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Maddie Case: British Cop invokes state secrets privilege to refuse to testify

Jose De Freitas, Detective Sergeant
Metropolitan Police, UK, Liaison officer

Trial on book about Maddie without key witness from the English investigation side

by Nuno Miguel Maia

A detective sergeant from Scotland Yard invokes "State immunity" and obligation of secrecy on the investigations of the Maddie case to refuse to testify tomorrow, Tuesday, at the beginning of the trial that opposes the McCann couple to the former coordinator of the PJ, Gonçalo Amaral.

The hearing of witnesses tomorrow at the Civil Court of Lisbon, will be limited to the elements that were requested by the former head of the Judiciary Police of Portimão, most of which also collaborated in the investigation to the English girl's disappearance. The case concerns the order to withdraw from the market all the books "The Truth of the Lie", on which is defended the thesis of Maddie's death and the parental involvement in hiding the cadaver.

The English cop, incidentally with a Portuguese name (José de Freitas), was the liaison officer between the Portuguese and English authorities and the McCann couple. On several occasions he accompanied Kate and Gerry, who would be constituted as arguidos, after being confronted with evidence of human blood and cadaver odor in the apartment at the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz, Lagos. The traces - remember - were detected by the English dogs "Eddie" and "Keela".

As an usual standard in the procedures of the British, all the contacts and signals expressed by the McCanns were registered, including those that contributed to support the decision to constitute them as suspects. And it's relating to that, and to other data, that Gonçalo Amaral seeks a statement.

"Any potential evidence [testimonial] that I can give may be subject to confidentiality and Immunity of the English Public Interest. Furthermore, since all the services that I performed were official, it is applied the principle of State immunity and it will be necessary the consent of the United Kingdom authorities to waive that State immunity before I could be subject to the jurisdiction of the Portuguese courts and to be able to give any evidence, whether relevant or not. The State immunity covering my official acts is that of the United Kingdom and not mine, and can not be renounced by me, but only by the United Kingdom", wrote José de Freitas to the judge of the Civil Court of Lisbon after having been notified, in a letter that JN had access.

The police officer suggests that his witness statement should be instead requested through a letter rogatory or through the British Ambassador [Mr. Alexander Ellis] in Portugal. But subjected to a prior authorization by the English authorities, who have just set a tight regime of secrecy of the process in England. (read the next article )

in Jornal de Notícias

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  1. What more evidence is required that this is being dealt with by the UK government as a matter of state.

  2. Well well ... what a surprise ( not )

    The McCanns manage to silence another voice ...

  3. Thanks Joana for your hard work. I really don't know how you do it :)

    As for Freitas, I honestly didn't expect that any UK witnesses called by Amaral would be allowed to testify in a civil case. He probably didn't think so either but had to try his luck anyway. Had it been a criminal case on the other hand, Freitas' prevention from appearing would have been scandalous IMO!

  4. What a nightmare, again a rogatory letter?
    I can't think of that.
    Like I commented short ago, Charles Prince of Wales had to witnesse about Diana's accident and death.
    Mr. Freitas is not allowed to do it.
    More than clear for us that he was willing to say and to tell the truth.
    If it would be Clarrie, the police would send him immediately.
    I bet this Freitas is a very honest man.

  5. ShuBob

    We are talking about a man who has already forfeited his career ( one which he loved and served long with dedication ) ... a man who has been savagely attacked and relentlessly pilloried because he would not back down from his stated beliefs ... a man who faces financial ruin and all the misery that would entail for his young family.

    If the Scotland Yard policeman is being prevented from giving evidence that could assist Amaral in any way ... then it already IS scandalous.

  6. The statement appears to be very carefully worded by Carter Ruck. State immunity of the English public interest?? I will leave that to wiser posters than I to explain. It appears to me the State owes it to Madeleine to get to the bottom of her disappearance by waving any so called immunity.

  7. 'English Public Interest' my arse !

    Jose de Frietas would not be asked to divulge any 'operational' details ... all he would be asked to do is confirm that the British police were of the same opinion as Amaral, and that they took a 'joint' decision to make the McCanns official suspects.

    This single acknowledgement would be extremely damaging to the McCanns of course, because it would blow out of the water their meticulously orchestrated campaign of portraying Amaral as a 'rogue' cop, who acted arbitrarily and without support from the British police.

    Like everything else about this case ... it stinks

  8. Who decides what is in the best interest of the British Public? I for one would be very interested to hear this young policeman be allowed to speak the truth without fear of reprisals.

    I do hope our so called journalists locate their sphericals and print that Jose cannot testify due to state secrets, and then we may find more people take an interest in Justice for Madeleine. However I will not hold out much hope of that. Surely someone with any power to get things moving must see that this case is a complete farce. since when has the disappearance of one little girl evoked the State Secrets Act? What could Jose say that would put our interests at risk? The Portuguese already know we are crap parents thanks to the McCanns and most of Europe just laugh at us complaining about everything and our weather. So what could Jose say? I for one could cope quite well with Jose saying that the British police thought the McCanns were chief suspects, would not harm me at all or anyone else I know. So no risk here!

    Question is though "Who would it put at risk?"


    Another ball on Mccann's own feet. By not testifying on the grounds that he invokes, he gave us the BEST TESTIFY THAT WE NEED TO HEARD AND THE WORSE FOR KATE AND GERRY. Something serious, probably very chocked to the Public opinion had happen to Maddie and... Mccann's were involved on it, and the British police knows it very well and has a mission imposed by the British authorities- NO LEAKS, SILENCE ABSOLUT.... MEANS THE BRITISH POLICES ARE GAGGED ASWELL.
    Pay good attention to that police excuse "The State immunity covering my official acts is that of the United Kingdom and not mine, and can not be renounced by me, but only by the United Kingdom", wrote José de Freitas to the judge of the Civil Court of Lisbon ". Is NOT HIM WHO REFUSE TO TESTIFY and if the British Authorities don't gave him authorization to testify( forget the request by rogatory letters, this is just a diversion) wonder why?... It is because they cannot testify Pro Mccann's and the Mccann's are GUILTY!!! That is the only conclusion we can retrieve from that.
    If YOU MCCANN'S are innocent, like what you want us to believe, and you are sure that their his no evidences against you, then show the world that you have BALLS- ASK THE BRITISH AUTHORITIES TO LIFT THE IMMUNITY CONDITION OF THAT WITNESS AND GIVE HIM AN OPPORTUNNITY TO SAY IN COURT THAT There is not a single evidence against you, the dogs are a disgrace and not reliable at all and what is in Amaral book is a lie. AH! AH! Off-course YOU MCCANN'S NEVER EVER EVER EVER WILL MADE THAT REQUEST... and again you lost an opportunity to prove that you are innocent.

    THANKS MR. FREITAS, BY NOT TESTIFYING YOU GAVE ME AN IMPORTANT TESTIFY which made me more confident on what I LONG TIME BELIEVE - Maddie is dead and her parents were involved on it. Now I start believing that she did not die by an accident. Some painful and outrageous to my eyes happen, that needs to be keep under state secrecy.
    I was so ingenuous because I had this feeling that only investigations involving state conspiracy, terrorism or a huge Drugs mafia had to be covered by state secrecy. A little girl which disappeared in the quite Algarve, when was under the care of her parents, as well. WONDER WHY!!!!

  10. It is looking more and more as though the British have something very ugly to hide and it will take only one or two whistle-blowers for the cover-up to collapse.

    Pray for courage for the ones that know what is in the shadows. Do no let their crimes ruin the life of Dr. Amaral and others.

    *This cannot be allowed*

  11. So, once again, the British refuse to cooperate.

    I know the law must be above tit-for-tat but in my dreams, I yearn to see Portugal reciprocate/retaliate and tell the McCanns to stick their libel action 'where the sun don't shine'!

  12. O policia ingles nao podendo dizer nada em tribunal, disse tudo nesta justificacao. Como o que tem para dizer nao e abonatorio para os Mccann a estrategia e amordaca-lo tambem com a historia do caso estar em segredo de estado. MADDIE ESTA MORTA E EM CIRCUNSTANCIAS MUITO TRAGICAS. Se assim nao fosse, as autoridades inglesas usariam esta oportunidade para declarar inocentes os Mccann, limpar-lhes a imagem e classificar definitavemente de MENTIRA o que vem no livro de G. Amaral e nas Files da PJ. Se nao o fazem e porque nao podem faze-lo, pois sabem bem o que aconteceu a miuda e de quem foi a responsabilidade.
    ALGO ESCANDALOSAMENTE CHOCANTE ACONTECEU NO PRINCIPIO DE MAIO DE 2007 NO APARTAMENTO 5A DO OCEAN CLUB. DE TAO CHOCANTE, TEM DE FICAR ESCONDIDO DA OPINIAO PUBLICA para proteccao dos proprios Mccann e da Seguranca Social Inglesa que provavelmente ja teria recebido queixas de amigos e medicos que terao acompanhado Maddie noutras ocasioes, mas tera feito vista grossa devido ao status dos pais. Lembremo-nos que depois de Maddie desaparecer, a Inglaterra ja brindou o mundo com casos de negligencia grave: BABY P, SHANNON MATHEWS, Starllet Keeling ( adolescente morta em Goa quando a mae a deixou entregue aos cuidados de um Guia que a miuda conheceu ali), Paul Ross e Jay Ross ( 2 irmaos incendiados dentro de um carro, pelo pai). Estes foram apenas alguns dos casos mais mediaticos e so nao foram silenciados porque as familias envolvidas sao pobres, sem esperteza para criarem Fundos capazes de pagar a advogados de topo e a empresas gestoras de imagem.
    E perigoso o poder que as autoridades inglesas deram aos Mccann impedindo que se faca justica a uma crianca e demonstrando que na Inglaterra de hoje ha uma justica para ricos e outra para pobres. Se eles seguirem o mesmo principio com os terroristas, vamos ver tumultos nas ruas e a total sem vergonhice.

    GOSTEI DE VER O MINISTRO ESPANHOL A ENALTECER O TRABALHO DA GNR NA CACA AOS ETARRAS NO ALGARVE. Isto sim, demonstra respeito, colaboracao e eficacia na justica entre 2 paises. E Portugal nao perdeu tempo a dar andamento ao processo judicial. O QUE E QUE TRAVOU TUDO NO CASO MADDIE? OS INGLESES E A NATUREZA DO CRIME!!!!

  13. Two words - COVER UP!

    Come on UK journalists, come out from under your desks and print this latest disgraceful intervention which just shows how the McCanns are being protected at the cost of justice for their daughter Madeleine.

  14. Why wait until now to state this? so no requesting letters have a chance, I suppose.
    This is typical of this huge disgusting COVER-UP.
    I am more certain than ever about the truth behind the lies.
    No wonder McScum said Madeleine was taken by PAEDOS.That is the main thing on his stinking mind IMO.
    Operation Ore, folks, that is why all those on top want to silence.

    MRS HEALY, you have to know what became of Madeleine.
    You only have one daughter, how could you not know her inside out?
    I have seven children, all of them grew up, thanks to me & the way I gave my everything to them. I can read my kids like a book.
    WHY pretend you can`t?
    If you have any decency anywhere in you, FIND IT, USE IT.SAVE THOSE INNOCENT TWINS before it is too late to help them.

    TO ALL OTHERS protecting the McCanns. Your names are all damaged due to your own choices. The longer you keep silent about what happened to Madeleine, the less likely you will ever live a normal life. That also means your kids too.
    Give it up, it is getting rediculous now.

  15. f****** disgusting that some of Mr Amarals witnesses will not be allowed to attend.

  16. http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/World-News/Madeleine-Kate-And-Gerry-McCann-Return-To-Portugal-For-Libel-Trial-Of-Man-Who-Led-Investigation/Article/201001215518652?lpos=World_News_Carousel_Region_3&lid=ARTICLE_15518652_Madeleine%3A_Kate_And_Gerry_McCann_Return_To_Portugal_For_Libel_Trial_Of_Man_Who_Led_Investigation

    The return of the Greedy Money Grabbers.

  17. Outrageous!!!! I don't know much about FOI requests but surely info on this could be requested. Why on earth are the British so tight-lipped over this? How are Scotland Yard funded- public money, right? So my money is being used to fund them, so I say he should get his arse over to Portugal to testify!!! Anyway, hopefully the proceeding are not resting on his testimony alone, his other witnesses will turn up and do their best for him. Does anyone know if they can be compelled not to attend, as they are still employees of the Portuguese police? Could the Portuguese government pull a similar stunt?

  18. Hi Shu...I have the feeling that this has all been done and dealt.The more this goes on and the more of the cover up is exposed the less likely that this was an accident in the apartment. It is a simple question and replies a simple yes or no...Question...Were you in agreement that the mccanns should become suspects...?.

    As for Defreitos I see not an honest man but a coward...A coward that will not help a small innocent child .

    We all know the Rogatory letters are a joke.

  19. If that judge in this forthcoming case can't read between the lines about what is really going on here, then she must be dim.

    This simply reinforces what Sr Amaral is saying about the UK police, and protection from higher powers given to the McCanns.

    If these people don't want the Portuguese to think this, then they should have a quick rethink and let the requested witness appear.

    After all, truth should be the main goal, and evidence could be given behind closed doors for only the judge to be privy to, so as to help her reach her decision.

    It would also be interesting to know whether serving members of the UK police have given evidence in other civil cases. I would have thought there would be many instances when they would be called upon to do this, if only in the form of a witness statement.

    After all, the police are interacting with the public all the time, and people do sue other people.

    Nevertheless, the McCann no doubt would be treated as though they are special, just like they were from the get go with the phone calls from the Blairs, Brown and the rest.

    By the way, did the evil Matthews woman get all the same friendly treatment from the hierarchy when her daughter apparently went missing? Could she have phoned Brown and asked for help if she wanted to?

    Would be interesting to know. But what's the betting, NOT.

  20. This is no surprise at all. We had commented before, when Maddie's files were put under wraps by the British police, that the aim was exactly to gag the English policeman. So, here it is.

  21. If this is a Portuguese case, which the UK police are constantly telling us it is, why should the UK have any say in this at all.

    Surely it should be the Portuguese authorities who should be making the decisions. Why should the UK cops be involved with the McCanns in any way, apart from asking for information to pass on to Portugal.

    As it is, who can be confident that the sending of witness statements is even being done without them being very selective in what is sent. More to the point, what haven't they sent?

    After the great length of time before they sent on the Gaspar statements, (was that slipped in by mistake), have they changed their way of doing things, and are now asking the McCanns what they think should be sent on.

    It is becoming apparent to a lot of us that the McCanns are running the show, and doing whatever they like, and nobody in authority is saying a dickey bird to their intimidating, overbearing antics.

    They are even inviting Gerry to speak at a conferences like some kind of authority. It is becoming more and more apparent that the lunatics really are running the asylum.

    What next, can we expect to see the McCanns appearing on game shows? How about a special appearance in some TV soap? After Gerry gets the Knighthood of course. Arise, Sir Gerry and all that.

    You think I'm kidding.

    I'm not.

  22. Anon 19

    Afraid I have to agree with you about cowardice.

    When is somebody going to stand up against truth being swept under the carpet? Instead they are so ready to hide behind the excuse that they were ordered to do so.

    Just like the guards in the death camps during the war said they were ordered to do what they did, which turned out not to be true because they were volunteers, and could have asked to go elsewhere.

    The policeman in question appears to have strong links to Portugal. Does he realise what the decision means for freedom of speech in Portuguese if Sr Amaral is completely gagged?

    If so, and he himself is willing to be gagged by the UK, he should be ashamed.

    Money is not everything.

  23. Well let's face it. He could not appear and lie. In which case he would have to confirm the Mccanns guilt.

    And on the contrary it would be for the benefit of the English public interest to have these two behind bars asap.

  24. I can´t actually find anything to complain about in that report on Sky News: it´s refreshingly objective.

  25. I'm disgusted and ashamed to be British. I really do hope the judge is aware of this obviously corrupt tactic and rules in Goncalo Amaral's favour.

    The McCanns are riding rough shod over anyone who gets in their way and they are being helped by the ones who could and should stop them.

    The media should refuse to allow the McCanns to use them as a platform to spout their lies. The media should think about those 3 little children, left alone in that unlocked, unlit apartment, night after night after night often sobbing their little hearts out, while their parents wined and dined with their mates, who treated their children in the same way the McCann children were treated.

    The media won't refuse to let the McCanns use them as a platform though, because along with the McCanns, they too are using Madeleine's situation as a way to make money. They know sales of their seedy newspapers, will soar because some people, like to read a story, whether it causes, or is the cause of anyone suffering, including children.

    Not me though, I stopped buying newspapers, when I saw certain members of the media, who wrote columns in certain newspapers, standing with the crowds outstide Buckingham Palace, when Diana Princess of Wales died.

    They were whipping the crowd into a frenzy as they told the crowd that the Queen should be with them her subjects in London instead of comforting her grand children in Scotland. The crowd fell for it hook line and sinker.

    Just as some are falling for the McCanns lies and sending them money which they can use to enhance their lifestyle.

    If Goncalo loses this libel case, the McCanns are not off the hook. They may escape prosecution, but they will suffer when Sean and Amalie are old enough to understand what happened in PDL. Especially when they are two stroppy teenagers.

  26. http://www.maddiemystery.blogspot.com/

    Unwilling to testify.

  27. Kathy sadly the twins have been brainwashed by their parents since this happened. They are forced to wear Maddie wristbands. They are forced to listen and search for the 'Monster' who took their big sister. By the time the twins are grown they will be just as warped as their parents.

  28. Kathy life is very fragile and none of us knows what tomorrow can bring.

  29. According to the article:

    "The police officer suggests that his witness statement should be instead requested through a letter rogatory or through the British Ambassador [Mr. Alexander Ellis] in Portugal. But subjected to a prior authorization by the English authorities, who have just set a tight regime of secrecy of the process in England."


    Anyway, if I were the Portuguese authorities, I would go for the rogatory letter. Then we would see if they would answer, and if they are indeed willing to cooperate with the Portuguese or not. Failure to do so would be very revealing. Previous experience with rogatory letters show us the British authorities usually take their time handling them and I wouldn't be surprised if the answer would be, in the end, negative.





  31. Portugual you have to stand up and be counted, you are been made to look stupid.
    Remember Team Mccann what Mr Amaral said "do not UNDERESTIMATE me".

  32. why bother haveing a court case if no one is allowed to speak ,are they all just gona sit and stare on another out ...why does no one want the truth to come out ...?

  33. Jose Defreito estas FRITO!
    Este hombreton NO va a testigar porque NO quiere ni puede mentir en los juzgados.
    Ok then...lets send Rogatory Letters, Gonçalo then we will see if he finally goes and says what he HAS to say and MUST say...There is ample time for a rog to reach the home office,thanks to the portuguese judiciary slowness =))

  34. Never have I felt more ashamed of this country.
    It's a complete disgrace.
    I could cry.

  35. Anon at 15

    I am more and more getting the impression that Madeleine wasn't really that cared about much by her family. You know, that very close emotional bond you form with children, and you really love them and would die for them.

    Sorry to say this, but has anybody seen one tear shed over her by any of them?

    Yet, I watch people who years before have lost loved ones, and they can hardly speak about them without tears flooding.

    Have any of those relatives of Madeleine's ever been out to PDL actually searching for her, turning over the stones, or is all their so called searching done behind a computer screen?

    Poor little Madeleine, never a chance to go to school, to marry, to have children, grandchild. Her little life gone in a 'moment of madness'?, and we still have gags imposed so people can't hear the truth of certain issues in this case.

    I am beginning to think this is no longer about a little girl called Madeleine, more like a great big cover up and damage control on behalf of others.

    That she is dead, I have no doubt. But not to give her a proper grave and to have shoved her away in some corner as though she never was, is unforgivable.

    Even that has been denied her.

  36. Has he been paid to not appear out of the "fund" which is supposed to help find Maddie? has he taken a backhander ?or is it another case of how deep Brown and co are involved ,I hope he never finds a minutes peace

  37. How can the neglect of a British child and the investigation into her disappearance possibly be a state secret that needs to be hidden from members of the public? Are Al Qaeda involved, or something? There is something very wrong going on here.

  38. Amaral must have known that Jose De Freitas wouldn't testify...

    the UK support for the PJ was withdrawn when the UK dogs pointed out the parents involvement

  39. No's 9, 20 & 24

    Agree with you all- the fact that he is not being allowed to speak for Dr Amaral just shows that he would have been in agreement with what the PJ report said- they would not have stopped him otherwise. I was always on the fence when it came to the Brisitsh authorities conspiracy theories, but this has just convinced me that it is an evil cover-up. Scotland Yard- you have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide.

  40. anon 19,23.totally agree.how disgusting that HE made the choice not appear.DOES NO ONE (APART FROM MR AMARAL AND US BLOGGERS) CARE ABOUT MADELEINE BETH MCCANN A 3YR OLD CHILD

  41. Lots of us predicted this. The British Government can never criticise any third world country for corruption.I too, am ashamed of my government. I can only hope those with influence in Portugal wake up to what is happening at their end and stand up for Portugal and freedom of speech. People I have spoken to about this case initially find it hard to believe what is going on, so I recommend they find out for themselves.

  42. This guy looks so happy! He's got his HUGE 30 silvers! So do all the rest who are "kipping the secrets". I'm sick and tired.
    Sometimes I believe that this "parents" have all the money to silent who ever they want. And this is scary. And being in their shoes there's no borders or any frames of the number of this "silvers" to shut everyone up! Now can you imagine how big or how disgusting their "secret" is!!

  43. They should be renamed the Taliban Two!

  44. I feel like I'm in the 2WW, listening in the attic to the only radio station giving out the truth; expecting a raid and an arrest for some crimes against the state. My partner keeps joking "When are they coming to seize the computer? At least, I think he's joking?

  45. I think comments should be aimed more against newspaper editors and publishers, rather than journalists, who have to find somewhere to publish their story. If all the editors forgot their rivalries, for once, and banded together against Carte-Ruck, we could see some hope for "freedom of the press"- now just a bad joke.

  46. If Mr Amaral loses his assets, what more can he lose? He might as well" self-publish and be damned" and give the world the whole story.

  47. If Mr Defreitas has been prevented from testifying and giving his evidence in defence of Snr Amaral then the case has become a farce. The Amaral legal team are being frustrated in presenting their case by all means desperately by the McCanns. First financial strangulation, now gaggig a defence witness. The Court cannot make a reasonable just judgement when all the information available is not present in court. I hope that Snr Amaral's legal team have sufficient documentary police evidence in the files to back this witness evidence, otherwise they could demand a postponement until further evidence requests can be made. It's in their judgement.

    One thing is certain, the McCanns are desperately fighting with every trick in the book to prevent the truth about what happened to their daughter being published. They are the most disgusting people. They will never clear their names.

  48. Didn't the British policemen have to sign the official secrets at, I remember reading this, I don't know how these things work,but it would not be up to this man to agree to talk about the case

    Mr Amaral has plenty of Portuguese witnesses,I am not despondent at all.

  49. DC Stuart Martin Hampshire statement to PJ -DATE and TIME on camera examined on 8th May 07. NOT SET.- What time was the "last" photo taken?

  50. While totally reprehensible this at least shows how truthful Gonçalo Amaral is, since he has maintained all along that he is being gagged. There can be no extra proof needed than this matter of one of his key witnesses not being allowed to testify. When the history of this case comes to be written in the future it will be easy to see the chain of moves taken against GA in an effort to stop him letting the public know what really happened.

    It'll be interesting to see if the British media highlight this gag on one of GA's witnesses; if they don't (and I think they won't) then they're once again part and parcel of the whole charade that seeks to prevent any efforts to get to the truth of what really happened to Madeleine.

  51. British Press -super-injuncted, supine, submissive....

  52. As far as I heard, the court only sent the notification to José de Freitas in December, it's not Cabrita's responsibility to send the notifications to the requested witnesses. So, in my opinion it is really a very strange coincidence that Leicestershire Police released a press release, in pdf on the net, with a metadata of creation of 18 December, setting the strategy for divulging or in this case, not divulging, the English authorities "side" of the investigation. In this case anything and everything that seems apparently coincidental, is not - I've learned that 3 years ago.

  53. It has to be a Paedophile Ring...there is nothing else that would silence so many people. Just look at the actors involved in this 'abduction' more than a BENHUR epic...(Judges, MPs, Lawyers, Police Officers) all with their dirty little secrets. The Mccanns message 'Madeleine has been abducted by a paedophile but there is no evidence that she has come to any serious harm'...is this some kind of code to someone else?

    Jim Gamble CEOP...Handles only ONline abuse so what has Mccanns case got to do with CEOP...Nothing, thats what.

  54. I expect that Mr Amaral knew that this would happen, he probably privately contacted the witnesses prior to releasing their names at the court, and was told by Mr de Freitas that he would not be allowed to come. In officially asking him to testify Mr Amaral has forced Scotland Yard to officially say he can't. This is now being reported in the press and looks very bad for the UK police, and nicely backs up Mr Amaral's theory that the British police are not co-operating. He did say 'Don't underestimate me' and he is right. Clever tactics indeed.

  55. Another thing that I think is going on, and I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't with the blessing of the UK authorities, is massive snooping by those so called investigators the McCanns have.

    All on the pretext of searching for the phantom abductor of course.

    They are being allowed to do whatever they like by using that excuse.

    Meanwhile, the snooping is really channelled against those who oppose them.

    The only hope we have is for Portugal to step in and stop this violation and intrusion into the lives of others by the McCanns.

    If only one of the people who has been working for them would break the silence and tell the truth about what has been going on.

    I ask you, how could any so called 'detective' worth his salt be chasing here, there, and everywhere, looking for a so called non existent 'abductor', yet at the same time ignoring the dogs and the rest of the evidence that is shouting 'look at the parents'.

    They sure must be getting paid well. If they are genuine, they really are the policemen plods.

  56. Anon 44

    Please ,a bit of respect for the "Talibans", the REAL ones.
    Not the ones presented as terrorists and the like,like the mccanns for sure.... :))

  57. Proof, were it even needed, that the result of the case beginning tomorrow is already known to those behind the scenes. Amaral has no chance, which is a disgrace.
    I rack my brains but cannot for the life of me even begin to work out why two governments and the entire media are being dictated to by a pair of child neglectors as they hide the truth of what happened to their poor daughter that night.
    Incidentally, I am also thoroughly ashamed to be English.

  58. This refusal to testify at all does make the McCanns look more guilty than ever, and certainly reinforces the likelihood of a more serious crime than child abandonment having taken place (details of which seem to be known to the UK Establishment). De Freitas clearly cannot testify in favour of the McCanns without lying, because Amaral is in the right. Therefore he is not permitted to attend or speak. This sends a very clear message to those of us who have followed the case- it makes both the McCanns and the British Government look terrible. However it will have the desired effect (obviously the only option left) of making it easy to not report at all on De Freitas's/Scotland Yard's involvement in and opinion of the case in the UK media. 'Man doesn't testify' isn't news, and will go unnoticed by the majority. I'm interested to see what, if anything, WILL be reported, and how.

    What a day, when a serving police officer exercises his 'right to silence' when asked to testify regarding suspects in a crime!

    WHAT is behind all this???

    :) E

  59. On a more serious tone,I am really starting to wonder if the UK police is afraid or somefink? afraid of what tho?of the mccies?
    Why dont they give him the authorisation to be witness if the mccanns have been so severely defamed? May be he could come up with evidence of their "total innocence"....couldnt he? :))
    Sorry,made the effort to be serious but I am not very successful am I?
    Hey Jo! gimme the bowl,quick.....

  60. Look on the bright side, calling Freitas as a witness (and him being prevented from testifying) proves that there is a very powerful gag in place and that what Amaral has been saying all along is true.
    Bothering with rogatory letters will only drag out the process and get us nowhere closer to what really happened to Madeleine.
    "Leaving no stone unturned" has turned into "burying everything under a big rock".
    Maria, Algarve

  61. http://www.aimss.info/documents/07May-August.pdf

    First page of this is interesting!

    Also agree with Joana at 53 - quite a coincidence - but clear it is an ongoing investigation and that no police officer in UK would comment on such an ongoing investigation

  62. Governments are withholding vital information to avoid a diplomatic incident. Of course it would reveal top brass paedos, the Russians and Americans have already passed on information from their sats to UK intelligence showing movements of that evening although they deny this fact.

    They are hoping Madeleine is still alive, the abductors are aware that intelligence knows who they are. Will they give her up and walk or get rid of the evidence? Understandably to protect the chance of the child's recovery they have to keep the lid on information and for as long as there remains a possible chance of finding Madeleine alive.

    Well done McCanns, it is your missing child, you choose how you handle it according to the information you are receiving from the powers above...good luck to you and your daughter! Goncalo's lies are nothing more than a disgrace to the PJ and Madeleine!

  63. Yes, sure it's an 'ongoing investigation'.

    Conducted by the McCanns, and don't we know it.

  64. The court will not have only asked them to come in December surely, the case was due to be heard then!!
    Unless they knew in advance that it was to be postponed that would have been a reckless way for them to proceed.

  65. 63... June, keep smoking the crack pipe dear.... woof woof!

  66. June 63

    If there was an abduction, how come the dogs are saying different.

    Dogs that have NEVER been wrong.

    The people who worked on the case, both Portuguese and UK, genuine official investigators, both came to the same conclusion.

    THE CHILD IS DEAD, and not only the evidence of the dogs is saying that.

    The question is, how did she die?

    While the parents were away at the Tapas, or while they, one or both of them, were there?

    The woman upstairs had said there was the screaming of a child and shouting of a woman earlier. Then silence.

    Until Kate was shouting later that night.

    Very bad day all round.

  67. The very fact of the duo turning up in PT suggests confidence in the decision. Mitchell is a Government PR spin/dirt disher, no doubt in my mind. It is far easier to scapegoat Amaral and isolate him as a crackpot and bankrupt him all in one and it appears his own Government is prepared to go along with it. Cover up one crime and commit another in ruining Amaral. Its funnu how these so called Police can be witnesses at trials up and down the UK no bother. The British love secrets, their democracy is being eroded bit by bit. The whole attitude from the McCanns from the start was one of we can do anything we like and we are made of TEFLON. The only conclusion is they are being looked after by Big Brother. Unless PT stands up for its people and its liberty,freedom of speech ie Amaral then there is no hope.

  68. 63.
    P.S. Want some stronger weed to smoke or is what you have enuogh to take you into the delusional world.
    It was not one member of the PJ who believes she is dead, it was all of them.

  69. Paedophile rings in the Goverment...Enough money can buy you any cover up you like and even more your silence. Madeleine is dead and gone . The one who holds the secret is free to live another day.

    JUNE 63 you are talking out of your backside. Twaddle off back to the whore Bonnybraes who sells her wares for nothing.

  70. 63, are you clarie-the-spinner? modrod is missing you on sky blog. What's your need here not to respect this blog? Is it because of tomorrow?


  71. Last time the PJGA members had a dignified action and show of support for Mr. Amaral civic rights and for Freedom of Expression at the Palácio da Justiça, nothing will change from our side, we will be there showing our convictions and expressing our solidarity like we did before, no need for shouting at anyone, for insults, nor for tomatos. Our fight is for a just cause, against the censorship imposed by the McCanns, for freedom of information, a constitutional right that was limited by the McCanns.

  72. Re #62 - it's interesting to see where Mr.Defreitas had been working before secondment to LPP.
    Also - a refreshing approach to the Mccs in this article!


  73. This is scandalous. It should be on the front page of the UK papers. But of course it won't.

  74. Come on ppl, what is all the despondency about!.

    Mr. Amaral, will, I'm sure have known that there was no way a serving British Policeman was going to be allowed to testify. That was never going to happen.

    What a brilliant strategy though, to invite him to testify anyway.

    Mr. Amaral has forced the British Police to publically admit that they and/or the McCanns have something to hide.

    If they are using the Official SECRETS act to hide behind, that is because there is a "SECRET" worth protecting and shielding from Public view.

    How f***ing guilty does that make them look.

  75. @ post #76, you and I are singing from the very same hymn sheet ;)

  76. I find this an intolerable situation. It would seem to me that with the exception of Sr Goncalo Amaral, nobody in authority cares for Madeleine McCann and the all-but-obvious mistreatment she suffered. Her parents blame everybody but themselves. They should look in the mirror first; this was their fault, whether abduction, accidental death or muder took place.

    The UK is becoming a place where free speech is being eroded. I hope Goncalo can back up his claims with hard evidence as this would mean that he HASN'T committed any libellous actions?

    The anti-Portuguese sentiment from the outset of this case is a disgrace. The Portuguese are a fantastic nation of people. We here in the UK need to look at ourselves before pointing fingers and ask why parents think it is 'the norm' to leave small children alone? This is something I never EVER did when my children were nippers.

    Somewhere, beneath this tide of libel, shutting down websites, free speech erosion, political intereference, there is a small child by the name of MADELEINE BETH MCCANN. Do the McCanns remember her?

    May the truth one day be revealed. I'm ashamed to be British.

  77. Did anyone really beleive that De Freitas would be given leave to testify in a civil case which is not yet closed? That's just standard practice. Neither Do I credit that the court waited until december to ask him over, either.

  78. Mark Harrison's written report is evidence enough of the English police's feelings about the case and what happened to Maddie. It's in the files.

    What do the English need so badly to hide?


  79. The English cop who was asked to give evidence now says he can’t without the consent of the UK authorities because of state immunity covering his official acts.

    He suggests a rogatory letter through the British Ambassador in Portugal is the way forward. Hm…after the last explicably long rogatory letter shenanigans this is unlikely.

    The English cop goes onto say "Any potential evidence [testimonial] that I can give may be subject to confidentiality and Immunity of the English Public Interest.”

    I cannot not see what this has to do with Public Interest but can see what it is to do with the McCanns interests. It would be nice to speculate the English police are still investigating and a charge will be coming soon but I doubt this.

    Imo is not a cover up butthe English cop and the English Police Force are afraid to speak out and give their opinion because their thoughts would be seen as deformation and Messrs Carter Ruck would be quickly in action suing the officer involved and the police – whoever gave them the greatest monetary gain!

    It is a sad state of affairs!

  80. If the duo knew about this this beforehand the case should be thrown out of court unless of course C-Ruck comes up with a loophole.

  81. I really don´t understand. The fact of the McCanns' attendance at this hearing suggests they are confident about the outcome, they are even looking forward to having their image "reconstituted" in the national press.

    And yet...and yet... regardless of what the final verdict is, unless Amaral´s witnesses are all gagged or decide at the last minute not to support him, things are bound to come out which I´m sure the McCanns would prefer to keep under wraps. And it´s all going to be reported by Sky. None of it makes sense to me, but then it was ever thus with this case.

  82. You're right Anonymous (78) the Portuguese are a fantastic nation of people and child lovers as well. We only have to look back to May 2007, when many of the residents of PDL, took time off work, to join the police, in their search for Madeleine.

    They must have been sick as parrots, when they saw the McCanns jogging past them, in their quest to beat their previous record at jogging. The only quest the McCanns should have been undertaking, was to join these people and the police in their search for Madeleine.

  83. I can imagine a lot of UK policemen are ashamed to be members of the police force, as well as disgusted. The police force are brazenly showing the public, how corrupt they are.

  84. Am I correct in thinking that the role of the canines is central to Amaral's theses ?

    If that's the case, then I am surprised that neither Martin Grime, nor the officers who collected the 'samples' nor a high ranking scientist from the FSS was invited to attend and and in plain speak explain what (if any) likelihood exists that the alleged blood/cadaverine is of Madeleine.

    Surely that would clear the matter up once and for all.

    Or has Amaral tried to get these guys to PT and his attempt was thwarted ?

    Does anyone know ?

  85. Anon 47 you are correct if Amaral loses everything then he will have nothing to lose, so to me this is when the real fight for justice for Maddy starts he will let them have it, both barrels.
    He is treading careful for now!.
    As already said do not underestimate Mr Amaral which imo Team McCann do........big mistake!

    Has the UK Police stopped this for a reason other then helping the Mccanns maybe????

  86. http://www.lepoint.fr/actualites-societe/2010-01-11/portugal-le-proces-opposant-les-parents-de-madeleine-mccann-a-un-ancien/920/0/412304

    Picture here I haven't seen before

  87. @ post #88, thanks for that. I've never seen that photo before. It's apparently been released recently (to/by who?). If that really is Maddie, she doesn't look anything like she does in the other pictures I've seen of her :-/

  88. I do agree with Ano 22 and Fernis.
    Let's keep the British far from this and concentrate on Portuguese Justice.
    The Portuguese Justice has to assume its responsibilities in front of the public opinion. What is now at stake ? Freedom of Speech. Portuguese Justice gagged GA, this is a fact, even if this was requested by a British couple. EVEN IF GA'S THESIS IS ERRONEOUS HE SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN PREVENTED TO STATE IT. This is imo the maint point.

  89. Mr Amaral knows what he is doing he, has not gone into all this without sound advice, who needs the UK police they have no power in the UK that's why we are a Lawless society with mob rule. Mr Amaral was most probably expecting this. so lets trust in God and in Mr Amaral he will win in the end its no contest The truth is on his side.
    Lets all get behind him and show some confidence in him. We are making the Maccanns out to be a superpower in reality they are a pair of twisted liars who are scared to death of Mr Amaral Go get them and God Speed. God bless all who make this blog possible we are indebted to you in the UK.

  90. Would it possible for Sr. Amaral's lawyer to have the hearing ajourned util the Police Officer in question is available and the rogatory letters have been processed and ready to conform with the request ? Just a thought .

    Please excuse spelling errors .

  91. June (63) You are a disgrace and I hope you don't have children. I don't honestly know how anyone who has children can support the McCanns knowing what they have done and how they did nothing physically to find Madeleine.

    You have the nerve calling Goncalo Amaral a liar, when your hero and heroine, lied to save their own skins.

    Why don't you change your name from June to May, then you will always have a permanent reminder, of the time your mates, the McCanns, left their children, often in a distressed state, in that unlocked darkened apartment, where there were drugs lying around.

    Your mates the McCanns, are the ones responsible for Madeleine's mysterious disappearance and hopefully tomorrow will be the start of your mates, the McCanns demise.

    People like you make me sick to the back teeth, anyone who can support these two supporters, aren't worthy of sharing the accommodation with sewer rats. At least sewer rats take better care of their offspring, than the McCanns did, when they were in PDL.

    It seems nothing has changed because the McCanns have begun brainwashing their twins.

    Each time I read a post from people like yourself, I will remind the poster, of the McCanns cruel and callous behaviour.

    I pray to God, that if there is a miracle and Madeleine is found alive, she is not returned to her ghastly parents.

  92. Just looked again at photo in the article in lepoint (at #88) - I really doubt picture on left is Madeleine as there is no coloboma - that I can see.

  93. Interesting isn't it Shubob? After all this time? I got link from this site which is very good


  94. 88 and 89 that picture is not of Maddie, it's a girl that was supposed to play a role in a McCann documentary or something similar, her face was published in the media circa 2007 or 08.

  95. Thank you Joana I thought it couldn't be without the coloboma. Well spotted!

  96. Why don't you go to Le Point site and leave a comment ? They published mine immediately. I think they don't mind if it is in English.

  97. Absence of UK officer is no biggie.

    PR war in UK will make no difference in PT.

    P DADDY ............

  98. to post #86 But Amaral has the PJ files

    see 2615-2616-PJ files. Report received from Stuart Prior LP on 4th Sept. 07.
    "In some of these samples, DNA was found whose components are also found in the profile of MM. With respect to the trace evidence recovered behind the sofa,ALL (my capitalisation)the confirmed DNA components coincide with the corresponding components of the DNA profile of MM.
    In the sample collected in the boot area of the vehicle 15 of the identified DNA components coincide with the corresponding components of the DNA profile of MM, this having 19 components.
    Sent to Inspector Jao Carlos.

  99. I personally do not think that this hearing relies solely on Jose Defreitas showing up. I believe that Goncalo Amaral is a very intelligent man and knows what he is doing. I will wait patiently and hope that the Portuguese judical system supports the rights of Goncalo Amaral and by doing so it will imo also show respect to every member of it's nation. Good wishes to all who attend tomorrow and I respect you all and admire you. Forca Goncalo Amaral!

  100. Don't be starved of information tomorrow,

    Apparently Sky news are going to run a line by line live feed from the court.

    Whatever happens we are entering an enlightenment period.


  101. to 100:

    John Lowe to Stuart Prior: 03/09/07

    What we need to consider, as scientists, is whether the match is genuine and legitimate; because Madeline has deposited DNA as a result of being in the car or whether Madeline merely appears to match the result by chance. The individual components in Madeline's profile are not unique to her, it is the specific combination of 19 components that makes her profile unique above all others. Elements of Madeline's profile are also present within the the profiles of many of the scientists here in Bimiingham, myself included. lt's important to stress that 50% of Madeline's profile will be shared with each parent. It is not possible in a mixture of more than two people, to determine or evaluate which specific DNA components pair with each other. Namely, we cannot separate the components out into 3 individual DNA profiles.

    Therefore, we cannot answer the question: Is the match genuine or is it a chance match.

    The same applies to any result that is quoted as being too complex for meaningful inclusion/interpretation


  102. I'm sure Mr Amaral was aware De Freitas would be prevented form attending and wouldn't have been relying on him attending, but it shows what lengths the government will go to, to avoid a scandal before the next election. Make sure as amny people as possible read your own copy of the book; leave it lying around for all to share.

  103. I don't know if I can bear to watch Sky news, and most likely what will be a load of sick pro McCann spin as to what is going on.

    Is it going to be interspersed with comments from Clarence or some other lying toad McCanns supporter? How could the controlling McCanns allow it to be an objective report, if they get the chance to spin it.


  104. whatever the short term result of this court case time is on our side

  105. Every day this Mccann's look more as NAZIS: Gagging PEOPLE, PURSUING PEOPLE, BURNING BOOKS, IMPOSING A SINGLE THEORY, MANIPULATING WHO TRYIS TO FALL OUT OF THEIR TRACKS, SPREADING TERROR AND THE SILENCE. They only don't reach the "Gas Boxes" yet, to physically eliminate who is inconvenient. BUT, IF PEOPLE WITH POWER INSIST ON THAT BLINDNESS TO LET THEM DOING WHATEVER THEY WANT, soon they will reach that point and will be an example and an inspiration for all sort of crimes.
    Imagine if a suspect of terrorism had a chance to get a Spoke-Person, start a Fund and get the support of his Country to spin and spread his theory around the world with rich people to bake his back? Will be a disgrace to innocent people which had nothing to do with Mccann's/politics charade and totally disagree with the support gave to the Mccann's by British authorities. SHAME ON YOU UK because for us, people from the world, there is no difference between the Mccann's and a terrorist: Both live behind rules, both use massive weapons to destroy who they don't like. Both want to change the means and the thoughts of the world. Both have years of professional training to achieve their goals. Both act against country's. Both don't respect the life, even if it is from a sibling. Both use the religion according with their targets and conveniences.
    Portugal made a huge mistake when let the Mccann's runaway. The Portuguese authorities should been acting with Mccann's with the same power as they act this weekend with ETA terrorists.

  106. to #103
    regarding reports: there is a clear one and a muddled one
    my auntie Ivy used to say - if its waffled its tosh
    Don't blame my auntie.

  107. No. 63 is a wind-up. What kind of brain thinks the McCann's are making a good job of things? A no-brain.

  108. When the new Government is elected in the UK we can continue to ask the same questions, perhaps, once again, even petition for an investigation into the role of the British police.

    It might be in vain but we have to try.

    We must NEVER give up for Madeleine and Goncalo!

  109. @103.

    Have i understood this right????
    that report is almost seems an opinion rather than Science to me.

    1.The FSS are not there to consider anything just report their findings...ie the results.
    2.So basically to conclude ..is he saying any 3 people in the world can produse a dna match to madeleine.

    which then begs the question can any 3 persons produce a Dna Profile to match All Humans?

    John Lowe needs to be called to clarify what he is saying because that certainly sounds like waffle.
    To me it sounds a right load of sh@:@


  110. Can someone correct me if I `m wrong, but I thought the Hearing tomorrow is to be GA` s appeal against the Temporary Injunction. His Appeal is made up of witnesses who will speak in his favor as to why the Injunction should be lifted (remember its only temporary).

    The McCanns have already given their reasons as to why the book should be banned. Surely now all that is needed is GA `s reply as to why is SHOULD NOT BE banned and therefore it is only that his witnesses will be heard tomorrow. The McCanns have already had their say. Please can anyone with a legal mind put me straight on this.

    This is GA `s day in court - his right of reply - not the MCs.

    To Ironside - I would expect the McCanns to have hired an interpreter, probably via their lawyer.

  111. To 103 The point is that there was a mysterious change of mind by the FSS, after Prior sent this info. which even Prior commented on- along the lines of "Do you think the Portuguese are fools?"

  112. Completely agree with post # 76. Proof positive that there is something to hide, that GA was right all along that he was deliberately being gagged. Don't know if this latest move will affect the outcome of the hearing but it will be something to be publicised one way or another in the future, to prove how the detective who led the initial investigation into Madeleine's disappearance couldn't be allowed to bring one of his chosen witnesses into court.

    In some ways this case gets more interesting and therefore will hopefully attract more attention. The McCanns' will find their house of cards falling to pieces some day and that's when their arrogance and pride will collapse like a pricked balloon. May we all be there to see it!

  113. God speed to all of ya's..let's hope in the next few days we get facts rather than having to rely on propaganda..for ever more

  114. Anon #54,
    A paedophile case is possible, but I think it is more highly probable that the cover up is due to undercover operations underway in Portugal.

    I think one of the Tapas got into something *way* over their head and the truth (when it emerges, which it definitely WILL) is going to stun the world and change things in the United Kingdom forever.

    This level of corruption cannot be allowed, there is no justification for it.

    The UK is allegedly a free country, with elected officials and the government is held to account by its citizens. Any illegal action, including bribing witnesses, offering cash or other material rewards, promotions - positions in government etc. in an effort to cover up the truth must be exposed and punished.

    Covert operations are still expected to operate within the law and although I think there is compelling evidence that British intelligence has actually used paedophiles as informers (reducing their sentences, early release etc. in exchange for information), I can't quite see how a cover up this sinister would happen simply to save the necks of a few British perverts.

    I think it is more institutional and approved on a very high level... but agree that it has to be something very ugly for them to work this hard against anyone trying to find the truth about Madeleine's disappearance.

    It is clear that the cover-up is over something much much bigger than a group of doctors who did not properly watch their children while on holiday. It has to do with what else was going on, the connections these people have etc, and the British government has been using every trick in the book since day one to pervert the course of justice. I include the Forensic Science Service in that accusation - they are, after all, another *branch* of the UK government.

    Gamble might be tasked, as you say, with investigating online child porn, and it is insightful to wonder why they've been so involved in the Maddie case, which as you point out, has never been alleged to have had anything to do with child porn, other than the ridiculous claims that a Belgian paedo ring had abducted Maddie.

    Remember, though, that Jim Gamble was also head of the Northern Ireland anti-terrorist unit in Belfast prior to going to CEOP. I do not think that fact is insignificant.

  115. post 111

    You make an excellent point. I have followed this case in detail, and read loads of the translated police files ... and I can't make head nor tail of that FSS report.

    I know one thing though ... if it WAS the case that the forensic evidence indicated that it was NOT Madeleine's DNA that was collected where the cadaver and blood dogs alerted, then the McCanns would have trawled out an endless array of 'experts' to explain it in the kind of simple layman's terms that even the average Sun reader would understand.

    They havn't.

  116. something is very wrong here, what do the mcCanns have that make them so special, and able to pull strings, for me GM looks a mean guy and KM seems to have found renewed confidence, even though half of what she says sounds like it comes from the mouth of a 5yr old. This is truly disgusting that some form of cover up and control is going on. Corruption is everywhere, and I mean everywhere....but what make the McCanns so special. here in Spain the father of the murdered child Mari-luz has been appealing for privacy and for the public not to appear at the court. This was a poor family in relation to the McCanns who never asked for a penny, only a signature when their toddler went missing, any expenses came from their own family. Kate and gerry sent then a sympathetic message, but no offer of financial help (Great people) the father has appealed forthe newspapers to allow them privacy in this moment as the trial begins. Never have they asked for anything...not like K&G who want it all..Poor Mari luz was found dead a few days later, the suspect a paedophile...compare the two.
    Goncalo my thoughts are with you tomorrow, and although I am British I am ashamed of my country and whats going on here.

  117. The more they pay to shut up everyone and everybody the more horrible and disgusting looks their crime. More and more people want to know THE TRUTH ABOUT THEIR LIES!


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