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Madeleine: McCann Couple will be at the Trial that Prohibits Gonçalo Amaral's Book

Lisbon, 09 Jan (Lusa News Agency) - Kate and Gerry McCann will be present Tuesday, in Lisbon, at the beginning of the trial of the temporary injunction that forbids the sale of the book "Maddie, The Truth of the Lie", by Gonçalo Amaral, said today to Lusa a source connected to the English family.

The McCanns return to Portugal to attend the hearing at 7th Civil Court of Lisbon, after having appeared in the Courthouse for the first session of the trial on December 11 that was postponed until January 12 due to the illness of Gonçalo Amaral's lawyer, António Cabrita.

The trial, in which the defense of Gonçalo Amaral, former Inspector of the Judiciary Police (PJ), the book author, will present the argumentation in opposition to the McCann family, will continue in the following days, on the 13th and 14th of January, also beginning at 9:30am.

from TVI (besides the text above)

In the process, Kate and Gerry McCann, represented by the Lawyer Isabel Duarte, allege that the book "Maddie, The Truth of the Lie" and the video with the same title divulge the thesis of Gonçalo Amaral, considered unsustainable by them, of the involvement of Madeleine's parents in her disappearence.

Therefore, they requested to the Court the removal from the market, though provisionally, of the book and the video [DVD] produced after the documentary was broadcast by TVI.

In this process, besides the former PJ inspector there were also targeted the publishing house 'Guerra & Paz', the producer Valentim de Carvalho and TVI, attached to the main action, in which the McCann family claimed the protection of rights, freedoms and guarantees.

The parents of the English child who disappeared on May 3, 2007 from the bedroom of a touristic resort in Praia da Luz, Algarve, presented another action against Gonçalo Amaral, with the accusation of defamatory statements; in which they claim damages of at least 1.2 million euros.

In the scope of the claim, a provisional measure of seizure of assets was requested, which was partially implemented, and is waiting for the completion of the due dilligence for its conclusion.

in Visão with Lusa and in TVI


  1. I suppose we will have to endure the bleating McCanns yet again, and Kate thinner and frailer than ever.

    Don't worry though fans of the McCanns, I'm sure things will perk up for them if they get their way and back to their normal controlling selves.

    It must have been quite a shock for them when Sr Amaral wouldn't roll over and let them walk all over him.

    Hopefully the judge will see the light, and see through this pair of control freaks and send them packing, their load of spin 'abduction theory' and all.

  2. I pray it doesn't do them any good.
    This farce has gone on for too long as it is.
    No chance of them being arrested when they get there??

  3. Well they appear very desperate to hear what the witnesses for Sr Amaral has to say, each and every visit has been for their benefit only. Not even the thought of their daughter being held in a wilderness near PDL could drag them back to Portugal, yet to disguise the truth and replenish the fund nothing stops them from returning.

    They must also be very disappointed at the refusal of the Cipriano appeal. Just a matter of time before all the lies become transparent.

  4. Oh yer and what if their EasyJet flights are cancelled due to bad weather which th whole of the UK is dealing with at the mo, Ive had a few emails of people I know that are going across to PT on Monday for the trial and they have all said they believe that their flights will be cancelled.

  5. The McCanns hit gold when they decided that Madeleine was a "good marketing ploy" and they will pursue any avenue that brings the cash rolling in. Of course they will turn up next week, it keeps up the "awarness" that they still need more money!!

  6. My crystal ball is glowing and I predict that Madeleine will eventually be found in the UK (safe and well) and that this whole farce has been a giant hoax to raise vast amounts of money. Does anyone really believe that almost 2 million has been spent looking for Madeleine?

  7. Yes they can manage to get their backsides to PT when TRYING to sue somebody twice in 1 month, but ask them to return todo a reconstruction of that tragic night and NO Kate can't return as it is to difficult and deeply emotional for her, but suing someone now thats different........................ FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Can anyone please tell me where I can find an email address to send Goncalo a good luck message?

    Along with many others, I have posted messages on here for him, but I don't know if he reads this website. I hope he does, because he will be heartened by the level of support he is getting from all of his friends here.

    I'm sure the "gruesome twosome" and their equally gruesome team, read these posts. Lets hope the McCanns are greatly disheartened by the level of criticisms they are getting here and on other forums they visit.

    Along with other posters, I hope the judge throws this case out of court and he has people standing by, waiting to cart this evil pair to the "slammer"

    I hope Goncalo sues the McCanns, for defamation of character.

  9. They have a very expensive army of lawyers and PR in Portugal. Why mccann don't let them to do their work they are paid for?
    Why they want to be there, or do they have to?

  10. And Kate couldn't be bothered to search for Madeleine that night because, after all, it was dark. No torches?

    Or answer the 48 questions regarding the disappearance of her daughter.

    I hope the judge is aware of the antics of the 'no stone unturned' parents.

    Can only conclude that money they will go miles for.

    No money in a police reconstruction to help find their daughter is there.

  11. Quote #6
    Does anyone really believe that almost 2 million has been spent looking for Madeleine?

    my answer is: NO

  12. How can they get to Portugal with the bad weather in the UK, we are snowed under worst weather conditions for years Branson will probably get them there by private jet, all flights have been cancelled, This pair are shameless

  13. Hello Anonymous (6) I sincerely hope that Madeleine is found safe and well, but if she is, I hope she is not returned to her parents. They have already started to brainwash the twins, by telling them one minute a moster has taken Madeleine, then buying them gifts for Christmas and birthdays and telling them Madeleine sent them.

    The latest trick the McCanns played on the twins was, when they set a place for her at their table on Christmas day. One can imagine these little children, with their faces pressed against the window, looking for their big sister.

    How disappointed they would have been, when she never arrived.

  14. Are they going to drag the twins there as well?

  15. Anon 9

    Doubt they have to be there, but it is good for the 'pathetic, poor me' PR.

    They are said to be taking their children along with them this time too.

    Good ploy to try and get them what they want. They are, of course, only doing all this for their children, Madeleine included! Ha.

    Nothing to do with the silencing of the truth, and the money then McCanns?

    Yeah, sure!

  16. They'll drag the twins along, this time. I hope the British social services take note of the shameless, abusive use of children for financial purposes. Couldn't be bothered to return, not once, to cooperate with the police or to actually look for their daughter. But to extort money out of a former cop, they'll return as often as necessary! How the British public fail to see what this pair really is about, I cannot understand. The Portuguese are not fooled. And they are less and less amused.

  17. Kathybelle

    They use their kids like this.

    It is all good to keep up the pretence of an abduction, that is why they keep pushing it and spinning their lies.

    They should not be allowed to continue with this farce, and the book containing the truth of the investigation with its findings should be released from the gag. Looking forward to seeing it in the UK book shelves.

    The McCanns are all about control and messing with people's minds with their marketed 'abduction' brainwashing.

    The abduction of Madeleine has been dismissed by the official investigators who believe the child died in the apartment, and Sr Amaral says there is evidence that she is definitely dead.

    The parents were informed of this, but instead of reacting like parents should, they carry on with this farce and they are getting a lot of money sent them. They want the truth silenced, and everybody who dares to say contrary to them are to be silenced by their legal team fear tactics.

    As human beings go, I think they are a disgrace.

  18. 8, maybe you can send an email to Amaral, through editora guerra&paz in Portugal and ask them to send it to Amaral.

  19. In my opinion, the McCanns are taking the twins to Portugal, because they know there will be a crowd outside, waiting to shout their disapproval to them. They know that if they take the twins, there is a good chance no one will shout anything to them.

    They are using the twins, to cover their backs, just as they have used Madeleine's disappearance, to feather their nest.

  20. No.6, unless this is a great big scam of epic proportions Madeleine is not going to pop up alive.

    More the pity, because how lovely if this little girl were still alive.

    As for two million, I bet the McCanns have had much more than that given them in two and a half years, but who is to know?

    They can say anything, as there is no accountability. Yet people are sending money believing it is all going to be spent searching for Madeleine.

    If only they knew.

  21. I don't agree with the greed explanation. Money just cautions the validity of their thesis. Money is mainly spent on lawyers and PRs. The more money is collected the more credible their thesis appears. Of course it's of no use to convince those who are following the case. But those are not many. The great majority of people just know two ou three things. They may even know that 2 months mortgage were paid using the fund, but as no other fault has been denounced, the only one, unconcealed, operates as a caution of their basic integrity (at the time they weren't earning any money, being in PDL). From a far away point of view, this huge amount of money seems to testify their total innocence.

  22. Kate needs to play her role.She needs the judge to see her looking tired, crying, shaking her head with grief.The mccanns need the judge to remember how much they have been suffering because of the nasty inspector.That's why they are coming.But I hope the judge looks them in the eyes ad tells them :Leave this man alone!Liars!

  23. where is it claimed that 2m pounds has been spent on the search?

  24. The court should demand official proof that Madeleine was abducted, from the official police investigation, before it requires anyone to conform to the premise, otherwise the court is demanding conformity to something that has no basis in fact, or reality. If I say my purse was stolen with £1,000 in it, and the police, after investigation say it wasn't, can I sue the policeman, NO, not without reasonable proof that the money was in it? If I say my purse was teken by aliens, can I sue you for saying that it's unlikely, NO. Why should liars be believed?

  25. Victims have to attend Court when they're in good physical state, otherwise the victim song would be a bit discredited.
    They also have to prove they're so innocent that they're not afraid of GA.
    They lost someone, he not only didn't but made a lot of money out of it : they are the victims, he's the manipulator.

  26. IMO this couple should leave the court room gagged and..... handcuffed.

  27. #23, where has it ever been stated that the Fund was to be used for lawyers, pr, spokesmen, for the McCanns themselves etc? People were asked to donate to THE SEARCH.

  28. Kathybelle, you can leave a support message for Mr. Amaral here


  29. aacg

    When truth is silenced, as it is in this case, we are all the victims of the McCanns and their SPIN.

    Too late for Madeleine, left by her negligent parents night after night, but they are bent on ruining the lives of anybody else who crosses their path and tries to tell the truth of what the investigators believe, which is,



    Nobody should give any money to the McCanns until they prove what they are saying. They can't, the so called 'abduction' of Madeleine is just a marketing ploy.

    And a lucrative one at that.

  30. Kate will have had a VERY stressful weekend ,she will have stayed up all night ,starved herself so her image of haggered ,tormented Mother shine through...Read this "In the process, Kate and Gerry McCann, represented by the Lawyer Isabel Duarte, allege that the book "Maddie, The Truth of the Lie" and the video with the same title divulge the thesis of Gonçalo Amaral, considered unsustainable by them, of the involvement of Madeleine's parents in her disappearence."
    I wonder how this case has ever got to court ?Of course it was through their actions Maddie is no longer here !! IF they had stayed in that night she would be here (or so they expect us to believe) the case has MASSIVE holes in ,and I hope Sr Amaral points them all out

  31. I wish somebody would ask them whether their mortgage has been paid off yet?

    And if they say no, then ask for the proof.

  32. anon 23, the mccanns have raised in excess of 2m to assist them to search for madeleine but only a very tiny percentage has been spent on leaflets, dubious detective agencies etc. as they state that they will soon run out of money, one can only presume that the balance has been spent protecting themselves (pr, lawyers etc) and feathering their nest.

  33. Anon at 32

    Did the information of 2m come from the McCanns?

    If it did, I would doubt very much what they say. It is probably much more than that. There is no accountabilty, and people have to reply on what they tell them.

    They also said they had no credit cards, and then produced one when they wanted to hire a car.

  34. Anon 30

    Yep, and if they win the case no doubt Kate will be back to her glamourous self in no time, cheesing away with Gerry for the family pics.

    We have seen it all before.

  35. se uk passa por uma imensa vaga de frio e se os aviões não levantarem...(se calhar apenas os de low cost,propositadamente) e se o amigo não emprestar o jacto....podem vir pelo canal que separa a ilha do Mundo.

  36. Well...if flights are cancelled they could order a private jet,couldnt they? or are the "days of glory" long gone now? :))
    Not a word from lawyer Isabel Duarte ?Didnt SHE ask them for THEIR support in front of a very ANGRY Portuguese public this time? jeje...
    They simply MUST go and this is what they are doing and they cant escape it.
    Lets see the "news" in the daily crap and others this weekend.....lets see what they will come up with before the HEARING x( NOT the trial ffs

  37. http://justiceformaddie.blogspot.com/2010/01/time-and-date-was-stuck-on-their-camera.html

  38. It would be useful if this man could testify to His conclusions about staging
    Prof Dave Barclay.


  39. I hope Richard Brandson , has now turned his back on the McCann's , he alegedly said recently that he is against the new scanning methods shortly to be introduce into U.K. airport security systems . He is saying that they will slow down the passengers coming through the security checks . He is concerned that people won't fly because they won't want to be humiliated .

    Hopefully he might , in reality , be against the abuse of human beings who are going to be subjected to humiliation . The new scanners (so we are led to believe) will enable security staff to view naked human images .

    Just my thoughts , Hopefully Brandson , might now have come to realise just what tyranny he has become involved with , regarding the finacial support he has given to Camp McCann to enable them to prevent our human right to Freedom of Expression .

  40. My post #23 was in response to someone saying 2m was spent on the search - I assumed they meant paid to private detectives, that's why I asked who actually claimed that much had gone on PI's.

    As for how much has been raised its well over the 2m mark from what I have read before

  41. ;)) I draw your attention to an article just published in the McCann Files (http://mccannfiles.com/id232.html).

    This was written by Dr Martin Roberts and entitled "Libel to Become Unstuck". It starts (quote/unquote): "What price legal lunacy?".

    An expert's opinion well worth reading. Recommended.

    Good luck for Dr. Amaral on Tuesday. Well, he does not need luck. He only needs Justice, the question is: is there any of it left in Portugal or has it all been exhausted since 1974?

    Joana...keep up the good work ;)

  42. Iris Robinson N. Ireland MP with HQ in Newtonards in scandal involving giving £50k to her young lover. Philomena and John McCann met her at House of Commons in May 2007 and got her support.
    Laing O'Rourke Construction and John Geraghty, with company link to Ireland.
    John Geraghty, businessman in PDL who helped the McCanns.Are they one and the same?
    Failed PFI bid at Leicester Hospital- bidder Laing O'Rourke.
    Newtonards Glen Waters project- Laing O'Rourke. Was Iris involved with Ards Planning Committee?
    Are there any links or all co-incidences

  43. Anonymous 29,
    I agree with you, the people are the fooled ones and this is why I post in this blog actually. Justice was manipulated and our idea of justice suffered. That's enough to react. The last drop was of course that insane idea to gag GA.
    I don't bother about the little girl since she's dead and I'm a total atheist. I think the idea Madeleine died alone destroyed Kate (my child dying alone would destroy me): this could justify, on a egoistic level, the lies : she's suffering enough, no earthly punishment can exceed that.
    Why were the people fooled ? Just to give strength to a big illusion (and if one day they confess, they'll say it was a martyr they impose on them for the sake of the little angel twins). The more they lied, the more they were believed and the more they were themselves convinced their lies were the truth after all. No wonder they need a shrink.
    In the beginning, it was all right, they got slowly but surely accustomed to the reality they were building. One of the advantages was that they didn't think too much of Madeleine being dead, they had the medias around and they had to face them. When they started to realize there was no way out of their abduction staging, they made sure a scapegoat would allow them to breathe in peace. GA, with the Joana case yet on his shoulders, was a great opportunity.
    The trouble came when his book started to cross the Portuguese boundaries. A book that developed a totally opposed thesis : not alive but dead. They started to project themselves in the future and to wonder what the ados twins would ask and think one day. What, for example, would they answer when asked "Would still Madeleine be with us if we hadn't been left alone ?" -- May be, but not surely, the abductor could have entered when we were sleeping... or she might have had a heart attack as her heart condition was bad... or life is full of dangers, who knows whether she would be alive to-day...
    Anyhow they reflected their innocence had to be very solidly established and for this GA had to be silenced for good. Simple !
    Nothing guaranties that, after GA being silenced (if he loses in Court), no other one will pop up. I hope one will.

  44. Thank you Joana for the email address. xx

  45. "the McCann family claimed the protection of rights, freedoms and guarantees." AH! AH! Where that pair of clowns have been when their daughter disapear? Their care about " protections of rights", "freedmons" and "guarantees" was born and grow-up since their daughter disapear as same as the very convennient FUND with a lot of money hired without mucn effort.
    They are so scandalous ridiculous when we compare how much they care about their image an how less they care about the safe of their childs.

    I hope people at Lisbon airport and in front the court will recieve them in silence with mouth ribbons and many slogans asking them to show the Court and the Country a single evidence of an abduction.

  46. Can people stand outside the court with blown up pictures of the McCanns jogging and coming out of church laughing after Madeleine 'disappeared'. That will counteract the tired, sad Kate who is probably being dragged there by Gerry to make their side look good.

    I still want to know how they are getting away with this and how they have got this far with this charade.

    Does anyone know if they still contact the rest of the T7 and if they are still supporting the McCanns?

  47. 2010 seems to be a bad year for all the EVILS with troubles in justice:

    -Socrates cousin, which just arrived from China, was heard about the use of Socrates name in the Freeport to get some profits. He confirmed to the court that he used socrates name with his permission. PINTO MONTEIRO and Nascimento Rodrigues will be running around all the week to see what they can do to close the mouth of that inconvennient cousin. Seems that he learn some Life philosophy with Chineses.

    - Aidida Porto, Esmeralda Biological mother, had her intention ruined by her sister which let the court know's that Aidida has more children which she left in BraZil with their fathers.

    DIRTY GAMES HAVE BEEN PLAYED WITH COURTS IN PORTUGAL and we are paying all that circus with our taxes.

    IT is time for somebody to invite Maddie Grandparents( Kate Mum and Gerry father). Let them talk in the court. Maybe they have something very important to reveal on the behalf of their grandaughter justice.


    I Don't believe Kate will attend the court audience. At the very last time she will find an excuse to avoid facing the portuguese people outside the court and lie again. Her husband is an expert on this issue. He will be coming for the wine... the good weather( even cold it is much better then in the UK0, for the 5 stars hotel and for the VIP STARS FEELING with dozen of journalists folowing him.

  48. Lets hope that the book is distributed widely regardless of the McCanns use of money to silence their critics...we all know that the McCanns are fraudsters - we know they are responsible for the loss of Madeleine (having made only one view according to their own story, their other alleged checks were just listening at the door that night) so if she WAS abducted, which is the least likely possibility, it couldnt have happened if they hadnt neglected their children.

    I expect justice not to be done, so the alternative fix is to make sure the book is widely distributed and in the public domain - expecially in the rigid restricted police and state controlled UK!

  49. ;;) Does that surprise you, not me!

    This can not surprise us ... a trial that could bring him the mosdeste sum of 1.200000 euros! myself, I cross the Sahara and all the oceans for that!

    If Family Mac Cann manages to win, bien des gens très malins comme G. and K.Mac Cann think that that losing a child, you can become rich !!

    In any case, those who might be preparing to do the same, they must know they no one find never as much help and luck and the relations, as have benefited K. and G. Mac Cann had to help them cope ...
    But the game is not played yet ... we must be patient.
    Maybe a nice surprise for Mr Amaral could make the difference!
    The future alone will tell!

  50. I hope they will boo them, I would.

    But they wont, because they will no doubt have the children with them to ensure that.

    I think they are absolutely despicable, and that lawyer of theirs.

    What on earth does she think she is doing to try to help silence freedom of speech.

    Making plenty of money out of it though, no doubt she will be getting her thirty pieces of silver, and the rest.

    No wonder she now looks like some haunted creature, it is a wonder she sleeps nights.

  51. To 38 I always thought Prof. Barclay's assessment was very interesting. The McCanns have never tried to slag him off, like they do others. Perhaps so as mot to draw attention to his name. So let's give "PROFESSOR BARCLAY RIGHT" as a headline.

  52. Judging by past form, I believe the McCanns will attend the hearing! Remember how Kate was supposed to be frail and ill at the thought of going back to Portugal for the proposed reconstruction yet was well enough to go to Brussels to attend an EU meeting.

  53. Sr Amaral knows Madeleine is dead, and so do the investigators who worked on the case, and that she died in the apartment and her body then removed. They have their 'stand alone evidence' as one of them puts it.

    If the case were reopened there is only one way it would go, and that is pointing back at them, so the McCanns don't want that case opened ever again.

    What a Sword of Damocles to have hanging over their heads.

  54. The children should be attending school, rather than being used as props by their parents. Will it be an authorised absence, if it actually happens?

  55. Yes! that is true, K and G. Mac Cann Firstly, they must try to remove this ugly story, which is so annoying and sewn lies, report written by Amaral and the result of work done by all the police teams who participated in development of this thesis.
    But in fact, how will they be able to prove the opposite of what is shown in this book, but still prove as there is evidence and demonstrate a kidnapping?
    I fear they are likely to fall in their own trap !
    This battle will be very dangerous, I think!
    Will they succeed in bringing the real controversy in their testimonies and evidence?

  56. I can only conclude from all the photos and TV appearances of the McCanns, and their change of appearance and apparent moods, they must have done some kind of amature dramatics when younger.

    More like HAMature. But Kate is getting a bit better with the lip quivering now.

    She still looks like Gerry is working her from the back though.

    They must also be be keeping their laughing, mirth filled, photos, for their own photo album of late.

    No doubt they cannot have failed to see the comments about them and their laughter.

  57. I am not at all surprised that the McCanns will be making a second visit to Lisbon within a month ( nor would I be surprised if they brought their two young chuldren with them )

    Back in November, Clarence Mitchell said, at a PR conference in Dubai :

    "A few months later I needed to get positive messages out into the media and rebuff the lies. We had to challenge the preconceptions - this was done privately with editors. We had to establish our own narrative and key messages"

    In other words, Clarence Mitchell uses the media to distract attention away from negative news, by the timely planting 'positive' stories.

    I believe this need to 'shape' the news is what lies behind the McCanns making this unecessary trip to Lisbon.

    They only intend being there on the first day afterall, and on this day the only real news generated will be that of the appearance of Amaral's witnesses, and what they have to say.

    I am quite sure that the British media, at least, will be largely ignoring the 'real' news ( that of Amaral's witnesses ) and will, instead, be carrying stories based on Kate and Gerry's visit.

    Of course, this planned shaping of the news was thrown into disarray when the first hearing was posponed ... and the media coverage of Kate McCann's first trip back to PDL was largely wasted.

    This would explain any decision to take their young children with them this time ... it will add a different perspective, from which the British media will undoubtedly focuss all coverage of the day's events.

  58. Well, naturally they'll go to the court hearing - this IS about money, after all. They've been back to Portugal twice recently, both times about lawyers and suing for over a million euros, so why not go back a third time? Money is SO important, isn't it?

    But what about going to help Dave Edgar look for Madeleine, since he says she's being held within 10 miles of Praia da Luz? Will they go to help him search for her? Um ... er ... dunno ...

    HA! THAT will be the day! Money, money, money ... got to get one's priorities right!

  59. Perhaps Martin Brunt might be following the case and will report the facts. He did appear to think that Kate McCann would be charged the first time round.

    He also made a documentary and mentioned the missing blue bag and the crying child. He has had to back off since the McCanns weren't charged, but he may be waiting, biding his time for even more information to come out.

    Hopefully, anyway.

  60. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1241773/Armed-police-storm-plane-Heathrow-Airport-security-threat-board.html

    SNIFFER DOGS brought in...Now I wonder does MCCANN think these also unreliable or is it hust Cadaver dogs?

  61. @ post #60, not just "unreliable", Gerry said the dogs were "INCREDIBLY unreliable". Like you, I'd like to know if this only applies to cadaver dogs.

  62. Martin Brunt and Jon Clements...both call themselves 'Crime Reporters' Jon Clements was digging for the truth..post a little disturbance on his Blog and he bans you...Cowards and Light weights the pair of them.

  63. I sincerely wish Sr Amaral and his team can convince the court BUT to my opinion he has very little chance to succeed ; don't forget this case went politics(Amaral could not even complete his investigation !) The Truth doesn't go with Law.

  64. The McCanns have got the be some of the the most arrogant chuffs around.

    Saying something like that about the dogs, and nobody in authority contradicts them. What's the matter, are they afraid they may get threatened by their lawyers?

    How the hell do they get away with it?

    It is plainly a load of spin, and the dogs are incredibly reliable.

    Oh, to see this pair brought down and their spin exposed.

    How can anybody but their close relatives support them, that is the great mystery.

  65. "Searches made of the local section of child abuse investigation shows a registration number 19309 in CATS (system of action location). A consultation with the DC Soand from the department in question confirms that this is just a file reference, but as a complement to Operation Task system for the purpose of reference, if any investigation should be necessary by the department. No work has been done on the basis of this file. "


    Were the mccann being investigated for child abuse?

  66. http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/gsd/bulletins_read/207437.html

    Shu...some interesting posts on cadaver dogs..

  67. The McCanns are afraid of : the truth, Eddie & Keela, Dr. Amaral, bloggers & forum participants who do not accept media spin, foreign nationals who cannot be silenced by Carter Ruck, Halligen - who may talk out of a need for personal protection, the Irish Smiths - a sighting that they NEVER mention, vacationers who saw things they haven't talked about in public yet, Raymond Hewlett's family - who will not back down when the McCanns complete their attempts to claim he is "taking the secrets of Maddie's disappearance to his grave", British civil servants who have been removed from their positions, anyone in Ireland who may recognise photographs of Halligen or Hewlett, ETC. I've missed tons of examples on this list, but although Amaral is the most direct link to the TRUTH, it WILL emerge one way or another and they can sue the world until there is nobody left to sue and the TRUTH will still find its way to the surface.

    Why they don't give up would be a mystery, except, as most of us know, this is NOT simply about them. It is about what else was going on in Praia da Luz and it is about their *circle* of *friends*.

    They only dare to step foot in Portugal because they think they'll never face prosecution over Madeleine's death. You can't be so cock-sure if you don't have government protection.

  68. Martin Brunt is a joke. End of story.

  69. I too think they will take the twins with them and continue to use them as they have used Madeleine.

    Well worth reading - Dr. Martin Roberts article on www.mccannfiles.com - 09 January 2010

  70. It does raise the question however ...

    If there was a cover up from the off why would the British Dogs be bought in at all.(eddie and keela are the best)
    The reaction of the dogs was jaw dropping and for an awful lot of people the turning point in this case.

    To me it indicates that many lies were been told initially to the powers that be.
    It does not justify one bit the cover up that has gone on since, but it does indicate that people in power were duped into believing the abduction lie to begin with.



  71. Why was it said that Madeleine was going to be adopted by a relative?

    Was it thought that Madeleine might have been in harms way in some way? Is something being covered by the family?

    The question about adoption was one of the questions asked the McCanns, but would they admit that anyway.

    Why was that question asked in the first place?

  72. Now would be the time for Martin Brunt to redeem himself in the eyes of many.

    Can he, or will he, do it?

  73. Is it usual for suspects to ask to see the Prime Minister to explain their innocence, as Clarence says the McCanns wanted to do?

    Never heard of anything like that before.

    What is that about, and did they get to see him?

    If so, political interference or what?

  74. Mojo

    There can't have been a cover up on the part of the first UK Ambassador on the scene Mojo, because he said he thought the McCanns were involved, but he was removed after he relayed that information back to UK.

  75. they requested a meeting with the Prime Minister but were refused....they were arguidos at this stage.
    They were offered a meeting with lesser political figures?( i dont know who) but the mccanns refused.


  76. Mojo, I believe the dogs were brought in for Murat, but they found nothing at his place.

  77. A mon avis, ce n'est pas une très habile décision de prendre les jumeaux avec eux. Le très large majorité des gens, loin de s'attendrir devant la probable pieuse image de la famille recueillie à la messe devant un portrait de Maddie, aura j'espère la saine réaction de tout parent normal.
    Ils trouveront d'un morbide déplacé et suspect cette volonté d'infliger à ces enfants qui se remettent à peine de la disparition de leur soeur, le rappel cruel de la perte qu'ils ont subie.
    Et quel manque de psychologie d'emmener leurs enfants sur les lieux où roderait peut-être encore le "monstre" qui a pris leur soeur, comme on le leur a répété tellement de fois, histoire peut-être d'effacer d'hypothétiques souvenirs de ce qui s'est réellement passé ce 3 mai fatidique.
    Ils se serviront de leurs enfants
    -comme d'un bouclier pour atténuer l'animosité des gens à leur égard,
    -comme d'un atout pour essayer d'emporter la conviction du juge au procès,
    -comme de petits poupons devant les flashs des photographes pour faire venir la larme à l'oeuil du bon peuple ( "ils sont si blonds, ils ont les yeux si bleus que leur parents ne peuvent être des menteurs..".).Ils monnaieront bien sûr les images.Si c'est pour Maddie, tout est permis et excusé.
    -Ils distilleront même avec une (fausse) émotion contenue de (fausses) petites phrases si émouvantes dans leur (fausse) candeur que les jumeaux seront supposé avoir dites au sujet de leur soeur.
    Pourquoi pas une réminiscence miraculeuse d'un jumeau se souvenant de l'agresseur qui avait une tête d'oeuf and sat on the window before jumping outside.

    Quel paradoxe! Les jumeaux dans leur innocence éhontément exploitée vont servir à protéger leurs parents qui les avaient abandonnés, sciemment, sans protection, la nuit, seuls contre la peur de l'ombre,le soir où,leur soeur a disparu.
    Les McCann Thénardiers. Les Misérables!


  78. Anonymous #59 - don't forget Brunt was keen to point out lack of disturbance of lichen on windowsill too.

  79. Anon at 31 - "the McCann mortgage of GBP £323,493 was with Northern Rock (!)" - from Cartas Rogatorias viii, page 26, Leicester Police
    And a 5 bed house was for sale in Orchard Crescent, Rothley for £389,950 last year.

  80. Who finds it odd that Ruth Mccann lives within a mile of the Healys and the Mccanns claim not to know her???

  81. Joana can you link me to the findings of the Cadaver dogs...I am looking but without luck. Thanks in advance....Or anyone..link please.

  82. Mojo

    Why would they even think they should be allowed to see the Prime Minister to explain their innocence?

    Who in their right mind would ask to see the Prime Minister of all people? They must think they are pals or something.

    Or, they were. Has Brown since tried to distance himself from them?

  83. I think posters/placards made with them laughing and smiling just a few days after Madeleines disappearence is a great idea, with the date clearly marked on them. Please protestors don't be afraid to demonstrate if they take the twins, how come they're missing school, is this the best use of their time? Poor things. Please arrest Kate and Gerry next week, disgusting child neglectors at best.

  84. I often wonder if any of their tapas pals are also getting sick of the McCann's behaviour in all of this, and the way they are travelling around the globe like VIPs. They have no need whatsoever to go to Portugal,and could await the results like everyone else. It obviously gives them a buzz to be chased around by reporters with microhones at the ready. And Kate McCann, at the outset, was said to hate being in the limelight! Joke!!

  85. Perhaps Brunt, like many others, are left wondering what happened and why the McCanns weren't charged?

    Remembering Gerry after he came out from being questioned, he looked stunned.

    Stunned by what they knew.

    Then they legged it out of there as fast as they could, and went and got lawyered up.

    They should not have allowed them to do that.

    Now they are stomping around trying to control everybody with their threats.

    Come on Portugal, do us all a favour and get that case reopened.

  86. Anon 79

    Thanks for that information. Interesting.

  87. No doubt the McCanns will be in Lisbon on Tuesday to distract the Press attention from what Snr Amaral's witnesses will reveal at the court hearing, which must become public, they know. So expect more smoke and mirrors, more distractions to come and don't avert your gaze. No doubt the PR company will be there too, with some dirty tricks of their own for the press to swallow. I hope there will be plenty of visual attractions there for the media, like posters of the McCanns laughing their heads off after the disappearence of their daughter. I believe that it is ok to Boo the McCanns, because even if the children are present they will not believe the Boos are for them, and of course they will not be for them. So Boo and Boo again but for the McCann parents, it's ok. I hope that the Forums will be given a full account of the ptoceedings from within the court by some means, perhaps from Snr Amaral's legal team. Remember, the Carnations and Freedom of Speech. God Bless Snr Amaral.

  88. If I remember rightly, it was Martin Brunt who interviewed Murat and said he believed him.

    Doubt that would have made him very popular at the time.

    Surely, there has got to be at least one journalist from a mainstream UK newspaper who is going to report the truth, and not a load of pro McCann spin garbage.

  89. @79.
    thats a big mortgage ..if they didnt have additional incomes they must have been sailing close to the wind on having any spare money at all, given what the repayments would be for borrowing that amount...then add the day to day living costs and at the time 3 children to clothe and feed.

    was there combined income established?
    did they have secondry incomes.

    @74...yes agreed ...so if the ambassador was giving indications of their involvement from that early stage...why bring the dogs in later if they were covering up from is early emails suspecting them?? ( you've lost me a little, however post75 might have cleared it up )

    @75.. that would explain it! so was Martin grimes going over there with the understanding that the dogs were to be used at the murats? and the PJ decided to have them be used in apt5a?


  90. Does anyone remember that initially Gordon Brown said that the British public would have to be prepared for when the full story came out? But rather than prepare us a D-Notice was slapped on it to silence the press!

    To me this seems to be a very sinister case, possibly including blackmail not to reveal information which would shock us all.

  91. What on earth will the twins do in court if they do bring them? Surely there are not facilities for young children at the court house, and they could hardly be expected to sit still and be quiet whilst a hearing in Portuguese is going on? I can't imagine they would bring them to court, and I can't see a 'stepping- off -the -plane- with -them -in- their- arms' type photo shoot- look what trouble that caused last time with Martin Smith recognising Gerry. Also, the twins should be at school. Gerry's work seems to allow him as much time off as he needs but the school would have to grant it as authorised leave- then all the other parents might say they should be allowed time off in term time too- all a bit of a mess if the twins go. If they are such responsible parents they should make sure the children attend school as normal- keep the disruption to their lives to a minimum. Mind you I did say IF....

  92. Martin Brunt won't redeem himself, absolutely no balls.

  93. If this was a proper process Mr. Amaral would have been informed of the initial hearing in which the temporary injunction was applied and in that hearing Mr. Amaral would have been told why his thesis is thought to be "unsustainable" and what actually he has said that the couple deem defamatory. The McCann's initial request for an injunction was denied and a few months later their appeal was accepted. In the last few months it seems that the major media outlets in Portugal have turned their backs on Mr. Amaral. What has caused this change? This change in attitude, the way the temporary injunction was applied and the presence of the couple at the hearings, doesn't bode well for Mr. Amaral.

    The McCann's immediate objective in this case in not money, but an affirmation of their claims, by the judicial system of the lead detective's own country, that what Mr. Amaral has been disseminating are lies. The McCann team portrayed Mr. Amaral from the beginning as incompetent, lazy and a vindictive man. The vast majority of people do not know the particulars of this case, mainly due to the McCann team's efforts, so if the McCanns win this case the world will say they were right after all. I'm not aware that any media outlet in North America is reporting on the McCann's attempts to silence Mr. Amaral, but you can be sure that if they get their way their victory will be reported all around the world. It will clear the road for a career as advocates of child protection and open up opportunities for movies, books, and of course strengthen their fraudulent fund.

    The McCanns have been practicing their aggrieved couple routine for almost 3 years now, prepare yourselves for another mannequin like performance.

  94. http://goodqualitywristbands.blogspot.com/

    CORRUPTION in the Police Force...

  95. Post 66 http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/gsd/bulletins_read/207437.html

    Thanks for that, a good read.
    It appears that the dogs are very very reliable, I wonder what Martin thinks of Gerry's comments on Eddie & Keela, as these dogs are renowned for being the best we have.

  96. I have that feeling that the Mccann's already made pressures and corrupted some Amaral witnesses. Their presence at the audience have only 2 objectives: Pressuring the judges and controlling the witnesses which they corrupted already, to make sure they don't attend the audience or if so, they don't let the court knowing any inconvenient truth.

  97. EIH Gerry, have you watched SKY News yesterday? They reported that the anti-terrorist British police went the Emirates Airlines with sniffer dogs and the plane was not allowed to fly before the dogs went in and checked everything. OFF-COURSE DOGS ARE NOT RELIABLE...... YAH?!

  98. Leaving No Stone Unturned....in search of funds.
    To take the twins into the courts will create distractions, maybe they will be asked to tale the children out.
    Sorry to say this but the McCanns and their Mafia are in control, but I hope The witnesses for GA do a good job and they throw the matter out of court.
    The judge should ask whether they believe dogs used for seeking out explosives and drugs are reliable.
    One slip of the tongue is all it would take, to throw this whole thing open.

  99. Why are they not suing Chief Inspector Tavares Almeida, who signed the papers in defence of the theory? why only GA?? Lets hope for a fair and honorable judge

  100. Guerra:
    The portuguese press has not turned its back on Mr Amaral.What makes you say this?There wasn't a single tv station or newspaper that didn't report the "providência cautelar ", the new book or the hearing in Lisbon.But there are other things happening in Portugal and around the world. And, as you now, Mr Amaral cannot talk about this case.
    And we need to be patient.Yes, the mccann might win but THIS DOES NOT END HERE.
    E como sei que entende português, PENSE POSITIVO.Pode não acreditar mas o nosso pensamento, as nossas energias, têm muita força, mais do que muitas vezes pensamos.

  101. Goncalo Amaral, the detective sued over Maddie, is to visit UK

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1241897/Madeleine-McCann-detective-Goncalo-Amaral-visit-UK.html#ixzz0c9ihurTQ

  102. 'Goncalo Amaral, the detective sued over Maddie, is to visit UK'


  103. I can't believe the Daily Mail would print that article. It makes it sound as if this a big conference and that he actually accepted. I guess the British press will print anything.

  104. Joana how will the court case go ,? will Snr Amaral be allowed to bring up facts from the police findings? how many witnesses will there be ?and what type of witnesses ? police,forensics ?,I am sure they will bring the twins firstly as a diversion and secondly to let the judge believe they are good parents,Kate will be peeling onions from now until Tuesday ,I pray things go Amarals way I dread to think of the future if he looses ,I think no other journalist will dare spill the beans after that ,and they have won ,what a terrible thought

  105. According to Daily Mail:

    "A source close to the McCanns said they were ‘concerned’ by his visit."

    Why ? Isn't he just a disgruntled cop with no evidence whatsoever to prove his claims?
    Congratulations Daily Mail, no "disgraced cop", "Maddie was snatched" or "distraught parents".And thanks for saying what's in the book.

  106. Hello Anonymous (85) I read that the McCanns had lawyers in place, shortly after the news about Madeleine's disappearance broke. In my opinion, there was only one reason that those lawyers were hired by the McCanns and that was because they knew, that there was a chance the police could find out, they were more involved with Madeleine's disappearance, than neglect of their 3 children.

    Hence the speedy contact from them, to their family friend Gordon Brown,who was at that time, the Chancellor of the Exchequer. I'd love to know what part he has played in helping the McCanns escape justice.

    Just as I would like to know why Richard Branson was also going to help the McCanns evade justice. He made a public statement, saying he would pay for the best lawyers to help the McCanns, should they be prosecuted. No mention of paying for the best detectives to look for Madeleine, Branson, was only concerned with helping the ones who caused her to disappear, the ghastly, cruel, callous, McCanns.

  107. They have asked for comments but I doubt any will be published

  108. Thank you Joana for the link, I've just read the article. The article says the McCanns are concerned about Goncalo's visit to the UK, I bet they are. I hope he has some good news to share with everyone at the conference.

    I am going to try to get to Nottingham, because along with many other people, I am a supporter of Tony Bennett, although I haven't heard from him from some time. I would love to shake Goncalo's hand and thank him for everything he has done and is still doing, to get justice for Madeleine.

  109. My first question to the McCanns would be...what evidence supports an abduction of your child..... second question.....why are you not demanding this case to be re-opened and agreeing to answer the questions you have refused toanswer in the past.......third question.. ...why do you not agree to a re-construction of events of the night your daughter was "taken".. I could go on and on but it is just covering old ground.

    In my opinion your Team has tried to damage police procedures that are sometimes vital to solving crimes, an example of your callous and inconsiderate satements about the use of dogs.. forensics etc.

  110. I'll just bet they are concerned about his visit!!!!!!!

    They have many reasons to be concerned!!!!!!

  111. The Express are at it again lol.



  112. "A source close to the mccanns said they concerned by his visit"
    jajajajajaja :))

  113. See Sunday Express - Madeleine McCann: Kidnap Ring Link.

  114. Thanks for bringing our attention to the Daily Mail article Joana.

    For the two hours since it appeared on line it has said that there have been 'no comments' made.

    Well I 'know' that's not true ... I've contributed three myself, none of which have appeared.

    Same old ...

  115. Acabo de descobrir, pelo Jornal de Notícias, que casal mccann pede a destruição total dos livros e documentário do Sr Gonçalo Amaral.Pedem também que a decisão do tribunal seja noticiada em todos os jornais em dois dias consecutivos para poderem restituir a sua imagem.Enlouqueceram de vez!Pensei que não me poderiam surpreender mais, mas enganei-me.São duas pesssoas seriamente perturbadas e convencidas de que têm o direito de passar por cima de tudo e de todos para alcançarem os seus objectivos.E estão tão concentradas no que acreditam ser os seus direitos, na sua imagem e reputação, no seu egoísmo que não se apercebem que nehuma decisão do tribunal apagará aquilo que os portugueses pensam deles.Pelo contrário, o ódio dos portugueses por este casal, pelo que constato sempre que vêm à baila notícias destes dois,aumenta a cada manobra, a cada passo dado por eles. Dar-se iam lindamente na época da Inquisição, estes dois.Que nojo!

  116. I heard from a very reliable person that it was really necessary to postpone the interrogations, last December.
    Mr. Cabrita, Amaral's lawyer, has a vulnerable health and he needs to be careful.
    H1N1 would be heavy for him.

  117. where is Mitchell?
    I just read the Daily Mail article, Gonçalo going to the UK, and the article says "a source close to the McC..."
    Unidentified sources, family members, milk men, bakers, that is what we are often reading during the last months.
    No Pope, no Brown, no Mrs. Blair.

  118. yesss
    He really is a man to be admired and respected.

    keep going Goncalo you will get Justice !

    You have truth on your side.


  119. @82
    Possibly because Gordon Brown earlier in the case had spoken to them by phone aswell as david miliband and I believe also Tony bliar (war criminal) and cherie blair (war Criminals wife and supporter).
    Infact Tony Blair was the then PM.
    He (Gordon brown) tried to distance himself when they were given arguido/suspect status.
    The Mccanns were trying everything they could to turn the case political...and did!


  120. Don't think they are to happy GA coming to the UK. woof woof

  121. GA coming to the UK....err no, sounds like Clarries leaking bullshit to the press again.


  122. Guerra, perhaps you are true about some Portuguese Media- The one's controlled by the government, like RTP or which editors are connected with the power like Diario de Noticias and jornal de Noticias ( same group ). But this works against the Mccann, because the Portuguese people did not changed their feelings about the Mccann's, this just made this Media loose popularity and public. Look at Sandra Felgueiras... People did not like her since she shows some support to the Mccann's. And even they are highlighting dark reasons for her support ( her mother fatima felgueiras had a huge process in Justice and she runaway to brazil to avoid been caught). But, again because she is a member of PS and the Party was involved, the most serious crimes were deleted and she end-up with a suspended sentence of 3'5 years in prison. Usual!!!

  123. Just few questions?

    - Why the Lawyer Pinto de Abreu is not anymore representing the Mccann's in portugal? HE is THE PRESIDENT OF THE ETHIC COMMISSION!! this tells us something.... We are intelligent people and we can read between lines.

    - Why the Lawyer Rogerio Alves is not anymore Mccann's Lawyer? He was the last " Bastonario" of the Lawyers Bars and he wants to play an important role at "SPORTING" Football Club, one of the 3 Big Football teams in Portugal, with millions of supporters. Imagine to have his name connected to a couple which neglect their child's and cover-up a crime, destroying the image of Portugal. NO WAY. As a Lawyer, something he knows or suspected, that made him run out of the case.

    On Top of that, just a small curiosity related with the court refusing to re-open Joana case and re-trial Leonor and Joao. One of the Judges which sign the refusal is Souto Moura. Souto Moura was the Attorney general before Pinto Monteiro (when Joana disappeared). He MUST KNOW IN FULL ALL THE INVESTIGATION.


  124. The STAR COUPLE will be running around the Country wearing fancy T-Shirts with Maddie face ( less then 3 years old) and a lot of rubber bands to try the attention of the Public and keep them out of the screen TVs which will be showing Amaral.

  125. Letter from Iberia

    Snr Goncalo Amaral is not going to court to defend only his good name. He is going to defend the rights of all Portuguese citizens to free speech which is part of the constitution.

    The McCann’s however are going to court in another attempt to silence those who tell the truth and to further profit from the disappearance and probable death of their daughter, which they are responsible for, by not providing the love and protection we normal parents provide to our children.
    The McCann’s epitomise all that is evil perhaps justice will prevail in the court if not may God help Portugal; the revolution would have been for nothing.

  126. It is reported at Jornal de Noticias that the Mccann's want all the books and Videos stored, to be destroyed.

    WHO THEY THINK THEY ARE? Portugal is faraway from the 1940 German or from the INQUISITION. We did not accept CENSURE, MANIPULATION, PRESSURES.
    One of the judges stated that refusing doing the reconstruction, you Mccann's missed an opportunity to prove your innocence.

    Thinks are not like that: YOU WANT IT, AND PORTUGAL WILL DO IT...
    A serious and horrendous crime must be behind all that desperate behaviour. What need to be hide from public eyes to avoid a chocked reaction???? TODAY I BELIEVE MORE ON G. Amaral then yesterday, and it is not because of his book or his behaviour, it is because of your behaviour.


  127. Todos a Manifestacao a favor de G. Amaral. Mostremos aos Mccann o quao Personna non grata eles sao para Portugal.


    QUAIS SAO OS HONORARIOS DA LACAIA ISABEL DUARTE PARA VENDER A HONRA DE PORTUGAL? SERA QUE ESTA SENHORA NAO PERCEBE QUE FORAM OS MCCANN QUEM CRIOU E ALIMENTOU O MONSTRO porque precisavam da publicidade dos Media, nao para procurarem a filha, mas para apelarem a solidariedade das pessoas que, ingenuamente, contribuiram para um FUNDO PRIVADO, so Classificado de Fundo de Caridade para evitar pagar impostos e estar sujeito a avaliacao/controle rigoroso das entidades que regulam os Fundos? PARE DE SE ENTERRAR E DE VENDER OS VALORES DO SEU PAIS e a sua imagem. ESTES DOIS NAO MERECEM O SOL NEM A LUZ QUE LHES ILuMINA A FACE EM SOLO PORTUGUES. ACONSELHE-OS A RE-ABRIREM O CASO E DEIXAREM A JUSTICA FUNCIONAR SEM PRESSOES OU MANIPULACOES. Se estao inocentes, nao tem de temer nada. So tem de esperar que a justica funcione e prove que houve um rapto. ATE HOJE NENHUMA PROVA DE RAPTO FOI APRESENTADA. ACUSARAM LEVIANAMENTE PESSOAS, SEM QUE RESPONSABILIDADES LHES FOSSEM EXIGIDAS POR ESSAS ACUSACOES.
    OS MCCANN HABITUARAM-SE A UM PROTECTIONISMO QUE COMECA A SER PERIGOSO E IMORAL. O mundo nao tem de acreditar nas palavras de Gerry e fazer o que ele quer so porque e um pai que perdeu um filho. As cadeias estao cheias de pais que perderam filhos e que a justica provou serem eles os culpados. NAO BASTAM AS PALAVRAS DE GERRY E AS HISTORIAS ENCANTADAS DE JANE TANNER PARA NOS CONVENCEREM. E preciso deixar a policia investigar e deixar os tribunais funcionarem. Se depois da investigacao terminar, depois de todas as testemunhas e pessoas julgadas de interesse pela policia e tribunal terem sido ouvidas, houver provas do rapto, entao destruam-se livros e videos, procure-se o raptor e censure-se quem ousar por o rapto em causa. ATE LA, FIQUEMOS COM AS EVIDENCIAS ENCONTRADAS PELA PJ PORQUE ELAS APONTAM UM CAMINHO que deve ser investigado ate ao fim.

    EU EDUCO OS MEUS FILHOS PARA SEREM CIDADAOS DE CORPO E DIREITOS INTEIROS. Educo-os para que construam a sua personalidade numa sociedade livre onde se defendem direitos e deveres. NAO ACEITO ABRIR AS PORTAS A CENSURA, AS VENDAS NOS OLHOS, AO PENSAMENTO UNICO! A luta dos nossos antepassados pela democracia e pela liberdade merece respeito e merece ser continuada. DEIXAR PASSAR ESTA CENSURA e APOIAR AS INTENCOES DESTE CASAL e abrir as portas A UM FUTURO PERIGOSO. OUTROS VIRAO que usarao este exemplo e terao os mesmos direitos.

  128. Wouldn't it be interesting to see a list, with quotes and sources, of all the people who have suggested that Madeleine could be dead. It would be a long list, with Clarrie and the McCanns themselves on it. Yet GA is the only one being made to suffer for saying it!

  129. Anon at 128

    Sr Amaral is not 'suggesting' she is dead, he is definitely saying it, and that she died in the apartment, and that is what they can't stand.

    If the findings in his book are revealed, it will affect their Funds for a start, and it will mean people will look at them instead of searching for the phantom abductor and sending them money.

    There is also the money angle as well, claiming all that in damages, like greedy vipers, which makes it worth their while to pull out all the stops.

    If they can get that book silenced, then they will try to silence the rest of us.

    These people are desparate, they have tried to say that evidence has been planted against them, and now they are using their children as an excuse to ban the book.


  130. "The parents of Madeleine McCann have said they accept the four-year-old may now be dead" - Sky News, Oct.17 2007

  131. Does anybody seriously think that the Judge is going to listen to hard facts or reason or even anything close to logic that will militate the lifting of the injunction in any normal hearing? IMO the decision is made even before the hearing and the duo will bring the twins to try and pull heart strings. It is not long ago that they wanted the twins pictures protected now has that changed for them to be copyrighted icons? Disgusting does not even come close.

  132. Anon 131

    I hope the judge has seen some of the earlier (just after Madeleine disappeared) photos of them.

    Where did the glamorous, laughing Kate, that we have seen so often since the disappearance of Madeleine, go?

    Or will she be soon back if they get their way and win?

    No doubt it will be 'poor Kate, poor Kate, look what this is doing to her by the publishing of this book', when we see the famished, emaciated looking Kate, show up again. Kids included.

    She couldn't be bothered to show up for a reconstruction to help the investigation into the disappearance of her daughter though, or go search for her daughter that night because it was too dark, she went to bed instead, or answer those 48 questions.

    But she can show up to try and stop this book, and of course, for the money they hope to get if they win their case against Sr Amaral.

    I don't think any of us should underestimate 'frail' Kate McCann.

  133. even if they do win do you really think Mr Amaral will give in,no of course he wont, he has lost so much thanks to the mccanns and i am sure he will go the extra mile for madeleine and the truth will get out one way or another,bravo Mr Amaral, my good wishes to you and your family

  134. Anon 131, of course the Judge will listen to Amaral's witnesses. they were on the case with G Amaral. They know the truth of the Lie.

    What I want to know - who are the McHitlers witnesses? Nothing will surprise me. May be a member of CEOP, or a couple of LPs. Is it true that the Scotland Yard Detective has wihdrawn?

    I think the McHitlers have over-reached themselves this time.


    WOOF WOOF!!!

  135. post 134

    Yes it will be interesting to see who the McCann 'witnesses' are.

    It was suggested at one point that they, like Amaral, had six witnesses to present. Since then of course, we have learned that one of Amaral's witnesses ... the Scotland Yard policeman ... has been put on some sort of 'gardening-leave'

    So the McCanns now have MORE witnesses than Amaral ... even though this is HIS appeal !

  136. Hello Anonymous (134) couldn't the Scotland Yard police officer, who has been put on "gardening leave" be subpoenaed, to appear in court? Yet again it looks like the law is not only shielding these two child neglectors, but helping them raise even more money in Madeleine's name.

    I thought the only person who is above the law is our Queen, it looks like the McCanns are as well. They will do some "crowing" if they win this libel case. God only knows what they will do next, in their quest to shut their critics up.


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