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McCann TV snub

«From the pretence of the reconstruction, we saw, all in all, less than five minutes. But we saw a happy family. A perfect one. Kate paints with the twins, she takes them to watch the chicken, the ducks and the horses. She peels potatoes and greets Gerry when he arrives after a day of medical consults. To be certain, we even saw Maddie's father's patients. Kate was also a doctor, part time, but now all she does is to care for the children. Life as it is for perfect, complying parents. Paulo Sargento on the Cutting Edge: Madeleine was here»

By Jerry Lawton

TELLY chiefs in Portugal offered to pay £35,000 to screen a documentary made by Madeleine McCann’s parents.

Bosses at TVI were willing to fork out the sum because they were desperate to “balance” their coverage of the Brit girl’s disappearance.

But Kate and Gerry McCann, both 41, refused permission for the show because the channel had already shown a rival documentary by ex-detective Gonçalo Amaral.

The evidence came out in Mr Amaral court’s bid to overturn an injunction banning his book. The case will resume next month.

in Daily Star [Express group]


  1. The perfect McCann family eh.

    Perhaps they should follow up with the scene of Gerry saying the F word and 'I'm not here to enjoy myself' in front of those little children on the way to PDL.

    Not even in front of the kids could he control his feelings, or his mouth.

    Now that was believable.

  2. Uptill now Gerry has been the commander in this case.
    Everybody following his orders, Brown, Clarence, the media, public sending him money.
    Isabel Duarte learned a lot of him.
    Instead of writing an article herself, about the questioning in Lisbon this week, she pointed Kate to do it.

    A defense like Kate made now, writing that article, should have been Isabel's job.

    Isabel is right because everything is too tyiring.
    She diserves some rest.

    And Kate can start working, why not?

  3. If I recall correctly Kate was only working 1.5 days a week prior to the fateful holiday. She had a lot of support back in Rothley in raising the kids - not just Gerry but the nanny, friends and family.

  4. The day after the McCanns returned home from PDL, after scarpering when they were made arguidos, they had a visit from a member of Social Services and a police officer. Later Gerry McCann said that he had invited these 2 people into his home (he always seems to be in control)

    Gerry McCann then said, he and his wife were told that how they behaved in PDL (or words to that effect) was within the realms of normal parenting. Which is what he said they were told, by a senior member of the Portuguese police, days after Madeleine disappeared.

    He also said that his wife would not be returning to work, but would be concentrating on the twins. What a shame he and his wife preferred the company of a suspected paedophile and others, to concentrating on their first born and the twins.

    Anyway re the normal parenting I don't believe the McCanns were told anything of the sort, in PDL or their Rothley home. Any more than I believe the moon is made of green cheese. In fact I would believe the moon is made of green cheese more than I would believe anything that odious pair said.

    I do believe Kate McCann is not returning to work, but I don't believe it is her decision nor that of her husband's. I'm not saying she has been struck off the medical records, I just believe she has had her services as a locum, dispensed with and she will find it hard to get employment any where.

    Of course that's only my opinion.

  5. Sorry not related to subject - but look at this for xenophobic british journalism


  6. The reason, they did not allow their documentary to be shown in Portugal is because they feared that their documentary would be ridiculed since the Portuguese public had already been shown the truth.

    The British media is at it again, swarming like angry bees.

    This article by the Daily Star is attempting to convince the public that the McCanns have scruples.

    When Martin Brunt said: "the Portuguese are very sensitive about freedom of expression because they have a fledgling democracy and so the protests are really not to support Mr. Amaral but to support freedom of expression," he is trying to convince his audience that Mr. Amaral is not even liked by his own people.

    If one reads some of the latest articles, one would think that it was Mr. Amaral who brought legal action against the McCanns, and it is he who is trying to engage them in a protracted process.

    Mr. Amaral is once again being slandered and libeled at a frenetic pace. Will any British lawyer ever represent him? I doubt it. Now, why couldn't the Portuguese lawyers be as selective as their British counterparts?

  7. As an American ex-pat with England as my adopted country... well, I cringe at the incompetence of alleged British "journalists". More like "lap-dogs", or "lazy gits that will swallow anything they are fed." What this country needs is a good, old-fashioned muck-raker! Or three.

    And, with an editor with the bottle to publish the results of their muck-raking.

    May justice prevail, etc.

    -- Trismegistus

  8. Their refusal to let TVI show their documentary after Gonçalo Amaral's film just makes them look petty. Their lawyers even bullied the French TV w9 into withdrawing the programmme showing both documentaries. The McCanns do not even want a confrontation of "theories". No they just want their story as gospel, because a comparison would be fatal for them.

    The Daily Star also had an article about Gonçalo Amaral's alledged swearing and said that he did not say the F word. Maybe some English papers are seeing the light.


  9. The British Daily Mail at it again. I hope Goncalo Amaral is collecting all these openly xenophobic and offensive articles. He needs a British lawyer with good experience in libel cases. Do you know any? ;)

    This is how the article starts:


    During the first few weeks after Madeleine McCann's disappearance, Goncalo Amaral came to symbolise all that was wrong with the abysmally mishandled Portuguese police investigation into the case.

    A portly provincial CID chief who was plainly out of his depth and had a penchant for long, wine-fuelled lunches and leaking favourable stories about himself to the Press, he was removed as head of the investigation after six months.

    And when he was later revealed to have perjured himself to cover up a brutal interrogation by members of his team, detractors scoffed that his name ought to have been spelt with an 'o', as in 'amoral'.


    Read it at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1243596/Shes-terrifyingly-hes-boiling-rage-So-HAVE-McCanns-trial.html

  10. the McCann's scored another own goal with their documentary...
    they had to rapidly recut it to exclude the Kate actor re-creating Kate's timeline as it wasn't factual, they distressed the child actor playing Maddie and they displayed a very happy domestic homelife back in England...

  11. Well there's one thing for sure, there's no chance of Amaral's documentary being shown in England to "re-dress the balance". I'm sure if the McCanns were offered a few million they would take up the Portugese offer.

  12. Many of us in England have seen the documentary (the heroic detectives I mean!) so we dont need the UK media to show it!

    Personally I NEVER buy a UK newspaper - as I consider any uncontrolled medium as being open to abuse - and totally biased according to the views of its owner.

  13. I can conclude then that the duo are against balanced reporting. However Clary stated in Dubai that he had private meetings with editors of newspapers to give their side of the story.

  14. They had the opportunity to present their own side of the "story" but it would have been too "dangerous": it would have damaged the "search for Madeleine" beside the fact the offer was not what they"ve got used to which means an awful lot of $$$$$$ :D

    Thinking about the british media and their frantic washing up accumulated over the week
    All the dogs hair,the blood stain,the mccies pants,gerry"s bile,the lies wow.... =))

  15. in this mornings mail in a two page article they ask why k and g have brought this latest court action on as it may only publicise GA s book and then they give a long detailed account of many things that the book alleged...whose side are they on or are they just plain studid.Of course their main concern is to fill a newspaper

  16. I have sent a complaint to the editor of the Daily Mail. The article Fernis refers to is truly a disgrace.

  17. The McCanns forbade TVI to show their biased documentary, was this some sort of narcissistic decision not to cooperate with TV!? Certainly balancing the public's perceptions of Snr Amaral book didn't occur to them then "for the sake of 'the search'." It is they who are unbalanced IMO.

  18. Surprise surprise....the vile article in the Daily Fail is not accepting comments.

  19. And French TV had a vering interesting report about the Lisbonne's audience: Transcription in French and translated with google Transcription of the broadcast of the Journal télévisé , evening 8 pm -15/01/2009 France 2 .
    Vidéo link . At 30.12


    Journal télévisé: 15.01.2009 France 2 television. Video link. At 30.12

    Journalist (Delahousse) speaking:

    "In Portugal now. The trial between the parents of Maddie McCann in the former inspector in charge of the investigation will resume February 10 in Lisbon.
    The McCann couple want, I remind you, to definitively ban the book from the former policeman. It always accuses them of concealing the death of their child.
    Let's see how were the 3 days of hearing. By Jacques Cardoz. "

    (Images of the McCann arriving in bad weather and wind)

    Hard times for McCann (French humour). They came to fight the accident hypothesis developed by a former policeman, they are at the center of the charge.
    Soon after the first few hours of hearing, Gerry McCann appears in a new face to the press. He is nervous, defensive: (Images of Gerry speaking to the press, very nervous)
    "There is no evidence that Maddie is dead ... Let me finish please!. I repeat, there is no evidence that Maddie is dead and we are involved in her disappearance. This was the conclusion ... Let me finish! .. This was the conclusion of the investigation at the time. "

    (Next image: Amaral arriving with his hat). Journalist speaking:

    A conclusion that does not believe the officer in charge of the investigation at the time and who not only wrote the thesis of the accident in this book (pages of the book and turned cover of the book)
    but has developed into a documentary based on footage shot by Portuguese police. (Pictures of the dog entering the flat). It shows dogs full investigation, the smell of death in two different places in the apartment. Proof by Gonçalo Amaral that the girl was killed accidentally in the apartment rental.

    (Interview of Amaral)
    "This is a documentary based on the testimonies of people who should participate in the rebuilding official and has not been done"

    Journalist speaking:
    Another policeman, the case for removal was favored because of media pressure. (Images of Kate leaving the court). The trial is scheduled to resume interrupted February 10 hearing with the two new witnesses.

    (Images of Jacques Cardoza speaking in London)

    "This week the British press has widely publicized the theory of the accident, but Great Britain has also made a radical choice: not to broadcast the documentary and did not authorize the publication of the controversial book. "

    End of story


  20. We will get two more witnesses next time.
    I think one of them could be Paulo Sargento.
    Joana, any idea who could be the other one?

  21. Isabel Duarte is praying she will get the H1N1 too.

    I wonder why Mr. Carlos Pinto de Abreu is no longer a McCanns'lawyer.
    He is a nice man, isn't he?
    Sometime ago I saw him on youtube (another issue) and I noticed he aged very fast.
    McVirus, for sure.

  22. Fernis. Post 9. The Daily Mail article. What disgusting bare-faced McCann propaganda. Must have been sponsored by Clarence Mitchell himself. I will complain about this one to the PCC as well. The article is desperately unprofessional as jouranlism, libelous and insulting to Snr Amaral, his family and the Portuguese police.

    Joana may I suggest that Snr Amaral and his legal team are made aware of this article in the Daily Mail and they complain to the editor, the PCC and sue for damages too. It is time that these scurrilous rags were challenged about their damaging lies.


  23. Re.#4.Kathybelle. Good posting ! I'm with you and the green cheese. This repeated claim by the McCanns about being reassured that their conduct was "Within the bounds of normal parenting" has always stuck in my craw. Quite apart from my own instinct as a father and grandfather,common-sense makes me ask "Which blockhead in Social Services gave that as their Professional opinion ? Likewise, who in the P.J.in Portugal gave the same advice ? The McCanns have made many statements and claims which have not been questioned in depth, perhaps they can say precisely WHO told them that to leave 3 very young children alone in a locked or unlocked apartment in a foreign land,"Falls within the bounds of normal parenting"------and is therefore acceptable? All of the varied claims made by the McCanns or their Spokespersons,have little to do with finding a missing child,but simply to achieve exculpation for her parents.

  24. oh please there was NO WAY there docu could have been shown after Mr Amarals.the mccanns docu was the best laugh i have ever had,i bet there was more on the cutting room floor than in what they showed because they are all bloody liers

  25. The reporter in the Mail sounds soooo jealous of Mr Amaral when he writes that Dr Amaral wears an earring given to him by his younger wife and is mobbed by women outside the court.
    Mr Amaral looks great and the earring adds to his handsome look. His wife is gorgeous and his fans are not only women, but men as well from all over the world.

  26. http://www.algarveresident.com/story.asp?XID=34721

    reasonable summaries of all 3 days here (see right hand panel) and they're doing something next week i think.

  27. guerra, their documentary WAS shown in Portugal, remember? By SIC.

  28. What the events of the last few days so brutally demonstrated is the speed with which the McCanns' efforts of more than two and a half years to spin the story to their own advantage were destroyed, when confronted with the truth.

    Faced with this challenge to their perceived supremacy, the McCanns immediate reaction was to replace the lies that had been exposed with more lies.

    True to type, they immediately released a blog, this time ostensibly written by Kate McCann, which deals with what they see as the weaknesses in their case and tailors their story accordingly.

    It is this kind of blatant back filling which has always been an indication of their involvement; obviously they have learnt nothing from their experience in Lisbon.

    For those dedicated people determined to get to the truth behind Madeleine's disappearance, analysis of the blog together with careful analysis of the current round of redtop spin will no doubt provide useful information and help them achieve that objective.

    For all of us who are equally determined that the truth be revealed and the perpetrators brought to justice, our outrage at the latest round of spin should be tempered by the knowledge of how useful it can be to those who seek the truth, and how quickly it is destroyed when confronted by that truth.

    No doubt the sequence of spin and its destruction will continue for as long as it takes until the whole truth is revealed and there is nothing left to spin. The last ones to realize this, if ever, will be the McCanns.

  29. #25

    How it must stick in the craw of the Wail that the recent images of a polished and good-looking Amaral no longer resemble the early ones that they so gleefully published back in 2007. So they have to find other ways to get a sly dig at him.


  30. DM had the week before an article about McCanns trial and comments was allowed. i think i saw 25 comments and only one pro McCanns, also interesting the arrows against them was a big amount.

    But.. we have wait and see.However IMO the Sky News tweeter report did a big damage on the parents thesis and behaviour

  31. This website has always been the first one I visit when I switch my computer on. If anyone had any doubts whatsoever as to the outcome of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann they need not look any further than the information provided by Joana Morais.

    Compare this with the UK media and you got yourself a good reason to ban all mainstream media in Britain. It is full of lies, spin and propoganda.

    Joana and her team have provided us with objective news and news from both sides. The more you look into the real news the more you will come to the conclusion that Madeleine is actually more likely dead than alive and the parents must surely now be close to being caught out with their fraudulent scheme of the fund campaign. If the fund is not a fraud then why haven't the McCanns sued anyone for saying so?

    I believed from day one that the little girl died in the apartment and her parents have every spec of blood on their hands.

    Nothing will change my mind. In fact, the more I visit this site the more I am convinced the parents are guilty.

    People, do not be fooled by the father or the mother. Both are not as articulate as they portray themselves to be. In fact, they are both as thick as fumbling thieves.

  32. Anonymous 27, I stand corrected. I don't live in Portugal and presently I only have access to RTP, but I do believe you are right.

  33. The McCann's documentary was so amateurishly done and so obviously filmed under the guidance and direction of Gerry himself, that nobody could take it for a serious attempt to show what really happened that day. The whole documentary was a joke. When they saw GA's professionaly done documentary, they could not possibly let anyone in Portugal see their ridiculous piece od shit (sorry). That is the reason why they refuse permission to brodcast the stuff. Anyway, maybe if the offer were substantially increased, perhaps they would have agreed.

  34. A journalist has writtena peice today in the Daily Mail on the McCann libel case,and it was a real hatchett job on Goncarlo Amaral,practically calling him a drunk and a bungler and more,Amanda Platell also writes in her column today that she hopes the McCanns are victorious,so it will stop the conspiracy theorists,i now wonder if the British newspapers are gagged as i thought,because if they are gagged from saying anything about the McCanns then why say anything at all,everything they write is sympathetic to them,even though they left their vunerable children alone night after night,i now think the British Press believe the McCanns 100%,and i despair of there being any justice for Madeleine or Goncarlo Amaral,i hope and pray that this case is found in Amarals favour,but i'm beginning to think it won't,i hope i'm wrong.

  35. To my mind this just makes to McCanns look silly. They were offered the chance to put their side of the story to the Portuguese people by allowing the documentary to be shown. For all they know it could have jogged someone's memory- 'a mother, a brother' etc. So by refusing to let it be shown , have they themselves not hindered the search for Madeleine, the very thing that they have accused Mr Amaral of. I hope more is made of this in the final summing up (assuming there is such a thing in Portuguese trials, I don't know!!!)

  36. Poster 33. I think you are right. How could a suspect possibly be allowed to create his own reconstruction anyway?

    I am really looking forward to seeing these two being banged up in a slammer. That day will come.

  37. Very well said Anonymous (31). I have questioned whether they really are qualified doctors. Not so much because of the circumstances surrounding Madeleine's disappearance, but because as you say they are not articulate.

    It won't be the first time, so called "professionals" have been found out to be bogus. Only last week a doctor who also doubled up as a vet, was found to have bought his qualifications on the net and apparantly this is rife.

    This doctor/vet, performed an operation on a horse and the animal nearly lost its life. That incident was investigated and that is when he was found to be bogus.

    Another case was when a man posed as a Forensic Scientist, he had climbed the ladder because of his "qualifications" which he also bought on the net. I can't remember how, he was found out to be bogus.

    Some of these bogus professionals have attended university, but have never obtained degrees. They will say they are moving to another University, for whatever reason and that's when they begin their road to deception.

    Gerry McCann has worked in Amsterdam and New Zealand to "further his career". He could have "bought the necessary qualifications" on the net, which would help him climb the ladder.

    Whether I am right or wrong, Gerry Mcann, certainly shows no allegiance to the medical profession. He spends more time away from the hospital, "fighting his cause" in the full glare of the media, than he does working. I know he was taken away from direct contact with patients, when he returned to work in late 2007, because a hospital spokesperson made the announcement. They said he would be working in the research department. What he is doing now I don't know.

    The McCanns have a team of professionals working for them,including a spokesperson. They are the ones who should be in the in the forefront, while the McCanns stay quietly in the background. Gerry McCann working and Kate McCann doing whatever she does.

    They have a need to be in the limelight and so do other members of their family. Did we need to know what date the twins, were starting school? Or that the McCanns had set a place at the dining table for Madeleine, on Christmas day?

    These are just two public statements that the McCanns made, that have nothing to do with the search for Madeleine.

    Why did Kate McCann's mother have to tell the media, that she could "wring their necks" for leaving their children. Or "I don't know why my daughter needed a Priest to go to PDL, they're not church attenders"

    Why did Gerry McCann's mother feel the need to tell the media that "That child" had a temper? or words to that effect. Why did John McCann have to tell the media that Madeleine's coloboma was what made her special. The coloboma is nothing to brag about, there are serious health issues connected to colobomas. Health issues that Madeleine may or may not be suffering.

    I could write a book on the comments that the McCanns and their family have made, that have nothing to do with Madeleine's disappearance, but plenty to boost their own ego's. They want to be in front of the camera and they believe we want to see them in front of the camera. I don't and I'm sure many other people don't. The sooner they get that message and do what is right by Madeleine, the better.

  38. Very interesting comments Kathybelle.

    Litte Madeleine was in harms way from the time she was born with having parents who were willing to play Russian roulette with the lives of their kids.

    I doubt that while the McCanns are raking in the money they will stop doing what they do. They know it is an easy way to get money and we all have to take them on trust that it's being used for what it is sent for.

    Yet we also know they paid their mortgage with it, so obviously it hasn't been.

    This kind of Fund is a license to commit Fraud.

    It needs to be legislated against, and any money donated sent to a central Fund that searches for missing children, not one like this that is also for the McCanns own personal use.

  39. Hello poster (38) good post. I don't know if you ever saw my post, where I said I had seen Kate McCann's uncle Brian Kennedy, being inteviewed outside their Rothely home, when his niece and her family were still in PDL. If you didn't I'll explain a little bit of it.

    Brian Kennedy was bragging about the people in high places, that the McCanns would call favours from, should they be prosecuted. He simpered as he bragged, that the people in high places, that his niece and her husband knew, were people that the general public would never have access to.

    He then begged for money from the general public, I couldn't believe my ears when he said the McCanns needed more money, to pay for their living expenses in PDL and their mounting bills in Rothley.

    The McCanns and their family have proved time and time again, that this case is about money. How much longer are the British and Portuguese authorities going to put up with this moneymaking scam.

    The McCanns aren't interested in Madeleine, as a person, they have proved it by their treatment of her in PDL and their behaviour after.

    The McCanns are only interested in Madeleine's name, because its her name that has generated wealth for them. Her name will carry on generating wealth for the McCanns, until someone has the b***s, to do what should have been done, back in May 2007.

  40. Kathybelle

    I think there is something very fishy about all the money and the strange people they have been employing to 'find' Madeleine.

    Those Matado3 appear to be some kind of Mafia people.

    Now we have one of the McCanns' so called investigators waiting to go to court for fraud and money laundering, and they themselves don't even want to prosecute him.

    Meanwhile the media has been told stories about how he has tried to get money from the McCanns, which incidentally he said they owed him, and he was going to sue them for.

    The media have also been told he is a disreputable character, so no doubt if he says anything untoward about the McCanns he wont be believed.

    Who has been feeding the media with the stories about Halligen so as not to have people believe him?

    I hope this guy Halligen will shed more light on what work exactly was being done for the McCanns. He himself is an expert in snooping on people.

    Metado3 also said the McCanns were lying about the amount of money given them by the McCanns. Even to the point where they were thinking of suing the McCanns at one time.

    As for money laundering going on, well, perhaps that should be looked into more closely to see where exactly the money has been going to.

    The public have been very trusting giving money to these McCann characters when there is no evidence of an abduction, and the UK sniffer dogs were picking up blood and cadaver scent in their apartment and car.

    Gerry McCann is so arrogant as to even try and dismiss them as being wrong when they have always been right, and even in Jersey where children's teeth were found.

    There are some wicked people in high places with very evil practices.

    The Gaspar statements should also be made known about to the public at large, as there might be others who would come forward who have more to say about this.

    Could this be the real reason the McCanns are trying to stop the book being published?


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