1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Kate and Gerry McCann Threaten to Sue Bloggers

Maddie's parents want to wipe-out Gonçalo Amaral

A letter sent by the English couple's lawyers said they will sue anyone who publishes on the Internet the totality or excerpts from the former PJ inspector's book

Kate and Gerry McCann want to delete from the Internet all the traces of Gonçalo Amaral's book on the disappearance of their daughter Maddie. As ascertained by 24 horas, the couple has instructed its lawyers to subpoena all the bloggers who have published excerpts or the entire work of the former inspector to remove such content from the Internet under the penalty of being prosecuted in the courts.

The notice was sent to the authors of the blogs that are more focused on the "Maddie case" by the British law firm Carter-Ruck, a letter which gives an account of the court order prohibiting the sale of the book 'Maddie, The Truth of Lie'. In the letter that the 24 horas had access, the McCann lawyers attached a copy of the decision made by the Civil Court of Lisbon.

"The purpose of this letter is to notify you that the material that you are publishing is grossly defamatory to our clients and to alert you that you are on the verge of receiving a lawsuit" it can be read while, they demand for the immediate withdrawal of all the content related to Gonçalo Amaral's book.

No Warnings for Portuguese Bloggers

Contacted by 24 horas, Isabel Duarte, the lawyer for the McCanns in Portugal, has assured that no notice of this kind was sent to any Portuguese bloggers. [it's a lie: Gazeta Digital a blog by a Portuguese freelance journalist received a letter from Carter-Ruck]

This is not the first time that the parents of British girl, who disappeared in Praia da Luz in May 2007, try to silence the theories that contradict the version of the abduction on the Internet. In September, Kate and Gerry McCann ordered their lawyers to advance with legal proceedings against the authors of sites and blogs that defend that Maddie is likely dead.

in 24 Horas, 07.01.10, paper edition

Bellow is the letter* of the McCann lawyers, Carter Ruck, which was sent to the US host of one of the sites without the author of that site ever receiving any previous warning. The temporary injunction order imposed by the Lisbon Civil Court has jurisdiction only in Portugal and only in relation to Dr. Gonçalo Amaral, to the book publishers Guerra e Paz and to the producer of the documentary based on the book 'Maddie, The Truth of the Lie', Valentim de Carvalho. The same type of letter with the injunction attached was sent, allegedly to Amazon France and Germany, who pulled from their sites any mention of the book by Dr. Gonçalo Amaral in these versions: 'Maddie, L'lenquête Interdite' and 'Maddie, Die Wahrheit über Lüge'. The French channel W9 which was supposed to have broadcast the documentary based on the book of Gonçalo Amaral, as well as the McCanns one in October 2009 in a program called 'Enquêtes criminelles' at the last minute, and allegedly after receiving a letter from Carter Ruck gave up the broadcast.

Carter Ruck Mccann
*file taken from wikileaks


  1. The cat is out of the bag. We have read the files .We have read the book. We shall continue to discuss. Many of us will have been wise enough to have copied the book and have our own printed version. The Mccanns by stopping this book cannot make Maddie come back to life. She is dead.

    Goncalo Amaral will be forever connected to Madeleine and there is nothing the Mccanns or Carter Ruck can do about it.

    This monster was created by the Mccanns it is out of control and all the threats in the world will not stop me thinking that the Mccanns are the reason Madeleine is no longer here. What are they going to do ...sue me for my thoughts?

  2. World domination is the ultimate target of the McCanns and Carter Ruck!
    If the events of the last 32 months were a novel or a film you'd laugh and say it was too far fetched!


    So get lost with your abduction fairy story and come back when you can prove it. You are the ones who should be stopped from running a Fund based on something that goes against the findings of the investigation.

    If their letter says not to publish it, then make sure it is published, as the last thing they want is for people to realise just how manipulative and dangerous to free speech they are.

  4. They were lucky they had contacts that helped them out of a sticky situation. Sadly that was not enough for the Mccanns they had to push and push for more. Greed got the better of them. Oxygen feeds the flame and like moths they could not keep away. Their guilt now is transparent. They should have returned to Rothley and stayed silent , they could not ,so the game goes on ...only this time the ball is no longer in their 'Court'...no pun intended.

  5. They really are a bit thick aren't they? more and more publicity is being given to Sr Amaral and his book and blogs that disagree with them. Surely there is no-one now who doesn't now know that MBM is likely dead and at their hands.

  6. What has happened to Edgar ,Cowley and Mitchel? Is Jim Gamble the new baby sitter?

  7. 1, Ironside,

    I just called Carter Ruck and asked them to start suing you for your thoughts, for the fact that you take showers every day, for the bad taste of your underwear and for many other things.
    Be prepared to pay me millions.

  8. Why are Carter-Ruck referring to Madeleine's disappearance as an 'abduction'? How do they KNOW that Madeleine was abducted? What proof do they have for their statement? Haven't they even bothered to read the Portuguese prosecutor's summing-where it says categorically that no one KNOWS what happened to Madeleine

    'whether dead or alive, whether killed in a neglectful homicide or an intended homicide, whether the victim of a targeted abduction or an opportunistic abduction'.

    When are Carter-Ruck going to stop sending out letters that contain statements that they cannot prove? It is an insult to send out a threatening letter which contains a statement that may well be untrue. It's time one of the recipients of this letter got in touch with C-R and told them a few facts.

  9. I still don't get why the McCanns would demand that gerrymccannsblogs be taken out completely? Talk about censorship! They don't even ask for the allegedly offending material to be removed and the site carries on as normal but they want the WHOLE site shut! What are they on?

  10. The fund must be full once again, after their Christmas Campaigne . More money to hand over to Carter Ruck's lawyers , who are laughing all the way to their bank , whilst the gullible public who fill the fund are being deceived .

    When the McCann's corruption is finally exposed I hope all the gullible people will sue them for the return of their cash .

  11. Il faudrait inonder le web de sites qui reproduisent dans toutes les langues de larges extraits du livre d'Amaral.
    Pour un site supprimé par la menace, dix doivent être créés partout dans le monde.
    Les armées colonisatrices ont toujours perdu leur domination parce qu'elles devaient se démultiplier, en voulant toujours plus, en allant toujours plus loin.Le Net c'est le monde, les blogs des franc-tireurs.

  12. How can they do that? That court order is not against blogs/sites all over the world, is it? Isn't that just a bit untruthful.

  13. That is a truly dreadful picture of them, Kate looks about 75 and Gerry looks so angry at whatever is being discussed that he looks as though he could spontaeously combust!!!

  14. One other positive thing that can come from such CR letters is that Amaral can use it in his defense in court by showing how the McCanns use their financial power to threaten people based on distortion of the truth and misrepresentation of the facts!

  15. Sr Amaral says there is evidence that Madeline is dead, and that it is in the hands of the Attorney General.

    Wasn't it a meeting that somebody had with the AG that stopped charges being brought? This was mentioned very early on.

    The PJ say Madeleine is dead, and recently have told a journalist from the Mail newspaper that is the reason they are not looking for her.

    All in all, it is the McCanns who should be watching their backs. So far, they have been lucky. Yet they keep pushing to control everything and silence everybody, supposedly to help find Madeleine.

    It must be a nightmare for them that the case could be reopened again at any time.

  16. Anon 13, yes, it's a dreadful picture of the gruesome twosome but when did we ever see a nice one or even a passable one? They always look strange and angry, generally when they're complaining about people who won't shut up just because the McCanns say so.

    They truly are the most idiotic pair of people, with their funny ideas about how they can stop people saying whatever they want, which as we all know is impossible. All they're doing is drawing attention to the theory that Madeleine died and her body was disposed of, a theory that is worthy of serious attention.

    Another thing: do they think they'll ever stop people judging them for leaving their children alone in the apartment? They won't, because every week we read of other people leaving their children alone and being charged with neglect, etc. and every time this happens it reminds everyone of the way Madeleine and the twins were left alone and defenceless. Will Carter-Ruck start sending out letter to anyone who mentions the truth about this in a blog or forum?

    Sorry, McCanns, but you're never going to stop people saying their piece. Or researching the facts of this case, until it's known what happened to your daughter. You should be glad of our interest in her fate, as someone needs to be more interested in what happened to her than in threatening to sue other people for speaking their mind. BTW, where is the money coming from to pay Carter-Ruck for the threatening letters, etc.? You wouldn't be using the Find Madeleine Fund money for that, would you? I think the public might like to be reassured on this point, as they wouldn't want their money to be used in your private vendettas against bloggers or authors.

  17. Having read this latest news, I've just printed off the translation of Mr amaral's book into English, just in case carter ruck succeed in whoosh-clunking it. It won't stop me buying a copy when it is finally for sale in England, but in the meantime I can pass it on to all my family and friends to read as well. An own goal, I think, mccanns.

  18. Anon at 17

    Not a 'theory' that Madeleine is dead according to Sr Amaral. It is a fact with proof.

    One of the other investigators also says they have 'stand alone evidence'. What that is, who knows.

    No wonder the McCanns want to get hold of the entire evidence, most of it witheld by Portugal, for use for when the case is reopened.

    Obviously that is the last thing the McCanns want to happen, or they would have requested it.

    How can they ever relax until the case in Portugal is closed completely.

  19. Shubob #14

    Yes I agree Shubob. Imo they have abused the temporary injunction. I hope this is brought to the attention of the Judge who issued the temporary injunction especially as I believe she refused to issue one in May 2009!

  20. what fu***** sad people the mccanns are,WHAT HAVE THEY TO HIDE it must be something big to spend nearly all madeleline,s fund donations on shit like this, all those people who are aiding and abetting the mccanns ought to be fu***** ASHAMED OF THEMSELFS .we are talking about a little 3yr old girl who had every thing to live for
    AND NOT ONE OF YOU HAVE THE COURAGE TO STAND UP TO THE MCCANNS AND TELL THE TRUTH.you are sick people if you let this carry on.
    god bless you madeleine you deserved better but alas it wasnt to be, thanks to the scum who are hiding the truth.

  21. Zodiac @ post #20, absolutely no doubt that the McCanns have abused the injunction!

  22. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20071026145845AARIQ26

    Hot Lips Healy ..do not foget Jose...lol

  23. Wonder if they are going to try to sue wikileaks?

  24. I would like to pass on my thanks to Isabel Hudson of Carter Ruck for supplying that link, I now have my own PDF copy of the English translation of Sr Amaral's book on my desktop for posterity.

    Well done, Ms Hudson, though you of course will know that there is no such thing as an unloseable case.

    Obviously the McCanns are terrified that a book version of the English translation will appear in Waterstones and all other bookshops, this is their biggest fear, if that happens then the whole exercise will have been a complete waste of time not to mention a child's life.

  25. The McCanns are scared of what blogs will publish about Lisbon, next week.
    Why did not the couple sue them before?
    They had months and months, actually 32, to eliminate them.
    And they didn't.
    It is Lisbon, isn't it?
    And Amaral said he has a lot more to tell.

    The blogs are not publicising everything Mrs. Gaspar told.
    But she told a lot!
    It is on the files.
    Uptil now the only persons in the UK who are protecting Madeleine.
    At least that we know.
    They are corageous people and I admire them.
    If they know more people who have bad experience with Tapas 9, I hope they will convince them to write directly to the PJ in Portugal.
    Or to go to a Portuguese consulate or to the Portuguese Embassy.
    Other children are at risk, their lives will be destroyed.

  26. I can accept the supression of lies but I cannot accept the supression of the truth. We must know what the true conclusion the investigating police authorities came to. And why was a file passed to the prosecutor if there were no indications.

  27. Three things are absolute poison to this couple:

    1) The Truth of the Lie
    2) Goncalo Amaral
    3) Edde and Keela

    They go ballistic at the mentioning of any of these.

  28. Is it me, but dosen't statements like this bring LOADS MORE attention to Mr Amaral and his book, human nature will only make people want to read this book and make the public question them even more. Carter Ruck, McCanns and Mitchell dont you think you should credit posters and the public with a bit more intelligence, and STOP YOUR FCUKING MIND GAMES.
    The more I hear from Carter Ruck and Team McCann with your threats the more it makes me dig my heals, Im here until I find out exactly what happened to Madeleine Beth McCann.


  30. realise G.McCann will be earning more than the national average but where on earth is he getting the cash to pay for Carter Ruck.
    Surely for being such a good egg the chap paying ought to stand up and be counted.

  31. I have just copied and pasted the entirity of the English version of the book to my Word documents and I attach it to my email also.

    If they try and stop my bedtime reading now I'll have to give them my tuppence worth.

    I am also planning on watching the film Truth about the Lie which is on this site. I am quite excited about doing something 'illegal' for the first time in my life. If the McCann's can live dangerously then so can I.

    Come on everyone, lets read, read, read.

    In fact, I've just declared Tuesday 12th January as International Truth about the Lie day, to coincide with the Court case and I hope everyone will join in.

  32. English verson of Truth of the lie

  33. In my opinion, this was merely a piece of sabre-rattling by Carter Rucks.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but the temporary injunction was not made on the grounds that the court found the book to be ''grossly libellous'' of the McCanns - those are Carter Rucks's words, and I believe that it is phrased in such a way that it deliberately misleads the reader that this was the case.

    Secondly, I don't believe the injunction extends to anyone other than those named in it, so the claim that the webhosts are in breach of a court order sounds like complete bollocks to me.

    It's notable this letter was sent in October, yet the sites are still there. They may have thought it would be worth a try to see how many sites would fall for it. People are frightened at the prospect of being sued for libel- especially when those involved are the infamous Carter Rucks, and they probably imagined a few would panic and shut down.

    Do we know who is paying the legal costs for this massive fishing exercise , by the way ?
    The action against Amaral was brought under the names of all the McCanns - including Madeleine - alleging amongst other bollocks that the content of the book harmed the search for Madeleine. I wondered if it was brought in her name so that the fund could be used to cover the legal costs - when in fact it is clearly an attempt at reputation protection by Gerry and Kate McCann

  34. And who is paid what out of the Fund? Do they pay themselves out of the Fund?

    But of course they don't need to do they, because it is theirs to spend how they wish.

    How much is Gerry McCann's brother paid?

    Is there any accountability at all for all the money the public have sent, thinking it is going to be spent only for the search for Madeleine, and certainly not for the payment on the McCanns large, luxury, house.

    That will be the day when the McCanns spend any money of their own.

  35. I note the letter is dated October 30, 2009 and indicates "Most Urgent Not for Publication". Will we all be sued for reading this?

    Indeed it's too late, the cat is out of the bag. Where are all the people who donated to this couple? Why are they not asking for accountability?

  36. I have also copied the entire contents of the English translation and will be sending on copies to friends and family...I'm grateful to Carter Ruck for drawing my attention to its existence.

  37. http://tommorris.org/blog/

    It is good to see that Blogs I had never heard of are spreading the word. The Mccanns never know when enough is enough.Carter Ruck charge 500.00 pounds per hour. Who is the Pratt paying to keep the Mccanns in this style?

  38. pamalam, did you ever get any correspondence from your hosting company regarding this?

  39. Bridget #34

    Excellent post!

    Bridget wrote: "Correct me if I am wrong, but the temporary injunction was not made on the grounds that the court found the book to be ''grossly libellous'' of the McCanns - those are Carter Rucks's words, and I believe that it is phrased in such a way that it deliberately misleads the reader that this was the case.

    Secondly, I don't believe the injunction extends to anyone other than those named in it, so the claim that the webhosts are in breach of a court order sounds like complete bollocks to me."

    Bridget, jmo it looks like misrepresentation. Is it legal for them to act like this? Were they behaving well within the bounds of responsible Lawyering? Hmm I wonder what the Judge who issued the temporary injunction (the same one who previously rejected their move for an injunction) will think about the above actions the McC's legal team have taken? I do hope GA has a copy of Pamalam's letter and has her permission to present it to the Judge!

    "Do we know who is paying the legal costs for this massive fishing exercise , by the way ?
    The action against Amaral was brought under the names of all the McCanns - including Madeleine - alleging amongst other bollocks that the content of the book harmed the search for Madeleine. I wondered if it was brought in her name so that the fund could be used to cover the legal costs - when in fact it is clearly an attempt at reputation protection by Gerry and Kate McCann"

    Bridget, my thoughts also. I wonder just how much the McC's and their extended family have personally financially donated to searching.

  40. Blacksmith Bureau

    Thursday, 7 January 2010
    Dreams come true - don't they?

    OK, it’s decided – the hearing will be behind closed doors.

    The “wheeze” we referred to – never forget that the Team McCann people buy the very best brains available in the legal field but are wilting under the pressure and unable to think clearly – won’t work. And the team, poor boobies, are only just realising it.

    Whatever the verdict, the key elements of the court proceedings will come out, one way or another, during the coming months, like a dripping wound.

    In July 2008 the Coffin and Gerry McCann, the latter with a spring in his step, the former lurching behind, shedding pine chips, were able to twist the meaning of the Portuguese prosecutors’ report because they had privileged access to it in translation. This time? Oh, no - there are plenty of Portuguese civil libertarians, volunteers for a cause they believe in, to ensure that the information will flow freely. The Team, from next week on, are going to be unable to stop the bleeding.

    While almost nothing can save them it would be better - just - if it all came out in one week, finished. But even as they pursue the main libel case from afar in the coming year and try and make contingency plans for a UK case forced on them by Goncalo Amaral, the bleed of news from next week’s hearing, whether official or unofficial, will hurt them drip by drip.

    Unless one thing happens.

    The verdict in their favour, you mean?

    No, not the verdict, that won’t be decisive whichever way it goes. The only thing that can save them – and it would be a triumph – is if the police witnesses unequivocally confirm the parents’ insistence that Amaral’s conclusions were “rogue”, not shared by the rest of the investigating team or its successors. At that point we can all go home, this blog can be used for cybernetic lavatory paper, Kate and Gerry McCann can be garlanded in the streets of Leicester, and we shall know that they were always telling the truth. A resolution at last.

    And, of course, since the entire UK media – our truth providers from on high - have been unanimous that this is the reality and Amaral is a discredited loner that is what’s going to happen, isn’t it?

    Dream on.
    Posted by john blacksmith at 05:10

  41. Carter Ruck threatens bloggers over "Maddie - the Truth of the Lie" 2010-01-07T14:05:29ZPermalink5

    Gerry and Kate McCann, parents of the missing - presumed dead - Madeleine McCann, have employed the services of newspaper-threatening, superinjunction superstars Carter-Ruck (previously best known for helping to cover up Parliamentary proceedings) to threaten with a lawsuit any blogger who posts6 the text of Goncalo Amaral's book which, in English, is titled "Maddie - the Truth of the Lie". Amral is a former police detective who worked on the McCann case. While I take no interest in the truth or falsity of Mr. Amaral's book, this shows yet another attempt by Carter-Ruck to suppress free expression using British libel law and injunctions.

    Solicitors at Carter-Ruck must be quite familiar with the Streisand effect7 - the idea that attempts to supress otherwise uninteresting information make it immediately more interesting. Well, consider this one an own goal. I had heard precisely nothing about Mr Amaral's book, but it took me less than five minutes to find a full PDF of the book in Portugese and in French translation, as well as a rough translation into English. Carter-Ruck made it particularly easy by including the URI of the website they were complaining about in the letter. Just saying. There's also a video based on Amaral's book which has been translated into English. You may be able to find it if you, err, have a look on a popular Internet video site owned by Google.


  42. The McCanns are afraid their abduction theory will be exposed for what it really is

    ....A PUFF OF WIND....

    Let's hope it gets blown away soon.

  43. @ Anonymous 39
    My Webhost gave me permission to post the letter.
    With the message
    US legal opinion received has suggested that a more appropriate request from a US legal entity would be required for consideration

  44. Post 25 - thanks for bringing that to my attention. Although I had read it online I hadnt got a hard copy so I have just printed one off.

    United we stand.

  45. Bring it on Carter Ruck.

    For every blog you manage to shut down 2000 more will spring up.

    Truth matters and truth will spring up like weeds all over the internet - no matter how strong the concrete used to hide it, TRUTH will find the minuscule cracks and will announce itself again and again.

    Note to fellow bloggers: Please take the time to back up your files on your harddrives or on non-indexed pages on your own websites. I'm doing that today and urge everyone else to save your work in whatever way you can. It is a hassle, but nothing even close to what Dr. Amaral is facing.


  46. Zodiac: A great post. I hope that GA's lawyers bring up this unethical behaviour, during the hearing, because it is obvious that Carter Ruck would not have done anything without the consent or the instructions of the McCanns. How can they imply that the injunction can be applied beyond the borders of Portugal! I don't believe that Isabel Duarte is without blame in all of this either.

    Probably the McCanns thought that this case would never get this far and that they could get away with these lies and threats.


  47. I have just e mailed Carter-Ruck and attached a copy of theeee...VC video. I am asking if I am also being sued or if instead they bashing Google . Also about the book, The Truth of the Lie, since Portuguese is the 5th most widely spoken language, would they please advise how they intend to control the situation.
    Bring it on CR

  48. When they threatened the Madeleine Foundation I instantly bought more copies of the 60 reasons book and have taken much delight in distributing it. So far everyone who has read has been fascinated and have started spreading the word and passing the book on to others to read. I will continue to do this and make my own copies of it for forwarding if necessary. I will now do the same with the English translations of the Truth of the Lie. I refer everyone to this site and to mccannfiles.com and point out the Dr Martin Roberts articles in particular....please everyone do the same, the snowball effect will be huge.

  49. Seems like the vile duo are running scared of the truth catching up with them ,But let them try ,It will not alter the fact of what they did to their child ,May you both rot in hell

  50. Oh dear, I have read the book in French and in German (I bought both to maximise Amaral's royalties when he eventually gets them). How am I going to sanitise my brain to satisfy the deadly duo? Worse still, I have passed the French version round to people who can read French.

  51. British Claire #49 - The Streisand Effect indeed.

  52. @ Anon 11 :

    Avec ou sans Amaral les Mccann ont déjà pris perpète en perdant leur enfant. non ?

  53. Interesting that Gerry now wants to suppress the contents of his own blogs. He was the geezer who wrote the stuff and put it out in the public domain in the first place! Much of it was repeated verbatim in the press. Now he's removed it from his own site and wants it banishing from the public domain. What's the problem, Gerry?
    I always had my doubts about the "coded blogs" theory but I have to say that the jokey tone of the blogs was completely at odds with the idea of a distraught father, concerned that his daughter was with a pedo ring. Maybe that's what Gerry is afraid of.
    Just to add that I have also copied a PDF of the Amaral book (English translation), the good thing about these digital files is that once you've got it they are so easy to reproduce.
    Maybe Carter Ruck are trying to deprive Amaral of royalties by encouraging us all to make pirate copies of his work!!!

  54. Ha ha, I see Carter-Ruck's letter refers to The Truth of the Lies, in the plural! They are libelling the MCs more than Amaral, who at least only referred to one lie in his title.

  55. This is "old" news surely, but at least it has made it into a
    Portugese newspaper, no chance of it appearing in an
    English one !!!

    What pisses off Carter Ruck is the "not for publication"
    dictat and then to have it plastered all over the Internet.
    Tony Bennett did the same with his threatening letters
    from CR.

    Silence the Internet??? - ha

    These windbags at CR are using methods that work well
    with established media, but they have absolutely NO IDEA
    how the Internet works.

    Anybody with a laptop and a mobile phone can set-up a
    "server" and "broadcast" whatever they like to the world !!!

    This won't go away McCanns/CR so get used to it.

  56. Even if the McCanns manage to close down US hosted sites, wouldn't it be open to someone to start a site hosted in, say Nigeria or Albania or somewhere, run from above a back street shop? Now there would be a challenge!
    Darned internet, I hear them say.

  57. thanks pamalam, 44! that told them hey?

  58. Correct me if I am wrong but when the McCanns requested the injunction, did they not actually ask that the rulings be applied to anywhere? Other Country's and the Judge refused that request restricting the rulings against Amaral, the publisher and producer only?

    If I am correct then I am sure she will be very interested to know how they have been deliberately attempting to distort her ruling?

  59. British Claire I find the same with the 60 reasons of which my few copy's have not yet been returned to me, they just keep getting passed on and on! I do find that the picture of Madeleine's birthday has a huge effect, everyone always asked what it was, when it was taken, the silence when the find out is deafening

  60. Jamar...great
    Im spartacus


  61. To ..British Claire....

    I also have visited blog sites to recommended this site as I believe that everyone has a right to hold an opinion, also I am impressed how this site is run.

    It is time for all people who care about truth and justice to stand together no matter where in the world they happen to live.

    The McCann Team in my opinion have done nothing to help in the so called search for this child.It Appears to me that they are too busy suing everyone and counting their fund donations to pay for expensive lawyers and dodgy private detectives.

    Thanks to all who contribute to this site

  62. ;))The original version of the book can be found here:


    I very much doubt the McCann's will be able to gag the USA system the way they did with its Portuguese counterpart.

    It is impossible to stop everyone posting the book to every single address in his/her list - unless the all Internet network is brought to a halt. Impossible.

  63. 49 Claire... I will do that myself and pass a few copies around, and I totally agree Dr Martin Roberts articles are absolutely brilliantly composed and most articulate.

  64. http://themccanngallery.blogspot.com/

    Never a more apt moment for 'Himself'

  65. Thanks, Zodiac

    with regard to this :
    Bridget, jmo it looks like misrepresentation. Is it legal for them to act like this? Were they behaving well within the bounds of responsible Lawyering? Hmm I wonder what the Judge who issued the temporary injunction (the same one who previously rejected their move for an injunction) will think about the above actions the McC's legal team have taken? I do hope GA has a copy of Pamalam's letter and has her permission to present it to the Judge!

    It is an interesting question, Zodiac. In this country, I think the Carter Ruck solicitors would be regarded as officers of the court, and I could imagine a rather dim view being taken by a court who felt that the decision they had passed down was being misrepresented. Not sure what the situation would be as regards the Portuguese judiciary.

    There certainly seems to have been a concerted effort to create the impression that the court has already judged the book to be defamatory of the McCanns. Certainly that seems to be the impression in the UK print and broadcast media.

    I guess we will have to wait and see what happens..........

  66. As I have posted before, I believe CRuck are operating a no-win no-fee basis, as they often do,so the MCs now under pressure to follow through on their plot.

  67. The Carter Kings' new cadaver smelling clothes, and his bags full of shit'ake (mushooms, I don't remember how to write it)

  68. The truth is still out there.

    As an agnostic I say thank God.

  69. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeDK45J8Cuo

    Mccanns now have friends threatening to sue'Bloggers' on U Tube.

  70. Jo look at this http://justice4mccannfam.blogspot.com/2010/01/will-goncalo-amarals-legal-team-bother.html

  71. Does anyone know if the McCanns have legal representation in the US?
    They seem to have unlimited funds to threaten, sue and harass anybody, everybody, everywhere.
    Yet, they both seem so mousey -- yes, even Gerry, imo. An angry man, but still cowardly when cornered or even at the hint of being cornered. (i.e., remember when they were pulled in for questioning and soon after made arguidos? It was Gerry who appeared more scared/mousey, not stoney-cold Kate.)

    Madeleine deserves the truth be found and exposed. That's all we need to care about. Anyone obstructing that that will certainly lose the battle.

  72. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2009/09/25/fury-at-new-madeleine-mccann-book-slur-115875-21698553/

    Dr.Amarals book 'The English Gag' thanks to the Mccanns is all over the Internet...he could not wish for for more publicity to sell his latest book...

    Here the Mirror mentions the 'Pink Blanket'...or should that be 'the missing pink blanket'?

    At first you may think this is taking the Mccanns side . But look again why mention the 'Pink Blanket?...Shit stirring maybe?

  73. Anon @ 71...ROSIEPOPS is known on the Net as the 'Mccanns Whore'...she charges very little . But she does try and give her 'tuppence worth' a bit like CR..No win no fee basis.

  74. Is Rosiepops, Isle of Wight still trying to sell her dining suite on the net?

  75. According to some of you, we are supposed to believe that these two are ordinary British citizens who have been permitted to insult a nation and strangulate freedom of expression just because the British government wanted to avoid the embarrassment of another case of Britons behaving badly abroad. The other rational is that politicians wanted to associate themselves with this ordinary adorable couple to score political brownie points. What can I say?

    They are a classic case of malignant narcissists. Here are some of the qualities of such people:

    They need to have someone constantly reflect back to them the false image that they project, therefore they need constant attention. Any length of time spent by themselves is unbearable because then they cannot escape their true character.

    Any person who exposes to the world the true nature of a narcissist will face the narcissist's wrath. The narcissist will use slander and attribute their own character flaws to the person they are seeking to destroy. I use the word destroy because that is exactly what they try to do. They won't stop until the targeted person's reputation is in tatters.

    Psychiatrists say that there is no cure for such people and that the way to deal with them is to avoid them. I suggest that such people be ignored because that would be torture for them; unfortunately with regard to the McCanns there will always be people that will give them the attention they need since there are always people who are unable to ignore money.

    Their daughter is just an after thought, their main concern is about what people think about them. They would probably have a nervous breakdown if during Mr. Amaral's court case, large crowds showed up chanting: "The McCanns are child neglecters."

  76. anon 71 i just read that page what a load of cobblers lol even down to the insults hmmmmm i know i shouldent laugh but it really seems they are getting desperate the old supporters?

    if you cant beat them insult them is this how it goes?

    nice little ip clocker in the corner too !!!!

  77. I too have just saved the pdf and will print it off for family and friends.

    Thank you Carter Ruck for bringing the English translation to my attention.

  78. A subpoena to find out who has a domain name registered by proxy cannot be served in the USA without a lawsuit being filed first. The subpoena is then served as part of legal discovery under rule 26 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. One cannot simply go round serving subpoenas on people for the sake of it.

    And remember Kate and Gerry...discovery under rule 26 works both ways. We can find out anything we like about you too...including video taped depositions under oath.

  79. The thing is if Amaral's thesis is allowed to be freely available in book form then Uncle John is out of a job and the media love in will fade and the fund of course. On top of that questions would then be asked of the Tapas that they know all along and willingly went along with this circus and setting up a fund knowing that Madeline was most likely deceased. The whole thing would get very nasty.

  80. did any of you complain to CEOP about Gerry speaking at it?
    I did and I never got a reply.

  81. Carter-F*ck are behaving like if they are the Nazis of the modern age. Whether their clients are guilty or innocent of Madeleine's demise is neither here nor there.. They shouldn't be writing to people issuing threats to anyone and everyone that doesn't agree with their clients. When I read the above I got so annoyed that I went to their site and was about to ask them if they were the Nazis of the modern era. Then I thought, what if they find out my real email addy and they threaten to sue me as well? So I didn't. In other words they ARE the Nazis of this day and age, and they rule by fear. And someone should stop them.
    Sign the petition for the reform of British libel laws. http://libelreform.org/

  82. Carter Ruck, bless 'em, just can't get their heads around the fact that they can't silence the internet like they can silence the MSM. The Trafigura fiasco proved that. Their 'super injunction' was Twittered to death in the matter of hours.

    They are learning the hard way, as are the politicians, media moguls and spin doctors, that the internet has changed everything, forever.

  83. http://daveschneider.co.uk/2009/12/chicken-licken-and-foxy-knoxy/#comments

  84. You end up wondering which of these chapters, there are some truths!

    Ah! There is a bad version of this book, which condemns the couple and in some ways suggests that, unfortunately, some details tend to evoke the death of Madeleine.

    What is the thing that can cause sleep disturbance to Mr. and Mrs. Mac Cann?

    - Maybe it's because of Mr. Amaral himself who knows more secret information or the cause is simply the contents of the book?

    I think that Mr Amaral's book is itself a time bomb for Mac Cann and company ...

    They had the help of a few individuals, now more than ever, it is a reality almost insolent (I think in particular that using the Freemasonry which has a capacity of great importance, also assistance provided)

    It now appears that the funds generously donated by a generous public, serve only to defend and attack. The new family lawyers are expensive Mac Cann, Carter Ruck are now fighting against those who are not in the sense of removal!

    Where is the result after all the money wagered for their daughter?
    Where is the real result of this search after two and a half years to work tirelessly with their dogs and detectives?
    Where is the evidence? One can hardly say with absolute certainty that Madeleine was abducted, especially without proof!

    Why, then, they always want to prosecute those who do not speak the same language as theirs?

    It is alarming and distressing to see so many people who are caught in this spider web sticky, because of fear of retaliation, and who suddenly saw their first ideas very clear and logical, manipulated and diverted to go in the direction of Maccanniennes thoughts!

    As we have also seen throughout the case, the behavior of Mr. and Mrs. Mac Cann are constantly cleaning their image each day and the question remains:
    Why do they lay a charge of libel on the conclusion of the police investigation on Mr Amaral's book?
    We come to believe that this approach highlights an inevitable aspect of guilt on the part of those parents outside the norm, and that shows that nothing is more important to them than the sight of themselves.

    What happened to Madeleine, in their eyes in real life?

    For now, Madeleine is found far from their thoughts, although distant, while Mr. and Mrs. Mac Cann themselves, prepare their strategy finely.

    Throughout this comedy, the couple whose position is in this book very uncomfortable, wants to block what is said in the book and want to make it disappear, then make (money of 1.2 million euros) with the man who wrote this book. The Mac Cann want to destroy Mr. Amaral by money. They do not want this man wins and can get to bring them to a real trial because it could reveal hidden clues so far and that could make new and lasting in a bad way.

    My conclusion on this story: wanting to trial all those who disagree with their thoughts, Mr. and Mr. Mac Cann become seriously every day more and more ridiculous!

  85. Post 49. I have done the same, and I suggest everyone does too.

  86. Watch Gerry's photo above.
    he has a cruel mouth.

  87. I suggest all people write to the Law Society in the UK and complain about Carter Ruck solicitors claiming that a child has been abducted when there is no proof of that in the official investigation. N'est pas?.

  88. IMHO
    they are clearly very, very afraid.

  89. everything is backed up.................everything!!!!!

    this is a monster Gerry, well done.


  90. The only part of Amaral's book that is different to anything else published is the section on Majorca and the Payne/McCann paedo allegations. Cristavao published "The Star of Madeleine" and in it he proclaimed that Madeleine was dead. The irony is that his book was also published by Guerra and Paz.

    So their reason for the injunction is a pretext for the real reason to get the book banned: The Paedo allegations.

    Several people have published newspaper articles and books that say Madeleine is dead. None have been injuncted or even threatened by the McCanns.

    Amaral's book is the ONLY publication that describes the Gaspar allegations.

    Further proof is that in November, Chris Eyre not only denied withholding evidence for five months, he didn't even mention the subject material in question.

    As I say, the Gaspar/Martin allegations are what they are really trying to bury. They couldn't go to court and file that as the reason because it would reveal the same material they want to bury.

    No worries...this is all coming out in the next month.

  91. 86...... Jerry looks like he's sniffing s**t.. could be the bull Kate is talking.
    They are petrified of the book hitting the English market, if it ever makes it I would be willing to buy a couple of hundred copies just to put in my shop for customers to pick up for free.

  92. #1 Ironside- Great posting ! #34 and #66 Bridget-Excellent postings ! What puzzles me is the fact that in the early days after Madeleine vanished,both Gerry McCann and his spokesman Clarence Mitchell stated that of course she might be dead. At one point the McCanns were content to have a man from South Afica with some kind of search machine, look for her body ! Now, if anyone even suggests that she may be dead, they want to sue them. Oh yes I understand, if we accept the possibility of her death, the search fund will be shut-down. Then how will we be able to pay Carter-Ruck etc ? Bridget, "Officers of the Court"------you are quite correct about the British situation, any person in that classification who quotes the Court's Rulings must have the Court's authority to do so.

  93. I agree the McCanns must be scared of Amaral's witnesses next week.
    That's why they are trying to sue bloggers.
    They want to stop all blogs on time, before they start publishing everything that will happen in Lisbon.
    I wonder if the witnesses have more to tell than we know.
    More from the files and new investigations.
    And pray that it will not snow mountains of ice, in Lisbon and England.

  94. Hola a todos!
    Les escribo desde Argentina nuevamente. Despues de leer a todos , creo que a los McCoins "se les esta viniendo la noche". Es solo una cuestion de esperar: Tic tac, tic tac.
    Temprano o mas tarde ,la VERDAD siempre surge. Gracias a Dios!

  95. Just curious.
    When philomena Mccann Gave her speach outside of parliament surrounded by MP's has anybody noticed the lady standing the back of her?
    Is that Iris Robinson ...I believe she is a 60y/o ex MP married to Peter Robinson who is Northern Irelands First Minister?
    She has helped her 19y/o toyboy lover to set up in business and left her husband/ family devasted as it emerges what went on.
    She secured loans for the young lad, and she did not declare her interests amongst much other corrupt activity.
    Apparently she has since tried to commit sucide and resigned from her post due to depression.
    ( I wonder if that is to stop her been reported extensively about )
    I must admit it it begs the question ...how many people in politics are corrupt.....im rapidly losing faith in people.

    It would be interesting to ask Philomena how she feels about her ...whether she is a nasty or maybe she prefers terms like "dirty animal" like the alledged wallet thief.

    Can anyone confirm if that is her?


  96. At this point I believe that if the McCanns could make every trace of Madeleine disappear from the face of the earth, they would do it, even if it meant giving up the money they are making off her. That poor little girl never stood a chance.

  97. My printer is huffing and puffing and churning out page after page as I read..........

  98. This has made me feel the need to donate to Goncalo's defense fund again. It may not be much but I will keep donating as often as I can.
    Forca Goncalo

  99. its made me want to look deeper into possible connections with supporters ...you know see if they are independent or have vested interests in defending the Mccanns.

    digressing or am I



  100. I like the final paragraph, where Isabel Duarte assures us that no bloggers in Portugal have been sent such letters. Is she trying to distance herself away from their behaviour? She seems to be saying 'Well OK they are trying to shut people up all over the world, but don't worry- noone in Portugal will get such a letter'. And that makes it all right? you can bully the rest of the world? They are trying to avoid the bad PR in Portugal at the moment. I am glad this is out in the Portuguese press, if only the UK press would print it too. Maybe it should be sent to the Guardian- they hate Carter Ruck at the moment, and Ian Hislop at Private Eye is not a fan either!!! I wonder if they have been 'got to' during one of Clarence's 'chats' though.

  101. No excuse for the McCs not to get to Lisbon. Thet have plenty of time to get there by ferry, train and by flying from a European airport not affected by weather.

  102. To previous posters here: I'm writing to Ceop too:I've signed the petition and have received an encouraging letter from my MP:I've printed off Gaspar statements, which I showed to a Headteacher I know. McCs wouldn't pass (normal) CRB checks in Head's opinion.

  103. This is going to be the turning point, if the mc's win its all over if they lose then its all out in public again but with out the iron fist of C R to super injuction the press etc
    I think they have tried to "not get this to court"

  104. The DVD is on piratebay. It says "deleted", but the file is there when you click on download-open torrent.
    Piratebay publish threats from lawyers and their own colourful responses.
    Truth of the Lie DVD :

  105. I see no reason why we cannot send stories to the UK press particularly to the Guardian as they have stood up to CR. Editors will consider them and be influenced about the truth of this case. The tide is turning as they see the other side of the story.

  106. trying to stop the internet are you carter ruck? youll have a tiger by its tail

  107. "The worm is in the apple"! now,G. and K. Mac Cann , they trying to destroy it ... they reveal themselves almost to go crazy in this application : to silence bloggers who is interested, silencing the history of this survey annoying and rid this book which is now well known the Earth's surface!

    Here 's the obvious!

    In what part of the book, Mr and Mrs are they really incriminated
    or some of their friends in May 2007? I repeat, what is or what are the details that hurt both for Mac Cann and their friend(s)?

    In my opinion, they are so compromised that they attempt the impossible in a burst of madness by what they feel supported by Cater Ruck, they forced the gates, in extremis,they prove deeply in themselves, with threats to make them pay bloggers that dare to continue to make known the contents of the book Amaral!

    The evidence is in the eyes of everybody and in of justice,
    it is time to update the "why embarrassing" the content of this police investigation..and lead to the truth. !

    The investigators and the public are in the expectation that true justice will need to reopen the file ...
    Why ?
    -The ground is friable for Mr and Mrs Mac Cann, that is when ever thinking of Madeleine and find the path of truth and of justice!
    Soon they will attempt the impossible, they hope to draw a large sum of money imposed on Mr Amaral, but the game looks tight, and we see they are afraid!
    This will be a real part of poker where the stakes are capitals!

    Who feels strong enough to act ?
    Gentlemen or ladies investigators responsible here, or elsewhere on site in the Algarve, the UK, there no inspector or any other person who would love for truth and justice and give the alarm ...

    This case has become too serious and scandalous, stop the bleeding!

    ..... It is time to move things to finally recover a part of truth!


  108. To 107
    The best check on which newpapers to write to is to avoid any which still refer to "abduction".

  109. Anon 81 - I sent an email to Ceop on their training page. This month is critical for McCann strategy.

  110. mojo @ post #96, I don't know if it's Iris Robinson standing behind Aunty Phil (wouldn't surprise me in the least given the sort of people they attract) but what I do know is that the son of Mohammad Sarwar, the MP for Glasgow Central standing beside her in the photograph was convicted of FRAUD shortly after that parliament visit.


  112. mojo @ post #96, having taken a lot at the photograph just now, I'm almost 100% certain that it's indeed the disgraced Iris Robinson standing behind Aunty Phil!



  113. Shubob.
    It is her no doubt.
    It is beginning to show the political support involved ?
    Aswell as the type of corruption politicians give to further their own interests/ agendas.
    The catholic church seems to be a central thread also, and i am almost certain that holiday was about networking amongst many related families etc. (Freemasonry or bloodties or both) all i can say is their is something very sinister afoot.


  114. Anon at 113

    Apparently they seem to have taken it upon themselves to be some sort of THOUGHT POLICE.

    People should start telling them to 'get stuffed', and come back when the McCann's abduction fairy tale is fact.

    Pigs might fly!!

  115. Is there some sort of Northern Irish thread running through this?

    Do they all know each other?

    Or just coincidence? Too much coincidence.

  116. Anonymous @ 117

    Yes...Sir Ronnie Flanagan was a puppet during the Omagh Bombing. The reason nobody is being charged in the Maddie case is because of the same forces that Michael Gallagher faced in the Omagh case. Why do you think that Brown installed the corrupt Leicestershire police boss in Ireland?

    Keep it in the family...Special Branch et al. Read Michael Tsarion's material on the real forces behind Ireland.

  117. @ post #117, you've got to wonder don't you? The now disgraced wife of the NI First Minister supported Aunty Phil outside Parliament. Then you have Gamble, Edgar, etc etc.

  118. We now have a DIRECT link between TOP Northern Ireland politicians and the McCanns! That's interesting, isn't it?

  119. Also, I think there has been somebody, some kind of professor, supporter of the McCanns, who has been doing a lot of manipulating on the closed down sites, and one of the names used was purely associated with Northern Ireland, but I don't think they realised that.

    It would not have been understood by an English person. I only discovered its meaning by chance.

  120. Interestingly enough I note that Carter Ruck's introduction reads:

    'As you will no doubt be aware the ABDUCTION of Mr. Mrs McCann's daughter from a holiday resort in Portugal has been the subject of considerable media attention worldwide.'


    Have the McCann's provided Carter Ruck with evidence of an abduction?

    I think rather this should read the 'disappearance' of Mr. Mrs. McCann's daughter.' Shoddy at best!

    Jogging along, the letter continues - that Gerry McCann owns the copyright of the weblogs written by him, and by them being re-produced by websites, the sites are in breach of copyright.

    You have got to laugh. A bit like kids playing football, the owner of the ball is on the losing side/team so picks it up and heads home!

    I think I would have responded to Carter Ruck's letter by asking them to tell me more about the abduction of little Madeleine. Asked if they had proof of this, and why they put this in print if they do not have the evidence.

    This is of course what their clients "believe" happened and what their clients wish the world to believe happened to their child. Doesn't make it a fact.

    They really should refer to the "suspected/alleged" abduction, or the "disappearance" of Madeleine, if for no other reason than they are putting in print misleading information shall we say.



  121. A Miller


    That word again 'ABDUCTION'.

    For most people it simply slips off the tongue when they mention Madeleine McCann. What a good brainwashing job the McCanns have done.

    The McCanns should be told where to stick that word, until they can prove it.

  122. If you want to crack this case, and the reason for the support that has been provided which has been so unrelenting, then it is important to begin to focus on some of the key players who have offered there support without flinching.

    Families names Mccanns/Healys/Kennedys will begin to open links into the political world that will be mouth dropping i suspect.
    I beleive for instance there was a Jane kennedy who was a liverpool MP ....I have not looked for any links....but the familar names that keep cropping up is well astonshing.
    ( and that just with light investigation )
    remember the wives of some have taken on the surname of their partners ...so it is important to look at them before they were married.
    an example
    Kate's mother Susan Healy ...previously Susan Kennedy.

    I am an everday guy and not that well educated...however some of you here are and have demonstrated that with your blogs.

    without sounding alarmist i am beginning to get very very worried about the political establishment across the British Isles ...it seems to me that links can be found in alot of regions on both mainstram political sides ..ie labour/conservative.
    Its almost as if the system as been totally infiltrated over the years, and i question if there is really any difference in the two main political parties.

    Could this be deemed a risk to national security if these links were proven.( i think it could depending on the extent)
    Is that why the case was controlled...knowing that if they were found guilty of a terible crime...that budding research journalists would have begun to open up such connections as a side effect.
    Could this render any one leader such as a Prime Minister impotent from tackling issues knowing the network involved.

    I honestly believe some family trees need to be traced and i think the results will be quite unnerving.


  123. The McCanns can squeal all they like, but at they cannot stop people from saying that they only physically checked their children ONCE - as according to their own account, only once did any of the medics who formed part of the 'checking service' actually set eyes on Madeleine between between the time Gerald and his part time GP wife left their children alone in an unlocked foreign holiday apartment and the time that she is alleged to have found their eldest daughter (technically the babysitter) missing.

    They cannot sue anyone for stating that - so I shall continue to state it far and wide and encourage others to do so at every opportunity.

    Condemned by their own story.

  124. The original team mac slogan ,later removed, was NO STONE UNTURNED,most famously used by the former RUC chief Ronnie Flannagan.
    Flannagen and Baggott worked together on a joint project just prior to Baggott being given the new N.Ireland job and whilst the latter was still in charge of Leicester police. The losing candidate on the N.I job shortlist was Jim Gamble. Small World

  125. Incredible that these fools think they can shut down the internet and hide Amarals book and control the thoughts of the bloggers and their readers!

    Come on McCanns, keep this up and you will have ensured that everyone on the planet can see what liars you are.

  126. Mojo 124- Your thoughts and opinions are as relevant as many of the posters here. You don't need to have a higher education to be able to demonstrate analytical thinking. I think you are spot on. I'm a keen family historian and am currently researching these links. Keep on posting!

  127. The Robinson affair- look at media comment about the "easy relationship" with developers and construction and compare with Laing O'Rourke and Leicester hospital PFI bid

  128. Mojo

    It is hard to believe so many coincidences with names in this case. The same ones cropping up time and again.

    For instance, the name of the person who owned the apartment, and we are told (by the McCanns?, does anybody ever check what they say is true), that the lady is no relative.

    In fact, how can we believe anything they say unless it is confirmed by an independent witness.

    Brown would be in deep trouble if the media discovered he has interfered with a criminal case, and intervened at the highest level to ask favours for the McCanns.

    He might think he has got away with it, but it is an absolute no no.

    And he would have opened himself up for blackmail if he has done that.

    As there is an election coming up, the media would make mincemeat of him.

    I think we can only depend on Portugal to help sort this case out, as how can we trust anybody in the UK any more.


  129. post 125
    Add to that a completely darkened room- not even a night-light for comfort and security. Those of us who have cared for small children know how important such things are.

  130. Iris Robinson met with the Philomena and John McCann at the House of Commons on 16th of May 2007, together with Gordon Brown and John Prescott and others unnamed.

  131. Qual e o proximo passo? Rusgas casa a casa para confiscar os livros que milhares compraram e prender ou processar quem ousar opor-se? A historia mais negra da humanidade ja teve episodios assim- A Inquisicao, Hitler, para lembrar os de pior memoria.
    Ha uma verdade incontornavel:- O que quer que tenha acontecido a Madeleine foi da responsabilidade dos seus pais e o que quer que esteja a acontecer aos Mccann hoje, e da sua inteira responsabilidade. foram eles que escolheram viver sob os holofotes das primeiras paginas dos jornais desde que a filha desapareceu. Demonstraram avidez pela fama, pelo vedetismo e mostraram um lado tao narcizista que chocou ate os mais distraidos. Se quem os apoiou nesta mega campanha de promocao nao os advertiu sobre o risco inerente a fama, cometeu um erro e devem ser esses que os Mccann devem processar, nao os Blogs. E do senso comum que a fama nao traz apenas rosas tambem traz espinhos.
    Cada dia, os Mccann dao um novo tiro no pe. Esta semana contribuiram para re-acender a discussao a volta do contra-senso que tem sido a saga pela filha e aumentaram a curiosidade a volta do livro da unica pessoa que em todo o processo demonstra lutar por Madeleine para que se saiba a verdade e lhe seja feita justica.
    A Grande Questao agora, e sabermos se e legal e aceitavel que no Sec. XXI uma empresa de advogados como a Carter-Ruck, possa perseguir e intimidar cidadaos com cartas como a que aqui vemos publicada e que para o fazerem usem a estrategia do silencio com um PS " URGENTE. NAO E PARA PUBLICAR". Ha de certo limites que esta empresa esta a transpor, sobrepondo-se aos direitos constitucionais dos paises e violando por isso direitos fundamentais. Nao podem basear as suas accoes no principio dos Mccann estarem a ser difamados e julgados em praca publica. Todos os famosos o sao e por isso sabem que se nao querem ser " mal falados" tem de pautar a sua vida pelo bom exemplo. Os Mccann tem sido uma vergonha, na forma como insultam Portugal e a PJ, na leviandade com que acusam e conectam pessoas com o raptor, na xenofobia que liga sistematicamente os pedofilos a homens de pele morena.
    Tambem restam poucas duvidas sobre o porque do silencio das autoridades portuguesas. Os Mccann so agem como agem porque em portugal o governo usa os mesmos metodos de intimidacao nos bastidores para silenciar e intimidar quem ousa publicar noticias desfavoraveis ao PM.
    Nao e possivel silenciar a verdade e a indignacao. Num mundo global, a informacao e global e nao pactua com as "vendas" que este grupinho pretende impor aos nossos olhos. ALGO MUITO ERRADO ACONTECEU A MADDIE E OS SEUS PAIS ESTAO ENVOLVIDOS. SO ISSO JUSTIFICA TANTA ASNEIRA FEITA DESDE O PRIMEIRO MINUTO. O pior que lhes poderia acontecer agora, era Maddie aparecer- Revelar-se-ia o que viveu em Maio de 2007 e para onde foram milhoes de Euros fraudulentamente ganhos no Fundo com o seu nome. PARA OFF-SHORES, diz o piolhinho da minha consciencia...

  132. Do you remember the Mccann's intention about Internet when they begin their spin campaign? They want GOOGLE to change their logo on the behalf of Maddie by putting one of the "O" with a drop in reference to Madeleine eyes. WONDER WHY THIS NEVER HAPEN. WHY GOOGLE REFUSED SUCH PROPOSAL? INTERNET SEEMS NOT EASY FOR THE MCCANN'S.
    Don't imagine the scandalous boycott Internet went through if their users find out that they are supporting a pair of negligent parents which do everything they can to avoid a properly investigation into their daughter disappearance. THERE IS NO WAY TO CONTROLE AND FRAME SUCH A TRANSVERSAL VEHICLE OF INFORMATION as it IS INTERNET.

  133. 131: The dark room. Look again at Mockumentary when Matthew Oldfield and Gerry go back to the room. As they walk in the patio door the room is pitch black but at the start of Mockumentary, Kate says they left the bedroom door ajar to let some light in. Light from where?

    As for the C-R introduction claiming "as you will no doubt be aware the abduction..."

    Pompous assholes. Who do they think they are? Some people know nothing of the case...period. How do C-R know whether the web hosting company in Tennessee knew anything about the McCann case?

  134. Magico. Hoje subi ao andar 124 do Burj Khalifa, o predio mais alto do mundo. Alguem quis saber que lingua falava o grupo em que me inseria- Portugues. " Ah portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo, Maddie". Inevitavel, quiseram saber como e onde encontrar o livro do policia que os pais perseguem e querem silenciar. Amanha terao as copias da minha versao em ingles que levarao para passar a amigos em Kerala(India), Goa, Manila e Dubai.
    Na varanda do andar 124, fascinante e proximo do ceu, o tema da conversa confundiu-se com o fascinio da paisagem e o deslunbramento do momento: Madeleine, provavelmente morta em circunstancias estranhas. Porque e que os pais nao re-abrem o processo e defendem o rapto sem evidencias? ERA A DUVIDA INSTALADA NOS ROSTOS de quem defende que a PJ fez um bom trabalho e so pode ser porque se pretende esconder algo de grave que os pais agem assim.

  135. Anon 134

    The McCanns are not afraid to ask for these things to be done for them either. No doubt making people feel guilty if they don't cooperate and give them want they want.

    They have worked on the judge in Portugal with the story that the book will hinder their search for Madeleine, as if it is a given fact that Madeleine was abducted, but really this spin is based on no proof whatsoever.

    It got them a temporary injunction though.

    What they claim is quite the reverse to the findings of the investigation.

    They are not without damnable cheek for stuffing this sophisticated spin down everybody's throats, and a load of arrogance for daring to silence those who challenge them.

    It should be them who are being challenged.

    Challenged to prove what they are saying.

    Until they can do that, let them go sell their big house for a smaller one and sell their possessions, let them use their own money from their bank accounts. How about financial help from their families?

    Now that would be interesting to see what would happen.

    So far they have not spent a penny of their own money, and I would be very surprised if they ever did.

  136. Caro anónimo 136, essa história é absolutamente genial. E uma grande lição em como não se consegue enganar o mundo inteiro ou esconder a verdade, por muitas ameaças, censura, processos que se façam. Obrigada, por a ter partilhado. um abraço e bom ano 2010

  137. If there is one document I'd like most to see it would be Gerry's final version of his Wider Agenda.

    He's probably got that one under lock and key.

  138. post 135

    'Pompous assholes'

    ... you sum them up in two words. McCann ... Clarence Mitchell ... Carter Ruck .. the lot of 'em !

    For nearly three years they have arrogantly strutted the world stage ... stomping on everything and everyone in their path, with not a thought for the damage and ruin left in their wake.

    I find myself finally despising these people.

  139. I believe the apartment was owned by a Ruth Mccann?
    We are told their is NO connection to the Mccann family involved hmm.
    As i understand it from memory the apartment was a shared ownership by 2 sets of couples and then i believe just Ruth Mccann and her husband owned it.( i presume they bought out the other couples share, it would be interesting to know who they were)
    I believe Ruth Mccann's husband passed away.
    i am Curious when this was in relation to when Gerry's Father passed away??
    As anybody managed to establish this detail.


  140. just found this article at the Mccann files site.
    (scroll down to last piece).

    it seems the apartment originally was bought by sometype of society.
    do we know what society?

    I believe their is a connection.


  141. To 141 The Sergeant's Inn website has information about this.,

  142. The apartment A, number 5, locate at Rua Dr. Agostinho da Silva, Montes da Luz Urbanization, Praia da luz, is registered with the number 3666.

    Can anyone tell me if that number registered was by chance or chosen?
    was this society that bought the apartment related to the Roman catholic Church?
    Is this a society that believe in a NWO.

    I am trying to understand a "common purpose" that may have been shared by all on that holiday.
    I believe this Holiday as Gerry commented on the airplane shuttle was not a conventional holiday, more of a get together and strenghing of networks...like a poormans Bilderburg.

    There is definately something more to that "Holiday"

    ( i know some of this may be hard to accept, but it shouldnt be alot here have spoken of freemasonry connections).


  143. Hello Anonymous (143) I also think that there was more to that so called family holiday, especially when Gerry McCann said "f**k off" I'm not going on holiday to enjoy myself. That was in reply to one of his friends who told him to cheer up, because he was on holiday.

    His foul language was also in front of all the children of his friends and his own two children. I shudder to think what Gerry McCann must be like as a private person, because some of the photographs of Madeleine show her with dark circles around her eyes.

  144. Hello Kathybelle 145 - re my post 143- if you refer to my other post 42 on McCanns to be at court you will see some possible connections.

  145. "The apartment A, number 5, locate at Rua Dr. Agostinho da Silva, Montes da Luz Urbanization, Praia da luz, is registered with the number THREE, SIX, SIX, SIX"
    What an ironic and significant number!

  146. Anon 147

    You can't make this stuff up!

    Yet another anomaly to add to this case.

  147. Kathybell,

    Perhaps Gerry thought he was going to be lumbered with helping look after the kids.

    They certainly made sure they didn't have them on their hands too much did they.

  148. Is the Sergeants Inn website operated by the guy who ran off with all the info from the 3As?

    If so, beware.

  149. Why are Carter Ruck demanding that Gerry McCann's OWN blog be removed from websites ?

    Come to think of it, why did the McCanns remove Gerry's blog from their OWN website ?

    Did he say something in those blogs that they now wish he hadn't ?

    It just doesn't make sense that Gerry McCann is, in effect, censoring himself !

  150. The McCanns are spending huge amounts of money on shutting people up.

    Innocent people wouldn't have to do that. Innocent people could simply address any false accusations made by giving honest explanations.

    The McCanns though, do not want to answer the questions being raised by others ... they just want to stop anyone from asking those questions in the first place.

    You have to ask why that is.

  151. @ post #151, perhaps, it's the Sea Bass reference, the fact he mentioned that Kate couldn't cope on her own with the kids, the kids' haircuts, etc etc that he no longer wishes anyone remembers? Also, the fact that enteries in Kate's diary don't match what he blogs for the same day may be seen as unhelpful and potentially hurtful? Who knows!

  152. My take is that with the blogs now there for all to see, It restricts there ability to re-write history. Remember these are words from the horses mouth as events were unfolding and even if laced with lies, its hard to go back without justifying why they were written in the first place.

    We know clarence was working with the editors of newspapers to get a positive message to counter the fast changing opinions towards the mccanns.

    I believe that Gerry regrets ever blogging now!


  153. I bet a few of the McCanns family wish they'd never spoken on air to the media. Philomena McCann was told to keep quiet by her sister, because she contradicted something her sister said on "This Morning"

    Kate McCanns mother, Susan Healey, was the one who said that the McCanns bought gifts for the twins on their birthday and at Christmas and told them they were from Madeleine. She also said that Madeleine was a difficult child and her daughter couldn't cope.She said she had to make frequent visits to the McCanns home to help her with the children.

    Susan Healey also said she couldn't understand why her daughter wanted a Priest to fly over to PDL ASAP, when neither her daughter or son-in-law, were regular church goers. She said that she could wring her daughter and son-in-law's necks, for leaving the children alone when they went out. I bet she said a lot more in private.

    I also think, Gerry McCann regrets ever writing on his blogs about their jogging experiences and all their other activities, that didn't include searching for Madeleine. He even wrote about fund raising events, he and his wife were organising, well into the future.

    He always reminded the members of the public, to keep looking for Madeleine and there was a PayPal button on his website.

    I bet Gordon Brown, wishes he had never got involved with this case to the extent he did. If they are prosecuted and he has done anything to pervert the course of justice, the heartless couple will squeal like pigs.

    If they go down, you can bet your life they will try to take others with them.

  154. I have been following the McCann enigma since day one. In the beginning, I posted my opinion, checked with contacts here in Spain who were co-operating with the PJ when the investigation drifted to Sevilla. Then I began to realise that this whole charade was a complete coverup. I have a few questions that I need clarifying:

    1 - What is the relation between an ordinary Cardiologist with a GP for a wife and the British Government (PM), for Mitchell (Ex. Govt. media monitor) to be despatched immediately? and WHY !!

    2 - Does this influence involve paedophilia at high level!

    3 - At the early stages of the enquiry, it was mentioned D. Payne being a paedophile, followed by rumours of the group being "swingers"

    These are questions that cannot be brushed under the carpet.

    Authorities look at a case and fit the pieces into the puzzle. When the missing person is not found within a reasonable time, then the case is judged on expert evidence.

    In the McCann's case all the expert evidence by the PJ was ignored, and the British Police sniffer dogs were called upon, being famed for their ability, their findings were questioned! and withheld!!

    I find it even stranger to see how the McCanns have managed to set up a complete web page with several charity accounts, leaflets, wrist-bands, and a complete professional dossier of pictures of Maddy posing to the camera.! All this within 10 days of her disappearance!!

    All this has given the authorities reason enough to put the McCanns fully responsible on 3 counts... (i) neglect and leaving the children unattended. (ii) charge them with manslaughter (administring excessive drugs), or murder... (iii) defrauding the public in obtaining funds under false pretences.

    I appreciate reading some valid comments to the questions stated above. Thank you

  155. Carter-Ruck can go F**k themselves!

    So what, a Portugese Prosicuter in a country that hold's no juridiction outside of Portugal and whose opinions has no legislative influence in any other country but Portugal, so Carter-Ruck can stuff their crap up where the sun don't shine! Carter-Ruck are ilegally acting for the McCann's in the UK under the Ward of Court regulations that no longer give's the McCann's any legal right to sue anyone for printing part or all of Ameral's book's or for calling the McCann's 'murderer's of their daughter' or 'Madeleine is dead' whatsoever, I can print it out in 10foot high letters 'MADELEINE IS DEAD!'on a billboard and hang it over the nearest bridge to Rotherly on the M6, and they can't sue one hair on my head for it, cause they have NO legal parental right's in the UK to act on behalf of Madeleine, represent Madeleine in public, or sue anyone for saying what they like about Madeleine, their behaviour is akin to bullish paedophiles that think they can throw law suit's that have no legal warrent outside Portugal in people's faces to gag them. Well it won't work Mr & Mrs McCann, cause we all know Gerry's a convicted serial paedophile and got caught in Operation Ore downloading and trafficking his own child porn on the internet, and we're never going to shut our gob's for your shit like you, cause we don't tollerate lying paedophiles like you on this planet!


    Leicestershire Police Force

    From: DC443 J.N. HUGHES
    To: SIO, Operation Task
    Department: Main Crime Unit
    Date: 16th May 2008
    Subject: Background Information- Gerald McCANN

    A search of the local section of the child abuse shows a registration number 19309 in the CATS system. A consultation with the DC Soand from the department in question confirms that this is just a file reference, but as a complement to Operation Task system for the purpose of reference,

    Gerry's already registered on the National Child Sex Abuser Offenders list by CATS, and was charged and convicted of child sex abuses in 2002!

  156. i have watched this entire case with mixed views.
    it seems like a professional abduction to me, and, as such, leaves me with great sympathy for the parents.
    i found the photo shoot with the pope more than a little disconcerting as we know the pope to be head of the biggest paedophile ring in the world and possibly a freemason satanist to boot.

    from the reports from children in the care system it seems clear that there is a significantly large section of the ruling class who are also satanist paedophiles.

    therefore, it would appear likely that the government will appoint the press watchdog from within their circle and thus sympathetic to their cause, so fat chance of any future reports of suspected paedophilia in high places ever making it into print from now on.

    strange that gerry mc cann supports this protection offered by levinson to the government given that it is possible that it could be the government themselves who sponsored the abduction of madelene.

    in conclusion, it seems likely that gerry mc cann had some knowledge of madelene's planned abduction

    i note that both cameron and brown suffered the loss of a child.

  157. Its easy to SUE people on other peoples money is the "fund" its about time the fund was confiscated and these two gruesome twosomes faced the courts for Neglect and fraud .

  158. These comments mirror my own feelings concerning little Maddie from the very beginning of all this controlled, planned and carefully managed cover up from many levels on saying this I did respond with finance to the McCanns request for money (more or less straight away) to help find their daughter, I did this out of compassion and empathy for a little child afraid in life or death. Never once did the McCanns say it was to pay their mortgage, fund salary`s for family, friends and PR`s plus and Lawyers not counting sueing the Police Officer who was carrying out his duty of Law enforcement, I did not give for any of these reasons, plus they were jetting of all over the world for their own reasons. They have conned money under false pretence and I for one would like to know how I go about sueing them for the return of that money plus interest on the length of time they have had it. I would like to donate that money to help the Police Officer who tried his best to find the truth of what happened to a beautiful, innocent little child. Also if anyone knows how I may obtain copies of the book `The Truth Behind The Lie`. It is time to stop these lies and put an end to this horrid affair, their is a little girl out there (possibly in the sea), who needs a `Christian` burial in order for her little soul to be released. Little Maddie has suffered enough if half of what I am reading.

  159. A comment I have read about Gerry McCann being convicted for child sex abuse, what I need to know is why is he still practising being Dr.? Why has he not been struck off? all very concerning.

  160. @161 Gerry McCann was never convicted for child sex abuse , the CATS record could have happened in consequence of Social Services investigation, following Madeleine's disappearance. We simply don't know more, the above person who commented made an affirmation that it's not proven as being a fact.


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