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Maddie: 20 people attend mass in Praia da Luz

Approximately 20 people attended a religious ceremony this Wednesday, at the Church of Praia da Luz, to mark the passage of 1000 days since the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, which happened in May 2007, in that Algarve village.

The initiative, which was organised by the FindMadeleine Fund, and celebrated by Anglican priest Haynes Hubbard, gathered mainly members of the English community that resides in Praia da Luz, near Lagos.

At the end of the prayer “to remember Maddie”, which lasted for about half an hour, the participants set off some light lanterns into the sky, in a homage to the little missing girl.

“It’s a symbolic gesture to mark the disappearance, with a request for Madeleine to return to her parents”, Haynes Hubbard told the journalists.

“We want to help maintain the efforts to find Maddie”, he observed.

In the United Kingdom, the FindMadeleine fund prepared similar initiatives, in order to mark 1000 days after Madeleine McCann’s disappearance.

Madeleine McCann, then aged four, disappeared on the night of May 3, 2007, from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, while she was sleeping in her bedroom with two siblings and her parents dined in a nearby restaurant.

The parents, Kate and Kerry [sic] McCann, who always maintained the position that Maddie was abducted, were made arguidos in September 2007, but ended up being cleared in July 2008 due to a lack of evidence to sustain the hypothesis that had been put forward by the inquiry, of the little girl’s accidental death.

The Public Ministry archived the process, that may be reopened at any time, if new data that is considered to be consistent, about the child’s disappearance, appears.

in: TVI24, 27.01.2010


  1. There was only 20 people because the fraudulent fund couldn't afford to pay any more for more actors.

    These sick fucks should be jailed.

  2. Very appropriate she was most probably stored in this church for some time.

  3. Sad to say, but twenty people after all the publicity is not many.

    Is the Hubbard guy there all the time, or did he fly in specially?

    I am thinking they should change the name to the 'Find Madeleine and Prove we did it Fund'.

  4. "The parents, Kate and Kerry [sic] McCann, who always maintained the position that Maddie was abducted, were made arguidos in September 2007, but ended up being cleared in July 2008 due to a lack of evidence to sustain the hypothesis that had been put forward by the inquiry, of the little girl’s accidental death.

    The Public Ministry archived the process, that may be reopened at any time, if new data that is considered to be consistent, about the child’s disappearance, appears."

    Very well put in the first part with the last touch in the last sentence that sounds like a clear warning.Cold and sharp like the blade of a Damocles'sword.


  5. Gosh, 20 people? That's hardly anybody --- what another PR disaster for the McCanns.

    FGS McCanns stop trying to spin and organise events, you are only embarassing yourselves.

  6. Just read on a thread on The Maddie Case Files that Formby was damp squib!

    Photon posted a pst from 3 A's.


  7. If only one person had turned up at church tonight..but his/her heart was moved to pray/think of Madeleine

    rather than which 'team' wins the PR war

    which team to throw stink bombs and ketchup at

    which team to call 'fat and alcoholic' and which team to call 'child killers'

    I reckon..Madeleine would have been grateful to that one person..thinking just about where SHE is/was..how SHE is/was feeling

    sorry guys whichever side of the fence you argue from, many of today's posts..here and elsewhere have simply been depraved

    I too don't agree with the bash in Kensington..but to mock peeps who want to reflect in silence in a church..

    is wrong..just wrong...


  8. Formby a damp squib too.

    No wonder Gerry looks glum.

  9. Now maybe they will drop this farce, people have had enough of them and let's hope the Portuguese judge throws their claim out.

  10. Anon @8:
    those who cared and care for Madeleine went out to search for her until their feet bled and worked overtime until they were exhausted.
    They also go to church discreetly, think of Madeleine and pray for her soul.

    They don't need a PR mass or a mention in the media.

    That is (well, would have been if were not a fiasco) for the benefit of the McCann's image only. Nothing to do with Madeleine.

  11. It has been said many times that Madeleine's body was stored in the church.

    On a lighter note, I know Father Hubbard's mother she's old.

  12. 8 you have a right to your view, but you forget, it's for show and supports the neglect of a child...religion is just a refuge for scoundrels in this sorry case , there are better things that can be done than
    celebrate pointless time markers...like search the crypt!

  13. At least there were 20 well-meaning people in the church at Praia de Luz to pray for Madeleine's memory. I was there two years ago, and it is a lovely little church, but with side rooms off the main nave, so whether there are places below ground - I don't know.

    But - praying for Madeleine was a far, far, better sentiment than holding a party to raise funds for her blasted parents, or sending up lanterns to pollute the environment. What were they thinking of? A day of contemplation and asking for forgiveness would have been far more appropriate. In my opinion.


  14. Anon 8

    Nobody is making fun of people who are genuine mourners for Madeleine.

    Yet the people who have been following this case have also been aware of the misery that has been inflicted on other innocent people who through no fault of their own have been caught up in it.

    And instead of mourning a dead girl, there might have been a mourning for a suicide victim, as no doubt some of those innocents must have felt that way at times.

    Seems like the supporters of the McCanns are willing to overlook that though, if they ever considered it, which is doubtful.

  15. A request from the mccanns to re open the case would be better than empty prayers

  16. Hi Hamish the 20 or so people did release lanterns into the sky, after the mass. I would have praised them for thinking about Madeleine, until they released those lanterns.

    The first thing I thought about when I heard about the lanterns was harm coming to animals or people from the debris. Then I heard that the lanterns can be mistaken for distress signals, if they are released near the coast. In the UK it would cost the RNLI thousands of pounds each time a boat was scrambled, to look where the distress signal was, only to find out it was a sky lantern.

    It happened in Northumberland and these lanterns have caused fires in some parts of the country. There has been a call to ban these lanterns, but I can't see it happening. Not in the UK.

  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2i_-F8JftE

  18. Dear #8,

    I would like to believe that like myself, there are many who do not resort to insult to get their views across. There are many who have given their time, their best effort, filled with hope - first in a miracle, then in the Justice of men - to find out what happened to Madeleine.

    I am sure that those who insult are a minority; I am sure that most of us have dedicated a kind thought to Madeleine today.

    I am sure that many have held their own children a bit closer today.

    I know I did.

  19. I have just seen the review of tomorrow's papers on Sky News. The McCann bash doesn't seem to have made any of the UK front pages. Steve Jobs is on many of them, showing the new iPad which isn't even available in the UK yet. Then we have Goldsmith at the Irag enquiry etc. The McCann story wasn't featured in the Sky headlines.
    So I would like to think that the tide is turning. The UK media is not giving the McCanns so much oxygen these days.
    If JK Rowling wasn't at the bash then her PR people ought to complain that someone (guess who?)has been misusing her name for publicity purposes. If Branson was there but slipped out of a back entrance then that tells us something too - he decided not to be photographed with K&G.
    So this latest stunt will have Sr Amaral quaking in his boots - NOT!

  20. Well said astro.

    It is hard for us not to remember Madeleine. We pray constantly for her to be found.

    She lived, and to be hidden away somewhere as though she didn't, is too awful. She deserves better.

  21. No prayers are empty every prayer is good no matter where it is offered, its not right for people to mock,but the reason we are all writing in this blog is because the Maccanns have mocked their little girl they have and still are mocking Portugal and even the poor deluded gang that are still backing them, but the worst thing of all is they have mocked God. And he for certain will not be mocked, Kate and Gerry are on a slippery slope, there is not one of us who would like to be in there shoes tonight.

  22. Jack Dee, this is the funniest thing you have done in years, what a comedian!!

  23. In order for this ceremony to be a Mass, it would have been conducted by a Catholic priest.

    Since the service was conducted by an Anglican clergyman it is reasonable to assume the congregation consisted mainly of English residents.

  24. The 27th was the 1000th day after Madeleine's disappearance.
    I thought of her all day.

    In her memory I think we should all count to 10 and reread before we post our comments.

  25. A mass to remember Madeleine?

    Sounds like somthing you do for a death

  26. “It’s a symbolic gesture to mark the disappearance, with a request for Madeleine to return to her parents”, Haynes Hubbard told the journalists.

    :-o Erm, "a request for Madeleine TO RETURN to her parents"? Did Madeleine run away from 'home'?

  27. Haynes Hubbard, his wife Susan and McCanns are good friends since they fired the catholic priest José Manuel Pacheco. It is said he wished never met the McCanns.

    B., Germany

  28. well i just hope god will forgive haynes hubbard and his wife for aiding and abetting the mccanns.oh beleive me this pair(h h and wife) know more than they are saying which also shows me that they have no regard for madeleine or indeed any children.

  29. Anon no. 8

    Are the 20 people mccanns' lackies or locals who had Maddie in Mind? People do not have to go to church to remember or pray for Maddie.

    Besides, going to church pretending to ask God's help to find her when they could be out seaching the cave 10mile radius of PDL is making a mockery of the church ie hiding behind a church is sinful.

    If she is dead, then prayers for her is a different matter altogether. But these people were supposed to have been there on a special appointed day asking for God's help to find her because the mccanns said she is alive while their PIs said she is languishing in a cave, so how does congregating in the church help her situation? Why cant they go out and search?

    No one mocks those people going to the church if they went for the right reason. IF they went by special arrangements then that's quite something else.

  30. The Hubbards are an enigma..They claim to have been burgled, their laptop and mobile phone stolen...Information containing according to them all their contacts with the Mccanns....A few weeks later the Mccanns go for a holiday to Canada...who do they meet up with Susan Hubbard???...

    Susan Hubbards little daughter played the part in the Mock Documentary of the 'abduction' of Madeleine. Susans daughter was distressed and crying...Susan forced her daughter to play this role of being carried away by the 'Swarthy' one even though she could see she was upset.

    The good people of PDL did not attend last night because it was a farce...The good people who searched for madeleine have her in their hearts ...no need to put on a show of support for two parents who spent their time setting up a fund instead of looking for their daughter.

    This is the biggest con I have ever seen...and I am stunned.

  31. Anon 20

    I disagree. Someone like Richard Branson didnt have to show up for the sake of showing face. IF he didnt want to be associated with the mccanns he shouldnt and wouldnt have shown up at all. After all who are the mccanns, on top of which, the event was so distasteful - even a blind can see that, why should RB appear at all if he didnt like the association. If he did and slipped off by the back-door, it is just very typical of behavior of an arrogant shit-head who didnt want to be splashed over the front page for the wrong reason ie enjoying himself at such an atrocious event when plenty are dying and suffering in Hiati. Slipping out the back door doesnt mean anything. The mere fact that he showed up (if he did) is support in itself.

  32. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/3356459/Gloria-Hunniford-on-the-death-of-Caron-KeatingI-thought-I-would-never-smile.html

    Gloria Hunniford has lost a child to cancer..here she explains the grief and what it was like weeks after Karens death...Then lets look at the Mccanns and their 'Grief' after the death of Madeleine...Gloria is a good woman and has done a lot for charity...lets not confuse the two, Gloria was there for her charity . If the Mccanns had invited those to pay toward the Fund and not included two genuine charities ..ask yourself this.. would Gloria Hunniford have been there?...

    The Mccanns need medical help and I am also amazed that those who are in their inner circle are not making sure they get this help.

  33. Ironside
    The mccanns did a clever marketing ploy including those 2 charities, otherwise no one will turn up.
    This is not about their fund or how much the other charities can benefit. It's all bull shit and a farce - all about mccanns' image, showing they have connection, that they will work for other missing children, and a strategy to support their libel against Amaral.

    No amount of fund they raised will be enough if they plan to take on all and sundry who dare prints the thesis that Maddie was not abducted and her parents involved.

  34. Madeleine was baptised a Roman Catholic. Her parents claim they are 'devout'. Why then did an Anglican vicar conduct the service? Could they not have arranged for a priest to conduct a mass? Portugal is a Catholic country !!! Or what about that priest from Liverpool who married them? Could he not have gone out to PDL to say a mass for her return? Also, with 20 people attending they had enough for the makings of a searching party - they could have begun the search into the areas supposedly containing this 'lair.'

  35. The priest from Liverpool left his parish to go to Portugal in 2007 adisgrace when we are short of priests I think he too has been taken in by this pair. They seem to hang on to priests wonder what Fr Seddon thinks of the abortion happy David Steele. Ian Paisley is a better Catholic at least we know what he is.

  36. And Half of the 20 are family of Father Hubbard. The rest, evil people paid by the Fund. All supported by public donations, to attend a fake reconstruction made by Gerry and some further events planned long term ahead.
    The Mccann's are the only parents of a missing child, who know in advance that their child will be not recovered soon, this is why they are so confidently announcing Fundraising dinners and ELTON JOHN WORLD Tournee to spread a lie about a child which the investigation proof, COULD NOT BE ABDUCTED UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES DEFENDED BY HER PARENTS. WOW, WHAT AN ORGANISED BUSINESS PAYED WITH MONEY OF PEOPLE WHICH HAVE TO WORK HARD TO AFFORD PAYING FOOD, EDUCATION, HEALTH and basic day needs to their families.

  37. Wow, Madeleine was catholic but all events on her behalf were done by an Anglican Priest. A RETALIATION from Team Mccann, since the pope and the Vatican did not believe on Fairy Tales and refuse to help liars and feed a circus made of ODD JOKES.


  38. In Portugal and many other countries also have this bank holiday and religious ritual that on the 1st of November its called O dia dos Mortos, people also light up lots of candles but they are ketp in the cemetry.

  39. I read somewhere that father Pachecho was extremely distressed after speaking to the McCanns,we can only imagine what distressed him so,if they confided in him,surely he can get a dispensation from the pope to reveal what it was they had told him.Someone must know something.


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