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Maddie McCann’s parents try to keep policemen away

Gerry McCann, Arguido, September 2007

English couple wants to avoid that witnesses confirm the thesis that they concealed Maddie’s cadaver

by Nuno Miguel Maia

Kate and Gerry McCann are trying to prevent the investigators in the case of the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine from being heard, today, at the Civil Court of Lisbon, at the start of the trial of the injunction that removed the book “The Truth of the Lie” from the market.

The argument for this request that was presented to the judge, over the last few days, is related to alleged “vices” [flaws] in the opposition that was filed by Gonçalo Amaral, the former Polícia Judiciária investigator in Portimão and the author of that book, which defends the thesis of Maddie’s death and the involvement of the parents in the disappearance of the cadaver.

Today, several Polícia Judiciária officers that were summoned by the former coordinator are to be heard, who may eventually corroborate the same thesis. Magalhães e Menezes, the Public Ministry prosecutor who archived the process, has also been summoned.

In the final dispatch, this magistrate also admitted the possibility that the little English child is dead and that the McCann couple did not manage to prove their innocence – because the diligence of the reconstitution of facts was not carried out, due to the English friends being unavailable.

The lawyer who represents Kate and Gerry McCann argues that the facts that have been alleged by the couple in the injunction – which ordered Gonçalo Amaral’s book and the documentary that was based on it, to be removed from the market – should be deemed as fact, because they have not been duly challenged.

And that therefore it is unnecessary to hear the investigators in court, including Tavares de Almeida and Ricardo Paiva, from the PJ in Portimão, Luís Neves, the PJ’s heavy crime unit director, and Guilhermino Encarnação, the former PJ director in Faro. The former PJ inspector, Francisco Moita Flores, has also been summoned as a witness. As JN reported yesterday, another key witness for Gonçalo Amaral was a Scotland Yard officer who cooperated with the Portuguese investigation. In order to refuse to testify, José de Freitas (an English subject, despite the Portuguese name) sent a letter to the court in which he alleges his obligation towards confidentiality and “State immunity” of the United Kingdom.

The McCann couple argues that the constant spreading of the former PJ coordinator’s thesis unjustly places them as suspects – in contradiction with the archiving dispatch – and that it hurts the search for the little girl. They refuse the possibility of death and insist on the abduction thesis.

On the other hand, the former PJ coordinator alleges that he is not the only one to defend the possibility that Madeleine is deceased and the possible involvement of her parents in the disappearance of the body. He stresses that it is based on facts that are gathered within the process – including “indications” that were detected by English dogs.

source: Jornal de Notícias, 12.01.2010


  1. Good luck today Mr Amaral. Thankyou for all your hard work Joana in bringing us all this news and may JUSTICE be served at long last.

    I can't quite believe what I have been reading here. If their heads get any larger they will not beable to fit through the Court doors.

  2. "The lawyer who represents Kate and Gerry McCann argues that the facts that have been alleged by the couple in the injunction – which ordered Gonçalo Amaral’s book and the documentary that was based on it, to be removed from the market – should be deemed as fact, because they have not been duly challenged.

    And that therefore it is unnecessary to hear the investigators in court........."

    Well excuse me. Is this for real :-o

  3. Honestly, I am gobsmacked by this latest development! I really am stunned :-/

  4. True to form, It's not unexpected that the McCanns would try every last trick in their attempt to gag Gonçalo Amaral's witnesses; but the more people they try to gag, the more silent shouts of "GUILTY!" are heard.

  5. So the McCanns (Carter Ruck) want to prevent the very investigators who were involved in the case from being heard in court. I hope the world-wide press print that. People can then ask themselves what the McCanns are afraid of.

  6. Joana and everyone going to court later today, good luck and best wishes :x

  7. ShuBob

    I'm lost for words, you just could not make it up.

  8. Will this be allowed can they do this Please tell me no I won't sleep if you say yes.

  9. This is now descending into the realms of insanity.

  10. You all should be in Bed fresh for your court date later God Bless you all who make this blog possible. The Maccann pair are evil beyond words. God is not asleep he only appears to be at times, he pay debts without money.

  11. Best wishes to Joana and all who post here who will be in Court tomorrow. I will be thinking of Mr. Amaral who will be there, as he has been from the beginning, for justice for Madeleine.

  12. Good Lord ! not content with stopping the policeman from Scotland Yard from testifying, it appears that the McCanns want to prevent Amaral from presenting any witnesses at ALL !

    Is shutting people up the ONLY tool in this despicable pair's box ?

  13. Loopiness takes many forms and this is their latest effort! Mad as March hares, the pair of them, and we're still in January. By the time we get to March they'll probably think they're the King and Queen of Hearts and will be demanding 'Off with his head!'.

    Seriously though, what ammunition for GA if he decides to write yet another book about the lengths to which they'll go to try to gag him. They keep on making themselves look worse, time after time, but they don't seem to see it. Anyone who hears of this move will simply wonder what they're so desperately trying to hide.

  14. Oops, I forgot to send grateful thanks and warmest wishes to our sisters and brothers in Portugal, who'll be outside the courthouse tomorrow.

    I only wish I could be there, standing shoulder-to-shoulder in solidarity with you. (But I'll be there in spirit!)

    Obrigada & Beijinhos x x x

  15. From Australia our greetings to Mr. Amaral and to Joana and Astro.
    We wish you all al happiness in the world.

  16. This is the stupidest thing I've ever read, to put it lightheartedly.

    They CANNOT be serious, can they?

    Will a single British journalist spot the ridiculousness of this last ditch effort to supress Dr. Amaral's right to speak truthfully and freely?

    THEY ARE OUT OF THEIR MINDS and typically arrogant and SLY.

    The McCanns will not succeed - not with all the money donated by pensioners or shady businessmen (...certainly not out of their own pockets, that's for damned sure.)

    Yo, McLawyers - This is a new world we are living in and the quest for justice for Madeleine is well beyond the grasp of those who are working to pervert the course of that justice.

  17. It smacks of FEAR. If they could have it their way, the whole case file would self-combust and all the detectives associated with this case and Disbelievers with it. Dream on, McCanns, dream on.

    Justice Will Come For You Someday.

  18. http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/World-News/Madeleine-McCann-Kate-And-Gerry-McCann-Arrive-In-Lisbon-For-Start-Of-Goncalo-Amaral-Libel-Trial/Article/201001215519468?lpos=World_News_Carousel_Region_0&lid=ARTICLE_15519468_Madeleine_McCann%3A_Kate_And_Gerry_McCann_Arrive_In_Lisbon_For_Start_Of_Goncalo_Amaral_Libel_Trial

    The Mccanns want Justice

  19. The mccanns are running scared, they would do anything to stop Mr Amaral being allowed to call his witnesses. I hope this latest twist is reported fully in the British media, but I won't hold my breath. Good Luck Mr Amaral.

  20. Letter from Iberia

    Good luck today Mr Amaral. Thank you for all your hard work Joana in bringing us all this news and may JUSTICE be served at long last.

  21. Today several PJ officers WILL BE HEARD because it is NECESSARY they are heard
    The mccDictators are shit scared and are trying absolutely everything to silence everybody.
    The court hearing is still on,isnt it?
    So.....Força Gonçalo! almost there

  22. Wow! They are stooping to very low levels. Usually people do that when they are afraid. Afraid of the truth coming out........
    I wish I knew some Portuguese, but I don't so all I can say is 'Best wishes to Joana and friends for today, all the Irish blessings in the world to you, and Forca Goncalo!

  23. I agree with all the other posts on this topic, hopefully the judge will do what is right by Mr Amaral, exonerate him and put his book, back where it belongs, in the book stores and on the internet.

    Good luck to Mr Amaral and to Joana and anyone else who is going to Lisbon support Mr Amaral today.

  24. Shu 3
    Dont be gobsmacked: rejoyce!
    THIS is excellent really! THIS is the worse thing they could do: gag the Public Prosecutor.They have fallen to the lowest level.
    It only points out to their fear to be put in evidence and their last and desparate efforts to gag everybody just shows it.
    They are finished and done with.
    We will see justice made to Madeleine AND GA. It cant be otherwise and IF it is then we will go further.

  25. Whatever the McCanns do they will always be deemed suspects in the death of their daughter.

    Best of luck to Amaral and his witnesses for today.

    Joana, many thanks for bringing us the news that the UK media shuffle under the carpet. Trust this,the UK populace are not idiots, the vast msjority hold hold the McCanns responsible for the fate of their daughter.

  26. justed watched the short video of them arriving on mccannfiles.

    good luck for today Mr Amaral

    thankyou joana for all you do on this thread

    best wishes sue england

  27. It depends who the Judge is and how easily she can be bought add to that the involvement of the Portuguese Goverment...along with the Corrupt british sleaze...If you have enough money you can buy your way out of anything. The Mccanns have big backers who are prepared to pay anything to keep the lid on the death of this child.

    Some think with a Conservative Goverment things will change...don't be fooled the Torys know exactly what the game is...otherwise they would have used this case and the cover up as leverage.

  28. From the Czech Republic, best of luck to Mr Amaral today! Big thank you to Joana, Astro, Kazluk and others for keeping us informed.

  29. go goncalo all the best wishes for today and onwards for you and yours. truth will out in the end. you are an outstanding human being willing to fight for the rights of those who cannot fight themselves. the greatest repsect to you from the uk.

    justice for madeleine

  30. http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/World-News/Madeleine-McCann-Kate-And-Gerry-McCann-Arrive-In-Lisbon-For-Start-Of-Goncalo-Amaral-Libel-Trial/Article/201001215519468?lpos=World_News_Carousel_Region_1&lid=ARTICLE_15519468_Madeleine_McCann%3A_Kate_And_Gerry_McCann_Arrive_In_Lisbon_For_Start_Of_Goncalo_Amaral_Libel_Trial

    Live coverage on this link of the hearing.

  31. If I understand correctly, the case has already been decided (the McCanns have decided that they are right).
    Therefore there is no need to bring in witnesses to dispute their claims, indeed what are courts for? What are trials for? No need.
    The witnesses that would dispute the case are unnecessary because the case hasn't been disputed yet...

    Financial asphyxiation didn't work and the case wasn't dropped.
    So, witnesses now have to be gagged directly.

    Can't say I am suprised with this one, I always felt the McCanns were terrified of the case ever making it to court.

    The only question being, is the Portuguese court going to allow this?
    Since when are defense witnesses not allowed in court?

  32. Agree with everyone here.

    If there was one thing this pair of sewer rats didn't want, it was to have to take this to court. They thought they could frighten, bully, intimidate and choke financially anyone who challenged them.

    I'm still not convinced that true justice will be done today, with all the government interference, but it's a hell of a lot closer, and most importantly -

    They are scared, panicking, trying every last dirty trick in the book. They are so obviously very, very, very GUILTY.

    Best wishes everyone.


  33. Martin Brunts Report from Portugal to Sky Studio

    Martin Explains McCann’s are in Portugal re libel case in respect of book written by Mr. Amaral.

    He further explains that many copies of book were sold and that many were reclaimed by McCann lawyers.

    The purpose of the case he states is for the McCann’s to persuade the Court to make the temporary injunction banning the sale of the book made permanent.

    Is the detective contrite in any way, this must be you know, I mean, the McCann’s believe this is wrong, must be a terrible diversion for them?

    Martin Brunt:

    Yes, he's, he’s far from contrite. We saw him here a month ago when the case should have started. It was postponed because of a sickness in his lawyers office, but eh, when we did get a chance to talk to him outside of Court a month ago, he was sticking to his guns. He said there was a principle at stake here which is Freedom of Speech. The right to say what you want is a very sensitive issue in Portugal. Remember 35 years ago it was still a Dictatorship. It ‘s still, in some senses an emerging democracy and people cling very tightly to the notion of Freedom of Speech, which is why when we were here a month ago, and I’m sure it will be the same later today, there were protesters who said - ‘look, we’re not strictly here to support the ex detective, but we are here to fight for this idea of Freedom of speech’, and the idea that the McCann’s can come over from England and ban a book, they find very difficult to take, and they will fight it, and support Mr. Amaral . He too, will continue his fight to get that book put back on sale.



  34. Good luck Mr Amaral and thank you for all the hard work you put into getting the Justice Maddy deserves.

    Thanks also to Joana and co for your hard work

  35. Sky news is doing live updates on the link given in post 32.

  36. Thanks so much to Joana, Astro and Kaz for aall your hard work. My hopes thoughts and prayers are with you and your family this week Mr Amaral. All the Best. Welshy.x

  37. they would do anything and everything to save their own skins...

    shame the same can't be said for their daughter

  38. The McCanns are seriously p***ing me off! So their tactics are to gag anyone and everyone including defence witnesses. Beggars belief. Their arrogance knows no boundaries.


  40. This is a charade. Just heard Sandra Felgueiras reporting from the Palácio da Justica saying that José de Freitas cannot testify because of the secrecy involving the ongoing investigation by the British police. Question: is there any investigation being carried out by the British police, or did Sandra invent the whole thing? As far as I know the McCanns did not ask to open any official investigation into Madeleine's disappearance.

  41. McCann's -

    "No-one can be allowed to say that our daughter CAN'T BE FOUND without very good evidence. That's what this court case is about."

    Mrs McCann said: "We're looking for justice."


    Above extract from article Sky News 9:58 12th January 2010


    Did someone say that Madeleine could NOT be found?

    I do remember Gerry saying something to the effect of 'find the body.....!

    They say they are looking for justice. Perhaps they should be looking for Madeleine.

    Justice for Madeleine will not be found in the Court in Lisbon under the heading of a libel case.

    Justice for Madeleine will be found in the co-operation of these parents and their friends with the Portuguese authorities, by requesting the case be re-opened, which can be done if Kate McCann answers at least one of the questions which she previously refused to.

    Why will she not? An official police investigation into the disappearance of her daughter lies in her hands.


  42. good luck mr amaral and thank you joana and all for keeping us updated

  43. Is this what happens when rats are backed into a corner?

  44. Just read on the skynews thinggy: "The mccanns are looking for justice"
    By the way,skynews has STILL NOT understood this is a HEARING and NOT a trial,idiotas,gilipollas,vendidos,sin etica,ni MORALIDAD x(

    JAJAJAJAJAJA! so NOT looking for Madeleine anymore???? =))
    WE are ALSO looking for justice for MADELEINE and Dr.AMARAL

  45. I cannot think of any police case which has been as surreal as the case of little Madeleine McCann. OJ Simpson's trial will pale in comparison with this. Is there anyone out there who actually believes OJ was innocent? Nope, he is a reviled character, and the McCanns are achieving the same notoriety thanks to their smirking selves, their manipulative lawyers and their overweening desire to get away with it at all costs.

    Best wishes today to Goncalo Amaral and his team, and his many supporters. Please let us not witness another travesty of justice.


  46. Here we go again.

    The McCanns walk through the airport in true celebrity style and enjoying every minute!

    A source close to the McCanns (obviously Mr Pinky) said "It may be traumatic for them to hear terrible things said about them and Madeleine but they want to be there for her sake"!!

    It's a pity they weren't there for Maddie and the twins sake during the week of their 'into each other' holiday in PdeLuz!

  47. GOOD LUCK TODAY GONCALO AMARAL - whatever the outcome, you will always be a winner with many thousands of people across the globe.

    Thank you Joana et al for bringing us all these up to date features and news - you really are stars!

    I can't help thinking that the McCanns know they are on a winner (the untouchables. I somehow don't think they would have the guts to go along for this court case if they weren't sure of once again coming out smelling of roses!

    Please Portugal, prove me wrong, and send them back to the UK with a little less pomposity and a flea in their ear!

  48. Surely even the most staunch allies of the Tapas 9 must see that something truly stinks when the Scotland Yard Policeman, Jose de Freitas, is being prevented from speaking in Portugal today.

    There have been nothing but hurdles in this case and all in the McCann's favour. A cover up of the highest proportions intending to keep this untouchable couple from ever facing up to their negligence to Madeleine. The list is as long as your arm, but not returning for the reconstruction and Kate refusing to answer those questions, is a good starter. Followed by the disallowance of the dogs' findings. As Tony Bennett said, 60 reasons! They say they intend spending the million they get from Goncalo on private detectives. Another load of money to go down the drain on wannabee detectives.

    GOD NO!!!

  50. The best wishes for Goncalo Amaral! We keep in Amsterdam our fingers crossed! The truth will win.

  51. jondipaolo: The McCanns' lawyer is arguing against allowing the police CD to be submitted to the court.
    Tuesday January 12, 2010 11:11 jondipaolo
    11:07 jondipaolo: Mr Amaral's lawyers want a CD containing police case files to be submitted as evidence because it would corroborate the claims in his book.

  52. 14 said... Is shutting people up the ONLY tool in this despicable pair's box ?

    Nail on the head my friend!

  53. following it live on Sky now.... uncertain whether the judge has ruled that the police files CD can be used for Amaral


  54. The McCanns' lawyer is arguing against allowing the police CD to be submitted to the court.
    The judge is having none of it!!!
    Who is their new witness?

  55. I'm a bit disappointed to read that Sky are reporting that Jose Magalhaes e Menezes has just said this!

    11:40 : There were several possible charges that could have been brought against the McCanns: kidnapping and selling a child were among them.


  56. Sky News Online from Court live, reports that Snr Amaral required the McCanns to answer questions, Their Lawyer has agreed they will take the stand but only after Snr Ameral's evidence is completed. This is a clever ploy as it is easier not to get caught in a lie when one knows the opposition evidence. The Mccanns are obvously fighting for their lives. The first Amaral witness says the child may be dead '50/50.' The Mccanns have a unheard of witness coming on their behalf. Is he credible? Nobody knows him. What did he cost? On TV Martin Brunt looks shifty, uncomfortable, I think.

  57. Sky News Online: The new Mc's witness is Luis Frois. The Snr Amaral first witness. Mr Meneges, says that "A report signed by Chief Inspector Tavares De Almeida says that MBM died in the flat in Praia da Luz".

  58. Where has Mr.Pinky got to lately? You know what they say, the rats are always the first to leave a sinking ship. The best of luck Mr. Amaral from Cork. Ireland.

  59. Sky Online: Oh one of the McCann lawyers is confronting thw titness with nonsense, "The McCanns were always willing to return to Portugal for a reconstruction" and "Sightings show that MBM is alive, the McCanns did not create these sightings". Obviously the stratey is to bombard the court with lies. In reality this is nothing to do with the witness or his testimony, but they are bombarding him with nonsense. Why does the judge not intervene on the grounds of 'irrelevance'.

  60. In all my years of living on this planet I have never seen anything like what the McCanns have stooped to and in trying to turn the court system and justice on its head to save their own skins. They seem to forget they have not been "cleared" but that the case has been shelved until new evidence comes to light so therefore people have the right to believe that they were involved in what happened to Madeleine until they convince the public otherwise.

    They are truly evil, sly people and so are all the people who surround them, advise them and finance them in order to cover up the truth and to suppress the thoughts and rights of others.

    Gerry said to the press as he was walking through the airport for the trial, that he was in Portugal to uphold his family's Human Rights - you are a joke Gerry - what about the human rights of your daughter and those who seek the truth as to what really happened to her.

    Gerry, the truth will come out one day, whether it's today or in 10 or 20 years time - you will have to live with that fact, I hope you can.

  61. This is getting more bizarre by the day !! and the sickening thing about is NONE of this will be printed in the British newspapers ,all that will be printed is they have won the case ,but not HOW it got to that ,may they rot ,Good Luck Snr Amaral ,and thank you to all those who support him

  62. Sky News online headline: Madeleine McCann 'Died In Holiday Apartment'. First paragraph quotes chief inspector. Second paragraph talks about suspicious text messages. The charade is about to be over.

  63. Where is the pink one?, has he manned the lifeboat alone and left the ship to sink, events seem to be enlightening the UK public like never before, Sky news have finally woken up.
    Whatever the courts decision the info is now mainstream news and repeating what is said in court cannot be Carter Rucked.
    Backfired is not the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Not a word of this silencing of the police - and in the case of the UK self silencing - has made its way to the press in the UK.

    Utterly incredible!

  65. I'm no expert on Court procedures, especially in Portugal. I am hoping someone out there can answer this question. Does the Judge have the final say on behalf of both prosecution and defence as to whether the witnesses they respectively wish to call are necessary and need to be questioned? I have a feeling that if a Judge feels that certain witnesses are unnecessary and that it would be a waste of Court time, that the Judge could refuse a request from either prosecution or defence to have those witnesses called. I don't know and Portugal would have its own procedures anyway.

    Whatever happens, I think if the McC's succeed in preventing their appearances, people will draw their own conclusions anyway and they will look guilty in any case.

    Good luck from England. My best wishes to the good people of Portugal and I hope to be back there soon for a well deserved holiday and, no, I have never, or would I ever, consider leaving children alone and nor do I know anyone who thinks its a good idea!

  66. Don't forget people. We are days away from seeing the next set of annual accounts by the fraudulent Madeleine fund raising private company. A company run by four family members and Madeleine's Godfather.

  67. They've failed on that one: the witnesses in question are currently being questioned. The proceedings are being reported live, rather surprisingy by Sky News, here

  68. So- the bungling Birmingham FSS went to Portugal!

  69. Can't wait to hear Paiva's evidence about Gaspar statements.

  70. "Since when are defense wittnesses now allowed in court?"

    Nothing is being reported in the British Press . Corruption abounds . The McCann's wont escape with any crediblility no doubt about it . They and their supportes are now a laughing-stock , many , many people throughout the world are able to see quite easily that they have something dreadful to hide .

  71. Thankfully, the judge has decided to allow the investigators to be heard, also the officila police files to be produced to the ourts :)

  72. I'm following skynews live, SMSs from the court.
    Uptill now the defense was so bad, that I would not be surprised if the judge would arrest the Mccanns lawyers accusing them of incompetence.

  73. Ubelievable! Are these not the slimy tactics employed by organized criminals with sinister backers? Oh dear, by their actions they shall be known,eh.

    Best of luck to Mr Amaral. let's hope that book's back in the shops soon, and in the UK this time.

  74. 8-} Well well well! So the case file gets admitted as evidence, the detectives on this case are heard, and the McCanns to testify erm under oath?! Is this the opening of Pandora's box? Hmmmm.......

  75. Menzies testimony seems to be getting watered down ,and Bless them the Mc`s have said they will take the stand ONLY after Amaral ,I just love this quote from Gerry
    No-one can be allowed to say that our daughter can't be found without very good evidence.
    Gerry McCann
    NO-one can say she was abducted either Gerry !!!!

  76. The problem for this conning couple is that when they came up with the abduction fairy tale they did not realize they had created their own monster of Frankenstein, or Mr Hyde if you wish. A monster that has a life of its own, something they cannot control. how hard they try, even with the help of powers that are normally out of reach for the "normal citizen".
    Maybe, if in the beginning, they had left everything alone, the monster had died by lack of attention. But their greedy, narcissistic need for attention fed the monster and it has become very powerful. They should have moved away, changed their names and never mentioned this drama again, maybe, maybe they could have gotten away with it.

    The quote from Gerry (No-one can be allowed to say that our daughter can't be found without very good evidence. Gerry McCann) and the reasoning to block Dr. Amaral's witnesses from testifying gives a good look at their infantile magic way of thinking. "If I keep on saying there is no green monster in the closet, there will be none".

    However, the genie is out of the bottle, the toothpaste is out of the tube, there is no way they can put it back in or they can unring this bell, to use some all so true platitudes. With every step they take now, even if seemingly successful at first, they will leave more information on the internet. Information to be found by Sean and Amelie, or one of the other kids who were in PDL. If not by them, their friends will dig and find. How will it be when the twins ask you, Kate and Gerry, "did you really leave us alone when we were crying"? Or when a friend will say: "no, my parents don't want me to sleep over at your place because they think I will not get the proper care each child deserves".

    Now they are desperately trying to rewrite history so Amelie and Sean will never find out what really happened. They can't. Even if they win this week there will be more handles for future research and links to the real story about Madeleine.

    They might escape formal justice, but justice for Madeleine will be found through other children. The McCanns will not have one peaceful day the rest of their lives, and that's what they deserve.

  77. 12.33 "the mc`s were "ALWAYS TOTALLY PREPARED TO COME BACK FOR THE RECONSTRUCTION" What stopped them ?
    3 or 4 times witness claims British police witheld information and ruled the case !!! not going ALL the Mcs way up to now ,Their lawyer got IRATE and accused witness or crulety ,dismissed becasuse never charged ,getting dirty !! wowow this is looking good today

  78. The McScams time is up.
    They have now become a pathetic laughing stock.

  79. Another charity Gerry is involved with- BSCMR Company Director no 5258486 and board member. Abingdon OX13 6QD

  80. I hope that the Portuguese judiciary do not allow these twisters to win this ridiculous case - to claim that no one has disputed the claims of the McCanns therefore the claims are fact, whilst trying to stop anyone challenging them is ludicrous!

    If this is the work of Carter Ruck, their lawyers are hardly top flight, the argument is crazy, illogical and surely cannot stand up in court!

  81. Who is the McCanns 'suprise' witness Luis Frois?

  82. On reading the comments on the article in todays Mail I discover that the Mccanns have lost the battle in the UK.

    The truth always wins

  83. Interesting that the BBC have so far not reported on the trial and yet SKY News have it as their headline news with live up to the minute news from their reporter Jon Di Paolo. Interesting, very interesting.

  84. Following today's events in Court, the Scum seems to depart from its pro-McScam stance. No comments allowed yet


  85. @ post number 33. Excellent points!

    I want to wish Goncalo Amaral and Joana Morais all the best. There are many of us in England that secretly admire you! I am one of them! This Englishman is NOT going to be told by the McCanns what I can and can't believe! I don't believe child neglectors, nor the fairy tale abduction scenario. I am free to believe this. Nobody can tell me what to believe in my own head.

    As Catholics, you'd think the McCanns would know better! Isn't GREED one of the seven deadly sins, a.k.a. The Cardinal Sins? GREED will be their undoing.

    Warm Regards,

  86. Just noticed that the "leave a comment" feature has been disabled on the Sky live coverage site. Good job I got one in before they did.
    Good Luck Goncalo

  87. Who is this "Luis Frois" being called/used as a witness for Mc`s ?

  88. After following todays proceedings its no surprise at all they wanted these witnesses suppressed.

  89. On sky news this afternoon,Martin Brunt said that the McCanns had asked the judge to stop the files from being read,but she refused and said that they were to be allowed to be read by (i assume) people in the court, and also that the McCanns were to be questioned themselves within the next few days,i hope the judge tells the McCanns to go take a hike,their smug fake faces really get up my nose.

  90. Who is this mystery witness:
    Luis Frois’s Experience
    (Telecommunications industry)

    from linkdin

    So where are you? Biggest story ever in this websites history and no update?

  91. It seems that the McCanns will show up with a witness,Luis Frois, never heard of him, but I presume he is Mitchell's little brother.
    I followed skynews the whole day and I think the McCanns could better have allowed Amaral's book being published in the UK.
    I'm very happy the witnesses have gotten the chance to talk and that Skynews are publishing everything.
    A great chance for the British public to hear what happened.
    And a wondeful chance for the British media to finally talk about the conclusions of the investigations without being sued.
    And I pray Maddie's grandparents are following Skynews.

    I still hope they will be prepared to protect the twins and other vulnerable little children.
    It will be tough for them as parents but heroical as grandparents.
    I was really shocked about the word "murder" suggested by the Scotland Yard.
    sometimes it is a bloody world but I trust loving, responsible grandparents.

  92. So the British police officer exercises his right to silence, and the McCanns apply to gag those Portuguese officers and officials who are willing to testify.

    Beyond belief.

    I will be making another donation to PJGA in lieu of being able to stand outside the court with those of you who can.

    Buy the McCanns a red carnation on me!

    :) E

  93. Well, things seem to be going alright for Goncalo, so far! Let's hope it continues to do so and the smiles are wiped off the McCann faces! Let's also see what the British media say about the first day's Court Proceedings tomorrow! We might get a pleasant surprise!

  94. The trial has begun and the first witness for the defense has been heard:

    Maddie 'died in holiday flat'


    This report in The Sun is good news, so far, for Amaral. And the UK press is reporting it!

  95. Well, its been a pretty good day for Democracy and Democrats,so far,despite the attempts of the McCanns to have Sr.Amaral's defence witnesses banned from giving evidence,the Public Ministry prosecutor gave testimony via a Video-Link, and two P.J.Officers gave evidence in the Court. The Lawyer for the McCanns was cautioned by the Judge at one point,and later-on in the day tried to browbeat the witness------all to no avail! The McCanns may find that unwisely, they have chosen "to ride a tiger" and as the old saying goes"He who chooses to ride a tiger,may not choose when to dismount"!----The tiger in question is Goncarlo Amaral!

  96. ITV news in the UK still all Maccann, and the stupid detective still trying to Brainwash the UK public please God Mr Amaral wins this case
    Kate and Gerry looked like death warmed up or is it times up.

  97. Hello Viking, I agree with your post. I watched this case as it developed, on Sky News Internet. I think the McCanns are in for a very rough ride and even if they do win this case, which I hope they don't, their reputations are in tatters.

    I can imagine the ones who have donated to the fund, to be sick to the pits of their stomachs, when they heard the graphic details of the evidence that was found in both apartments the McCanns lived in and the hired car.

    Have you had a look at the mccfann.com website? There is a better explanation of yesterday's events.

  98. I have just emailed the BBC to ask why they have not bothered to report today's events on their website.

  99. From the Telegraph online comes this little gem....

    A third witness said the turning point of the investigation came following a tearful call from Mrs McCann who, after a dream, told police where to search for her daughter’s body.

    Police Inspector Ricardo Paiva, who acted as a liason between the McCanns and Portuguese police in the days following their daughter’s disappearance told the court he had received the phone call in late July 2007.

    “Kate called me, she was alone as Gerry was away and she was crying,” he said. “She said she had dreamt that Madeleine was on a hill and that we should search for her there.

    Edited out of the Sky report for some reason!
    What was she trying to tell them?

  100. The daily macmirror is reporting front page sick cops outburst in court says Maddie is dead Mr Amaral should sue the mirror when this is all over. If Mr Amaral wins this case please God he will, it may only be the start The Maccanns are still well protected by the UK Govenment it will still be a long hard slog to get them in Jail.

  101. The ODIOUS pair did this to themselves. God be with you Mr.Amaral.

  102. it has been a good day for madeleine at last...watch her mothers face as she leaves in the car...she knows the number is up.
    a good day for madeleine...
    the little girl who has been forgotten by her parents.

  103. The Mirror, Martin Fricker should get his facts right. Has twisted the facts and calls Mr Amaral disgraced cop. I just hope when he wins this case and after today I think he will, that Mr Amaral sues some of these worse than useless journalists. Most of them to my surprise have reported the proceedings of today factually and fairly.

    Good luck tomorrow Mr Amaral and may there be JUSTICE served for you and Maddie

  104. Can Amaral call the McCanns as witnesses. Does he want to? Would it be a good idea? I would have thought you could blow this apart - but might that be playing into their hands - "persecuted by the Portugese"... all that nonsense.

  105. Brunt the lying basta*d is still at it two years on. He is on Sky today saying that a year ago the McCanns were "absolved of all suspicion". Bullsh*t. First of all Mr. Brunt, are you forgetting that we are now in 2010 and the case files were released in 2008?

    His journalistic qualities are shoddy at best. There may as well be a robot reading the news. His factual information is abysmal.

    #60 - out of 99 posts, yours is perhaps the only one to note that Pinky was absent. This has to be a major breakthrough. CM has not been there to spin when clearly the McCanns are being swatted like flies by the witnesses. No wonder the McCanns' lawyer was rebuked by the Judge. She had to resort to "below-the-belt" comments because that's all they have left in the tank.

  106. I wonder if Luis Frois will be giving evidence relating to mobile phones and where they indicate the owners were that evening ? Just a thought

  107. Now I remember Goncalo told on As tardes de Júlia, last May, that his telephone and emails were controlled and he did no know by whom.

  108. Luis Frois, a witness for the McCanns?

    Metado3 perhaps?

  109. well i sat by my computer all day and for the first time since i heard about madeleine i have been pleased.

    the mccanns have been made to look complete fools by their legal team. not getting the requuired answer so we will resort to insults? is that woman rosiepops lol.

    go goncalo you have siupport from all over our humble little planet and if you do manage to get thm on the stand i ask you please to rip apart their evidence then send thm to the nearest police station on charges of abandonment.

    a great first day i must say nand also very refreshing to see it all on sky news? i hope it lasts.

    steve uk

  110. The McCanns are only in Portugal to get justice for Madeliene and their family apparently. Not there for the 1 million euros then!

    Although the UK media is reporting the case on their front pages, it's not over till the fat lady sings, so we mustn't get the idea that Goncalo Amaral has won yet because anything could happen, especially as the McCann's lawyers are advising the McCanns to give their evidence after Goncalo. They will certainly have an advantage over him by insisting on this.

    The good thing to come out of this so far though is that those of the British public who think the sun shines out of their a...s may think again after reading what is being printed today.

    God be with you Goncalo! And may Madeleine finally get the justice she deserves.

  111. Its a living disgrace that the McCanns weren't charged with at least harming Madeleine, after scents of death were found not only in the apartment they shared with Madeleine, but the apartment they moved to, after Madeleine's disappearance and the car they hire, 3 weeks after she disappeared.

    I hope it comes out in court, just how much interference the PJ had by British Authorities, including the police and the Government. Plus the names of those who interfered. I bet Gordon Brown is squirming at the moment, because the McCanns and certain members of their family, bragged that Gordon Brown gave the McCanns, his personal telephone number and said they could call him any time, day or night.

    I hope Richard Branson and all those who have backed the McCanns, are watching this court case as it unfolds, because if they didn't believe the McCanns, were more involved with Madeleine's death before, they sure as hell do now.

  112. I think Gerry McCann is a psycopath and I'm not being dramatic. I saw a programme the other week, about Jeremy Bamber, who murdered his adoptive parents, adoptive sister and her two children.

    There was footage of Jeremy Bamber being taken away in a police car, he turned and grinned at the camera. Years after the murder, he is still insisting that his sister, murdered her children and parents, even though there was proof she couldn't have done.

    Jeremy Bamber, was described by a psychiatrist, as a psycopath and she named some of the characteristics of him, that drew her to that conclusion. His temper, the fact that he blames anyone and anything but himself and the grinning he does.

    Those 3 descriptions of Jeremy Bamber, describe Gerry McCann perfectly. Along with others I saw the You Tube video where the McCanns and friends were waiting to board the plane. One of their friends told Gerry McCann, to cheer up, because he was going on holiday. He said "F**k off" I'm not going on holiday to enjoy myself. He also stomped out of a television studio, when he was asked some reasonable, but in his case unreasonable questions about events surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine.

    Most of us have seen the photographs of the McCanns laughing and joking in PDL, Including the one where they held up a cheque. What sickens we though is how he grins, when he is being filmed on his way to whereever, yesterday and today are the court appearances.

    Gerry McCann may or may not be a psycopath, but he is definately someone, I would not feel comfortable, being around. I feel sorry for Sean and Amalie, having the McCanns as parents, because Kate McCann is as bad as Gerry McCann. Maybe her temper isn't as bad as his, but she neglected her children as well as him and she along with her husband is responsible for whatever happened to Madeleine.

    Plus Kate McCann along with her husband, insists they have done nothing wrong and they are responsible parents, who love their children very much.

    The way the McCann children were treated by their parents in PDL, showed they weren't loved and I'm amazed that they didn't dispose or arrange for all 3 of their children to be disposed of, instead of just Madeleine.

    I hope more evidence is produced today, that is enough for this case to be reopened. I also hope those who helped the McCanns evade justice are named and shamed.

    Mr Amaral is right to have written that book and there was enough evidence produced yesterday, to say why it should be put back on the shelf of the bookshops.

  113. Anon @ 100

    The BBC did report the story at 21:01 on 12 January


    Mr B


  115. Actually it turned out to be in Dr Amaral's favour that he was disparaged in the press. This way the witness could point it out it was still happening and he did.

  116. ITV News reporter today definitely pro McCanns. Gerry was in a filthy temper when talking to the reporters and interrupted one who had the audacity to ask him a question so nobody could hear it and he didn't have to answer.

    I think he has left Portugal because he is very peeved and also, very cleverly, so Kate can get the sympathy vote when and if she takes the platform as a bereaved and suffering mother.

    Gerry saying to the reporters that the twins missed their sister so much is poppycock - they were so young when she disappeared they will hardly remember her as a sibling, unless of course the McCanns are still brainwashing the twins to suit their own ends.

  117. The UK press have singularly failed to report the McCanns attempts at blocking the appearance of police officers.

  118. What about being there to answer questions? Gerry goes off, leaving Kate to face the music. Didn't her family say he always put work first. I thought Madeleine should have been his first priority.
    On another point "unreliable" sniffer dogs sent out to help in Haiti.

  119. Quite scary when he's angry. Madeleine's relatives did comment on how she wouldn't dare run off or words similar.I can see why!

  120. A damning report against the McCann's one hour ago:


  121. The guilty is always afraid. This poor girl deserves justice.

  122. Do not underestimate the power of the mccanns, gerry has gone back to UK, To work...no I dont think so..to do a little more string pulling. Dont think he will leave Kate to face the judge, without him to pinch her hand, but maybe Kate now is strong and can hold her own defence, she has always sounded a bit thick when she speaks, for sure if she is alone she will faint and use artificial tears.The judge being a woman lets hope she over rides the sympathy bit. Something very dirty is about to be pulled, by gerry when he gets back to UK, why leave the court in the middle proceedings to hold a mini press conference, I hope sincerly they decide to reopen this case and i pray Goncarlo will win. Keep your eye on gerry!!

  123. The british press have, almost from the beginning been gagged when it comes to the Mccann story. One example of which, that no one else seems to have picked up on, was when Shannon Mathews went missing. It was patently obvious to me what had happened. Shannon's mum and family had seen the millions pouring in for the Madeleine fund, yet our press made no mention of that and always maintained that Karen Mathews was after the 50, 000 reward. And just how would Karen Mathews have known, before the "abduction" that there would be a £50, 000 reward, a crystal ball perhaps?. I believe this was done so as not to upset Gerry and Kate Mccann, whome in all likelyhood would really not have liked a story about how someone was trying to copy them and fake an abduction and get millions of pounds sent to them. The media in the UK is terrified it will be sued by this shifty pair if it puts one toe out of line, it stinks. GOOD LUCK MR AMARAL, LONG LIVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH (such as it it nowadays........).

  124. Personally I have never believed the Abduction theory and feel that these two (Mccanns) are a national disgrace. My hope is that the blinkered british public who seem to be so pro mccann will at last realise they have been conned.
    Their behaviour has been and still is despicable. I am a british ex patriate and personally dont feel inclined to even consider living in the UK while the country is run by such donkeys and with a press that is shameful to say the least.
    I hope and pray that Mr Amaral will win the right to have his say and that in some way justice will be served to that sadly neglected child. Good Luck Mr Amaral

  125. A British newspaper has said Dr Amaral swore at the British press when in fact he wished the McCanns good luck. I would have thought he had every right to swear considering what he has been put through by the media. I'm so glad to learn he was being kind. Now British press you must apologise for what you have said about this matter, in my opinion!

  126. The hearing, which is one step in a lengthly legal battle in which the McCanns are seeking libel damages worth at least 1 million euros, has been adjourned until February 10.

  127. By Fiona Govan in Lisbon
    Published: 4:33PM GMT 14 Jan 2010

    Madeleine McCann: Portuguese detective 'won't be silenced'
    Kate and Gerry McCann could be forced to endure hearing repeated allegations of their involvement in their daughter’s disappearance in courts across Europe for years to come, it emerged

  128. Good point Anon 125.

    Of course, how would they have known about the reward while they were planning it?

    But they did know about the McCanns Fund, and all the money they were sent to supposedly search for Madeleine.

    It is also a possibility, that somebody will some day really kill a child, and completely dispose of its body in order to do this. There really are people out there who are as evil as that.

    This sort of Fund should be banned, and money sent to a central organisation if people wish to donate. Then people could really be sure money is not being spent on mortgage payments, etc.

  129. If the UK press think Sr Amaral swore then he should take time to go speak to them, and explain the truth. Or get somebody to explain.

    The media are such liars, and they also like to put a spin on a story. That's why the McCanns' spokesman was so successful.

    If you avoid the UK media they will make it up anyway. Sad to say, but true. They have to sell newspapers.

    Also, if they ask him any questions, the media need to be told that he is unable to answer because he was gagged by the request of the McCanns WHO DON'T WANT THE TRUTH ABOUT THE EVIDENCE POINTING TO A DEATH IN THE APARTMENT TO BE KNOWN.

    That is really what the case is about. It is not a libel case as is being constantly reported.

  130. post 130 You are absolutely right. If funds like this are set up, it should be controlled and administered by an independently appointed body;to prevent fraud and the even more disturbing possibility of people faking abductions or carrying out murders to make money.


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