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McCann couple demands books to be fully destroyed

Maddie’s parents return to Portugal for lawsuit against Gonçalo Amaral

by Nuno Miguel Maia

The McCann couple requests Portuguese Justice to order the destruction of all copies of the book and the movie that were authored by Gonçalo Amaral, the former PJ coordinator who defends the thesis of Madeleine’s death. The parents return to Portugal this week.

Kate and Gerry McCann will be present the day after tomorrow, at the start of the rial over the injunction that forbids the sale of “Maddie – The Truth of the Lie”, at the Civil Court of Lisbon.

Gonçalo Amaral and the editor oppose the continuation of the order that removed the book and the documentary, that defend the thesis of the little English girl’s death and the involvement of her parents in concealing her cadaver, from the market.

This injunction is linked to a main lawsuit in which the McCann couple makes several requests. The main ones include the full destruction of all copies of the book and of the DVD documentary that still exist in warehouses, as well as the prohibition to cede author’s rights or divulgation rights into other countries or on the internet.

If they win the action, the parents of the child that disappeared in Praia da Luz, Lagos, on the 3rd of May 2007, further demand the publication of the final decision in national newspapers, on two consecutive days, in a way to, albeit partially, reconstitute their image.

As well as the prohibition to divulge the thesis of the little girl’s death, the couple asks Gonçalo Amaral and the other defendants in the lawsuit to be condemned to pay 100 thousand euros for every action that goes against the judicial decision.

1.2 million euros

In another lawsuit, Gonçalo Amaral is demanded to pay a compensation of 1.2 million euros. It was under this action that the seizing of all of the former PJ coordinator’s assets was ordered.

Gonçalo Amaral has summoned PJ colleagues that took part in the investigation as witnesses, including Luís Neves, the national director of the heavy crime unit.

Even the Public Ministry prosecutor who archived the process, Magalhães Meneses, was summoned as a witness. This magistrate, together with joint general prosecutor Melchior Gomes, have lamented the English people’s refusal to participate in a reconstitution of the facts. In this way, the McCanns did not manage to “prove their innocence”.

source: Jornal de Notícias, 10.01.2010


  1. Well I have a copy of the book, downloaded from the net. Are the mccanns going to be popping round to my house to demand it is destroyed? I thought I was living in the 21st century but with all these demands for book burning I must be wrong.

  2. and i demand the mccanns tell the truth

  3. My god, I can`t stop laughing.
    Do they know about the internet & how far & wide copies can travel?
    I think they are a laughing stock with too much money & think they can buy their way out of everything.
    Dream on McCanns.
    I expect all their backers & advisers have abandoned this sinking ship because this sounds like the pathetic ideas of idiots.

  4. http://mccannexposure.wordpress.com/

    Never a better time to read this...

  5. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1241897/Madeleine-McCann-detective-Goncalo-Amaral-visit-UK.html

    Goncalo invited to UK

  6. The Portuguese detective being sued by Kate and Gerry McCann over his allegations about their role in their daughter’s disappearance has been invited to give a talk in Britain.
    Goncalo Amaral, who led the police investigation, is due to speak to a conference next month in Nottingham organised by the Madeleine Foundation, which claims the missing girl was not abducted.
    Madeleine, then three, disappeared during a family holiday to Praia da Luz in May 2007.

    Next week, Amaral is due to appear in a Lisbon court to fight a £1million libel action brought by the McCanns over his book on the case.

    In it, he accused the couple of neglecting their children, questioned their need to employ a spokesman and claimed British police were ‘too close’ to them.
    Amaral, 49, authorised making the McCanns official suspects, or arguidos, in their daughter’s disappearance, but was later sacked after criticising British police involvement in the case.

    A source close to the McCanns said they were ‘concerned’ by his visit.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1241897/Madeleine-McCann-detective-Goncalo-Amaral-visit-UK.html#ixzz0cC6wWZSa

    Just in case the Mccans insist this outrage is removed lol

  7. Book burning eh?

    A technique straight out of the Fascist Textbook.

    Don't go down that route Portugal, or how many others will want books burned also.

    The McCanns reasons for it are all based on a spinning lie of an abduction fairy story.

    The official investigators came to a very different conclusion which the McCanns don't want known. That is the truth of this matter.

    These McCanns want to control the world so people don't get to know certain things about this case and them.

    They are like a pair of big babies, and need to grow up and accept responsibity for what happened to Madeleine.

    They have been told the investigators know the child is dead and yet they want to rewrite history. Even to the extent of telling people that evidence must have been planted against them, and the dogs are useless.

    They are lucky they escaped a prison sentence for leaving this little girl alone night after night.

  8. This is the problem now..Madeleines death is a certainity ..what is not is HOW.
    They are scared stiff i believe of this aspect been investigated deeper and if you consider early indications in the case, before it was blacked out in the papers, such as the broken neck reportings, sprays of blood been found up the wall etc lets just say i believe an Horrendous crime as taken place.

    I dont believe this was an accident, i believe a fit of aggression as taken place towards that poor girl whether a moments loss of mind by somebody unstable or crazy with rage.
    I believe this is just the beginning of the crime ....what happened after that....becomes even sicker still.
    Then to top it all the creation of a fraudlent fund to raise money to become rich from their obscene actions and blind the world to the true events of that night.

    I believe there own families would like to disown them but lets be honest...this type of crime effects close people around them..people who have bought them up ..associated with them etcetc.
    I think their family and friends had always been classed as strong upstanding pillars of the community, dedicated church goers, highly successful career people.
    As Susan Healy described themselves in an interview "the good people of the world" whatever that means.

    Everday the hole they dig becomes deeper and they know they have much to lose.
    It is for this reason that they are fighting with every ounce they can muster.
    We know Gerrys outlook to life.....we cant change whats happened blah blah blah
    What we are all witnessing is a classic case of self presevation at the expense of truth and justice.


  9. "Even the Public Ministry prosecutor who archived the process, Magalhães Meneses, was summoned as a witness. This magistrate, together with joint general prosecutor Melchior Gomes, have lamented the English people’s refusal to participate in a reconstitution of the facts. In this way, the McCanns did not manage to “prove their innocence”.

    Oh dear Gerry, Kate, Mitchell and Brown things aint looking good for you, what with Mr Amaral visiting the UK to give a talk soon!
    Yes Team McCann you are right to be concerned!!!!!


  10. Yeah Gerry and Kate, accuse and defame innocent people, burn all the books, force newspapers to print lies and still, after all that -

    we know you're still controlling, child abusing, child neglecting, perhaps child murdering TWATS! SCUM OF THE EARTH!

  11. I think you are right on that Mojo.

    I also am beginning to have second thoughts about what really did happen to that little girl, and how she actually died.

    Didn't someone once say something about 'a moment of madness'.

    Was that Gerry who said that? I can't remember who exactly but I know the term was used.

  12. "...If they win the action, the parents of the child that disappeared in Praia da Luz, Lagos, on the 3rd of May 2007, further demand the publication of the final decision in national newspapers, on two consecutive days, in a way to, albeit partially, reconstitute their image."

    =)) I can't stop laughing either!

    Not even two consecutive centuries could partially reconstitute the McCanns' image!

  13. Guys, as I said many many times,the pair is a pair of DICTATORS.
    Hey! mcDictators is the burning of the books going to happen on the Rothley market place?Dogs and children not allowed.....
    I hope you are going to enjoy your stay in Lisboa with Luis Nieves,Magalhaes Meneves and.... others =))

  14. If Sr Amaral gets the book ungagged, then it is downhill all the way for the McCanns.

    Many people will be wanting to read it after it was banned.

    Nothing more interesting that something people don't want you to know about.

  15. JillyCL #12, ...and I bet they want it on the front page!

  16. Destroying books and evidence will not make you innocent.
    Nor will anyone believe your story more.

    I believe whoever was involved in the child's demise was high on coke at the time and I also believe it could only have been one of three people.

  17. @post 11..
    taken from gerry mccanns blog.

    "Sometimes people do things for reasons that even they cannot understand."
    "An act of madness, an accident or sudden impulse can lead to consequences that people may never have imagined or intended."

    "Faced with such a situation we believe any human soul will ultimately suffer torment and feelings of guilt and fear."


    the only emotion they seem to show is fear!


  18. ANNOUNCEMENT: Internet to be shut down by order of the MCCANNS.

    Also, if you think any thoughts that disagree with them, the death penalty will be imposed.

    That is all. You may report any objections to the Ministry of Love.



  20. Thanks for that Mojo 17

    I thought I hadn't imagined it.

    What a strange thing to say if he had really believed Madeleine was abducted and still alive.

    'An act of madness, an accident' and the person themself doesn't even understand why.

    Sounds like he is trying to offer some sort of excuse for whoever was behind the demise of Madeleine in the apartment.

    I think the truth of what happened to Madeleine is in that statement of Gerry's.

  21. Trismegistus

    Now you have got me laughing.

    No doubt, they would if they could.

  22. Why, if Gerry and Kate insist that Madeleine was abducted, would he talk about an accident? An act of madness is feasible by an abductor, but an accident!! The only way she could have had an accident is if she wandered off, which they say she wouldn't have done, or by their hands. As for resconstituting their image - what image? They, and their child neglecting pals, lost that long ago!

  23. Even if they succeed in having all the books destroyed, it will not destroy the fact that they left their kids, did not co-operate with the police by answering all the questions, did not want to go back for a police reconstruction, did not demand the case to be reopened etc. etc. and their ongoing behaviour is an embarrassment to decent British parents.

    It is a great pity that people who have followed this case from the outset are in the minority and most are therefore either not interested or unaware of ALL that has happened.

    Although I still am remaining neutral with regards to what happened to Madeleine, I sincerely hope the McCanns loose this case as they are just taking everything too far in all respects, but at the same time doing very little with regards to the things that really matter. No matter which way you look at it, they are crap parents and have not got a clue - Setting a place for Madeleine for Christmas dinner, leaving the twins to think she may be coming home (unbelievable), taking the twins to the trial (another sympathy seeking publicity stunt), they really make me sick.

    1. People are interested now. Since they have failed to show face in Portugal where they are digging. I cannot actually believe I was blinded by them. I hope they rot in hell.

  24. I have posted a comment about freedom of speech on Mailonline today in response to Amaral visit article. It has not appeared (yet). Has anyone else posted?

    By the way, I love post No. 18

  25. Que vergonha, Portugal.

  26. What a precedent this would set!
    Back to the middle ages....all because this hideous pair have friends in high places.

  27. I think the problem for this pair is that, while they may be able to get the book banned in certain countries, it will be very hard to get it banned in every country in the world - and all the webhosts based in them. With the growth of portable readers like Amazon's Kindle and the much-hyped upcoming Apple iSlate, people will find it much easier and more comfortable to read online content. It will no longer be a matter of zealots printing off Amaral's book, or spending hours reading it at their computer - they'll be reading it in bed or on the train to work. I think this is probably what all the panic is about. While the McCanns seem to have some control over UK newspapers and publishers, the findings of the police investigation have been, at least, kept outside the UK. Soon they'll be comfortably accessible to anyone with a link.

  28. "A source close to the McCanns said they were ‘concerned’ by his visit." WONDER WHY.... We can predict next steps- they will start a witch hunt. like in the INQUISITION TIME...inconvenient books and inconvenient people will be burned at fire.

    Laughable if we think that everything come from a Country which was the first to sign humans rights and is today very active on his intentions to control the economy and the terrorism in the world.

    BRITAIN BECOME A JOKE, much more then Portugal. Nobody will respect a country which allow a pair of negligent parents act like that instead of fade and get back to their insignificance.

    Michael Jackson it is probably the only one which I can really think, had his image destroyed by all the stories around his life. He was accused of paedophilia, but as a star he never started a witch hunt around the world, he never pursue anybody, he never ask books or people to be burned and gagged. THERE IS REALLY A HUGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A SHINING STAR and a fake one, made behind very doubtful circumstances.

    Mccann, your fame grows in the dark, in the dark will end-up. THEY WILL BE THE MOST HATED PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. Poor twins which deserve a much better future.

  29. Why should the result of this trial only be published in national newspapers if they win? Does not Goncalo Amaral also have the right to have his image "reconstituted"?

  30. They WANT now the books not only to be removed from the market but also to be destroyed.
    The birth of the truth and listening to the truth is always a bitter and painful experience and they know it.
    They know they are finished...and they also know GA will WIN whatever they do.
    Is there next step to condemn to death people who dare looking for the truth and speak about this dirty case? Are they going to obliged the Portuguese State to reinstal the death penalty? With them anything is possible....how on earth are they going to gag everybody just because they cant bear the TRUTH to be told?
    Yes,they are truly dangerous people and ALSO dangerous for the Twins.I hope the Portuguese court will look into this as well NOW
    Força Portugal! Dont forget you fought for your freedom and for democracy not so long ago.

    A hudge bunch of red carnations to GA and the Portuguese authorities

  31. Rampant unbridled Narcissism!

  32. What I have decided to do is to print off the English version and make a cover sheet that says something like 'Confidential - not for distribution'. Then leave it on the train. The cover sheet should make sure anyone/everyone who sees it reads it!

    Any other ideas to gloss the coversheet to make the contents even more irresistible gratefully received.

    Mr B

  33. If that pair use the same methods to educate their child's, poor child's, they have no space to be free, to express their own feelings and thoughts. THEY WILL BE PUNNISHED EVERY TIME THEIR PARENTS DISAGREE WITH THEM. I start feeling bad about what happen to Madeleine in May 2007.
    This pair don't have only to answer questions in the court, they have to watched very close by psychologists to protect the twins.

  34. I cannot believe the number of times the word"DEMAND"is used !! who are these people ?what powers do they think they have? i dont live far from Nottingham ,does anyone know if tickets will be available to attend ?

  35. oh my god this makes me shudder - reminiscent of Berlin 1933.

  36. AFAIK, no newspaper is obliged to publish a court decision if that paper is not directly involved in that decision. Who do these people think they are? I think that this might have been one of the original demands of the McCanns, when they asked for unqualified prohibition of the book, DVD and discussion of the case. God knows what lies they told in order to get the injunction in place at their second attempt.

  37. How are they going to find and burn my Memory Stick with the book on it???This could be interesting!!! It's hidden away in an English village like millions of others all over the world!!!

  38. Brilliant idea @ 32 !!

  39. "Those whom the Gods wish to destroy,they first make mad"!

    "A moment of madness"----"Sudden impulse"---maybe an "Accidental abduction" then ? I dont think so. The Gods seem to be having a field-day with this horrible pair !

  40. I demand No more spin!!! I want a thousand euros every time I read spin about this case.

  41. Hi Anon 32, How about putting the papers in a folder and marking it classified.

  42. I think Gerry was trying to tell us something, or perhaps trying to prepare us with that 'act of madness' stuff.

    Was it touch and go for them when he came out with that one?

    I do believe they really did think one or both of them would be arrested, and Gerry's face after questioning said it all.

    He really did look like they were 'FOOKED'.

  43. Anonymous 24
    I left a very moderate comment yesterday. It hasn't been published.
    I wrote to the editor asking whether fear motivated censure...

  44. If they think that announces even in the first page of national newspapers will reconstitute an image that their order of book burning (autodafe sounds worse) turned odious, they're exceeding themselves, poor silly ones (unless the idea germinated in their Portuguese lawyer's head).
    Remember Fahrenheit 451 and the solution found to preserve books from destruction ! Nowadays there are technical ways to endless and safely reproduce books : lets read the story in front of a microphone. Printed books are at stake, not mp3 stories.

  45. I'm glad the Daily Mail printed that Dr Amaral will be in the UK. I hope lots of people show up to hear him speak including the press.

  46. At the first time Gerry was talking to the media, in Portugal, he was talking about "anguish and despair".
    It did not get any better, did it, Gerry?
    It is getting worse and worse.

  47. Joana, can you please ask Mr. Cabrita to demand a reconstruction of that night, before the judge gives his sentence?

  48. Surely they would have to prove no one is looking because of the book. I believe Mrs McC said she didn't search physically before the book was written.

  49. Hi anon 43, even if the comments are not being printed, they are read, and the paper will get an idea of what the public is thinking.

  50. I posted my comment above before I could write this:

    _We all wish good luck and good health to Mr.Cabrita.
    He health well be ok, for millions of years!

  51. Calpol is not an act of madness.

  52. Anon 32 - great idea! I may try it myself...

    In the old Soviet Union, there was what was called the "Samizdat" - self publishing. People would hand-type manuscripts of banned books, often staying up all night to read and type. The price for receiving the manuscript was to make another copy, and you were supposed to pass along the one you were given plus the copy you made. That leads to exponential growth, my friends - powers of two. It was a huge risk to do this, as you could end up in the Gulag for it.

    We have it soft - a simple copy and paste into a word doc, and hit the print button! When I think of what others have gone through in defense of free speech, I think I am not doing enough to defend what others fought and put themselves in harm's way for.

    Destroying books! How arrogant. I truly hope that these people get exactly what they deserve.

    Read a banned book today!


  53. At least Gerry McCanns looked like he was taking the questioning seriously.

    Unlike Kate McCann, who according to the woman who went with her, was laughing, making phone calls and texting during the rest periods. Like it was a joke. This was while she was refusing to answer the 48 questions.

    Is she really so arrogant.

    If she is frail, she didn't exhibit it there.

    It must come and go.

    No doubt it will be back again for the forthcoming court case. Thin and frail, with the children in tow.

  54. 43 - I have tried leaving a few comments today on the Daily Mail site but they are obviously not showing any of them. I even sent one that was more McCann biased just to test them out and that didn`t get shown either.

  55. Joana,is the book "A Estrela de Madaleine" saying Madeleine is dead?
    If it is saying, why didn't the McCanns sue its author?

    No Payne?

  56. The British media are not in favor of the McCanns.
    A journalist is nobody's friend.

    They are waiting for what is going to be said in Portugal and they will repeat it between " ", how do you call this in English?

  57. @anonymous 49

    Sorry but I'm not anonymous 43, I'm identified, I'm aacg who wrote the message 43. I received right now an answer of the editor : an automatic but documented answer about the fact they couldn't publish all letters but were reading all of them ! The fact they were sending me that inappropriate message proved exactly the contrary. I've replied saying so.

  58. @ post #55, is it a case of no PAYNE no gain?

  59. It's about time Payne forgot that PACT they have, and came forward and spilled the beans.

    It is not going to go away, even if they get the book banned.

  60. Hi aacg, I'm anon 49 and I send my apologies. I should have double checked before I posted. I think you make a good point about the newspapers. It will be interesting to see if you get a reply regarding the other letter you sent.

  61. Demands ... demands ... demands ...

    Why don't they go to Praia da Luz to look for Madeleine in that area where their chief PI says she's being held, instead of making more and more demands of other people? Who cares what the papers publish - do they think it'll make a blind bit of difference to what the public actually think of them? Not a chance! Don't they understand the way the Internet works? (As The IT Crowd would put it - are they from the past? lol)

    Dear me, they must think they're something special and are now ruling the world. The book has been downloaded all over the place and will no doubt be on the Internet for worldwide - including British - reading for many a long year to come. Ditto the film. Are they going to continue to spend a fortune of money chasing round all over the place in a vain effort to stop people learning exactly what's in the book? Where is all this money coming from? I thought they needed money to go and search for Madeleine ... oops, I forgot, Dave Edgar knows where Madeleine is and has told the world all about it but for some reason Madeleine's parents don't seem too keen to go to that particular place to look for her ... now I wonder why?

    Anyway, anyone who wants to read the book will most likely have no problem doing so, if they have Internet access. All others will have to wait until they finally get word of what's in the official case files, a time that will surely come as sure as night follows day. :-)

    Fuss, fuss, fuss ... and money, money, money ... Some day will it be search, search, search? I'll believe it when I see it!

  62. Hello Anonymous (53)I remember Justine McGuiness, the McCanns campaign manager, laughing as she told the media that Kate McCann and herself had been sending text messages in the Portuguese police station.

    She resigned from the job in September 2007, her reason was because the stress of the 24hr job became too much It was revealed later, that the reason for her departure, was because of a row with Gerry McCann, over her very large expenses payment from the fund.

  63. Dimsie 61

    The reason they don't bother searching is because they know they wont find her, not the night she went 'missing', not now.

    Sr Amaral says she is dead, and the McCanns were informed. He also says there is evidence she is dead.

    If they carry on with their abduction story and claiming the PJ planted evidence against them they might just get what they don't want, and wont ask for.

    The reopening of the case.

    The Sword of Damocles may be about to fall.

  64. I don't know the circulation numbers of the Daily Mail but I'm hoping some of the readers who are probably not as familiar with all the details of the case, may be surprised to read the reference to "...neglecting their children, questioned their need to employ a spokesman and claimed British police were 'too close' to them."

    Even though comments are not being published, I think there are people in the U.K. who might read the article and agree with Mr. Amaral's conclusion.

  65. Hello Kathybelle

    That Fund should be stopped, and future Funds such as this should not be allowed.

    I bet there are people who are so evil they would even kill one of their children, hide it, and say it had been abducted, so they could set up such a Fund.

    Look at the recent Matthews case, and that was bad enough, but some people are even worse than that.

    Any money people want to donate to such a Fund should be paid into a central Fund for the search for missing children.

    They should not be allowed to do what the McCanns have done which is to make it into a marketing enterprise, with no accountability now they are running it themselves.

    What an opportunity for a great big scam. Send me money to search for my child, but really hundreds of thousands being laudered away into some foreign bank accounts.

    Is this happening in the Madeleine case?

    I have no idea, but even if it was, who would know?

    It should be made illegal to do this, or I can see that one day some little child will be a tragic victim of some greedy person.

  66. Poster 48 ,please youtube"The mc canns didnt physically look "interview ,posted by Truthorlies26,Kate openly admits to not searching ,I have just looked in my saved videos to find it ,i am shocked(or not) to find LOTS of Mc Cann videos have been removed ,Including Martin Brunts "Maddies DNA found in car 100% match" I wonder why this has ben removed ,or better still if Martin lost his balls and removed it himself ? also stopped are all the great videos all made by Thewayaheadm.....strange ???

  67. Anon 66

    Perhaps they are removing them because they think they are going to lose this case, and the book will soon be published in the UK.

    That will mean a whole new load of people finding out about them, and their sayings and doings, and a lot of it doesn't look too good for them.

    They do want to control everything after all, even to the point of having their own police investigation, with ex detectives being fed the so called 'leads' by their Team.

    As long as they don't focus on them, that's OK.

  68. Maybe Kate will have rehearsed her bleating plea better this time.

    Last time, she appeared to be at a loss for words.

    And of all the words to forget 'search'. Now how could she forget that word.

    Perhaps the word 'money' would have come easier.

  69. Hi Anonymous (66) there are still some videos available on You Tube. I have just clicked a link provided by someone from another forum the video is called "The Real Story- Tapas"

    I can't do links, but I'm sure if you type the The Real Story-Tapas, you should come to the video. Alongside the video there are other videos such as the one I am watching now, which is called "The McCanns Show Their True Colours-Must See"

  70. I think what we are witnessing now is the desperation of a boxer who has valiantly fought his corner for a long, long time, but now finds himself up against the ropes. Their demands are just getting too silly - they are not in a position to "demand" the publication of the court's final decision in the national press on two consecutive days - it´s editors who decide what goes into their papers. If not, we really are in trouble.

    I think the McCanns are losing the plot.

  71. the video is this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YWCVSjIJk8
    The McCanns Did Not Physically Search for Madeleine, relates to an interview made by BBC's Jane Hill in 2007

  72. Hi I should have written, that the You Tube video is called The Real Madeleine McCann Story-Tapas. Type the title at the top of the You Tube page and you will be able to view this video. You must watch, its an eye opener.

  73. They are mentally ill and the people that support them are not much better. Cases abound in which defendants have won an acquittal and yet detectives and lawyers still openly declare that the defendants are guilty. Restricting what people can read, see and say, sounds very much like the actions of the Taliban.

    A detective can reach any conclusion he wishes based on the facts, you may not agree with his conclusions but he has a right to them. The public is also smart enough to decide if Mr. Amaral's conclusions are, as they say, sustainable by the facts. If this is indeed a fair process, then the only way I can see the McCanns winning this case is for them to prove libel. They have to prove that what Mr. Amaral stated in his book, what he based his conclusions upon, is not true.

  74. the evil parents may destroy the book and get the 1.2million Euros, but they are human, they will live in HELL for rest of the lives. Their twins will suffer too.

    from people at work in London to Aberdeen, and holiday in Tunisia, everyone criticise these Parents for whatever they did.

    last comment i heard from a person i met in a bar......."3 years, and still circus goes on. I would be worried sick if my child was ill for 3 hours, never missing for 3 years"


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