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Kate and Gerry McCann host star-studded fundraiser to mark the 1,000th day since their daughter Maddie went missing

by Daily Mail Reporter

Kate McCann tonight said she was "trying to move forward" as a charity event was held to mark the 1,000th day since her daughter Madeleine went missing.

Mrs McCann and her husband Gerry were joined by celebrity supporters at the £150-a-head fundraising dinner, raffle and auction at Kensington Roof Gardens in west London.

Speaking on the steps of the venue she said: 'We are hoping for a positive night.'

Asked about her feelings on the sad anniversary, she added: 'It's obviously difficult but we are trying to move forward to help Madeleine and all missing children.'

Madeleine was nearly four when she disappeared from her family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in southern Portugal on May 3 2007 while her parents dined with friends nearby.

Comedian Jack Dee, television presenters Fiona Phillips and Gloria Hunniford and actor Peter Bowles were among the guests.

The couple will mark the sad anniversary by organising the launch of 1,000 glowing paper lanterns into the night sky in Leicestershire.

The McCanns said it sometimes felt wrong that they were coping with life without Madeleine - but added that otherwise there would be no search for the little girl.

In a poignant statement they said: 'Today marks 1,000 days since Madeleine was taken from us. It's hard to even say the number.

'We remember the first few days after Madeleine was taken, watching the clock and counting every hour. Now we've reached 1,000 days.

'It's difficult sometimes to understand how we've been able to keep going and survive without Madeleine, especially since nothing has changed since that terrifying first night.

'Madeleine is still missing. Sometimes it even feels wrong to be coping.

'And yet if we weren't, there would be no search and no campaign to find Madeleine and that just doesn't bear thinking about.'

in: Daily Mail, 27.01.2010, with more photos


  1. are the twins sleeping in an unlocked hotel room across the street?

  2. Who are the two guys in the suits standing next to the duo ?

    I've always disliked Gloria Hunniford, now I have even more reason!!!

  3. Sad to see Sir David Steele, Peter Bowles and Gayle Hunniford arriving. Kate looks rather funereal. Could we make a list of those attending? Their photos are on Mail Online, showbiz page, extra headings on the left side.

  4. They remember the first few days watching the clock and counting the hours!! Going too slowly for you McCanns was it?

    They might have gone a bit quicker if you had got yourselves out there and done some searching for Madeleine like other people were doing.

    But then, why should you if Madeleine wasn't for the finding anyway.

    When is this farce going to end?

  5. We had the bash we got some cash
    But the blogs are not going our way
    So we've had to order Mr Pinky back into the fray
    Now silly public, if you stop using the net
    Pinky can promise you the best sighting yet

    When you doubt, he has to shout
    Maddie is alive and we will find her, in a Portuguese dive
    There is a thought of going but he cannot just yet
    Gerry's found a bearded friend with a mighty jet
    So Pinky is out there spinning and will tell us really soon
    There is a very credible sighting of
    Maddie on the moon......

  6. Not exactly A-list celebrities then ...

    ... I mean, most of those mentioned above were probably just leaving the job centre and in need of a good meal.

  7. 'It's hard to even say the number'.

  8. No sign of JK Rowling? Shouldn't it be "hasbeen-studded"? Shame on Jack Dee

  9. Jack Dee? I used to like him - how disappointing man. I can only assume all these people have been duped. Not surprised F. Phillips there, silly woman.

  10. Ao que se sujeitam! Nem as roupas,nem as poses do casal maravilha correspondem à chamada gala dos profissionais da fama.

    Não pertencem ali e nem sabem como estar.

    Uma afronta mais à Pequenina.

    Oh,nem digo mais nada.C H O C A N T E !

  11. She is trying to move forward living from charity because it's very hard to wake up in morning and earn the life with dignity, i.e. having a job, do what the boss demands and pay taxes like everyone else. It it hard indeed, so let's move forward and get some good money from the Fund.
    It's a new Fund of life... Eureka!!!

    But the true always come back: it will be hard to go on with this charity dates in ten years from now... less than that... time will be their big handicap.

  12. You know those iconic mug shots of notorious criminals from the past that are forever imprinted in your memory? Close your eyes and you can see them all, The Kray twins, Yorkshire Ripper, Myra Hindley, OJ Simpson.

    The picture of Gerald Patrick McCann at the top of this article will make people shudder for years to come.

  13. Today marks 1,000 days that we, Kate and Gerry, left our children unsupervised during the night. Actually as we all were doing for the entire week. Sean and Amelie with two years old and Madeleine three years old. What really has happened late that afternoon May 3rd you will never hear from us!!!

    Charity is very welcome and our new life very, very expensive!!!

  14. I hope they invited all their former detectives like Halligen and M3.

  15. This puts me in mind of that old prison comedy 'Porridge' - the bit where the prison football team were expecting to play a team of celebrities. When the bus arrived at the prison, the poor prisoners couldn't name one of them. Z list, I believe is the expression. What sick sick pictures of these clowns arriving in all their 'finery'. Hey, people - Madeleine is being held in a dungeon in Portugal - Edgar told us. Jeez what the hell's wrong with you?

  16. Great Britain! I have a question for you: How the fuck can these two child neglecting bastards become famous? How the fuck can these two touch arms with the upper crust?

    Here's my message to you two: Get your arse back to Portugal and start hunting for your "missing" child.

  17. Yeah, yeah.
    Isn't about time they paid somone to write them a new speech? I'm sure they're not sure of a bob or two!

    Disgusting: the event and all who attended.

    If my daughter had been mising for 1,000 days I would not be able to leave the house for crying and missing her.


    NO WAY.

  18. Couldn't agree more, Anonymous 12. Gerry McCann has the kind of face that cries out to be given a slap.

    And I feel certain that, before long, someone will oblige.

  19. Looks like the 'celebrities' are as has-been as Madeleine.

  20. Where were JK Rowling, Richard Branson and Brian Kennedy? Had second thoughts?

    These guests are more past the sell-by-date ex-known names than celebrities IMO. Surprised Lorraine Kelly wasn't there, that's another aging-ex-cutie desperately trying to hang on as well.

    mariacpois, concordo. O bronzeado do Algarve ja desapareceu ha muito tempo... ficou um casal de parolos sem porte nenhum.

  21. Looks like the madhatters tea party to me. What a load of tossers.

  22. I think Gerry McCann appears like he has a bit of a hunted look on his face.

    Is it all slipping away Gerry?

  23. Riff raff with high quality wristbands, lol!

  24. No mention of anyone else turning up - perhaps they were the only 6.

  25. OT but could they not afford to pay for an image/fashion consultant?
    I realise it is a question of taste but I find Kate's black dress (is that a spiders print?) truly ugly.
    Gerry at least is just tacky.

    Why oh why can't they just STOP imposing their unpleasant tainted personas on the innocent public?

  26. This is indecent!
    And Kate looks very sick, very thin, like somebody suffering of eating disorders.

  27. Hope kate has not had her party frock on for work don't go near the dogs kate bad smells

  28. Wish these people would kindly explain to me, why they are having such a knees-up when according to their dastardly duo(crap cops)Madeliene is most likely alive, and living in a rural part of Portugal. Don't ya just think it may have been better to search rather than party?

  29. 4 and the press?

    What's the betting Dear ol' Clarrence makes out it was a full house.

  30. Shame on these famous people who are supporting this pair of child neglectors. Who are blaming everybody but themselves for their daughter's fate.

  31. I've just spotted Richard Branson leaving out of the kitchen porters entrance. So he was there afterall, I wasn't able to take a pic as he had minders with him

  32. Anyone else noticed how hard it is for Kate to look directly at the camera? Living a lie perhaps, the sooner this pair are brought to justice the better, Shouldn't the people who are contributing towards this fund be given a detailed account of exactly how it is being used to "find" Maddie.I don't think they would be too happy to see they have been contributing towards the mortgage on occasion.

  33. an. 1,

    if McCanns don't make money enough today, the door of the hotel room will remain unlocked and the shutters+window broken.

    The police will release the 13 paedophiles, etc, etc

  34. David Steele the man who was responsible for the 1967 abortion act in the UK and Kate and Gerry devout Catholics, this shows what they really are Catholics my arse. Go Get them Mr Amaral shut this pair of twats up for good

  35. Yes she does look rather thin, and scared, anyone else noticed she never looks directly at the camera? one wonders why?

  36. Stars!!! Another collection of rubbishy non-entities.


  37. When you criticise those "celebs" in attendance, bear in mind that two well-established GENUINE charities are also involved. These people might be patrons of these charities and felt obliged to attend the event.

  38. 25, Salsa,

    it is possible that those invited people for tonight are also paedophiles.
    If they accepted the invitations without protesting it could mean that they need each other's support in their filthy behaviours.

  39. Sooooo, has anyone actually been there showing your outrage and making your feisty statements?

    Any British Maria Augusta? Any Joanas?

    Many people can do the talk but very few do the talk.

    This was a very good chance for people to publicly speak up.
    Ask some tough questions.
    Get the record straight.

    I guess there's always the 1500 days mark to have another go...

  40. I bet people who work at the CEOP got a day off to go to that dinner.
    The whole group must know each other very well...

  41. 27, Scooby-Doo,

    what do you mean with two well established GENUINE charities?

  42. Correction,

    27, not Scooby-Doo but ShuBob.

  43. What about the 100,000 plus people who died and are missing in Haiti? Donate the money to Haiti.

    Look at the smug look on McCann's mug. 2 grifters if there were ever two. All these so called celebs are as shallow as an egg cup and would turn up for a free meal.

  44. @29

    Day 1500?
    They'll need more ca$h long before.
    There are a few big events coming up: Winter Olympics (free trip to Vancouver just after the Court case next month), football World Cup (free trip to South Africa), London Olympics ... many events and prospective customers for t-shirts!

  45. Think about what you are saying when you are criticising the celebs who are attending tonight. Everyone has the right to make up their own mind about what they believe is true or not and don't forget that many people aren't as well read up on the case/police files as most of us here are. They could also be representing the genuine charities. I think you should cut them some slack. They aren't the ones who are responsible for Madeleine's disappearance. Sometimes a little perspective is needed.

  46. I agree, a little perspective IS needed

  47. Who is Richard Branson, the one who left through the kitchen door?
    I don't know who he is but I know he did not want to be seen by the media or other people outside, otherwise he would ha proudly chosen for the front door.
    This could mean doubts.

  48. The McCanns are only down to their last half million yet again!

    Who are these people kidding, they are hardly on skid row, even the celebs are not that stupid as to throw good money after bad like that?

    Do you reckon the ones that didn't attend sent a text message or a note with a fiver in saying 'thanks for invite but sorry, no can do, otherwise engaged, helping the kids in Haiti, will donate to the two Charities separately'.

    The McCanns have got some neck still going around with the begging bowl when there are so many genuine poor people needing help.

  49. Perspective? Why? A little justice is all we need, the mccanns in prison and these so called stars made to work like the rest of us.

  50. Need the full attendees list, looks like a disaster for the neglectful ones !

  51. You must bear in mind, that, for these so-called celebrities, any type of publicity is good publicity. Whatever the outcome of this case, the simple fact is that these people will either claim to have been 'right all along' or, in my opinion, left distraught at having been 'duped' by such evil-doers (the Mcs).

    Let's face it, if Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Jim Gamble, Richard Branson et al are seen to be supporting the McCanns, then it is no skin off any off these celebrities' noses to jump on the bandwagon in the hope that it will heighten their profiles and advance their careers (for want of a better word).

    Pardon my French but they are like flies around s**t!!!

  52. Waiting for confirmation Sir Richard Branson was in attendance, because according to recent information from "Vergin" I am one of their valued customers.

    I would not like to think, one penny of my hard earned money has found itself into the back pocket of the McCanns, and will be an ex-valued customer, should it be confirmed Sir Richard Branson was indeed at the McCann party.

  53. #26
    It should be no surprise that Kate looks like she has an eating disorder.
    Remember, even back in Praia da Luz she wasn't eating properly all week - she was eating out of sight of her children...

  54. #4 - re Kate not searching night of 3rd May.
    Having read the files & statements, it is becoming increasingly clear to me that the reason Kate did not shift from the parent bedroom all night, whilst everyone else was searching, was because she was guarding the wardrobe in their bedroom. This is where the dogs later found the cadaver scent. It would be likely that the body was hid in there before being disposed of subsequently, so it was vital that the parents ensured that no-one would look in the wardrobe...

  55. Perhaps Branson popped in to say hello and goodbye, well out of view of camera or anybody else. Made his excuses and left as soon as possible.

    Just think, if Gloria Hunniford hadn't been there, they would have had to put Fiona up front as their female 'star'.

    No way would anybody think of her as a star, and it is pushing it to think of Gloria Hunniford as one either unless very minor. Both presenters, but Gloria did sing at one time.

  56. Jack Dee ends his career prematurely.

    He was an ex trainee priest I believe.

    46 - No I don't agree. These celebs are the ones who are preventing a proper investigation. If just one or two of them came out and demanded a proper police investigation, things would start to change. But they don't. Why? They can look into the case as well as anyone else. They must know about Amaral for God's sake. They can find out what he says.

    What happened to the Irish Booker Prize winner? She said something nasty (=true) about the McCanns and was never heard of again! (Eris someone??). They are cowards or simpletons the lot of them.

  57. I'm not British but I am familiar with British celebrities - but honestly now, who are these people? I can't say I have ever heard of these "stars".

  58. Has anybody any idea how we can get information about what has happened to Halligen?

    Was he shipped out under cover or something, after all the hoo ha there was in the media when he was arrested.

    Why should he suddenly be of no interest?

  59. In response to that pile of sycophantic crap on the McCann site :

    It’s quiet here in the dark
    Just the sound of a baby breathing
    This sleepy town it’s streets devoid
    Of the happy families that colour it’s day
    And faded now in the orange glow
    And the sounds and smells of the distant bars
    It’s lonely

    The tiny noises of the day
    Are loud now in the still of night
    I don’t like it here, I feel the air
    Like cold fingers against my face
    Unfamiliar shapes in the silence
    Become the monsters of my dreams
    They scare me.

    I won’t cry; they never come
    Those who left me here tonight
    Don’t want to wake the little ones
    They need me to take care of them
    Soon this time will ebb away,
    the fear and pain will not be mine.
    Much longer.

  60. Anon at 60 Brilliant poem.

    Reading that has made me shiver. It should be sent to the McCanns.

    Read it if you dare bloody McCanns, read it if you dare!

  61. If you look at the pictures in the Mail, Gloria Hunniford looked an absolute fright, mutton dressed as lamb with a smile that screamed out 'facelift'. Has it been confirmed that JK turned up? I think we can say that Branson is still on board as a supporter as the venue is his- he may have sneaked in & out the back door but he still let them use his Rooftop Garden. Mates rates if not for free. Still only reporting about six guests in attendance. Did someone post on this forum that they were going to be outside filming the guests arriving? Any news on that?

  62. 'We remember the first few days after Madeleine was taken, watching the clock and counting every hour". You should have been out like hundreds of the PDL locals searching every nook and crany, banging on doors, crawling into any place where a little girl could hide to find your daughter yet you sat in the apartment watching the clock as the hours ticked by - I will NEVER understand that as long as I live. Maybe it is like Nigel poster 55 says, they were perhaps guarding a corps.

    No surprise to see Fiona Phillips there then. I bet she was smoozing round to the McCanns, with the "we have all done routine".

  63. Will we ever know how much this so-called "party" contributed to the charities and fund? I wouldn't be surprised that the whole thing turned out to be a complete fiasco, and they ended up with a few quid for lollipops. By the time they must be counting the pennies...

  64. The Mac Cann, best that ever again in the spotlight ... Is it really necessair 3 years after the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine? why again and again put himself forward as much on the media scene?

    Pictured here, the expression of the eyes of Gerry Mac Cann is the one who takes action and each time he succeeds, he is once again the winner of the event.
    That is all we see sadly. Kate seems far from in a perfect assurance and join her husband.
    I would say that Kate is certainly tired of playing the comedy ... but, in fact, will she still long?

    "If this whole story is a joke in bad taste and Maddie one days appears, that the public go to think of Gerry Mac Cann and Kate Mac Cann?

    -If all this circus that has been created to raise more than 3 million euros, while knowing that their daughter is dead, that the public will think of Gerry and Kate McCann ?

    Imagine also the twins, the parents one day, have they thought about the tragedy that would arise in their lives?

    And if Maddie, really was actually removed, pain, strength to resist and fight the whole time, can we admit for a moment that this couple is so naive as to force and keep smiling in the first days following the disappearance of their daughter?

    Give birth to a child naturally, following an act of love, can be compared and have as much impact as a programmed IVF? I'm not so sure ... The feeling in the 2 cases are two things: the spontaneity and the other a result causing a birth ... and in the case of Mac Cann, they knew that before to be large, the children could be babies, these little creatures that require much love and presence, attention, responsibility, or even capture a part of life ?
    in fact, Mac Cann at the age where they made their decision to have children if they were so well prepared?

    To have children is in the logic in a couple, it is a upheaval in their little humdrum banal life, but have they ever thought carefully considered one day all the consequences, ?

  65. The only way they will ever beable to move forward is to firstly move backwards. Tell the whole truth, answer all the questions then learn how to be proper parents and take good care of the twins instead of contantly leaving them so they can attend stupid tacky stunts like this one

  66. Letter from Iberia

    McCann of a thousand days
    1000 days since they left their children alone
    1000 days of being responsible for putting their children in danger
    1000 days of blaming others
    1000 days of dipping into the McCann und
    1000 days of smoke and mirrors
    1000 days of suing all who don’t believe their lies
    1000 days of defaming all who look for the truth
    1000 days of their Evil


    Portugal shelved the case
    Portugal allowed this evil pair to leave without charge
    Only Portugal can put right this wrong


  67. Hi everybody,

    I'm from Belgium (sorry for my bad English. I know the guy on the right, Francis Herbert: he is (was, maybe he is retired now, I'm not sure) a welknown lawyer and partner in a big lawfirm in Belgium.

    One of his daughters died as a young girl, run over by a car. He create an association ("Ouders van Verongelukte Kinderen vzw": association for parents of children which died in car accidents) in order to help parents in the same dramatical situation. You can be sure of one thing: he is a real clever, good and nice person.

    That's why I really do not understand what he is doing with the McCann's......

  68. 68 - a lot of nice people couldnt concieve of this pairs crime, must be naive - dont forget that being a clever lawyer doesnt mean you are a generally clever or aware person....and no doubt he gets paid.

  69. What an odd thing to say, 'watching the clock'....surely time would have flown past as you would only be thinking of your child, surely they didnt just sit there?

    And why would not having this useless 'search' be unbearable to think about? If they had actually made progress, had actually investigated properly and not just run around the world on wild goose chases (well, not them but their 'detectives')...if there had actually been some result from spending os much money, then fair enough...but without this useless fund, they might have actually had some police involved - investigating properly.! The more this stupid woman speaks, the weirder what she says becomes!

  70. Looks like a damp squib! Laughable...what a pathetic turn out - frankly I think it reflects what we all think...looks like the 'stars' agree!

    'Star studded' is the most amusing way to describe this joke and the joke is on the McCanns.

    But isnt it sad! It could have been all about Madeleine and other lost children, but they have made it about their own self defence and lost the support of the UK public, despite what our establishment and media thinks!

  71. 'It's difficult sometimes to understand how we've been able to keep going and survive without Madeleine, especially since nothing has changed since that terrifying first night."


  72. SHSSHH... Kate, where did you buy such rubbish dress? You look like a decoration for a Christmas tree....out of the time.

    WOW!!! where are the green and yellow ribbons with which you foolish ordinary people across the world? THEY FADE INTO A BRIGHT BLUE, SAME AS YOUR PEREGRINATIONS TO THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. NOW YOUR PEREGRINATION IS INTO 5 STARS HOTELS because you cannot foolish anymore ordinary people. They don't believe on your fairy tale. You have to survive with donations from perverted VIP, which use the tragedy of your daughter as an advertising business, to keep them in the spotlights and get their names publicised out of UK. Who knows Brian Kennedy if is name were not connected with an odd story? FEW PEOPLE IN THE UK AND NOBODY OUT OF THE ISLAND. A FRUSTRATION FOR A PERVERTED MAN. NOW HE GOT REALISED AND SPEND LESS MONEY FOR HIS ADVERTISEMENT then if he had to pay a properly media campaign to promote himself. YOU ARE NAIVE IF YOU BELIEVE THEY ARE SUPPORTING YOU BECAUSE OF YOU OR YOUR DAUGHTER. THIS PEOPLE JUST THINK ON THEMSELVES AND THEY GOT THE RIGHT PARTNERS AND THE RIGHT EVENTS TO TAKE A FULL PROFIT OF THE SITUATION. BUT THIS WILL NOT LAST FOREVER....

    You Kate, you start in the streets with A Madeleine face box, asking donations in Hotel halls. After, the magic works and more or less same the huge amount of HAITI victims, you reach round figures of Euros in few days. Now, the magic fade and you have to appeal to perverted to attend pervert events. They will not come again.... you are going to end up in the streets looking for money to pay your special lawyers and the pink man. EVERYTHING BECAUSE YOU BECOME A PATHOLOGIC LIAR.

  73. oh kate please,please do not ever think you can help other children,
    YOU COULDNT EVEN LOOK AFTER YOUR OWN, COULD YOU.i wouldnt let you look after my dog, you selfish woman.

  74. do you think all the important stars went in by the back door so as not to been seen supporting the child neglecting mccanns

  75. Now if they had held the party in PDL and given everyone a shovel, they could all have helped to dig up the beach! Never know what may have been found.

  76. I see Blacksmith's taking the mickey about this disastrous


  77. Anon 70

    They obviously weren't sitting around watching the clock.

    They were doing things like jogging and playing tennis.

    And didn't Kate say they were so busy they didn't have time to search. Hardly time to be watching the clock then.

    They didn't bother to search because they didn't see the need to. Let the others do the actual turning over of the stones, things like that are not for the McCanns, or their family and friends.

    Do they make this stuff up as they go along?? Bleating as usual. Poor them with all their clock watching.

  78. Oh my God they make me soo sick and upset.
    Sorry I can't say more x(

  79. Anon 18 - yes, indeed. I have always thought that man, Gerry, has an OHRFEIGENGESICHT. Almost first thing I noticed about him, by the way.

  80. 'We remember the first few days after Madeleine was taken, watching the clock and counting every hour .... knowing that as time went on the chances of our getting away with it increased, and the chances of anyone finding where we had put the body decreased. After four months we knew we were in the clear, and no one would ever be able to pin anything on us. That's when we came home.

    Or something like that, perhaps..

  81. I have read so much about this that I am fed up of reading it all. I am a single parent father with a 9 year old son. When this all started, I can still remember vividly,to this day,how I felt when I first heard and saw the parents of madeline being interviewed for the first time... There is "no way" that the initial reaction of those "parents" was a natural, uncalculated statement of events. It sticks in my mind like glue.I will not make a judgement but I know in my heart that the truth will come out someday, I am sure that other true parents would agree with this sentiment.

  82. The Rooftop Gardens belongs to Branson, occasionally he is known to pop in and out, but I think the time has come when all these backers should say Enough is enough, and no more money until you demand the case is reopened!! Cant they see that they do not want the case reopened...why???This is a free service and you would not have to pay Private detectives, and havent heard much from them recently has MC gagged them as well because they may have had a suspicion.Why are the cops dragging their heels on this. NO MORE MONEY K & G UNTIL YOU DEMAND THE CASE IS REOPENED!


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