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The McCanns, Danie Krügel and the 'quantum sniffer machine'

Danie Krügel the inventor of the 'quantum sniffer machine' is back to the UK news, Daily Star of the Express group [the media group that had to pay for out-of-court libel settlements twice to the McCanns and their Tapas friends] bring us a rehash of old news that were published in 2007 (Daily Mirror) and 2008 (Saturday Star) with far more detail and information.

By Jonathan Corke
31st January 2010

A FORMER cop claims he has identified the area where he says Madeleine McCann is buried.

South African Danie Krugel says it is just 500 yards from the holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, from where Maddie disappeared. The area is a wasteland, full of building rubble, rocks and black, plastic bags. It is one of two “priority search” locations highlighted by the former detective – one close to the complex and one near the beach.

Krugel – known as “The Locator” for his success in tracing missing people in South Africa – was called in by Kate and Gerry McCann two months after Maddie vanished. He used DNA tracking – helped by a strand of Madeleine’s hair given to him by Gerry – and GPS satellite to pinpoint the area. He has also highlighted an area where he spotted a muddy pink and white child’s blanket.


He claims he didn’t remove it because he didn’t want to interfere with the police investigation. He then drew a map and gave a detailed report of his findings to local police. But he says a full search for Madeleine, who vanished shortly before her fourth birthday on May 3, 2007, never took place. Krugel told the Daily Star Sunday: “If they want me to go with them I will. “

I’m convinced they will find her. I will do whatever I can to help. That area needs to be properly searched.

“If it means training up officers from Scotland Yard in how to use the technology, I will do that.

“There needs to be a proper team of experts.”

Kate and Gerry, both 41, of Rothley, Leics, are convinced Maddie was abducted and is still alive.

But Krugel said: “I believe the truth will come out and I pray for the family that they get their answers. There is somebody out there that is guilty.”


'Maddie lies here' (January 26, 2008 Edition 1)

«Former South African police superintendent Danie Krugel is haunted by the muddy pink and white child's blanket he found at the site in Praia da Luz in Portugal where he believes the body of Madeleine McCann is hidden.

Now, due to his frustration at the lack of progress in the case, the ex-cop - dubbed "The Locator" as a result of his high rate of success in tracing missing people in SA - has broken his silence about the results of his search for Madeleine last year and revealed a map of the area where he believes she is buried.

With the consent of her parents, Gerry and Kate McCann, Krugel spent three nights searching for missing Madeleine (4) in July, using the Matter Oriented System (MOS) equipment he has developed.

The site he outlined to be searched for Madeleine's body is a wasteland, full of black refuse bags, building rubble and rocks, and is located only 900m away from the Ocean Club resort apartment where the McCann family were staying in Praia da Luz.

Krugel said sniffer dogs and a full forensic team should have searched the area, but this had not happened.

"I kick myself every day that I didn't pick up the blanket. I just didn't want to disturb the investigation. The blanket was full of mud and had a light white, light-pink colour, and it was definitely a child's blanket.

It was also clear that it had been in the elements for a while. I showed the police the blanket but I don't know if they picked it up," he added.

Taking a hair from Madeleine's coat, which was given to him by her father, Krugel's equipment repeatedly gave him signals that led him to the site, which is within walking distance of the apartment. Madeleine is alleged to have been kidnapped while her parents dined at a nearby tapas bar.

Krugel said he gave a copy of the map to Madeleine's parents and to the Portuguese police at the time, but refused to disclose details of his findings to the press for fear of anyone trying to disturb the scene. Now he wants to return to Praia da Luz to see if his equipment indicates that Madeleine's body is still there - or if it has been moved.

Asked whether he would like Krugel to return to search for Madeleine, Gerry McCann said he had no say in the matter.

"Kate and I have no control over who is allowed to go come and go into Portugal.

"This is a matter for the Portuguese authorities. Officially I cannot comment further, sorry."

After his search, Krugel requested the Portuguese police to use sniffer dogs and a forensic team to search the area. But when they were brought in a few weeks after he left Portugal, the sniffer dogs picked up a scent on Kate McCann and in the hired car, which changed the focus of the investigation, he claimed.

Portuguese police have now named three suspects in the case: Gerry and Kate McCann and Praia da Luz resident Robert Murat.

"After the sniffer dogs were brought in, I think the police altered their line of investigation, and I don't believe they searched the area I gave them.

"I am almost 90% sure Madeleine is dead. There is always the slight possibility that she could be held hostage in one of the houses in the area on my map, but I feel this is very unlikely. If her body had been moved, my equipment would tell me she is no longer there. » more here

The facts as per Danie Krügel's words [from his site]

Madeleine McCann

Danie was in Portugal during July 2007. As from the second day of her disappearance they have made every attempt to assist in the search for her. Not to jeopardize the investigation in any way Danie requested the McCanns and the police not to reveal his involvement until the conclusion of the investigation. Danie provided a full report with detailed maps of her location for searching. It was subsequently provided to the McCanns and Police.

Map location of Madeleine: July 2007

After five months of fruitless efforts to find Madeleine, despite detailed information given by me to all relevant parties, I have now decided to publish this information so that any member of the public who is willing and able to assist in the search for Madeleine may have access to the very same information I have been providing to the parties involved since July 2007.

I know that even if she was moved after July 2007, there will still be evidence of her presence in this area.

I have done my very best, and believe my findings are correct.

My heart goes out to all who knew and love her.

Who is Danie Krügel

From the site 'Stop Danie Krügel': «Danie Krügel is a former South African police officer currently employed as Director of  the Protection Services and Occupational Health & Safety at Bloemfontein’s Central University of Technology. Mr Krügel claims to have invented a novel technology called a “Matter Orientation System” (MOS) for locating missing items and people, and he has featured in numerous newspaper articles and investigative TV programmes in SA [South Africa] such as 3rd Degree and Carte Blanche where his claimed ability has been naïvely highlighted, usually in connection with missing persons cases. The disappearances of  Madeleine McCann and, more recently, Kerry Winter are among the more prominent cases in which Mr Krügel’s help has been requested, but there are several others including that of 7-year-old Sheldean Human, policewoman Francis Rasuge and Anisha van Niekerk.

Mr Krügel is very secretive about his alleged invention but insists that it is “science, science, science! … just science,” using quantum principles in conjunction with the global positioning satellite system (GPS). Briefly, he requires a small sample of the material whose source he is asked to locate – a cutting of hair in the case of a human – which he then uses to perform what he calls “measurements” from a few different positions before announcing the source’s current location within reasonable limits. Scientists overwhelmingly agree that there is no known mechanism that can account for Mr Krügel’s supposed technology working as he describes, and they are therefore eager to validate his claims to novelty. However, Mr Krügel appears overly reluctant to submit to any formal testing by an independent and trustworthy authority. His main concern seems to be that he will have to reveal his trade secrets, a concern that is invalid since such testing need not establish how it works, only that it does work.

For people and families whose loved ones have disappeared, especially young children, Mr Krügel’s claims are a beacon of considerable hope and therein lies perhaps the most compelling reason for Mr Krügel to verify his claimed abilities. How much more ultimately cruel and ruinous is it to live in protracted false hope than to face a potentially devastating truth – a false hope that has been actively nurtured by uncritical media with a craving for perpetual sensationalism? Added to which, if Mr Krügel’s claims do not prove out, there exists a clear danger of significant amounts of wasted effort in pursuing false leads. Recently, Mr Krügel has also claimed that his device is able to detect cancer and other diseases in patients, a claim that is clearly dangerous if found to be untrue.

For these reasons, it is essential that Mr Krügel’s ongoing promotion of himself and by the media be opposed until such time as the validity or otherwise of his claims has been determined.»

Questions Raised About Krügel

Krugel has also run into some heavy opposition from the scientific community and from skeptics alike, mainly because he refuses to allow his device to be tested or examined. He says he will only do so once the patent has been registered. Common questions about Krugel and his controversial Matter Oriented System (MOS) equipment are:

* Why has Danie Krugel not published his findings for peer review by the scientific community?

* Why does he keep appearing on television instead of publishing in peer review forensics publications or engineering journals?

* Why will he not let anyone else have access to his “quantum physics-based” device”?

* How can a former police officer with no training or education in engineering or science possibly come up with such a sophisticated device?

in  Suite101: Danie Krugel – Finding Missing Persons: Secret Emerging Technology Based on Quantum Physics

Word Bites

Danie Krügel is the inventor of the "Matter Orientation System" (MOS), a device which supposedly magically combines DNA and satellite tracking technology to track people across the globe. How this works has never been fully explained, although quantum has been mentioned several times. The MOS or "Bodyfinder" is a contender for James Randi's $1 Million prize, but Krugel has so far refused to come forward and test his invention.

read as well: Madeleine McCann, the Observer, and their special magic quantum DNA box (with secret energy source) at Guardian's Ben Goldacre blog and other less favourable news articles about Danie such as this one, this onethis and this one.


  1. oh dear me Danie Krugel, you CANT SAY MADELEINE IS DEAD,dear me no, you MUST believe madeleine was abducted or you will be hearing from carter ruck, but only if you are worth a few bob

  2. Interesting that he searched only the "medium plateau" and not the top of the hill where disused barns and dilapidated buildings were situated including a well. Was it to discourage a further search by the british dogs soon to come in after his visit?

    Also interesting that although the McCanns always claimed they did not listen to clearvoyants and phantasists, they constantly bombarded the PJ with alleged reports of clearvoyants having had dreams about boats and other ludicrous suggestions. And they called in Daniel Krügel, not the PJ.

  3. You don't need an empty box with a couple of wires attached to tell you that, sadly, Madeleine is dead...

    the dogs have already told the world that, Danie

    go and do something useful with your life... like water devining

  4. How strange that this suddenly reappears and in particular in an Express Group Newspaper - everything really isn't well in McCann World at the moment.

    Try as hard as they can with positive spin the tide really does seem to be turning. All this chatter about a dead Madeleine just won't go away.

    Why has the Express Group run with this again now? What is coming next? Something is about to break I'm positive about that.....

    Watch this space..........................

  5. Good Morning

    Guys, check the results of the famous party, at least according to the Daily Express.


  6. Gerry doesn't seem overjoyed at the prospect of his livelihood (the Fund $$$$) being threatened. Body found = no "search" = no more fund.
    Callous so and so.
    My heart bleeds for him ...

  7. Anon 3!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why not give this guy a chance he seems quite confidant, its no different to using pretendy PI's,we know everything they have said in the past as already been said but it dosen't stop them spouting it over and over again. What have the Mcs got to lose by going along and checking,remember Gerry said they dont want to leave no stone unturned and want to do everything they can to find Maddy.

  8. Il y a 10 % seulement de chance pour retrouver Maddie vivante ...

    Elle serait dans un tas d'ordure pas très loin de l'appartement à PDL ... Bizarre que la PJ avec les chiens n'ai rien trouvé !! et que celui-là parle au bout de 1000 jours ...

    Décidément, quelle histoire de fous !

  9. Why he is talking about the blanket.
    Maddies blanket was in 5A when the police got there. You can see it in the photos.

    Has mccann a super injuntion to UK papers, not to publish anything about the annual accounts of the "Fund" Ltd ?


  10. @5,they didnt make much then,just hope it was not the mccanns adding the monies up at the end of the party

  11. More about this gentleman Daniel Krugel:




    Says Marie-Louise in her blog::

    Dr. George Claasens, Director of Sceptic South Africa, has even challenged Krugel to accept the James Randi Education Foundation Challenge. The Prize is a $1 000 000, which will go to “anyone who can show, under proper observing conditions, evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power or event”. Still, Krugel remains unmoved.

  12. I just think the Express like to play some little games with Kate and Gerry and so does Brunty. Time will tell what they are, but I think things just could not be much worse for them and the process is shelved in Portugal! I think it is those other big bad cops they just dont want to talk about.

    I agree with above, Krugel fruitloop, charlatan, quack, the sort of person Gerry McCann was repeatedly bombarding the PJ with to make sure he threw them off his own foul scent. Gerry gave him one of Maddie's hair and his little machine went beep beep Maddie body here, oh F...But the DE do have a sense of humour, they will not be so nice when they come to get their money back!

  13. fenis thanks, but some of the links you posted were already researched and published in the above article.

  14. w_nicht at 7 is a total different blanket

  15. "He used DNA tracking – helped by a strand of Madeleine’s hair given to him by Gerry – and GPS satellite to pinpoint the area"

    So, Gerry was able to produce a hair strand from Madeline( was it really from Madeleine?) for this experiment, but NOT for the PJ's forensics?! We were told there was no forensic evidence of Madeleine anywhere in the apartment, NO toothbrush, NO comb or hairbrush, NOTHING! They had to go to Rothley and get Madeleine's pillow( was it her pillow?...)!
    Fishy, oh, so fishy...sardine stench, maybe...or is it seabass maybe?...

  16. There is no official way to check it out at least right now. Official cases closed and The McCanns private invistigators only follow "Madeleine is alive" theory.

  17. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-1247370/A-significant-victory-super-injunction-fight-free-speech-goes-on.html

  18. Hey! Mr.Krügel, be careful! are you saying Madeleine is dead????? "I am 90% sure Madeleine is dead"....dear me!!!an other court case in sight.
    Anon 15
    Spot on! I was going to say exactely the same thing: the mccann man gives a hair to somebody who has nothing to do with the investigation but "couldnt find anything with Madeleine"DNA to give to the PJ".And now,the mccanns have no say in the matter as in Krügel going back to look for Madeleine"s body....they"d rather carry on with their sick spin she is "alive and happy,properly cared for by a paedo"....sick,sick sick people.Plain and obvious,times are up for you mccann people

  19. From:

    « South Africa's manhunt expert, who has travelled to Portugal to trace missing Madeleine McCann, says that the possibility that she is still alive "is very slim".

    And in a heartbreaking development her parents have accepted that she is probably dead, their official spokesperson admitted for the first time on Wednesday.

    Clarence Mitchell, speaking for the family, said: "Kate and Gerry are realistic enough to know that there is a probability she is dead, but they have not given up hope that she is still alive and is being looked after somewhere." »

    AND in the text above:

    "I am almost 90% sure Madeleine is dead. There is always the slight possibility that she could be held hostage in one of the houses in the area on my map, but I feel this is very unlikely. If her body had been moved, my equipment would tell me she is no longer there. »

    AND, considering that:

    "Kate and Gerry, both 41, of Rothley, Leics, are convinced Maddie was abducted and is still alive"

    The obvious question is...

    ( someone has been saying in his/hers comments that it is because Amaral has included the Gaspars statements in his book, I'm getting increasingly convinced that he/she is right)

  20. Yes, anon @ 17, indeed that is what's giving McCann's their sense of security to sue whoever contradicts them and organise high profile fundraisers.

    Interesting how Gerry says he and Kate have no control as to who enters Portugal. Does that extend to Dave Edgar now and all the other PI's previously? Very easy to follow the rules when it suits isn't it.

    Anyway, Danie's pink blanket(if it even exists)is nothing to do with M imo.

  21. Joana 13,

    You are quite right. These were articles I had in my Krügel's file I thought were interesting and I didn't bother to read them thoughrouly before posting. My appologies for the repetition (Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa)

  22. :D no probs Fernis, every help is appreciated (obrigada), have a good Sunday

  23. http://www.southportreporter.com/432/432-12.shtml

    Wrong topic but we missed these photgraphs from Formby.

  24. Daniel Krugel made a promise to this person in January 2007, that in three months time there would be a big international event and that Krugler and his machine would make it into the news.


    Did Krugler know something or just get lucky?

  25. @ Fernis 11

    "yet Krugel remains unmoved"

    He would have to, wouldn't he, seeing he claims its "science, science, science! ... just science" - he doesn't want to be seen to win a prize for quakery!!! ;)

  26. Could someone PLEASE, before I go out of my mind, explain to me how the McCanns manage to sell
    abduction as an alternative scenario to death? Aren´t child victims of stranger abduction usually found dead sooner or later? One or two newsworthy exceptions merely prove the rule, and in any case are hardly outcomes to be hoped for.

  27. The mccann people have some homework to do now: suing Tavares de Almeida,Moita FLores and now Krügel....busy people aint they?

    Gonçalo,do not fear....if you ever did.You have Won.You are not the only one saying Madeleine is dead

    Have a good weekend mcc$$$$$$$

  28. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/portugal/6974917/Madeleine-McCanns-death-covered-up-by-parents-who-faked-kidnap-court-hears.html

    Anon 20...of course its about Payne..It has always been about Payne...Everything else is out there. Everything but a Doctors witness statement about David Payne...Read the above article...this is what is in Amarals book...the article has not been carter rucked..However, a whisper of Payne and it would have been.

    Euro Weekly News have removed the Comments about Payne in their article.

  29. http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/news/article10064.ece

    A source close to the McCanns said: "The work of Mr Krugel should not be underestimated and gives great hope to Gerry and Kate.

    "Many people have contacted the couple to try to help but while their hearts may be in the right place they just don't have the expertise to be of assistance. But Mr Krugel has a proven record of finding people and his methods are extremely credible.

    "The results in Praia da Luz crucially match many other strands of the investigation which all point to Madeleine being abducted and still being alive on that night when she was taken.

    "Kate and Gerry just want police to concentrate on this evidence and find Madeleine. It's so frustrating for them.

    "It is important to mention Kate and Gerry used Mr Krugel with the full cooperation of Portuguese police. The fact they carried out searches as a result of his work prove his credibility with them.

    "Yet sadly they seem to have decided to no longer follow this line of inquiry."

    Clarence seems to like him.

  30. I really hope this Krugel shyte is brought up in Sr Amarals' defence against the book injunction. As for Krugel and his machine, let me have a look at me tea leaves! Utter utter bollocks. As for the express i dont know whether they or Skys Brunty are taking the p*ss but one thing i do know for sure, is the British press will tear the McLyers a new arsehole when the truth comes out, 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned' wont even come close.

  31. "The area is a wasteland, full of building rubble, rocks and black, plastic bags"....
    “If it means training up officers from Scotland Yard in how to use the technology, I will do that..."

    Ainsi le "voyant" veut former les agents de Scotland Yard à fouiller dans des tas d'ordures vieilles de trois ans,en leur apprenant comment s'orienter avec un GPS pointé sur un cheveu?
    Il est vrai que les techniques de la police scientifique, notamment en ce qui concerne l'ADN, paraissent aux yeux des néophytes comment autant d'actes de sorcellerie par leur pouvoir de trouver tout à partir de presque rien. Bon filon pour les tabloïdes que cette masse de lecteurs crédules qui ne demande qu'à voir couper les cheveux en 4 puissance mille.

    C'est assez dans le goût d'une humanité vieillissante qui après avoir brulé ses dieux, joue à s'en inventer, divinités clonées, croisements de science et de magie avec lesquels ils jouent à se faire peur. Jusqu'à ce que la réalité et ses tremblements de terre leur rappelle cruellement que les Krüger et compagnie ne sont que les disciples de leur propre charlatanerie.


  32. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/please-re-open-madeleine-mccanns-case

    Joana can you twitter this petition please.

  33. Fernis. Post 5. So according to the Express, the party was a flop, only raising enough to pay the fund admin costs after the charity shareout. Who gets the admin costs I wonder? The Mcs must be sick. I love the bit about Branson donating a few Virgin flights (or was it air miles) and JKR donating a few left-over books I suppose, ha ha.

  34. joyce1938, the true DNA FOR MADDIE IS A BIG MYSTERY?have we ever been given her dna that was proven? was there not ,talk of foot swab blood taken at birth? we seem to not hear of what was used as maddies sample that is being used as such, MAYBE WE ARE MISSING A LOT OF INFO ,KEPT BACK FOR ANOTHER TIME?

  35. Mark Harrison's report makes some pertinent points- veiled sarcasm? of DK's equipment. But anything that makes people consider that the McCanns are not the innocent victims of the PJ can only be a good thing.

  36. This stinks......get ready for the Hewlett 'death bed confession'

  37. I agree with comment 1.

    Mr Krugel: you are treading on dangerous ground (no pun intended) to suggest that Maddie's body lies in Praia de Luz? The McCanns will be after you like flame to a candle if you dare to suggest their daughter is dead. But then they would have to sue lots of other people, including themselves!

  38. Looking at the close up of Kate McCann taken at the celebrity bash, they've either been airbrushed out or she hasn't a wrinkle or blemish on her face at all. So much for what a grieving parent she is. Load of twaddle.

  39. It would probably be too much of a protracted process to sue Mr Krugel or seize his assets (can his machine be counted as one and how much is it worth?) outside the EU juridiction to make it worthwhile -

  40. poster 5 ,thanks for the link, but forgive me everyone for thinking this "pi$$ up/charity night was for Maddie ,why this statement for the pink ponce ?
    The McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell said yesterday: “It was a fantastic evening and showed the depth of support that Kate and Gerry have.

  41. 37 ,its coming and I think we all know that

  42. But what if all this is more mccann spin - their "GET OUT QUICK CLAUSE!"

    We heard last week that Dave Edgar had visted Praia da Luz for what reason? According to him Maddy is to be found there. Some speculated they intend to frame Hewlett. Maybe this is their plan now that they see all the evidence is infact steeped mightly against them. What can they do now? It looks like they will publicly lose their injunction against Senior Amaral followed by their whole case!!

    1: Run the fund down to empty: 2: Plant Hewlett's DNA where the body was buried and pay Krugel vast ammounts to find the body!!

    Conclusion: They are Home and Free - the nightmare is finally over!

  43. Has Krugel in fact re-emerged, or is this a three-year-old story inexplicably revived?

    And is the story still in The Star? I can´t find it any more. Following this case is like trying to bottle Scottish Mist.

  44. This is so silly!

    If they find her and then try to blame Hewitt, then they will be the laughing stock of all scientific and logical/intelligent poeple!

    They will, of course, nevr find madeleine - as her body has been dissolved by Geralds pals whilst he was in Rome (in the Acid beds of Huelva).

    The McCanns and the evil Gerald McCann know how to get rid of bodies (and dont forget Kate spent most of her time as a part time locum juggling cadavers!).

    Arent there any patients of kates who'd like to tell us how good she was as a GP? That silence is deafening!

  45. What a stupid concept.

    Come on McCanns, just come clean and tell us how you disposed of Madeleine.

  46. So it looks like Branson Dee and co are on the same 'side' as Gary Glitter - bloody child neglect supporter and worse. Still waiting for a full list of the attendees - it needs to be publicised.

  47. Once the truth about the McCann's is out, we will need a list of the attendee's - they are finished in public life as supporters of child abuse criminals.

  48. "The results in Praia da Luz crucially match many other strands of the investigation which all point to Madeleine being abducted and still being alive on that night when she was taken.

    "Kate and Gerry just want police to concentrate on this evidence and find Madeleine. It's so frustrating for them.

    What other starnds and how do they point toward abduction! Just shows how stupid Clarence and the McCanns are, to beleive this crap! I though they were supposed to be intelligent science based medics.

    Good though, even the public arent generally crazy enough to believe in magic machines!

    I think Rowling is writing the script - so things are going to get even more ridiculous!

  49. to number 9, the blanket went missing and if you saw Oprah Kate dropped it out by mistake!

  50. Is there a list of 'journalists' who have written articles which support the McCanns?

    A full list is required as the authorities will, one day, investigate the McCanns and their supporters.

  51. @ 15.
    We were told there was no forensic evidence of Madeleine anywhere in the apartment, NO toothbrush, NO comb or hairbrush, NOTHING! They had to go to Rothley and get Madeleine's pillow( was it her pillow?...)!

    This really is unbelievable, I think it goes to show that a major clean-up operation was involved and if so it would have had to have been earlier in the day at the very least.
    Does anything make sense in thier abduction theory...NOOOOOOOOOO


    If the McCanns employ you and you fail to locate Maddie, THEY WILL SUE YOU.

    As I assume you are already broke because you invested so much in your wonder machine, and so far you didn't make any money out of it, I thought of giving you some friendly advice. You are warned :D

  53. Hello anon #49
    You can start with this nasty piece of work:

  54. Yes we are all waiting for Hewitt to be framed.

    I hope that the McCanns lose their injunction - the first loss for them - it would be wonderful!

  55. Does anybody really know what Madeleine's blanket was like?

    Just because the McCanns say a certain blanket was her blanket does it make it so?

    Have we learnt nothing?

  56. Anon 30

    I agree with you.

    All the more reason to make sure that information gets out.

    There could be other people out there who have something more to add. It may even result in getting the case reopened.

  57. But the Mccanns will like him, because of this sentence

    "But Krugel said: “I believe the truth will come out and I pray for the family that they get their answers. There is somebody out there that is guilty.”"

    He's making out that Madeleine is dead but its the abductor that did it.

    So thats ok then, that means they get away with it.Blame the abductor and they keep the money. Then they go on to start their child protection business. Couldnt work out better for them.

  58. Very strange - I read that article in the Daily Star last night around 10pmEST and posted a comment about it in the previous comments. It seems to have been pulled from the internet.

    It is the first time I can remember seeing an article in the British press refering to Madeleine being buried.

    Perhaps that is why the article has been abducted.

  59. I think in the beginning the McTwats thought they could do something along the lines of childrens charities, didnt Mrs McDrip say at one point that she saw it as her future, but i think they finally got the hint from the UK public - THEY ARE CRAP PARENTS. What they should be doing is taking classes in basic parenting skills.

  60. I say the message to be spread must be about Payne and the Gaspers statement.

    If it is not going to be in the media then a leaflet for mass distribution in the UK may be the only way.

  61. The Past, The Present, The Future

    In the begining I can remember how horrified I felt when the McCann family and friends were giving details of how an abductor/s had smashed/jemmied windows to enter an apartment only yards from where they were dining (in your own back yard) , the images conjured in my mind were terrible.

    Then came the facts...

    No smashed/jemmied windows
    Children left crying at least on one occassion.
    The dining venue was not in the back yard
    No sign of a break-in of the apartment.
    No evidence of an abductor.
    Cadaver Dogs findings.

    After years of fund raising by a Family Company(McCanns) to employ high cost lawyers and private detectives who in my opinion have made a complete mockery out of a serious crime, it carrys on and on with more stupid reports from people who know where Madeleine is being held(secret lair) or as this latest one buried.

    For the future my hope is that the case is re-opened, if the parents are too busy suing everyone and fund raising then we the public should sign the petition to re-open the case.

  62. I dpnt think that Gerald and David are both actual Paedophiles...just crude and unpleasant...but it is odd that they are being protected by Branson - I'd have thought he wouldnt want to risk being associated with such comments. Funny how the report vanished without explanation, maybe David complained (odd he didnt complain loudly!).

  63. 52 Yes she's a VERY nasty bit of work and needs to be at the top of any list! Maybe a list on this site would be a good idea?

  64. @37,i dont think any one will believe hewlett killed madeleine even if he confessed,theres to much info from the files that has not been released yet and according to tanner hewlett looks nothing like her so called abductor,so i really dont think the mccanns can go down this road,and if he does confess the case would have to be reopened as there would be a lot of loose ends to tie up

  65. according do the Express, the gala dinner brought up 90.000 pounds, divided by 3 = 30.000 bruto for each of the 3 funds.
    Terribly expensive restaurant, days and days of preparation by cooks and assistents,millions of waiters, expensive drinks and food.
    I fear the mccanns have much less money now than they had before the 27th.
    Who are they going to sue for this flop?

  66. The news o Express, about the airline tickets and the signed books is very funny.
    I wonder if Brian Kennedy gave some brushs and buckets to the fund.

  67. The donations that the McCanns got at that dinner are more than ironical.
    People know what happened.

  68. There is an article in Monday's Sun entitled "Birthday Gift 'from Maddie' for twins". And closes by saying "Kate and Gerry are determined to give the twins as normal an upbringing as possible."

    And pretending that Madeleine sent birthday gifts is considered normal??? Is this considered responsible parenting???

    The McCanns are seriously messing with their remaining children's heads.

  69. What will happen when the twins are old enough to read the Internet??

  70. Since no one seems to have stated the obvious yet - the use of the word "quantum" outside the context of theoretical physics is as sure a sign of gobbledygook that the world has yet known.

    So why is this charlatan popping up again?

  71. I don't think that it is Krugel that is, as you put, 'popping up again' - the timing for this rehashed news article to appear has to do, in my opinion obviously, with the fact that Madeleine's parents are trying to change history - a history that was spoken about in Lisbon's court recently, when it was said that a certain moment in the investigation the parents believed that Maddie was dead, a belief that helped changing the investigation from the abduction thesis to the homicide and subsequent concealment of the cadaver. A thesis that was sustained by various elements pertaining to the investigation [the dogs, the fluids and dna, etc] and reinforced at a certain moment by Madeleine's parents when they asked Krugel 'the cadaver locator' to go to Praia da Luz, to search a certain area, an area that Kate McCann even dreamt about. Remember that Daily Star belongs to the Express media group - what they publish has to be read in the context of what they were forced to pay in out of court settlements to the McCanns.

  72. Let us put it this way, if Kate and Gerry were so concerned about claims being made that Maddie is dead, why did Gerry say to the then Chairman of the Press Complaints Commission when he offered to quietly intervene in the summer of 2007, no, don't you dare, I want to sue them? And why did he then wait until just before the accounts the following year to get around to suing them, right on the legal deadline for making a complaint about defamation, within 12 months of publication. Likewise with Goncalo's book, why would he wait 12 months to complain about it if it bothered them so much?

    IMO Gerry could not care less about these death claims, he cares about the money he can make from them and how they can deflect the public from the reality. What he really cares about but dare not mention is those GASPAR statements. He is being played with IMO by a very clever man!

  73. I hope the McCanns do not try to sue me for ruining their dinner to try and get some more solicitors costs for their Fighting Fund. I have only ever written nice things about them trying to help them find Maddie from wherever they lost her. I think it is a shame, Gerry was probably just a little pissed and thought he would be a nice dad and take her down the beach.

  74. Anon 73
    Very interesting. They clearly did think or know that she was dead, or they would not have cooperated with the hair sample and so on.
    But very probably the area the loony was concentrating on was one where they knew she was not, and so they felt safe in plaing along with the game.

  75. or maybe they would rather be suspected of her death, knowing a body cannot be found, so get this guy in to start the rumours? Get Philomena to drop it out to everyone well it was Kate! Then Gerry can make loads of cash just like he planned. After all, they were never going to kid the police they had nothing to do with it and maybe being known as a gang of paedophiles who then trafficked her off is just that bit worse still?

    Now we have the Portuguese Prosecutor saying they could have been charged with kidnapping/trafficking her (I have been saying that for ages). They clearly have evidence to back that otherwise you would not get such a senior lawyer say such a thing before the judge. This is not some blogger!! We know about the Smith sighting and the GASPAR statements. That is abusing and selling your child, it is a lot worse than an accidental death. If you had done that would you want the public to know? or would you rather profit from what you had not done? It is a bad question because people have to put themselves in the mind of Gerry McCann and that is not an easy thing to do. But that is the only way to understand an offender, try and think as they would.

  76. Anon 67 -

    The amount they got was to be halved and one half split in two for the respective Charities I believe. So they actually got £45,000.

  77. Before she became a suspect Kate said "The police don't want a murder in Portugal and all the publicity about them not having paedophile laws here, so they're blaming us"

    Excuse me, Mr Mitchell, I don’t believe that “there is a wholly innocent explanation” for using word “murder” if The McCanns insisted Madeleine was abducted.

    Understandable she refused to answer PJ questions - she could tell the truth accidentally...

  78. Anon 72, Thanks for pointing that out. I have to admit I don't know much about that area. Your post shows that we are not internet nutters and why, although the pair and the press insist otherwise, the general public don't think so either.

  79. Anon 79 said "Understandable she refused to answer PJ questions - she could tell the truth accidentally..."

    Kate and Gerry have been doing that a lot since 3 May 2007 - called a Freudian slip (or should that be Fraudulent slip in the McCanns case)

    (For the Portugese bloggers - Freudian slip means you accidentally reaveal the truth. Your subconcious mind makes you perform an action you didn't want to reveal to someone ...)

  80. I am becoming suspicous that Madeleine did not die by accident in that apartment as Sr Amaral's book suggests, and that it was much more than an accident.

    An accident could have been explained as that, after all, they were all leaving their kids and would vouch for the checking and they thought it was safe, etc., but the washing away of the blood, the cleaning up that must have taken place, speaks of something much more sinister.

  81. Anon 80 - another word for Internet nutters (like us, hehe, haha!) is the "Demos" as in "the people" as in "democracy".

    I almost wish I was unemployed currently so that I had a chance to take advantage of the priceless opportunity for a sociology PhD offered by this bizarre case and the media and public reaction to it. Alas I have a day job...

    Calling people "Internet nutters" is tarring everyone with the same brush, basically saying that only some are allowed to express their opinion. Those sanctioned by the establishment by a job in journalism or being a spokesperson for the McCanns, for instance. All others can go whistle... so they think.

    Oh sure, there are loads of conspiracy theories being touted on here, the Masons are out to get us all etc etc. Space aliens are no doubt involved as well. And quantum something-or-other.


    While we are all expected to believe every word of the McCanns story... because they are rich and famous! Rich because they are famous, and famous because they famously misplaced one of their kids, oops! We must listen to them, believe them and not question them, but if anyone else expresses an opinion they will be threatened and intimidated by the McCanns' Bully Machine.

    I'll take democracy, with all its flaws and foibles, over that dystopia any day!!!!!

    And did I mention that I am not in favour of burning books?

    End of rant...

    Anon 72 aka Trismegistus (Sorry didn't sign the quantum post at 72)

  82. Then they accepted Maddie could be dead, now years later they are adamant she is still alive. What's changed for them then? Legal issue of the fund perhaps? That didnt deter them from begging for more judging by recent event. Oh what a tangled web they've spinned!


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