1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Kate e Gerry McCann ameaçam Processar Bloggers

Pais de Maddie querem apagar Gonçalo Amaral

Uma carta enviada pelos advogados do casal Inglês diz que irá processar quem publicar na Internet a totalidade ou excertos do livro do ex-inspector da PJ

Kate e Gerry McCann querem apagar da Internet todos os vestígios do livro de Gonçalo Amaral sobre o desaparecimento da sua filha Maddie. Segundo apurou o 24 horas, o casal deu instruções aos seus advogados para intimarem todos os bloggers que tenham publicado excertos ou a totalidade da obra do ex-inspector a retirar estes conteúdos da Internet sob pena de virem a ser alvo de processos judiciais.

O aviso foi enviado aos autores dos blogues que mais se debruçam sobre o "caso Maddie" pela sociedade de advogados Britânicos Carter-Ruck, por uma carta que dá conta da ordem do tribunal, que proíbe a venda do livro 'Maddie, A Verdade da Mentira'. Nessa carta a que o 24 horas teve acesso, os advogados do McCann anexam a cópia da decisão do Tribunal Cível de Lisboa.

"O propósito desta carta é notifica-lo que o material que está a publicar é grosseiramente calunioso para os nossos clientes e para o avisar que se encontra à beira de receber um processo judicial", pode ler-se, enquanto se exige a retirada imediata dos conteúdos relacionados com o livro do Gonçalo Amaral.

Sem Avisos para Nacionais

Contactada pelo 24 horas, Isabel Duarte, advogada dos McCann em Portugal, garantiu que não foi enviado qualquer aviso do género aos bloggers nacionais [mentira: o blog Gazeta Digital de um jornalista freelancer Português recebeu uma carta da Carter-Ruck]

Esta não é a primeira vez que os pais da menina Inglesa desaparecida da Praia da Luz, em Maio de 2007, tentam calar as teses que contrariam a versão do rapto na Internet. Em Setembro, Kate e Gerry McCann ordenaram aos seus advogados que avançassem com processos judiciais contra os autores de sites e blogues que defendem que Maddie terá sido morta.

in 24 Horas, 07.01.10, edição em papel

Em baixo, a carta* dos advogados dos McCann, Carter Ruck que foi enviada ao host Americano de um dos sites, sem que o autor desse site recebesse qualquer aviso prévio. A medida cautelar temporária decretada pelo Tribunal Cível de Lisboa só tem jurisdição em Portugal e apenas em relação ao Dr. Gonçalo Amaral, aos editores Guerra e Paz e à produtora do documentário baseado no livro 'Maddie, A verdade da Mentira', Valentim de Carvalho. O mesmo tipo de carta com a injunção anexada foi enviada, alegadamente à Amazon Francesa e Alemã que apagaram dos seus sites qualquer menção do livro do Dr. Gonçalo Amaral nessas versões: 'Maddie, L'lenquête Interdite' e 'Maddie, Die Wahrheit über Lüge'. O Canal Francês W9 que era para ter passado o documentário baseado no livro de Gonçalo Amaral, bem como o dos McCann em Outubro de 2009 num programa chamado 'Enquêtes criminelles' à ultima da hora, e alegadamente após ter recebido uma carta da Carter Ruck desistiu da emissão.

Carter Ruck Mccann
* documento retirado do wikileaks


  1. Desparate measure from desparate people :))
    Lots of noise coming from the Rothley cage...

    "We are British and we support freedom of expression" (only in regard of our "family",of course!)

    I mean WHO do they think they are??

  2. Their threats would have no effect on a blog when the webhost is located in the USA. They have already tried this with one blogger who was advised that only with a court order from a judge in the United States can a blog be closed or censored. This would be very onerous for the McCanns to undertake and they would most certainly have no success. Therefore, they have to resort to bullying and threats.

  3. Let put this way guys, it's all about their image they want to protect, M has nothing to do with this anymore or never did. It's sick and discusting what is happening, and some how they will get away with a lot!!!
    I have read the book have given to someone else, never have posted anything from the book, but were/what are the rights that protect the reader and ownership of a book?
    FREEDOM OF SPEACH!!!!!!!!!!

  4. What are the chances of this blog being shut down?
    I hope NOT!

  5. Whilst I'm happy that this issue has been highlighted in a national newspaper, I worry a bit for Pamalam if the actual letter has been reproduced in the paper as it is marked "not for publication" :(

  6. They will be after you next, please watch out Joana, we need this blog to keep up with what is happening in Portugal. I read somewhere that the (temporary) injunction refers only to Mr Amaral discussing the contents of his book- not the entire world. As I cannot read the Portugeuse ruling, is there anyone who can confirm this?

    They really are control freaks aren't they??? They will be putting microphones into every pub soon, and then our living rooms. Next stop, our brains. We will be sued for even thinking a 'ludicrous & unhelpful ' thought,

  7. Exactly OJ, who do they think they are?? A couple of upstart, narcissistic, Child neglecting NOBODYS. Who think that they can quell free speech everywhere. I am truly disgusted with their latest antics well all their antics.

    What I want to know- when is the Portuguese Government going to put a stop to this charade and REOPEN THE CASE??? Before we all lose our freedom of speech.

  8. it may come as a suprise to american and portugese bloggers the report in todays daily mail saying that they are supporting gary mckinnon in the "DAILY MAILS AFFRONT TO BRITISH JUSTICE CAMPAIGN"

  9. Interesting though that, CA tell the lie that Mr Amarals's views have been discredited by the PORTUGUESE COURT!!!!!


  10. Hello Joana, can the McCann lawyers do this? Why oh why, are this disgusting couple, being allowed to call all the shots.

    What is wrong with the people who are kowtowing to the McCanns? they are obviously not child friendly. They should all be ashamed of themselves, for helping the McCanns.These people know they are responsible for Madeleine's disappearance and they know their behavior in PDL was not that of two parents, whose child was missing. If they had an ounce of decency about them, they would give them a wide berth.

    Of course I know money comes into this and some would sell their grandmother to make a quick buck. They've obviously taken a leaf out of the McCanns book, because they have used Madeleine's situation as a way to make money. God help those twins, because they are next in line to be used as a money spinner for their parents.

    The McCanns say the are suing Goncalo, on behalf of the twins, what a load of rubbish. They are suing him, hoping that they will get a windfall, that will enhance their lifestyle.

    If the McCanns were so sure they were innocent, they would have taken up the offers to make a film or write a book about their "ordeal" They know deep down inside that the only ones to suffer an ordeal are their 3 children, especially Madeleine. God only knows what she went through, before, during and after, she mysteriously disappeared.
    Only 5 more days to the court case, lets hope the Portuguese judge rules in favor of Goncalo and lets hope it isn't too long, before the McCanns get their "just desserts"

  11. As far as the McCanns are concerned NO-ONE can have freedom of speech, opinions and views. Only them! I agree this is not about Maddie but them, if they cared about Maddie, they would be screaming for the case to be reopened, and ignore what is on the internet. Opening the case could prove their innocence, by keeping it closed demonstrates they are afraid of what may turn up. What about the insults and lies they told about the Portuguese police and others. Keeping the case closed is not a christian act, not allowing freedom of speech for others, but only for them....stinks!
    something must be done to open Pandoras box

  12. Anon 7

    They are a pair of sociopaths who beleive their child is in the hands of a paedo and they do NOTHING! i-e, they wont ask for the case to be reopened.
    They are a couple of turds...thats what they are
    Unless they stop their circus as soon as possible,in fact right now,they are exposing themselves to people"s anger further more.A little bit more everyday. :D
    They are sending more threats and more crap because they KNOW they have lost :)) whatelse can they do now?
    I shall practice "selfgagging" now...

  13. Hi Shubob,

    #5 the comment "MOST URGENT NOT FOR PUBLICATION" on the letter sent to Pamalam. Perhaps that is all it is a comment. A comment (like the letter) that has no legal foundation. If I were to send someone a letter and stated "MOST URGENT NOT FOR PUBLICATION." What legal leg would I stand on if the recipient did choose to post it on the Internet or elsewhere in the public domain. If CR do not want anything published elsewhere then perhaps they should not send out letters like the one sent to Pamalam. JMO, I think the "MOST URGENT NOT FOR PUBLICATION" is meant to intimidate the recipient. The more the world sees with regard to these letters the better imo.

  14. Kathybelle 10
    In the case the court finally rules against Dr.Amaral, I will personally take the justice in my hands and ALONE....because nobody will be able to stop me :D

  15. I do hope that the lawyer of Sr Amaral will remind the judge that this couple have not cooperated with the investigators, even to the extent that Madeleine's mother refused to answer 48 questions, and that if they so wish they could have the case reopened.

    But they don't wish!

    Maybe a few alarm bells will then go off for her.

  16. As well as the McCanns making lots of money from Maddie's disappearance, so do their lawyers. Carter Ruck charge an arm and a leg for one hour's work, so if the McCanns are desperate for money to find Maddie how is it they are prepared to spend a fortune in lawyer's fees. Of course, they have an interest in this case continuing ad infinitum, as do Carter Ruck etc. It's all about money and power really.

  17. Zodiac @post #13, it's a legal thing. Technically, Pamalam and/or her web host can get into trouble for posting a legal document marked "not for publication". However, since the letter is based on the misintepretation of the facts and perhaps, outright lies, then CR may decide to do nothing.

  18. Does that mean that if there are 500 bloggers reproducing Mr Amaral's (the PJ's) theory they will sue 500 times? I thought Madeleine was their only concern (that's what they are telling us all the time)but clearly that's not true.Their image and what people may think about them is their only concern.Madeleine comes next.Maybe that's the reason why 3 years later she hasn't been found yet.You haven't been looking for her have you kate and gerry?Too busy suing and threatening and lying....

  19. Shubob #17
    I hardly think that the lawyer's letter is a legal document. In my opinion, a legal document is a court order from a judge or police files but not a threatening letter from some bully lawyers.

  20. ShuBob

    I doubt the publishing of the letter will be anything but annoying to the McCanns. They want to try and scare people with letters like that, but they don't want the public at large to know what control freaks they are, especially in Portugal.

    It can't be a legal document unless it is enforced by the Courts.

    Any solicitor can send any letter they like to anybody, it does not mean it has legal force behind it unless it is sanctioned by law.

    They have managed to gag Sr Amaral ONLY and that only for the time being, they can't gag the world by demanding a book that is the possession of so many people has to be burned, or not spoken of, or written about.

    If they carry on like this, they will be more than disliked, they will be truly hated by many people.

  21. @ post #18, barely three days after Maddie's alleged abduction, on May 6 2007, here's what Gerry said in a statement outside church:

    "From today's service, the thing that we are going to take from this is strength and courage and hope, and we continue to hope for the best possible outcome from this for us... and for Madeleine. Thank you."

    It's Kate and Gerry first then Maddie after if at all. Always has been!

  22. Oh just wait & give them enough rope to hang themselves, as I am certain they will.
    I am not afraid of them puffing hot air. I`m used to it.
    Hi Katey, Gerry, enjoy what`s left of your freedom. Tick Tock.

  23. Shubob #17 "it's a legal thing"

    A legal thing under which Law Shubob? MOST URGENT NOT FOR PUBLICATION typed on a letter (not a legal document) from a legal firm imo carries no force. How would the sender get the recipent into legal trouble? Especially given as it appears the letter with the words MOST URGENT NOT FOR PUBLICATION appears to have no legal foundation to support it being sent to the party receiving it.

  24. Zodiac @post #23, I have no desire to continue debating this matter as it detracts from the real issue at hand but you may want to ask any lawyer about it. By the way, not only lawyers use it.

    I am happy Pamalam made the letter public as once and for all we can see what the McCanns are up. My concern was not for the letter being made public on internet blogs and forums but it being published in a newspaper without Pamalam's consent. That's the end of that!

  25. Hi Shu, the letter wasn't published on 24 Horas newspaper. Pam and her host did express their consent on the letter being divulged to inform the public, as it is an issue of public interest.

  26. Thanks Joana. That's all I needed to know.

  27. Shubob #24

    I have no "want" to ask a lawyer as I have no need to ask a lawyer. However as you have not explained your comment "it's a legal thing" I'll take that as you cannot explain your comment. It was a genuine question that imo did not need an arrogant response. As for "I have no desire to continue debating this matter as it detracts from the real issue at hand" well surely, URGENT NOT FOR PUBLICATION being a legal thing does not retract from the issue!

  28. I bet the McCanns will be infuriated that the letter is being published in Portugal.

    A home goal if ever there was one.

  29. @ post #28, the McCanns have been sending out such threatening letters for a long time. Paulo Reis said he received one over a year ago IIRC. Their backside have finally been exposed this time.

  30. I hope Paulo will add his letter to the recent one.

    Perhaps then the judicary in Portugal will get the message that Portuguese citizens are being threatened by the McCanns UK lawyers, and they are trying to stop their freedom of speech.

    They may also then get the message that something should be done about the McCanns to stop them.

    The McCanns are sailing along on the strength of their abduction theory, using it as a shield, telling the judiciary they will be hampered in their search for Madeleine if they don't get what they want.

    When all the time, there is no evidence whatsoever that Madeleine was ever abducted.

    On the contrary, there is evidence that she wasn't.

    The McCanns have to be stopped spinning.

    It is the judiciary in Portugal that can make this happen. Hopefully, within the next few days.

  31. Shubob #29 "Their backside have finally been exposed this time."

    Anon #30 "I hope Paulo will add his letter to the recent one"

    I also hope that the letters Amazon et al received are added and I do hope this will be brought to the attention of the Judge issuing the temporary injunction. Surely these actions (abuse) cannot be ignored by her? Imo their actions should be exposed in the Press/Media. Are their actions legal?

  32. This is not news. It's weeks old. Why publish this now?
    And why was my last comment asking that deleted?

  33. Olá Joana: todo o meu apoio incondicional!
    Quem tem poder,pode(estranha maneira como me saiu o f,raio de teclado)
    vou pedir 1 mas é ao pai natal ou mãe natal

  34. This is where they spend their time and the money hired from public donations- INSTEAD OF LOOKING FOR THEIR DAUGHTER AND ASKING FOR A PROPERLY INVESTIGATION DONE BY OFICIAL POLICES, they spend their time surfing on the NET, checking who says what, trying to pursue people which care more about their daughter then them.
    THAT BALL ON THEIR OWN FEET WILL MADE PEOPLE MORE CURIOUS ABOUT what they want to silence with such intention. PEOPLE WHO BUY THE BOOK OR DOWNLOAD IT FROM THE NET, will pass copy's of the book to relatives and friends. There is no way to stop the chain.
    They are nervous and afraid because people now, start discussing not only the most probably dead of Madeleine but also what probably surrounded the case - Pedophilia ?


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