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Before Demanding, We Should Provide

“At the dinner [in Lisbon in support of Gonçalo Amaral] Stephen was very well received, many people chatting to him. Grenville had a long chat to Duarte Levy. (…) Joana Morais was unable to attend the dinner as she needed to upload material for her blog about the trial. She told Grenville that keeping up the blog was almost a full-time job and at busy times meant working until the early hours of the morning.” in here

Sorry to be a spoil-sport in such euphoric times of watching the McCann’s sandcastle shiver while it watches the rising tide slowly but surely come in, but I must get this off my chest.

What are we demanding from the McCanns? One word: honesty.

Honesty about what happened that night. With that, consequences will follow, that one must endure as result of one’s actions. It all boils down to having the TRUTH be known.

It’s only logical that in order to demand one must first provide. Set the example.

That said I was quite surprised to read the name of an already exposed conman in a post about how Court proceedings were being successful in putting in pressure on the McCanns so as to rip away, once and for all, their evil masks.

How can one criticize Branson, Kennedy or Rawlings (basing on what I've read on who to expect to attend on Jan27th) in attending the forthcoming social event to refinance the Fraudulent Fund (can’t you people understand that the ONLY reason for these events is to provide a “plausible” excuse to inject money into the fund, regardless of who attends them?). They are only being friends to somebody they know is wrong, and has done wrong. Because, as all know, a really true friend is there when you need him the most.

So, all those being friendly with this gentleman, please refrain from ever again criticizing ANY of the McCann friends. If you do, you’re being hypocrite. Sorry, I know this isn't what you like or want to read, but this is what I have to say to be coherent with my conscience.

Liars are usually shameless people. Arrogant, egocentric and egomaniacal are devoid of shame. Put all these traits together and you’ll find the same amount of shame as you’ll find life in little Maddie’s cadaver.

I’m still waiting from him the same that I’m basically demanding from the McCanns: a truthful recognition of error, and full assumption of responsibility for deeds done. Instead, I got a lame excuse that it was personal business.

I do believe that this gentleman “forced” his way in, as only a manipulator is able. Saying an outright “no” to this kind of person takes a courage that most people don’t have.

Let me speak directly to you, whoever was responsible to invite the gentleman*. I’m led to believe that his presence was a direct result of you being a True Friend of his. Not turning your back on him.

But were you? A friend, I mean. I tell my friends that my friendship towards them is not revealed by helping them to run away from responsibility, but in the fact of making them face it, with all its consequence. And is also shown by my full support to them all the painful way. If they are my friends, they understand that making ME going through the process of harboring their shortfalls, is an attitude that reveals very little friendship from them towards me.

Was this conman being your friend when he blatantly lied about his feats in a process in which you were deeply involved and to which you bravely gave your face? I don’t think so. And is a “friend” like that worth your friendship? That, Sir, only you can answer. However if you answer is affirmative, please don't ask any of the McCann friends & family to come foward and cooperate with justice.

I also believe that that was the reason for Joana’s absence at that dinner. I’m assuming this as this is what I would have done were I her. I probably wouldn’t have come up with such a polite excuse like she did, but she’s put a whole lot of her into bringing all of this to a successful end, and once again, has shown greatness by understanding that sometimes some things are much more important than oneself. I would I thrown a tantrum and would have sulked and behaved like a spoiled child. But then she’s lady, and her “lie” (which, I repeat, I’m assuming solely) is acceptable.

To finish, let me state clearly that I think that there were three major things that have been decisive in this arduous process of bringing the McCanns to justice: Gonçalo Amaral, the man and the book; Joana & Astro’s blog (sorry Kazlux, but you came in later) and the 3Arguidos Forum.

Not that many others weren’t and aren’t important. They were and are and I have one time or another named them, and if I haven’t I’ve been unjust, but these, for me, were the DECISIVE ones.

So, in honoring Gonçalo Amaral, we had a dinner where a conman was present and Joana wasn’t. At least now you know my opinion on the subject.

in Textusas' blog

Textusa, you must have read my mind, dear friend. thank you.

read and don't forget:  Exposing a Swindler: The Truth About a Pathological Liar and Clean Slate : Exposing a Swindler Part II

*Note: (19Jan, 07:00) Through a comment on Joana's blog, made by herself, she suggests that there is a possibility of having used the name of Dr. Sargento's abusively in this post. Not wanting to be unjust, I have withdrawn from the post any mentioning of his name. It doesn't alter in anyway what I meant to say in it, and as said, originally, I have no problem in apologizing if that, I repeat, is the case.


  1. Textusa, The "chasse aux sorcières", the incessant internal quarells killed the 3 arguidos more surely than its ennemies.Joanna said what she had to say about D.L, it was her right, and the page was turned.As for the internal quarells of the Madeleine foundation,it is imo a private matter and you have to solve it directly and in a more discret way.Sorry if I am so direct but the solving of the case is our first aim, not our grievances, even if they are justified.


  2. Who is the authoress of this rant?
    If she believes what she says is true,why doesn't she have the courage to put her name to it?

    Grenville Green

  3. Like Zodiac #3 said... xxxxxxxx

  4. 1,an, I agree with your comment above.
    It is sad for many people but we should avoid complications.
    It is everybody's right to invite who they want.
    D.L. caused a lot of pain around, people know now he is a lier, but let it go and turn this page on.
    Textusa, try to keep yourself healthy.
    We all need you.

  5. Who ever is the author I think it is premature to say "3 major things have been decisive...... in bringing the McCanns to justice". We may never get to the truth, let alone justice. I agree true friends would help someone to face up to their duty and responsibility even if it meant pain and loss. Friends too often do the wrong thing out of loyalty and not always the right course of action.

  6. Seems to me that the only one who needs to be rattled in Amaral himself. The PJ were clearly out of their depth with this enquiry. Making the parents suspects on the basis of a dream.

    I know you will not post this because it goes against your Amaral Is great policy. But believe me a lot will happen after february that will see many blogs and forums closed.

  7. There's one thing that is obvious, to allow that proved beyond any doubt liar to be at a dinner that supports Amaral is to whitewash is lies. At least is an hypocrisy.

  8. Imo, this is a privite matter too.
    Who is inviting whom and why.

  9. As regards DL, did those 24 photos ever exist?

    Was that question answered, or is it TOP SECRET or something?

  10. To 8.....

    Up your medication.

  11. Anon 8

    There also happens to be the dogs who are indicating Madeleine is dead.

    As for sites being closed, it wouldn't be the first time if that happened.

    They will simply spring up elsewhere, or another way will be found to get the truth out.

  12. number 8:«But believe me a lot will happen after february that will see many blogs and forums closed» that might be true, hasn't Team McCann already used the Portuguese injunction [which has only jurisdictional power in Portugal and against 4 parties] to try and close sites? We can't fight Carter Ruck, that's also true.

    But what is not true is that the PJ and the British Police (Scotland Yard/MET)- (something that you seem to want forget that the investigation was done by two Police forces that shared the same investigation and conclusions) - considered the McCanns guilty because of a 'dream', I should say more a nightmare, than a dream - maybe what you read in certain UK tabloids isn't as exact as the investigation case files nor as exact as to what the hearing sworn witnesses said, have you considered that? Maybe you should, before repeating silly spins.

  13. Anonymous at 8...

    Dream on my friend. Many people are now downloading and preserving / archiving copies of web pages and other data concerned with this case. For every blog closed, another one will open. Free speech and the right of every person to have an opinion (however wrong they may be) will be upheld.

    Let battle commence...

  14. I would say to Anon 8 that there are many forum outlets where politics, sport, whatever are discussed passionately and politicians lambasted. Should all these fora be closed as well because posters criticize someone? Lets close down the internet just because we often do not like what we read. The circus was started by the McCanns and they continue to play the media. Is it supposed to be one sided and they say and nobody questions? No such world exists where questions are not asked.Its 2010 and we are entitled to free speech.

    Closing blogs down indeed just for the McCanns who the hell do they think they are?

  15. 8, making the parents suspects on basis of a dream?
    But Gerry denied the whole dream.

    See, Kate called the PJ when Gerry was away. That's why he does not allow her to go back to her job.
    On the second day she would talk too much to people around her.
    I would get insane, always at home for the rest of my life, even after the twins had left home.
    That is and will always be Kate's life.

  16. I do not understand what this is about, and I don't really want to know.
    Airing certain grievances may only help those who call us "nutters" and "scum" and "women of a certain age".
    I am none of these categories and post here because it is an intelligent, moderate blog where we can openly discuss what we find wrong about the Madeleine case.
    Joana, you have been doing marvellous work. Please continue and do not lose sight of your objectives.

  17. 11 an, I don't think those 24 photos ever existed.
    Nobody ever saw any of them.
    DL is sick.

  18. Excellent piece Textusa. Thank you for bringing it to our attention Joana. Justice will only be based on truthful foundations. Incidentally, I love the description of the McCann's sandcastle shivering as the tide approaches.

    Grenville, the authoress is someone who has a far greater grasp of what is going on than you can gain from your simplistic observation of body language. She speaks the language and knows the people.

    Number 11 - I too would love some explanation of that 24 photos debacle.

  19. It comes down to a betrayal on a professional level and a personal level. D.L. poised himself as an authentic journalist with cutting edge leads that he dramatically would dash off on his blog - with no follow up and offer no recourse to the many that would read his words. He used a professional stance to betray the good wishes, hard thinking and analytical minds that frequented his blog, this blog and many forums across the Madeleine world. His 'professional actions' were felt personally - we were had and we were had big time.

    His presence at this dinner comes as a surprise and is an affront to the authors of this blog, other blogs and to you and me. D.L. has created and commmited many acts of error while others have given up huge portions of their lives to bring factual news to you and I.

    I stand with textusa in bringing this to our attention and applaud Joana's integrity in bowing out of a situation that would have meant so much for her to be a part of. Too bad the instigator of inviting D.L. did not have the same integrity.


  20. Hello Poster (8) you mean you wish these forums would close down. Tell us who you are and what you think is going to happen in February?

    I'll tell you what should happen and that is the cruel callous money grabbing child neglecting McCanns, should be prosecuted and thrown into jail for their part in Madeleine's disappearance.

    Thank you to Goncalo Amaral, Joana and her team and Grenville Green, who made me proud to be British last week, when he went to Portugal to support Mr Amaral, I had a tear in my eye when I heard that the two men had embraced each other.

    Thank you also to Tony Bennett, who has fought to bring a law in the UK that would protect children and he is still fighting for justice for Madeleine.

    Poster (8) I suspect that you may be a little too close to the McCanns, if you are, tell them the clock is ticking. TICK TOCK TICK TOCK.

  21. Joana, I explained a friend how to find amaral's documentary, with subtiteling, through your blog but she could not find it.

    Perhaps you could put an indication on your HOME, in order to help people to find it fast.
    People who never followed this drama are getting interested now, because of Lisbon.

    A kiss from Amsterdam

  22. Anon 8, claiming that the police (portuguese and british) "made the parents suspects on the basis of a dream" means that spin is your only weapon .

  23. All right guys, I see and understand your points, but I don't believe that you would prefer me to - as nº9 so well put, "whitewash" someone's lies just because we should not give flank to Team McCann - I don't do hypocrisy nor lies, for me friendship as a real and absolute meaning, and that's all I expect in return from those who belong to my circle of friends: honesty, morals and a certain amount of bravery (and maybe a bit of foolishness to fight against an imposed silence and ostracism).

    Textusa's article shows me how in tune with reality that friend is, even though both of us haven't talked in a while, and certainly not about the dinner. More than that, Textusa's article shows to all of us that we cannot behave or act like ostriches and that positions have to be taken, or should have, in a consistent manner.

    Though I was invited to that dinner [obviously since it was a PJGA dinner], I had more important things to do, like trying to read all the notes we made at the court's hearing in order to be able to give you a proper first account of what happened, of what was said, impressions and thoughts aside. At the same time, I wasn't feeling like meeting up again that pathological meddler as I knew he would appear by the hands of a former, supposed to be friend - not talking about Sargento but won't mention names either.

    This case, for me personally has taken many hours, many hours that turned into months, and then into years of not being with friends, with family, many hours fighting against total desperation for not seeing Justice, exhaustion and doubts on systems that I used to believe in.

    I don't and I won't loose focus, this blog nor the forum ever allowed personal fights, but please, allow me to at least, by someone elses' words express my discontent once in a while. Thank you.

  24. Joana, am I reading correctly ? Times for moralists have gone.
    There was a message I loved reading on the "McCanns' pain doesn't justify censorship effort", it was from Brod 37 and it said:
    "There IS a certain amount of wild speculation on this site as others, it's perhaps a pity that some commentators allow their indignation to overcome their grammar, and surely it was a misjudgment on Sr Amaral's part to sport a 'diamond' earring in public view. Insofar as modern life has become a matter of PR presentation, then to be convincing we have to do better than the McCann side with their dubious 'professionals' and their own considerable histrionic skills. Let's stick to the facts as they presently exist, there can be no rational argument there. The 'truth', whatever it is and possibly stranger than fiction or surpassing any speculations, will then accordingly emerge. In the meantime it's to no-one's advantage to be appear to be more of a 'nutter' than the chief protagonists."
    I answered that message, I'm convinced that we must be rational and humanists or are condemned. I'll leave that forum and others will as well. We're not here to judge people, but to try to understand acts.
    By the way, "good morning!", Grenville, I didn't know your name last week when we met at the Court !

  25. Time for moralists have gone? aacg if that is true then I'm a contemporary iconoclasm. ;)

  26. Anon at 8, for every one they shut, 3 more will open, that I promise you.

  27. aacg

    You have lost me on that one.

    I personally see the McCanns as a pair of scumbags who try to intimidate anybody who does not agree with their UNPROVEN abduction theory, which they have been ramming down our throats for the past two and a half years.

    You might think Kate McCann is 'beautiful' to look at.

    Personally, she leaves me cold. They should both have been arrested for child neglect, not just for that night, but for all the other nights they left their kids.

    Madeleine is no longer. She deserved better. She was a child left crying in the dark for hours on end.

    If you think that is a moralistic attitude, too bad. It is the truth.

  28. 8-} Hi Textusa...I am a bit lost here. Could someone explain what is going on? I am a neophyte to all things Mac... "Duarte Levy"? Is that what this is all about? Sorry, it will be quite a while before I go through all the stuff in http://themaddiecasefiles.com and form my own opinion. Are the all 20.000 pages of the process there, or is it just a sample? This is by the way another tremendous job by Joana and her team of "rookies" (read: experts).

    "Levy" comes through as the nemesis of Fernando Pessoa (quite a bunch of heteronyms "Levy" created for the wrong reasons...that Jewish touch in the surname..."Levy"... was quite clever. I give him that.)

    I read what Joana Morais wrote about this guy and on the basis of the facts she presents I have no reasons to doubt her. In fact I believe her. She should have kicked him below the belt. Difficult to see where his belt is though. I understand.

    So "Levy" was "levianamente" brought to the party. So what?

    I don't think latent psychopaths should be locked up but... just as in the case of paedophiles, neighbours should be warned of their presence.

    That said, pathological liars can be used for good effect - if you keep their leash tight. Sometimes, because they believe so much in their imagination they materialize events and hit upon the truth. It's odd I know. S**t happens!

    Now seriously, I was delighted to know that a fund raising event was organized for Dr. Amaral. More, no doubt, will come. The Mc's are already talking about a concert for Madeleine. They have now resorted to "atomic weapons". Enter Elton John & Cia...I am wondering if the "Ting Tings" will be there too, but I don't think so.

    Good night. I am back to the UFO. See you in a few orbits.


  29. Hi,
    anyone knows how are the chances to see the mccanns taking the stand to give evidence are? It will be a good thing to see how they are going to answer cross-examination questions from the lawyer of Amaral.

    They maybe even asked on the stand some of the questions they have refused(Kate) to answer before, in portuguese investigation in Madeleine case.

    if they refuse to answer to some questions; in court case they have brought up themeselves , this will do far more damages for them and this will make really clear if they are really honesty or if they are trying to manipulate everyone with their fabricated theory of abduction.

  30. Anon ≠29 said to the poster ≠8: 'for every one they shut, 3 more will open, that I promise you.'

    Hear, hear! I remember saying that - only I said 2 not 3 - when the boasts about closing forums were coming from various quarters after 3As went down. It was true then and it's true now.

    Do the idiots who write their trashy little threats not understand how the Internet works? Do they not know the information contained in the visible online blogs and forums is also contained in computers all over the world? All safely stashed away, to be uploaded as and when necessary. Can't they see that their pathetic boasts of what they might be able to do are the main reason people now save information, download banned books, keep photos, copy posts, etc. so that it can be reproduced at any time in the future.

    In other words, thanks for helping us get organised, anon ≠8. Without people like you, a lot of the important information might not be as safe as it is.

  31. Joana: Don't fear Carter Ruck. I am more than a match for them. I don't know what all this February nonsense is about, it will not effect or affect my legal actions against the McCanns. Several times I have taken on the State and won in court. My attempts to get the McCanns to come after me have failed, therefore I have decided to take the fight to them. Once the court declares Madeleine, on the balance of probabilites, to be dead. No break-in, no abductor, Madeleine officially declared dead, where does that leave the McCanns? Having to explain what happened to her and her disappearance.

  32. I assume the conman that is being referred to in this article is Duarte Levy, a man whose blog I frequented because he always seemed to have inside information. When Joana Morais exposed this man for what he is and when I read Paulo Reis' reaction to being duped by this man, I was shocked and disappointed. I felt that Mr. Levy's blog had done a lot of damage to the cause of finding the truth, needless to say I never accessed his blog again. I concur with Textusa that anyone who associates themselves with Duarte Levy with regard to this case is putting their own credibility in question.

    Those of us who have followed this case for nearly 3 years, should know by now not to get our hopes up. The fact is that the McCanns have not been brought to justice. The latest developments look promising but there are still many twists and turns ahead.

    In following this case I have improved my knowledge of Portuguese, learned not to trust everything reported by the media, and come to the realisation that there is no true democracy in Britain or Portugal.

    Joana, desabafa a vontade.

  33. obrigada Guerra, pela tua compreensão e apoio, já disse o que tinha a dizer e para bom entendedor meia palavra basta- claro que há muitos que ficam aquém. Entretanto vê o próximo artigo, ainda estou a traduzir o vídeo (o segundo)- finalmente alguém que fala, com conhecimento de causa e em plena sabedoria legal. Ora, quem me dera que assim fosse sempre: straight to heart of matter, sem spins nem medos. beijinhos e boa madrugada

  34. Mr Duarte whose surname is not Levy, has effectively tainted the Madeleine McCann case with an amount of lies and fabrication that until today it is difficult to recall what is fact and what is 'levyism'. The 24 photos, the 'original' FSS report, the Tapas member who repented, the satellite story, Justine McGuinness and the Ribera what's-its-name, just to name a few. He has lied to EVERYONE, he has manipulated EVERYONE, and still most people think that this is a private matter with Joana. How foolish, how irresponsible that people will not simply recognise that they were duped. How outright DANGEROUS that people like Sargento and Amaral continue to trust a man who has lied, manipulated, and possibly created some very dangerous situations.
    It really takes only a simple NO to treat this kind of people.
    And before you even try to reduce this to a personal matter, no I didn't have an affair with Mr Duarte. Unless he's gay.

  35. And THIS story goes on as well? WHAT the point?????

  36. To ANON 8,

    one blog closed, 5 or 10 open at the same day, with different name but the same issue, until the truth!

    Look... before there was only blogs Pro and against Mccann's behaviour and lies.

    Since they close Madeleine foundation, nothing change... they still posting their point of views everywhere and new blogs where born with a new issue: "HAVE YOU BEEN GAGGED BY THE MCCANN'S?"

    see, before they were connected only with 2 crimes, their girl disappearance and the fraudulent Fund. Now they are connected also with the "Inquisition", the most dark time of civilized Country's history.... A TIME WHICH ALL DEMOCRATIC AND FREE COUNTRYS DON'T WANT TO SEE BACK. AT least out of Britain.

  37. Textusa, thank you for your support of my friend Joana.

  38. Joana, much as we love you for all the work you do keeping up this website, please , you must have some time off!!! Don't let this take over your life, your family & friends need you too. Take some time off if you need it, we understand!!!

  39. So now we have two perverted psychos who were involved in the disappearence of their child, aided by a selection of peados telling the people who are giving up their valuable time in order to see justice done for the little girl what they should do or say ?
    Dream on Mccanns you have now been fully exposed, the evidence is all there. The jury has already been out. We now only await for the court to rubber stamp your guilty verdict.
    Well done Joana your very hard work is almost done.

  40. What we are fighting here is against having our human rights being trashed.
    Personal vendettas do not appeal to me and are out of place.
    A bit of respect for Madeleine"s ,memory,please

  41. THIRD time I am trying to post my personal opinion and obviously my comments are not allowed.
    I will try once more.
    Although I do support Joana, I will allow myself to say that "personal vendettas" must not take place. This case is already sufficiently complicated as it is without necessity to make it even more so.
    A bit of respect for Madeleine"s memory,please.

    Força Joana!
    Un abrazo

  42. Joana. Post 8. Remember that websites hosted in the USA will remain immune to unreasonable legal threats and on books too. The publicity will grow and grow if the court proceedings continue.

  43. Has anybody noticed the subtle spin coming out that the McCanns were made arguidos on the basis of Kate's dream.

    Nothing to do with the dogs then!

  44. Post 34. Well done jailhouselawyer. And I look forward to endless European court hearings with all the court publicity over the world.

  45. Mr. Amaral seems to associate with all the shady characters in this story, Levy, Benett, Green. It is hard to keep our faith in him when he is surrounderd by fraud manipulation and lies!

  46. Try and keep some dignity in this matter or else it will end up in a sniping match like it did on the original Madeleine Foundation.

    I`m sure everyone knows how Levy operates, including Sargento and Amaral. Imagine the position Amaral is in - he has all these people coming out of the woodwork supposedly on his side who he doesn`t want to offend and get into a slanging match with. He`s doing a delicate balancing act and keeping his dignity. Sargento and Amaral are NOT daft - they know exactly what Levy is like.

  47. Anon 44
    People with glass houses would do well not to throw stones.

    Lies - just read the media articles "shaped" by CM.
    Manipulation - ditto, and "help" from people in higher places.
    Fraud - the McFund isn't exactly transparent, is it?

    Of course, this is just an opinion.

  48. @44 are you jcl???? another mr bennett hater,and do you really think Mr Amaral is really so stupid that he doesnt know who he can trust,if you find it so hard to keep the faith in Mr Amaral you had better jion a pro board

  49. Joana,keep doing your marvellous work.You have all my suport.

    bjs, Graça

  50. @45, thats exactly how i see it,Mr Amaral is any thing but daft

  51. I think certain things should be said in private. Bickering is what brought the 3As down, so if we want to criticise someone, I genuinely think it should not be plastered all over the net. Maybe, I'm, as the French say, a bit vieux jeu, but this is just my humble opinion.
    Also I do not think that Gonçalo Amaral or Paulo Sargento cannot see through people. After all, one is an experienced policeman and the other a psychologist. Please, let us stick to our main objectives, justice for Madeleine, for GA and freedom of speech.

  52. Please, I genuinely believe that all of this should have been said private and not plastered all over the internet. Bickering is what brought the 3As down. Maybe I'm a bit old fashioned, but if I have something to say to someone it is always done in private and not in front of other people.
    Besides, I think that Gonçalo Amaral and Paulo Sargento are intelligent enough to see through people. One is an experienced policeman and the other a psychologist.


  53. Levy is a fraude, this is not a private matter, it is a VERY PUBLIC because he has fooled everyone! Where are the 24 photos? Where?! You have all been manipulated. And permitting this man back to the case is continuating the lies.
    Não percebo como podem pensar que é assunto de lençóis. É assunto de todos, esse homem (?) mentiu e manipulou toda a gente, incluindo o Dr. Amaral, que é um Homem bom e honesto e se calhar tem demasiada boa vontade.
    Já chega deste assunto, esqueçam que este burlão existe, não lhe dêm confiança nem importância.
    Joana, siga em frente que não há pior cego do que quem não quer ver!
    Ana Maria

  54. Anon 8 and friends
    Do not underestimate us.
    There is no evidence... that we are going to go away.
    Força, Joana!

  55. @54,no one has been manipulated.we all know about levy, but some of us do not think that Mr Amaral is stupid enough not to know about levy as well ,please you are not giving Mr Amaral any credit here at all.

  56. I don't see anything wrong in certain people attending fundraisers. Dr Amaral's supporters are free to attend the McC's fundraisers as far as we know.

  57. @57.what!!!! and be seen as condoning child neglet or more,you have got to be kidding.

  58. Personally i find it refreshing that this sort of thing is openly talked about, its about transparency, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and i do not believe this is a personal matter at all, Joana was honest and open about the lies of Levy and it took courage to print it up on here when it all came out. Not being open and honest is what gives the pro boards more grist to the mill. Why Levy was invited i do not know, but as others have said, Srs Amaral and Sargento are not stupid men, far from it, but remember the saying, 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer'. Not going to the dinner i think just shows Joanas' principles are stronger than the desire to be there. Well done Textusa and as always my thanks to Joana for sticking up for herself. This was not a personal issue but and issue about truth.

  59. Joana, não desanimes. Considera isto apenas um pequeno solavanco neste percurso pela verdade e pela justica. Mas é bem verdade o que os Portugueses costumam dizer: os amigos são para as ocasiões :)

    Now, anon 8 and 45 x(

    If you cannot say anything intelligent, keep your silly writings to yourselves. You'll avoid the embarrassement of being called something else other than silly.

  60. Anon 58. I didn't see it that way. I thought they could attend to ask the duo and their celeb friends questions.

  61. Please give Mr Amaral some credit, he knows what he is doing. He did say, 'Do not underestimate me.' I believe this.

    I also believe that there will continue to be FREEDOM OF SPEECH and also JUSTICE in the Portuguese Court. I hope I am right. I like his diamond ear-ring, looks very cool.

  62. Anon 58, I'm anon 57. Thinking about this again and believe you are right. I wouldn't want any money going to their fund.

  63. Anon 8

    Carry on dreaming....
    You are obviously one of those who defend child neglect,liars and the like.
    Are you gerry-billy by any chance? :))

    Força Joana and ALL who are for : truth and justice.
    We wont be gagged and we wont accept our human rights to be trashed.None of them

  64. @60,yes i knew what you meant,but i cant see the mccanns letting us people with no money and certainly not famous in to this party as we have nothing to offer,ie money or high falluting contacts

  65. @62, I love the earring! A gift from his wife. It is a very nice statement too.

  66. jailhouselawyer

    You are right.

    It is the McCanns who should have to explain themselves.

    Every success.

  67. Lies about a case like this are not a personal matter.
    I can't remember the last time I read Levy's blog because I completely lost interest in what he says (as well as what Djorn says ;-)

    Joana, we are probably in this for the long haul and I know how demanding it must be to manage the blog.
    As a journalist, you have been one of the main public voices in this case, with balance and accuracy.
    We need you to continue, so please take care of yourself.
    Too bad for those attending the dinner if you didn't go, it was THEIR LOSS :-)


  68. I see nothing wrong with bring up the subject of Mr. Duarte. He has deceived more than just Joana, on the very subject of the McCann case. He has betrayed our trust as well.

    I'm sorry that Joana was not able to attend the dinner, for whatever reason, but heartily thank her for all her efforts on the behalf of Sr. Amaral, Portugal, Madeleine McCann, and those of us who do not believe the abduction theory. Her and Astro's contributions have made a significant difference.

  69. Joana does an excellent job keeping this blog accurate. Posts are well written and thought provoking. Calling posters internet nutters is an insult, but posters have not let such terms get to them. They are dedicated and will see this case through, I have no doubt. Thee cheers for Joana!

  70. ANON 8




  71. To reduce the Levy matter to a personal spat between him and Joana is silly. It's much bigger than that. He fed lies and rumours into the press and the blogs and forums at an amazing rate. Many people trusted him. Why did Sargento continue to appear on TV with him? Why does Amaral not cut him out? Why did Amaral apparently warmly welcome the representative of an organsiation that has been thoroughly discredited, and the founder of which is not even welcome on most blogs and sites?

  72. @73 why are you making such a big issue over this, this was between
    joana and levy as joana was the one who had personal dealings with him we didnt,yes he did spread lies and rumours but we had the choice to believe or dis-believe him which most of us did not believe him, now it seems your making snide remarks about m\f, i think that anyone who is on madeleines side is on the side of truth and that is great who ever they may be.

  73. I agree wholeheartedly with the opening post. For those of us who are determined to see this through to the end, there really is a black and white situation - no gray. We are totally honest and unbiased, we don't seek personal gain in any manner, we look at the mistakes made as honestly as we do the successes in finding justice. This entire case revolves around people attempting to mislead, outright lie and avoid responsibility for their actions. We cannot allow ourselves to do the same, nor tolerate it when we see it in others who may similarly be convinced the McCanns know what happened to Maddie. Deal with facts, people - the facts make it very clear that a cover-up is taking place and we need to stay on the narrow road of truth in the same way the McCanns should have walked that road.

    Stay strong, everyone and stay honest. It is the only way forward.

  74. We were told about DL some time back, so there's really no need to go over old ground. Whoever planned the dinner was entitled to invite whoever they wished and Mr Amaral is entitled to associate with whoever he wishes. If we're going to be in favour of freedom of speech then let's at least be fair enough to allow people freedom of association. If Mr Amaral sees fit to attend a dinner with people some posters here don't approve of - so what?

    This continuation of 'hostilities' (for want of a better word) between various factions does no good to blogs/forums or to Madeleine. We're meant to be adults, people mature enough to use our own judgment. If we don't have enough sense to weigh up everything we're told or to stay sceptical about wildly improbable claims, then we probably shouldn't be discussing something as important as a child's disappearance in the first place.

    I hope I haven't offended anyone, that's not my intention. One last thing, though - why don't people use a name when posting? It doesn't have to be your real name (nobody is called Dimsie, I'm sure) but at least we might feel more like a community if names were used more often.

  75. La rose et le réséda

    ... Quand les blés sont sous la grêle
    Fou qui fait le délicat
    Fou qui songe à ses querelles
    Au coeur du commun combat
    Celui qui croyait au ciel
    Celui qui n'y croyait pas ...


  76. @80

    We all post anonymously as we don't want to be Carter Rucked!
    How awful that it has come to this.
    Very Orwellian.

  77. Hi Dimsie -

    I agree and would like more people to use their own blog names. It would make the site a much more interesting place by being more interactive. However, it may result in people not posting for fear of any consequences, so there are two sides to it I think.

  78. I don't understand why some have a problem. All a poster needs is a user name, which doesn't have to be their real name. Surely a user name is better than using anonymous.

  79. Pessoal, estao a dar demasiada importancia a alguem que nao tem nenhuma. Todos sabemos que os casos controversos, polemicos e mediaticos sao queijo apetecivel para muitos oportunistas que usam a mentira ou o sensacionalismo para chegarem a ribalta. Se a ascencao e galactica, a queda e meteorica. mas mesmo em queda, gostam de ser notados, noticiados, falados. Faz parte da perversidade. E NOS ESTAMOS A MORDER O ISCO, DANDO IMPORTANCIA AO QUE DEVE SER IGNORADO.
    Lembrem-se... do outro lado esta quem se aproveita destas situacoes para dizer que ha rupturas entre quem apoia Amaral. No caso Maddie, a Internet e uma das principais fontes de informacao para os jornalistas. E os britanicos, sensacionalistas e oportunistas como sao, nao demorarao aq espalhar mentiras sobre quem apoia Amaral.


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