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Looking back at The McCanns

“We want a big event to raise awareness that she is still missing (...) It wouldn’t be a one-year anniversary, it will be sooner than that.” Gerry McCann, 3 weeks after Madeleine McCann was allegedly kidnapped - picture above taken 9 days after, at Our Lady of Luz church, at a mass for Madeleine, on her birth day, 12 May 2007.


By Jason Groves

ROCK legend Sir Elton John is being lined up to front a global pop concert, to carry the message of missing Madeleine McCann’s plight to every corner of the earth.

It is hoped the singer will headline a huge series of worldwide events to mark a special Madeleine Day that her distraught parents are planning in the effort to find the vanished four-year-old. Sir Elton’s popular appeal is guaranteed to attract a swarm of other film and music superstars keen to offer support to parents Gerry and Kate McCann.

The couple, having promised not to return home until they are reunited with Madeleine, are now planning a series of visits to European and North African cities, to distribute posters and widen the appeal for information.

Sir Elton has played an emotional DVD of Madeline at his concerts, but now believes a larger effort would do more to raise awareness of her predicament.

Gerry McCann, 38, said: “One of the ideas is maybe getting all the people who have publicly supported us to come together. I don’t just mean from the UK but from different parts of the world. We want a big event to raise awareness that she is still missing.

We would look at high-profile people who have already pledged support. It will be some sort of focus around an anniversary, to tell people that Madeleine ’s still missing. I think it would be later this year, once media attention has dropped, to bring it back up, hopefully, for a short period.

It wouldn’t be a one-year anniversary, it will be sooner than that. What we’re doing at the minute has its role but doing that down the line in a few months won’t have anything like the same impact. We might have a sporting event, something arts, something music.

"We’ve had backing from sporting people up to now. We have had backing from certain musical celebrities as well. We’ve got some other musical contacts that we are exploring, who are happy to offer support.

We’re not saying it would necessarily be one big concert, it might be that on a certain day they are playing her DVD.

“What we want at the current time is maximum message out there now, about her disappearance but then just events to bring it back up occasionally just to remind people, if she’s not found.”

A month after the sleeping Madeleine was snatched from her bed, Gerry and Kate McCann have betrayed the first signs that their hopes of finding her alive are starting to fade.

The couple confessed that they are haunted by the harrowing thought of her being held captive by a pervert. Still desperately clinging to Madeleine ’s pink Cuddle Cat, 38-year-old Kate said: “We don’t know where she is. We’d like to think she’s still in Portugal, she might still be in Portugal.

“But we know there’s a possibility she’s gone over the border – or several borders. We know there are bad people out there, but we know there are also a lot of sad people. We hope it’s the latter.”

Gerry added: “Of course we believe Madeleine is still alive but you would be incredible if you hadn’t considered the worst scenario, that she’s dead.

“Kate and I discuss it – not a lot, but we talk about hope, and that while there’s some we will not give up. At the minute, there’s loads of hope.”

in Daily Express, Sunday June 3,2007 - deleted from the site (W/thanks to Paulo Reis for saving this article)


  1. Will Sir Elton show up for the Mcfundraising dinner? Don't think so! Probably a few Z-list celebs, if any.

  2. his words are coming back to bite him

    this was at the height of his bravado... and I bet it's the one interview he really regrets doing

  3. from the horses mouth,
    Gerry added: “Of course we believe Madeleine is still alive but you would be incredible if you hadn’t considered the worst scenario, that she’s dead.

    so they have said that they thought she might was dead ,my,my,my a few days ago they never even thought that madeleine could be dead only that madeleine is still alive.

  4. so kate and gerry BOTH THINK THAT MADELEINE IS DEAD, but Mr Amaral and any one else are not allowed to say it as it will stop people searching for her.

  5. Elton John huh.

    The McCann's could book the Prime Minister himself and the media wouldn't blink an eye.

    I'm fed up with these two pretenders.

  6. Joana, please embed this video on your blog:


    It's Kate's appeal to the "abductor" 4 days after Maddie's disappearance. Watch Gerry's reaction at 0.04secs when Kate mentions "the person who is with Madeleine". I analysed the clip for the first time yesterday and for the first time I feel certain Gerry KNEW where Maddie was at the time dead or alive :(

  7. ~x( I still dont understand how the McCann's get away with so much lies.
    Other's would be in Prison long time!
    Anybody that see the files can tell that everything is fishy.
    Re-open the case and put them in Jail!!!!!

  8. It is always worth going right back to the start, and looking again at the totally incredible things they said and did.
    "The couple confessed that they are haunted by the harrowing thought of her being held captive by a pervert. "
    For an example of being haunted, see picture at the top.

    “Kate and I discuss it – not a lot, but we talk about hope, and that while there’s some we will not give up. At the minute, there’s loads of hope.”
    Hope that we may not be prosecuted, perhaps ? Or that her body will not be discovered ?

  9. ShuBob - regarding the video - maybe that's where Kate got her bruises

  10. ShuBob

    Do you also remember that video where Kate is going on saying she feels closer to Madeleine in PDL, and then slips out with 'but of course she is closer to England', or words to that effect, and Gerry reacts as if to say, shut up before you say too much.

    Did Kate nearly tell where Madeleine really is then?

    Has Madeleine been back in England, all the while they were dropping hints she was elsewhere.

    How about the dogs paying a visit round their place?

  11. Joana!!!! Chica, no me pongas esta foto otra vezzzzzz....!!
    You are bringing the worst out of me : I want to give them a massive punch x( across their laughing faces...just a punch coz I am in a reasonable good mood today :D

  12. They would love to delete all the stuff they said and did as it comes back to haunt them. Too bad, and they will have to live with their lies and deceit for as long as the case is in the public eye. I wonder do they have sleepless nights trying to keep all the lies in and fretting about any of the Tapas letting the cat out of the bag? What a life? who would have it? It is disgusting that they likes of these 2 have been through at least 2 million pounds, WASTED and get front page headlines and the thousands of people dead and suffering in Haiti. They should donate any money raised at their party to Haiti and all the unfortunates there. People are truly sick of them now.

  13. I know this has all been said before, but it doesn't hurt to repeat it. The bruises on Kate in the photo are thought by some to have been caused by her throwing herself at the wall and prostrating herself weeping and wailing alongside Gerry, witnessed by an officer of the PJ's. Others think were they caused by Gerry after he found Maddie had died (accidentally) by Kate attempting to resuscitate Maddie that night, hence the dogs' reactions and the blood on the walls. Either of those scenarios would tie up with Goncalo concluding Maddie died in the apartment as a result of an accident and that the parents were involved.

    The first reactions of any parents whose child went missing would to be ring the police of course, but then they would be scouring the area for hours to see if they could find her. The fact that they didn't tells me they knew she couldn't be found.

  14. Well as the saying goes, these two won't spoil another couple.
    They are very well suited, her with no personality whatsoever and him the tiny tears spoilt child, how vile they are. I laughed myself silly last week watching his temper tantrum and all the backfilling. Doh they are incredibly thick, how on earth either of them ever qualify as doctors i will never understand. As for their latest bunfest all is needed is people outside with posters saying 'google Gaspar statements'

  15. I've seen documentaries about the Soham murders, Huntley did quite a few TV interviews before the police sussed him. He thought he was being clever but in a lot of the interviews he made Freudian slips, such as describing the girls in the past tense and saying things like "and the worst thing is I might have been the last person to see them alive."
    Which of course he was. I'm not at all saying Gerry is a murderer but his words "It wouldn't be a one-year anniverary" are on a par as Freudian slips go. So either the Leicestershire police are not as astute as the Soham police or there is something strange going on.

  16. “We’re not saying it would necessarily be one big concert, it might be that on a certain day they are playing HER DVD.

    You mean Madeleine's dvd, do you Gerry!
    He just cant help but let himself down.

  17. If the McCanns believe, as they say over and over, that she is not dead and they are working "really hard" to find her, why, in all their appeals to the "abductor", have they NEVER mentioned the News of the World reward which I believe was something like 2M pound?

    If they believe someone close to the "abductor" knows something, I find it strange that they wouldn't mention the reward. I find it odd that they seem to have drawn this line for themselves despite all the other outrageous things they are continuing to do.

  18. Probably I am putting this in the wrong place - apologies is so-
    From the Independent

    Burying news

    The morning after the Haiti earthquake, the Daily Mail showed its commitment to foreign news by relegating the story to page eight (with a breakout piece: "Rape, murder and voodoo on the island of the damned"), not even mentioning the disaster on the front of the paper. The Daily Express gave the story greater prominence but, inevitably, preferred to splash on the ongoing "agony" of the parents of Madeleine McCann, an agony to which the paper has contributed with its obsessive coverage.

  19. ShuBob, agree the video is distubing in that sense.
    Would be interesting to see what a body language expert would make of this, do we know of anyone who could analyze it.

    They say a picture paints a thousand words, and boy does this one.

  20. Whilst it is debateable that charity begins at home and the UK can ill afford foreign aid, it is nontheless great news that UK public have added to the Government foreign aid by £23 million - because hopefully this will keep money from the fraudsters McCann.

  21. Martin Brunt, at his BLOG:

    " My New Best Friend" (AMARAL)

    Bad weather at Mccann's side.

  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0soYp2R0XU

  23. Where is Maddie?
    '...but of course she is closer to England'

    Beata, Germany

  24. All that on 3rd June 2007.
    I remember seeing him talk about it on tv and even that early it was by no means his first wtf? moment.

    Hindsight is wonderful indeed though.
    That pathetic excuse for a man should have been arrested immediately.
    If only................................!

  25. Sorry to come back to the reliability of the sniffer dogs but in the Times today, an article about rescue teams in Haiti searching the university says;
    "At 7 am. on Saturday a Spanish rescue team finally arrived with sniffer dogs and established in five minutes with 99% certainty that there were no longer any survivors." That's how important it is to have reliable dogs when making such decisions in a rescue, that's why they are used. British dogs are the best in the world. When you add to that the fact that in Praia da Luz the 'blood dog' matched the cadaver dog's alerts in the same places and nowhere else you have 100%. Then on top add all the other evidence in the case.

  26. @ 25
    Absolutely correct, what are the odds of two of the worlds best sniffer dogs false marking the exact same locations and only things relating to the McCanns after extensive searching the whole complex.

    They can deny the dogs reliability all they like but I will never be convinced any other way.
    So many lies so many inconsisancies.
    Conflicting timelines, windows/shutters, Tanner passing Gerry & Jez without being seen, sea bass, rotting meat, nappies, the carboot left open, the dogs etc. etc. ect. ect.

    The wierd and unnatural behavior ( see photo above )
    I could make a list that would probably fill a couple of feet of text on this page if I really though about it.
    Far too many strange events in one case to be the truth, you just would not have so much that could remain unexplained without unbelievable answers.

  27. So, these sniffer dogs are not so 'ludicrous' after all Gerry.

    I wonder if that sister of yours is also still dismissing the work of these wonderful dogs?

  28. I would like to be able to find out an interview that Philomena McCann gave toa radio station, I think it was a radio interview, but am not 100% sure. In that interview she was asked how the twins were reacting and dealing with their sister not being around anymore, if they asked about her, where did she go to, that sort of thing. Philomena had one of the biggest freundian moments there, in my modest opinion, she answered something in the lines of : "oh,of course, they ( Kate and Gerry) have not told them were she is (!)...ermm...I mean, of course they do not know were she is(nervous giggles), they tell them she is missing...", etc. ...

    If anyone has a link or remembers which radio it was, please share it with us, I think it would be worth hearing it.

  29. I feel a bit silly now...I should have done some research myself before asking others to do it ( I'm lazy, you see...oh the shame!)
    I found that interview with Philomena, it's here:


    Sorry folks!...

  30. Philomena slip up:


  31. I know someone who works in a bank. Her Bank Manager has the nickname 'a...hole'. The Bank Manager lives in Leicestershire and knows Gerry McCann. One day, just days after this had all blown up in the news, he turned round, on overhearing his nickname, and said to his staff, "If you think I'm an a...hole, you should meet Gerry McCann".

  32. The Clarence slip up:


  33. Will someone please warn Gerry he runs the risk of being sued by himself if he says Madeleine could be dead.

  34. Worth a read,


  35. ".... think it would be later this year, once media attention has dropped, to bring it back up, hopefully, for a short period." Gerry.

    In June 2007, how he knows that by the end of the year she still missing and will need a huge Media campaign to bring public attention back? AT THAT TIME A HUGE TEAM OF POLICES ( PJ,
    SCOT.YARD, EUROPOL, INTERPOL, SPANNISH POLICE) were looking for the girl, plus million of anonymous people in the world.


    If one of my child's disappeared and I had nothing to do with case, I will refuse to even think on events to happen by the end of the year. Who have mind to plan them several months ahead?
    Innocent parents of a missing child face two psychological situations: at the beginning, an intense hope that she will be found and come back on the next hour, next day. Since the time move on, they face a big despoir, maybe the child will not come back anymore because died, or for a old one, don't want to. In this situation the hope normally came from people outside the family to relieve the pain. BUT THIS MCCANN'S WHICH DON'T WANT ANY POLICE INVESTIGATING THEIR GIRL WHICH STILL MISSING, LIVE IN HOPE THAT NEXT MONTH, NEXT YEAR, ONE DAY SHE WILL BE FOUND, ALIVE, WELL. NO MATTER IF A PAEDOPHILE KEEP THE GIRL CAPTIVE IN A CELLAR.
    Wonder why they eliminate from their abduction theory a lady with difficulties to conceive, a couple desperately looking for a child ( since after parental Kidnaps, this two situations were the most common in the world). AND AFTER ALL.... DURING THIS ALMOST 3 YEARS, MADELEINE NEVER GOT A DISEASE, NEVER NEED TO SEE A DOCTOR OR GO TO AN HOSPITAL. WHAT A STRONG GIRL.... Mine, at this age gave me nights of nightmare with fever, vomits, etc,etc. MADELEINE AND HER ABDUCTOR EVEN MANAGE TO STAY OUT OF H1N1 PARANOIA. Are both captive?

  36. Wait for Kate next post on their blog: " You know the dogs... are very unreliable. They are in the Algarve.... They drink too much wine, this demoniac nectar... Amaral manage to manipulate the dogs.... Amaral put the evidences under the tiles in our flat when we are out looking for our little girl ( jogging, playing tennis, talking to the Media, drinking, playing with twins). You know.... erm... Amaral is actually the abductor, we know that since minute one because we know Madeleine did not wonder off by herself and our good friend Jane saw him coming right from the window, crossing the street with Madeleine on his arms but she was so drunk that at the time she cannot think that the girl cold be Madeleine and she was not able to memorise Amaral face. Even she had some rainbow of colors on her eyes which made her to see many different colors on the jacket, the trousers, the street. This is why she did not know exactly the color of the clothes Amaral was wearing. Oh... Murat.... Murat was a mistake... but he could be there as well because Jane was in so bad condition that to manage to come back to the tapas, she must got the help of somebody. She was grabbing her hands into the wall to stand up...She fell asleep soon she arrived at Tapas.
    You know... we just drink few bottles. Amaral must put some chemicals on our wine before we start the dinner, then made us pay such big bill. Erm... I want to tell you why I know the wine was contaminated... I gave some to the twins, just for them to try and get used with it. They fell asleep like Jane. What a shame that Amaral manage to contaminate and foolish everybody just to blame us. You know.... erm... GNR, when they arrived, I was so contaminated by the wine that I don't remember if Madeleine was there or was already missing. I did not call them. Amaral must sent them to start all our troubles. We take them to the flat for a quick talk... they breath the air which was already contaminated by us... I mean... by the wine... they start getting confused and don't understand our statements. We have to explain many times what happen, this is why they got so many versions. In fact due to the contamination, we don't exactly know which time and who check the child's... but we know, we check them many times and they were OK. AMARAL is a disgrace... look what he have done to us. We are trying to sue him now, but he seems to be very clever, much clever then us. Since we all drunk that wine, our lives changed forever and we lost capabilities. Gerry don't even let me talk in public without him close by ...or Fiona. You know.... Fiona is worried... Why we did not invite the Gaspars for our Praia da Luz holidays? Such a BIG MISTAKE WE HAVE DONE!!


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