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Clarence Mitchell Spin: «Portuguese police files were finally released after a lot of pressure from this end»

24 January 2010

Jan. 24: It's been nearly 1,000 days since 3-year-old Madeleine McCann disappeared during a family vacation, and despite scores of leads, global headlines and possible sightings, the young girl remains missing. NBC's Tom Aspell reports, then TODAY's Jenna Wolfe sits down with Clarence Mitchell, a spokesperson for the family.


By Nigel Moore

Jenna Wolfe: And joining us now is Clarence Mitchell, spokesperson for Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann. Clarence, good morning, thanks for being with us today.

Clarence Mitchell: Good morning, Jenna, good to be with you.

JW: So, as we mentioned, this does mark... this week will mark the 1,000 date anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance. Can you tell us how her parents are holding up?

CM: Kate and Gerry have good and bad days, as you would well expect given that their daughter is still not home, as you say, nearly a thousand days on. They draw greatest strength from when they sense there is momentum in the search, and in the wider campaign to keep awareness of Madeleine high in the public eye, and so, on Wednesday, to mark a thousand days exactly they're going to be holding a fund raising event in London and they'll be surrounded by their long term friends and supporters, so they will draw great strength from that. But it is very difficult and they do find any, errr... anniversary or occasion like this to be very difficult.

JW: We understand that Gerry and Kate have also hired their own, errr... private investigator. Can you tell us a little bit about how that investigation is going? Has it led to any leads?

CM: There are lots of leads, whether they're the significant one that will lead to Madeleine is the question, and no... have we found her yet? No we haven't. Errr... It's a very small team currently looking into Madeleine's disappearance, led by some former British detectives now acting as private investigators. They're doing a very thorough job of going back over all the evidence, all the Portuguese police files that were finally released after a lot of pressure from... from this end and, errr... they feel that there is useful information still out there to be had; we still need people to come forward. If people go to the findmadeleine.com website all of the contact emails and phone numbers for anyone who thinks they may have seen her, or has any information about her, should... should look at that website. That information will go straight to our investigators and they are following it up on a daily basis. They go back to Portugal, from time to time; they were back there recently. The work is very much ongoing, although Madeleine isn't quite in the headlines as much as she was, the search is very much continuing and there are hundreds of calls that are still being checked out.

JW: Well, I understand that Gerry and... and Kate are attempting to block the sale... one of the new pieces of information out... are intending to block the sale of a book released by a Portuguese policeman who says that Madeleine, errr... is dead and that the parents, errr.... her parents are suspects. Can you tell us where we are in that civil case, right now? As if they need something else to continue to worry about.

CM: Well, absolutely, that's the last thing they need. This is a book written by a former police officer who was removed from the case after he criticised British police, errr... in the inquiry, errr... some two years ago. Errr... He's written a book in which he makes those allegations, as you say, he claims that he believes Madeleine is dead and that Kate and Gerry know what happened. It is totally untrue. Nor has he any evidence to make those wild, libellous allegations and that's why Kate and Gerry have gained an injunction to stop his book from being published anymore. He currently is appealing against that and we're expecting a ruling from a judge in February... mid February. Kate and Gerry obviously remain very hopeful that the judge will do the right thing and ban the book completely. We don't like to take that sort of legal action but the allegations this man is making will make people believe that Madeleine is dead and therefore they won't look for her and that will damage the search.

JW: Alright, Clarence Mitchell, we thank you so much for your time. Our thoughts continue to be with the McCanns in their search. Thank you.


  1. Look at the state of the man! Says it all really!

  2. poor old clarence,the more he opens his mouth the BIGGER TIT he looks,he must be getting paid really well out of the madeleine fund other wise he would put his brain in gear and try to speak at least a little bit of truth or is that to much to do for madeleine.

  3. The way the McCanns and this odious excuse for a man continue to regurgitate those same words, i.e. "If people read the book that says Madeleine is dead, then they won't continue to look for her"!

    I suppose if they spout that rubbish enough, they'll even begin to believe it themselves!

    I had hoped that creepy looking man had decided to opt out of the 'menage a trois' but he has come back again just like the proverbial boomerang, worse luck!!

  4. Notice how he stumbles when he speaks of the files being released after a lot pressure from..from this end. What a well oiled machine he is, being able to get air time in the U.S. as well as Britain. I just wish NBC would balance this with a report from profiler Pat Brown.

  5. I am sure that there was a lot of pressure 'from this end' but I am also sure that the pressure exerted by the mccanns was to stop the files being public, to try to make sure they were the only people who got to see them. Another case of mitchell spinning like a top.

  6. I believe a lot of pressure was made from "this" side... to "exonerate" the arguidos MC.
    They did a bit of pressure to get back spirits' e-mails and other sighting phone calls they had transmitted to the LP.

  7. Read the Guardian article (in Mccannfiles) about sky lanterns.
    Who's going to think the fund's money is efficiently spent ?

  8. "after a lot of pressure from... from this end and, errr... they "

    Strange sentence, strange hesitation in a speech carefully learned by heart. As if Clarence felt the need to change his sentence, may be because the lie was to big ( a bit like Kate at the airport "Maddie deserves a decent...).
    Perhaps his original sentence was " a lot of pressure from us", that said to give the impression the Portuguese were reluctant to cooperate with them. But , may be he realised that the lie was a bit dangerous and could be qualified as libel by the Portuguese police. So he was obliged to slide to another end of sentence and produced this nonsense-like expression with "this end". Vague enough not to be attacked but enough to hint at the meaning he intended to say at the beginning.


  9. What the hell is happening in the world to day, for what I thought were intelligent people who get these jobs in TV media, to all be taken in by Team Mccann, obviously you do not need to be very intelligent to get these jobs do you Mitchell.
    I honestly thought that with the Mccanns messing up big time in Lisbon recently that Mitchell had an excuse to detach himself from them and clauded back some respect by throwing in the towel, he must be a glutton for punishment.........Obviously he must be desperate for work!!!

  10. anon@9 maybe hes desperate to keep something covered up involving himself

  11. Oh yes! I bet there was indeed a lot of pressure from "their end" to have the files released...BUT TO THEM ONLY! Not to the public in general! I think that the initial intention was for they alone to gain access, but that did not happen, instead they had the very unpleasant surprise of having the files available to the media and whoever had an interest in them.

  12. Judy, #5, exactly my thoughts too! Sorry for repeating more or less the same you posted, but I wrote my post before reading what others had written alredy, but it's a good indicative that others are thinking the same.
    Besides, there were some police officers from England who came to Portugal in the days before the files were made public, it was said they came to prevent the portuguese police from including in the released files the list of british paedos living in Algarve. They did not want those exposed to the public...but who knows? Maybe they also came to "test the waters" and see if there was any chance that only the McCanns would get the files.

  13. ahahhahah soon we going to have a show on Broadway.--What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann ? and Eddie and Keela will be the main actors. Hence , ten years later , Sean and Amelie will be asking mum and dad, What did you do to our sister ? besides neglecting us 3 for the sake of a few kicks ? Hows the Fund going dad ? Enough dough for us to move to LA ? Mummy Mummy can I have a brand new Lamborgini ...... and a Poney ? When are we meeting King William mummy ? When is uncle Sir Mitch coming to visit us ? Is it true that he is living in a beautiful Castle ? Woowowo dad can I travel to the moon with our friend Sir Ransom ???.... and the story goes on and on.

  14. Who wrote the banner headline?

    If it was you Joana, you are being too kind. This is not spin, it is a lie.

    Also, less of the criticism of appearance please from some posters. None of us is perfect.

    Wonder whether Health and Safety have been contacted regarding the release of 1000 lanterns?
    Could be 1000 pieces of wire for farm animals to eat.
    1000 chances of fire. (Hope they are well insured as I would love to sue them.)

    How many thousand people will report strange lights in the sky. All have to be logged.

    Distress flares may be mistaken for these lights. The website claims "they can be seen for miles".

    On to my soapbox now against light pollution.
    I intentionally live where there are no street lamps. I try to educate those who move here not to floodlight the outside of their homes. Not only because it ruins the views in the Sky, but confuses wildlife.
    If you like light, go live in the suburbs.

    Why should I therefore have their lights floating above me and maybe landing and setting fire to my home?

    I can see this becoming a trend, as fireworks at the least excuse are now.
    These lanterns, which I had never heard of before, are becoming such a menace that they are banned elsewhere.

    I suggest we get them banned before they even start.

    If H&S can ban a toothpick, with our help they can ban a thousand flaming lanterns flying above us on the 27th.

  15. What can one say about this disgusting, lying, creep - except that he makes me utterly sick. He and the MCs deserve each other, that's for sure.

  16. This case, in my opinion, started as a British Government cover-up and continues to be a Government cover-up. The CEOP were in Portugal in May 2007 to establish the "Stranger Abduction" and to this day they continue to reinforce this theory. I really believe that Goncalo is up against the British Government and they will stop at nothing to prevent the truth leaking out. Madeleine McCann, Operation Ore, Dunblane, Dr Kelly, Iraq: so many cover-ups by this corrupt Government of ours.

  17. This guy is a fucking clown.

    Why do these sick fucks continue to spout their mouths off?

    Of course we believe Madeleine is dead because there is scientific fucking evidence. What part of DNA and blood samples is it that this dick and his gang-bang crowd don't get?

    I'll tell you what, there are an awful lot of "Errs" in these idiots' conversations.

    Please, for the love of God, jail these bastards for everything they've got and let's get it over with.

  18. Proof (if it were needed) that Clarence is a liar. This statement is an absolute lie and the Portuguese should make it clear that this is so. The McCanns pressure was for them to get the files early so they could give them the once over before the public got to see them, not to get the files as they were always to be made public by the Portuguese.

    I dont know why they bothered anyway, the press in the UK have been incredibly loth to share the content with the public.

    Where was the BBC or ITV or Sky report summarising the files? Why have the UK media never shown the dogs video?

    Why were the newspapers serialising the files as they usually do.

  19. The rest of this US report was as bad as if it had been by the UK media.

    The presenter even said 'as if the McCanns needed this on top of their tragedy' - I paraphrase.

  20. 'he claims that he believes Madeleine is dead and that Kate and Gerry know what happened'

    He doesnt 'claim what he beleives', he beleives what he claims.

    I thought Clarence was supposed to be able to speak?! some pR man he is!

  21. Previous to the MSNBC clip, CM was on CBS? - it was a US channel - the only visual I have seen of CM since then is on MSBNC. Is that because the media/press in the UK have decided that this angle of the story doesn't sell at the moment, or is it CM trying to enter the US market?

    Or maybe I don't watch enough telly and I've missed the CM performances.

  22. http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/PoliceSnafu/?signed=fc333e6.202d2c

    In light of the corruption at leicestershire Police dept. I think it would be a good idea to sign this Petition...

  23. @ 14

    OK, I'm in. How do you suggest we do it? (Anything to spoil the party!)

  24. Is Tony Parsons Scottish by any chance?

  25. What an ugly face to go with the ugly lies it spins. Obviously not been selected as a Conservative candidate, so he will continue to peddle for the McCanns, or is he just there so that he can try and rub shoulders with Branson et al at the big party? He should try getting something done with the excuse for a barnet that he has.

  26. Anon 18 when the hearing in Lisbon was being twittered and live on Sky, Sky showed the video of the dogs alerting in the apartment. I was gobsmacked, sometimes i think the Uk media are pro McTwat and at other times i wonder if they have been warned/super-injunctions not to publish anything they can't legally back up. For the hearing to be live on Sky was the first decent and impartial bit of reporting done since the early days.

  27. is haligan being tried in america,if so does any one thing that is why mitchell is there

  28. Clarence is an idiot that is plain to see.
    But what is for sure, his services don't come free
    But never ever does he tell what happened on that night.
    And that is how we know for sure that he is talking SHITE!

  29. seems to me mitchell has taken the reins once again after gerry's nasty temper out burst the other week.

  30. 27 has you can hear the news piece was edited in London, by the msnbc reporter. Mitchell is clearly in a UK street, look at the houses in the background.

  31. Listen to the video Kate says its the worst thing that couldve happened in her life Madeleine missing!! I thought it had happened???

  32. Seems like Mitchell is trying a last ditch attempt at damage control because they see the writing is on the wall, and Sr Amaral's book will be available to the English speaking countries very soon.

    Look at Blair and Co with their load of spin. He was riding high for so long, but no more, and no matter what he says now people just don't believe him. He is one of the most disliked people in the UK.

    The PJ says Clarence lies. The truth will come out. It always does, and then what will Clarence look like. He may end up rueing the day he ever met the McCanns and did their spinning for them.

  33. Let us be understanding with oncle Mitch. With the promise of more dough coming to the fund, thanks to the big celebration party in the making, of course he sprang into life. His monthly income is again assured for some time, and there we have him again doing what he does best: lying.

  34. @ no. 24.
    No, Tony Parsons is not Scottish.
    Tony Parsons is English.

  35. thank you so much for transcribing this... I couldn't bear to listen to that little man's voice any more... it grates so on one's nerves -

    Mitchell makes out that Amaral's views are Amaral's and nobody else's...

    Did he not read the sky tweets from inside the court?

  36. Damage limitation!!! He can't do anything other then carry this charade on, he has no choice but to lie, the public know he lies, we on the forums know he lies, the police know he lies, what a horrible existance, but it pays his mortgage.
    The state of him on that NBC clip its taking its toll on him, thank god!!!

    MUD STICKS if Mitchell called it a day today, nobody would want to employ him, infact I bet he wouldn't get a job in a supermarket.
    No matter what happens now he will only be remember for lying for the Mccanns, and if the Mcs are charged with anything connected to Maddies dimise, HE WILL BE CHARGED TOO, I for one can't wait.


  37. Gosh! What will Rupert say after seeing Clarence on NBC?

  38. It would have been more coherent with their PI, and more impressive, to launch the sky lanterns over the 10 miles around PDL where M is supposed to stay.

  39. That was filmed on a street in Rothley, England. At least that's what it says on the video ( see from 2:30' on).

  40. "If you repeat a lie loud enough and long enough people will believe it." That goes for the teller of the lie too.

    "There is no evidence that Madeleine is dead and no evidence to implicate us."

    At this point maybe Gerry actually believes this line he keeps repeating.

    "If people read the book they will think Madeleine is dead and they won't look for her."

    They act as if everybody in the world is out looking for Madeleine everyday when most of us are in fact looking after our own kids.

    When is this going to end? If it is true that Robert Murat is suing Jane Tanner then this could be the catalyst for breaking the pact. She's not going to go down if she can save herself by telling the truth. One of them will break.

  41. "all the Portuguese police files that were finally released after a lot of pressure from... from this end and, errr..."

    Oke! This is what sums up this whole sorry soap opera. "Alf" Mitchell and the McCs can't be for real.


  42. Is that the best you can do Clarence ? A very poor show indeed even with the help of the reporter.
    The world knows what happened to Maddie and that her dispicable parents are fully responsible. SO GIVE IT A REST. Your stories don't wash anymore and if the fund is running out of money let Gerry & Kate babysit your children.


  44. I've sent my complaint to H&S reg the lanterns. Will follow tomorrow with a phone call.I would hate these things to be let off at every little excuse.

  45. Is David Cameron aware of the blatant lies coming from this wannabe tory MP?

  46. Let's do some rituals for rain on the 27th at night !

  47. it will be interesting to see how the people of America re-act to this spin... it may draw interest to Mr.Amarals book and the case files as I believe it is human nature to be inquisitive, there is a great deal of information on the internet that the media has not reported as we all well know.

    Imagine thousands of Americans reading about children left alone, abductor/abductors entering through jemmied/smashed shutters only to find out that this was not the truth, locked/unlocked doors? no evidence of an abductor, not to mention the McCann Company Fund.

    Mr Mitchell may think he can control the press and media but the internet ?????

  48. I sent a complaint to the bishop thing site, saying Please don't hurt our poor planet, she's so special ! (kidding)

  49. CM looks prosperous. Good for him !

  50. As always Joana, well done for the way you are keeping on top of this, and thank you for your English translations.

    Snr Amaral is a HERO!

  51. @ Anonymous 40
    Yes, GM must know deep down that the same trick of the brain which turned him convinced his little girl was abducted makes someone reading GA's book somehow retain that the little girl is dead.

  52. "There is no evidence Madeleine is dead, there is no evidence to implicate us in her death".(Gerry)
    Is the word death, here, a mistake?
    Better "to implicate us in her disappearence?"

  53. Joana and 27.

    Clarence Mitchell was speaking in Rothley.

  54. "The McCann’s might now wish they’d chosen a different night for their 1000-days-since-Madeleine-disappeared fundraiser that kicks off at London’s Kensington Roof Gardens at exactly the same time as Steve Jobs takes to the stage in San Francisco.

    I think we all know where the cameras will be focused come Wednesday night.

    Jonathan Morris
    What Mobile magazine"

  55. Clarence must have taken advantage of the McCanns' realisation that their charade is finished in the UK after the reporting of the libel trial in Lisbon, and presumably he has asked for dosh to take the charade to the USA on their behalf.

    You can complain to MSNBC about the video report. Just go to: www.today.msnbc.msn.com homepage and scroll down and click 'Contact us'. Then under 'How do I report an error' click on the 'submit an error request' link. Enter the Homepage URL and your complaint.

    The video interview has been removed since this morning, possibly because several people have already complained about the inaccuracy of Mitchell. Well done.

  56. Hi everyone!
    Tha madeleine foundation website is back.

    Please check on this link below:


  57. Read the McCann files - good article about the danger of lanterns to the enviornment, wildlife and farming

  58. I'm nr.52 nd who can explain me my question?

  59. 52 and 58, I'm sure Mitchell would dismiss that slip of tongue has «a ludicrous semantics confusion».

  60. 59, hah hah hah, Joana,

    and that tv channel above broadcasted it on purpose.

  61. McCanns never said

    "fuck you all! we never harmed our daughter".
    they always say
    "there is no evidence, there is no evidence".

  62. Joana. May I suggest that those interested contact the major networks in the USA such as CNN and correct the errors that Clarence Mitchell has made in the interview above (the interview may be shared on networks). To correct Mitchell, quote the McCann libel trial Lisbon witness testimony about the probable death of the child. Quote the Public Prosecutor conclusion that "the child probably died in the apartment." Quote the PJ files; the British cadaver dogs evidence of death in the apartment and on the clothes of McCann. Quote that the evidence files were made public as a normal part of the process of shelving the case pending further evidence; and British police refused to give the McCanns all their evidence files in court. Let the truth be known.

  63. did you notice the speaker does not say abduction?
    and it is written on the video "nearly 1000 days since she disappeared?"

    Amaral is helping the British media quite a lot.

  64. Sky lanterns? Is Murdoch behind them lol.
    Knowing how everything these leeches touch turns to shit, they'll probably bring an aircraft down.
    Wish I could sneak in and set off a fire alarm just as the auction starts. Hit 'em where it hurts!

  65. @ Anonymous 62
    Better limitate the protest to
    "Portuguese Police files were made public as a normal part of the process of shelving the case pending further evidence though British police refused the pieces they had collected themselves".

  66. Has Clarence got a lantern on his head?

    Absolute wanker.

  67. ;)) Hi there!

    Check this out first: http://www.evpreversespeaking.com/about-me/
    and then this:


    :-o Welcome to the future!

  68. Anon #21 - At the bottom of the screen you will see TODAY and to the right TODAYSHOW.COM It appears that the interview was on the TODAY show which is on the NBC network and subsequently was shown on MSNBC which is a subsidiary of NBC. MSNBC frequently run videos of interviews which have been shown on NBC a day or so prior.

  69. If airplane pilots did their jobs as well as journalists, no one would fly.

  70. Actually that was a v.cunning intitiative to damage control the mcdebacle at the last hearing, as well as pre-empt people for the next immiment hearing in Feb to make it seemed they'd nothing to hide as files released was their idea. Cunning plan - as Boddrick would say!

    Also because of the timing, that might have been done for the benefit for the party pack as well - otherwise how to convince those vulnerable rich to donate.

    You must hand it to them for their brilliantness at spinning!

  71. Brilliant own goal then!

    They might have pressured for the files for themselves to see if anything in the files incriminated them, but didnt counter for the even more brilliant his excellency the PM to make them available to public.

    They must still live in fear of incriminating evidence investigators got on them, but bad luck for them those were not for release because so long as Maddie does not have her justice, her parents are not exonerated.

  72. 'Lanterns mark Madeleine milestone' in Belfast Telegraph, channel 4 and wales online- the same article with the exact same title via PA news agency http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/breaking-news/uk-ireland/lanterns-mark-madeleine-milestone-14651612.html?r=RSS

  73. They are making themselves not only national joke, they are now a international JOKE!

  74. As far as I know we light up candles and lanterns for our deceased loved ones. Now if Madeleine is alive and well somewhere near PDL (in that famous lair) the idea seems strange to say the least. Or is there a hidden message that we, stupid people, don't understand?

  75. aaaah that's why Mitchell's been out of the limelight...
    he's been in the Tricology Centre getting new hair

    don't tell me he feels ok going on TV looking like that... he's even thicker skinned than I thought

    he's a total plum
    absolutely hilarious hairy-ous

  76. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/maddie/article1121720.ece

    It seems the idea comes from the Chinese Lantern Festival...you write a wish and let the lantern float to the Sky...

    This was performed on Madeleine missing after one year...Of course the Mccanns have got a better handle on how this Circus works now.

  77. Lets not get associated with obvious whackos referred to in post 67.
    That is just a load of skcollob!

  78. @74

    Strange too that Clarence did his little interview with the American tv network if Team McCann firmly believe Madeleine to be in a lair in PDL. What purpose did it serve?

    It wasn't to aid the search, no point of Americans looking around there if Madeleine is in PDL. No point of UK citizens looking around there if she is in PDL. No point in anyone looking anywhere OTHER than where the McCann detectives say she is. Yet are they looking where they believe the child to be?

    Why not ask all of these people who will attend the party, to instead head to PDL and begin a physical search of this area, or pay people directly to launch a search. There are thousands of ordinary members of the public, if pointed in the direction by the McCann detectives as to where they think this lair is, who would be only too willing and would gladly help find Madeleine and would not want a penny for their efforts.

    If they honestly have a reasonably sound piece of evidence which points to a particular place, people WOULD search.

    Why are the McCann's not asking the public to do this? Why has it got to be money, for rubber band, balloons (now lanterns) parties, trashy online shops, posters and more posters, t.shirts which no one wants, holiday packs which would frighten the life out of any child going on holiday if their parents handed them one.

    The money is not showing any sign whatsoever of people on the ground in the area they suggest their daughter is being held.

    The public would swamp the area if they were told where it is.

    What is this really all about?


  79. 'In Scotland, Forth Coastguard responded to three alerts, and even launched a lifeboat to search a stretch of coast near Cockenzie, East Lothian. Further coastguard teams were scrambled after multiple reports of red and white flares in the sky over Bamburgh in Northumberland on Saturday night.

    "For us, a red flare going up over the coast means that someone is in trouble," says Maggie Hill of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. "If someone sees a red lantern and reports it as a red flare we have a duty to investigate. So a £15 lantern might end up costing us thousands of pounds, and the RNLI thousands of pounds of charity money, in order to search an area and conclude it was a false alarm."

    Although such an error might seem unlikely, the lanterns sometimes rise thousands of feet if caught by the wind, by which time they can be indistinguishable from flares. The MCA has requested anyone releasing them near the coast to contact them beforehand, but even if they are aware of an event happening nearby, they cannot ignore any potentially genuine distress signals.'

    One such alert, cost £10,000.00 to investigate!

    Where exactly in UK and Portugal will lanterns be released?

  80. Anonymous @ 78,

    A good point. Now that they know where Madie is, they should ask the Portuguese police to re-open the investigation. Surely with the help of that lunatic South-African and his incredible machine they know the exact location (coordinates and all) where Maddie is being kept alive and well. Than its a piece of cake for the Portuguese police. Done!

  81. Did any one else notice the subliminal flashes of the pope in this clip.
    very clever, considering half of New York watching CNBC are catholic.
    Well they must be innocent, they have got the backing of the Pope.

    Except they don't realise The Vatican has no longer got any reference
    to this vile couple on there website.
    Says it all really

  82. These lanterns don't cost any where near 15 pounds, you can pick them up in pound stretcher,a quid each.
    I bought a couple for my children for new years eve but as we live near the coast and someone warning me our life guard could be scrambled I decided to bin them

    Shame we couldn't bin the McScams

  83. Unfortunately these lanterns tend to get eaten by cattle if they land in rural areas and some have died awful deaths - unlikely in Ken High Street I know, but still.

  84. The Maccanns don't care what anyone thinks about them, they are beyond worrying over that, their stand is stuff you PROVE IT. As for Grandma Grand pa aunty and uncle Tom Cobley and all. The same stuff you all. Money talks and they have plenty of that behind them. If Portugal lets Mr Amaral down over this book forget justice for Madelaine crown Kate and Gerry king and queen of Portugal, and we can all pay homage because that's how it will be forever. Mr Amaral needs our prayers against this onslaught of evil against him.

  85. Leaving no milestone untur.. err unexploited...

  86. I'm not suprised about CM,spin and lies is part of his job, after all. That is why is working for the McCanns!!!

  87. What an absolutely disgusting lyer! He deserves the ridiculous hairdo, indeed he does.

  88. what the fu** has he got on his bonce pmsl,looks like what ever it is has gone to his brain thats why the lies are more outragous ,give me an earing any day

  89. JEENA WOLFE, Where are the other "Madeleines", the other child's with no name, the hundreds or thousands British child's which still missing up to now? Where are their parents spoke-persons? What about their feelings, their life? WHY THIS OTHER MISSING CHILDS DID NOT DESERVE A PROGRAMME FOR EACH ONE TO REMEMBER THEM? WHY THIS BLIND JOURNALISTS STILL INSISTING ON FEED A CIRCUS, A NOVELLE WITH BADE TASTE.... HOW MUCH MONEY FROM THE FUND RUN INTO THAT PROGRAMME?

  90. :)]Message to Anon 77

    I am not so sure it is b*****s or skollobs as you put it.

    "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
    Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." (Shakespeare).

    ;))The pragmatic approach would be for you to test the method and see if it works. "Been there, done that?"

  91. So much so Clarence, that you tried to fight to make sure that only Team McCann saw them.

  92. Never seen a bull letting off so much shit!


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