Christmas and all the best for 2010. I will keep my fingers crossed that he wins his fight against the McCanns and claims compensation from them. Make them sell their fancy house and 2 4x4s to pay him what he is owed, otherwise they will expect the kind people who donated to the fund to find Madeleine, to dig deeper into their pockets, to pay for another one of their sins.


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