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Maddie: Amaral risks 100 thousand euros

Gonçalo Amaral may have to pay a fine worth 100 thousand euros every time that he speaks about the Maddie case. Such is the request that was made by the little English girl's parents, in a process that the couple has filed against the former Portimão PJ inspector, who oversaw the investigation into the disappearance of Maddie, in May 2007, from Aldeia da Luz.

source: Correio da Manhã, 08.01.2010


  1. For the mccanns it has always been money that is their primary consideration

  2. One assumes this would also include his speaking to any new investigator about the "mistakes" that were made in the first investigation.
    Beneath contempt, but as someone once said -
    Follow the money !

  3. Even if I believed in the 'abduction' I truly think that because of the McC's culture of litigation and money making fund, I would be disgusted. I wonder what their parents think?

  4. I think Goncalo Amaral should take advice about taking his case to the European Courts. This couple are gagging someone who has every right, considering he was in charge of the actual case, from speaking about or writing his findings down in a book. He has not accused the McCanns of anything other than being responsible for their daughter's disappearance, which of course they are because they are the ones, after all, who left their children in danger. What hypocritical parents they really are.

  5. I like the fact that the Portuguese Press are reporting on the Mccanns and their greed for money. Their trip to PDL was a PR disaster. No posters or greetings of welcome. Instead their faces white with rage as they claimed not to be upset that the hearing did not go ahead. Next week if they return they now know what to expect. The Mccanns are famous but for all the wrong reasons. Child neglectors, Liars, Love of the Limelight, Arrogance,Hatred for anyone who dares to doubt their word. We only have another couple as famous as these two who showed no emotion for their crimes...Brady and Hindley...The crimes are not the same but the personalities of these two are borderline.

  6. please can we fine the McCann's everytime they open theirs mouths... I am sick to death of them

  7. Mas este pessoal não se enxerga? Só aqui neste canto à beira mar plantado se permite que isto aconteça?
    Já repararam que as TVs passam quase todo o tempo com futebol e,inclusivamente a abrir noticiários assim. E com a crise para muitos o vinho deve servir de alimento também.

    Ai....estamos em 2010 e não no tempo da ditadura.
    Enganei-me OU NÃO?

    Não,não me enganei.

  8. Who decides on the size of the fine if Amaral speaks up? The McCanns and Carter Ruck? I suppose they can choose any sum they fancy. This is all way beyond ludicrous now.

  9. The McCanns will reap their own 'reward' for this behaviour.
    They're 'Catholic' aren't they?
    They should be aware of what's in store for them on the Great Day of His Wrath.
    Meanwhile...I'm satisfied that they are in a hell of their own making.

  10. I bet they won't go to Lisbon next week- they will blame the bad weather. Then whatever the outcome they can give a press conference from Rothley Towers, to nice , sympathetic British journalists, probably have that Antonia Lazzerella woman from the Sun planted in the front row to ask nice, soft questions.

    With regard to the above, is Mr Amaral banned from speaking about the Maddie case altogether. or just that which is included in his book? I am amazed if any court could ban any individual from speaking about a subject- they have not even been to court for the libel issue yet, so why can't he speak about wider issues of the case??

  11. I think is time to go to the European Court.
    mccanns greediness have no end. they are discusting couple from hell.

  12. To me this is like saying to Steven Hawking 'You can't discuss black holes'.
    This case was Amaral's JOB!!!!
    I've never known anything like this appalling saga.

  13. No 9- yes indeed, His wrath is one that cannot be avoided. No lawyers to help them in the 'final judgement'. Money cuts no ice with Him. I agree, they are in the meantime in a hellish place- entirely deserving and all of their own making!!!

  14. I think it is time to grab them and force them in a straight jacket. Subnormales que son!
    They are scared to death...

  15. CEOP conference should use this case a classic example of grooming, conditioning and manipulating the media, politicians and lawyers; supine before this couple.
    There are some basically good people who are "in the know" about this case, but by continuing to withhold information, they become more contaminated by their knowledge. It won't only be the McCanns and their entourage who will have to live with their own personal hell if this case is not resolved. It will,forever, have the potential to explode.

  16. It was only a matter of time before the likes of Carter-Ruck exported their particular 'Made in Britain' libel practices to the rest of Europe. The politicians and the legal community in the UK are responsible for allowing these people to get out of control.

    I cannot fathom why the Portuguese Judiciary have so easily played along. It will spread like a cancer across Europe.

  17. Gerry, the "pet of the family", according to his sister, has the visceral fear of discovery, common to narcissists. Goncalo Amaral represents his potential nemesis and it has become a battle to the death for a lost soul. As an atheist, simply a metaphor.

  18. anan 16 i agree having had close connections with the continent over 40 years and have read their newspapers regularly they seem to adopt all our methods after a year or so very similar to the way we adopt those of the usa. Fortunately its the usa who are most against our libel laws and have been legislating against them.Good old uncle sam i say

  19. Like history repeating itself. It's almost as if the despicable old British practice - 'Gerrymandering' - was invented for Team McCann!!!

  20. So now the disgusting, dispicable, child neglecting, lawbreaking McCanns are trying to dictate what fine Goncalo should receive, should he speak about the Madeleine case. When is someone with power to do so, going to wake up, smell the coffee and reopen this case?

    We're not just armchair "Miss Marples" or "Sherlock Holmes", we know that the McCanns are responsible for Madeleine's disappearance. We can't prove the McCanns harmed her, but their strange behaviour, suggests they know exactly where she is, and if she is dead or alive.

    The PJ have another 3 or 4 days, before the McCanns return to Lisbon for the court case against Goncalo. Surely in that time, they can find something, that would allow them reopen this case and detain this ghastly couple in Portugal. I'm sure it isn't too late to charge the McCanns with neglecting their 3 children and causing their daughter to mysteriously disappear.

    If the McCanns don't return to Portugal, the PJ should in any case, look for something that will enable them to reopen this case and apply to the British Courts for an extradition warrent against the McCanns.

    As many posters have already said, this circus cannot be allowed to go on.

  21. Will this gagging also apply throughout the hearing . I don't believe it , or are the McCann's and their bullies that powerful .

    "Oh Lional say it aint so."

  22. Why the Draconian fine for Sr Amaral?

    For speaking the truth! What is that judge thinking of!!

    Yet there go the McCanns, spinning their abduction fairy story and no evidence for it, flying in the face of the official conclusion that THE CHILD IS DEAD.

    Who the hell do these McCanns think they are?

    Police, or something?

    They are not.

    They are a pair of dangerous, child neglectors, who chose to leave their children night after night while they went out with their pals.

    On previous nights their kids were left up to an hour at a time. Those kids were absolutely in harms way.

    Yet, it is Sr Amaral who is the one who they want punished. This have got to be some kind of sick joke.

    Terrible harm has come to one of their kids in that apartment. Who knows what the means of Madeleine's death? Accident, or something more sinister?

    Much time has been wasting running around looking for the non existent abductor, all courtesy of the McCanns 'marketing ploys'.



    Meanwhile, they should be told to CHUFF OFF WITH THEIR BEGGING BOWL, and then ignored.


    I hope they end up having to pay back every penny they have had of the public's money, and the rest.

  23. The English Gag indeed!
    Do people not realise what a dangerous precedent this would set should the gruesome twosome win in court?.....As others have stated, it is now time to get this matter into the European Court of Human Rights....and fast.
    Carter Ruck MUST be slapped down.

  24. Follow the money trail- Gerry, Glenfield hospital PFI bid, Laing o'Rourke Construction, John Geraghty businessman PdL,I made these connections recently, but must credit Blackwatch in 2008 guardian.co.uk for getting there before me. Is this the same Geraghty that helped the MCCs in PdL?

  25. Why doesn't Goncalo Amaral take a leaf out of the McCanns' book and do what they did from day one.
    He should issue statements from "someone close", a "family friend" a "source close to" etc.
    Then, just like the McCanns when they were arguidoed, nobody can say it's coming from him.

  26. Gsamble by name or nature?
    Did Gamble get an assurance from GM that all would go their way in Lisbon next week? If so, the Portuguese court would have to be corrupt. If not, what would Gamble do if the case goes against the McCs? Would he cancel GM as a speaker or would they try to bluff it out, in the knowledge that the British media are gagged anyway?


  28. I always suspected that where the McCanns were concerned, Madeleine's disappearance was about making money. Days after she disappeared, a fund was set up in her name.

    The McCanns said, the fund was set up, because they received money from the public. If that was the case, why didn't they give the money to a Portuguese agency that was looking for missing children. The Portuguese police were looking for Madeleine and a reward of around £2m, had been set up by a couple of media groups and people including David Beckham and J.K.Rowling and certain businessmen had pledged money.

    We know that the McCanns took 2 mortgage payments out of the fund to pay their mortgage, at that time they had only been in PDL for a couple of months, 3 months at the most, because they returned home in the September of 2007 and they had only been in PDL since the end of April 2007.

    The McCanns must have been in dire straits, if they couldn't pay their mortgage. Gerry McCann was a hospital consultant, who was on a salary of around £100k per year. His wife was a part time locum GP and although she was only working 1½ days a week, would probably have been earning more than someone who was working 20hrs per week.

    They had to pay the money back to the fund, because at that time, the terms of the fund said they couldn't use the money to aid their finances. Shortly after, a clause was written into the terms of the fund, which said that that could use the money to aid their finances.

    Shortly before the McCanns returned home from PDL, Kate McCann's uncle Brian Kennedy, stood outside the McCanns home and begged for more donations from the public. He said the McCanns needed money to pay for their living expenses in PDL and their mounting bills in their Rothley home.

    What a nerve he had to expect the British puplic to aid the McCanns finances, when they were living in a smart detached home and were running 2 4X4s, no doubt the McCanns "plight" tugged at the hearts of some of the gullible public and they complied with Brian Kennedy's wishes.

    Days after Brian Kennedy's speech, the McCanns arrived home, after scarpering like rats desserting a sinking ship, the day after they were made arguidos.

    I believe that the fund is almost dry,the McCanns seem desperate for money, hence the threat to sue bloggers who discuss Goncalo's book.


  30. Please do not judge every Roman Catholic by the Maccanns they seem to be Catholic by their own rules not the Catholic Church, Its a farce a devout Catholic would accept Gods will and not have IVF Kate Maccann is a doctor and she knows what is involved in IVF and why the Catholic church can never condone it. Catholics the Maccanns I don't think so.

  31. Even in court?Is that legal?

  32. Hell will be waiting for these fine "devoute catholics" and their devil helpers. Maybe sooner that they think ;-) What just remaided me, how is Father Hubbard doing these days? Still in PDL? Supporting mccanns with their privat vendetta?

  33. poster 6 ,in many way they are worse than Brady/Hindley ,what the Mcs have done is to their own child ,they then went on to make money from her ,the greed for money and celebrity is never ending ,at least with Brady/Hindley the whole world was against them ,but TM are still on pedestals with lots of people

  34. #25 quote
    Why doesn't Goncalo Amaral take a leaf out of the McCanns' book and do what they did from day one.
    He should issue statements from "someone close", a "family friend" a "source close to" etc.
    Then, just like the McCanns when they were arguidoed, nobody can say it's coming from him

    Yes !

  35. #24
    Yep, follow the money...

  36. It is time for Portugal to say 'who the hell do you think your messing with, now f**k off', they haven't though which begs the question, what politician, judge, prosecuter etc is being covered for or is this more about blackmail, GM -' "Maddies dead and if you dont help i will tell everyone how you like to **** young boys/girls" this is what i believe is at the heart of all this. Notice how Eddie and Keela were the forces' top dogs till this case and Jersey, what links these?

  37. If I was Sr. Amaral I wouldn't give a Carter Ruck what these clowns say.

    He'll have his day.

  38. I think the McCanns are being blackmailed and need more and more money to keep the blackmailer at bay.

  39. I thought posters would be interested in this comment ,I was on another forum (nothing to do with Mc`s and I brought up the subject of them ,this same poster told me he knew the Mc`s and they were amazing people,I answered telling him to read Joana Morais blog,read some FACTS on the case then apologise to me ,this is my reply
    Joana Morais is a ****in tit, facts my arse, hes already been told to apologise by a court of law! If you actually knew the family then you'd realise your talkin out your moronic bell end...they made a ****in huge mistake they'll pay for for the rest of their lives now piss off and make shite up somewhere else

  40. Hi Jacinta, Kate McCann's mother, said she couldn't understand why her daughter was asking for a Priest to fly to PDL, because neither her daughter, or her husband, were church goers.

    I wonder why was it so important for the McCanns to have a Priest from Merseyside, who happened to be the one who conducted the McCanns wedding ceremony, to fly out to PDL, when they were already receiving help from a PDL Priest?

    If the McCanns were church goers, they would have asked for the Priest from the church they worshipped at every Sunday.

    In any case, I never understood why the McCanns wanted a Priest to fly out to PDL ASAP, because at that time, Madeleine had only been supposedly missing for around an hour, so how did the McCanns know she was never going to return?

    The Priest flew out the next morning accompanied by Kate McCann's mother, her husband stayed at home because he was ill.

    In my opinion, the McCanns have used Catholicism, to help them in their disgusting charade. They proved they had no Catholic faith, because as you say Jacinta, Kate McCann flouted the laws of the Catholic Church, when she received IVF treatment.

  41. Come on people! Isn't it clear that this couple's catholicism is a FAKE! We know now from Kate's aunt that they were never practising catholics. They never went to church. Now they want us to believe that they are fervent believers. BULL! Of course gullible believers will dip down into their pockets to help the poor devout couple who are so desperately searching for their abducted daughter. That's why they are suddenly so devout. Nauseating stuff!

  42. Who are the McCanns to put their own figure on the damages they can demand from Amaral ?

    The same applies to any forthcoming libel trial. They quote a figure of 1 million pounds as the amount they are suing for ... but surely it is up to a court/Judge to determine any damages awarded ?

    There have been cases where libel trials have been 'won' but the amount awarded so minimal, that it was apparent to all that the court didn't actually 'believe' a libel had occured ( and had merely been obliged to come to that decision on legal technicalities )

  43. Just read something on the internet. Some of you may be aware of this already, and some of you may not, but it was the first time I had heard of it: -

    When Madeline was 2 she spent Christmas with GM's mother Ellen in Glasgow (which would be her third Christmas). The report states that the following year they ALL went up there for the New Year.

    If this report is true it really makes me wonder about this couple. The report states that GM's father had died a short time before.

    The assumption I am making here (rightly or wrongly) is that Kate and Gerry had new twin babies, Madeleine was a real handful, Madeleine's nursery was closed for Christmas, their resident Nanny (I think I read they had one) probably went home for Christmas, and Kate may have been 'on call' as a locum GP dealing with all those dead bodies.

    How is one supposed to cope with three young children then? Clearly not by inviting GM's recently bereaved mother to stay with them for Christmas and help out. Instead they let Madeleine go to her.

    Surely Madeleine won't mind being away from her family at Christmas? Surely she won't mind not seeing her siblings and mummy and daddy opening their presents on Christmas Day?

    Oh, and what about the empty place at the Christmas dinner table? Why does that suddenly matter now?

    I've no doubt her grandmother loves her very much but, if true, it still, to my mind, shows that their strange behaviour began long before their Portuguese holiday.

  44. Worse than Brady and Hindley??

    For heaven's sake, get some perspective!!
    That's sick!!

  45. @39,looks like you were wasting your time talking to that dumb ass,
    bet she has not even read the files and i double bet she has never given to the fund for all the talk of how splendid the mccanns are in her eyes.

  46. 39 let them speak... just shows how afraid they are.

  47. poster 44 ,but it is MY opinion ,you dont have to agree with it .... I agree they have used religion to their own ends

  48. You make good points there Kathybelle.

    That asking for a priest so soon smacks more of a dead child than a missing one.

    One who could be out there still roaming the streets that night looking for her parents, or lying injured in some sand dune.

    Yet they went to bed.

    It would also mean that the up close and personal relationship to the priest would get them access privately to the Church itself.

    After all, they wanted the key, and they got it.

  49. Anon 44...I

    Anonymous said... 44 Worse than Brady and Hindley??

    For heaven's sake, get some perspective!!
    That's sick!!


    The problem with your 'type' you do not read the post before jumping in. I did not say WORSE...I said the only couple more famous were Hindley and Brady...can you think of another......???

    No,º I am referring to the coldnes that I feel from the Mccanns . (I recall another little girl in a different time that was screaming and crying for her Mam .) Hindley had no mercy for her either.Kate, Madeleines mother even though according to her she woke and cried in a strange place...Kate Mccann admits she STILL the following night left her children alone. Now that IS SICK:

  50. Joana it just shows that some people are so brainwashed by them ? sad isnt it ,poster 45 I have not bothered answering apart from telling them to keep the donations up ,the mortgage is due !!

  51. 39...The Mccanns have many at the moment 'Whoring on sites' they are desperate...many seem to have lost their minds ,or as Joana states are afraid...

  52. Poster 49 ,they were answering me ,I said they are worse than Brady/Hindley ,and i stick by it ,they didnt cash in on the crimes ,they were cold and heartless too ,but to strangers children ,not their own ,Brady/Hindley rightly were locked away for life for their vile crimes ,Mc`s are walking free, ruining good peoples lives with the lies ,Not caring who they destroy as long as the money flows ,to me worse than Brady/Hindley ever did

  53. LJC

    In her diary Kate McCanns makes it obvious she could not cope with the three small children alone.

    She was left alone with them for some time on that last day, and Gerry playing tennis, and if they are telling the truth, there had also been a row the night before.

    Is the row something to do with her having to manage alone?

    Is that why Gerry was said to have asked Payne to go check on her, and him saying all the kids were sleeping like angels. Was this really the truth? Though it then becomes unclear whether Gerry was there or not, as he says he helped get them to sleep.

    Confusion is best, eh!

    All in all, even before Madeleine went 'missing', it sounds like it was a very bad day for Kate McCann.

  54. to 39: You can feel the anger and fustration in the reply you received. The filthy language. They are having doubts and they can't get their heads and hearts around the fact that they ARE having doubts. I have come across this reaction many times from people who say they are convinced of the McCanns' innocence. Give them time.

  55. @54 the anger is bubbling isnt it ?He/She spoke as if they knew them personally ,I pity them

  56. The panic, the desperation, the chaos that has taken hold of the McCann supporters, is palpable.

    Justice may not be swift, but it is certain. The Truth is immutable, unavoidable.

    They are running out of money, and of time.

    Poor Madeleine, let down by those she trusted the most, again and again and again.

  57. We all know Madeleine is dead but what we do not know is how she died and if she suffered. Did she choke on that bead that Kate speaks of.?.did she fall and hurt her head? Did she lay their in pain hoping for the return of her parents who never came? I hope that what ever happened it was quick and that she did not suffer.

  58. Isn't it possible to attack the provisory injunction for lies? Based on the fact that such an injunction pretends to have more power that it has in fact when it says that the interdiction applies all over Europe when it's only in Portugal?
    In such a case, if they threatened Amazon. fr/de and W9, resulting in the suppression of the book and the broascast,it could be considered as a blackmail.
    Ainsi, pourquoi ne pourrais-je pas demander moi aussi 100 000 Euros de dommages et intérêts puisque j'ai été privé d'une émission télévisée car la chaîne a retiré son émission sur la foi d'une affirmation mensongère? Même 1 Euro symbolique me suffirait!


  59. Aren't those people in the upper echelons who have been supporting the McCanns going to look foolish if the McCanns go down?

    That's why they have to keep up the support.

    Better to save face, and to hell with the truth, as far as they are concerned.

    Just before an election as well.

  60. Re: post 39

    On-line people often claim to know the famous, or the infamous, personally. It does not mean they actually do know them.

    Someone in that family will break under the strain of this terrible lie and tell the truth. I think it is going to be Kate and/or her mother. How long can any person live with a lie of this magnitude? Despite all that is said about these people I still think Kate is more mentally ill than evil. As for Gerry, he is a piece of work and would carry on this charade until hell freezes over. But Kate and Susan? Come on ladies, do the right thing and tell the world what happened to Madeleine.

  61. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLzxWEZTVV4

    How easy he lies...remember this..his return to Portugal to find his daughter?...His return to Portugal was to sue Amaral and gag his book.

  62. I'm wondering if anybody in authority is keeping any watch on that Fund they have, and how and where the money is being spent.

    After all, people are sending it in good faith that it is being used to find Madeleine.

    If it is discovered that they knew all along that Madeleine was dead, they are dead in the water.

  63. For those who want to remain convinced of the McCanns' innocence, but are having niggling doubts, the frustration must be tremendous. They have everything to lose. When they are proven wrong, they will be devastated. Should WE be proven wrong, and Madeleine is found alive and well, we would be overjoyed.

  64. can anyone tell me what all the fuss is about?

    The McCann's had a holiday in Portugal, after their daughter died in their apartment, they continued to stay in Portugal for free whilst coercing the public into give them over a £million, they wasted Portuguese public & police time in fictitious searches, wasted UK police time in alleged sightings, fooled the pope, sued countless newspapers, set up a phoney "alternative" enquiry running parallel to official one, endorsed a series of "fun-runs" and charity events for their fund, payed lawyers, their own mortgage and a PR team with the fund money...
    ignored official findings of their involvement, ignored the dogs findings, refused to co-operate with official enquiry, threatened various bloggers & sites with legal action if they didn't tow the party line, sued the man who conducted the official investigation and could prove there was no abduction...

    have I missed anything?

  65. @ post #59, one of the early supporters of the McCanns has been shown to be Iris Robinson MP, wife of the Northern Ireland First Minister. Read all about Mrs Robinson in today's new:


  66. Post 60...Your comments make good sense. I agree Kate has a mental problem and the family are covering for her. I do not however feel that she is at breaking point because of Madeleine. I can imagine her ranting and raving for Gerry 'To do something' to stop them talking about her. She cannot stand 'The evil bloggers that know her secret'..

    As for Mccann, yes he thinks he is rather clever at out smarting everyone...the problem is he is a very bad liar. He is also a very ugly man and the hatred he has for those that doubt him is now etched on his face.

  67. The ravaged face of Kate McCann supports post 60. She now looks in her mid-fifties. "Those who remain silent, consent"

  68. How many devout churchgoers do you know who use the 'F' word in front of little children or go out on the lash leaving them home alone in bed crying?....Not many I'd say!

  69. Well, lets put it this way, Mr Amaral does not even have to open his mouth to present his thesis, I will gladly use my voice to spread the word ..... Maddie THe Truth of the Lie . Also I am sure that many of you out there can do exactly the same and in various diff. languages. The Macs have made a mistake..... this is simply a big Gag , too big, in order to succeed. - my humble opinion. Ãre the mcscums going to sue me for reading out aloud, my own book ?

  70. Why are these nauseating people still at large?

  71. I hope Mr. Amaral's lawyer makes it clear to the court that, knowing what Mr. Amaral knows of the investigation, it would be a crime if he didn't speak out.

  72. Sr Amaral always appears cool, calm and collected. Not afraid to speak, (when not gagged of course), and spontaneous answers to questions.

    Unlike the McCanns, where we have Gerry walking out on an interviewer when asked a question he didn't like (about giving sedation to the kids), and Kate McCann, who when speaking before the press recently in Portugal, couldn't even seem to remember the word 'search', until after a pause in which quite a few people must have been wondering what she was going to come out with.

    Did anybody notice whether Gerry had his legs crossed?

  73. Page 182 from the book goes + - like this.......In the office at the rented villa the following books were found.
    Missing and Abducted Children - A Law Enforcement Guide
    Training Courses - Ceop.
    Making Every Child Matter - Ceop
    Even Mark H was astounded at the finding
    Page 193 If Katy and Gerrie are in someway involved in the disappearance of their daughter , then The Fund is a FRAUD::::

  74. Thanks for that information Jamar

    Sounds like there is a good chance he got those books from his pal Gamble. Who else out there would have given them to him?

    Didn't Gerry also have a forensic book which gave information about dead bodies.

    Restricted books at that.

    Was he ever asked where he got them from?

  75. We all know that the McCann's decision to sue Amaral has nothing to do with the conclusions in his book harming the search for Madeleine, and everything to do with their rampant narcissism, which boils over at the first sign that anyone is actually criticising them or their behaviour.

    Remember Gerry's blog, when he reassured us ''Kate and I got the response we wanted after speaking to the Portuguese police today. We are assured that no criticism of our actions on the night Madeline disappeared was intended.'' ?

    This pair not only think they have done nothing wrong, they also think that anyone who suggests they have has a damn cheek and probably deserves to be sued.

    Has any journalist ever actually questioned Gerry about who told him that ''their behaviour fell well within the bounds of good parenting'' ? Because it just doesn't. And I can't imagine there is an organisation out there which would support such a stance.

    Let's look at the possible explanations for what could have happened that night - leaving aside the fact that we know most of them are bollocks. ( Thought I would get that in before some numpty accuses me of being Pro-McCann)

    1 ) Woke and wandered - Her parents are to blame for leaving her unattended

    2 ) Stranger abduction - Her parents are to blame for leaving her unattended

    3 ) Met with an accident and remains disposed of - Her parents are to blame for leaving her unattended

    There is no grey area here. This wasn't a case where they lost sight of her for a split second during a shopping trip, or a day at the beach. This was a child who met with her eventual fate BECAUSE her lazy, selfish and cruel parents didn't care enough to look after her properly.

    It should not be something where opinion may differ. If, for example, one were to consider the question of whether a ten year old should be allowed to make a trip to the shop on her own, the answer may depend on a number of factors - including the maturity of the child in question, whether the trip involves crossing any major roads, the time of day and whether it is still daylight, etc.

    However, if the question under consideration is ''should a three year old be left alone at night to babysit her two year old siblings, in premises which are insecure, open to the street, and out of both the sight and hearing of any adult supervision'' then the answer is always a clear and resounding NO, and anyone who disagrees is a moron.

    But the McCanns won't have it, because their narcissism won't allow it. Had Madeleine wandered off and been run over by a car, her scumbag, irresponsible parents would have put the blame on the driver.

    Even if someone had abducted her - which in my opinion is total bollocks - I would still be holding them responsible.
    I detest people who will not accept responsibility for their own actions, and I detest lying, neglectful, selfish and preening attention seekers. This pair tick all those boxes

  76. The Mccanns hundred pieces of silver.
    How low can they stoop ?
    These lowlifes are meant to be doctors with influential friends ?
    They are all sick in the head.

  77. How is the english grammar ?

    Greedy, greedier, mccann

    Did I get it right ?

  78. Of course the #The Fund" is a fraud.

  79. Hi anon 64, you missed they hired Halligen and didn't sue him.

  80. Bridget 75 -My letter to Ed Balls makes the same points about uattended children. Thanks for your contribution.

  81. Iris Robinson was snitched by a close confidant. It could happen to the McCanns.

  82. Very interesting commentary entitled Captain Helmet watches TV too by John Blacksmith at www.TheBlacksmithBureau.com

  83. Anon 77 Go for the superlative- the greediest-for the most accurate description.

  84. Anon #72:

    "Did anybody notice whether Gerry had his legs crossed?

    Not a phrase I've ever liked, but I'll use it as it is so appropriate. Gerry McCann was really "touching cloth" that day.

  85. Ironside at 61

    Gerry quote from that Youtube link

    "I won't talk about any specific detail. To be honest I think there's been far too much detail of the investigation in the media"

    Which of course is exactly why he was in Portugal; to gag the former police coordinator from telling the media about the detail of the investigation. An ivestigation that concluded that his little daughter was probably dead.

  86. Anon at 79

    Yes, Halligen, thanks for the reminder.

    So why didn't they sue him? The newspapers made him out to be a vile person out to fleece those poor McCanns.

    Though it sounded like he was going to sue them at one bit for not paying him the money he said they promised him.

    I hope he is able to shed more light on the McCanns and the money.

    And what exactly those searches are about. Are they illegally finding out information about people, their bank acccounts, etc?

    Does anybody know when Halligen will be appearing in court next?

  87. According to last official news from the British Government, if any of us here breaks a wind, each of us will have to pay 100.000 euros to the McCanns too.

  88. Better start a more aggressive fund raising for Amaral - I think he's going to need all the money he can get. Wasn't the McCann and the teams that didn't show up for the last scheduled hearing - may I be so bold as to remind you that it was Amaral and his team that didn't show up citing some lame excuse of H1N1 - so, nope, you're wrong the McCanns will be showing up. Joana, I hope you will bring that woman in the big hat to the hearing - that was verrrry funny!

  89. Many greetings from a very cold Holland.
    Our group of colleagues are following everything and we are very much concetrated on the next days, in Lisbon.
    We wish Mr. Ameral all luck in the world.

    VU hospital, Amsterdam, Holland.

  90. are you happy 88? Good, now you can frame the post and hang it on your living room so your family can see the type of twat you are.

  91. Way to go Joana!!!!!

    88 - You're supporting child abusing, ignorant, possibly murdering twats.

    That makes you a special kind of ignorant twat!!!!

  92. #88 That McCann supporter superior intelligence again eh?

    Get your facts right you complete and utter idiot!

    Please, everyone, don't respond further to the troll.

  93. Hello Anonymous (88) if Mr Amaral needs money from us, he will get it. Remember it was the McCanns, who started the whole ball rolling when they left their 3 children, sometimes crying and frightened, in a darkened, unlocked, unsafe environment, 6 nights out of that 7 night so called family holiday.

    There is no proof Madeleine has been abducted, but their is evidence that she was harmed in that darkened, unlocked, unsafe apartment.

    The McCanns strange behaviour, the fact they admitted not searching for her suggests to me and thousands of other people that they know where she is and if she is dead or alive.

    Is that enough for you to be going on with? If it isn't take a look at the other posts on here, visit other forums, or just Google the McCanns and there you should come across some very interesting facts about the McCanns.

    I suspect you are a little too close to the McCanns though and you know exactly what they have done. You may even be privvy to Madeleine's whereabouts, eh Gerry or are you Kate?

    Or are you someone who thinks neglecting children is ok,you may even do it yourself. Either way for you to defend the gruesome twosome, it shows you are no child lover. Then neither were they, otherwise they wouldn't have treated their children so cruelly.

    People like the McCanns and their defenders make me sick to the pit of my stomach. I sincerely hope the Portuguese Judge sees sense and throws this libel case, out of court. I hope he then throws the McCanns, were they belong, behind bars.

    Bring on justice for Goncalo and little Madeleine and a thousand thank yous to Joana and her team, for letting us all expose the McCanns for what they really are.

  94. I will ignore this person, from now on Anonymous(92). I have said all I want to, to this creep.

  95. Posting #75.Bridget. Another excellent offering ! Perhaps you or another of our fellow believers in truth, can comment with authority about something which has puzzled me for a long time ? A charge in the criminal courts in the U.S.A. sometimes is described as "Facilitation".This may concern parents who leave their children in "Harms Way", or hire them out for prostitution etc. I wonder is there anything like this charge available in the Portuguese Courts or even in Britain ? My reason for asking is that I totally agree with your posting about the culpability of the McCanns for whatever befell Madeleine (Abduction excluded of course ). To "Facilitate"---
    make easy,give opportunity, promote. Yes, they certainly did that ! Even in their lying "Abducter" story, they would still be the "Facilitators" and therefore chargeable !

  96. Joana, don't rise to the bait! These people like nothing better than getting a reaction from people who question the McCanns.

  97. Don't worry, Anon 88, I make a payment to Amaral's fund each time I get my pay cheque. Fortunately I can afford it as I was never gullible enough to pay anything into the McCanns' mortgage/PR/ Carter-Ruck fund.

  98. This blog won't accept further comments from Gerry and Kate McCann supporters, specially those targeting in a rude manner the editors of the blog, Dr. Gonçalo Amaral and/or his family, the Portuguese people, and those that do not contribute to a civilized discourse. So, you can consider comment from anonymous 88 above the final one to see the daylight. Meanwhile kindly go elsewhere to see your wonderful and ever so intelligent contributions published. There are at least four more blogs and several other forums that have a similitude to your ideas, google for them and ye shall find. Obrigada.

  99. @88

    'Tis Friday evening. A couple of bottles of wine and they pluck up the courage.

    Sad, lonely, pathetic. Do you really think Gerry would piss on you if you were on fire? He would watch you burn, just as he would any of his so called supporters. He wouldn't take your money otherwise.

    Scum, pure scum.

  100. THIS IS A SCANDAL, an insult to our consciences. The all process it is a Scandal and the amount of money involved on it it is so scandalous that we just can laugh at it. WHO THEY THINK THEY ARE? Tiger woods is facing a huge anti campaign in USA. As an intelligent man he knows, the best way to get ride of it it is to become smooth and silent and let the time pass without many media spotlights.
    The Mccann's are buying a war, not with Amaral but with Portugal and the rest of the world, since there is Portuguese's everywhere. THEY WILL BECOME PERSONNA NON GRATTA EVERYWHERE AND THE MOST HATED COUPLE IN THE WORLD. No money will pay the life they are about to buy. Their narcissistic lawyers have no sense. How far they let the charade go to hire money to pay their millionaire salaries. SO STUPID ARE THE MCCANN'S AND SO NERVOUS THEY BECAME WITH AMARAL that lost all respect.

  101. Portugal, SHAME on YOU! You have a cop, he does his job, he finds out what may have happened then you ditch him! WHY?
    GM is a noble man, he needed support, he needed to express an alternative view. he was entitled to free expression.
    Seems that Portugese political + judicial authorities have been 'nobbled' by economic interests, British colonial power comes to mind.

  102. AND... If the Mccann's lost the case against Amaral? They will pay him the same amount they were asking? I HOPE SO!!! JUSTICE SHOULD BE JUSTICE....

  103. The 'mental condition' of this pair is raised every so often, and although that's not really relevant to their criminal behaviour and certainly no excuse for it, perhaps we ought to try and clear it up. "Narcissism" is not a very accurate label, since it implies a sort of complacent self-infatuation. Here I think we're dealing with individuals who CAN'T love themselves - and therefore anyone or anything else - because for reasons we don't have to or can't go into there's simply nothing there; they're self-conscious only of an idea of themselves, and their education (in the Portuguese sense) leaving quite a lot to be desired the idea is not a very elevated one. That can be put another way: they're conscience-less. This is by no means a rare condition, and the individuals affected have in common the inclination to bluster, lie, fabricate false sentiments, project onto others their own failings and perhaps even to genuinely believe that they themselves are blameless since no logical 'truth' exists for them, but as a rule such desolate characters are easily appraised and dismissed. What we see here are two in whom native vindictiveness, inbred vulgarity, inflated self-importance and no doubt sheer desperation aided by very dubious backing have pushed to uncommon prominence. It would be merely pathetic if they hadn't got tangled with something bigger than themselves and therefore were not so much at stake. It's dis-heartening to observe the extent of public gullibility, the opposite to see the evocation of such wide-spread disgust, since whatever happens in the forthcoming court business I don't think the matter is going to be left to rest; at the very least they're well on the way to becoming future legends of heartlessness and wickedness. And as used to be said, pride (always?) comes before a fall ....

  104. Anon 99 Well said.

    But we can't be too harsh on the McCanns though, can we.

    After all, yet again we have been told they were down to their last half million.

    That was before their Christmas appeal though, so perhaps it is back up in the millions again.

    What suckers these people are, giving this pair money when they are living in that great big house with all the trappings of wealth, and yet don't spend any money themselves on their so called 'search'.

    Have none of them the sense to ask themselves why the McCanns don't spend their own money, of which they have plenty, before asking the kind hearted public to cough up theirs?

    If 88 is not a McCann himself, he has got to be a brainwashed dope if he can't see these child neglecting parents should not be supported on any level.

    Rather, they should have been given a prison sentence for all the child neglect resulting in serious harm to Madeleine.

    Just like the rest of us would have been given if the same thing happened to our child, after leaving them alone continually while we went out for the night.

    But then, most of us don't have friends in high places to help reinvent ourselves as wonderful parents, or a phone link to the Prime Minister to ask for help.

    88 you are a mug!

  105. To Fernis

    They were very lukewarm Catholics before going to PDL. There the death of a child operated as a revelation, a sort of Damas path ! Before they only went to church on great (show off) occasions, after they spent hours there daily? They even couldn't stand to be away from church at night, when church is closed, so they were given the key ! Could be interesting to know how many times a month they go to church by now. Just to check the quality of that conversion.

  106. JAMAR, Add to your list of books the Bible and Kate diary...

    All very interesting books to read by parents of a missing child which want us to believe she was ABDUCTED, NOT HARMED, ALIVE and at the GREAT CARE OF A PAEDOPHILE which must LOVE HER VERY MUCH. All adjectives coming out of her ludicrous parents mouth.

  107. The core of the injunction is GA stating as a fact a death that no evidence proves.
    Now the Carter Ruck firm goes on stating as a fact an abduction that no evidence proves but doesn't get any injunction to stop.
    Carter Ruck just overrides the Portuguese Ministerio Publico who left the conclusion open, even if death was the more likely.
    Why don't they simply refer to Madeleine vanishing ?

    Joana, what happened to the american book ?

  108. GA's book is still on sale on Amazon.fr... but in German

    I'd like so much a lawyer to explain how a Portuguese Court has the power to forbid booksellers of sovereign countries to sell a certain product in the own language of that sovereign country.

  109. 88,anon., nice to hear the McCanns will come over to Lisbon.
    I'm happy to hear that.
    I want to see them again.
    Do you know by chance if they will visit Luz again?
    I pray they will.
    Let us watch if they will go to 5a.
    I'm convinced that going back to Luz an PDL is a part of psychotherapy.
    Who knows Kate will confess the whole story.
    I hope the psychotherapist convinced her to tell what happened.

  110. What do the families of the McCanns make of their mission to gag everyone? Surely, they must see that the McCanns are doing themselves no favours whatsoever by chasing after Amaral? Yes, they may win money but at what cost? Their reputation will forever be in the gutter IMO regardless of the outcome of their gagging attempts. What then?

  111. aacg

    Like you, I don't understand how the McCann's fancy lawyers can succeed in getting a temporary injunction against a book in a Portuguese court ... and then go on to threaten ANYONE, ANYWHERE in the world that they cannot speak or write about that book.

    I think it's all about bluff, bluster, and bullying.

    The irony is, if the sh*t ever DOES hit the fan, and the McCanns find themselves 'finally' facing criminal charges, then Carter Ruck will be about as much use to them as a fart in an astronaut's suit.

  112. I wrote to the French publisher asking whether he was, as Amazon, forbidden to sell the book.

  113. brilliant analysis 103, you're a good psychologist.

  114. Hi aacg, please do tell us his answer, curious to know. Regarding Brian Johnson aka stevos' book I have no idea what happened to it. time to go to bed. see you all in the morning, good night, boa noite.

  115. I am intrigued by the comment made by no 89, as it is by VU hospital people in Amsterdam, as that is where Gerry McCann did some research, isn't it?! In an old interview former VU colleagues were very positive about the McCanns, so I guess this group is another one? BTW I am Dutch myself and living in the same city, indeed rather icy tonight.
    Could you of the VU hospital maybe go to the the Maddie Case Files and tell why you support G. Amaral? Or has it nothing to do with the past of Gerry McCann?

  116. goodnight joana,

    .. and thankyou for taking the decision to block those who's only intention is to disrupt the good and honest endeavors of this blog.

    sweet dreams

  117. No evidence(the dogs?).

    But very strong indications.
    The McCanns never made an appeal to the abductor to keep Maddie's vaccinations up to date and now no appeal for vaccinating her against the H1N1.
    As far as I understood, Maddie had cardiac problems(coloboma) and this, combined with H1N1, is fatal.

    The couple spoke through millions os channels in the UK, last November,interviews in Lisbon at the beginning of December, they never thought about their daughter's health.
    And they are doctors!!!!!!

    How I hope Maddie's grandparents read this blog and finally decide to go to the police, and tell what they know or strongly suspect. They must know something.

    And why didn't the McCanns sue the Gaspars?

    And Payne?

    Very strong indications.

  118. I am not a Roman Catholic, so forgive me if this is wrong, but I have always, as a Christian, been angered by the way the McCanns attempted to portray themselves as devout believers. A couple of things jumped out at me - one, the often mentioned fact that the Catholic church frowns on IVF - something I don't agree with, but as I said I'm not RC. The other is to my knowledge the church also frowns on cremation and in early reports Joe Peoples (who runs the McCann bar) said that Gerry's father was cremated in the UK and his ashes were brought back to St Johnston for burial. In contrast to these religious FRAUDS, I am watching Goncalo Amaral do nothing more than attempt to speak the truth about the investigation and his personal knowledge of the case. Who goes to Heaven? Even those of you who don't believe there is an afterlife must at least agree that IF there were to be one, it is clear who will enter and who has a bit of explaining to do before those pearly gates open wide. I'm not trying to preach, nor do I think spirituality is a simple thing or even a matter to post about here...but the fact is there are values and absolutes we all, no matter our religious beliefs, KNOW are worth striving for.

    Amaral is a lion for the truth, and the McCanns are tomcats howling on a fence made of lies.

  119. Anon 88,

    Thank you for your post. Now we know you have the intelligence of a pea. Please spare us the pain of having to stand your stupidity.

    aacg @ 105

    I liked your term "lukewarm catholics"! It must be a new branch of the faith initiated by the McCanns I didn't know of.


  120. I would like to know if the so called 'investigators' of the McCanns have been used to snoop into the private and financial affairs of those who oppose them.

    And, I am meaning any one of us who post anything against them.

    Perhaps Halligen could shed some light on that?

    Wasn't that kind of thing his speciality.

  121. Is Gamble also aiding them in snooping, on the pretext of finding their supposed 'abductor'?

  122. Absolutely 120, not only. Who killed Amaral's daughter's dog? Who placed GPS tracing bugs under Murat's car? Who burned Malinka's car? Who harassed the Smiths and made them run?

  123. Anon 121

    I am beginning to think there is pure evil at the bottom of this.

    Who the hell do these people think they are?

    I hope all this is exposed by somebody who knows the extent of what has been going on.

  124. Shubob - 110

    For the McCanns to go to such lengths to try to silence Goncalo Amaral makes it perfectly clear they are very, very worried of what he may reveal that implicates them in the disappearance of Madeleine. There can be no other possible reason for their being so paranoid. To say that his book will jeopardise the search for Maddie is utter poppycock. The whole world knows what happened on the 3rd May 2007 and nothing GA says would prevent anyone from telling them where she is, and the reward, which we now hear so little about, would be a strong attraction, as well as the publicity.

  125. Wasn't it Mitchell who told the McCanns that Halligan was 'the goods'.

    The goods for what, if not for snooping.

    What utter control freaks are these people, all on the pretext of searching for their daughter. What a license to do whatever they like, and who is keeping an eye on what they are doing.

    Bloody nobody apparently.

    When are the REAL police going to step in and put a stop to all this, and stop that Fund of theirs based on a LOAD OF SPIN.

    An 'abduction' McCanns?


    Not according to the official investigators who worked on the case.

    If you still want to carry on with the spin


    Until you can, get out of the lives of private individuals who are trying to bring out the truth of the investigation


  126. I think the reward was only for the finding of a LIVE Madeleine.

    Not much chance they would have to cough up on that then, but no doubt a good 'marketing ploy'.

  127. 73 Jamar,

    You forgot the other book "The Interpretation of Murder".

  128. Anon 126 -

    You are right and they wouldn't want to pay a reward for information regarding a dead Madeleine because who would pay money into their lucrative fund once she is found?

  129. anon 123, you are correct after reading post 88 it is pure evil at the bottom of this and anyone supporting them is just as evil imo

  130. my pet hate about the country that i live in is that there are possibly a lot of people here in england who dont want to believe that Dr.harold shipman could possibly have murdered around 100 old people-after all he was a doctor wasnt he? As here i expect as in other countries those at the top help those at the top.In todays express an article about a government minister who was convicted of a driving offence while using a mobile got off with a small fine and only 3 penalty points.This came as no suprise to me but the top spokesman for the campaign for safer driving said she was suprised that the sentence was so low..What was suprising? As i said what is wrong with this country when hardly a month goes by when someone at the top gets off easily and we are suprised...No wonder there are posters like 88 who probably think gerry and kate blameless just because they are doctors

  131. Frightened, pathetic narcissists..... time is closing in and nothing will stop the exposure of your criminal hiding of the truth!

  132. Hello Anonymous (130) I don't live too far from Hyde, where Harold Shipman was a doctor. It was true his patients loved him and none of them could believe he did what he did. I remember him standing outside of the rear end of his surgery and telling a media reporter, he had done nothing wrong. His colleagues knew he had dealt with rather a lot of deaths, at least one person died at his surgery.

    They did nothing and it was only because he had forged a signature on the will of one of his deceased people and her daughter became suspicious,that his behaviour was found out.

    Jewellery belonging to some of the deceased people, was found at his home. It isn't too long ago that Harold Shipmans wife fought a court case, to get the jewellery returned to her. The court threw out the case, I'm not sure what happened to the jewellery. I think the patients who owned the jewellery had no dependants.

    When Gerry McCann returned to work, a hospital spokesperson said he would not be dealing directly with patients, but would be doing research.

    I hope that is still the case.In fact I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't working anymore, because considering he is supposed to be a hospital consultant, he spends a lot of time away from the hospital.

  133. Everything goes back to that iconic photo of the woman investigator dusting the 'jemmied' shutter for fingerprints or any trace of damage.
    It should be issued as a postcard - it would be a symbol of Portugese resistance.

  134. The reward question is interesting. In fact it wasn't very often refered nor specified whether it was only for a live Madeleine. How can they use that argument in Court ? Since they accuse GA of spoiling the search for Madeleine, pretending she's dead, they, believing the contrary, should logically have alluded to the reward in their mediatic actions. They didn't. Never did. Why ? And why wouldn't they announce that, even if dead, there will be a reward for any authentic information ? Everybody knows that speaking to the purse is usually more efficient than speaking to the heart, especially when the informator is likely to be a collaborator.

  135. In our mental representations, doctors are healers,not damagers, yes !

  136. Thanks for that information Kathybelle.

    I heard that Shipman was also very arrogant, even in prison, and that he refused to cooperate with the police.

    His dopey wife apparently refused to believe he was guilty. Duh!

    What more proof did she need than all those dead people?

  137. To 103 The US DSMS Manual of Disorders- DSM IV-TR 301.83 gives a clinical definition of narcissism, which is more than just our everyday use of the word. The site "How to recognise a Narcissist" www.winning-teams.com/recognize narcissism.html describes GM perfectly, IOM.

  138. I cannot believe that Kate's mum would hear about the Gaspars' allegations against David Payne and do nothing about it!

  139. ShuBob 138 I wonder how much Susan Healy has allowed herself to read? If Kate were my daughter, I know the agonising decision which would be required of me. I hope I would have the courage to reveal what I knew ,if I thought she had been involved, knowing that a prison sentence and the children going into care was now inevitable.
    If she has avoided reading the available material, I can guess why.
    This could become her own private hell.

  140. @ post #139, I cannot imagine the torment Mrs Healy is going through as she must know that her daughter's stories do not add up. I also believe she follows the case on the internet. She's made reference to internet debate in the past. As the net closes in, she must speak up. If the McCanns manage to stitch up another innocent victim, will she just sit back and do nothing?

  141. ShuBob 138

    I doubt she would because those allegations also involve Gerry McCann.

  142. I do feel sorry for Mrs Healy, she must have thought the worst had happened when her only daughter married that arrogant t*sser. Little did she know what was still in store. I don't think the twins would go into care though - admittedly there are not many suitable relatives in that family, but presumably they would be cared for (as on so many previous occasions) by Gerald's sister Tricia.

  143. Anon 142

    What about the relative in Canada?

    I thought she was the one who acted as nanny to the children. She sounds very child friendly.

    Wasn't she the one who was supposed to have gone on holiday with them, but had to pull out at the last moment.

    If this is true, then it is very sad, because if she had gone with them there might be a good chance that Madeleine would still be alive and well.

  144. Never mind Mrs Healy, how could Diane Webster ignore the allegations against her own son-in-law, when her daughter & Granddaughters are living with him? How could any Granny sit back and keep quiet about that???? If that were me I would have pinned him against the wall and kicked him in the 'nads until he told me the truth- and I am not normally a violent person!!! No way would I leave that situation alone, no way. But then Mrs Webster knew that her Grand children were being left alone in an apartment- and she did nothing. Shame on all these Granny's- it is positively their job to interfere if their grand children are not being looked after.

  145. If this is how you behave when one person comes on here (no.88) and takes you to task politely, what on earth are you going to do when Amaral is found guilty of torture and is sent to prison? Really Joana Morais, I know you are queen of dodgy translations, but do you have to use such foul language? "tw@t" is a disgusting word especially for a woman, it isn't big to swear and it certainly isn't clever, but then Joana, you are certainly not clever.
    Speaking of money, the McCanns were sent money they did not ask for it. Amaral botched that investigation, got the sack on his own volition, he wrote a book of lies, libelling and defaming two people who the Portuguese legal system have stated are innocent, he has made upwards of a million euros by pimping off of a missing child, charging money here there and everywhere for his own personal gain and has up until now been laughing all the way to his bank and you people on here have the audacity to talk about the Fund? You are so hypocritical, you are a complete joke.

    Stop winding yourselves up it isn't good for your blood pressure.

  146. You are right Genevive, the McCanns were sent money, but ask yourself why did they not give the money to a charity that was looking for missing children, especially a Portuguese charity.

    Why did they set up a fund to find Madeleine, days after Madeleine's disappearance? At that time, the Portuguese police were looking for Madeleine and investigating her disappearance.

    Ask yourself why the McCanns didn't join the locals who stayed off work to look for Madeleine and the holidaymakers who gave up their leisure time to look for Madeleine, while the McCanns carried on with their leisure activities.

    Why did Kate McCann ask a Priest from Merseyside to fly to PDL ASAP? Madeleine had only been discovered missing for one hour. How did the McCanns know she would not be found anytime soon?

    Ask yourself why the McCanns thought it was ok to leave their children, without adult supervision, all but one night of that so called family holiday. Those children were left in an unlocked, darkened apartment in a dangerous situation. Kate McCann admitted that they only upped their checks to every 30minutes on the night Madeleine disappeared and that was only because Madeleine told her she and her brother had cried for them and they never came.

    It turned out that those children were only checked once by each of the McCanns. Gerry McCann's and only check was at 21:05 and Kate McCann's only check was at 22:00hrs.

    Ask yourself why Kate McCann refused to answer 48 questions, regarding Madeleine's disappearance. She was told that because she had refused to answer the 48 questions she could be hindering the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance. Kate McCanns said "If you say so"

    The McCanns have never been declared innocent, because they never went to court. It has been established, that there was no evidence to suggest Madeleine was abducted, but there is evidence that Madeleine was harmed in the McCanns apartment. Goncalo Amaral didn't make those assumptions, it was senior members of the PJ.

    The McCanns are 100% responsible for Madeleine's disappearance, whether she was abducted or not. If Madeleine was abducted, the McCanns weren't with her because they never checked for 55 minutes. If Madeleine wasn't abducted, then the McCanns know where she is and if she is dead or alive.

    Don't talk about Goncalo Amaral pimping off a missing child, the McCanns used the fund to pay two mortgage payments. They had to put the money back, because they had acted illegally. Then the terms of the fund were re written and a clause was added to say the McCanns could use the fund to aid their finances.

    The McCanns are disgusting, cruel, callous, people and so are the ones who support them. The McCanns and their supporters are not child lovers. No child lover would support anyone who neglected their children, especially when one of the children vanished into thin air.

    Finally before you start complaining because Joana rightly took poster (88) to task, take a look at your own post. Its full of inconsistencies, just like the McCanns "abduction story"

    Remember, if the McCanns are never brought to justice, for their crime. Sean and Amalie McCann, will mete out their own justice, when they are old enough to understand, how their parents neglected them on that so called family holiday and how they caused their big sister to disappear.

    Hopefully with Goncalo Amaral's help, the Portuguese Judicial system, will prosecute the McCanns.

  147. No.145 Genevive (no 88)

    The desparation in what you have written is so obvious. Your beloved McCanns are on the ropes and you can't stand it. Ah!

    You would do better to stay with Rosiepops as that vile, foul mouthed, threatening, creature will no doubt console you.

    That's if you aren't Rosiepops yourself of course. If you are, you should be very worried.


  148. It sounds like we have Gerry himself posting on here, in the form of Genevieve.

    Straight out of the horses mouth, so to speak.

  149. Genevieve seems to have been misinformed about almost everyone and everything. Team McCann must be scraping the bottom of the barrel if that's the best they can come up with.

  150. Perhaps Genevieve is really Gerryvieve, who is married to Katiepops.

  151. Is it Genevive or Genevieve?

  152. So gerry is the pet of the family???an old dog with the greed of a magpie, they say you cant teach an old dog new tricks, but I never have seen a dog with the arrogance of Gerry McCann All he does is grin, ah hes a hyena,the smirk is the same. He may not know it but he is transparent


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