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Gonçalo Amaral in Court: Witnesses defend that book results from the Investigation

The defense witnesses sustained this Tuesday, at the trial about the prohibition of the book "Maddie - The Truth of the Lie" that the thesis of the former PJ Inspector Gonçalo Amaral regarding the McCann couple involvement in their daughter's disappearence resulted from the police investigation.

At the first trial of the action brought by the McCann family against Gonçalo Amaral, that took place at the Palácio of Justiça in Lisbon, the four witnesses argued that the theory of former agent does not affect nor prevent any investigation for the discovery of a live Madeleine.

The first to refute the arguments of Kate and Gerry McCann, who were present at the session, was the prosecutor of Portimão Magalhães e Menezes, who, via video conference, said that the thesis that the "child was dead was one of the options originally put forward by the PJ" which led to "the constitution of the English couple as arguidos".

The holder of the investigation to the disappearance of British child, on May 3 2007, stated that it "remained in open the thesis of the crime of homicide and cadaver concealment for not knowing what had happened to the child" and stressed that "nothing in the investigation evidenced that the McCann couple had committed any crime", which lead to the archival.

Inspector Tavares de Almeida, who participated in the investigation, reported the police work with the two dogs used to detect human blood and cadaver odour in the apartment in Praia da Luz, Algarve, where the child had been on vacation with her twins and parents, and in the car rented by Kate and Gerry.

He stated that in the investigation they "always talked about accidental death". Tavares de Almeida stressed that "all the actions were recorded, with image and sound", and he added that at that time the suspicions of the crime of hiding a corpse and simulation of an abduction were fundamented.

These conclusions were reproduced in a book written by Gonçalo Amaral, whose prohibition of the sale was ordered temporarily on the 9 September 2009, in the scope of a main action claim for the protection of freedoms, rights and guarantees of the McCann family.

"Gonçalo Amaral does not usurp the investigation conclusions, because they come from investigation", said Tavares de Almeida.

In his turn, the PJ inspector Ricardo Paiva, the liaison police officer to the English police, and later on to the McCann family, said "The thesis of the book of Gonçalo Amaral is the investigation" and ensured that there was "no intention" of the book author "to harm the couple".

Finally, the top coordinator of the Criminal Investigation and PJ national director of the Unit for Combating Banditry assured that the contents described in the book "are facts that were filmed and described and that are in the process".

Nunes das Neves went on to say that the thesis of the Madeleine's death was "one of the hypothesis assumed by Kate".

However, he acknowledged that "There is no evidence to support" the death of the child, but emphasized "we know how things happened".

The prosecution, through the McCann couple's lawyer, Isabel Duarte, confronted the witnesses with alleged discrepancies in the book, like a walk during which an Irish couple reported seeing a man carrying a child in his arms, moving towards the beach, in the day of the disappearance.

"The book is full of inferences and deductions", said Isabel Duarte, at the end of the hearing, which continues on Wednesday with the questioning of defense witnesses.

In addition to Gonçalo Amaral, who led the initial investigation into the disappearance of the British child, in this trial are still concerned the publisher of the book Guerra & Paz, TVI, for having broadcast a documentary film based on the book and the producer Valentim de Carvalho, for having commercialized the DVD of that documentary.

in Lusa News Agency

New criticism of English authorities in the Maddie case

Magalhães e Menezes, the Public Ministry’s prosecutor who archived the Maddie case, said today, Tuesday, that the death thesis is the most likely one to explain Maddie McCann’s disappearance, which doesn’t mean it’s the right one.

The statement was made during the hearing of several members of the Polícia Judiciária, at the Civil Court of Lisbon, during the trial of the injunction that removed the book “The Truth of the Lie” from the market.

During the morning, the defence for the former investigator and author of the book, Gonçalo Amaral, expressed the wish for all witnesses to be questioned while facing a DVD containing the entire 15 to 16 volumes of the whole inquiry and archiving dispatch.

The judge asked the court services to provide for a computer where the DVD can be exhibited, for the witnesses to be confronted with the document.

On his turn, investigator Tavares de Almeida, who has also been summoned within this process, expressed some criticism towards the English authorities, namely concerning the good development of the investigation into the disappearance of the little British girl.

in Jornal de Notícias

Note: This blog is attending the court sessions in full. We will post a summary of the proceedings as soon as possible, with video footage included. In the meantime, we suggest following Sky News’ twitter updates by Jon DiPaolo [okay reports].


  1. Thank you Joana for maintaining this informative web site. :-*

    Goncalo Amaral and his family remain in my thoughts and prayers for the days to come, I hope the McCann "machine" will not run him over. :-o

    Let's hope we will eventually get to the bottom of what happened to this poor child. :(

  2. Thank you Joana for all your continued work. Followed preceedings yesterday via the SKY News Twitter, as you say it was "OK", obviously would have liked more detail but Twitter is Twitter.

    Interesting yesterday afternoon "The Sun" newspaper ran a story online about the developments "Maddie is Dead" and it was for the Sun a very rounded piece of reporting, stating exactly what was going on in Lisbon and giving a very good account of what was going on. However with 1 hour that piece of reporting had been "woosh clunked" and gone! Why am I not surprised?

    This morning The Sun is carrying details, however it is very much back to the "sick cops outrageous claims" etc etc

    But at least it is being talked about.

    Let's see what today brings. Good luck to all concerned my more of the truth become public.

  3. Good morning and thank you Joana and team.
    Your report is most welcome and is far clearer than other reports of the hearing I have seen.
    I wonder can you comment on two issues.
    Firstly how exactly did Menezes phrase his 50/50 response.
    And secondly how comprehensive/accurate do you feel the jondipaolo account to be and why did he appear confused about, and then fail to report on the final witness of the day?

  4. The hearing of the century!
    I feel rather good with this first day but and there is always a "but" because god knows what the fragrant couple has got up its sleeve.
    The witnesses have covered a rather large chunk of the facts and I am certain there is more to come and unknown from the public like the piece of clothing which smell of death that was retreived in the second house rented by the mcc$$$$$.Is Isabel Duarte going to explain to this with "there is an innocent explanation for everything"?
    To be continued....
    Força Gonçalo!

  5. Thank you for this information and for all your hard work, it is much appreciated.

  6. Good Luck to You mr Amaral,

  7. Many thanks for the information and updates, and all the very best for Sr Amaral.

    Regarding the Gaspar statements mentioned in the book, the last thing the McCanns will want is for the allegations against Payne and Gerry to be mentioned.

    After all, they were made by other doctors, friends of theirs, and not by the police, yet the UK police dragged their heels on sending this, what might be very important information.

    I wonder if the media in UK even realise the relevance of this, spoon fed as they have been by Team McCann? I hope there is some way it is brought out in court, and much made of it, so that the UK press will pick up on it.

    They are sure to run with that one.

  8. "Note: This blog is attending the court sessions in full. We will post a summary...": looking forward to this; i feel both grateful and privileged.

  9. Letter from Iberia

    At last part of the truth is published in a british paper, for a good but biased (to Mccanns) report of the hearing
    see the mail on line

  10. At the airport,kate: "we want justice"
    Careful what you hope for :-)

    I see, mccanns didn't give their speech about "human rights-freedom of speech" this time. Actually, they were not talking to the press at all :-))
    How many spokespeople and PR company they need?
    To be fair, not even the army they have now, haven't been able to polish they image :-)


  11. Letter from Iberia
    see also report in UK Daily Telegraph (on line)

  12. So far, so good!!! Thank you Joana and friends.

  13. Isobel Duarte mentions that there were many discrepancies in the book, and included the Smith sighting, although she didn't mention their name. Just why did she bring that up when the McCanns have never passed comment and neither has the redoubtable Clarence Mitchell. The Smith sighting was comfortably left under the carpet by the British authorities.

    Incidentally, where has Clarence got to? The McCanns and their lawyers are probably worried he would make an arse of himself as he has so often in the past. If they had been completely innocent they would never have needed a mouthpiece in the first place. A couple of graduates worthy of the name should be able to speak for themselves.

  14. Many thanks, Joana, for keeping us all informed in such a clear and concise way and we look forward to hearing your own summary of the proceedings. So, according to the McCannns' lawyer, the Irish couple who saw a man carrying a child and walking to the beach was a 'discrepancy' in the book, i.e. it didn't happen! These people never fail to astound me. That is their whole philosophy, really, isn't it? Anything they don't like just "didn't happen". It's like children lying to get themselves out of trouble, even when there is irrefutable evidence that they did something wrong!

  15. The McCanns can fool some British joujrnalists, but they can't fool Portuguese cops. Daily Mail and Daily Mirror continue reporting their usual bullshit: the innocent McCanns were subject to slurs, innuendo, GA cruelly accused the couple, bla bla bla. Truth and reality are hard to swallow.
    Excellent depositions. Some interesting revelations. More to come today with Moita Flores.
    Is this the beginning of the end?

  16. Has the BBC been got at? The only media outlet in Britain, and always seen as the most important one, not to report on yesterday's hearing. Of course we all know it's up the Labour party's backside most of the time!

  17. Joana can you expand on why their lawyer sees the beach sighting as a "discrepancy." Is it the date??? It did happen after all.

    The Telegraph in the UK today carries a fair report without the usual "how dare they?" tone towards the PJ.

  18. doesnt matter what the so called british press write now, to much came out in yesterdays hearing and i think it will make a lot of people sit up and start thinking for themselves.thank you joana and astro for keeping us up with ALL THAT WENT ON YESTERDAY, YOU ARE STARS

  19. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/portugal/6974917/Madeleine-McCanns-death-covered-up-by-parents-who-faked-kidnap-court-hears.html

  20. I am surprised at myself to be saying this- but Sky are actually reporting this quite well. The headlines on breaking news all day yesterday were- 'Madeleine died in the apartment', thousands of people will have seen that, even if they did't then read the whole article they will have seen the headlines. I expect the articles will change throughout the day as the hearing continues, but currently at 9.15am Sky are reporting that 'arguidos status was lifted when the case was shelved' - so no mention of them being declared innocent then!! Also, I like this bit- 'other UK authorities appeared to hinder the investigation'. Another good bit-
    PJ were 'fobbed off' with one sheet of A4 when they asked for background information. This is on Sky news for all to see. Things seem to happening so fast at the court that Sky are not waiting for their friend Uncle Clarence to issue a 'pooor frail Kate' press statement, they are running with it. Good, the whole thing makes the McCanns look AWFUL. Perhaps we will finally get somewhere when they testify. No dodging of awkward questions then!!!
    BTW, Martin Brunt has said that Mr Amaral treats British journalists like something nasty he has trod on- Can you blame him Martin? I wonder if you are on his hit-list when he starts to counter-sue???

  21. I have just watched the above video of the McCanns leaving court, and I am shocked. I have never seen them looking so glum. No cocky smirks, no clever comments (ask the dogs!!!) they look worse than the day they were first made Arguidos. They know that the case is being followed live on Twitter, it is all coming out and being reported around the world and they can't stop it. Is it finally dawning on them that this was a massively bad move?

  22. I have listened to Martin Brunt commentary on Sky News TV and complained about his biased comments, such as that the parents "have been cleared". He looks so shifty. I suggest others do the same. news@sky.com

  23. What does she(Duarte) mean with the Smith sighting being a "discrepancy"?! I think she means the Smith sighting, doesn't she?
    Has she read the files? It seems not...
    I think she means that Mr. Amaral contradicts himself by claiming that Madeleine died in 5A, that there was no abduction, but then, he relates that there was a family that saw the "abductor" running away with Madeleine! I say it again, read the files Ms. Duarte...according to a later statement from Mr. Smith, it was not the "abductor" taking away Madeleine, but Mr. McCann himself carrying a dead or unconscious Madeleine to an unknown place. We all know that Madeleine was taken out of the Ocean Club, someone had to displace her (dead or alive), and, unlike what the McCanns tried to "sell" us in their mockumentary, the man the Smiths saw WAS NOT the same man Jane Tanner says she saw, they completely distorted the Smith testimony to suit their conveniences.
    I ask, where is the discrepancy in the example she gave?...
    This and the false accusation to Tavares de Almeida( suspect of torture) makes her look like she is ill-prepared for the job, cloutching at straws, a bit desperate maybe?...

  24. Many thanks Joana for keeping us, here in the U.K, informed of what is really happening.
    If you dare to venture on the Sun site you are confronted with such bile against the Portuguese police. It makes me so ashamed of our media's bias. It definitely looks as though our media as been got at and dare not print the truth.
    Thank you Joana

  25. is this not on sky news ?

    is there no feed as was yesterday?

  26. Fernis 2
    The case has just started! the REAL Madeleine"s case....

  27. I urge everyone to do as I have done and go to the BBC website, search out the complaints form and do just that, complain.
    How dare they insult us by making out it just isn't happening!!
    It's beyond belief.

  28. From John - UK

    Like many, I have followed this fascinating case since day one - and, like many, I am still totally baffled - without a really strong opinion one way or the other. There are probabilities - such as accidental death and cover up, abduction (not really) or Maddie wandering off on her own - getting trapped down a drain and not being found etc.

    Jerry - however - has caused the most problems. His refusal to take any blame whatsoever for Maddie's disappearance is sickening. His refusal to admit that he neglected his children and that this is what all other British people would do - is more sickening.

    I am a father of 3 children - now all adults - but they were once 2,1 and 0. My wife and I took them to Majorca when they were 3,4 and 5 and the following year to Minorca - before leaving for 14 years in South Africa.

    In Majorca we stayed at a hotel which did not have adjoining rooms - therefore, I shared with our son who was 3 - and my wife shared with the two girls - 4, 5.

    Not because we are over protective - but because we would never leave 3 children of that age together on their own - a 4 or 5 year old child is very capable. Can open doors - understand language very well - conceptualise etc - they like to experiment - especially with their siblings.

    Jerry (spelt like tom and Jerry!) - left 3 little children on their own in a flat with a kettle - no doubt sharp knives - mum's hairdryer etc. It would not happen - no one would do it.

    Therefore - either they were drugged or they were not left alone.

    If Jerry came on tv and humbly apologised to the world for his arrogance and neglect - he would be forgiven. If he said - let this be a warning to all you parents out there - please take care of your kids etc - he would be forgiven.

    I feel that the anti Maccann feeling is totally derived from Jerry - it his he who keeps Kate going - she is itching to tell the truth - she is concerned for Jerry's career - their house - friends - twins - mum and dad etc.

    Break Jerry - and Kate will confess.

    Sorry for all the waffle and thanks to Joanna for her updates

  29. Not one word on channal 4 news, nothing on bbc news, and incorrect reporting from ITV news, last night an ITV news reporter said Dr Menezes said there was a good chance Madeleine was alive, no where in his statement does say that, the reporter just made it up, I have send an email to ITV, I don't think they will take any notice, but I think if enough people complained we might get some (might) I just hope and pray Dr Amaral wins this case, thank you Joana for all your hard work love Ya X

  30. In my opinion, the only reason the McCanns are bringing this case against Mr Amaral, is not because the contents of the book may stop people looking for Madeleine, its about the £1m that they are hoping to get. Once again the McCanns are using the situation, they put Madeleine in, as a way to make money.

    As sad as Madeleine's situation is, many people do not go on holiday to look for her. They are too busy looking after their own children, to look for Madeleine, which is something the McCanns didn't do. They even go on holiday, to enjoy themselves, which is what the McCanns did before and after, they caused Madeleine's disappearance. While those who were on holiday in PDL, joined the locals and police officers, in their search for Madeleine.

    The McCanns have a nerve to expect others to keep looking for Madeleine, when they haven't done a hands turn to find her. Especially when she first disappeared.

    Of course we know there is a reason why they never looked for Madeleine and I am convinced it is because they know exactly where she is and if she is alive. I came to that conclusion, before Goncalo Amaral wrote his book and it was because I heard Kate McCann say she and her husband hadn't physically looked for Madeleine.

    If Goncalo doesn't overturn the judge's decision, then there is something seriously wrong with the Portuguese judicial system. Especially one that can rule in favour of a couple who not only caused their child to disappear, but are using her as a way to enhance their living expenses.

    If Goncalo does lose, he should go to the court of human rights, before than pay this disgusting couple one cent.

  31. The BBC does report the matter:

    Mr B

  32. The media manipulation in the UK is being exposed as never before - but the majority of the UK public dont even know its happening!

    If only we could get this information out to the people!

    But whatever the Portuguese court decides (and make no mistake, it is likely to be controlled!) the UK press will defend the McCanns - the 'D' notice stands! What does the UK and China have in common? SUPPRESSION!

  33. :)] If the McCann's were behind the“disappearance” of their daughter, then it would have been in their interest to keep their alternative version of events going, right? Why? To protect the twins - and of course their backsides, their status, and the class and ideology they represent.

    It does not surprise me in the least that the hegemons, be it in the form of their Police, their PM, their spin master Clarence, Freud Communications, in a word: UK Corporation, have done their best to protect their elite members whereas Portugal naively played the lackey of Her Majesty.

    Personally, I do not believe the mummy faced McCann’s premeditated it all. For all I know, there could have been a kidnap or an accident and a cover-up - facts and circumstances certainly suggest the latter. And just because Madeleine's surgeon father is, on a normal day, opening up bodies “before breakfast” it may not have a bearing on Madeleine’s disappearance. Well, I would hate to think that - even if the mathematical probability of any conceivable event is always greater than zero...

    The question is, since the McCann’s were allowed to get away with their version of events, Dr. Amaral must, likewise, be entitled to his own expert opinion.

    Now the McCann’s attempt to grab Dr. Amaral's assets was a shrewd move – and a psychological one at that… but it would be a travesty of Justice if the "Macs" were allowed to get away with the "heist".

    I still believe Portugal’s subservient courts will give Dr. Amaral a win on penalties; otherwise I am left with no alternative but to open a bottle of wine and sing the Fado…

    Regards from Al in London

    :) I am donating some cash to Dr. Amaral fund right now.
    I understand the fund is beyond the reach of the McCann’s surreptitious hands...

  34. The McCanns are now presented with another dilemma: how do they make these reports on court proceedings go away? It's all there for the whole world to see: unmasked. We're even told now that there were discussions around investigating them for fraud. THE PORTUGUESE POLICE HAVE NOT BEEN SLEEPING.

    The McCanns must be asked to explain to the courts the Trail of The Scent of Death. But will they really have the b*lls to answer questions under oath? We know Kate feels more secure that Gerry speak fro her - remember the September 2007 interrogation where she refused to answer but he did? Planned course of action that was. Will she refuse to answer questions in court and risk being held in contempt of court or of perjuring herself? Don't be too surprised if Kate is suddenly taken ill....

  35. So far it looks like this libel action has massively backfired on the McCanns. It allows the papers to print the detailed views of credible and senior policemen, along with information contained in the official file. It's front page stuff and ruins the McCann's (actually Clarence's) carefully constructed PR campaign to paint Amaral as 'crazed loner'.

    Today we learned that the police (Portuguese and British), the prosecuter and Amaral's boss all had a similar view. Plus it draws attention to the book which many until now will never have heard of!

  36. can anyone translate into English what the people were shouting at the Mcscams ?

  37. The BBC have been gagged by Carter Ruck , not too long ago . Is it any wonder they aren't reporting anything regarding the hearing , the BBC have made no mention of it , through fear of more bullying by Carter Ruck as things now stand . IMO .

  38. Thank you Joana and a big thank you to Jon di Paolo of Sky for the unbiased reporting.

  39. People have suggested that "super injunctions" are in place against the British press and I've always responded that an injunction doesn't force a paper to publish lies. I rather prefer that news media outlets refrain from covering this case, than resorting to fabricating lies.

    I find it strange that the defence in this hearing is testifying first. The McCann team should have first presented its case, followed by Mr. Amaral's defence. This injunction against Mr. Amaral is absurd, I never heard of a case in which a person's opinion is considered libel.

    It baffles me that some people think that the McCanns are scared. If they were scared would they have travelled to Portugal to attend the proceedings. From the reports I have been reading they are all smiles, which suggests that they are very confident. I think this case against Mr. Amaral was won by the McCanns the moment the judge accepted their appeal, let's hope I'm wrong.

    Don't forget the Oakley fellow, who is awaiting extradition.

  40. been following on sky what a bloody disgrace,very bias reporting i thought,is there no portuges reporter in the court room so we can get a fairer reporting. go get em gongola

  41. Has Duarte not read the Smiths' statements? Some lawyer!

  42. Just read Fiona Payne will be baby sitting Kate McCann in Portugal. Pity the McCanns didn't provide a sitter for their three children when they left them along night after night while they went out to enjoy themselves.

  43. Gerry is also a company director for a charity based in Oxford; to do with heart research.


  45. Why have the twins been taken out of school? Why didn't Fiona Payne babysit in Rothley? Has anything more emerged yet about the allegations of paedophilia concerning Gerry and David Payne?

  46. Gerry McCann was very angry today,as he spoke to the media outside court. He said,this case was not about him and his wife, but Amaral's book. He also said today that he and his wife made a mistake, when they left Madeleine alone in that apartment. Where were the twins? Was Madeleine left alone in that apartment, because the McCanns were waiting for her to be picked up?

    He's returned home now, leaving his wife to take the flak. Fiona Payne is supporting Kate McCann, no doubt leaving her children in the care of her husband, the suspected paedophile.

    I wonder why the McCanns didn't sue their friend, who complained to the police about David Payne and Gerry McCann making paedophile suggestions about Madeleine. I also wonder why the police ignored her complaint.

  47. Day 2,Portugal. Some quotes from G.McCann outside the Court. " A thesis without evidence is meaningless".(Such as abduction perhaps?) "We made a mistake by leaving Madeleine alone in the apartment".(She was'nt alone was she ? The twins ? ) " Kates dream never happened".( So the P.J.Officer lied on oath then, and Kate did not phone him ?) "The testimony favoured Amaral's version of events, it still had not produced any evidence that Madeleine was dead".(Plus no evidence at all of abduction !) --------It seems a strange thing to leave the Court whilst your action is on-going and before you actually give evidence on oath. The McCanns did agree to do so, but only after Sr.Amaral. Will Gerry return to Court then ? Will Kate testify for both of them ? Has Gerry's "Bottle Gone" ? We'll soon know !

  48. If Fiona is in Portugal with Kate, who is looking after her children?? Please God she has not left them on their own with David.

  49. http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=1197802&highlight=amaral

    Ordinary people on a forum slowly realising the truth of the whole saga because of what's being reported from the courtroom.

  50. Why is Fiona Payne babysitting? Why not Lady Kate's family, aren't they speaking?

  51. When the facts of this case go against them, the McCanns try 'spoiling tactics'. This includes refusing to answer questions. I don't believe the McCanns will answer Snr Amaral's questions, they will try some trick or other! Gerry has today sneaked outside the court to give a sneaky 'spoiling' statement to the press before running away.

  52. Anonymous 13
    Isabel Duarte quoted only an supposed incongruence concerning the child carrier seen by the Smith family. It was hard to understand what she meant and she had to repeat it many times : the discrepancy is that nothing proves the carrier came from the Ocean Club ! After stating this as an evident nonsense, she suggested it was just an example of many aberrations...one of the tricks the lady uses : her eyes widen up to hypnotize the witness, her voice gets harsh and her upper lip goes up and down whenever she manipulates her glasses from the top of her head to her neck passing by her eyes ; sometimes she jumps like a devil out of a box, holding her robe in case she would fall (which turns the operation a bit ridiculous); she likes to make a lot of gestures with her arms, leaning forwards or backwards to intimidate the witness. She has something of a witch.
    It is funny to see the contrast she makes with Kate, a sort of feminine version of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza : ID short, big head, KM tall, small head. Kate is very beautiful, more than on pictures and looks like a little girl who has grown up all of a sudden, a bit like Alice.

  53. They are reporting on BBC http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8457314.stm
    Also has the video of a very rattled and aggressive Gerry telling everyone to let him talk. I think today the witnesses for Mr Amaral were only to pleased to beable to tell their side of this in vestigation- how the media have acted and the UK police and Gov etc.
    covering up.
    I have every hope this will help to reopen the case and get the text messages released to continue the case.

    I can't help wondering if gerry has rushed back to UK so that he doesn't have to answer any questions. What a nice man-NOT- to leave Kate on her own. I hope they put Kate on the stand , may break the case wide open.

  54. Anonymous 45

    As Gerry stated it, the question is not about the McCs lying or not, but about GA's book to be or not eradicated for good. Later the question will be to leave or not more than 1 million euros emigrate to the UK.

  55. There seems to be lots of newbies joining different websites who seem shocked at the revelations they are hearing, friends and families are talking about the case also.

    What im hearing from people who knew very little before yesterday is not very compliamentary to the McCanns to say the least!.
    The one thing they have succeeded in doing is to make sure that Amarals book is a best seller if it ever reaches our shores.

  56. I'm a bit gobsmacked that Gerry is coming back to England on his own. So much for supporting each other.. I feel a bit sorry for Kate in a way, being left to face the music alone.. Will she have to testify on her own? Hasn't Gerry been here, there and everywhere without any pressures from work and now, all of a sudden, work comes first. There's something very strange about this. I'm sure the Healys won't like that a little bit.

  57. Guerra,
    The McCs aren't "all smiles". They seem very confident in their lawyer who proclaimed they would win. But of course they didn't like at all the story (that makes sense) of their covering up a death occurred when they were away. "There's no evidence she died!" they keep proclaiming as it is their best defence.

  58. Anonymous 37
    I heard absolutely noone shouting at the McCs.
    Once I was alone with Gerry in the lift, he mentioned he now knew the Portuguese word for exit. I smiled.

  59. I'll say again the BBC are reporting the case. Todays proceedings are at http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8457314.stm (updated at 16:12 0n 13 January). When I last checked there is even a link from the news front page under 'other top stories' and it is at #5 in the 'most popular stories now'>

    Mr B

  60. "we want justice."
    -we too, kate, what a coincidence!

  61. As palavras do Gerry ao sair do Tribunal faz-me pasmar se é que existe essa palavra.
    Afinal a Kate sonhou ou NÃO sonhou com a morte da filha?
    Mais uma vez um troca tintas.
    Força Gonçalo Portugal está contigo.
    Obrigado Joana por este espaço.

  62. post 45,

    I have a brain and I believed these people for over 2 years. If all you read about this case is the mainstream media, which is what I did for 2 years, there is only information that supports the McCanns and the abduction story.

    The mainstream media needs to start presenting the facts about this case, but they are sued every time they speak out, so they are afraid now.

    Perhaps this libel case will bring up the facts. Since it is being held in Portugal and not the UK, the truth may finally be revealed.

  63. Nothing about the Gaspars' statement in court yet 46.

  64. The mcCanns say the reason they want Amarals book banned is because he claims in it that Madeleine is dead,and therefore people won't search for her,this is blatant hypocrisy and lies on their part,there ia a book titled Vanished by Danny Collins in which he too believes she is dead,he believes she woke up,wandered outside and fell down some drain/shaft,now why aren't they suing him for claiming Madeleine is dead,the answer to that is in the foreword by said author which he states he is /has donated/ing 15% of the takings from the sale of the book to the 'search for Madeleine fund'so all this pretence by the McCanns of only thinking of Madeleine is rubbish this case is about MONEY,now i wish Amaral could ask the McCanns about this in court,because the British Journalists won't ask them will they?.

  65. Could someone open this case up on facebook perhaps start a group titled all information please on the disappearance of Madeleine MCCann,or start a group in favour of Goncarlo Amaral,look what happened last week with that anti march group it has reached hundreds and thousands.It's just a thought.

  66. Anon.#46, I think F. Payne is coming down to Lisbon to "babysit" Kate, not the twins! I don't think they brought the kids with them, and if they did someone had to be babysitting for them alredy, the McCanns were both at the first and second days in court, so there had to be someone looking after the twins, no need for Fiona then.

  67. gerry I believe has returned to UK to pull a few strings and favours, do not underestimate them, even Kate is brimming confidence. I thought Gerry was still not allowed patient contact, wouldnt want him operating on me, looking down and asking do you believe us or not? Watch the next 24hours, he will pull a rabbit from the hat.

  68. Sky news live: Mr amaral has got up and left the court with explaination....poor man he´s probably gone for a pee, does he need permission???!!!

  69. Strange that Kate now NEEDS a babysitter.

    Yet back in 2007 poor Madeleine WAS the babysitter!

  70. this libel trial is their big mistake gerry and kate you cant spin the truth cos it always finds a way to come out .koh i noor justica para maddie go goncarlo amral

  71. So somebody thinks Kate looks 'beautiful'.

    This reminds me of when somebody asked Zsa Zsa Gabor how comes she looks so great for her age.

    She replied, 'money darlink, money'!

    Yes, well!

  72. I fail to understand how this case ever got to court. The findings of the investigation (as detailed in Mr Amaral's book) are already in the public domain, so how can the charge of libel stand? Or if there is a charge to answer, why didn't the McCanns sue the Portuguese police?

    By the way, Gerry McCann isn't a surgeon.

  73. Anon 57

    Don't waste your sympathy on Kate McCann, the mother who left her daughter night after night to get into her friends! She is clearly enjoying every moment. She could have stayed at home with the twins and left the hearing for Gerry to attend alone, but she just loves the limelight! I have no time for Gerry who is a pompous twit, but I have even less for any mother who allows her children to suffer so! They and their tapas mates deserve everything they get, apart from award payments from the media, and most especially not from Goncalo Amaral!

  74. @ Anonymous 65
    Your reference to Danny Collins'book is accurate. But I don't think, once more, that money is at stake. This is much more vital than that. It's not as well just a question of self esteem. They CAN'T GO BACKWARDS. Nobody would forgive them, starting with their family, the twins (once grown up) ! This would be much worse than the risk they tried to avoid staging the abduction : their losing the twins for some time at least and having problems in their carreer.

  75. Anon 57
    Kate had Fiona with her, as soon as G. left ! When it's not to reconstruct, these tapas are very ready to fly to Portugal.
    G. is in a state of alert all the time, suspicious. Kate is superior, with the disdain of people convinced they were offended.

  76. @ Anonymous 72
    Yes, I do have to repeat it : Kate has a very beautiful face. You can't see this on pictures, she, curiously, isn't photogenic at all.
    Fiona Payne isn't beautiful...

  77. No 59, you are a much better person than me, alone in a lift with Gerry, and you just smiled .............

  78. aacg No 77

    It's the eye of the beholder then, the eye of the beholder.

    Personally, I think she has one of the hardest, scrawniest faces, I have ever seen, make up or not.

    And that goes for the rest of her.

  79. To 66....It would be Carter Rucked inside a week sadly.

  80. I'm with you 79.....Kate has a face that looks like it caught fire and someone tried to put it out with a shovel.

  81. Anon 79, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To me Mrs Amaral is beautiful. In fact she is gorgeous. She radiates inner beauty as well as outer beauty.

  82. Anon 82

    Yes, Mrs Amaral has a lovely face. A person you just know is kind and friendly. Child friendly.

    A happy person to be around, though she must have been tried lately.

    It is a disgrace, and it could all be stopped if the Portuguese authorities stopped pandering to the bleating McCanns and sent them away with a flea in their ear.


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