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McCanns' Star-Filled Party To Boost Fund

12th May 2007, Madeleine's anniversary mass, 9 days after the alleged kidnapping

By James Murray and Tracey Kandohla

Defiant Kate and Gerry McCann will mark the 1,000th day since their daughter disappeared with a celebrity packed £150-a-head fundraising dinner and auction at a top London venue.

Tycoon Sir Richard Branson and their businessman backer Brian Kennedy will join stars at Kensington Roof Gardens in west London on January 27.

Radio Five’s Nicky Campbell and children’s author JK Rowling have also been invited.

The event for 180 supporters comes in the middle of the couple’s tense court battle against their tormentor, former police chief Goncalo Amaral, in Lisbon and gives them a night of light relief after weeks of stress.

Kate, 41, said yesterday: “We will raise money for Madeleine’s Fund and the ongoing search for her.

“If our circumstances remain unchanged, this day will sadly mark 1,000 days since Madeleine was taken from us.”

Money will be raised through ticket sales and a charity auction. Half the profits, expected to exceed £100,000, will go to Madeleine’s Fund, which currently stands at about £400,000, with the other half split between two other charities.

Kate explained: “Madeleine’s Fund is not depleted but we are aware, given the uncertainty of our situation, that we need to plan ahead to continue the search to find her.”

Kate said: “Fifty per cent of the profits from the event will be split between two charities, Missing ­People and Missing Children Europe.

“These two charities are among many others who work incredibly hard despite limited funding to help missing and exploited children.”

A close friend of the McCanns, who live in Rothley, Leicestershire, said: “Kate and Gerry are hoping to raise as much money as possible to help them and two other charities.

“The guests are people who have pledged their support to help find Madeleine, including celebrities and wealthy business people.”

The friend added: “The event doesn’t indicate that the fund is in ­crisis but money does need to come in.” Madeleine vanished from her parents’ holiday flat in Praia da Luz, ­Portugal, in May 2007, just days before her fourth birthday.

The Portugese police have shelved the case, leaving the McCanns effectively on their own and needing a flow of cash to finance the hunt for leads into their daughter’s disappearance, though there is a certain amount of support from Leicestershire Police.

source: Sunday Express, 17.01.2010


  1. Do not forget to ask the royal family

  2. The adjective of the day for this : OBSCENE
    On the other hand,it will be a good way to find out who will turn up or wont.

    "Mirror,Mirror on the Wall
    Who is the Most Falling Star of All"

  3. The so-called "stars" won't be able to say no when there are two decent, credible charities receiving money from this event... very smart move, Mr McCann & Ms Healy! Because if it was only money for your non-charitable fund... I'm not sure the so-called "stars" would be attending in great numbers... By the way, have you invited the Royal Family...? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

  4. Missing ­People and Missing Children Europe registered in your name Kate ?

  5. Any parent who cared for their child and wished to honour their memory would spend the thousandth day in silent contemplation. But then any normal parent would have cared for their child and not found themselves in the situation of the McCanns.
    I only hope the celebrities realise they are honouring child neglect and putting money into the Carter Ruck/mortgage/McCann expenses/salaries fund. With so many worthy charities crying out for money at this sad time, I hope people will stop and think before buying a ticket.

  6. Brad & Angie just send 1 million bucks to Haiti.Is this why they are not on your guests list?

  7. Questions:

    How long has Maddie Been on Kensington Roof Gardens?

    Will Stu be on the menu?

    How can you INVITE people to a party and then charge them £150 each?

    How are they expecting to fill the venue with stars when they failed to get one to do their 2008 Christmas promo?

    Will Gerry McCann & David Payne remember their table manners?

    How often will they check the twins?

  8. "Half the profits, expected to exceed £100,000, will go to Madeleine’s Fund, which currently stands at about £400,000, with the other half split between two other charities." Dear me, that won't go far! Has Drª Isabel Duarte been sending in her bill already?



  10. Have the "stars" read the PJ files?

    Has anyone told Branson?

    (email obtained from http://www.connectotel.com/marcus/ceoemail.html )

  11. I agree with all the comments so far. The McCanns are using this event for their own gain. If they were interested in those charities, the would have sent the money they received when Madeleine first disappeared.

    There was no need for them to have a fund to find Madeleine, because they were using the Portuguese police to investigate the case. Of course the McCanns may have had the wit to start the fund, because they knew there wasn't a "cat in hell's" chance of Madeleine being found.

    So while the Portuguese tax payers funded the search for Madeleine, they sat back and watched the amount in the fund grow and grow and grow. If the McCanns hadn't been made arguido's they would have still been sitting back in the sunny climate, they always said they wouldn't leave Portugal without Madeleine. It didn't take them long to change their mind. In fact they had up and gone, withing 24hrs of Kate McCann being made an arguido.

    Yes whoever has thought this latest money making scheme has made a very clever move and the McCanns will be heaving a sigh of relief that their standard of living won't drop. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if they drop the case against Mr Amaral, especially if they think, there is a 99.9% chance they will lose.

    Shame on the likes of Richard Branson who are supporting this pair of odious, child neglecting, fraudsters, with their latest scam.

  12. They are now pretending to be charitable by saying that they will donate the money to other charities.

    Too late --- they have already spent the money donated to search for Madeleine to pay for their own mortgage, 4x4 and, I am sure, other personally worthy investments...

    Besides let's not forget, the Madeleine fund is NOT a charity like the others. It is a private company managed by the McCanns so the money goes directly to their own pockets.

    Is the fund set up for the defense of Goncalo Amaral upsetting the McCanns?

    What difference does it make anyway? As the case continues its progress through court(s), more and more witnesses, and more and more damning facts against the McCanns, will come to light.

    Let the truth be known!

  13. Hello McCanns, you really need money for your fight against all who dare to contradict your fabrications, don't you. How arrogant and perkily can you be? But in Germany there exist a proverb: Pride will have a fall...
    I am looking forward to seeing you fall.
    Lydia from Germany

  14. This is a joke of course when they say because the Portuguese police have shelved the case and are no longer searching for Madeleine they have to do it themselves.

    The answer to that is ASK THEM TO REOPEN IT THEN, AND THEY WILL.

    Yet if only people knew that is the last thing the McCanns want.

    So they are blaming Portugal rather than themselves. It is Portugal who is the bad guy. Their police can't even be bothered to search for their daughter, and of course she is not dead, so keep sending the money.

    When is this farce going to end?

    I hope the information about the McCanns refusing to request the reopening of the case is brought out in the Court case, so the UK media can be made aware and will hopefully let the nation know.

  15. what a vile pair they are.


  17. Gerry McCann, June 3, 2007:
    “We want a big event to raise awareness that she is still missing (...) It wouldn’t be a one-year anniversary, it will be sooner than that.”

    the McCann's can never enjoy their so-called freedom - they are in a prison of their own making

  18. Would it not be possible to send a copy of the "30 Reasons" booklet to all the invitees?

  19. Well as soon as we know the guest list, even if after the event, they need to be shown that the Mccanns dont have a charity, and read the police files. Easy for us all to email them.
    Just jot a list of attendees on here along with contact details.

  20. I wonder if Gamble will be there. Gerry will be delivering his speech the day before at the CEOP conference.

  21. What's betting that if the body of Madeleine was to be found hidden on their own property they would be claiming somebody else put it there. And some of their silly fans would believe it.

    Just like they have been saying the investigators planted evidence against them in Portugal.

    By the way, when are the McCanns' house and garden going to be searched, like the Murat's were? Do the McCanns get a pass on that as well?

  22. "McCanns' pain doesn't justify censorship effort"


  23. This couple is shameless. Their egoism knows no boundaries. Think that they may be raising funds to pay Amaral, just in case hell breaks loose and all these latest moves backfire in astronomical proportions.
    We never know what the future brings!

    Anyway, it will be very interesting to see the guests list. Politicians? Lawyers? Policemen? CEOP?

  24. 27 January is Holocaust Memorial Day. A lack of sensitivity to the needs of others, I feel.

  25. Now they are blackmailing celebrities to attend an event (by including two real charities) and calling it funds for the search for Madeleine. What have they achieved with the fund so far? NOTHING. They have wasted vast sums of money to produce incredible sightings. If the sightings had been credible, the case would have been re-opened by the PJ, and followed up by the UK police.

    How foolish are these celebs? better to say they are busy, make a donation to the charities themselves and avoid the McCann event if they have any sense.

    The McCanns' behaviour is dispicable. Let's hope that ID's bill is a big one.

  26. Can anyone confirm if Jim Gamble is in this photo?


  27. So they've decided to spend the 1000th day anniversary....er....wining and dining with their mates, just like they did 1000 days ago. Hope they remember to hire a babysitter this time.


  28. I should say, deliberately or not, the Portuguese are being very wily - sitting on the fence, saying nothing, continuing delaying a court action the main purpose of which was to re-fill the McCann coffers and so providing this reckless pair with every opportunity to trip themselves up without the trouble of anyone else having to do it. Even if they had any hopes of extracting their 1.2 million from Sr Amsral, it's pretty clear by now that it will take a long time, and the chances of success are rapidy diminishing. Now they're really scraping the bottom of the barrel and making such an exhibition of themselves that even the most ardent 'celebrity' might think twice about his reputation before touching them. They're going to have to talk fast when no-one turns up for their 'dinner', which after all would hardly be an entertaining night out.


  29. Note to invitees:

    There is no need to tarnish your name by supporting this charade any longer. Simply send a donation to the other two charities instead.

  30. I wonder whether Gamble will be at their party?

    Free pass, of course.

  31. If I were a cynic I might think that the forthcoming event was a means to pay their legal costs on the pretext of helping a couple of charities (or three!).

    An auction - of what:

    High quality wristbands
    T-shirts in all sizes
    A holiday pack complete with Madeleine poster
    The McCanns offering to babysit for an evening

    The love of money is the root of all evil.

    I wonder when this charade will finally end. Little did we realise that they would still be grubbing for money 1,000 days after Madeleine disappeared.

    How will more money in the Fund help to find Madeleine - the £3M or however much they had - hasn't found her.

    Perhaps they should do something that doesn't involve begging the public for money,especially when they are not responsible for Madeleine anyway since they handed that responsibility over to the Courts since they made Madeleine a Ward of court, it's quite simple really - ask the PJ to re-open the case!

  32. The McCanns will ask people to give money to the fund, next 27th.

    Why don't they ask the dogs?

  33. The "stars" that were taken in at the start of this sad case will have halfed by now, lets see how many go, they maybe could have pulled this off befor the Amaral Hearing, but not now.

  34. Im surprised its taken them this long, nah the z leist celebs will nolonger be taken in as they were at the begging.

  35. Another absurd event to look back on when the day of reckoning comes.
    Can you not just see all these rich clowns one day saying "I can't believe it, I was so sure they were telling the truth"

  36. further to above ....




  37. My first reaction was disbelief. This is the scenario we joke about and get cynical about - AND THEY ARE ACTUALLY DOING IT - I JUST CANNOT BELEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIVE IT !!!

    This pair are just asking to be objects of ridicule - they have become cartoon characters.

    Any celebrities having moral fibre won`t want anything to do with this. As another poster said - at least we will be able to identify the vapid personalities that fall for it.

    Any celebrities that decline - 3 cheers for you.

  38. Maybe the McCanns had already planned this event as a celebration because they were probably so sure that they were going to win the case about the injunction. This will obviously not make a good impression on the judge since they are so ready to have parties and events marking future dates of Madeleine's disappearance as if they already knew that she would never be coming back.

  39. The Independent...is worth reading this morning. I hav taken a snippet...The Independent believe the dogs and their findings in the Partment...which also means they are aware the FUND is fraudulent.


    The McCanns insist they act this way only because they don’t want a sense of defeatism about Madeleine’s fate to dilute the continuing effort to find their daughter. That’s understandable, though Kate McCann’s claim last week that the proceedings have “shown again there is no evidence that Madeleine came to any harm” are bewildering, to say the least. Sniffer dogs who had been trained to detect the presence of cadavers and blood both reacted strongly in the couple’s holiday apartment. Something bad happened there, even if there is not a scrap of credible physical evidence that it had anything to do with them. It seems like another example of a couple who have never exactly come across as warm or likeable in the public imagination doing themselves no favours, especially when so many questions remain to be answered about that awful night and the following weeks.

  40. http://mccannexposure.wordpress.com/

    Avery good article.

  41. A thousand days with a paedophile celebration dinner!

    Why is anyone surprised!

    One of the very first things Kate did on finding her daughter missing was to contact Rothley to ensure the safety of her grocery delivery.

    What mother would prioritise the theft of her shopping above the theft of her child? ........ AMAZING!

  42. The timing of this celebrity dinner - for one missing child - given the recent tragic events in Haiti where thousands of children are dead, injured and missing must be the most crass & insensitive stunt yet. Perhaps it's G McCann's ill thought out, knee jerk reaction to the last weeks court hearing - after all if you are sanctified by a few celebrities with deep pockets you must surely be above reproach.

    I wonder if the same celebs would attend a charity bash for missing children organised by Robert Murat.... if cadaver scent had been indicated in his car

  43. Awwww, please help McCann Fund ltd. they have only 400 000 £ left, and soooo many lawyers/PR companies/spokemen-women and mortages to pay. And all these tickets and fancy hotels. Awwww....


  44. :)] Esqueçam o 25 de Abril, a causa da Justiça e da Liberdade de Expressão! Apertem os cintos de segurança! A Ideologia Britânica vai bater!

    Eis aqui um exemplo do tipo de evento que devíamos organizar para o Dr. Amaral - afinal é ele que vai precisar "das kapital" para se defender da pirataria dos "hegemónicos" (rima com "demónicos").

    ~x( Uma derrota para o Dr. Amaral seria uma derrota para a liberdade de expressão de todos.

    É preciso agir! Faça a sua doação para o Fundo de Defesa do Dr. Amaral. Rápido e seguro através do "PayPal".

    Beto em Londres

    :)] Forget about Justice and freedom of expression. Tighten your security belt. Here comes the full impact of Ideology.

    This is the sort of event we should be organizing for Dr. Amaral. He is the one that needs "das kapital" to fight off the hegemons (rhymes with demons).

    ~x( Let us not allow freedom of expression to be defeated.
    Consider donating to Dr. Amaral's defence fund. Easy and secure (PayPal).

    Al in London

  45. Now it's up to the good people in the UK to get up and go to the site demonstrate. There weren't many protesters outside the court in Portugal, but those that were there, were noticeable. This new shameless event is taking place in the evening, so, perfect for 'crashing' that immoral party, at the expense of a innocent little girl...

  46. Letter from Iberia

    As a regular customer of Virgin Atlantic I am disgusted that Richard Branson should associate with the McCann’s who at least are guilty of abandoning their children and being negligent in their duty of care as parents.

    More probably they are implicated in the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine and the probability of disposing of her dead body.

    I will never fly by Virgin Atlantic again or make use of any of Richard Branson’s companies and I shall urge all of my friends and associates to follow my example.

    The way to beat the McCann’s is to remove their funding by putting pressure on their major contributors’ by suggesting that as a donator to the fund they are supporting those that have cruelly let down their daughter and profited financially from her death and by supporting such individuals’ the are all promoting child cruelty

  47. Chris 15

    Very well spotted!
    Very devious people

  48. Anyone know how this date - 27th January - relates to the expected date of the end of the libel trial?

    They must be pretty confident, or desperate to appear so, to have the neck to organise this event at this time.

    If this were a drama, rather than real life, Amaral would appear to haunt them all just as midnight strikes - roll on the film version!

  49. Poor McCanns (lol) they need to relieve the stress they had in court in Lisbon , and get strength for what is coming along next session in court...and of course they need money to pay Isabel Duarte, she isn't doing it for "bob".And what better to honour her little missing child than a big party plenty of stars and money entering to her caring mom and dad?

  50. Hoi, you two brainless and child neglecting fuckheads!!! It is clear to us all that money is the number 1 factor. You are a couple of dillusional twats. As for your backers, go check out the world of corrupt freemasonry and you'll find a barrow load of those names on your invited list.

    Sorry Joana but these cunts make me sick.

  51. Anon 46. An excellent idea I shall do likewise - and pay off and tear up my Virgin credit card.

  52. Oh the Freemasons dinner and dance

    Well, let them get on with making silly gestures and covering up each others crimes, that`s why they are there is`nt it? Is this why Gerrykins scarpered out of the courtroom, ran crying to good old uncle Brian Kennedy at the headquarters in Knutsford, the transparent one with the windows and plenty of cash, did he? IMO, Gerry flew home as fast as he could to gather up all the freemasons cos the case was`nt going his way, was it Gerry.

    Just how did Gerrykins and Fiona Payne get flight tickets so quickly?

  53. These parents in my opinion are sick!!! I stopped using virgin a very long time ago and that Lorraine Kelly in the Sun has a lot to answer for accusing snr Amaral of being a bungling cop I think he did an excellent job and look what hes got in return and has for Kate Healy or whatever her name is looking frail and weak her and her so called husband caused this not anyone else if they had put the kids first none of this would have happened.The Mc Scams are selfish lying egotisical people(or is people that too good a word for them). I have my own cafe and hundreds of people pass through each week and most ive spoken too agree that they are responsible for Madeleine going missing. They believe they are involved and most of the people I speak to dont know half of the stuff on the internet or evidence against the Mc Scams. Most my customers insist they shouldve been charged with child neglect. So Mc Scams there are alot of people who dont believe you not just a good cop doing HIS job pity you didnt do your parenting job properly!!!!!

  54. I can see this is actually happening but I just cannot believe it!

    Why would media 'personalities' support suspects like this?

  55. J'espère que le menu à 150 livres sera abondamment mentionné dans les médias britanniques et que le public de la classe laborieuse appréciera à sa juste mesure le fait que les Mccann célèbrent les 1000 jours de la disparition de leur fille en s'empiffrant avec leur richissimes copains de la haute société. Quelle indécence et quel manque d'intelligence tactique! A moins qu'ils fassent pénitence devant un morceau de pain sec et un verre de vin, à la table où tout le monde festoie. Quel bon plan pour les caméras, qui seraient là bien sûr juste par hasard. Les deux saints abstinents lors de la Cène.Il manquerait bien sûr Maddie Madeleine. Mais qu'ils se méfient, Judas serait là aussi, prêt à les vendre pour soulager sa conscience .


  56. Poster 46, I will be sure to do the same!! I often use Virgin for my flights, I will in future, look elsewhere.

  57. I agree with anon at 54 I cant believe this!!

  58. No 46

    Excellent. It`s time that all us truthseekers got together, come up with great ideas like this, stuck by them and promoted them.

    We need to form a very large group

  59. How come the duo get 50% and the other charities get 25% each? Well it's their money and I hope they show who bought the tickets. Perhaps they invited their pal Tony Parsons. This shows what Amaral and his supporters have been up against. Where can we donate to Mr Amaral's fund? We have to see him go all the way with this case.

  60. We can all play at this game.

    We should organise a fund raising event for Goncalo Amaral in the UK

    Really, I will organise this if anyone is interested

    Comments and suggestions please

  61. Hello Poster poster (45) if a protest was organised you can count me in, I will definately attend any event.

    Hello to posters (46) and (56), although I have only travelled with Virgin once, around 12yrs ago, I vowed I would never use Virgin again, when I heard Richard Branson say he would pay for the best lawyers to help the McCanns, should they be prosecuted. I would also, never use any products, that Richard Branson was involved with.

    Richard Branson's daughter is a doctor I wonder how many parents she has reported to Social Services, when their children have been harmed because of their parents neglect.

  62. Anyone who lives in London and has any kind of camera will be able to photograph the celebs at they turn up.

    Then we can see who has few scruples in giving £150 for a dinner they don't need, to a dubious couple, while people in Haiti are crying out for water, food and medical help.

    All celebrities can send a donation to the two Missing Children charities and can also send a letter to the papers to announce that they have declined the invitation.Honour will then be saved.

  63. Careful not to upset the UK police by mentioning 'some help'!

  64. "The Portugese police have shelved the case, leaving the McCanns effectively on their own and needing a flow of cash to finance the hunt for leads into their daughter’s disappearance, though there is a certain amount of support from Leicestershire Police"

    So many lies. I don't know where have been all this British incompetent journalists, this week, and if they make any effort to really understand what came out in the Lisbon Court. Looks like they were going to cover the trial with a PRE- AGENDA and just show up to avoid criticism of writing the news without being physical in place.
    One of the inspectors informed the court that they still investigating the case and even the previous week they received some calls reporting Maddie sights and it was all checked.
    But, less people believe on the Mccann's and the donations coming to bank transfers or credit cards were not coming anymore. Now, they have to follow new strategies, or they get back to Maddie boxes and go to the streets to raise money, or they organise this socialite dinners to foolish the stars which live on the same way, as the Mccann's- DOING EVERYTHING TO BE AT THE FRONT PAGES OF THE NEWSPAPERS. Wonder if JK Rollings will show up, because she is divorced from a Portuguese man, lived in Portugal for long time, already gave some interviews about how she love Portugal and her majority public are children. Wonder how a child writer will cooperate with suspects. They failed again to gave any abduction proof, then they remind with their condition at the same point as it be when the case was shelved, suspects. Not cleared.

  65. Here's my prediction: whilst I expect Gerry to speak at the CEOP conference the day before- on January 26- I don't think he'll attend the celebrity-packed fundraiser with Kate. I think the camp is split just now!

  66. Today I sent a complaint against Mr. Parson's article to the British Embassy, to the PGR, to the head of PJ and to the Portuguese minister of the foreign affairs.
    Now, I will sent more complaints to the Press commission and to the Daily Mirror.

    I hope a lot of people will do the same to make a huge chain against manipulation of the Media, misinformation and free speech. Free Speech don't mean LIES or INSULTS, mean INFORMATION, THE TRUTH.

  67. I have yet to see gerry McCann actually search for his missing daughter!
    if he goes with the claims that she is dead, the money will stop coming in!
    This is a last ditch attempt to get in as much cash as they can, because let's face it, this circus will not go on forever...the truth will out!!!!

  68. Decline and Fall of the Holy McCann Empire 1,000 days having evaded justice.

    This calls for a celebration.

    All those who support nonces can buy a ticket at £150.

    Would these supporters still support the McCanns if it had been their kid they had killed and dumped somewhere in Portugal?

  69. Ironside at 39

    Thanks for that info.

    Let's hope the idiot celebrities who have been funding these McSpinners read the Independent then, being as that newspaper sounds like it is not entirely buying the fairy story.

  70. Can't post link to an entry on here for 2 December 2009 re Kevin Halligen -who, by huge coincidence is due back in court on 27th January

  71. IF Mr. Branson is supporting the Mccann's... SINCE THE CASE IT IS NOT SOLVED AND ACCORDING TO THE INVESTIGATION, MADDIE IS DEAD, I WILL STOP BUYING THINGS FROM VIRGIN. I don't want my money to go to people which don't defend child's rights, support negligent parents and believe on so many lies against Portugal. SUPORTING THE MCCANN'S IT IS SUPORTING XENOPHOBIA AND NEGLIGENCE.. I HOPE THEY ALL GOT A DHIARRIA AFTER THE DINNER.

  72. What search? Edgar said Madeleine was definitely within 10 Kms of Praia de Luz. Are they out there searching? Are they f***!

    Does Nicky Campbell have Scottish connections with the Clan McCann?

  73. The McCanns' very own idea of holding a star-studded event to mark 1000 days of Madeleine's disappearance, far excels any hair-brained internet nutter's conspiracy theory about her disappearance for its sheer unadulterated cynicism.

    Put forward by the parents of a missing child which had genuinely been the victim of a credible abduction, it might have been a story which touched the hearts of millions and inspired genuine sympathy for her parents' desperate but misguided efforts to keep their story in the news and carry on an increasingly pointless search; put forward by the McCanns it inspires only incredulity, revulsion, anger and a whole raft of expletives which it is pointless to repeat here.

    Once again we are witnessing the calculated exploitation of the kind of influence that only money can buy to ride on the backs of genuine cases of missing children and genuine charities, to create an illusion.

    Money which was originally donated by a compassionate public, anxious to do their bit and help in the search for an abducted child.

    Money which has been cynically diverted from that purpose to fund a team of PR specialists and expensive lawyers put together by the parents, for the sole purpose of influencing public opinion and suppressing all discussion of the case which does not conform to their own increasingly suspect version of events.

    Of the millions of internet users in the UK, there are undoubtedly some who could be described as nutters; the majority are however intelligent thinking people who are increasingly tired of unwarranted and vicious attacks from wannabe second-string media celebs calling their sanity into question.

    Their economic strength is growing daily and probably far outstrips any benefit which McCann-friendly publicity could conceivably engender.

    Perhaps JK Rowling would be better advised to stick to writing fairytales, Beckham to playing football and Richard Branson to using his shareholders'cash for sponsoring Formula 1, flying tourists into space, or better still, sorting out his abysmal attempts at running a rail service.

  74. Quote
    A close friend of the McCanns, who live in Rothley, Leicestershire, said: “Kate and Gerry are hoping to raise as much money as possible to help them and two other charities....

    the maddie fund is not a registered charity but a comapny and both and both kate and gerry are the directors.. Celebs dont be fooled into giving money or your time, these people are a disgrace! would the same furore and bias be shown if they werent successful doctors but unemployed folk living off of the social?

    Billy Bothwell

  75. @Anonymous 46
    Will you suggest to Mr Branson you stop being a Virgin Atlantic customer because you don't want your money to finish in a fund alimenting MCC's trials against freedom of Speech ?

  76. Sorry if this is a double post but the other one vanished.
    We are as guilty of treason for crucifying Branson for attending this function.
    We are believing the words of a liar.
    Kate said he was invited but nowhere does it say he will attend.
    I would even be surprised if there is going to be such a function.
    Perhaps a Londoner could call the venue and try and make a booking for the 27th.
    I think this is a plan hatched by Fiona and Kate in an attempt to make it appear that they still have the approval of 'respected' people.
    I am not convinced.

  77. Letter from Iberia

    Further to post 46

    I have just written to Virgin Atlantic cancelling my account with a copy to Sir Richard Branson citing the reason for my cancellation as my concern with respect to his attendance at The McCann “party” and that by doing so it is my opinion that Sir Richards is publicly stating his support by his attendance for those who neglect their children.

    My I suggest that as many of you as possible write similar letters

    Virgin Atlantic
    Customer Relations
    PO Box 747
    LU6 9AH
    - Fax: 08701 900959

  78. @ Anonymous 70
    To post a link or paste anything you have to pass through the edit option.

  79. No 48

    agreed 100% - please start a twitter campaign

    Everyone else - just follow him

    See you all on the 27th

  80. Dear God. Pinch me, I must be dreaming. Not for the first time in this sorry saga I am sitting, gawping in complete disbelief at what I'm reading.

    The McCann's private detective has gone on record as saying that if Madeleine McCann is still alive (the police believe she isn't) she will be found in close proximity to Luz. So what in the name of God are her parents doing organising a 'celebrity auction' in a London hotel? It defies satire, it defies reason and it certainly defies logic.

    If the press are going along with this sickening charade just because it's a good story, they need to fucking wake up. Investigate Clarence Mitchell, investigate the long list of celebrity defenders of the McCanns who are all, incidentally, new Labour through and through, and find out just why this Government did everything it could to obstruct the investigation into the death of this poor child. Because many people are starting to get very angry indeed, especially after reading the evidence given in court, under oath, by the police in Lisbon last week.

  81. 30% of people believe in the abduction theory

    What do you think? http://pollpigeon.com/what-really-happened-to-madeleine-mccann/r/105614/

  82. Edgar observed that the child carrier was WALKING = had NO CAR (whether JT's carrier and Smiths' carrier were the same one or only one of them was M's carrier). He deduced that the man was living at a walking distance. How far will you walk carrying a 13 kg child ?
    Edgar spoke of 10 miles, this is 16 km, around PDL. But PDL being at the seaside, it means scouring half a circle within a 16 km radius. That's how they should spend the fund's money. Lots of people would even help IF they were searching as well.

  83. Su
    Branson, as a fact, didn't deny it ! He might change his mind if MANY letters are sent. If so, he'll make sure that will be in the news.
    Why do they accept "invitations" to this kind of ceremony ? To be seen being charitable. Otherwise they would save precious time sending money directly to charity.
    Now if the entity involved - and we know the Fund is not a charity foundation, the two charity ones' function is to give credibility - is under some suspicion, this show off, they know it, can be contra productive. Let's see if they think twice.

  84. "there is a certain amount of support from Leicestershire Police".
    Yes, like witholding vital documents such as the gaspar`s statements

    If we campaign we need to be armed with copies of such documents

    Start by bombarding the web,facebook,twitter, stumble, chain mail etc. All of us with this info.

  85. :)] And now a pause for some serious thought...

    I just happened to be working on an essay comparing the aspirations of Dziga Vertov (the Polish-Russian documentarist) with those of John Grierson (the Scot widely regarded as the father of British Documentary or was it the Brazilian Alberto Cavalcanti?) Anyway, the interesting point is this (quote):

    "Lippmann's book crystallised for Grierson many of the ideas with which he was already familiar. Most of them certainly, are there: Kant on perception, Hegel on the state, Machiavelli on power; psychologists (especially William James) on instinct, irrationality and the possibility of reshaping people's attitudes; sociologists on the ills of the modern world; political scientists on the failures and inherent weaknesses of liberalism. But Lippmann also goes farther than Wallas and other writers. He not only demonstrates that ordinary people, being irrational, could be manipulated. He analyses how the process takes place, the process he calls "the manufacture of consent." No one individual, says Lippmann, could know everything about everything and liberals had misdirected democracy into assuming this was true. What, in fact, was true throughout history was that leaders, with access to information the public did not have, necessarily made choices about what the public should know. It followed that every leader was always, in some sense, both a censor and a propagandist..."


    "...When quick results are imperative, the manipulation of the masses through symbols may be the only quick way of having a critical thing done. It is often more important to act than to understand...there are times...when two conflicting opinions... though one happens to be right, is more perilous than one opinion which is wrong..."

    OK. John Grierson's ideology may not have anything to do with the McCann's...wait...I think it was! It fits (the McCann's campaign of defamation of Dr. Amaral) like a surgical glove. Think about it...

    Quoted from: "Peter Morris `Re-thinking Grierson: The Ideology of John Grierson'. In T. O'Regan & B. Shoesmith eds. History on/and/in Film. Perth: History & Film Association of Australia, 1987. 20-30".

    Source open: wwwmcc.murdoch.edu.au

    ;)) Eh! I am not sure this Murdoch is "The One". Mind the rebound...

    Al in London

  86. Since the start of the trial, the mccanns they are trying as they can to show their confidence in winning the case, also organising that silly dinner fundraising party with stars guests......

    The truth is they are preparing already their crazy fans, in case they loose the case... and from that we will hear from them their pretending accusation of the incompetence of portuguese justice... and after that you will see those crazy fans continue to follow up liars.

    We will see which celebrities will be dragged by them in this silly party fundraising.

    Hope Richard Branson have already changed he is mind about them and now he knows the really truth. for him to attend that party or sponsor it, it will be a very shameful action on him, someone who has a respected decoration from the royal family and who is respect in business world.

  87. I have a strange feeling that should things get very tough for the McCanns, there will be an anonymous tip off about where to find Madeleine. Dead, of course.

    It will be the vile abductor that put her there of course!!!

  88. Hello everyone,
    Since the start of the trial, the mccanns they are trying as they can to show their confidence in winning the case, also organising that silly dinner fundraising party with stars guests......

    The truth is they are preparing already their crazy fans, in case they loose the case... and from that we will hear from them their pretending accusation of the incompetence of portuguese justice... and after that you will see those crazy fans continue to follow up liars.

    We will see which celebrities will be dragged by them in this silly party fundraising.

    Hope Richard Branson have already changed he is mind about them and now he knows the really truth. for him to attend that party or sponsor it, it will be a very shameful action on him, someone who has a respected decoration from the royal family and who is respect in business world.

  89. @ post #76, I wholeheartedly agree with you. Let's wait and see before reacting though Branson has history with the pair!

  90. Will the prime ministers wife be attending the star studded celeb bash i wonder?

    will richard branson actually attend and be photographed for the media circus whilst quaffing fine wine with his persistent inane "i'm a good guy honest" grin?

    tony parsons , lorraine kelly, Paul Dacre (daily mail editor)will surely be happy to be seen in their finery as they dance away the night displaying to all how determined they are to find the missing presumed dead child.... oh how they'll struggle to swallow their smoked salmon,their krug champers and for the sake of the missing child they'll drag themselves once more onto the dance floor and birdie dance with all the other stars who too, are happy to show the world what they are prepared to endure to help find the missing presumed dead child .....and if the prime ministers wife does attend ...there's a good chance these splendid self less stars may even get honoured by the establishment as a thank you for the efforts they have gone to ...ie; limo to the venue, new dress/clothes/ hair do / arranging pap photographers etc etc ....

    and maybe at the end of the event after the last song had finished and the bar has finally closed the star studded guests can ask the pope (who will surely be attending seeing as how kate is now the leading catholic in the uk....ranking higher even than the one known as saint cherie !) ) the pope can wind the evening down with a..."ok peeps we've all had a real good time tonight...the press have got some great shots...we've raised bucket loads of cash for our kate and gezza....but lets remember why we're here....to get some money so we can pay some people to go and turn over every stone in portugal to see if we can find the little girl who went missing and is now apparently presumed dead by most of the worlds police forces...so even though we've all chipped into this shebang.... there's a box by the cloakroom for any spare change that you may have in your pockets...be a decent chappie and chappette...and throw it in the box..it all helps...

    hey they might even do a daily mirror style ..hero's of the celeb bash programme..

    it's safe to say one guy who won't be attending is dubya....wouldn't meet them in the states....(and they said he was dim...) not so dim after all was he !

  91. STARS - Remember last Christmas the video appeal was going to have a star fronting it. Did that ever happen?

    "Radio Five’s Nicky Campbell and children’s author JK Rowling have also been invited."

    Just because they have been invited does not mean they will be there or are obliged to go.It also does not mean they are obliged to donate to the McCann Family Company.

    They hope to raise 100k, keep 50% for their Family Company and give two Charities the other 50% to divide between them. Hmm what happened to Kennedy funding them indefinitely? Surely 50k is loose change to the wealthy man. Also between Kennedy and Branson 50k should be peanuts.

    Now it looks like the venue is for 180 people. At £150 a head that amounts to 27k. How much would the meal per head actually cost? Therefore they are hoping to raise the cost of the meal and 73k+ via (in their words)a charity auction. How can they call it a charity auction when they are a company not a charity? Also why are all these "Stars" out of the goodness of their hearts not just donating to the Company Fund anyway? Hmm funny how it is being held on the day Halligen appears in court. Also I wonder how long this has actually been arranged or is it just a tit for tat. I believe the Projecto Justiça Gonçalo Amaral are having a meal (or series of meals) to raise funds for the good man himself.

    What kind of Star would associate him/herself with such a dodgy scenario? That list will be interesting to know. Remember Fish Face and Punch'n'Judy! Wonder how LK will back track as the brown stuff continues to hit the fan as time goes on. The public have long memories. The public are what these people rely on to have a career, fund their lifestyles and crave to feed their ego's. I can understand so called Stars saying nothing McC related it is probably the best thing to do, avoid anything to do with them and that way they are protecting their careers but to show up at so called meal for the Stars by the McC's imo sounds like career suicide!

    I personally think Goncalo Amaral is right. The McC's are desperate!

  92. I don't think they are "desperate", but as is flying around the idea that suing GA wasn't a good idea after all, they might have some doubt about it. ID would do it for free, as she loves to hate. In the UK libel lawyers, I read, are only paid if they win. This is why when they win, the amount is so enormous. It reminds me of Gulbenkian's doctor : a contract stipulated that he would only be paid as long as G's health was good.

  93. For Gods sake why doesnt our police reopen the case !!!Very clever people who I hope and pray will be caught out I have also written to Richard Branson who is a very nice Person and not to easily fooled so lets see if he attends their bloody celebrity party its all SICK watch the video of the Dogs why are they getting away with this poor little Maddie all she means to them is money !!!!!!

  94. I feel the Maccanns are running scared GOOD !!!!!!

  95. To all,

    I think something must be done regarding those celebrities attending that silly dinner:

    A Facebook or Tweeter campain must start to boycott all the products and services of all those celebrities attending that fundraising dinner.

    Campaining not to buy the products of Virgin or those books of J Rowling, it will raise alarm among of those celebrities. they will ask themselves if really they are supporting a good cause or just supporting liars people.
    and of course they will need to protect a good name of they company and clear up their name


  97. I feel physically sick!!!

    A party to mark the 1000th day since they chose to neglect their children,a chance to gloat,a chance to con the world into believing they are caring parents.

    Just how much longer will this charade continue with the British press supporting their pathetic attempt to slate Amarel?

    Amarel has my full backing,I hope he takes them to the cleaners
    Gerry has shown his true colours,his violent outbursts barely under control even in court

    The British public have had enough the Mcscams need to crawl back under their stone

  98. Facebook or tweeter campains against virgin products and service in case Richard Branson attend that dinner

  99. Post 95
    A good way to get the message to JK Rowling would be via her publishers (bloomsbury.com) and her film makers (warnerbros.co.uk) perhaps someone could copy them the Gaspar statements. Unfortunately I was unable to paste in the email addresses. JK Rowling will no doubt think carefully before aligning herself with the McCanns again, she is a role model to millions of children, her own eldest child is half-Portuguese.
    Also I would add that Kate's recent blog and this latest decision to hold a star-studded party before the conclusion of the hearing amount to a considerable INSULT to the presiding judge. Hopefully it won't influence her either way.

  100. over heard backstage...

    "hiya fellow star how are you"?

    "I'm Fine thanks"

    "Are you going to the mccans party?

    "What party..what's it for"?

    "It's a big bash for all the stars like you and me"....

    "Oh ok i'm famous so i might as well go...what's it for "?

    "Oh i think it's to get them some more money
    coz they've spent the fund they had for finding their little girl"

    "Oh yeh what was her name again"?

    Magdalene or madeliene ..can't remember now...but the do will be good...nicky campbells gonna be there!!"

    "Oh I don't like him...he's not really very famous..anyone else really famous going"?

    "I'm not sure...but the paper says loads are going"?

    "I might give it a miss...if it's on the television though ..yeh i'll go"

    @still curious

  101. As I have said in other places this is a deperate PR stunt, to try to eradicate the news from last week's hearing. The idea being =

    The little man and woman in the street who read the papers, Sun, Mirror, Star etc will see that article and be led to think that all that news last week from Portugal must be wrong because Richard Branson, wealthy entrepenuers and glitzy media types still believe in the McCanns.

    Its a bit like chasing votes, they may have won back a very small percentage with that article, but last weeks revelations lost them many more than they can ever hope to win back.

    Only my opinion and insight and I am ready to be proved wrong.

    Sharon at 40 - great idea but could we get enough people to support Mr Amaral, I think we would need a lot more PR wins for him before having a benefit.

  102. Totally agree with anon @ 46. I have emailed Richard Branson today and told him I will not buy anything from Virgin Enterprises and will influence friends and family too if I can.

  103. There are many celebrities who are desperate to be seen and photographed walking the red carpet who would pay any price of admission just to be there. Look at the "socialites" who crashed the White House do a few weeks ago - desperate to be famous.

    This is all part of Gerry's long term agenda he told us about nearly three years ago.

  104. @ post #95, take a step back for a second to analyse the report. Apparently, two genuine charities are involved with this gala. Such charities usually attract a lot of high-profile backers. Why the McCanns have been allowed to gatecrash and hijack the event I do not know but I think it's unfair to target the celebrities associated with it when they may have had no say in how the McCanns became involved. For all we know, some of them may boycott the it in protest!

    I suggest we wait and see how the event unravels before taking action.

  105. Anon 90 -

    I wouldn't be at all surprised if Gordon Brown's wife turned up at the shindig. He is well known for inviting celebrities to dinner, presumably to break the boredom of everyday politics and also to help keep the money flowing in via celebrities' pockets! I don't somehow think he will attend himself though, bearing in mind the amount of people who think he was off his trolley to get involved with the McCanns in the first place.

    It will certainly be interesting to see the guest list at some time! They really are using their daughter's name to climb the fame ladder aren't they?

    Once we know the guest list, we should try to e-mail them all pointing out that although the McCanns are trying to raise money to find Maddie, they are still ignoring the fact that they could ask to have the case reopened! They could still do a reconstruction and Kate could answer the 48 questions still outstanding!

    Gerry is so busy lately, what with looking for Maddie, a meeting soon where he will advise on how not to lose your children but if you do how to find them, and back and forth to Portugal. Then there are his patients! Whew!!!

  106. This has just got to be another Mccann trick to fool the world and thus declare their innocence. Is there any proof that this event is a reality and not another scam to concretize their assumed popularity? Have any of these so called celebrities actually confirmed their attendance?

    I for one do not believe for a moment that this farce will actually materialise, at the last minute there will be a cancellation or re-scheduling for some ficticious reason!

    In the light of all that has transpired since the childs disappearance I can't believe that any self respecting individual would even contemplate attending this self motivated extravaganza!

    Time will tell.

  107. Another dinner! What an embarassing idea whoever thought this up must be mad! We all know what happens when the McCanns go out to dinner! I wonder who will go missing this time???? This will be the joke of the century. Another total PR disaster whoever is advising them is taking the p*** IMO.

  108. The article indicates the McCanns "....are hoping to raise as much

    money as possible to help them and two OTHER charities."

    Since when did they become a CHARITY???

  109. Facebook campaign pls x(

  110. @72. ??

    Why would he particularly have a connection?
    Because he is scottish perhaps?

    There are over 5 million of us up here. I have no connection with the McCanns. Strange huh?

  111. Disgusting couple of pickpockets. Because they are not so sure anymore of getting their hands on GA's 1,2 mill, they need to guarantee they have the dough to pay for expensive libel lawyers, "highly professional" detectives, manipulative PR persons and companies, frequent flying here and there, TWO interpreters for Kate (one is not enough), journalists, helping family members, you name it. But I must admit that sharing the money with other funds is a "good marketing ploy" by Gerald McCann. The guy has the wrong profession, he is a marketing genius (high quality wristbands, T-shirts all sizes).

  112. I am famous and rich enough to obtain a ticket for the gathering on the 27th. Be very aware McCanns who attends! as standing up and calling you the liars that you are should get lots of press and media coverage.

    Everyone remembers Jarvis Cocker and Michael Jackson. £150 for acres of press and TV coverage, excellent value! See you then.

  113. They can invite Branson, Rowling, etc., to the party, but WILL THEY COME? I doubt it. They pledged support early on, when everybody else in Britain was sending their pennies to the Madeleine Fund and the fact that the parents were guilty of neglect and using the fund to hire incompentents and sue people, they bailed out. At a certain point journalists began asking high-powered people if they intended to continue giving money and, off the record, with no names named, some were quoted as saying things like "I gave earlier, but I really can't give any more now that I know more about the case." Even Brian Kennedy, who eventually was the only rich person they could name as a backer, backed away at a certain point. The rich backers aren't on the scene any more.

    You can invite the Queen and Paul McCartney to your birthday party; will they show up? I don't think so. This is just more McCann magical thinking: "If we tell the press that so-and-so is going to show up, they will! They have to! Otherwise they'll be shamed! The McCanns have said it is so, and so it IS so! Don't question me, don't raise doubts, I am Gerry McCann, all-powerful and admired suffering person, NOT nasty little creep with a bad temper I can't control!"

    They wanted Rowling to include a Madeleine bookmark in one of her books that was coming out shortly after Madeleine disappeared. Gerry thought that it would be great if all the kiddies who got the book learned about Madeleine and were looking for her. Nary a thought for how terrified children already were because of papers and TV news stories about how Madeleine had supposedly been snatched from her bed, of course; Gerry has no ability to understand or empathize with anyone (including his own children, who are regularly reminded that bad guys took Madeleine.) So the children of the UK, US, and every other place the book was to be sold were supposed to have their awareness heightened so they would look for Madeleine.

    Rowling said no, very understandably. And that's the last that they were able to brag about Rowling being their supporter.

    The McCanns may not realize that these people aren't necessarily free for such an event 10 days in the future. They're busy people. They have calendars that are booked months in advance, often. They're not going to drop everything, dust off their party clothes, and take the diamonds out of storage just because Gerry and Kate hope they will.

    And what exactly are they going to raffle? They're no doubt expecting their guests to cough up something they can raffle--a manuscript from Ms. Rowling would be valuable, for instance. But she probably knows that and has long since decided what library she'll sell them to--and American libraries often give big money.

  114. Will they play party games? Perhaps an Agatha Christie mystery - WHO DUNNIT.

  115. You can't say the McCanns are backward in coming forward.

    No, they are certainly not afraid to ask and pass around the begging bowl.

  116. Forget Elton John or Jimmy Paige
    As the Glasgow Bucko takes centre stage
    £150 for a few meat pies
    And to listen to Gerry come out with more lies
    The audience hang on to his every word
    Have you ever heard anything so f------- absurd

    Dream on Gerry it won't happen. Your game is up.

  117. Good point Anon 108

    The McCanns are hiding behind the skirts of two GENUINE CHARITIES.

    They are not a charity, the money they raise might as well go into their own bank account because it is for them to use as the please.

    They have to take a place up there with the rest of the greatest spinners, Tony Blair and the rest of them.

  118. I still think they are being blackmailed.

  119. We heard about the 1000 days commemoration Maddie's disappearence already in December, if I'm not mistaken.
    I don't remember to have read about raising money.
    This money story started now, I guess, after the McCanns found out how efficient Isabel Duarte is.
    This diner asking for money means the McCanns know they are about to lose the case against Amaral.
    I hope they will have to pay all expenses of this hearings, made by Amaral and his witnesses, made by Guerra & Paz and TVI.

    We don't need dogs to prove I'm right.
    It is high time the McCanns start paying destructions they are causing around.

  120. The Mccann PR team is working overtime. Quite predictable, seeing the damage that was done last week, with so much "unhelpful" info coming out an'all.

    It's the height of bad taste to have a dinner party marking 1000 days, since it was a dinner party that started this whole mess!

    Of course, to be on the safe side and guarantee people would actually participate, they rope in 2 charities and lead people to think they are a charity, too.


  121. @112,if you are rich and famous,perhaps you could put the word out about the mccanns and the lie,s they have told and put a few other rich and famous people straight

  122. @112,also let your friends know about the gaspers statement

  123. Well if Branson doe's attend I will cancel his tv, phone and internet package I have and the same goes for the rest of my family, I would also encourage my friends to do the same.
    Was about to take up one of his mobile phone packages but I think I'll wait for the moment.
    I would also make sure I made it clear why I had cancelled.

  124. any one going to this star filled party must be the same as the mccanns,ie condoning child neglect

  125. Poster 108, I complained to the Express already about the wording of the article, saying that 'two OTHER charities' suggested that the Madeleine fund was a charity also, and that this was mis-leading to their readers. I also suggested that for the sake of balance they should have included the quote from the PJ that the fund was a fraud and those donating to it were being conned. I should not need to point this out to the Express though, as they paid in half a million they know exactly what the set-up of this fund is. I suspect Uncle Clarence and one of his chats has 'shaped' the story. I suggested so to the Express.I will let you know if I get a reply :-/

  126. Anonymous 41 - did I hear you correctly?? What is all this about a grocery delivery to Rothley Towers?

  127. Just going back to Kate's blog and the suggestion that the abductor left the window open as a "red herring", HOW CAN THIS BE? Okay, normally to prove intrusion you'd have to provide evidence of a break-in, and at first the McCanns sought to do this by saying the shutters had been jemmied. Then they back-peddled once there were no signs of jemmying, and they said the patio door was unlocked. Okay then, the abductor came in through the patio door. WHY THEN WOULD HE OPEN THE WINDOW AS A RED HERRING? Surely it would have been better for him to leave subtly through the patio door with Maddy, as stealthily as he came, then the next of the Tapas 9 to come "checking" might think that Maddy had wandered off, THUS BUYING THE ABDUCTOR EXTRA TIME. He would have to have been nuts to point immediately to an abduction by deliberately opening the window.
    Or am I missing the point??

  128. Anon 128

    Good point. An abductor wouldn't do that.

    The McCanns, as usual, make no sense.

  129. "Though there is a certain amount of support from Leicester Police"

    Oh really!!

    Fiona Pilkington who suffered abuse for years by anti-social behaviour was ignorned by Leicester Police, subsequently she committed suicide.

    Madeline McCann left home alone by her parents, subsequently, child still missing, parents employing high profile lawyers, lots of Donations made by trusting general public to parents "FUND" (not charity)

    This latest "Star Filled Party" in my opinion is obscene why on earth would anyone want to attend a party for a child that according to her parents is in the hands of some pedeophile.

    Parties are for celebration, enjoyment, what on earth is there to celebrate.

    I dont know how others think but I feel that this is the ultimate in BAD TASTE

    BBC NEWS England Leicestershire Mothers Suicide Pleas

  130. Are you aware that Kensington? Roof Gardens is owned by Richard Branson. Apologies if someone has already mentioned it.

    I wonder if the McCanns will pay £150 for a ticket, I can't see it, but I could be wrong,

  131. Apologies for the mistakes in my post.

  132. Maybe this party is to celebrate the occasion when Kate will equal the the achievement of Scheherezade of the Arabian Nights - who told 1000 stories to save her skin.

    OH MY GOD .......... HOW REPELLANT

  134. Is it just a coincidence that this is the same date as Halligen appears in court?

    If not, there's maybe something he might say they want to distract from.

    It would be interesting to know what Halligen has to say, and if he has been following the Case in Portugal.

  135. post #81

    the poll is now 47% that think Maddie died in the apartment.

  136. Has anyone else noticed that the posts on Joana's articles have frequently doubled or trebled in number recently?

  137. There is no doubt that Richard Branson is not only intelligent but also very shrewd. Therefore I find it hard to believe that he has joined the McCann bandwagon. Has he not read anything other than McCann accounts. I fear not, otherwise a thinking man like him would have nothing to do with two such inadequate parents.

  138. Hello post (137). On Holocaust Memorial Day, the Jews will be remembering their loved ones who died in the holocaust quietly and with respect.

    The McCanns will be enjoying some light entertainment on the 1000th day of Madeleine's disappearance. Clarence Mitchell says they need some relief after the stress of the court case in Lisbon.

    I'm disgusted. Nicky Campbell is one of my favourite presenters on 5 live, but if he takes part in this fiasco, I will never listen to him again. I am going to email him.

  139. Do you think there will be giftbags for the guests?
    for exemple: 2 Madeleine's T shirts,
    3 yellow and green brasslet.
    Any other ideas?

  140. patrixjude

    As much as that, and will be climbing further when the book is published in UK.

    After all the brainwashing the McCanns have been doing as well.

  141. things not put in the guests gift bags:

  142. Watch Gerry's reaction to Kate's words at 0.04secs in this video:


    The signs were there from very early on!

  143. The centre piece at the party would of course be :-

    The Gaspars Statements in tasteful frames.


  144. Post 128. Good point. You can see how scared the McCanns are to make a silly point like that, desperately trying to cover every base that can be criticised by the public. Just like Jane Tanner's statement that she saw McCann gave him a convenient alibi.

  145. Reply to anon 127. Kates aunt, Janet Kennedy, in a little known broadcast at the Church Media Council 11th June 2008, states very early on Friday 4th May Kate rang her as she had an online order coming from Tesco and could she go to the Rothley house to deal with it.

    This was very sound rational thinking for a woman supposedly bereft with worry. Loss of the shopping was more of a worry than the loss of a daughter.

  146. This sick couple are so transparent. They think that if they are photographed with the rich and famous, then ordinary people will fawn over them. Yep it's narcissism. But will rich and famous people want to associate with THEM?

  147. Something I penned in 2008....

    It’s all about a beard.

    Two men drinking whiskey sitting by a roaring fire in a castle somewhere in Scotland, mid 2007.
    Sitting in plush leather bound chairs with the firelight illuminating the ancient castle walls and the double glazed windows emitting echoing laser like patterns, the inebriated gentlemen struggled with conversation.
    “I’m bored, we got all we could want but I’m bored!” said the shorter one. “ What’s left? ”.
    “Fly to the moon” his friend chuckled.
    “Ha bloody ha”
    “Well shave your beard off then, then I can see how ugly you are” He wheezed, the reefer turning his laugh into a raucous cough.
    “Fuck that, this beard stays on”
    “ Tell you what” said the friend “You heard about that couple in Spain that lost their kid”
    ‘Portugal” said the bearded one as he took his turn on the joint. “Guilty parents I reckon”
    “Where ever, what ever, apparently there’s all sorts of evidence that points to that but if they are found guilty it could uncover your little secret, they are connected to the ring you know ”.
    “No way, bollocks, I, we covered our tracks well”
    “Fuck off you twat” the friend coughed between explosions of mirth. “ You could be in Shit Street. Mind, you’ll survive, but in all honesty you’d be fucked mate”
    “Your serious ain’t you, what a nightmare ” the bearded one uttered “ What the fuck do I do ? ”
    “Tell yer what, if I can get them acquitted and everything stays secret, you shave off your beard!”
    “Your joking, not the beard”
    “Your beard or your world as you know it”. The friend spluttered as the roach burnt his lip and fingers at the same time.
    “Ok your on, my beard for my freedom” He half chuckled as reached for the single malt.

  148. Will David Payne be manning the creche?

  149. I'll be very surprized if this event makes anything like the money they are expecting.

    They are charging £150 per head - the least expensive dinner menu costs £45 per head. Add wine to that and lets assume the costs are in the region of £75 per head, leaving them with a profit of £13.5k
    That's without adding any costs for entertainment etc.

    They expect to raise £100k in total, so that leaves a sum of £86.5k to be raised from the 'charity' auction.

    Let's assume there are 150 guests who will actually put their hands in their pocket. You would be looking at a contribution from each of them - in addition to the costs of their meal - of around £577 each

    It might be a tall order. Times are hard.

    And that will clear them £50k - or as it's known in the trade, 'Half a Carter', as it won't last long with their legal bills.

  150. This people are not real.

    A dinner Party is a time for celebration, festive... like Christmas Eve, New year Eve, Birthday(born) or awarding something. THEY ARE CELEBRATING THE DISAPEARENCE OF THEIR GIRL? WOW!! Maybe, the lost mind here were us, who watch the drama of the girl with some pain and grief. Her parents are celebrating. Or... were celebrating all this time with events... VIP trips, etc.

    I can just compare with another case of a missing Portuguese child, Rui Pedro. How many times his mum made a dinner party to celebrate his disapearence in that long time in grief? BUT THE MCCANN'S ARE SPECIAL, very special.

    Kate, are you going to cry on that dinner, remembering your girl in the middle of a musical environment with a lot, lot of glass wine? Surrounded by Branson, Rowlling and all that perverted celebrities? I can imagine...
    Having Branson at this event tell us a lot about the all situation. If we look back at what is public from his life, we can see that he is a man which loves to explore odd things. THIS IS THE CASE!!!


  151. I know why they invite Branson. Since the all earth is already comb by anonymous people and country polices ( not by them) and no signs of a live Maddie, they are ready for the next step: THE MOON AND MARS. Branson will supply tickets for the next team of detectives, witnesses and abductors directly coming out from Rowlling books.... THE NEW HARRY POTTER CHARACTERS HAVE A PLACE IN MADDIE SAGA.

  152. What are the two top issues at the tables family in the world?

    HAITI OFF-COURSE and AMARAL BOOK. Great work GERRY & KATE ( sounds like TOM & JERRY). And the question at all minds is..... WHY GAGGING THE BOOK AND HIS AUTHOR? YOU KNOW THE ANSWER and we all have that feeling.... THE ANSWER IS FAR AWAY FROM WHAT YOU CLAIM!!!!

  153. Mid december mccann had 500 000£, now they have 400 000£.
    They have spend 100 000£ over christmas / new year.

    For Maddy "hunt" ???????? I doubt it.


  154. Perosnally I think this will backfire. Their halo has certainly slipped in public lately. What's the betting that JK Rowling and other celebs will suddenly be 'washing their hair' that night? In the aftermath of Haiti it seems spectacularly ill-timed

  155. #101 you hit the nail on the head. I've said from day 1 that the McCanns have been running a political campaign. Think about it. Like politicians they are seeking public approval and like politicians they raise money from the public to fund their campaign. Like politicians they have PR firms and editors that will right favourable stories for them. Like politicians, they attack the credibility of the person that is against them. Like politicians they do not tell the whole truth. Now, how is it possible that 2 doctors know so much about political tactics? The answer is: they don't, but the people running the show have a vast experience in such tactics, and why is that? Why, the people running this circus are politicians of course.


  156. Just my thoughts…

    If this is a reaction to the media debacle last week it is rather hurriedly organised, just ten days to go. I think may celebs will already have prior engagements and even if they have not the sensible ones will use it as an excuse not to attend.

    What PR person would recommend overt support of the McCanns at the moment? Even a faint whiff of wrongdoing by the McCanns would make it not worth the risk for the celebs to attend – it just so easy, at this stage, for them to say ‘sorry, I’m busy’.

    And, I have a bit of a problem with people like Nick Campbell being such a prominent supporter. He is supposed to be a serious journalist on the BBC (so he would have us believe) therefore impartial. In the early days Radio 5 (on which he is a presenter) held phone-ins on the whole saga but now they do not, they proved too controversial for the BBC’s tastes.

    Mr B

  157. Guerra 154 - thank you for that excellent post which makes total sense.

  158. Skin-crawlingly awful! Let's see if any politicians attend. Jim Gamble; infamous, but not rich enough? They may need the money for their legal defence if they are prosecuted. If the rich wish to contribute to the lifestyle the MCCanns have grown accustomed too,it's their choice, but why not send the money to a CHARITY.

  159. i wonder if these 2 REAL CHARITYS realize they are being USED BY THE MCCANNS.if i were them i would tell them to stuff the money as the mccanns never before gave them a thought.devious bastards

  160. No 134

    Repellant but strangely fitting, if you check out who said
    "Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it" and "the great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one"

  161. this is what i cant get my head around,we have dave edgar saying this.
    the east Belfast man insists the golden-haired youngster is being held just 10 miles from where she was snatched in Praia da Luz two years ago.
    but the mccanns have been to portugal at least twice yet they didnt even bother to go and have a look for her.so really the truth is they will only got to portugal for MONEY AND SOD LITTLE MADELEINE

  162. I am almost speechless. Are we to expect these people to appear on Celebrity Big Brother next? Or maybe "I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, Mr & Mrs or perhaps we could look forward to them taking part in Strictly Come Dancing. They sicken me.


  164. I think the mccanns may have planned all the way even before the madleine desapearence just to find away to become famous as celebrities or stars!!!!


    they are acting completely different from other parents who have lost they children....

  165. Maybe I am being pedantic but I don't think 'Missing Children Europe' is a Charity:

    Missing Children Europe is the European Federation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children. As an umbrella organisation, it represents 23 Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) active in 16 Member States of the European Union. Each of these organisations is active in cases of missing and/or sexually exploited children at grassroots level, including prevention and support for victims.


    Mr B

  166. Someone had a good idea on here about standing outside with placards saying `Google Gaspar`s statement`.

    As the UK press won`t print this - it would be a good idea to make a massive placard and hang it in some prominent place in London (where it cannot be taken down easily) i.e. on Marble Arch. By this time, thousands of people would have seen it and it might even get into the newspapers.

  167. Or - an even better idea - anyone got access to a small plane that could fly around London with a banner saying "Google Gaspar`s Statements".

  168. I can´t find any mention of this event on the websites of the 2 other charities benefiting from this event: Missing Children Europe and Missing People. Has anyone else had more luck?

  169. If the rich and famous attend charity galas, it's usually for their own publicity.The lack of media attention for this event so far is hardly likely to attract A list stars. Those who do attend may find their image tarnished forever.

  170. Missing Children Europe website- no mention of this in their events section. There is a golfing event though. Gerry could attend , if he finds the blue bag.

  171. the more i read this and now with edgars news that madeleine is still in portugal with a pedo(ACCORDING TO GERRY) the more i think beside's other things that this party is in VERY BAD TASTE

  172. the infamous mccanns have branson and kennedy over a barrel,there is no way that branson and kennedy can back out now as they would have to reveal WHY and i cant see them admitting that they have been duped by the mccanns and if they havent been duped then they are in it up to their necks with no wriggle room.

  173. these McScams are child-sacrificing Freemasons/Druids (yes, really really!) and the reason they are being supported by the media and other PR-spinners is because if the truth about the McScams is finally discovered (and it will be within the next year or two as other events unfold), then the whole secret fabric of our British society (so-called) will be torn wide open to reveal its disgusting, satanic underbelly. Branson, Kennedy and others have to support the McScams because they are indirectly protecting themselves and others alongside and behind them.
    Not much longer to be patient and then sit back and watch the Cascade Effect as the whole tinder box goes up and the filthy insects who control our society scuttle for safety! It will be such a disturbing revelation when it surfaces into the sphere of the general public that the only way most of the public will be able to handle what is going to come out will be to go into denial about it, at least initially.
    Unfortunately, the British Isles has a sordid history of covering up child abuse and the abusers and their covens often occupy high and `dignified` places in British society (think Media/Law Courts/Police Force, its all beautifully connected together). Do the Shetland Islands & Jersey cases jog any memories? This is just the tip of a very unsavoury iceberg.
    I don't want this post to be perceived as `ravings`, but I hope that it may help to put into a context why the McCanns are being protected, are having their PR carefully stage-managed and are not being brought to account for child neglect. If you do some further digging, you will find the information out there.


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