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McCanns accuse Amaral of violating the judicial secrecy

The McCann couple will file a criminal action against Gonçalo Amaral for allegedly violating the judicial secrecy when he published facts concerning the investigation, in his book “Maddie – The Truth of the Lie”.

According to Lusa Agency, the British couple’s lawyer, Isabel Duarte, stated that the action will be filed after a certificate from the trial of the book’s prohibition is extracted, which is expected to happen as soon as next week.

The accusation of violation of judicial secrecy is based on the date when the former inspector’s book was ready, which happened three days after the Republic’s prosecutor wrote the process’ archiving dispatch.

Isabel Duarte defends that “Gonçalo Amaral diffused the process to Guerra & Paz [the book’s editor] when the process was still under judicial secrecy. He diffused facts and he was not authorised to do so”.

The lawyer recalled that the video that was broadcast on TVI is evidence of that infraction, because it was an important piece within the investigation and stated that she is going to file a criminal complaint against the former inspector herself, over “false statements” to the court. According to Isabel Duarte, this accusation is based on statements by Gonçalo Amaral that he has “no real estate [nor any] participation in a firm”, when in reality such is not true.

The former inspector is thus being accused over false statements, of violating the judicial secrecy, and of defamation by the McCann couple and by their lawyer.

source: Correio da Manhã, 14.01.2010


  1. What about the Mc`s stating their OWN facts from day one ?delibretly covering up the real facts of the case ,also being the only ones who have said from day one and to this day that Maddie was abducted without a shadow of a excuse to think this way ,they made up the story and have stuck to it ,dismissing every other idea but their own ,no one has stalled justice for Maddie more than they have

  2. How low will they go?
    It's insane.
    Who is paying their legal bills??
    Please someone stop this craziness.
    Reopen the case so we can all get some peace.
    Poor Madeleine, destined to be her father's cash cow forever.

  3. I wish that the whole "team mccann" will rot in hell, soon !


  4. I knew they had something up their sleeves.....It is just unbelivable init? They are like 2 wild dogs after a juicy bone....

    Thanks Joana

  5. She really is DESPERATE, isn't she?! Anything goes, as long as it "fries" Amaral!

  6. This won't walk. The book wasn't made public until after the files. Makes no difference that Amaral had it finished or not. They're clutching at straws now.

  7. What about when Kate McCann was being questioned and Justine McGuiness admitted that she and Kate were sending text messages to the newspapers and TV on the happenings inside because they knew that the media had a deadline to keep?
    Clarence Mitchell was another one, who leaked to the McCanns that their phones were being tapped when he was still working for the government.
    And how many "facts" were paraded on TV and the papers from their family. Where did these "facts" originate from if not Kate and Gerry McCann?
    Pot calling the kettle black imo.

  8. I read this earlier online as well on Diario de Noticias and thought they're either really hell-bent on Eradicating Dr Amaral or they're now grasping at straws...or both. But whatever "moves" them, they must remember this thing called Karma, that acts of goodness are only awarded to those who are themselves good, and that burying people alive will get them no closer to being As Pure As The Driven Snow. It's very easy to spot Evil.

    As to their esteemed legal representative, little does she know that she sits right in the middle of Pandora's Box.

  9. It seems the McCanns have never heard of the Streisand Effect.

  10. Desperate times require desperate measures, right Isabel Duarte?

  11. The British press will have a field day with this announcement.


    Read Senator Stuart Syvrets blogs

    Similarity between these to cases are obvious ,
    Good policemen vilified,even Jerseys chief of police has been suspended illigally
    all because he suported his deputy chief LENNY HARPER
    Please read SSS bogs
    All the evidence is there the dogs did there job well

  13. Hold on a minute ... isn't this a direct contradiction by Isobel Duarte? The current trial is essentially about the book being 'libellous' (ie untruths) - now Ms Duarte is claiming that the FACTS were released to the publisher whilst the case was still under official secrecy.

    Get it right Ms Duarte - either the book is untrue or the facts (truth) were released too early... you can't have it both ways.

  14. keep digging McCann's... we can still see you

  15. Gerry must be crapping himself now wondering when the statements from the Gaspars about his alleged paedophile activity are going to be revealed in court.
    The British media [but not ofcourse the BBC] will then be able to publish the truth about this creep.
    This is Dr. Amaral's trump card ready to play at a moment of his choosing.

  16. Amaral should counter sue the McCanns for their false statements as well and he should ask for the names of people who are funding their lawyers.

  17. Amaral a voulu ouvrir la boîte de Pandore et manifestement c'est réussi!
    Mais de ce fait la chasse est ouverte et rien ne lui sera épargné quand on sait les enquêtes faites sur sa vie par la team Mccann (voir Rosiepops). Il a l'opinion publique, désormais même britannique, pour lui, qui sera d'autant plus favorable que les Mccann s'acharnera sur lui et sa famille. J'ai lu que le terme de putain était employé sur le Mirror concernant sa femme, le même Mirror s'offusquant d'un "f...les Mccanns".
    Bref ça ne va pas voler haut!

  18. The lawyer seems to be petty, small minded and lacking in intelligence. To pursue Amaral on every petty technicality looks like a vendetta which is not good for her clients image.

  19. Oh for gods sake, what next? How low will these murdering bastards stoop.

    The whole world, apart from a few money grabbing lunatics, detests them.

  20. Ludicrous ! I haven't read GA's book, because I already knew all that could be in it : he first had given interviews. Then documents appear in newspapers (mainly the Correio da Manha). The rest was deduced... Everything actually was, and still is, on the Internet, a little detail Dra Duarte will have some difficulty to fight ! Suing costs a lot of money, will they have enough to pay Dra Duarte or is the criature ready to fight for free, for the sake of hatred ?

  21. These McCanns just do not know where to stop, suchgreed. And as for the trial bringing new evidence to help the search such B...S...
    I guessed gerrys return to the UK would cause something more. How are they financing this through the fund thats supposed to pay to find Madeliene, having watched the news on Spanish TV my partner for the first time ever said they are hiding something. I hope more wake up to this sharard...how is all this helping the search::::then denying that kate said about her dream, gerry wasn´t even there so how would he know. If they win this amount of money the court should force them to give it to charity instead of creating fox hunts financed by the fund.There was a reason for gerrys return to UK and work wasnt one of them I am sure...pull a few more strings gerry, another bit of B & C and cover ups. This no longer is about poor Maddie, shes long forgotten in the hunt for money.2 million paid on what?? a few posters, you have to buy the wristbands , they wouldnt even give them away, something smells very bad here.

  22. Would it not be difficult to prove that Amaral had released the information before the case was archived? Even if it was 3 days later, there was nothing stopping him preparing the work privately and then releasing it at the first opportunity? With PCs for presenting a semi-edited book, one can edit a book of this size in a day or two, the writer working together with the editor in front of a computer screen. Believe me, I have done this. All the DTP can take place in a few afternoons. And then the editor and writer can sit with the printer specialists and an Apple DTP program, it takes a few hours to include scanned diagrams etc. Voila - you have a book!

  23. Rational reasoning does not appear to figure in this case, could it be more a cover up of stupidity and gullability than conspiracy?. There are plausible reasons why, if Madeleine died in the apartment, the body must disappear and not be examined.

    1 If sedatives are present.
    2 If the body showed physical or sexual abuse.
    3 If impossible to explain external body secretions were present.
    4 If your, or friends lifestyle would come under the microscope.

    Self preservation dictates, a desperate person could simply carry the body to the seashore and cut away all the body tissue within minutes (surgical knowledge would be a great help). The sea washes away all tissue traces and what is left is a bag of small bones. No smells, no fridges required etc. The bones in a small holdall in a holiday village, just moved from place to place, at some stage in the boot of a hire car. Was it blood, or synovial joint fluid?. Eventually St. Gerry goes back to England with his Police buddies, poor Kate travels to Yorkshire. "Get out of the way; they are celebrities!! Give them an ovation"! Has anyone ever checked their bags?

    Kate said she would never leave Portugal without her. Its possible she didn't. Eventually the Leicestershire Police realise they helped dispose of the body. Loss of face all round. Politicians; business men; media stars etc. Chief Constable, "How did they get the remains to the UK"? Chief Detective, "we may have brought it home under police escort", oh dear! think of the headlines and careers, cover up needed perhaps. Just a personal view.

  24. The scumbags are sinking lower and lower by the day.
    Ghastly people.

  25. What happened to the bag and contents with a moderate link to M's DNA; found near Faro Airport?.Congealed skin and stain spattered blue fleece, jeans, shower curtain, child's T- shirt.

  26. This latest attack against Amaral is because they are floored by the injunction hearing and all that has come out. At all costs the injunction has to be kept in place. It will delay the book further if the injunction is lifted as this low life ploy will see to that. Amaral should arrange for other facts from the case to be leaked the contents of the text messages and anything else that are still secret. Fight fire with fire even if one has to stoop to their level. Its absolute desperation now for the scams. Run and get Gordon to invade Portugal.

  27. So Gerry is going back because of 'work commitments'.
    What we want to know is why a self confeesed child neglector and denounced paedophile is allowed to continue in the NHS.
    Why has he not been investigated by the ISA and placed on the register of individuals deemed unfit for ontact with vulnerable adults or children?

  28. Anon #6 - Absolutely right.

  29. Old lawyers trick get the other side defending themselves. Don't fall for it Mr Amaral. Stay calm no matter what they say or do. They are trying to take the focus away from themselves.

  30. In Haiti ten thousands of people are dead or dying. Madeleine is one of them.
    Shame on you, lawful parents.

  31. Doctors McCann and lawyer Duarte count their chickens(1,2 Mio. EUR) before they´re hatched.



    PJ Files: page 2601, vol. X, of process NUIPC-201/07.0 GALGS)

    "(…) From all that was presented, the process results in the following:

    a) the child Madeleine McCann died in apartment 5A of the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz, on the evening of the 3rd of May 2007;

    b) an abduction was simulated;

    c) in order to make the child's death impossible before 10 p.m., a situation of checking the McCann couple's children while they slept, was made up;

    d) Kate McCann and Gerald McCann are involved in the concealment of the cadaver of their daughter, Madeleine McCann;

    e) at this moment, there seem to be no strong indications yet, that the child's death didn't result from a tragic accident;

    f) from what was established until now, everything indicates that the McCann couple, in self defence, don't want to hand the cadaver over in an immediate and voluntary manner, and there is a strong probability that said cadaver was moved from its initial location. This situation is susceptible of raising questions about the circumstances under which the child's death happened."

    from: http://www.mccannfiles.com/id232.html

  33. Mccanns lawyer told a lie herself today in court..to try and make things sound worse she said the documentary was released on Madeleines birthday...this is not true...Now either kate Mccann told her this and ID did not check it, if so she is loose in her job..Or Kate has already started her pathalogical lying to her lawyer.Either way I hope Amarals lawyer picked up on it for future use when they want to discuss the liars in this case.

  34. Anon 25..it was a red herring.i dont believe PJ even knew about it...A Mccann scam.

  35. I find it very interesting to compare the profile of the serial bully at bullyonline.org/workbully.serial.htm with the behaviour of Gerry McCann. There appear to be remarkable similarities. The following especially strike a chord for me:

    "sometimes displays a seemingly limitless demonic energy especially when engaged in attention-seeking activities or evasion of accountability"

    and also this section:

    "Avoiding acceptance of responsibility - denial, counterattack and feigning victimhood".

  36. Ludicrous!!! We, as portuguese's and citizens of the world must get closer to Mr. Amaral and complain about the Witch HUNT which is ongoing trough a very suspicious couple of negligent parents. THIS IS ABOVE THE LIMITS AND SOMEBODY MUST STOP THAT BRFORE A REVOLUTION BREAK IN THE STREETS.

  37. Anon 34 Teresa Almeida asks about it in PJ files- then McCanns say they didn't own blue fleeces when it looks to be pointing the finger at them.

  38. Anon 33 - that`s not the only lie she told - she also said, when questioning Mr. da Silva "Why didn't you include the public attorney's verdict that the conclusions arrived at by the investigators were incorrect? " - this is an outright lie because the public attorney never came to this conclusion.
    Its been lies, lies, lies particularly by GM when addressing `his public` like he`s the ruddy prime minister - oh I wish someone would challenge all these lies.

  39. I have made a complaint to The Sun newspaper today for misinterpreting Goncalo Amaral. Also put in a complaint to the BBC re East Midlands News.

  40. Gerry must be crapping himself now wondering when the statements from the Gaspars about his alleged paedophile activity are going to be revealed in court.

    I agree - revealed in court and then twittered around the world!

  41. There are some rather peculiar photos taken from the Tapas 9 cameras in Outros Apensos 3 vol.111-V111,incuding pictures of fences and strange camera angled photos of children. Can anyone determine what some of these images are?

  42. Sorry, the link isn't quite right in my comment (no. 35). It should be:


    Very interesting site. I forget where on the site it is but there is a bit about how skilled serial bullies are at deceiving and "recruiting" others, which could be how Gerry has managed to get so many people on his side.

  43. The McCanns don't need tee-shirts saying "i did it gov" their actions give them away.

  44. Smoke, mirrors and distraction. As ever.

    This has nothing whatsoever to do with the case they have already brought against Amaral, and frankly, I would have thought they'd have learned a valuable lesson. This whole farce has already blown up in their faces

    Whether Amaral breached judicial secrecy or not is basically bugger all to do with the McCanns - or are they going to claim that it harmed the search for Madeleine, too? They had better not think they can use the fund to pay for this fishing expedition too.

    Spiteful, desperate, scared and vindictive people.

    Can any of our Portuguese friends give us a flavour of how the events of the last few days have been perceived in Portugal, in terms of the press and TV reporting ?
    Many thanks

  45. Don't forget that only a small propertion of the Files have been released. The rest are being kept under wraps until the case can be reopened.

    That is the last thing the McCanns want or they would request it reopened. What else is being hidden in those Files that we are not privy to?

    I hope Sr Amaral makes it clear that the McCanns could request the ropening of the case, but like the 24 questions Kate McCann refuses to answer, they refuse to have the case reopened also.

    So much, for doing everything possible to help find their child.

    What kind of a joke statement is that McCanns? And what are we to make of it, but that you don't want certain things discovered.

  46. It seems to get worse and worse and the UK press defence ramps up and up!

    Is it racism (anti-continental european - hence the SUN defence - racist nest if ever there was one!) or classist (all very well off)?

    One day maybe these fradsters will be uncovered and punished.

    Gerry and Kate know that they have covered their tracks - the good doctors know how to do it.

  47. This is just pure spite- Gerry has been made to look bad and its all over the press, he cannot control it,, he does not like it, he is angry and wants revenge. Surely the more they do this the more people will see them for what they are- and ID will wish she never got involved with them when her professional reputation is down the toilet. Mr Amaral is not so stupid as to have made an error like this, they are just blustering. Also, does the second paragraph mean that they are expecting a verdict on the injunction as soon as next week?? I thought that there were two more witnesses yet to be heard in early February. They may not even get the injunction upheld, so why are they so smug & self assured. Nothing that happened in the court (although I am relying on what I have read on the net as I wasn't there!!)leads me to believe that a victory for the McCanns is a foregone conclusion.

  48. Taking Amaral to court - the last couple of days show that they were ill advised. Getting them through the court door seems to be a good idea. Keep on, it can only get worse!

    Plus a few things came up, windows, FSS, Text messages etc, there will be more and maybe the opportunity to shed more light on them.

    There's a saying but I don't know it, something to do with a honey trap?

  49. Gerry McCann is not a 'denounced paedophile'. That's just over the top, and the sort of thing designed to get this blog shut down!

  50. The McCann's thrive on trouble and attention , typical behaviour of psychopaths .

    Their Lawyer, Duarte, wont care about how much trouble the McCann's want to pursue , fighting for liars and twisting the truth , is part of her job .

    Trouble means money to her , hopefully this nonsense will soon come to an end . Something or some one will stop her and the McCann's , in their tracks . She is an absolute disgrace to her country and it's people .

  51. My post was not printed- never mind, all I said was THAT THESE PEOPLE MAKE ME SICK ( McCanns that is)Was so furious I may have missed out the McCann bit.

    Anyway watched BBC news, Ch5 and Sky News tonight. All reported fairly especially Sky. They had Amaral speaking to reporters in Portuguese and he said-' It is not as easy to prove a person guilty as it is to prove a person innocent.'

    True, if McCanns had answered questions, co-operated with police and returned for reconstruction, they could have proven their innocence!!! But they didn't, so what are we meant to think- GUILTY.

  52. Thank you very much, Anonymous 9, for mentioning the "Steisand effect". I ignored that expression !
    Yes, I'm convinced the up to date way to get out of that mess is the Internet.

  53. Isabel Duarte already filed a criminal complaint alleging that Gonçalo Amaral had made false declarations concerning his assets and the judge threw the case out, as being unfounded. She is desperate, just like her clients. Their trip to Lisbon didn't go as they expected, did it? Couldn't happen to nicer people!

  54. I hope Sr Amaral sues the Scum.
    Their gutter journo Antonella Lazzeri ought to brush up her Portuguese linguistic skills before writing libellous articles


  55. The McCanns revealed details covered by judicial secrecy e.g. accounts of who visited the premises, when, what they found, where potential suspects might have hidden, potential witnesses...Team McCann even visited witnesses.

    The McCanns are clearly worried.

    A couple of points. Shouldn't Amaral's lawyer point out that Madeleine is a ward of court. The McCanns have no direct legal responsibility for her.

  56. @ Anonymous 15

    So many things could have been said (and gone into the medias' ears) and haven't. A pity ! It all depended on the witnesses. Moita Flores insisted very much on the window, he couldn't mention another detail, it would have looked suspect. Paiva spoke of the dream, this wasn't a good idea, because this was his word against Kate's one. It would have been better to consider the fingerprints on the window or the very confused lock/unlock stories. Tavares Almeida spoke of the British difficulting the inquiry, he could have been more specific and actually have spoken of the Gaspar as a testimony received half a year later (but was he still on charge at the time ?). But this too depended on the questions asked to him.A pity there was no witness from the PJ team that substituted GA (and did almost nothing).
    ID criticized the Smiths as GA's manipulation. Was she scared someone would mention them ? Did she decide to attack first ?
    I don't know who are the 10 February witnesses. Will they be able to insert the Gaspar allegation ?

  57. What a Rubbish that Lawyer with her clients being fascinated by thousands of Euros eearned without any effort. IF the Mccann's won she will ask not 1000 but 100000 thousand of Euros every time Amaral talk about his book. AN INSULT TO ANYBODY WITH BRAIN. They neglect their child which was serious harmed( she disapeared), runaway and perverted the justice and at the end became MILLLLLIONNAIRE. HOW MANY JOKES BEHIND YOUR FLAG PORTUGAL, WILL YOUR GOVERNMENT let that pair of.... ( No adjectives good ennough to classify them).

  58. @Anonymous 33

    ID was abused or messy (she sometimes obviously couldn't find her notes) in this birthday comment, intending to impress the Judge, as birthdays are so sacred here in Portugal, as if TVI had demoniacally chosen that date ! Ridiculous !
    I do hope someone, among the lawyers, will notice that the date isn't Madeleine's birth date.

  59. The McCanns should not forget to sue the persons who printed the PJ's DVDs,the translators of texts, the tecnicians who controlled microfones and recorders during statements, the lady who was bringing coffie to the investigators while they were talking about the case,the lady who was typing texts and translations,
    a lot of people.
    Wauw, they will become richer and richer.

  60. All medias repeat that G. said Kate never dreamt as Paiva reported she did, but none evokes the episode, mentioned on Court, of the Southafrican spirit they asked to come and find Madeleine's body with a hair placed in a machine (when I first read this I thought : Goodness, doctors ?).

  61. Ohh, really? And what about the facts released in the Panorama programme by themselves? Wasn't that breaching the juridical secrecy?

  62. I believe now they don't even mind about the Gaspars.

    The only thing they care about is money.

    Isabel will start now with smoke and mirrors.She has no choice because the McCanns are paying her, if they are.
    Did you notice that the McCanns have never payed anything with their own money?
    They are always getting it from other people.And making more money out of what they are getting by paying lawyers to sue more people for them.

    Accusing god and the world of every possible thing and never assuming the responsibility of being irresponsible people and irresponsible parents.

  63. Clearly, Isabel Duarte is very rattled. Despite all their combined efforts to "Hamstring" Goncarlo in Court,together with his witnesses, lots of unwanted statements (unwanted by the McCanns ) have been aired in an open and Democratic Court. Now,at each step of the present process and every step of ANY future actions, more detail of the obstructive actions of the McCanns and their Tapas cronies,will emerge. They may think that the last three days have been tough,if they do go ahead with their Libel claim, lots more will come out which will have them squirming in their seats ! As for Duarte's threats of criminal action against Snr. Amaral----its just Bullshit ! A clear case of "When you know you are losing,stamp your feet, shout,rant,throw things etc" -------you'll still lose but it helps release the stress !

  64. At last the British public can read the details from the injunction hearing. The Mail must be getting many comments today. Interesting though they have been showing the same 25 all day.

  65. I thought the McCanns said the book was fabrications and lies. So now they are saying it is facts from the investigation. I wish they'd make up their minds.

  66. Never, ever have I been more sickened by so called parents.
    Poor Madeleine.
    When the sword of Damoclese falls on you, Mr.& Mrs. McCann, it will
    slice you in twain.
    Gerry's absolute need to win at all costs will cost him very dear indeed.
    It always does.

  67. I have just made my second donation to •Projecto Justiça Gonçalo Amaral.

    Força Gonçalo

  68. Thanks to the McCanns lust for publicity and greed for money they have once again shot themselves in the foot. Many people who had not followed the case never even knew about the book. Now the world knows about it and much of the information it contained so what is the point of banning it anyway now. Home goal McCanns

    Win or loose this case, the cat is out of the bag and more and more people will want to read all the information that is available on the web to form their own opinions. The majority will conclude, if nothing else, that there is no smoke without fire and there must be some truth in Amaral's words as it was taken from police finding and records.

  69. I don't understand that secret of instruction story. Obviously ID was turning around that point (her first ambition was to make the editor admit he had GA's manuscript in April). The editor received the manuscript around end of June and beginning of July. But till the book is distributed, sent to the market places, doesn't it belong to the private sphere ?
    When was the dogs'episode released ?

  70. The Fund is also one reason why they have to relate suing GA to supposed fact that nobody looks for a dead girl : their expenses (to protect themselves) have to be justified with search for Madeleine.

  71. Am I the only one who thinks that after Gerry got a little hot under the collar when speaking to the press, the lawyers might have suggested he leave Portugal before he actually exploded.

  72. every police telephone has a recorder.
    If kate called a detective telling her dream, it must be recorderd and kept on the files.
    unless she called his own cellular but even though there must be a possibility of recording it.
    in 2007 there existed already hundreds of communication possibilities, ask Luis Frois.
    Or ask the dogs.
    Gerry will probably correct this statemnet saying Kate was up on a hill praying do re mi.

  73. Que é feito dos bardamerdas dos politicos deste país que não pôem fim a esta palhaçada?Ou será que tudo isto lhes é conveniente?
    Enquanto pensamos nos Macmurders,esquecemos da crise,do freeport etc,etc,etc.

  74. Desperate times call for desperate measures, it seems. Why these idiots can't see what fools they're making of themselves I don't know, with their relentless pursuit of anything and everything that has nothing to do with a search for their daughter.

    The court hearing has utterly floored them, because what came out in court let everyone know what was in the book they are trying to keep banned. They can't keep these things hidden, though they've certainly done their best up to now.

    Somebody said like two dogs after a juicy bone ... yes that sums them up perfectly. I think the public will be disgusted at this latest move and will wonder what on earth is has to do with their repeated refrain of only being interested in finding Madeleine.

  75. Their remorsless pursuit of Snr Amaral makes me think that at least one of these people is a psychopath. They have a killer instinct. May God punish them.


    Totally off-topic, and a bit trivial, but I would like to ask the others who have been in the courtroom this past week, with comments welcome from anyone else, of course:

    Doesn't it seem odd that Kate, who is so careful with her appearance, wore the same dress today (Thursday) that she wore on Tuesday? It makes me think that she didn't plan on staying until today... was there a change of plans so that Fiona had to fly over to be with Kate (why? aren't the three handlers/translators sitting beside her enough?) Did Gerry leave early, or did Kate stay late?

    Sad to say these are the types of questions that arise after staring at the back of Kate's neck for three days straight...


  77. @ post 12
    Absolutely right, not enough people know of this, all the evidence is there to prove the dogs were never wrong and I beleive the dogs are right in this case too, alas without a body to back them up its a dead end.
    They seem so cock sure that the body will never be found and who better to dispose of the evidence than a man in the know.

  78. How about the McCanns attempts to violate the rights of the citizens to receive information?

    Surely we are grown up enough to decide for ourselves whether we believe their abduction story is true or not.

    Who do these people think they are?

    The thought police or something?

  79. The tide has turned and there are thousands of new non beleivers.
    Yesterday I spoke with a friend who I had not seen for a month or so, I had discussed the case with him in the past and he just shrugged it off saying don't beleive everything you read on the internet they're doctors don't you know, well yesterday he was of a different opinion and now wants to buy the book.

    All they wanted to hide from the public is out there and unpleasent questions are being asked by those who believed the original fairy tale they concocted.
    Their biggest own goal to date!.

  80. Applause to Anonymous on post 13: You've caught an important contradiction of Duarte's.

    The McCanns can keep digging themselves deeper and deeper into the muck. They will never extricate themselves from this mess.

    Did the UK press have a spine for all of one-and-a-half days? Now they're being led by the nose again by Clarrie, et al, spouting the McCanns' version of events. Very disappointing.

  81. There may be people, who if they had not been led to believe by the McSpinners that Madeleine was abducted, might have evidence which pointed to Madeleine having died in the apartment, but thought it can't be relevant because Madeleine was taken.

    They might even have given information to the McCanns themselves, (thinking of photos the McCanns were asking for), or to the LP (can they be trusted to pass on all relevent info?) believing it will be given to the PJ.

    This is where the McCanns have interfered, and where it is dangerous for a case when people who are or could be suspected themselves, are allowed to intervene and usurp the role of investigators.

    Has this ever been heard of before? Shocking.

    The reading of the book might be that breath of fresh air needed to reopen the case, as it may jog somebody's memory as to something they have seen, heard, or know.

  82. Anon 23
    Really maccabre ideas, sent shivers up my spine. Unfortunately, sometimes fact is stranger than fiction.

  83. Looking back over the articles on secrecy the telegraph reported the laws had been changed in September 2007. The media and other interested parties could have access to the files. Is it possible Duarte hasn't kept pace with the new laws and believes the old total secrecy laws are still in place?

    It would seem that the McCann lawyer had a great deal to do with the new laws so that the McCann could have access to the files. They do seem to shoot themselves in the foot.

  84. The vendetta-driven McCanns appear to be drunken with fame. I wonder what their families think of this latest stunt.

  85. And how will this help the search for their missing child?...

  86. The McCann's saga goes on, but the tapas pals seem to have got away very lightly with their part in leaving their children night after night on that holiday. The McCanns are guilty of gross neglect and they paid the price by losing Maddie, or so they insist, but their friends seem to have got off scott free! Maybe Fiona Payne showed up to help Kate in order to assuage the guilty part she played in the whole affair.

  87. How do this couple manage to afford their legal and travel fees? It is a well known fact that even the middle classes cannot afford to go to Court in Britain these days; it's a privilege for only the very wealthy. Gerry is the only breadwinner now and even on a doctor's pay he couldn't possibly afford to pay such astronimical fees. Someone very wealthy must be helping them I'm sure.

  88. Letter from Iberia

    I despair of so called Portuguese justice
    Two murderers will not be tried in court
    Two murderers will be awarded moneys my the Portuguese courts
    Two murderers will continue to live on the proceeds of their childs death
    An honourable man will go to prison
    An honourable man will have all his assets confiscated
    An honourable man will be ruined

    There will be no justice for an innocent young girl who died in Portugal

  89. anon 35 said
    quoted from bullyonline.org

    'Avoiding acceptance of responsibility - denial, counterattack and feigning victimhood'

    I feel that describes Mr McCann to a tee. They both refuse to accept any kind of responsibility, and attack anyone who does not bow to the 'Church of McCann'. Their followers have been described as a cult, whose members must accept their word as gospel. No questions are asked, just total acceptance of innocence of any crime and do not even think about the N word (neglect).

    I would like to meet some people who have worked with him in the past, to gauge how far would he be prepared to go to save his own backside amongst colleagues. He is a doctor, so can you imagine how that 'God Complez' and his personality traits must make for interesting scenarios.

    Family members must have identified at some time that this guy was not the 'full shilling', or have they all been blinded by his arrogance.

    I wonder why straight from the beginning some of us were immune to their so called charms, and some immediately saw them as 'heroes of a modern age'. If these 2 wanted to be well-known, they have their wish because they will be talked about for many decades to come, whether found criminally guilty or not.

  90. #35
    Very interesting reading. Gerry mccann it is. Dr Gerry&Hide.


  91. #35
    And this:
    "may pursue a vindictive vendetta against anyone who dares to held them accountable, perhaps using others' resources and contemptuous of the damage caused to other people and organisations in pursuance of the vendetta"


  92. More vile garbage in the Scum this morning
    Look at the pathetic pic of the ghastly woman:


  93. joana or astro,did Mr Amarlal break any laws?????

  94. Maybe Dr Amaral will be able to call Halligen as a witness.

    Now wouldn't that be interesting, as the McCanns don't seem to want him to talk or they would have sued him.

  95. When all's said and done, we must wait for the Judge's decision with baited breath. Quite literally anything can happen IMO. She would IMO be ENTITLED to reach a finding based on Eddie and Keela's indications. For example: "Given that the dogs searched numerous places and only signalled in places relating to the McCanns, on the balance of probabilites Madeleine is dead and therefore the book can go back on the shelves." I'm not saying this is the most likely outcome, only that it is one the judge is entitled to arrive at.

  96. Anything that will hold it off until after the British General Election.

  97. Let's remind ourselves that Justine Mcguiness and Kate were texting the journalists outside ,from inside the police station whilst Kate was being questioned.
    Ms,McGuiness thought it was funny.
    She and Kate were giggling.
    Also Aunty Philomena let forth on many an occaission.
    And what about the Panorama documentary?? Surely the footage of Kate in that is proof of Their guilt in the same crime.
    Careful what you wish for, Gerald.

  98. Dear Joana, Astra and all of you -'THANK YOU' A Million for everything you do for us here in the UK and all over the world to keep us up to date with the news as you get it. I am as I'm sure everyone is HUGELY upset with the way Senior Admaral has been treated during these past few days. He, as he always does acted the perfect gentleman impeccably behaved throughout completely professional - so when they could find NOTHING to condemn him for they invented him swearing!! I am so upset I can't express it in words!! And now to cap it all the Mcc spin in today's papers are poor mccanns will have to endure (as in sun headlines Maddie slur cop piles on the pain) further pain. For heck's sake 'They are bringing the Action' Wake up British press is no-one permitted to DEFEND whatever action the Mccann's take - What about POOR Senior Admaral and his family - Oh how they have suffered!!! I'm too angry for words!!!!!

  99. I agree anyone to take the focus away from themselves. That has been the tactic since day one. Accuse Robert Murat. Endless pictures of abductors lurking. Abduction is a thesis and we have been told by no less a person than Gerry McCann himself. That theses are meaningless.

  100. IMO it shows the tactics prepared by Isabel Duarte was suffocating economically GA by arresting his assets and the McCanns only will come to Portugal to grab the money.
    Surprisingly GA got help to counteraccusation.Then ID tried that GA could not call witnesses to be heard in court. It is Crystal clear they didn't expect to all testimonies heard in court and being broadcasting to all the world.This much more devastating than GA book. And, by the way it is a great marketing to the book .
    Arrogant and stupid lawyer and McCanns...

  101. This is a first! Martin Brunt had a burst of decency and honesty for once in his blogging "career"! I think that the Lisbon air must do wonders for his conscience. he has written a new blog entry actually DEFENDING Mr. Amaral and setting the record straight about the alledged foul word against the McCanns that was maliciously aired by BBC EastMidlands ( how low of the BBC, of all the tv broadcasters, what a disappointment, long gone are the days when the world relied on BBC for accurate and truthful news).
    Well done Mr. Brunt (for once...)!

  102. The shouting down of the reporters outside court ,Gerry had no intentions whatsoever of letting any of them ask him questions ,how very dare they ?"You listen to me" wtf does he think he is ?and who has let out more "Facts(ha ha ha ) than the Mcs themselves ,all lies ,all damaged the case from DAY ONE ,who contaminated any forensics in 5A ,they are Drs ,they KNEW the scene must be kept clean for any evidence ,so what did they do ? fill the place with anyone they could fit in ,They have a LOT to answer to ,may they rot in hell ,who do posters think the 2 witnesses are in Feb ? do you think its a staring roll for kate and Gerry ,armed to the hilt with " Facts"?

  103. Did anyone hear what I thought was Mitchell, prompting Gerry to say the PJ were "raking over old ground", only to be verballly swatted away bt GM? If it was Mitchell, did anyone see him, keeping out of camera shot?

  104. If de Freitas is allowed to attend for Mr Amaral, I hope he won't be persuaded by the "Fat Controller" in London to amend or change his views.

  105. There was somebody posted a few days ago about this being about the need to silence the information about the Gaspar statements.

    I think they have that right.

    Imagine the damage to Gerry McCann if that information comes out about him and Payne.

    The UK press would be on to that like a shot. As it is, they are a lazy bunch usually, and prefer to be fed their stories without having to read. They would even make them up instead.

    They more than likely are not sure what the Gaspar statements are about.

    And you can bet the McCanns will be trying everything possible to make sure it stays that way.

  106. # 55 - Sky News has always given the McCanns very biased reporting. I think Martin Brunt has so much knowledge of the case that he will never lose his job with Sky. He knows the truth and they know that too. I actually like him. I would think that Clarence Mitchell is cautious of him also.

  107. I understand Mr Amaral did NOT swear at the McCann's,though heaven knows, he's entitled to. Did he say "forca"; a Portuguese word I have now learned? Unlike Gerry, who used the f word in front of a group of small children on the bus to the apartment- heard on the video recording.

  108. Gaspar statements- essential reading for the press.

  109. To the British media hacks- you obviously need some help to find sources- type in" Gaspar statements "and it should be about sixth on the entries.

  110. Did anyone see Gerry at Glenfield Hospital on Thursday?

    Should the NHS allow a Doctor so stressed and tense, tired after a long day of travel be anywhere near patients in life or death situations? We are dying to know, as I am sure a lot of other people are!

    Anon 104 the background voice was Mike O'Sullivan of East Midlands Today

  111. Martin Brunts blog lots of comments supporting Mr Amaral in the UK. We need now to get his defence fund boosted, The Maccanns now have no interest in their daughter they have one mission only and that is to bring down Mr Amaral. My heart goes out to him and his family it must hurt them to see him treated like this.

  112. To Louise
    Was it Mr da Silva who was "asked" (actually the intonation was a sort of barking) why the documentary didn't include the conclusions of the PM who cleared the McCs, the word ID used, "ilibar" means "prove that there's no stain on". What ID took care of not saying is "because of lack of evidence", a detail that makes all the difference.
    Lack of evidence forbid to go on with the arguido process : they were "desarguidados", that's all what they were.

  113. Anonymous 106
    I do agree very much with this :
    "As it is, they (the press)are a lazy bunch usually, and prefer to be fed their stories without having to read. They would even make them up instead.
    They more than likely are not sure what the Gaspar statements are about."
    Some journalists spent most time in the corridor and in front of their laptop, writing what ??, not to mention those outside for hours waiting for what ??

  114. To the Slave
    Is there any evidence of this simultaneous texting to the press ?

  115. I had the feeling that the main concern for the judge was whether it is ethically legitimate, in a democracy, to take advantage of informations got thanks to one's profession to express one's opinion in a book that gave quite a lot of money. I think then that if the judge is convinced that these informations somehow (and the McCs are clearly the authors of the circus) were free on the Internet, then she might forget the money aspect and decide GA made a simple compilation and organization of already known facts and already thought logical implications.

  116. There are some very strange photos from the Tapas group cameras. PJ files -outros apenos-Vol,111-V111 particularly 549, 578, and 610,

  117. Their lawyers will be looking for every loophole there is to stop this book. We better make sure
    The English Gag is a best seller and that this duo cannot ruin Mr Amaral.

  118. The idea that UK journalists don't already know about the Gaspar statements is "ludicrous and unhelpful" to coin a phrase. UK journalists will have had access to the DVD files and even if they are really lazy will have been on sites like this to monitor discussions.

    They'll know about them all right. But they do need an excuse to refer to them - and publication of Amaral's book could provide that cover.

  119. Of course the journalists know about the Gaspars'statements.
    They all went to Algarve to get a DVD and Gaspars'statements are on it.

  120. ...os actos cuja prática é imputada aos arguidos na acusação não estão, à luz do actual regime legal, cobertos pelo segredo de justiça, sendo permitida a sua integral divulgação noticiosa através dos órgãos de comunicação social. Sendo a regra actualmente a da publicidade da fase de inquérito a conduta dos arguidos encontra-se, por isso, fora do âmbito da tutela penal assegurada pelo art. 371º, nº 1, do CP, não consubstanciando a prática de um qualquer ilícito.

    A descrita evolução legislativa não configura, contudo, uma descriminalização.

    A lei nova não suprimiu o segredo de segredo de justiça, retirou-lhe no entanto o carácter de regra, passando a ser a excepção, introduzindo-lhe novas exigências legais.


    Concluindo, verifica-se uma redução da extensão do âmbito de protecção penal do crime de violação do segredo de justiça.

  121. Martin Blunt now has a blog you can have your say on the case !!! things are looking up people !1 the FIRST ,but lets hope not the LAST to open his eyes ,BRILLIANT NEWS !!

  122. To 111 - thanks for the clarification of the person I heard in the background.
    Also,isn't it illegal in Portugal to conduct your own investigation whilst a police investigation is in progress?- Contol Risks Metodo 3 and Brian Kennedy, Oakley International and Halligen....

  123. According to the Irish Examiner, Portuguese journalists told GA said "I don't speak about the McCs". Remember the injunction. He might have said "Não falo dos McCs", with the intonation on "fa".

  124. Kate McCann happily rabbits on about the court proceedings showing there is no evidence they were involved in Madeleine's disappearance. And just as happy to rabbit on about her confidence that this hearing will aid the search for Madeleine.

    But anyone who has paid careful attention to what has been said in court these past few days would have taken note of these facts:

    1. The McCanns have had every opportunity to ask for the shelved case to be reopened so that the search for Madeleine, by the Police, could continue. They have NOT asked for the case to be reopened.

    2. The McCanns have said their actions were within the bounds of responsible parenting. We've learnt that they should have been charged for child neglect.

    3. FRAUD has been discussed by both the Portuguese and British police in relation to the Fund. There has been cause for suspicion on BOTH SIDES of the channel.

    4. On BOTH SIDES of the channel, there were suspicions that the McCanns were involved - rather than NOT involved - in Madeleine's disappearance.

    5. Cadaver scent was detected not just on the clothes of 'Kate The Cadaver Specialist' but also on a cloth found at their accommodation. So how did this cloth come to smell of cadaver? Surely not transfered from Kate's work/holiday Cadaver Pants, and surely Kate and the cloth were not summoned to work and then found themselves in contact with another cadaver while she had to live through the tragedy of a missing child?

    6. If Kate could be so convinced Madeleine that might be dead - as evidenced by alerting police to her 'nightmare' and her request that they search that location for her body - then why is anyone else wrong to think Madeleine might be dead?

    Hearing it stated in court (testimony under oath) that the suspicions of the Portuguese police were shared by the British police casts a completely different complexion on the McCanns. If Gerry McCann is still down to speak at the upcoming CEOP conference, especially in light of this child neglect charge and CEOP being a child protection agency, then the organisers of the conference have a lot of explaining to do.

  125. @Anonymous 82

    Very right ! And besides as it's rather tough to inform about death suspicions, you feel conforted not doing it.
    You can't be judge and part, this is supposed to be a truism...
    Who didn't think he/she was dreaming when they justified their refusal of the reconstruction with an "it's not useful for the investigation" ?

  126. http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/World-News/Madeleine-McCann-Kate-And-Gerry-McCann-To-Claim-Goncalo-Amaral-Broke-Strict-Secrecy-Laws/Article/201001215523017?lpos=World_News_Carousel_Region_4&lid=ARTICLE_15523017_Madeleine_McCann%3A_Kate_And_Gerry_McCann_To_Claim_Goncalo_Amaral_Broke_Strict_Secrecy_Laws

    Sorry if method already, sky have put this on, what I find interesting is the comment in the middle in bold red by Martin Brunt

    I’m beginning to think the former detective in the Madeleine McCann case has a point when he complains about the British media attacking him.

    Sky's Martin Brunt on Goncalo Amaral

    What do you think?

  127. I am wondering if the ,"dream", kate had , regarding where she thought Madeleine was buried , e.g. in a grave on the hills . Was this conversation recorded ?

    If so , I believe it would be vital imformation , to present to the court seeing Kate is now denying she made such a phone-call .

    Just I thought .

  128. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/europe/article2422967.ece

    Why could Mrs McCann’s newspaper interview lead to jail?

    Mrs McCann could be prosecuted under Portugal’s laws of judicial secrecy for telling the Sunday Mirror that police had seized her bible. She said: “One of the pieces of evidence is that a page from a passage in Samuel about having to tell a man his child is dead is crumpled - so I must have been reading it.” The 24 Horas newspaper said that the public prosecutor could accuse Mrs McCann of breaking the secrecy law, which carries a maximum two years' jail sentence. Varradas Leitao, a member of the Superior Council of the Ministerial Publico, said: “A witness or an arguida, the law is the same for everybody. You cannot divulge procedural acts.”

  129. Don -

    Good for Martin Brunt - he has gone up highly in my estimation because it takes courage to go against the mainstream press.

    I think it is maybe a turning point for Goncalo's integrity. He was accused of using the F word immediately after he spoke to some of the British reporters who probably never bothered to check if what they thought they heard was correct. These downmarket tabloids are after the jugular! Don't ask me why!

  130. Very soon after the disappearence, we all heard about Tanner's abductor, it was already on the papers, in May.
    I believe that was also a secret of justice.
    Are the McCanns going to sue Jane?
    Will Mrs. Fenn be sued too?
    We all knew about a crying Madeleine.

    A Spanish journalist interviewd Gerry about blood in the apartment, before the PJ had released the files.
    Will he be sued?

    Everything has to do with Payne.

    If I'm not mistaken there are more books about this case, suggesting the child is dead but the Mccanns left their writers alone, in peace.
    No Payne!

    On Amarals book there are figures of the dogs, scent dog barking at a pajama T-shirt and not at its trousers.
    Immediately the PJ included an extra detective in their team, specialized in sexual crimes, BEFORE England sent the Gaspars statements to them.

    Gerry should thank Amaral that he did not publish the whole Gaspars'statements,

  131. Anon 129 - a very valid point, but I shouldn't hold your breath!!

  132. The UK journalists don't do anything unless it is altogether, and don't forget they have had Clarrie organising them as to what to say about this case.

    Actually, Martin Brunt has been one of the few who have tried to find out things in the past, and not simply run with the story fed to them by the Team McCann spin. He needs to do that again.

    The journalists need the Gaspars' statements fed right up their noses, so they can't fail to run with the story.

    If it is brought out in Court, and made clear what it is about, then that is the danger for McCann and his pal Payne. It will have to be stopped at all cost.

    Even a sniff of paedophilia concerns about Gerry and his friend, and they are stuffed.

    Because after all, isn't that what they are supposed to be searching for, the paedophile abductor, and then allusions to this gets focused on them.

    The last thing McCann wants.

    Especially as they have worked so hard to reinvent themselves as caring, loving parents, who were only out for that MOMENT when the nasty man took Madeleine. They looked away for a second and she was gone. Abducted, don't you know!

    Also, with the Gaspar statements they wont be able to say it was the PJ who planted evidence, or blame the Investigators, because it was THIER OWN FRIENDS who were so concerned by what they had seen and heard they went to the police when they heard Madeleine was missing.

    Make no mistake the McCanns will be trying hard to surpress this information from making the headlines. A top priority, no doubt.

  133. Why Fiona Payne, Kate?

    No friends left?

  134. JT to be sued??????????

    Blacksmith Bureau

  135. I am wondering where Gerry had gone whilst Kate was doing her bit about the dream of Madeleine.

    Was he being watched at the time while everybody was led to go running up the hill.

  136. Anonymous 117 said...

    There are some very strange photos from the Tapas group cameras. PJ files -outros apenos-Vol,111-V111 particularly 549, 578, and 610,

    What are these?

  137. Jane Tanner to be prosecuted?


  138. The only way Portugual are going to STOP THE MCCANNS from fully controling this case, and making a fool of Portugual (which they are) is RE-OPEN THE CASE please please do this, they would run a mile and it would certainly shut the lot of them up. They would go off and hide under one of their unturned stones

  139. I thought the 'dream' about Madeline being on the hill led to an investigation whereby the hill was searched by dogs and nothing found. I think Gerry tried to put his own spin on this remark by saying something about the translation of what Kate had said was not accurate. However, she must have said something for this hill to be searched in the first place and they are just twisting words around to suit themselves now. Liason Officer Paiva would have spent loads of time in K & G's presence and would have given them his mobile number etc, as his job was to support them and be available to them 24/7. His job was not to investigate them directly. However, if he picks up on something they said, however it was put, then he would have a duty to pass this information on.

  140. Gloves are off now. Bullies hate to lose. Any type of dirt digging now will do. When boxing legend Mike Tyson was loosing to Evander Holyfield, in a burst of rage he bit his ear. Now Gerald McCann can't bit GA's ear but will try to use the lowest means to hit him under the belt in any possible ways. I think in the end he will loose. He is not an honourable fighter. He shoudn't have ever been allowed to jump into the ring in the first place. BOOOOOOOOO!

  141. I left that message on a Telegraph blog, it has been published immediately and remained there !

  142. I read somewhere, was it in K's diary ?, that once, as she was jogging, she met wild dogs and thought of them a corpses' predators. Was it before the dream ? Does this dream tell us something ? Why G's first idea was to put some suspicion on Paiva's story, though he wasn't home at that time ? Others things were said that he didn't react to. Did the police explore the right place (did they well understand the localisation she indicated ?) ? Wasn't her subconscious trying to get free of that corpse hiding mystification ?

  143. Am I right in thinking that the Express newspaper paid Mr and Mrs McCann a large sum of money because they printed that the police in Portugal said they thought that Madeleine was dead? If so will the McCanns now be paying back that money after police officers stated just that in court?

  144. @ Anonymous 139
    They can spare having a good pretext to reopen (admitting the authorities were convinced that it is a case of keeping on their side the public opinion).
    They might have to reopen the case to inquire about the permanent leak of informations. What went where and how and why ?

  145. Suddenly I realize that writing @ Anonymous 3, 10 or 97 is practical but in the long run frustrating. On the next page Anonymous 97 might be Anonymous 33 and on the same page these Anonymous 3, 10 and 97 can be one only person.
    Will someone explain to me the need of anonymity ?

  146. Streisand effect indeed.
    Google "Goncarlo Amaral" and the FIRST on page 1 is the book, in English, by chapter, pdf format, waiting to be downloaded, Free.
    Brilliant !
    Gerry and Kate, what exactly was your point again ?

  147. Gasper statements are unbelievable - is there a consipracy here that would shake the UK government to its core?

    Is there something across party and throuh the government going on here that runs deeper than the expenses scandal?

    They should be widely publicised - surely the establishment would have to act to address them or be seen to be protecting the most hideous of activities by Gerald McCann and David payne?

  148. Anonymous 144: Good point! I would love to see the day that the Daily Express ask for their money back!

  149. The way things are going, it looks like these two ghastly people have done a "Jeffrey Archer", i.e. they received a very large amount of money on false pretences, perjury, etc...
    Look what happened to Lordy Archer.
    They would have to be kept in solitary confinement for their own protection.

  150. Does anybody know where Gerry went when Kate said she had a dream and had the investigators looking up the hill.

    Where he went might be very important.

    I have always thought that if the McCanns said to look one way, then it is wise to look in the opposite direction as well.

    They are not going to give anything away, they didn't tell the truth about their credit cards for a start.

    In my opinion everything they do is done for a reason which is never obvious, and find it hard to believe Kate had that dream, but I do believe she said she had a dream, and I can remember the family making a point that they did not believe in psychics and dreams, and things like that.

    That's why it was a surprise when the man with his machine showed up.

    What was all that about?

    Was that dream told to distract the investigators so they wouldn't notice where Gerry went?

    So, where did Gerry go? Does anybody know?

  151. I have emailed the CEOP twice about McCanns closing speech at the "Taken" conference to be held later this month. I will TELEPHONE them next week as they do not want to reply to my email.

  152. 146: The need for being anonymous is because there are some very unpleasant people out there.




    Someone posted this on your blog but no one seemed to realise what this could mean...Thanks to Anon...who ever you may be..

  154. Hello everyone, I haven't read all the posts yet so the answer to my post may already be there. Can someone please tell me if Goncalo Amaral is in serious trouble over the McCanns latest claim, or is it just one of their lies.

    I would hate to see that coniving pair of evil, child neglecting b*****ds get one over Mr Amaral. It seems they will stop at nothing to get money out of him.

  155. PeterMac....

    Unless Mr. Amaral put his book on-line himself to be downloaded free of charge, then I would ask you not to do it.

    As a writer I have had my books hijacked and put on-line for free while I am struggling to make a living.

    Wait a while and BUY the book at a legitimate source if you really want to help Mr. Amaral. On-line piracy of books and other media hurts those who work hard to put them together.

    May the truth come out in this awful story.

  156. post 125 CEOP Conference on Jan 26th. Main advert for this now not available on-line. You can still find it through CEOP website, but it looks like somone may have pulled the plug?
    post 137
    Go into Maddie Case files on this site- search outros apenos photographs. They are all numbered. Black and white, Some very obscure images, some very strange photo shots.

  157. 156 -I will only download to make sure I get a copy, in case it's whoosh-clunked, but I will also buy a lot of hard copies when it's available in English. As a contributor to Mr Amaral's fund , I want him to receive the money for his book.

  158. Does anyone attending the trial know whether the Lazzeri woman was there and, if so, how she does look like. Is she that blondish middle-aged one who spent time laughing with a short funny face guy ?

  159. Sorry post 137-it's easier just to google outros apensos photographs! from 157.

  160. Some French editors put books on line and observe that these books sell better than others... It is uncomfortable to read on line, you read 5 pages and either are fed up or feel like reading on paper. Then it's much better to have a book than an A4 set of printed pages.
    I found parts of articles I wrote reproduced on the Internet, partly as quotations, but distorted, truncated, etc. This is unacceptable.

  161. 159 Doesn't Lazzeri live/used tio live in Rothley?

  162. I predict Gerry will "withdraw" from CEOP Conference , claiming he needs to work on his legal affairs/his work committments/his tennis.

  163. Has AE, who translated the book in English, been contacted by Guerra e Paz ? The English translation was mentioned at Court. The witness editor pretend they made a complaint.
    I wonder why the English translation rights weren't sold to some English speaking country (not Commonwealth, like Ireland.

  164. aacg Post 146. I believe the nice thing about anonimity is that there is no temptation to interpret posts as personal statements. This means it's impossible to 'take a dislike to someone' and react badly. With anonimity one reacts only to the factual content of the post, and not the poster.

  165. Post 152. Well done, we should all keep up the pressure on CEOP about GM speaking at the conference.

  166. In Case Gerry & Kate decide to sue you too, much easier than a cop.!!! 8-}

  167. Hi, aacg, I do not know if Lazzeri was there or not, but the woman you refer too is, I suppose, the a representative of the portuguese PR company, Lift Consulting. Back in January the CEO of that company accompanied the McCanns to court himself, but he behaved like an elephant in a china store, very loud and rude, he didn't do the McCanns any favours in the PR department. Maybe it was decided that it was better for him to stay out of the public eye.

  168. To aacg 113 -
    I`m afraid I don`t speak Portuguese so got my information from Jon di paolo`s twitter from the courthouse. It sounded like an outright lie to me, but you could be right in that she just omitted adding the truthful bit. At 12.29 you see her tell the lie :-

    12:32 jondipaolo: Mr da Silva has finished giving evidence and left the courtroom.
    Thursday January 14, 2010 12:32 jondipaolo
    12:31 jondipaolo: Mr da Silva: Because I was telling a story.
    Thursday January 14, 2010 12:31 jondipaolo
    12:29 jondipaolo: Mr da Sliva: Because I was telling a story.
    Thursday January 14, 2010 12:29 jondipaolo
    12:29 jondipaolo: Isabel Duarte: Why didn't you include the public attorney's verdict that the conclusions arrived at by the investigators were incorrect?
    Thursday January 14, 2010 12:29 jondipaolo
    12:23 jondipaolo: Ms Duarte, the McCanns' top lawyer, then asks how Mr da Silva can say Mr Amaral's book was based on the case, if he hasn't read the file.
    Thursday January 14, 2010 12:23 jondipaolo
    12:23 jondipaolo: Isabel Duarte asks Mr da Silva whether he has seen the official case files. He says no.
    Thursday January 14, 2010 12:23 jondipaolo
    12:17 jondipaolo: Mr da Silva: In my opinion, the documentary does not provide the last word on the case. Its conclusion calls for further investigation.
    Thursday January 14, 2010 12:17 jondipaolo
    12:07 jondipaolo: Mr da Silva: When we carried out a reconstruction I realised Mr Amaral's frustration at the McCanns' account of Madeleine's disappearance.
    Thursday January 14, 2010 12:07 jondipaolo
    12:02 jondipaolo: Mr da Silva: When we consider making a new film we think in terms of profits, as we are a commercial company.
    Thursday January 14, 2010 12:02 jondipaolo
    11:59 jondipaolo: Mr da Silva: The documentary is based on the book. I didn't add anything else.
    Thursday January 14, 2010 11:59 jondipaolo
    11:57 jondipaolo: Mr da Silva appears uncomfortable under the line of questioning he is facing.
    Thursday January 14, 2010 11:57 jondipaolo
    11:56 jondipaolo: Mr da Silva: Mr Amaral's theory is that the McCanns hid Madeleine's body.
    Thursday January 14, 2010 11:56 jondipaolo
    11:54 jondipaolo: Mr da Silva: It was crucial that Mr Amaral was involved in the production of the documentary.
    Thursday January 14, 2010 11:54 jondipaolo
    11:49 jondipaolo: Mr da Silva: We reconstructed some scenes in order to facilitate the understanding of the events surrounding Madeleine's disappearance.
    Thursday January 14, 2010 11:49 jondipaolo
    11:48 jondipaolo: Mr da Silva says he has a professional relationship with Mr Amaral.
    Thursday January 14, 2010 11:48 jondipaolo
    11:47 jondipaolo: Carlos Coelho da Silva, TV director at VC Films, the production company behind the film based on the Amaral book, has taken the stand.
    Thursday January 14, 2010 11:47 jondipaolo

    I do wish this could be challenged plus all the other lies she`s telling.

  169. not related but have you read Martin Brunt on sky news " my new best friend" where he says that Amaral never said the F...K word the BBC pretended. He said instead, "ask the McCann" in portuguese. Brunt advise him to take a good libel lawyer ( Duarte) againt them. And I would add the Sun that has a disgusting title and article based on this alleged "F...K".
    Go Gonçalo and get financial compensations from these "rats" ( the word the Sun used for him).It will be usefull for the trial and imagine their head when they realise they are obliged give money to confound the Mccann they like so much!

  170. Joana, did someone present you with red carnations? Had I been in Portugal, I would have given you a bouquet of them.

  171. To Anonymous 49, have you not read the Gaspar statements denouncing McCann and his croney Payne as paedophiles?
    Anybody even accused of such a heinous crime even without evidence, is under normal circumstances thoroughly investigated by the ISA.
    It is for Joana not you to determine what can or cannot be posted on this site.

  172. Anon #170 - Yes, I have read Martin Brunt's comments on Sky and would be interested to hear whether the BBC have issued a correction and apology.

  173. Just one comment to highlight how low that pair can go: When the Portuguese were physical, searching for Madeleine, they were spreading boxes with Maddie picture at the Hotel halls in Algarve, asking for donations and being very impolite if the donations were not according with what they expect.



    Very interesting indeed!

  175. During the GM statement that he had work commitments and had to return to UK, a person seemed to be 'leading on' GM. He made references to the dogs not being reliable and seemed intent on GM stating so. There were other attempts to 'prompt' GM. It may be worth seeing if this happens when the next proceedings happen.

  176. Reasonable negative comments published right away:

  177. @ Anonymous 152

    I e-mailed twice also to CEOP pointing two serious syntax mistakes in the French version of the message. They didn't bother to reply.

  178. 'To suggestor use the dogs´ reactions as evidence is simply wrong and abusive' http://www.findmadeleine.com/updates.html
    Why is it abusive? I would find the fact that if anyone rejected the dogs reactions abusive. Why does she select one debatable instance among hundreds where the dogs have shown to be correct?

  179. I reported the Sun to the Press Complaints Commission yesterday - and the Mirror. It was a total defamation of character.

  180. To Louise
    ID said (and even repeated) something like "why didn't you put in the documentary that the McCann couple had been cleared by the Public Prosecutor of any crime related to the minor".
    Unfortunately, instead of seizing the opportunity to say, for example, that he didn't see the pertinence of stating the McCs had been discharged for lack of evidence, he only said "because I was telling a story".

  181. 'To suggestor use the dogs´ reactions as evidence is simply wrong and abusive'
    The dogs are not 'direct' evidence. They are circumstantial evidence.
    Circumstantial evidence indirectly proves a fact. It is evidence that requires or allows a trier of fact to make a deduction to conclude that a fact exists. This inference made from a trier of facts supports the truth of assertion (in criminal law, an assertion of guilt or of absence of guilt). By contrast, direct evidence supports the truth of an assertion directly—i.e., without need for any intervening inference. Wiki.

  182. @ Anonymous 73
    So you know who Luis Frois is ! We wondered ! It seems he's one of the witnesses of the 10th of February. Can you tell us a bit more about him ?
    You're right about the recording. Will someone owning the famous DVD tell us if it's in there ?

  183. 'To suggestor use the dogs´ reactions as evidence is simply wrong and abusive' http://www.findmadeleine.com/updates.html

    Why is it wrong. If the dogs reactions were in the report it was evidence! It was not 'proof'

  184. To Debk
    Hi ! I read somewhere that she wasn't supposed to attend on the second day, but would come back on the third one. Then the only unexpected thing would be her presence in the courtroom on Wednesday. Why ? May be ID, having had an idea, thanks to the first session, of what the policemen would say, decided Kate had to come, as she looks more like a victim than Gerry.

  185. To 144 and 149 posters - yes, on Wednesday 13th January,the Daily Express had their extremely expensive front page announcing in 4cm high typeface (larger than their own name!), " Maddie 'Died'in Apartment." That had cost them £50,000? in previous compensation to Mr and Mrs McCann. The little ' before and after 'died' is there as a figleaf, of course.
    I bet they loved printing that.

  186. Joana, is it possible to know what the PJ thinks of this ?
    "The suggestion of a reconstruction of our movements and other key witnesses at the crime scene and/or surrounding area in the early days following Madeleine's abduction was declined by the PJ as 'not usual' for Portugal."
    (Kate's blog)

  187. The dogs are "presumption", that's all. Presumptions get close to evidence when they're many. The idea of the open window being a "red herring", as Kate says, "left by the abductor" is ludicrous : since when walking abductors, those who can't afford to rent a car (or just don't have a driver licence), lose precious time to leave red herrings behind ? And what for ? Just to make Kate able to call the medias saying the window and stores were forced etc. ?
    Note they're conscious the witnesses could influence the public and decided (could be ID's idea) to speak first. But who's going to recall the dogs, the window and the reconstruction questions ? No one !

  188. aacg 81 - thanks for clarifying things. Yes, my heart sank when Mr da Silva gave that reply.

  189. Which secrecy Mrs Isabel Duarte? Just few facts to fill your memory gaps:

    - It was reported all over the world, immediately after it happened, that Kate was sending SMS reporting what was going on, when she was questioned by PJ at Portimao police station. THEN, WHO VIOLATED THE SECRECY?

    - Immediately after running away to UK, several newspaper claim that Kate accused Pj of proposing her a deal ( 2 years in prison if she confessed). What was this? VIOLATION OF THE SECRECY OR A LIE? No matter what will be, both are crimes.

    - The findings of the dogs were made publicly immediately after they happen and most came from Mccann's mouths on their desperate attempt to justify everything and discredit the dogs. Dirty napes on the car and an American Expert, according to Gerry, which told him that the dogs are not reliable. WHO VIOLATED THE SECRECY?

    - Several interviews done by the Mccann's to Portuguese, spanish, Germany and UK Media.

    - Several Tv Programmes, including Pros e Contras in Portugal, with experts to analyse and made comments about the evidences( ADN) and the action and the importance of the dogs. WHERE IS THE SECRECY?

    - vital information was released from the investigation by the Mccann's Spoke-person or by a family, to discredit the police and justify abductors witnesses, Madeleine sights, Metodo 3 intention to go to PDL,etc.

    EVERYTHING HAPPENED FAR BEFORE THE CASE BEING SHELVED AND THE JUDICIAL SECRECY LIFTED. And almost nothing came out of G.Amaral mouth, even when he was vilified and leave the case.

    Mccann's must read the GINGERBREAD MAN TALE because they are finding their way to end-up on the FOX MOUTH !!! It Happen with all Mercenaries which LOVE MONEY.

  190. I`ve had a reply from the Press Complaints Commission regarding my complaints about The Sun and The Mirror misquoting GA and defaming him - they said they only consider complaints from the offended party themselves - so GA would have to do it himself.

  191. Regarding complaints to the Press Complaints Commission, glad to see Mr. Bennett has also done so and far better than I did :-


    Sorry if this has been posted before, but there are so many posts to catch up on.

  192. The body has been dissolved one way or another but totally, for sure, otherwise they wouldn't stick so arrogantly to their lack of death evidence.

  193. Has someone read the file of Albert Moisiu ?
    Does someone know him ? Was he at the Lisbon Court ?

  194. Louise
    I feel like answering the Commission "We're all German Jews !"

  195. Anon @ 190 -
    I`ve also read that GM phoned Martin Grimes`s supervisor after those naughty dogs showed him up in a bad light ! Now, he must have been talking about it to him/her as well?

    I must say, hearing that, really confirmed my suspicions that the man is one of the biggest bullies ever.

  196. 'To suggestor use the dogs´ reactions as evidence is simply wrong and abusive' . WHAT A RUBBISH COMMENT.

    Have you watching the news about the catastrophe with earthquake in HAITI? What most of the countries send to help at the first moments? DOGS! Specialised DOGS TO FIND ALIVE PEOPLE AND CADAVERS. DO YOU WANT A BEST PROVE THEN THAT TO SHOW HOW RELIABLE AND IMPORTANT, DOGS ARE? YOU STILL LOOSING OPORTUNNITIES TO KEEP YOUR MOUTH CLOSE.

  197. aacg 195 - ha ha - yes, it does make you feel that way.

  198. Funny how if these sniffer dogs are not reliable they are taking them to places like Haiti to search for people under the rubble.

    They are also used at airports to sniff for drugs.

    These trained, hard working dogs, are trusted and relied on by the police all over the world.

    So, if a cadaver dog, best in the world, says a body was in the apartment, who are we to say there wasn't.

    You have had a lot of money sent to you McCanns with the marketing project you have done on missing Madeleine, but it is about time you dipped into your own pocket and stopped asking the public to dip into theirs.

    What the public should have is access to the book that will tell them the truth about the real investigation, and that the conclusion is that Madeleine died in the apartment.

    You have had a good old spin going on for too long.

    Now get lost, and get out of our lives, and stop trying to control us.

    We are no longer buying your fairy story. And, let's face it, people really have been buying it literally. They have been paying for it while you have been paying your mortgage.

    So what else have you spent the money on for your own personal use?

    Are we allowed to know this?

    I hope somebody in authority is going to ask you to account for all the money you have been sent by the kindhearted public, thinking it would be going to be used to search for Madeleine.

  199. aacg @ 194 - regarding Albert Moisiu - yes, I read it some weeks ago on Pamalam`s site - really good and I must read it again. Recommend it to all.


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