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The Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The Four Horsemen of the 21st Century Apocalypse, by Penny Byrne

By Antonieta Janeiro

The approach of the first winter of the first decade of this century was already anticipating something scary.

Portugal, a country where generally no major disasters happen, lived in a stifling heat that lasted throughout early December, plunging everything and everyone in a sticky humidity.

This was followed by an earthquake, and immediately we fell into a sudden chill announcing Christmas.

Almost immediately at the same time came the deluge __ days and nights of continuous water, of overflowed rivers and streams, of life and property that were lost, without, at least, the thermometers daring to rise.

Then came the wind blowing in gusts.

Cold, rain, rough seas, strong winds, were the constant in a Christmas that did not even allow a fire to be lit.

The houses were ripped of their roofs, old centenary trees were pull up by the roots, mudslides rose alarmingly, the days were spent at home looking at the clouds through the windows and listening to the continuous howling wind upon nature.

Our West was swept by a tornado some say, by a typhoon say others; and the Algarve almost disappeared in the mud, torn between a tempestuous Ocean and the muddied lands that ran furiously down the mountains, dragging in the gush all that barred the surge: the trees that had been uprooted by the wind, the paths and tools, the sandy beaches that climbed the mountain, amalgamating all in a tangle of palm branches, almond tree limbs, olive tree roots, pieces of boats and fishing nets, now forming islands, now peninsulas, mixing fresh water with salt water, the Earth always battered by storms, winds, cold and darkness.

Our highlands were to bride, as usual in this season, but this Winter with the lurking danger of landslides, road cuts, several accidents.

It was in this chaos that we entered in the New Year and the first decade.

The cold, rain and wind stayed and threatened to worsen.

The news of this global village that our world has become, told us of the fury with which the gods punished men: at one side fires, floods on the other; on one side torrid heat, at the other polar chill.

The Horsemen began equipping their mounts for the Apocalypse.
The War had already spilled blood in the Earth.
Hunger was already raging among the people.

And suddenly, the bowels of the Planet shook and poured over the ground. Vacation havens disappeared from maps, swept by earthquakes in chain.

Waters of jade, coral hills vanished; missing and disintegrated the thousands of human beings __ it is the Horseman of Death that starts to reap Life.

Many thousands of orphans are now wandering through the planet, among dead bodies, their eyes empty, wounded and barefooted, trying to understand the chaos around them, delivered to their fate.

They are waited by the Horseman of Plague.

And before our still dazed minds, arrive to Portugal two heralds of the four Horsemen. __ A British couple who, nearly three years ago lost a child in Portugal with the same indifference with which they could have lost the car keys, or the beach towel or even, a pack of cigarettes...

They simply lost it. There is no other explanation.

Left were three children under three years, night after night alone in a hotel room with the door on the latch, while her parents dined and had a good time with friends.

And so, one night, one of the three children disappeared from the Earth. Disappeared, like the children of Haiti have disappeared and woken, one day, on another planet.

The couple said that the blame is all ours; we have no laws nor police; that we are a retard people; that we do not know how to care for that which belongs to others.

And so, when the crisis began to knock at their door they decided to return to the retard country, in the tip end of the world.

They accused the policeman in charge of investigating what they had lost; they accused him of slandering them and of tarnishing their name.

They ordered his wage to be frozen and to seize a book he had published.

And demanded that all copies of the book were burned.
And demanded that he paid a fortune every time their unpolluted names are mentioned.

All these demands on behalf of the grief caused by the disappearance of the child they had lost__ the daughter that they were unable to keep!

And, while Portugal is restoring its wounds, and more are being opened throughout the world, the couple decided to celebrate the 1000 days of the disappearance of the child.

Celebrate how? Raising funds for orphans in Haiti? Adopting one of them to appease their consciences?

The inconsolable couple decided to celebrate the loss of their daughter organizing a festive banquet in the most expensive and finest London restaurant!

Attending the show and the banquet will be the richest, the most famous, and the most important families of the Four Corners of the World, like in fairy tales. Only by invitation.

The benefits accrue, they say, for a «Fund» designed to find the daughter they’ve abandoned around...

What is absolutely certain is that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse will be there, even without invitation, attending the Feast!


  1. Thank you Joana. An excellent piece of journalism and illustration from Antonieta Janeiro.

    Portugal didn't know what was about to hit it when the McCanns and their tapas pals arrived that that never to be forgotten week in Praia de Luz.

    Nine adults who cared more about their own necks than the disappearance of a vulnerable three year old child.

    They should thank their lucky stars they are still walking around free, which is much more than they deserve. I've not heard one of them react to a question about what happened with anything like grief or compassion for Madeleine. Only mealy mouthed words to cover their own a...s!

  2. Perhaps the ingratitude of the McCanns has to do with the fact that they know it was really the British government and not the Portugese authorities who secured their release.

  3. Right on the mark.

    I hope those in authority in Portugal read this and realise the bad effect those McCanns have, and are having, and get the case reopened and Sr Amaral's book back on the shelf.

    It beggars belief the McCanns were ever given an injunction. What was the judge thinking of?

    This wont be ended until it is tested to the end. It cannot be swept under the carpet hoping it will go away. It wont. The spin and the lies have to be stopped or the truth will never emerge.

  4. Thanks Antonieta. Another good piece of writing. One thing that always have bothered me during this sad story, is the fact that I have never seen any signs of compassion in the McCann's face. The tragic happening in Haiti could have been a good opportunity to show some solidarity and that they too think of others. But no. They prefered to wine and dine (which is something they are good at) with celebrities and stuff their pockets with some more pounds for the so called "fund". Humanity is a strange concept for this couple.

  5. I agree with everything in this article except the bit about the McCanns adopting a child from Haiti to ease their conscience. They should never be allowed to adopt, they have showed the world what their parenting is like. The orphans of Haiti have enough problems without having the McCanns as their new Mum & Dad.

    PS _ Did Nicky Campbell show up last night?????

  6. Brilliant article many thanks!

  7. How long will the RICH people the McCanns have deceived carry on supporting them?

    Sir Richard Branson is supposed to have made a brief appearnace with his minders at the McCanns exclusive party, and left by the side door. If this is true and JK Rowling was not there.

    Perhaps RB attended briefly, to inform the McCanns he and JKR made a mistake in supporting them.

    Perhaps RB informed the McCanns they are sending the same amount of money they gave the McCanns to Snr Amaral, to help stop them stealing his book.

    Perhaps he told the McCanns a few home truths and thought he would need his minders there for protection

    BRITISH gutter press and TV to their shame do not always report the truth, and Clarence Mitchell was sent over to Porugal by the Labour party to assist the McCanns as their PA.

    2010 BRITISH General election. It has been reported Clarence Mitchell will be standing as an MP for the Conservative Party

    Perhaps RB and co were unwittingly swept along by who-ever- is in the shadows pulling the strings.

    After all the BRITISH gutter press and TV to their shame do not always report the truth and Clarence Mitchell was, or still is a media manipulator

  8. I wrote to JKs publishers asking why she, as an author, was involved with people trying to ban a book. I also pointed out several other things along with there being serious repercussions for them and her if the Mcs are later charged. I also directed them to the official website with the info on the fund and its uses. Not had a reply yet, not that i expect one. It just made me feel better pointing out the PJs stance on the case, the dodgy pi's and their money laundering fraud ie Medodo 3 and Halligan. I would imagine lots of people contacted the publishers and JK R so just maybe someone listened to us, nobody likes to have their reputation tarnished by association, but it wouldnt surprise me if she did attend, by the back door.

  9. Leicestershire police back in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.



  10. Liz @ 8, I contacted Rowling's publishers too. I didn't get a reply either. You'd think if she wasn't going, despite Sky News yesterday confirming she was, they'd be happy to correct the error. So yes there is a suspicion that she did go on condition that her attendance was kept under wraps with no photos etc.
    They say on the night of the 1997 election Branson waited at a point equidistant from the Tory victory celebration and the Labour one. Then, once Labour won Edgbaston, he hotfooted it to the Labour bash and gave a TV interview.
    This whole thing is beyond satire.

  11. I would imagine the tapasniks sneaked in and out too,imagine the link in readers minds if they all appeared together going out for a night on the town,they have to skulk and hide whilst the parents responsible get to bathe in the limelight,so it will continue,ad nauseum,ad infinitum

  12. any news about Halligen?
    I hope he will be the fifith horse, telling what happened to the McCanns'money and what was their intention to send money to him.

  13. Does any of you know if Amaral will present an evidence next February.

  14. Long haired lover from liverpoolThursday, January 28, 2010 3:01:00 pm

    The formby lanten thing went down like a lead balloon 1 lanten released by the Healeys they were expecting hundreds and formby children football team present so that was a flop Ha Ha Ha Ha wonderful. Liverpool echo have a small picture had it been a success it would have been front page news

  15. http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/

    Long haird...I cannot see anything on their web page..Where is the article please. Do you have a link?

  16. The only mention i can find so far is JK R donating books, and nothing on Halligans court appearance, has anyone else found anything?

  17. Ironside:-

    This is the article :-

    Home News

    Madeleine McCann gone 1000 days

    Jan 28 2010 by Laura Sharpe, Liverpool Echo
    Add a comment
    Recommend (3)

    Maddie gone 1000 days

    CHINESE lanterns were released in Formby to mark the 1000th day Madeleine McCann has been missing.

    Plans to release scores of balloons were disrupted by bad weather but members of Formby Football Club, and Madeleine’s grandparents released a floating lantern to mark the occasion.

    In London, Kate and Gerry McCann were joined by celebrities at a charity bash.

  18. Madeleine '1000 days' lanterns spark alert
    Published: 28 January, 2010

    CHINESE lanterns set off on Wednesday evening in north west Sutherland in memory of missing Madeleine McCann, sparked an alert involving police and coastguards.
    Click here to find out more!

    A woman reported seeing three bright orange lights in the sky at around 9pm in the Scourie area. She feared they were flares which had been set off by someone in distress.

    Police called out the local coastguard unit who spotted more of the lights. But enquiries revealed they were Chinese lanterns set off to mark the 1000 days since the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Lanterns have been released across the UK in support of Jerry and Kate McCann's search for their missing daughter.

    But local police have now asked to be informed if anyone is still planning to release the lanterns in the Sutherland area.


  19. 17

    There was just one lantern lit.

    Above the article on the the Home News of the Liverpool Echo there is a small photograph

  20. What other country would give respect
    To people who practice child neglect?

    In what other country would you become a star
    For losing your child while in a Tapas bar?

    In what other country would you try to destroy a man
    Who only tried to find Madeleine McCann?

    What other country is trying to ban
    What the rest of the world knows of family McCann?

  21. Linked to this. We have another UK doctor, a Dr Wakefield, who seems egotistic. He has been described by his mother as "if he believes in something he will do anything to go on believing it" (Channel 4 News). He has been found guilty today by the GMC of bringing the profession into disrepute, breaking research rules in his research into the MMR vaccine, and may be struck off. Is the McCann also fixed in his beliefs that he is right?

  22. Ironside, Something about the lanterns here:


  23. I think it's worth, 24 hours after the event, taking a few moments to try and get my head around what happened last night. Look again at those incredible pictures of Fiona Phillips and Gloria Hunniford posing for the cameras - for all the world as if they were attending a film premiere.

    A three year old child has died, cause unknown for Christ's sake. Her body has been deliberately hidden. Even if the death was accidental, hiding a body is a major, major crime. The investigating Police force wants to question the parents. The Father is 'disappointed' that the Police haven't 'changed their minds' about his involvement. I bet you are, Gerry. Not what you were promised, is it?

    Look at those pictures, and wonder what it means to live in Britain right now.

  24. liverpool echo you can see on McCannfiles

  25. Old medical joke.

    What's the difference between God and a consultant?

    God doesn't think he is a consultant.

    Come on Mcscams,confess all and end this circus.

  26. All of the comments are spot on at Liverpool Echo re. lanterns. If the commenters are all liverpudlian, I admire the way they sum up a situation. I also believe, as one of the commenters said, that CEOP's reputation is finished.

  27. http://www.maddiemystery.blogspot.com/

    The Council Chamber have just returned from Portugal and give their opinion of the reaction of Portuguese people and ex pats.

  28. Any idea what the turnover was last night or are they still counting?

  29. BBC report...'Plans to release 1,000 lanterns into the sky above the McCanns' home village of Rothley were cancelled due to bad weather, parents Kate and Gerry McCann said the events symbolised them never giving up'.

    ...unless the weather is bad. Priceless positioning of prose =))

    ..and they just cant stop lying, there is no way they could have released 1000 lanterns from one location...wouldnt have been allowed by the local authorities and emergency services.

    Unless the BBC got it wrong again!

  30. Another book alleges the McCanns lied about Maddie's disappearance

    As the McCanns mark the 1,000th day since Maddie disappeared, Faked Abduction by Briton Steve Marsden claims Kate and Gerry have lied about their daughter's fate

    Writing under the pseudonym of Brian Johnson, Mr Marsden’s Faked Abduction repeats claims made in a book by ex-Portuguese police chief Goncalo Amaral, who was sacked from the Maddie enquiry


  31. What happened to Kevin Halligen?


  32. Celebrities aside...what about the McCanns friends and family? Those friends they claim they trust 100% and the family that sticks with them and defends them "tooth and nail"?
    Were they not invited or welcome or are they all a bunch of scrooges who will not pay 150 quid, not even to boost the fund that supposedly is for finding Madeleine?

  33. comment 21: Dr Wakefield is very brave. He is contradicting the establishment, that's why they want to slap him down. He revealed that there were links between autism and the MMR vaccine.

  34. Bringing home…The Bacon

    Dusk, doubt, drinks, sunlight slipping away as was the wine from the land of the long white cloud, the endless unimaginable cold of the heavens reflecting the emptiness in his heart, ready to spread, to shadow, to colour the perception of some of the people, clouding the minds of most of the people…(most of the time).

    But somewhere out there has to be life, though the distance is only a matter of time, a greater chance of life than remains in a distinctly flecked and corporate trademarked eye, looking nowhere for infinity.

    No lantern cups any golden blaze,
    the candle is dead and cold and hidden from any eye,
    But for the thousandth time, for longer than it takes, bringing home the bacon….

  35. 32, guerra,
    I just met Halligen and he told me he was going to your home, to spend some weeks with you.
    Watch yoour wallet.

  36. I just found Metro.co.uk,

    I typed "madeleine mccann" on search, and I found the comment the book of Brian Johnson's.

    Is Metro a news paper you can get everywhere(subways) for free?

  37. I'm sure there were a lot more there than we know about yet. There must have been a way in out of the public eye. Maybe they have sold the rights to 'Hello' or to 'Ok'??

  38. @31

    Steve Marsden (aka Stevo) has been ranting about this book since last Summer. I would take what he says with a juggernautfull of salt.

  39. Why does everyone say Madeleine was a blonde? Clearly her hair is 'mousey'...my little ones were very blonde but their hair darkened to mousey as they grew up.

    Even that odd poem includes hair colour as if its important. It actually amazes me how come there were no normal DNA traces at all in the apartment. Why did they have to go to Rothley to get her toothbrush for DNA traces? I dont understand - or have I got it wrong?

  40. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2807324/Madeleine-McCann-probe-cop-in-new-attack-on-parents.html

    Has The Sun apologised for this lie yet - printed a withdrawel??

    Is Amaral going to sue the vile liars TOM WELLS and ANTONELLA LAZZERI.

  41. As we are all writing poems now, here's a haiku:

    Empty apartment.
    Partying parents don't hear
    A cry in the dark.

  42. Several staff at the Tapas bar say that Gerry was away at least 30 minutes 9:30-10:00 pm - see affidavits from people like Svetlana (Russian kitchen assistant)and JOACQUIM JOSE (waiter). Why was he away so long? Certainly ties in with the Smiths sighting. Upon Gerry's return to the Tapas bar Kate goes to the apartment almost immediately. Why does she go to check if Gerry has just finished checking?

  43. 43, he was saying good-bye to his daughter and cleaning the apartment.
    he spent more time cleaning as he still had two children left.

  44. Is the British justice hiding Halligen's hearings?
    I hope Portuguese and British media will interview him after his going back to the US, prison or not, in order to get to know what the McCanns wanted of him.If the media offer him money, he will tell.

  45. Another Poem

    Spider black the dress
    Mime of martyrdom undone
    By his stance of nervy, smirking defiance
    Pink tie, a slash of
    Passive aggression.
    Behind - the cadaverous stare
    Of money.
    Why all this strange activity?
    Low cunning meets denial
    Meets the camera's hungry glare.
    But she cannot be helped now.
    It is far too late.

  46. KEVIN HALLIGEN- my bet is a D notice on extradition proceedings.

  47. post 21

    If you read the "case files" of Dr Wakefield and find out about all the false testimonies against him at the GMC, you will find that he should be put in the same class as Dr Amaral - in his case finding the truth about how some children may have been damaged by the MMR and freedom of speech regarding the controversial untouchable subject of vaccines and their risks. He is as a doctor should be, caring about suffering children and should not be compared to a couple of self-serving neglectful parents/doctors.

    This is certainly another case where the official media should not be relied on for the truth - only spin and soundbites.

  48. it was in the seventies i believe that mrs.thatcher replied to a question of introducing an FOI bill by saying that she didnt think it would suit our form of government

    I think we all know why

  49. Post 48. The post referred to the Channel 4 News which included a video clip with sound of Dr Wakefield saying in a lecture that he had paid children five pounds at a children's party to take part in his vaccination research, and those who didn't like it would probably ask for ten pounds next time. All very clearly unethical of course for all to see. Hence the GMC charges. There are ethical rules of research which need to be followed by professional people and standards must be maintained by the GMC.

  50. I haven't read all the way through the comments here, so I don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but in Sept 2006 J K Rowling wrote this on her own website:

    'Banned Books Week

    Once again, the Harry Potter books feature on this year's list of most-banned books. As this puts me in the company of Harper Lee, Mark Twain, J. D. Salinger, William Golding, John Steinbeck and other writers I revere, I have always taken my annual inclusion on the list as a great honour. "Every burned book enlightens the world." - Ralph Waldo Emerson.'


    So it looks like she is not a supporter of those who wish to ban books.

  51. Post 51, she should update that to include Goncarlo on the list (temporarily at least)

  52. Thanks for the quote Dimsie. Perhaps JK Rowling will have a look at Mr Amaral's book and the PJ files. It all makes for a far stranger tale than she could ever put together in the Harry Potter stories; but she does write about some very wicked characters.

  53. There's mention of this article (four horses)on sky news discussions,one poster said that she has never read or seen any thing as cruel as this peice.Some of those posters are either friends or relatives of the McCanns i'm sure.

  54. Does anyone know when the book Faked Abduction is going to be released?An email said it would be mid January,but have heard nothing else.

  55. Post 50

    As I said, do not just rely on the official media outlets for info on this, dig deeper. The fault for which Dr Wakefield is being punished is that he dared ask for further research into the MMR and he recommended that, if in doubt, people should get the single vaccines which were still available on the NHS and "legal" at the time, but that were withdrawn six months later, depriving parents of choice. People in government had based their careers on the success and safety of the MMR and lots of money was to be made out of it by the pharmaceutical industry.

    As in the case of Goncalo Amaral, always question when someone is being called "disgraced" or "discredited" by the establishment - these are usually people who hold important information and are quite prepared to stick their necks out, and they are not easily silenced - these people are made an example of by those in power who feel threatened by them, as a warning to others.

  56. Post 55, I think Stevo basically regurgitated some of Amaral's stuff, using a Microsoft Word file, then he printed off a handful of copies in book form using a Google Expresso machine, then he advertised it on his website to gauge any interest.
    I wouldn't hold your breath, IMO Stevo's book is about one per cent of one per cent as important as Amaral's.

  57. 48, 56
    No. You are very wrong. Please let us not conflate this thread with that of another, which has no scientific credibility.
    Dr Wakefield is closer to the McCanns than Amaral. Wakefield has caused significant damage to the health of English children, now & in the future.
    Don't rely on newspapers for this information - look to the science.
    Dr Wakefield's study was based on *12* cases.
    He fled the country when charged by the GMC. He has subsequently admitted he was wrong. His report did not pass peer review. There have been several studies with *millions* of cases that have shown *no* correlation between MMR & autism. He falsified 11 of the 12 cases. He was financially linked to an outcome that benefited from decrease in MMR uptake. BUT, significantly he has been responsible for at least 2 deaths (so better than Kate & Gerry), and the number of cases of measles, previously insignificant, grew from 56 in UK in 1998 to 1348 in 2008. Please, lets focus on the McCanns. Not a proxy.

  58. Stevos book will be getting the McCanns riled up, that can be depended on.

    They will be furious.

    But of course they will say it is ludicrous.

    The more books that are telling the truth about the case and the findings of the investigation the better.

    The McCanns are going to be running around in small circles trying to ban them all.

  59. Post 58

    Hi Nigel
    Neither do I wish to turn Joana's blog into a vaccination discussion that always inevitably turns into a slanging match, as this is a taboo subject, but it seems you have been spun right and proper by the powers that be. I was the same regarding the subject of the Mccanns, Amaral and the Portuguese police, until I looked beyond the sensational headlines and more into the subject. I wouldn't say what I am saying if I had not extensively researched the subject, from the medicine to the politics, and indeed looked at the science.

    Thank you Joana for your patience, that will be my last word on the subject.

  60. Jen,
    I agree we should not distract this site from the main purpose of discussing/exposing the McCann's fraud.
    However, I would ask that you post, or send me *one* scientific (backed by statistically significant evidence), peer-reviewed, objective reference that supports the original link between MMR & autism.
    If you read the BMJ, there is nothing that suggests that there is any harmful link between MMR vaccine & autism.


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