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McCann: They will Never give up...

Obscene much? McCanns will throw a fund raising party dinner tomorrow at a plush London restaurant while their detective Dave Edgar declares for the second time that Madeleine is alive in some «rural village» or «lair» (depending on the rent-a-cop imagination) in the Algarve. The 'party' hosted at London's Kensington Roof Gardens will cost a mere £150-a-ticket to attend.

Their guest list is said to include Virgin tycoon Sir Richard Branson, 59, Harry Potter author JK Rowling, 44, and Radio Five's Nicky Campbell, 48, along with the McCanns' backer, Scottish double-glazing tycoon Brian Kennedy, 49. Oh, and the raising of the donations of that night will be divided unequally between 2 missing children registered charities and the McCann's fund, a Limited Company, of which they are directors and from which they are paying Lift Consulting, an image consulting company at about 200 pounds per hour.

Maybe the guests should consider donating something to Doctors Without Borders or UNICEF who are trying to keep Haitian children safe from abuse and exploitation.

Meanwhile the 'there-is-absolutely-no-evidence' McCanns continue to refute the results of a joint and real UK & Portuguese Police investigation on their daughters disappearence and probable death - and also the fact that the PJ former coordinator Gonçalo Amaral is no longer a lone voice. On their site we can read: “Madeleine is still missing and someone needs to be looking for her. She is very young and vulnerable and needs our help", yet the McCanns don't ask for the reopening of the case, nor have they filed any missing person claim in the UK.

Their immediate family also seem oblivious of certain incontrovertible truths: “The fact is absolutely nothing has changed from day one. People have their ideas but until there’s something to substantiate what has been said it’s ridiculous. It does work against the search and we can’t allow that.” said Susan Healy to this 'local newspaper'.

And if it wasn't enough promoting the bad & ugly 'boogeyman-snatcher' in the collective childrens' minds that read J.K.Rowling Potter's book in 2009: «Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows» and in the impressive minds of those who watched the first minutes of 'Shrek the Third' the McCanns & their extended family continue to show the same sensitivity to all children related issues: "It’s sad that it’s a school day and that many children from this area won’t be able to get to Formby, but people can mark the 1,000 days in other ways."

Gerald McCann will make the closing speech at the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) conference titled 'Taken: Sexually-motivated child abductions', today at 16.00pm. At the same time Kevin Halligen, the McCanns former detective, who turned out to be as dodgy as the previous ones, Metodo3 [we bring Maddie for X-mas] will be heard today at an US court for attempting to defraud a London law firm for an alleged £1.2 million. The McCanns' media spin-maker, Clarence Mitchell, insisted the fund had not been duped. Of course not.


  1. Well, the McCanns have finally plumbed the depths with this ill advised bash! People are starving and dying in their thousands in Haiti. Just what's to celebrate?

    I'm sure they could have got their 20 pieces of silver from each celebrity without spending much needed money for their Fund.

    It's obvious they have wanted a millionaire get together from day 1. They just love the celebrity limelight and that's what this is all about. That and getting together some money to pay their whacky employees. The fact that they feel the need to employ image makers says it all really!

    Poor Madeleine - she really didn't deserve for her parents to be boozing and living it up in Praia de Luz for six nights out of seven, and her disappearance certainly doesn't deserve to be the excuse for this tasteless celebrity bash either.

    We can hazard a guess as to who the Master of Ceremonies will be. Gordon Brown perhaps, (he just loves celebrities), David Milliband, or maybe really plumbing the depths would be Clarence himself!

    I wonder what masks they will wear at the ball. Their grieving parents faces, or the smiling faces of Maddie's 4th birthday!

    Go for it McCanns! The media will be so happy for more celebrity pictures to help sell their seedy and, as always, far from the truth reports. I can see Hello's four page spread now!

  2. Do you think this "party" that the McCanns are supposed to be holding is for real? There's nothing on their Fraund website. I thought it strange that the dinner was announced,leaked whatever after Dr Amaral's dinner. Maybe it's just me but something sounds rather iffy.

  3. Well, Jim Gamble is a freemanson himself so he has to follow the 'Handbook' and the golden rule 'cover up the crimes of your brothers by all means' what more to say about THAT - it's a disgrace, and against all 'Treatys' , Constitutions,Human Rights and common sense - it's a stepping over all body's going on - so how to proceed - I don't know - would like to find a solution...

  4. This whole Celeb-McMe-Party is simply pervert. And what kind of lanterns they will use to litter the area, from PDL as well, who will pick those wasteted lanterns up, before some animals eat them and get sick or worse.
    Does the "loving-no-stone-unturned" parents think that Maddie will be happy when she sees the fancy lanterns from her "lair" near PDL. OR WHAT ???? I am so discusted.


  5. There's nothing about the bash on the fund/fraud website because that's the page for commoners. This is an exclusive invitation-only deal. No riff-raff.

  6. Gordon Brown has hot footed it to Ireland..Very wise.

  7. the mccanns and friends cant give up,the die is cast unfortunatly for madeleine

  8. Ridiculous of course they have to keep up the pretense of looking how can they sleep at night if my daughter was missing!!! the last thing i would want would be a party bash cant people see through them the dogs the vidios police documents i am so afraid they are going to get away with it !!! its so wrong I salute mr amoral for at least trying to reveal the truth poor little Girl

  9. £200 an hour for Lift Consulting- you mean that guy in the dodgy coat who was rude & menacing to protesters outside the court in December? That is an obscene amount of money for someone to earn when the volunteer firemen, rescuers, doctors in Haiti are giving up their time for free to help their fellow man because they feel compassion. He is just one more person making money from Madeleine.
    As for the celebrity bash, apart from the usual suspects mentioned, are there actually any other guests coming? They will be rattling around the place at this rate. Have JK and Nicky Campbell even confirmed yet. It is one thing to name-drop people you have invited, quite another for them to turn up. I might have an exclusive little 'do' myself on that same night- I will send an invite to JK and then brag to my friends she is on my guest list. Would she actually turn up though? You see my point!!!

  10. Lanterns float in the night sky
    1000 days. Time to reflect - why?
    Only you know what you did
    Was it worth 2 million quid?

    1000 days on, its still in the news
    Maddie can be found near Praia da Luz
    Superdick knows she is with Paedoman
    So why are you in London, Gerry McCann?

    1000 days of no hope
    Does Maddie's future depend on this dope?
    So as you party with celebrity mates
    You leave your daughter to her fate
    For you top class living with C list stars
    For Maddie a dark cell with iron bars

    Sometime we may have a look
    But first we must ban a book
    So open your wallets and your purses
    But don't mention dogs - Gerry curses

    You wish the net would go away
    But bad luck, we are here to stay
    Mr Pinky likes to spin
    But we are not taken in
    Most parents find a child a joy
    But to you, its a market ploy
    If you could explain the dogs
    This would calm those pesky blogs
    So enjoy your partying while you can

    Justice will come for Madeleine McCann

  11. This is just about the sickest 'party' I've ever heard of.
    Perhaps the kindly paedos Maddie is being treated like a princess by will let her out of her 'lair' for the evening so she can see Mummy & Daddy's lights.

  12. Five years from now, everyone will look back and shake their heads in disbelief that these people carried on the way they did.
    I don't know about the rest of you but neither myself or my large family will EVER put another penny in the pockets of the likes of Branson and Rowling.

  13. Poor little Maddie
    Thank you F., Germany, for picture editing
    The Wishing-Table, The Gold-Ass, and the Cudgel in the Sack [Grimm Brothers]
    B., Germany

  14. While most of us have been at great pains to point out that the 'Fund' is not a charity we have another little piece of slight of hand - semantics - from the mcCanns. In the UKPA release earlier today -

    "Nearly £2 million was raised for Madeleine's Fund in the first 10 months after the little girl went missing from Praia da Luz in Portugal in May 2007. But the initial surge of donations dried up and the McCanns, both 41, from Rothley, Leicestershire, spent hundreds of thousands of pounds hiring a series of private detectives to continue the search for their daughter".

    So instead of leaching from the fund the McCanns have been spending hundreds of thousands of their own/family money in hiring private detectives!!!!!!!

  15. As CEOP are in the news today I thought I would post this old coment …seems Gamble is not well liked in many walks of life...


    Bluster & Hyperbole

    I, too, heard Mr Gamble on the Radio this morning (BBC Radio4). He sounded quite bullying himself – but that tends to be his calling card. Implicit in his comments was a suggestion that if any site refuses to host a CEOP ‘panic button’ they are failing in their duty of care to the young and there must, therefore, be something ‘wrong’ with them. It’s no surprise to hear such attitudes from an organisation like CEOP, which has grown so powerful on the back of the current paedohysteria – and an almost wholly uncritical media.

    Mr. Gamble, who’s fondness for dropping ‘keywords’ into his interview responses (‘predator’, ‘grooming’, etc) is a past-master at hyping up the sensationalism – hardly surprising at a time when so many competing ‘partner agencies’ (another favourite Gambleism) are looking for funds from an ever-dwindling pot.

    I was surprised to hear him tell the BBC interviewer that the CEOP panic button receives 10,000 hits a month. Really? 10,000? A month? Naturally, the BBC interviewer let that little gem slip past completely unremarked upon. If it’s true – and as ever with CEOP we have no mechanism for establishing that – then surely it represents a headline story of unimaginable proportions?

    Ironically, given the context, I have little doubt Facebook will eventually be bullied into having to accept CEOP’s unwanted presence on their site: the Paedogeddon will brook no argument, no dissent, after all, and after Mr. Gamble’s tirade against them this morning on live radio (and no doubt by now across a more than accommodating media) I suspect they will have no option but to cave in to his demands or risk more name-calling in the future.

    In the end, it’s worth remembering CEOP is a public/private company (and also part of the UK police service). Yes, it’s a company. Mr. Gamble is it’s CEO. It receives the bulk of it’s funding from the UK government (i.e. taxpayers) and from private sources (step forward Microsoft, BT, O2, Virgin, VISA, etc, etc) which all runs into £millions every year. It makes a bit of cash on the side flogging off training seminars, publications and instructional packs to ’stakeholders’ (yes, there’s another Gambleism). As a commercial concern, CEOP cannot insist companies like Facebook carry it’s marque – but Mr. Gamble seems to think they should be forced to do so. Of course, he knows that by wielding the trusty ‘won’t someone please think of children?’ banner (along with his usual bluster and well-rehearsed hyperbole) wherever he goes he can almost always get his own way.


  16. Sardine Muncher and proudTuesday, January 26, 2010 12:15:00 pm

    So, who's going to show up on location and actually say out loud, to Britain and the world, what you're saying here?

    Time to say 'ENOUGH'.
    This is your chance to prove Gerry is right, for once: "We are British, we fight for freedom of speech".

    Show us.

  17. http://www.newser.com/story/10935/maddy-search-hits-6th-month.html

    The situation madeleine finds herself in.

  18. @ 12

    Fair play to you. I am the same. In fact, I was aware of JK Rowling anyway and not once have I, or would I, buy one of her books or watch a Harry Potter film.

    You see, the people who rule this world have a plan to indoctrinate occultism to children and JK's works fit perfectly. You have to ask yourself how a single mother can become so rich almost overnight. Same with Branson. Selling music records from a phone box my arse.

    The game is rigged.

    Thanks for supporting in the boycotting of these people.

  19. This latest PR and fund raising event is beyond farcical.
    The annual accounts reveal little, but one thing is certain, the money gained from this event will be partly funding a totally useless and ineffective private 'investigation' that can't legally investigate in Portugal.

    It'll quite possibly also help fund a host of PR and legal personel who's only job it is to protect 'the image' of the people who's actions resulted in the possible (or probable, if you believe the findings of the Portuguese official investigation) death of their daughter.

    Some of the proceeds of this 'celebrity' event will be going to legitimate charities while the rest is to be spent at the discretion of the ex- suspects in the case of Madeleine McCanns mysterious disappearance in their capacity as directors of the non profit company they run that turns over millions.


    Not a single penny would be required to fund any private investigation or public relations if the ex- suspects publicly demanded a reopening of the official Police investigation and insisted on a reconstruction, along with an undertaking to anwser 48 outstanding questions....( the only hope to really clear their names).

  20. If McCann makes this speech then CEOP will have a lot of explaining to do to the UK Taxpayrrs who pay for it. A police agency cannot be allowed to condone a former suspect in a child's disappeatence, a case that will be reopened when new evidence emerges, and where the prosecutor has comcluded that at present it is not clear whether the child is dead but it is most likely. McCann's status is not exonerated by any means.

  21. http://www.snopes.com/inboxer/missing/mccann.asp

    The lies to the family.

  22. The McCanns have been forced to include real charities in this fund-raiser because of the tide of criticism against them now in the UK. There may be a demonstration of Tweeters outside the event. Twitter moves very fast.

  23. There must have been some preplanned commitment to setting up that Fund. How could they have got that off the ground with such speed when their daughter had just disappeared. You would have thought finding her as quickly as possible would have been uppermost in their minds, but it seems setting up a Fund, going to see the Pope, getting the media immediately involved etc, took priority.

    I have a feeling this will one day come to light as the fraud of the Century!

  24. @ RIPM
    fantastic, says it all.

    Excellent article too.

    at least 1000 days since Madeleine's fate was sealed, everyday is a day closer to the truth being known.

  25. kate's mother is releasing some lanterns from Rothley (near) She is not going to the CelebParty to support her daughter? Is 150 £ too much to spend from YOUR money to find Madeleine. As you are not going, it a NO then. NON of the mccann/healy family would ever spend a £ to find Maddie, WHY NOT?


  26. I would love to be a fly on the wall of this fundraiser. It will be about Gerry and Kate, Swanning around, accepting sycophantic sympathy from the celebs and less about Madeleine. Expensive champagne, michellin star food, wall-to-wall celebs and millionnaire backers, sounds like a grand night out - Madeleine being "abducted" has finally given them the lifestyle they clearly crave, no wonder they keep repeating like a stuck record that there is no evidence that she is dead. I hope the celebs who are supporting the shameless venture will want to know exactly how the money is being spent not just poured into the bottomless pit of the "Fund" run by the McCanns and for the McCanns.

  27. Joana,
    In Portugal, to have fireworks, you need permission because of the fire hazard. Firefighters have to be on stand-by.

    Have they asked for permission to set off the lanterns? Could we check that? Could we get Quercus to protest about the danger to the environment?

  28. The Liverpool echo support's the Maccanns and Formby golf club is in the middle of nowhere, who want's to go there on a cold winters night while Kate and Gerry are dancing the night away in London. car parking available who the hell do these people think they are, most Liverpool people support Mr Amaral This is to get at Mr Amaral they will stop at nothing to get at him and I mean nothing.

  29. I also believe in the Harry Potter occultism I would never allow a child to read these books or see the films. And if Kate Maccann was such a good Cathoilc she would not have allowed her children the books. Some priests spoke out against the Harry Potter books, I know they did. But we all know Kate is her own Pope live's by her rules a catholic when it suits her to be one.

  30. 14, close but no cigar.

    I ain't making light of anything but I have had about as much as I can take this week, so much so that I'm having a day off from blogging about twats.

    So have a bit of humour in this shitty world.

  31. What time is Gerry on today at CEOP conference? I hope someone managed to go (although tickets cost a whopping £195 so I won't be surprised if noone could actually afford it??) and can report back what he said and how it was percieved.

  32. ;))And now for some plausible conspiracy theory...

    The "Matrix" is suspicious of the McCann's deadly slip, knows all about "Tapas7gate" but is also aware of the other two children. It assumes the Mc's are not "naturally born killers" and thus allows them to get away with murder for the sake of the twins.


    OK. They are allowing them to get away with it on the benefit of a doubt (official version). Here, however, I would elaborate:

    BECAUSE they are MD's, minor deities. Doctors are an important component of any ideology. It should not come as a surprise to see their ISA's backing them. Consider also the factor "nationality" - the most insidious component of any ideology. At an ulterior level, the soap has become a channel for "national identity" and/or "cultural supremacy" if you prefer.
    "Us Against Them". Rule Britannia!

    Do we need a crystal ball to see the future?

    Dr. Amaral is denigrated by the insidious ideological state apparatus of the Brits, the Mc's end up canonized by mainstream media, and discerning folks like us get a white wash.

    The average Joe/Jane Bloggs would by now be having their special 1000th anniversary celebration dinner in prison. No tips.

    Back to googling:

    "China ball gag catalog and ball gag manufacturer directory. Trade platform for China ball gag manufacturers and global ball gag buyers provided by ...

  33. Anon to RIPM

    :) That was quite a rap my friend. Could youtube it with music? Perhaps invite Eddie&Keela to do the back up vocals :))

  34. Is it just a coincidence that the amount that Halligen is accused of defrauding from the law firm (£1.2 million in the above article) is the same amount that the McCanns are trying to claim from Snr Amaral?

  35. I think it´s a bit unfair to have a go at
    J.K.Rowling just yet. Do we know for certain that she has accepted an invitation to this party (which incidentally has not been mentioned on either of the Missing People or Missing Children Europe websites, nor on the McCanns' own website)? Are we taking Duarte Levy´s word for her acceptance?

    Rowling, and someone will correct me if I´m wrong, has not expressed any support since the early days, when a lot of well-intentioned people were taken in by the suffering parents. I think we ought to wait and see what happens this evening and who attends before getting too excited and indignant.

  36. Post 32...don't be daft it will be on SKY...Mccann would not have gone without a camera. lol

  37. Sorry. Should have said tomorrow evening (@ 36) Too much going on this week.

  38. It may come as a great shock to some ,though not most ,that Gamble is no better than Mccann..Gamble wants money and Madeleine is now the Icon of CEOP. This is evident as it is now only her face you see when enterering CEOP Website.

    Mccann and Gamble together can make music..

    Who knew there was a CEOP meeting in Pimlico last Jan 19th?...anyone?

    But you know of todays...see how it works.

    Jim Gamble does not care about Madeleine or Mccann for that matter he cares about keeping his job... He was on the short list for the job in Ireland but lost out to Matt Baggott.

    This from 21st Jan 2009

    Tim Worstall

    The head of a child sex abuse police unit hit out today at having to spend thousands of pounds on buying valuable information from internet firms.

    According to the BBC, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) has spent more than £170,000 on gathering internet data since it was founded in 2006.

    The sum, which has gone to internet service providers (ISPs) which charge for their information, was revealed through a Freedom of Information request made by the broadcaster.

    CEOP chief executive Jim Gamble said that having to pay such sums was "ridiculous".

    "The information that internet service providers hold is critically important to us," he told the BBC.

    The information may indeed be critically important to you. It also costs money to collect, to collate and to supply it to you.

    Thus you must pay for it so please, STFU.

    "For the kiddies" is wearing out as an excuse you know.

  39. Anon 36 ..Madeleine and the Mccann fairytale are still on her Website.

  40. Post 35...more or less.


  41. Anon to Anon 35

    :-/ I understand Halligen's fraud rounds £300,000. We have to stick to that. Am-I missing something?

    I think the Mc's choose to sue Amaral for £1,2 million because they gathered he has made a nice sum so far and will make some more in the future as the injunction is lifted. This is also to insure they would bankrupt him.

    The Mc's legal advisers know they do not have much of a case with the gag but they just might succeed with the libel (depending which strings are being pulled behind the scenes). Unlike Dr. Amaral the Mc's can afford to loose quite a sum in their devious attempt. The money is not theirs...

    If by an irony of fate (e.g. political pressure) the Mc's succeeded with their libel, Dr. Amaral's English forthcoming version (UK/US) will be working for them big time. It would be quite a heist.

    ;) Close your eyes. Relax. It is all legal...

  42. Why not post a story to the publication that ran the attached story? Dont bother trying to mail Paddy Shennan who authored the proaganda...they disabled that (for some reason we can guess at!).


    Why not send them the true McCann story (espcially the behaviour of Gerry and David in front of their friends in 2005) here.....http://www.formbytimes.co.uk/views-blogs/send-your-story/

  43. The Formby Times 26/1/2010, Lantern Launch at Formby F.C. (Liverpool) tomorrow. 250 Lanterns will be released. Quotes from Susan Healy (Kate McCann's Mother) "Kate will be at her night in London-----God love her,she's worked so hard on that----but there will be a lantern release in Rothley". "The message is for people not to give up on Madeleine".

    Strewth ! What a cruel and cynical hoax this entire circus is.

    So,people must not "Give up on Madeleine"----why not? After all her parents did! Since she "vanished" all they have done is attempt to justify their neglect of their 3 children as "Good and acceptable" parenting! Now because of their arrogance they have been foolish enough to attempt to destroy Goncarlo Amaral,they whinge,twist and lie to divert people from the truth which is emerging in the Court. Go Goncarlo---Go !

  44. 'Kate’s mum and dad, Susan and Brian Healy, live in Allerton, and Susan reveals: "We were going to use Mossley Hill Athletics Club, but are not able to because lanterns can be a problem if they are released close to the airport.

    "The nearest alternatives were Formby and St Helens and Kate has also got friends in Formby so we decided to do it there."

    While Kate and Gerry will be hosting a dinner in London tomorrow evening to raise funds for the ongoing search for their daughter, Susan and Brian will be in Formby – although those Merseysiders unable to get there are being invited to show their support and solidarity in their own homes.

    "The message is for people not to give up on Madeleine," says Susan.

    "It's sad that it's a school day and that many children from this area won't be able to get to Formby, but people can mark the 1,000 days in other ways.

    "They don't need lanterns – they can simply think about Madeleine and have a quiet time of reflection in their own homes.

    "Kate will be at her fundraising night in London – God love her, she's worked so hard on that – but there will also be a lantern release in Rothley."


    And Madeleine will be in her lair when the lovely lanterns fly into the air. God love her!

    Pity Kate could not have worked hard on actually doing something worthwhile and useful for her daughter, like getting off her backside and heading to the area in PDL where Edgar said she could be found.

    There is something quite seriously wrong with these people!

  45. @31


    B., Germany

  46. "Kate will be at her fundraising night in London - God love her, she's worked so hard on that"

    Susan Healy, quoted in the local Liverpool rag.

    EasyJet flight to Faro to re-open the investigation into what happened to her daughter - £39.

  47. 32, at 4pm, if I'm not mistaken.

  48. LOOK AT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    gerry is not anylonger announced on the CEOP program for today!!!!!!!!!!11

    Brôther, what happened?

  49. :)] For anyone living in London, Kensington Roof Gardens (owned by Ricard Branson's Virgin) is located opposite the Evening Standard building off Kensington High Street. Three minutes walk from Kensington High Street tube Station. Do a right as you exit the station. The access will probably be cordoned off by the repressive state apparatus on the night(police).

    The Kensington Roof Gardens is otherwise open to visitors when functions are not being held. Quite a sight.

  50. How ANY of the party goers can eat a lavish meal and drink (probably champagne) is beyond me, will they stop stuffing their faces for a minute to think about (the circumstances Madeleine finds herself in)? I mean is the poor little girl being fed well, in the 'Lair'? What sort of torture is she enduring day in, day out? May they ALL have a bout of 'conscience' tonight...eating, drinking and setting lanterns into the air, isn't going to find Madeleine....what is the matter with these people??? The world has gone MAD.

  51. My wonderful amaral, thank you!
    Gerry is no longer on the CEOP's list.

  52. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWcWPqrW5sA about Maddie satire

    B., Germany

  53. It is a disgrace that the McCanns are allowed to continue with their blatent SPIN that Madeleine was abducted when there is no evidence to support it, and all the official investigators are saying the child is dead.

    Also, to solicit funds from the public by using this SPIN. When is somebody in authority in the police going to come out and tell the public the truth?

    Also, the Mccanns have been allowed to operate what virtually amounts to their own police force, and conduct their own investigation as if they were official police, giving press statements showing photofits, and insisting on their right to interview anybody they like, who, if they refuse to cooperate with them are then reported to the press.

    When is this interference with witnesses going to stop?

    Hey, Mr Real Police Force, may we all have our own private police force if we don't agree with your conclusions of a case, and can we come and give speeches at quasi police conferences like Gerry McCann is doing?


    I thought not.

    As I said, it is a disgrace the McCanns are allowed to do this.

  54. On This is London, just one comment (not mine!)
    "God bless them, and all who donate to the Madeleine fund. I have heard that THIRTEEN pedophiles were taken off the streets because of the Madeleine fund. For that I'm grateful to Kate and Gery, for knowing where the money is best spent. That would be saving lives of children."

  55. http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=35322

    Joana one for the files...1.043 ways the Goverment can enter your home.

  56. Post 46....Thats Mccanns writing , he never could spell paedophile...lol

  57. Hello #46

    Link here:

    I put a comment but I doubt it'll be published.

  58. 49, don't know what list you're looking at but Gerry is still on the CEOP team sheet at 16:00.

  59. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0QbDTtl2A4

    Norman Baker MP...speaks of how the Goverment Cover up and that not many need be involved..A couple of Police..a couple in Goverment...and anyone who has any questions is told to shut up...

  60. Now silence everyone, Mccann is explaining how his daughter, abducted by a paedophile has not come to any serious harm.

  61. Joana, paying 200£ an hour the guy we saw, in December, joking scornfully about freedom of "distortion" ? As a PR in charge of a seduction campaign, this guy has yet a lot to learn, it seems.

  62. 59, I left a comment too, but also doubt that this is going to be an example of the free press permitting free speech! LOL!

    Still, this is damaging these 'celebrities' - JK Rowling is known to be a money grabbling bitch suing everyone in sight - yet having plagiarised others in most of her books - Branson seems to have lost his common sense and Kennedy has an appalling reputation anyway - a double glazing shark whose trawls companies that go bust and doesnt deliver promised guarantees.

  63. I wonder who is babysitting the attendes kids? I expect they are all 'nearby'!

  64. Id love to get hold of an attendees list - we could publish it so people can see who the neglectors supporters are - maybe social services would like the list, as no doubt they all think 'we all did it sometime' like Fiona Phillips - someone should check the whereabouts of children when the dinner is on!

  65. Anon 55

    Thanks for that info.

    So who left the comment?

    'I have heard that thirteen paedophiles were taken off the streets because of the Madeline Fund'

    Yeah, I'll bet. (Not).

    But all good for their PR and send us more money.

    Let's face it they can say what the bloody hell they like, and nobody challenges them to prove it.

  66. "It’s sad that it’s a school day and that many children from this area won’t be able to get to Formby, but people can mark the 1,000 days in other ways."

    Next step : celebrate the day of the "Abduction" like a bank holiday?. They want to transform Madeleine in a religious icone, they try to create a new secte devoted to the God's child Madeleine who disapeared in a kind of Ascension. The only similiarity with Jesus is that she was abandonned to her fate by her parents. By scantifying her, they try to absolve their fault, to buy her a cheap eternity in exchange of the short life she lost because of their egoïsme. In the same time,the new gurus of this Maddie sect,like the other gurus of such self called religions,ask always for more and more money. They entertain the faith to their fommowers by miraculous sightings and rituals ( ribbons, ballons, laterns....). And now this 1000 days like the new Way of the Cross.



  67. What do you mean Anonymous 49 ?
    14.45 Insight from the minds of child abductors: Detective Chief Superintendent Graham Hill, Dr Joe Sullivan, Consultant Chartered Psychologist, Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre
    16.00 Closing speech: Gerry McCann
    16.30 Questions and answers session: All speakers

  68. 1,000 days since the child went missing?

    1,ooo days since her parents left her and her brother and sister alone to look after themselves.

    1,000 days marks the 5TH Night these children were left alone by their parents in an unlocked apartment.

    1,000 days marks when Madeleine pleaded with her parents, explained to them that she and her brother cried for them when they were alone and afraid.

    1,000 days marks the day when they ignored this child's plight.

    1,000 days since Gerry McCann KNOWING something was not right in the apartment as the door was more open, didn't bother to check it out and left his children alone again.

    1,000 days since Kate sat eating, drinking and being merry and didn't bother, in the space of 90 minutes to check her 3 young vulnerable children whom she'd left alone in an unlocked apartment.

    1,000 days and her parents have still not physically searched for their child.

    1,000 days if Madeleine is alive, of her being tortured, afraid, not knowing why Mummy and Daddy didn't come to save her from the alleged abductor.

    1,000 days in a child's young life, not understanding why those who have her harm her so.

    1,000 days of her parents telling the world there is no evidence she has come to any serious harm.

    1,000 days of the public being shocked and sickened at such a remark when clearly no matter where this child is, if alive, she is suffering the unimaginable.

    1,000 days of the cold and uncaring Kate McCann telling the public that her daughter will be giving her captors 'her tuppence worth'

    1,000 days of the McCann's thinking they have fooled the public with their stories.

    1,000 lanterns will not put matters right?

    1,000 men on the ground in the area in PDL where they claim she is being held might just help.

    They have the £1,000 + to finance this.

    Why 1,000 days on do they insist on not doing so?
    Why 1,000 days on do they insist on paying dodgy private detective agencies.
    Why 1,000 days on are there so many on their payrol when not a one of them has come up with anything at all which would help this child?
    Why 1,000 days on are they not hammering at the door of the Portuguese police and demanding that this case be re-opened?

    Why 1,000 days on are the her mummy and daddy throwing a party?

    Who benefits from this 'knees-up?' not Madeleine - Not in a thousand years!

    They should be ashamed of themselves, 1,000 times over. Not for Fund raising, but the way in which they carry this out.

    If anyone was every in any doubt about this couple, this latest shameful behaviour says it all.

  69. same old ,same old,I am more relaxed about these red carpet PR stunts having any value. The woman recently convicted of false claims regarding her sons health was a daytime TV sofa sitter, She was fawned over by Fiona Phillips, courted by politicians,blagged her way into award ceremonies and was photographed on the steps of 10 Downing Street. None of the media followers have had the decency to admit they were duped nor apologised to the child whos sufferring was prolonged because of their sycophantic behaviour. She was still arrested,tried and convicted -despite The Sun newspaper and GMTV!

  70. "They don't need lanterns – they can simply think about Madeleine and have a quiet time of reflection in their own homes." SH

    I think that nobody ever used the media circus that much, except may be Berlusconi (who owns them). The alibi is the well being of a missing little girl, for sure nothing to do with the sinister nazi political propaganda.

  71. Where is this "plush restaurant*? Where in London?

  72. McCann's say that if people read the book, then they will think Madeleine is dead and will stop looking for her.

    Are any of the public out there physically looking for the little girl? Does anyone know of another single person who is?

    Has there been a poll done of those who have read the book to establish the numbers of persons,who after having read it, believe she, Madeleine is dead and have, due to the book decided to stop searching (probably never started searching in the first instance - how can people search?)and those who believe she is alive.

    Many people who believe absolutely in the McCann's innocence, who hang on their every word, have read this book and don't take a blind bit of notice of the content, they continue to believe only in what the McCann's have fed them! It has not turned their head or changed their opinion as to this. How can one say that the book has caused them to stop searching?

    Is it not wrong of the McCann's to tell the world it is an abduction, what if the child wandered outside and came to some other harm. They do her an injustice by plugging one theory only.

  73. Anon 49 -it's ten past five p.m. here in England and I've just checked the Ceops Conference site and Gerry McCann is still announced as speaking at 16.00.
    At 16.30 it says that there is a Question and answer session with All speakers.
    Where did you see he had been taken off their programme? he's probably talking right now (unfortunately.)

  74. yeh they will never give up trying to cover their arses
    they will never give up trying to be stars
    they will never give up trying to con the public
    they will never give up trying NOT TO LOOK FOR MADELEINE.
    waste of space thats all they are and this goes for the tapas bunch as well who if told the truth could put a stop to this in a instance

  75. It will be interesting to see if Brandson and J.K Rowling attend the Bash , £ 150 a ticket will surely not appeal to these very rich people. The scum of the earth might attend !

    If Brandson and Rowling actually turn up for the Bash they are selling themselves short . Surely they would show their faces if the ticket prices were at least £1000 each .

  76. @ Anonymous 42
    I'm afraid they'll loose the gag but win the libel, the question being whether the sentence will be that amount of money, a more reasonable one or a symbolic euro. The book could be required to bear a cover band, from now on, specifying GA is responsible for a thesis which can't be mixed up with the truth.

  77. My comment was published.

  78. Ironside #16:"Implicit in his comments was a suggestion that if any site refuses to host a CEOP ‘panic button’ they are failing in their duty of care to the young and there must, therefore, be something ‘wrong’ with them."

    PS: The author of the poem. Spot on!

    Ah, is this why McCann has attached himself to CEOP? And vice versa! I remember AT of C-R saying how difficult it was to control the internet. Will this CEOP 'panic button' be the button used to control the internet? Even if it is only on UK sites. If so then imo any entity should not be allowed to imply they are doing something for child safety if they have other agendas! Parents have a responsibilty when it comes to their children. The McCanns showed no responsibilty when they chose to leave their children in the circumstances they left them in. Imo they are responsible for the situation their child may or may not be in now! They neglected their children. Why are they even assocated with child safety in any form? I police my 10 year-old childs internet activity. I do so because I am a responsible parent. I do not need an organization that imo is enabling the McCanns thesis of abduction, a thesis that has no evidence therefore it is meaningless, to supposedly monitor my child thank you very much! MBM is missing. That does not mean she should be assumed abducted because the McC's say she is. The country who investigated the disappearance of this child have not archived her case as an abduction. What right do the CEOP have to state she is abducted? Especially as the UK are being treated like the mushrooms in the dark regarding this case. The McC's version of events is the only version that can be put forward in the UK. Why? Why are imo the CEOP enbaling this McC version? Who are the CEOP answerable to? Who monitors the CEOP? Imo wielding the‘won’t someone please think of children?’ banner cannot be used for others to achieve their own wider agendas!

  79. @58

    I doubt your comment will be published. It would be a huge surprise if it did.

    Thanks for the link

  80. Don't get me wrong here but keeping Madeleine's thoughts is not my responsibility. If the parents had any thoughts whatsoever they would have searched for her on the night she "disappeared". Floating lanterns isn't gonna cut ice with me McCann. Go back to Portugal, answer the questions and re-open the case.

    The whole world knows how sick you all are. It's pathetic. I bet you your lantern evening will be a flop. In fact, I know it will. However, the media will trump up a photoshop'd image of thousands of lanterns in the sky.

  81. Here you can leave a comment, they will publish it, right away.


  82. What on earth is wrong with Susan Healy? If Maddie had been my grand daughter, I would have been asking some very serious questions of the sainted parents, not referring to my daughter in terms of "God love her, she's worked so hard on her party". FGS, since their most trusted minion, "Sgt" Dave, said that Maddie was in a lair near PDL, enough time has gone by for them to visit every house within a 10km radius of PDL with all the money they have at their disposal, so why hasn't that happened? Does Susan Healy think £150 a head dinners with multi millionaires and environmentally damaging lanterns are more important than her grand daughter? The whole family are psychopaths in my opinion.

  83. ZODIAC...I think we are beginning to see the light..

    JIM GAMBLE will answer to himself...

    CEOP to become independent

    Child protection, Law enforcement - liaison

    The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) is to be made an non-departmental public body, a junior Home Office Minister announced this week. Non-departmental public bodies (NDPBs) are more commonly known as “quangos”.

    The significance of the announcement is that it will give greater independence to CEOP to set its own strategic goals and priorities. CEOP is currently accountable to the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA); while CEOP enjoys operational independence, SOCA oversees its annual plan, budget etc. NDPBs generally have full independence: their purpose and powers is set out in the statute that creates them and within that framework they have almost complete strategic freedom.

    Jim Gamble, the senior police officer who is the Chief Executive of CEOP, has a record of being outspoken in his criticisms of the Internet industry, particularly social networking sites, and arguing that CEOP should not have to pay costs to ISPs, unlike the regular police. Heading an independent quango, rather than answering to a policing agency, he will have even greater freedom to campaign to set limits on industry self-regulation.


  84. The McCanns being linked to anything to do with child safety is a joke. Gamble needs to explain why he is allowing McCann anywhere near his organisation.

    The McCanns are dangerous to children, these creatures who say they were being responsible parents when they left their kids for hours at a time while they went out wining and dining.

    The results of their selfish action has resulted in the death of one of their children says the official police investigators.

    So who do the McCanns think they are kidding? Certainly not those who really are responsible parents.

    Does that include Gamble? Does he think it is OK to endorse child neglect by cozying up to these McCanns to try and help reinvent them as victims.

    The victim was Madeleine. She was their victim.

    Plus all the others who have been caught up innocently in this disgusting farce of a spin.

  85. Kate's mother said "Nothing has changedd since day one", well if she means the McCanns will be dining out with their friend, I guess I would have to agree. But she also should know that MUCH has changed since day one - people all over the world no longer believe that the McCanns are the victims, they were the only ones in PDL who were not looking for Madeleine the night she went "missing" and while a few may have had sympathy for them originally, subsequent events, and the power of reasoning, have caused many more to ask them if they truly believe Madeleine is alive, why not ask the Portugese authorities to re-open the investigation.

  86. Joana, do you know if PDL has authorized the launching of these dangerous lanterns ? Hasn't Quercus reacted ?

  87. There is a good article in today's Evening Times about lanterns.

    This box doesn't allow me to post a link so just copy and past.


  88. 69, at the moment I checked on CEOP, there was only the word

    4.00 Close

    and nothing like "closing speech Gerry McCann"

    I swear you.

  89. @ Anonymous 28
    Sorry, I hadn't yet read your post when I wrote mine !

  90. http://goodqualitywristbands.blogspot.com/

    CEOP 'Himself' explains.

  91. 13 paedophiles?


    1 is the man of the house key.

  92. I am #58
    My comment -personal opinion expressed politely- was not published by thisislondon.

  93. Well it's nice to hear that Everton FC have NOT taken part in the charade this time. They have more sense, Good. They have gone down the leagues by suckering Formby this time haven't they?

  94. Paddy dont want your mails!

    The McCanns mouthpiece Paddy Shennans mail link gives this message...

    'Sorry, this function has been temporarily disabled.'

    No one is allowed to have a different view to McCanns or their supporters...banning and blocking and spin spin spinning!

  95. Hi Anon 42

    The above article states that Halligen defrauded the London Law firm of £1.2 million (the last paragraph)and the McCanns are asking for the same sum from Snr Amaral in their libel case.

  96. 68 Excellent post!


  97. Is there a possibility to watch the eventual video showing Gerry's speeching, in order to give us the chance to criticise him as much as possible?

  98. This coming party leaves me a bit confused. I've read that 180 people have been invited and that the price per person is 150£. If I can multiply, this means 27.000£. They will auction of course some old stuff which will bring in a few more thousands. After expenses, the proceeds will be divided: half for two charities, and the other half to the McCann's (pockets) fund/company. In the end, by my accounts, they will have enough left for some lollipops (Gerry loves them). Unless, of course, oncles Branson, Kennedy and aunty Rowlings open their purses and generously donate to this much needy couple (if they show up, that is). I can only conclude that this obscene party is nothing more nothing less than a drty exercise in propaganda. Because moneywise I don't see how it can replennish the depleted fund's accounts. If I had it wrong can someone explain this to me?

  99. 99,an,

    hah hah hah!!!


  100. It continues to amaze and exhasperate the majority of responsible parents that Kate and Gerald McCann are allowed to be associated with child protection agencies.

    However, these agencies are often used to replace parents responsibilities.

    If McCann, dreadful father, and his wife, disasterous mother, placed a child on a motorway overtaking lane and a car hit the child, the driver would be pilloried and the McCanns given a child protection award! Thats is effectively what is happening.

  101. A long, long time ago...J.K.Rowling lived in Portugal, in Oporto I think. Back then she was married to a portuguese man and she taught english in some school. The marriage eventually broke-up and she returned to England. Just after she became news with her first Harry Potter book, some newspaper went to Oporto and talked with people who had known her when she lived there, work colleagues, etc., and none of them had noticed any particular inclination for writting, no "writting vein", she had never expressed any wish or dream to one day become a writer, and at her teaching she also did not stand out in any particular way. Just an ordinary person, an average level teacher, not outstanding, not brilliant. They all seemed surprised and somewhat incredulous that J.K. of all people come up with such a book/story.
    She must have changed a lot when she got to Britain...

  102. Anon 97

    Well spotted. Strange, if coincidence.

    Do the McCanns have any connection to that law firm one wonders?

  103. If Halligen is back in the US does that mean we wont get to hear what he has to say?

    Out of harms way as far as the McCanns go, so to speak.

  104. Team McCann, if given an inch of a chance to spin, will make that a mile.

    I hope all the lies will come flying back in their faces very soon.

  105. I wonder what items will be in the auction?
    Maybe cuddle cat will get another airing or will it be the pants of ganga - I've always loved that one- or maybe Kate's diary. Mmmm!!

  106. Can't someone pop down to Kensington Gardns and report on the actual number of participants?? The whole thing is a spin imo.

  107. Others have touched on this. Am I too imaginative or do I sense something sinister here. We have JK Rowling, writings that influence children's imaginations worldwide; R Branson vast businesses that influence leisure, transport, telecoms, internet, news; Gamble, police aspirations to control the internet; McCanns banning books and controlling speech; Carter Ruck, control of unwanted criticism. Are they just 'birds of a feather' that stick together or do they have something in common?

  108. 100 - personal view is that this isnt about money at all, its about their reputation. Who could believe that people who rub shoulders with Rowling and Branson could be frauds, not stupid UK Jo public thats for sure!

    They are seeking celebrity - and hoping to use it to keep that money rolling in!

  109. Actually 99 makes a good point, the more McCann is in public the more his true colour seeps through.

    frankly I am amazed that he is a consultant, I can only assume he is good at passing exams and once he has the qualifications, he has position - I wonder how many patients they let him near though (I for one would request an alternative!).

  110. The Sun has been a huge supporter of the McCanns. I find it odd the paper is not highlighting details of the 1,000 day gala, or hav e I missed something.

  111. The 'fund' is like the 'sightings' of possible suspects.

    I have followed this case from the beginning, for the first two years believing everything the McCann camp said. The fund came up regularly in the press, always stating that it was 'running out' and no one would be looking for Madeleine because they need millions of pounds to keep up the search.

    Every few months there is another 'sighting' and every few months the fund is dangerously low.

    This whole thing is mass manipulation. Hitler could not have done a better job of controlling the masses. The McCanns could never have done this alone. There professionals behind this fraud, but why?

  112. 103 - she is no Dickens or Stephen King! The writing is weak, but the stpory strong (for kids, its well positioned). She has been lucky, plagiarised lots of the elements (very little invented by jer - Griffins, Phoenixes, mandrakes etc....none invented by her).

    Presumably she is like Fiona Phillips, made it by lying on her back with the right producer/publisher!

    She sure isnt worth the amount of money the films have made for her.

    She seems to have McCann disease too, sues everyone in sight!

  113. http://blogs.news.sky.com/lifeofcrime/Post:966953a1-81cf-425d-846e-917581b397c5

    Madeleine Mccann and a load of Nonsense.

  114. Nothing on the UK news about the Maccanns celebrations, but wait untill tomorrow. Price Charles may be there or William or Harry or the queen, William may announce his engagement oh I can't wait. We may even get a sighting of Elvis that would be more believable than a sighting of Maddie. I won't sleep tonight so excited. What will kate wear hope she has not been near any dead bodys in her party dress.

  115. I had a look for a Formby FC website, but it has been closed down, so I emailed the Formby Times, who wrote a sycophantic post about the McCanns as well as the article about Formby FC releasing the lanterns.

    I asked the Formby Times, why they had swallowed the fairy story the McCanns keep churning out.

    I then told them that the Marine and Coastguard agency were worried that these lanterns could be mistaken for flares and life boats would be scrambled costing thousands of pound to the RNLI. Its highly likely that could happen, because Formby is a coastal town.

    I suggested that it would have been better for Formby FC to send a £1000 to a Haitian charity, £1 for each of the days Madeleine has been missing. It would be better than releasing lanterns in the sky, that could cause injury to animals or people, as the debris is dropped onto the ground.

    I am hoping that someone from the Formby Times, sees sense and tells Formby FC not to release these lanterns.

    I have also emailed the RNLI to tell them of Formby FC's intentions.

  116. Why are we surprised that Kate McCann's mother is going along with all this hoopla?

    After all, wasn't she the one who mentioned that any evidence against the McCanns must have been planted (by the police (UK included) presumably).

  117. Well done Kathybelle at 117.

    Let's hope they listen.

  118. Gerald conference's title was

    Do as I say, don't do as I do.

  119. Martin Brunt on Sky 'Madeleine McCann and a load of nonsense'. I think what he is hinting at the load of nonsense with the McCann 'Celebrations'. It would be great if Martin broke ranks with Sky and joined ranks with Mr. Amaral!!

  120. It's the madhatters tea party nothing more, a chance for the Mccanns to try and regain some credibility after their recent fiasco in Portugal and for Gerry to pocket some more cash.

  121. I hope British news papers will publicise about the dinner, the balloons and about Gerry's speech at the CEOP.
    It is very much necessary that people can find out what the CEOP and Jim Gamble are.

    An Amaral witness said that authorities hindered the investigations.
    This is a complot and I pray judge Maria Gabriela has been informed about the corruption in England.

    I start suspecting that some organisations in the UK exist to protect paedophiles, not to punish them.
    I would not be surprised if they were all rulled by paedophiles.
    I have never heard of such a filthy, dirty, immoral country before.

  122. SKY BLOGS

    Martin Brunts blog on

    check out how many posts about the Mccanns, says it all really

  123. @ Anonymous 110
    Of course it's not about money, it's about reputation. Money is just a help for it.

  124. Post 123...remember we first heard about this and the cover up of Operation Ore...Blair and his cronies ...Paedophilia I am sure is behind all of this. Jim Gamble was right in the centre of Operation Ore...and lied under Oath. Thats the kind of man spear heading CEOP:

  125. I have read what Martin Brunt had to say on Sky and am left wondering when he is actually going to get down off that fence.

    As it is, what he writes there today is a load of meaningless nothing. If he is hinting at something, why doesn't he have the guts to say it clearly.

    When and where are we going to get accurate reporting nowadays in UK, without the suspicion that that these 'fearless' journalists have been scared out of their wits by Carter Ruck, or for the loss of their jobs if they speak the truth.

    They can make their way to the jungles of Vietnam, brave the bullets of Iraq and Afghanistan, and the earthquake tremors of Haiti, yet get them to write the objective truth about the McCann case and they are shivering in their shoes.

    Please, journalists of the UK, grow a few guts and refuse to go along with the McCann spin.

  126. If the Sun is a McCanns support, they will not talk about the 1000 days gala tomorrow.
    They would turn the few left supporters against the McCanns.

    How dare Prince William to get engaged to be married on the day that McCanns are asking for money?
    He and his fiancee will be sued.

  127. Ironside,

    I wonder if CEOP + McCann + C-R = Control of the UK Internet! No wonder Pinky is still around probably wanting to be part of the equation also. This combination imo seek power, money and control of internet users. This cannot happen! Thank goodness for Dr Goncalo Amaral I say! Due to him not rolling over I think he is putting a huge kybosh on this if indeed this is what is trying to be achieved.

    How on earth can SOCA and the British Government allow a person who left his 3 children all aged 3 and under unsupervised in a flat and as a result the eldest child mysteriously disappeared, have anything what-so-ever to do with CEOP! Child safety cannot be used as vehicle for other agendas imo!

  128. 1,000 days after disappearance, Madeleine McCann inspires Armitage poem http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/books/poetry/article7003682.ece and the poem http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/books/poetry/article7003617.ece

  129. No 112, I doubt the Sun have been invited to the 'do'. Much too down market for these top notch celebs!!!

  130. Don't worry, CEOP is going down. It might take some time but karma always wins in the end.

  131. what about gerry mscum/ceop today?

  132. Oh dear, Martin Brunt's getting a bit stroppy. Of course the parents didn't call Sky News before they called the police. The parents called Jill Renwick who then called GMTV.

    Sky News had a slight advantage though, because they had one of their weathergirls on the spot, as they say. Jo Wheeler (who lives in PdL) was available to report before GMTV could dispatch any of their crack, award winning investigative journalists to the scene.

    Anyway Martin, while you shift uncomfortably on your precarious, splinter infested fence, rest assured that there are plenty of "intelligent, sane and rational people, in Portugal and in the UK" who are quite immune to being fed bullshit by journalists who have been emasculated by Britain's laughable libel laws. We feel for you. Grow a pair, Brunty. If you've got something to say, say it. Don't try and take the moral high ground whilst saying nothing at all and leaving the public to do your job for you in your comments section.

  133. Anon #132

    They deserve to go down if child safety is being used as a pawn and front for a quanqo to control for their own agendas!

  134. Nothing yet about the 1000 days celebrations!

  135. Long haired lover from Liverpool UKTuesday, January 26, 2010 11:41:00 pm

    Kate Maccanns mother will go along with all this I can assure you, They are all well over the loss of Maddie. Its the skins of Kate and Gerry they want to save.

  136. any news about halligen, today?

  137. Times On Line, January 27, 2010 - Simon Armitage Madeleine McCann poem to be austioned off at gala Wenesday night.

  138. Is it known if somebody twittered Gerry's wise words today?
    Was it filmed?

  139. Ironside just re-read your #16 post and wonder about this:

    "Mr. Gamble is it’s CEO. It receives the bulk of it’s funding from the UK government (i.e. taxpayers) and from private sources (step forward Microsoft, BT, O2, Virgin, VISA, etc, etc) which all runs into £millions every year."

    Hmm Virgin! Could that be the RB connection?.

  140. Can someone tell me why the British press always refer to Brian Kennedy as "millionare Brian Kennedy. When referring to Richard Branson and J.K. Rowling they don't preface their names with their net worth and I'm sure they are worth a bob or two.

  141. http://www.southwalesguardian.co.uk/uk_national_news/4873495.McCanns_mark_Madeleine_milestone/

    "Madeleine is still missing. Sometimes it even feels wrong to be coping.

    "And yet if we weren't, there would be no search and no campaign to find Madeleine and that just doesn't bear thinking about."

    KM did not answer 48 questions. KM did not demand her friends return to take part in an official reconstruction. KM does not ask for the case to be re-opened. KM could have the right people investigating. Why is she not asking?

  142. Unfortunately the Armitage poem is not a bad poem as a poem. Were it actually about a missing girl still alive it would be v. affecting. As it's not, it becomes yet another exercise in nausea inducement.

    Armitage - ask yourself that simple question:


    What possible reason can they have for not doing that?

  143. HI ZODIAC..I read yesterday there is something going on with Virgin and their softwate...I will try and find the article..

    Jon Gaunt who faced up to Mitchell...this stuff never hits the press..

    Liberty support "shock jock" Jon Gaunt’s free speech challenge to Ofcom
    27/01/2010 Today the High Court will hear a judicial review application brought by sacked “shock jock” Jon Gaunt against Ofcom. Gaunt is bringing the challenge after Ofcom upheld complaints against him under the broadcasting code.

  144. http://www.bigbrotherwatch.org.uk/home/2010/01/privacy-international-deserve-your-support.html

    Here it is Zodiac...VIRGIN File snooping software.

  145. http://news.aol.co.uk/nazi-jibe-presenter-in-legal-bid/article/20100126220704130141293

    More on Jon Gaunt and Freedom of Speech...

  146. http://www.bigbrotherwatch.org.uk/home/2010/01/john-gaunts-case-is-an-important-test-for-freedom-of-speech.html

    More on Free Speech...The press are very quiet on this article.

  147. Thanks Ironside I read:

    I am now following them on twitter@privacyint. I am now really starting to wonder about CEOP, McCann, C-R, Mitchell and possibly RB. The UK being subjected to injunctions, super-injunctions, no press coverage of the publicly available McCann Portuguese case file in the UK. Trying to censor Dr GA and his publishers etc. What a quango the above combo would be controlling the UK internet! Especially as AT of C-R saying something like the Internet was difficult to control!

    Are you on twitter Ironside?

  148. Simon Armitage's poem. I haven't read it, but I have always enjoyed his poetry, have been to one of his talks and read articles about him. If it is auctioned at the bash, it will be the end of my admiration for him.

  149. Take some tips from China - they really know how to censor information!

  150. Has Blacksmithbureau blogspot disappeared?

  151. Anon 153 - its still there

  152. Zodiac post. Would everyone comment on the South Wales Guardian please?

  153. South Wales Guardian's one comment sums it up rightly: Why did the McCanns leave their babies alone night after night.
    The police evidence testimony in the Mccann libel trial in Lisbon is that the child most likely died in the apartment. British cadaver dogs alerted to a body in the apartment. Why don't the McCanns ask the police to reopen the case which is only shelved pending further evidence?

  154. The South Wales Guardian is taking comments on the McCanns 1000 days publicity stunt.

  155. Did Mr Armitage get paid for writing the poem? He spent some time at the duo's house getting the feel for what he needed to write, apparently. A special poem for one child and not for the others being remembered at the party? It's a good thing we have our own resident poet to keep things in perspective.

  156. I think that this party is a totally appropriate way for them to mark Madeleine's 1000th day missing.

    After all they were stuffing their faces, having a laugh and getting drunk then whilst ignoring their children on May 3rd 2007 so why not celebrate the anniversary in exactly the same way.

    Vile tacky people.

  157. Hi Zodiac..not at the moment ..Cannot find a word about Halligen.

  158. Do you think that Kate will be allowed to mingle and chat freely?

    Can't see it myself. Who knows what she might let slip.

  159. Perhaps the celebrities should have been sent photos of the UK dogs who alerted to the blood and cadaver scent in the McCanns' apartment and hire car, and have never been wrong.

    If they didn't know already about these dogs, could be they need a reminder.

  160. Anon 82

    Thanks for giving us that information. Will check it out.

    So did the woman look just like Kate McCann?

    But it still leaves the question as to why Kate McCann said a couple took Madeleine??


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