1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Missing: Respect

According to several Portuguese newspapers, like for example Diário de Notícias, Madeleine McCann’s parents have sent Lusa, the central Portuguese news agency, a press release with information about today’s event in London, that will mark 1000 days after Madeleine disappeared in Praia da Luz.

Said press release states that the fundraiser seeks to collect money for “the investigation into the disappearance of our daughter”. It further informs that the event is a “private event” and that it is reserved for “people who have significantly helped in the search for Madeleine”.

But what I would really like to know is when the McCanns will host an event to thank those who have actually done something to help search for Madeleine.

The good people of Praia da Luz and from the surrounding areas, who have sacrificed their time, their income, their effort until the limit of their physical strength, to actively search for Madeleine on the days following the disappearance, have not been invited.

The Portuguese policemen, firemen, rescue teams, council staff, the volunteers from so many civil associations who have physically, methodically and thoroughly searched for Madeleine for days on end, have not been invited.

The Polícia Judiciária agents who have worked around the clock, under extreme conditions, without proper funding, without free weekends and without holidays, who have been ‘paid’ with insult, humiliation and despise, have not been invited.

Those who have been invited to the McCanns’ party, are those who have either donated hefty amounts to the Madeleine Fund, or are about to do so tonight. That seems to be what Maddie’s parents see as “significantly” helping the search for their daughter.

It has become too common to point out the fact that an investigation into the disappearance of their daughter, carried out by a legitimate police force, either in Portugal or in the UK, would cost Kate and Gerry McCann absolutely no money.

It has become too easy to note that every time one of the couple’s lawyers sits down and writes a letter on their behalf, the pair is probably billed as much as the cost of each one of the tickets to the fundraiser.

It has become too embarrassing to watch what the McCanns’ private investigation, which they seem to choose to the detriment of an investigation by the police, has produced so far.

I am certain that tonight, in Praia da Luz, many people who have not been invited to any “star-studded”, “private” party will, very privately, be thinking of Madeleine Beth McCann.

As they look up into the starry sky, they will know that they have given everything they had, and more, to help search for a little girl that has never been far from their thoughts. And they will go to bed, with a heavy heart - and peace of mind.


  1. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2826061/Kate-McCann-Our-1000-days-without-Maddie.html

    Still scamming ..still not telling the truth. Still saying Amaral used the F. Word...

  2. '.. with a peace of mind' - exactly! The worst punishment of all is that of the McCann's: never ever a moment of peace of mind. Was it really worth it?

  3. This event took time and preparation, maybe these 'Guests' of the Elite pair might use their brains and think for one moment 'How could the Mccanns possibly have known a month ago that Madeleine or her remains would not have been found.?'. McCann had prepared for an event such as this in June 2007...Madeleine had been missing a few short weeks.The evening events are as tacky as the speech Kate Mccann will give this evening from a piece of paper. Nothing comes from Kate Mccanns heart. Madeleine has been dead a long time now and they are well over her loss...But the money, now the money is a different matter. They say a fool and his money soon are parted...there will be many fools this evening lining the Mccanns pockets.The Mccanns this morning must be laughing their heads off over their full english breakfast. Yes McCanns you have fooled some but not all...you would be very wise to rememeber that.

  4. Thank you, Astro. A superb post! From the heart, as usual, and spot on.

  5. I am of the opinion they should keep these anniversaries to themselves because it all smacks of celebration to me.
    They have done absolutely nothing to help in the search for their daughter, nothing. Nothing that is but muddy the water, tell lies, get friends and family to repeat those lies over and over and immediately critisize the Portuguese Police. They have done nothing to help the investigation but mislead, misdirect. Anyone would think they did not want their child found. If it were my child gone missing in the same cirmcumstances I would be bending over backwards to help, but they only what their version of events believed and every action they take raises more questions, always more questions but no answers!

  6. The little girl is dead but the Mccanns lust for money is still very much alive and this will be their downfall.

  7. Quote:

    "It further informs that the event is a “private event” and that it is reserved for “people who have significantly helped in the search for Madeleine”."

    Should read:

    It further informs that the event is a “private event” and that it is reserved for “people who have financially helped in the search for more cash. - Madeleine? Madeleine who?"

  8. Moler 5
    "Anyone would think they did not want their child found"
    They don't. If Madeleine were now to be found the forensic evidence on and in her remains would be very dangerous to anyone who was involved in her accidental death and the disposal of her body.
    Traces of medication, signs of head injury, and so on.
    They cannot allow anyone to look for her. So they have to keep the "search" as far away as possible, hence the planted sightings aross the world, the refusal to ask the Portuguese to re-open the case, and the deliberate use of useless private detectives. Did not Clarrie say that the were satisfied with the work Halligan had done. They paid him half a million, for no result, which is precicely what they wanted.

  9. A private event reserves for people who have significantly helped them. So its a Thank you is it? For all those who helped. Some Thank you. You charge them £150 for attending, then host a charity auction to relive them of more of their money. Suzy Lamplaugh has never been found, poor little Milly Dowler's remains have been found but no one brought to justice as yet. Are their parents hosting glittering parties in their memory? No, they keep a dignified silence and work with the police in the hope there will one day be a breakthrough. The McCanns quest for cash and celebrity is so demeaning. Kate has apparently worked so hard organising this event 'Lord love her' (Susan Healey's words not mine) and yet she always pretends she feels uncomfortable in the public eye. Why put yourself through all that champagne quaffing then Kate??? Why not just stay out of the way and let the police get on with looking for your child. Throw your energy into spending as much time as possible making it up to your remaining children, and thinking up some answers to the 48 questions. Your children and those questions will haunt you now for the rest of your days until you make it right.

  10. Martin Brunt, who recently said that Goncalo Amaral was his new best friend, has issued a statement defending the McCanns saying that although many people think that Kate and Gerry phoned Sky News before phoning the local police, it wasn't true, and even the PJ's know that. What is the relevance of his issuing that statement now.

    Is he maybe looking for an invitation to the celebrity bash tonight!

  11. Thank you Astro - a very poignant post.

  12. astro, the McCanns have shown no respect --- or love for that matter --- for their own little daughter, a precious young life who should have been protected and cared for.

    How could they possibly show respect for anybody else? They have nothing but ignorant foolish contempt for those who, at the time, believed their lies.

    The population in Portugal, and all those who have really searched, have shown more respect and sympathy for Madeleine than the entire McCann family.

    Strange people. Very worrying as well to think that they have both been practitioners with the NHS.

    RIP Madeleine, you were only the first victim of these two.
    Then again perhaps not, we don't really know anything about Kate and Gerry's potential professional problems, do we?

  13. Lord love Kate? :))
    FGS leave God out of this Mrs.Healy.

    Advise your daughter to cooperate with the Portuguese police instead, or file a missing persons case with British police.

    God would love her a lot better if she did that instead of posing for photos and being such a greedy wannabe celebrity.

  14. If only Margaret knew what a joy she has given her parents...her short life for wealth..someone asked did the Mccanns think it was worth it...I believe they do...The joy on their faces when they left that church on Madeleines 4th birthday says everything.. RIP Maddie...you are in a far far better place.

  15. Not even all the money in the world will be able to buy the McCann's the peace of mind that honest, truthloving people enjoy. The PJ and the people of Praia de Luz deserve our endeless respect not only for searching for little Maddie, but also for putting up with that pair for a whole summer. Money may help to buy happiness. But it does not buy a clear conscience.

  16. Did any one listen to Steve Allen this morning on LBC? It was very interesting and he is one of the few people in the media to question this charade.

  17. Joana -

    It is to be hoped your words will be brought to the attention of the McCanns, but even if they are, I doubt they will give them more than a cursory glance.

    They are more interested in inviting people they consider to be of influence and, more importantly, have lots of money.

    I would imagine that a vast majority of the public will think this bash is extremely chavish and ill advised considering it's to mark the 1000th day of the disappearance of a little girl who would still be with them if they hadn't acted in such a selfish way by leaving their children not one night, but six nights to enjoy themselves with their pals.

  18. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/madeleinemccann/7081337/Madeleine-McCann-Simon-Armitages-poem-to-mark-1000-days-since-disappearance.html

    Here we go, just when I thought nothing could get worse, my stomach is sick at this party.

    Well done for such a lovely written piece Astro.

    I cannot get how Madeleines Grandmother can say " god love her, Kate has worked so hard on her party"

    How about knocking on every single door for miles around where your daughter was meant to have gone missing, how about not going to be that first night and every night. They are all nothing but EVIL AND SICK

  19. Half the PROFITS, will be split between the two other legit charities.

    I always thought it was PROCEEDS, but not these sicko's. Madeleine's fund will have so many costs(said tongue in cheek) that the profits will be minimal.

    Kate, 41, said yesterday: “We will raise money for Madeleine’s Fund and the ongoing search for her.

    “If our circumstances remain unchanged, this day will sadly mark 1,000 days since Madeleine was taken from us.”

    Money will be raised through ticket sales and a charity auction. Half the profits, expected to exceed £100,000, will go to Madeleine’s Fund, which currently stands at about £400,000, with the other half split between two other charities.

  20. Ironside poster 1
    I see they have dug out yet another"Poor grieving Kate/send us more money"photo !! get a tad predictable now ,

  21. Thank you Astro. Not everyone has forgotten the people of Praia da Luz and the good men and women at the PJ. They have the gratitude of many, and the respect that they so deserve. So have you, and Joanna, and everyone who has helped to inform the public properly over the past 1000 days. God bless.

  22. Totally agree poster 5 ,it smacks of a "Do/Pi$$ up/Bash/Celebration"to me too Kates Mother needs to leave God well out of it ,as Im sure HE doesnt agree with the circus or the lies ,and wasnt it the same Kates Mother who said they were not religious before Maddie went"missing" ?

  23. Abducted ?
    Held for 1000 days by predatory Pae**** ?
    Raped every night by one or more ?
    Abused in countless other ways too awful to contemplate ?
    I know, let's have a champagne reception to celebrate.

  24. Excellent as always. You express so well what all of us here feel and think.

  25. Excellent post, Astro. It sums it up so well. Kate and Gerry's big bash seems to have been reduced to a few invited guests now, a private event as they now say.


  26. The grim anniversary comes as a SECOND vile book - Faked Abduction - accuses the McCanns of lying about Maddie's disappearance.

    Brit Steve Marsden repeats claims in a book by ex-Portuguese cop Goncalo Amaral. Family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "Everything Mr Marsden alleges is entirely untrue."


    Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2826061/Kate-McCann-Our-1000-days-without-Maddie.html#ixzz0dnxFViJ8

    Do not be too mad at the deluded woman...she hs given the Faked Abduction a good plug...Stupid Bitch..Now we all know that it is out there in English.

  27. Along with everyone else I would like to register my disgust at the McCanns latest statement and the insult to the locals of PDL. These people are the ones who joined the police in their search for Madeleine. How upset they must have felt, to see the McCanns jogging by or playing tennis. Of course they like us, will now know why the McCanns didn't search for Madeleine and that where she was and if she was dead or alive.

    The McCanns will now either be in London at the guest of Richard Branson or getting ready to go to London. They will tonight be celebrating the 1000th day of Madeleine's disappearance, with some light entertainment at the dinner/auction. They will know that any money raised tonight, will go towards their living expenses. Where will Madeleine be spending 1000th day of being separated from her siblings? Probably in a shallow grave, somewhere where she will never be found.

    If the McCanns had an ounce of decency about them and Madeleine had genuinely disappeared, they would be in PDL remembering quietly and with enormous regret the fact that they are the cause of whatever has happened to Madeleine.

    I would like the locals of PDL to know that we are not all like the McCanns and although Madeleine is not my child, I am grateful that they took the time and trouble to look for Madeleine, when her parents wouldn't.

  28. http://www.daylife.com/topic/Gerry_McCann

    Video: Mccann cannot look jeremy Paxman in the eye ..as he continues to lie about Madeleine.

  29. This is a joke is'nt it? please tell me that this is some kind of sick wind up on behalf of the mcc....

    I feel i must apologise on behalf of my country for what is happening, it's bordering on the fu**ing insane.

    I hope you all choke on your vol e-vonts.

    That poor kid.....

  30. Why is a party needed to get the celebrities to part with their money? Why didn't they tell the McCanns they didn't think partying the night away is a fitting way to mark the disappearance of a child? Are British celebrities all as xenophobic as the British media, encouraging by their very presence at the party the attacks on the Portuguese police and on Mr Amaral in particular? Any celebrity that takes part in this latest bit of the circus is as bad as the journalists who write their hate-filled attacks on the Portuguese police in the gutter press.

    1000 days ago the McCanns chose to go out wining and dining with friends. Madeleine, left alone and unprotected, hasn't been seen since.

    1000 days later the McCanns choose to mark the 'anniversary' of their daughter's disappearance by wining and dining with friends yet again. What a crass and insulting thing to do.

    You really couldn't make it up. No sense of shame, no respect for Madeleine or her memory, no sensitivity, nothing but bare-faced, money-grubbing attention-seeking.

    Poor, poor Madeleine, to have had parents like that.

  31. BOYCOTE VIRGIN PRODUTS AND JK ROWLING BOOKS. If they come to that fake dinner, to that fraudulent FUND RAISER, they don't deserve a single coin from our money, from parents which care about their child's, from people which respect official polices and the rules of the country's. This Mccann's were acting as terrorists against rules which normal citizens have to follow and respect.
    I wonder to see how many people will be arrested soon, related with Fraudulent Funds set up to help HAITI VICTIMS. Let's see how different this Funds will be from this one, made to find a girl which police admits in court, is dead since May 2007, and most probably her parents know well, where she is?

  32. see timesonline article on madeleine poem....then read the four comments on it...all against the mccanns.. thats 100 per cent so far

  33. http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/UK-News/Madeleine-McCann-Fund-Raiser-Event-Kate-And-Gerry-Hold-Dinner-Raffle-Auction-In-West-London/Article/201001415536398?lpos=UK_News_First_Home_Page_Feature_Teaser_Region_0&lid=ARTICLE_15536398_Madeleine_McCann_Fund-Raiser_Event%3A_Kate_And_Gerry_Hold_Dinner%2C_Raffle%2C_Auction_In_West_London

    Prpaganda at SKY

  34. Anon 9, absolutely spot on, you mirrored my view exactly.

  35. The second worst punishment (after the non existent peace of mind)is that these two - so completely void of any charm and class - are forced to remain a couple ....

  36. Great article. Thank you Astro. I hope the Portuguese press print something similar in reply.

    Anon 13 - Susan Healy would be wishing god would love her daughter. Unfortunately its too late - her daughter has pledged herself to another god, mammon.

  37. @Anon3

    Well, they're always planning "long term "- envisaging " a one year anniversary" and "sooner than that" - so what's a month hey? That the thing with marketing and "champaigning", you have to look ahead... where normal parents would take a day at a time hoping it will be the day that finally brings a breakthrough in the search for their daughter, these two are busy budgeting for the year ahead. One would laugh if it wasn't so sad and sickening.

    @ Astro - excellent article

  38. I still refuse to believe that Branson and Rowling will attend this tasteless, to say the least, 'event'. As for that window man, I do not know.

  39. In a country where American corporate giants are allowed to re-shape our language unchallenged (Macdonalds calling the pound a 'bob' - a'bob' is a shilling, 5 pence, is now and always will be) is it any wonder that those with money can get away with losing a child through their own incompetence and then blame jsut about everyone else?!

    In the UK, those with money do not look after their children, they expect it to be done for them. The McCanns are typical of those who have trophy children, left late in life to allow the excuses for parents to have as much 'fun' as possible before producing the expected heirs to make sure they keep they hands through their next generation.

    This is why the UK media 'personalities' support the McCanns, they will have done the same - leaving their children unattended whislt they enjoy wining and dining with their pals. JK Rowling was a single mother - but I doubt she was underprivaleged (she was a School teacher living abroad - Portugal I believe!) and had access to money and no doubt to nannies or maybe she used a creche...or a 'listening service' herself.

    Remember, these are not 'ordinary' placed people - they are 'money'. Money born from talent? Not many of them actually are - for example Fiona Phillips has what skills exactly...able to lay on her back is about it! Dont forget - in the UK its not what you know but who you know and very few of the rich actually earned it by their own efforts...and with access to education increasingly based on ability to pay, little wonder that people like Gerald McCann and his pointless spouse, hot lips Healey, pass exams and end up in positions to which they are clearly insufficiently qualified to hold down.

    But to use their daughter in this way is unforgiveable and is surely the limit reached?

  40. poster 38 ,according to what I read somewhere ,Branson is letting them use his place free of charge for the pi$$ up

  41. Real genuine Catholics would never have been able to live in peace with their consciences racked with the knowledge they are harbouring lies, and worse still continuing to deliberately live and manipulate these lies.
    To plan,organize and pay others to assist them in these lies would surely eventually cause shocking racking inner guilt and torment for a genuine Catholic? Catholisism is all about Confession......How do these two narcissist people envisage their future when they have moved on in death?

  42. Does that Lazzeri woman from the Sun know any other words than 'vile'?
    Apart from its anagram Evil, that is all she ever seems to say about any one who disputes her heroes. She seems to have such a limited vocabulary, perhaps she is not that well educated? Maybe that is why she works for the Sun.

    Apart from that she has plugged the book Faked Abduction. I am off to the website now to see if it is available yet.Thanks for that Lazzeri Woman!!!!

  43. http://fakedabduction.com/

    I think its a spoof, but it makes its point very effectively!

  44. I'll get back to my researches while the bash goes on. Starting with McCs visit to Sagres on May 28th-later reported 28/29th, the Laurenco statement, the beach bar at Burgau, the search at the Sol e Mar/Solimar on May 5th, the Polish couple, the Carpenter statement.... keys are important to the McCanns.

  45. read dailymail online about u turn on Dr.Kelly post mortem..and read the comments regarding cover up..so its not just the mc.canns.. I think that one day the internet will clean up the whole of the sorry state of britains so called justice system

  46. What a wonderful piece, Astro! Thank you. A proper homage to Madeleine. God bless!

  47. How can parents "celebrate",there daughters 1000 missing-day,the weirdest thing I have ever heard.

  48. Is Lazzeri a parent? If she has, I wonder if she has managed to hang on to her kids - or if she has been lucky so far!

    Is it 'freedom of expression; for people like her to be able to spread her undeducated ill informed vitriol whilst the opposing views are banned through courts which look after the rich? Democracy in the UK, probably in the world, is incomplete and corrupt - money should not determine access to fundamental freedoms yet it clearly does.

  49. I have posted this on timesonline. Let's see if it's censored:

    If my own daughter had been missing for 1000 days and someone I employ at great expense had told me where she was (in a lair 10 miles from Praia da Luz), would I be partying in London?
    Would I be raising money (for what?) when the police can do the search free of charge if I asked them to reopen the case?
    Something isn't right in this case.

  50. LBC's Steve Allen usually tells it how it is.

    His colleague James O'Brien said he 'fancies' Kate McCann, revealing how shallow he is - ignorant too, yet allowed to spout forth his half cocked ill thought through opinions to the world. He is rude, obnoxious and can only win an argument by cutting off his opponent!

  51. Its such a shame they are releasing a thousand points of light - people will start to think they`re involved in the occult.

  52. 10. Nobody entrusted with our right to freedom of expression has the guts to stand up to their employers or the McCanns (with their battery of lawyers).

    About time we, the people, were given sovereignty through a written constitution and given back our right to free expression (if we ever actually had such a right!).

  53. The McCann's are totally deluded if they think they have the majority of public support - I feel genuinely sorry for the people they have duped along the way including their new poet friend Simon Armitage...

    if any of their celebrity backers took the time to actually read some of the files and McCann's statements, they would run for cover.

    Instead of slinking away under an unturned stone, the McCann's have chosen to brazenly flaunt their "innocence" - their love of the limelight will be their final undoing

  54. Armitage (poet)is freind of Emma Loach (McCann documentary)....works with Mentorn....Mentorn chief exec freinds with Esther McVey...Esther McVey ex fund director...personal freind of Kate McCann from tech college.

    These people are influential PR and media players (and that's before we get onto Mitchell) add in three multi millionaires.
    It's amaral v the British media and establishment. The 'truth'whatever these people believe genuinely or otherwise is not high on the 'wider agenda'.

  55. 1000 days is a bit random, dont people usually only mark anniversaries - Madeleines birthday for example?

    Any excuse to find an opportunity o grab a bit more money for their lawyers...nothing to do with any fairytale 'search'!

    They should demand the case is opened in the UK as a police investigation - I wonder why they dont (oh, I forgot, its not what a criminal WOULD do is it!).

  56. YES ......"!
    timesonline have published my comment questioning the McCanns partying.


  57. If the McCanns are innocent, if the Portuguese police have shelved their case, what would you - as a parent - do?

  58. to anon 28: I tried to watch the video, but could not stick it out to the end. The lies, backed up by the body language, hurt.

  59. Branson is auctioning flights, and JK Rowling, signed books, what more do we need to know these 2 are totally sick.

  60. :)]

    Kensington Roof Gardens (owned by Ricard Branson's Virgin) is located opposite the Evening Standard building off Kensington High Street. Three minutes walk from Kensington High Street tube Station. Do a right as you exit the station.

    The access to the venue will probably be cordoned off by the police. If you have a press card you might just be able to get through. Say you are going to the Evening Standard and hang there.

    From the "Evening Standard" door you have a perfect view of the entrance to the building where the "Roof" is located. Imagining you wish to take a pic. A souvenir.

    Please DON'T DO as they did in another event (some other case) where people started to drop tomato ketchup on the pavement, walls, etc. - quite a sight! By the time the usual suspects arrived the all street seemed covered with blood. Not a nice sight. Please DON'T do that!

  61. Great news another book out, on the fake abduction


  62. Anon 38 - Rowling is heavily involved - she prepares the minds of children. Branson controls, well, easier to say `what doesn`t he control`?

  63. poster 35... so very true. A fate worse than death, but a very fitting life long punishment for two people who thought leaving children of 2 and 3 years of age to look after themselves in an unlocked dark apartment was an ok thing to do, even after they knew the children had been crying. Horrifyingly selfish and cruel behaviour, IMO.

    They can attend as many celebrity functions as they like, but they still have to wake up to cold reality every morning and look at each other and read in each other's face the knowledge of what they did.

  64. Joana interesting clip on GMTV interview about PJ and taking another look at the files with MWT, says Mcs should be open and work with the PJ


  65. Perhaps the next 'star studded party' will be for the poor employees of the Mark Warner Ocean Club that lost their jobs because of 'the abduction.'
    Repeat after me ''Dream On...''

  66. Further to my posting in 60...

    :|Oops! Forgot to check for the back door access to the "Garden"! There is probably one and it is probably through there that the VIP's will enter (if there is are crowds outside) Watch out for an alternative change. This would mean that you would not be able to get your souvenir pic from the Evening Standard entrance but then again you might.

    Remember NO tomato ketchup please - or stink devices! A friend of mine is telling me that there is a gags' shop down Kensington High Street on the right hand side (near Holland Park) where they sell party stink bombs. I am trying to dissuade her not to stink the area. We would all have to bear the foul smell b-( Please be sensible.

    Could someone else reading this posting check if there is a back entrance to the venue? I am not in the neighborhood right now. Not before 6 PM.

  67. This probably isn't the right place to put this but gmtv this morning said that the McC's PI's were in PdL last week looking for.... Raymond Hewitt..........
    I thought I was seeing things


  68. @ 28

    Thanks for the link. I said this the other day about McCann not being the intelligent person he is made out to be.

    This video shows once again what a clown McCann is. He cannot even grasp the basic language of English. He stutters all the way through this video.

  69. MWT said on GMTV that 'an independant person' should be given to the case, it should be opened and the McCanns should co-operate with the investigation - not sure he meant it, but infers they werent co-operating!

    He thought that the investigation should focus on PDL, he is right...the place to start an investigation is at the beginning....personally I think it vital to start with a reconstruction - a real one and not a publicity exercise for the McCanns to abuse!

  70. 59....Branson and JK Rowling need their stupid heads testing! Didnt they pay attention to the court case in Portugal?

    How very odd that they are so tightly linked to the neglectors.

    Either they are totally stupid to misread public opinion about the McCanns or they have some other reason to protect them.

    Is there some dark secret here...JK Rowling is particularly interesting (Branson is a barrow boy, she is in theory more intelligent). I suppose she might just have used their child care methods or shifted a cadaver or two!

  71. The money from any auction should be diverted to unicef and not go into the McCanns pocket for their lawyers.

    I hope to god that the Portuguese judiciary dont let us down!

  72. Is Rowling actually going or what? Normally she is quite an aloof person. It would be a hell of a thing if she was mad enough to turn up for this bash.
    And can someone explain to me what is the point of releasing 1000 lanterns? Is the abductor going to say "well I've got away with it for two and a half years but now some people have released 1000 lanterns I'd better go to the nearest police station and confess." ??
    Publicity stunts don't catch criminals, it's all slight of hand.

  73. Hewitt isn't dying quick enough for the p.i.'s liking

  74. @ Anonymous 10
    I think that accuracy is crucial. Discredit is the threat.
    According to ? from Sky News, they got the news around 8h the next morning, through some MC friend or family.
    Now, since KM was so sure MM couldn't have wandered off, since she had no doubt about the abduction, one would logically expect the MC to phone (or ask someone to phone) the emergency number immediately. The waiting more than half an hour to alert the police seems to have been used to call family and friends. Psychologically comforting may be, but prejudicial to the search of Madeleine certainly.

  75. The McCanns officially declared that they would never stop playing their "collecting money to search for Madeleine" game filled of celeb parties and conference speeches.
    They clearly don't want to re-open official investigations either in Portugal or in UK and apparently they are the reason of Madeleine's disappearance - directly or indirectly.
    I am just wondering as Madeleine is Ward of Court - perhaps her guardian would be able to require re-opening the case?

  76. No.57, since you ask............ I would have co-operated with the PJ in the first place and been happy to answer any & all questions. I would have felt easier knowing an experienced man like Dr. Amaral was on the case. I would have attended a reconstruction. If any of my friends refused the reconstruction I would use anything I could muster to persuade them to go, but if they still refused I would have turned up at the police station in Portugal, on the correct day, and pleaded for the reconstruction to go ahead anyway. I would have allowed access to phone, banking and medical records. I would have requested the PJ re-opened the case at the earliest opportunity after they announced it was archived, I would have requested that the British Police investigiate aswell by filing a missing persons report in the UK. I would have gone back to Justice Hoggs, the court appointed guardian and constantly badgered her to liaise with the PJ and UK police. I would have also approached my MP to take up the case on my behalf.If all else failed I would be out in PDL knocking on doors myself. I would have done all this willingly if I was innocent since I would have nothing to hide. That is assumimg of course that the guilt of having neglected her hadn't killed me or put me in a loony bin first. But to drink champagne at a celebrity bash- No Stomach Unchurned by Mr & Mrs McCann. Innocent? My arse!!

  77. SKY have confirmed that Rowling and Branson will be present...I would imagine that SKY has the Exclusive..The Mccanns arriving in style...

    I think we should realise that the Mccanns will be spending the day getting themselves glammed up for the evening...Madeleine will be the last thing on their mind..Kate excited about her guests mccann with his after dinner speech.

    I think we should all cool off and maybe go out ourselves this evening with the ones we love and forget about the mccanns and the next crime they are about to commit this evening...FRAUD..

    The stench of the Mccanns is beginning to impregnate all of our skins.

  78. Anonymous 57, you ask "If the McCanns are innocent, if the Portuguese police have shelved their case, what would you - as a parent - do?"

    Hmmm .... well I'd formally request that the Portuguese Authorities re-open the case (which they HAVE to do if the family request it), then I would kick the asses of all my so called 'friends' back to PDL for a police orchestrated re-construction, I'd allow the Portuguese authorities full access to ALL of my affairs, would answer absolutely EVERY question put to me by the investigating authorities and in short would co-operate fully with whatever the PJ thought should be done ......

    What I WOULDN'T be doing, is sucking up to useless celebrities for money, littering various countries/seas with dangerous wire from sky lanterns, suing anyone who dares to read the police files and draw their own conclusions and generally indulging in behaviours which are of no practical use in actually finding out what happened to my daughter.

    No doubt though you can find some rational explanation as to why two supposedly educated people haven't chosen to go down my suggested path :-/


  79. timesonline still taking comments... read interesting one from a woman doctor who is obviously not stupid

  80. To 57.

    The answer to this question is actually dead simple.

    1.I would plead with the Portuguese police to reopen the investigation (indeed I'd have pleaded with them not to shelve the case in the first place), if they required I attend a reconstruction, I would, if they required I answer 48 questions (even if my lawyer advised me not to) I would.

    2.If I wanted to completely clear my name I'd publicly submit to undergo a polygraph test.

    3. If I didn't trust the Portuguese to investigate fairly, I'd publicly demand a high profile political intervention to insist that a joint active British / Portuguese investigation including the Met was instigated to review the evidence and proceed with the case.

  81. anon @54 you say its Amaral versus british media and establishment

    you should have said "Amaral and the internet"

  82. aacg -

    You seem adept at making these suggestions which sound critical of the McCanns but in reality maintain the possibility of abduction.

    I'm not sure why. Do you really think there was an abduction?

    And why do you think they all didn't immediately organise a search in the direction taken by the alleged abductor as seen by Jane Tanner, who immediately revealed the sighting after 10pm, having been told, allegedly, that Madeleine had gone missing.

  83. Not entirely on topic, depending on your view of Gordon Browns involvement with the child neglectors - but if you have a divide between members of the Northern Ireland executive, dont send Brown to sort it out - he will come back empty handed,,,the guy jsut isnt up to the job of being a Minister let a lone a Prime Minister!

    To stay on topic, whilst the McCanns, branson and Rowling stuff their greedy faces, children die in Haiiti!

    Why is that? Branson and Rowling think lawyers need your money and child abusers deserve defending. If you are thinking of buying anything which puts money into Virgin or into rowling (any Harry Potter merchandise) think twice - you are putting money into the pockets of supporters of neglect and child abuse and the ifnancial divide between rich and the rest of us.

  84. Well look like it's working. Is there anything about Hallegen in the papers?

  85. When i posted earlier about MWT i meant to add thanks to Astro for a very good piece of writing.

  86. 74 aacg..
    How abnormal is that though! who would call friends & family first if a child had gone missing in the way they described?.

    The very first thing I would do is call the police as quickly as possible and immediately after go out searching till I was physically unable to search any longer.

    Bullshit by the bucket load from the very first minute, and it continues to this very day.
    Lies and deceipt from the very begining, anyone reading through the files (even with a low IQ) can see this, so do so many choose to be so blind?.

  87. Maddie looks through the bars tonight
    And sees the lanterns burning bright
    Paedoman tortures her with the thought
    Those are what your mummy bought

    So are they here looking for me?
    No, they've stayed in London at a jamboree
    Will they come to find me soon?
    Good God no, we employ a buffoon

    Why are you leaving me here in this place?
    Well, its more important to show our face
    We need to be with the stars
    You've come to no harm
    Behind your bars.....

  88. @ Dimsie
    Why not having dinner with rich ones in order to raise money for the Fund ? The bad taste here is they pretend, this way, commemorate Madeleine's disappearing.
    The MC are catching the celebrities by their weak point : the irresistible pleasure to show off.

  89. I wonder who is looking after the twins while the wining and dining is going on?

  90. @ Astro
    Thank you for putting some points on some "i" ! The MC just believe that money makes the world go around. They are not unique to believe this, we must acknowledge...

  91. 76, David Payne is looking after the twins.

  92. 88, David Payne is looking after the twins.

  93. Halligen will serve the dinner, for free.
    And wash the dishes.
    He has to pay back the McCann's money he spent.

  94. The postman's just delivered a piece of junk mail inviting me to migrate to Virgin media for a rolling mobile phone contract.
    Went straight in the bin!!

  95. To Madeleine on the 1000th day since her disappearance. Not because it is a 1000 days - what difference does this figure make?.. yesterday it was 999 days and tomorrow it will be 1001 and so on.. but because in ALL THESE days we still don't know where or how she is.. or what happened to her.. or what she's been through..
    God love her.

  96. Rowling's latest book:
    Kate McCann and the Half-Rubbed Prints

  97. @ Anonymous 86
    Wouldn't you call your Mummy ? First the police, then your Mum ? So would I too.

  98. Annon 76

    But the very FIRST thing i would have done, was scour the neighbourhood, on my hands and knees if thats what it took, THAT NIGHT and the next and the next to look for my child. Someone would have to drag me back indoors for a rest and food, and even if i had to return to the UK, i would make it my business to return to PDL at least once a year to continue searching.

  99. 1000 days a child is missing. What a celebration!

  100. Will Gary Glitter be one of the celebrities attending?

  101. @ Anonymous 82
    We can't totally exclude the abduction though it obviously didn't happen as they said (through the window) nor was M taken from her bed. But M may have wandered off and met someone. The probability is very low but can't be discarded.
    I don't exclude as well the possibility of a car accident (M was small, the street dark) and panic.
    Concerning the search, I think all were mainly worried about concealing their neglect. This denotes selfishness, it doesn't prove anything else.

  102. @ Anonymous 98
    So would I. Of course. But we have to admit that some human beings wouldn't and all we can is try to understand them.

  103. It started with a party and it continues with a party. They are going to need more than the half a million pounds left in the fund before this ends. Their tastes are expensive, their appetites insatiable; being the world's first celebrity bad parents is an expensive business. I fear a lot more parties are sure to follow.

    Expect things to continue until the lies start to unwind in the civil courts prompting the re-opening of the investigation. Whilst that is happening, no doubt the PR nonesense will become more and more strident; we'll just have to put up with it I'm afraid.

    Respect? Unlike the Portuguese who led the real search for their missing daughter, they do not know the meaning of the word.

  104. Anon 57 As a parent what would i do?
    Well i'm a mother of three and grandmother of 2 and my child would not be missing, because i would not have left her/him on their own, end of story. And don't tell me they made a mistake, they did it every night bar one, so it wasn't a mistake, it was a pattern of behaviour, the pattern being, 'I don't give a fuck about my kids' as long as i'm so into my friends.

  105. Gerry McCann and the Chamber of Sim Cards

  106. aacg,
    what about the dogs in the second possibility?

  107. aacg 101, sorry you're wrong, K Mc says there is no way Maddie could have wondered off, so that blows that out the water. What we are really left with is either Manslaughter due to negligence or Murder, take your pick, i really don't mind either way, what i do mind about is an innocent child being denied a decent burial, and i do mind that the perpetrators and their cohorts are getting away with it.

  108. Bravo! Astro and thank you for another great post.
    Dinners is what the McCanns do best, I'm afraid. Maybe they should open a restaurant together with their friends. No kids allowed, just leave them in an unlocked holiday apartment, crying for hours, that'll be fine, thank you. "Kate'n'Gerry's Responsible Parenting Back Garden", hows that for a name?
    Special of the day: Sardines, Praia da Luz style.

  109. Edit my last post to add, and i do mind that a decent police officer and a whole country have been maligned.

  110. poster 104
    My Mother had a saying which is very true "Anyone can make a mistake once ,more than once it is a habit" how very true ?

  111. Look HOW IRONIC THE LIFE IS..... When the neglect parents are having an enjoyable dinner to raise money and commemorate 1000days without Madeleine, at PDL ordinary people, most very care parents are going to a mass, to pray for a child which they never meet and they believe, is dead and need their prayers.

    Mr. Gerry, since you don't know who kidnap your child and where she is, how free you look by announcing to the world trough several papers and TVs that you are having a very ASTRAL Dinner today, when you have 2 more child's which can be targeted by the same ring of abductors. Every time you announce that events, you put your other child's at risk, but you don't care because you know well that an abduction never happened at PDL on May 2007 and it is the most improbable nightmare that you can went trough tonight, or every other nights that you spend out of your twins during the last 2 and half years. THIS IS WHY NOBODY BELIEVE ON YOUR STORIES ANYMORE. TOO HARD, TOO MUCH TO BELIEVE. BUT OF-COURSE, it is impossible to have a GOOD LIFE with money which come only from a honest work....The Fund must go on, you still have a yacht to buy, a private jet... of-course, very important tools to look after Madeleine.
    WONDER HOW MUCH WINE AND SPIRITS WILL DROP TONIGHT, as a rain of cheers, in the middle of the caviar and the cold atmosphere at LONDON'S NIGHT. I WILL NOT BUY ANY HARRY POTTER BOOK ANYMORE OR WATCH A MOVIE ABOUT THAT CHARACTER. MY CHILDS SHOULD LEARN how to protect themselves from child neglect supporters.

    At the beginning, somebody said that the mccann's will ruin the life of everybody they meet or touch. ABSOLUTLY TRUE!!!

  112. Estes especimes ( Mccann's) sao peixe que literalmente, morre pela boca....

  113. @ Anonymous 106
    You're right, the dogs' findings low those probabilities. But don't suppress them totally...

  114. Maybe - but only maybe - with this 'celebration' the McCann will 'hit the bottom' (I admit I have thought so many times before, but this is so comptelely tasteless that I wonder if they can sink any deeper).

  115. 104,
    What would you do now, though?
    (apart from be a grandmother who uses bad language?)

  116. I'm a British ex-pat living in Luz. Thank you for this blog, thank you for speaking out for us, who are afraid, to this very day, of speaking about this case. Justice for little Madeleine will be made. God bless.

  117. 111,
    How did the McCanns get rich?
    Sometimes people seem to go off on such a tangent that they lose the thread!

  118. How sadly ironical, JK Rowling, a writer, supporting a couple that wants to see books burned. Infinitely sad.

  119. Good piece Astro.

    That was my first thought when I read that the party is to say thank you to those who helped search for Madeleine. I thought for a minute that Branson had donated free air tickets to the residents of PdL who took time off work to search for Madeleine, while her parents improved their tennis. Stupid old me.

    Not only is Madeleine's life lost, they have sold her as a way of making money for themselves. Whatever you think is the reason behind this blatent cover up and national scandal, they have sold the twins too, their lives may not have been lost, but any kind of future surely will be forever scarred.

  120. A couple of weeks ago, President Obama said: There ARE evil people in the world. This 27 January, 2010, it is not only the Holocaust Day which makes his words seem very true.

  121. To Astro,thank you for another fine posting,you say so well what we all think and feel.

    Now,posh get-together for slap-up meal in London,its cringe-making for all people with any sense of decency. The tone of this nonsense is almost celebratory! A tragedy should be marked by a Commemoration of the date and event,not by a pseudo Celebration involving only the rich and famous. The people who searched for Madeleine were the ordinary and good people of Portugal-------not a bunch of "Lounge Lizards"!

    From time to time, somebody in the McCann circle invokes God's help,religion for the Doctors McCann appears to be something of a movable feast! If they really wish for God's help,I suggest that they find the nearest church,kneel in front of the High Altar and say the following: Mea-culpa,Mea-culpa,Mea-maxima-culpa!(for those not familiar with Church Latin)---Through my fault,Through my fault,Through my grievous fault! This should be said whilst beating ones breast with the clenched right fist. If you say this and MEAN IT, perhaps God will help you both to finally tell the truth. Until you can, please stop calling on God to impress people! There is nothing worse than a "Whited Sepulchre".

  122. Bloody good post, Astro.

  123. On the 1000 day that Maddie is gone, a poignant reminder and a great post from Astro. Joana and the team will be rewarded when this sorry saga comes to an end

  124. Interesting to read no more "abduct" in the news, but "disappear" or "vanish", also to read comments, and what kind of comments.
    But what about CEOP yesterday? And about Halligen today?

  125. Judge Maria Gabriela must get informed that it is obvious that the McCanns want money.
    This dinner is one example.
    It is indecent what they are doing.

    Is Brown coming?
    Oh, no, he was not helping to find Madeleine.
    He was helping the other way around.

  126. Respect, just like common sense and decency, have left the building a long time ago.
    Every day that goes by, Justice draws closer. And they know it.
    Great post, btw.

  127. http://www.euroweeklynews.com/2010012771754/news/heart-of-andalucia/sevilla-january-24-marked-a-year-since-the-disappearance-and-brutal-murder-of-marta-del-castillo.html

    Maybe we could also spare a thought for Marta..her body still has not been found.

  128. aacg - Maybe an abduction of a DEAD body, yes, but I think the dog`s evidence confirms she died and that she was probably stored in a freezer and they transported her somewhere else 23 days later. And I think the panic for them is that they lost her body - someone who knows their game removed the body (and could be blackmailing them). This is why the can say with impunity that they are still looking for her - its a strong possibility that they are still looking for her dead body.

  129. What idiots will go to this bash - their vanity blinds their reason.

    My advice to you all - DON`T GO - but if you have to go - DON`T EAT ANY OF THE FOOD.

  130. Is Robbie Coltraine invited and if so will he be going as Hagrid or Cracker?

  131. They are having a party for the fact that she is missing. I wonder what the child would think of that?

    No matter how much money they take from people it will make no difference, it just delays the inevitable and keeps up the pretence. Its a disgrace to waste good money on so called detectives when the real Police could do the job for nothing. The problem with that is the real Police would find the truth. The pretendy detectives are just trying to fit up some person, probably Hewlett eventually, and the real cops would not oblige. I cannot believe how many stupid people people cannot even see what they are up to. It will all come to an end some day, nothing lasts forever.

  132. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqIHsrUwNC4

    ITN 38 minutes ago

  133. In some ways the crimes the McCanns are about to commit (at tonight's dinner) are their most brazen yet.

    If press reports are correct, and both JK Rowling and Sir Richard Branson show up, it is difficult to see how they could leave without bidding or contributing in some substantial way.

    At those moments the McCanns will publicly defraud two of the UK's most popular and generous individuals - as outrageous a crime as any they have committed so far.

    It really is a stretch to imagine what goes through the tiny minds of Kate and Gerry McCann at times like this.

    But increasingly this is looking like ending in further tragedy.

  134. Thank you for this Astro and how very true.

    All of this is so tasteless, so why are we surprised? One stunt after another to keep their PR game and the marketing of Madeleine going.

    Hopefully there will be a big backlash for the McCanns from those who have donated quite a bit of time and money and not been invited because they are not considered rich enough.

    People can be very miffed if they don't also get an invite to the party. Especially those well heeled, better off people, who somehow aren't considered well off enough for the McCanns.

    As for most the rest in the UK, the McCanns themselves have become a big yawn, and they still think they should have been prosecuted for leaving their kids while they went out for the night.

    They know that if they had done they same, they would have been.

  135. John again,

    it is surely no coincidence that the mass murderer with the most victims in British History was a doctor!

    Doctors are taught to be 'right' - taught to have confidence in their ability and expressing their opinions - otherwise we (the poor public) would ask for second, third and forth opinions every time we had flu.

    Gerry and Kate are not used to being contradicted. They do not take on board other people's opinions - they just dismiss them.

    95% of UK citizens have the intelligence to be Doctors - they just choose to do other things - after all - we cannot all be doctors.

    Tonight we (the poor public) remember Madeleine - Ben needham and others.

    We look at our own kids and think how lucky we are that they are safe etc.

    Gerry and Kate are wrong about many things but one in particular.

    Regardless of whether people think Madeleine is alive or dead - one thing is for sure - everyone wants her found so that the truth comes out.

    If she is dead - she is still worth looking for and finding - we as a society owe it to her and to future generations - we search for the truth.

    Too much already........

  136. I doubt whether Robbie Coltraine will be considered rich enough and he doesn`t have much influence on the general public. I reckon it will be people who impress the typical Sun reader,like footballers, fashionistas, Jordan, dodgey members of parliament, corrupt policemen etc.

  137. Loved your post Astro. Will the McCanns feel ashamed when they read it? NO!

    RIPM, you are much better than Armitage.

  138. Dimsea post 30
    Exellant, why dont these idiots relise what they are doing they constantly make such bad mistakes..........or do they? are they just rubbing everyones noses in it, PJ, LP, and Gordon Brown look we have all these people supporting us, so fcuk off you cant touch us now were home and dry.

  139. @ anti-philo

    The sums of money that are going to be raised by selling the tickets will be small in comparison to the possible sums of money they could raise if they have negotiated a deal with HELLO or OK magazine to cover the event.

    So if that happens then I suppose it's possible a better price could be negotiated if there are a few celebrities to put in the magazine as opposed to the residents of PDL.

  140. For aacg,

    Actually you are wrong that defending themselVES is juSt a selfish act, it is an act which may have prevented Madeleine from being found. Nobody actually knows when Madeleine went missing, at what time that night (not forgetting of course that it might not have been that nigh, but I'll try to stay on my point!). Remeber that all experts agree that the first few minutes and hours are the most important if a child is to be recovered.

    By not being honest that they didnt actually check the children (Gerry and Kate claim the friends checked their children, this is obviously a lie, as no one helps friends without expecting those friends to help too, or are we to beleive that the McCanns were some kind of royalty to the others and their children got everyone helping, yet they didn thelp their friend in return? What rubbish)!

    There are two options here (once we have accepted the truth of the inadequate checking and the lies to cover that up - which I am saying is a self evident truth):

    (1) They lied to defend themselves, putting Madeleine at greater risk.

    (2) They lied to defend themselves, knowing that Madeleine was not in any greater risk, because they knew where she was.

    If (1) is true, they are despicable - but didnt dispose of a cadaver - neglect for only checking once (if they checked at all).

    If (2) they are guilty of disposing of a cadaver (and of course, neglect).

    Personally I beleive it is the second option and I beleive that Amaral is correct, as the first option does not explain the cadaver scents - and I trust the dogs.

    I believe they used sedation and Madeleine had an accident (choked on her own vomit or fell down the steps) and this is why they had to dispose of the corpse - their careers would have been over. Possibly they tried to revive her and screwed it up (maybe Kate did, neither of them give me any confidence in relation to their intelligence and likely professional capabilities - I'd love to see their appraisments or hear from some of Kates patients!).

    In short, I believe they are criminals of the worse type, as they harmed or their actions resulted in harm to, a child.

    How Rowling and Branson and others arent able to put these lines of thought together for themselves I do not know, especially Rowling.

    It makes you wonder who actually came up with the Harry Potter plots!

  141. Faked Abduction is mentioned in the Metro.
    Comments being taken.

  142. http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/article-23799141-lanterns-mark-1000th-day-since-madeleine-mccann-went-missing.do

    Where is my comment? It is not puplished:

    "How strange, they celebrate an abduction of a child! Or do they celebrate themselves?"
    Beata, Germany

  143. Slightly OT

    Can any of our Portuguese hosts and guests tell us what your media is saying about this event, and the CEOP conference yesterday?

  144. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2826061/Kate-McCann-Our-1000-days-without-Maddie.html

    Tell her what you think...


  145. aacg at 101

    You say:

    "Concerning the search, I think all were mainly worried about concealing their neglect. This denotes selfishness, it doesn't prove anything else."

    Oh yes, it does. If you believe that THEY believed that Madeleine had been abducted - as they must have done, unless they have all been lying - then it MUST mean that although Jane Tanner had, at 10pm or soon after, reported seeing the abductor and the direction in which he taking Madeleine, they decided to ignore that - left her to her fate whatever that might be and organised no search in that direction, whilst they got together their stories of child care through the evening.

    Now I may not like the Tapas 9 but I don't think any of them are probably capable of that in the circumstances you describe.

    Something doesn't add up at all. Look at it from their point of view - it would have been imperative to find Madeleine. If she was found, then the issue of neglect can take a back seat. but they made no effort to find her despite this strong lead from Jane Tanner.

  146. Anonymous said... 57

    "If the McCanns are innocent, if the Portuguese police have shelved their case, what would you - as a parent - do?"

    Anon 57 the case IS shelved. I would never have allowed that to happen if I was innocent. If I was not innocent and thought more about saving myself then I would let it be shelved. I would never ask for it to be re-opened because I would know the investigation would lead right back to me. I would probably say to anyone who asked me why I was not exercising my rights and my child's rights to have the case re-opened "it does not matter if the case is re-opened or not all that matters is I needs loads of other peoples money to save my sorry ass and pay my legal fees and I need money to hire expensive libel lawyers to sue everyone who says I am to blame...er I mean the Charity is running low and I've spent so much money pretend...er yer know trying to find my findable child and that is all that matters. I would hope that no fresh evidence is ever found for the case to be re-opened because if I was a spineless coward who thought more about myself than my precious child I would be sh ! tt ! ng myself every second of every day and if there was even a hint of anyone exposing me for the neglectful, uncaring, barsteward of a parent I was I would make sure my Liar for Hire spun in the UK Press/Media the opposite of every negative thing that was ever hinted at about me. I would make sure my libel lawyer sent out injunctions and super-injunctions quicker than I could say sue. I would try and associate myself with organisations that are supposed to have children's interests at heart. I would make sure the organisation/s enabled my fairytale that my child was abducted. By doing that I would have the perfect vehicle to lie, lie and lie. My wider agenda would be to control a whole nation. The nation would have to believe my thesis that has absolutely no evidence to support it is genuine. If they did not then I would get my lawyers to send the threats of legal action and sueing and then settle out of court. I would also ban the internet users of that nation from discussing my case on the internet as I would intend, via my association with child safety organisations, to be able to control what people publish! Then I would have a big party with all my new found friends and hope they give me more dosh because I need loads and loads of it from now until I die otherwise I will have no power to control the situation! The wider agenda once the UK is under my control would be to do the same to the whole of Europe!

    Fortunately for my children anon 57, I am not a spineless, selfish, cowardly neglectful parent!

  147. Astro - so sorry, I gave credit for your article to Joana!


  148. Jen 37 -

    It seems pretty clear the McCanns were not expecting to see their daughter again with all the different dates scheduled for a 'Maddie' day (or I should say Kate and Gerry day) since the day she disappeared. Why else was the Fund set up almost overnight when they couldn't possibly have known whether she would be found that night, the following day, or whenever. It must have been planned from the start and, in my opinion, it's all been a complete sham from day one.

  149. @ Anonymous 141
    I think I see your point and I agree partly with you. Only partly, because I'm not sure that you take enough into account the terrible confusion that M's disappearance created. When I say "they were mainly worried", I don't mean of course that they weren't worried about M, but that some unconscious guilt for leaving little children alone must have emerged immédiately, the tendency in this case being to justify oneself at all costs.
    JT, as you know, had no guts to be the one to reveal M's parents she saw a child carrier and told it to RO (?) who told it to FP (?)... All this, in the middle of the confusion and searching done by the tapas and some other people, took a certain time and when they could have gone searching in the direction indicated by JT, the police was there.
    Anyhow I agree that the normal sequence should have been : JT suddenly screams "Gosh..." and all immediately follow the direction, running.
    Well, I'll repeat what I said before : selfishness = me first
    You're not like this, neither me, but some people are and they're just also human beings.

  150. @127 You're right. You are absolutely right. It will all come to an end and that end is nearing. The only people who I have known to have "celebrated" something connected to the amount of 1000 is when Pele scored his 1000th goal.

    Ironically it was from the penalty spot and the McCanns have paid the ultimate penalty that has still to be red carded...and it will.

  151. Anon 115 your question is redundant, as for being a grandmother who uses bad language, yes, but not in front of my children or grandchildren, unlike Gerry McCann on the bus who said quote 'fuck off i'm not here to enjoy myself' in front of his and his friends children. Really is that the best you can come up with?
    aacg - sorry i should have said i think you are wrong, not you are wrong, apologies to you.

  152. aacg - something about your posts disturbs me. You seem keen to emphasise the humanity of the McCanns. We hardly need reminding that they are human beings, as was Adolf Hitler, Crippin, Sadam Hussein...the 9/11 bombers...Myra Hindley and Ian Brady....the fact that they are human beings does not absolve them from the fraud they are quite obviously (to many of us who have pieced together the logic)committing.

    By slewing the investigation they placed Madeleine in additional danger (if she was abducted). if she wasnt, then they are guilty of even worse crimes. Although I have heard people say 'they have suffered' I dont buy it as a defence. It matters not that their crime has also hurt them, there are legal sanctions which are designed to be applied to meet certain requirements, these have to be applied when a crime is committed. Being human does not serve as a defence in any law book I've read.

    How about a bit less defence and a little mroe consideration of the penalty madeleine and others have paid as a result of the McCanns actions and the example they are presenting (Karen Mathews and her child for example, foolish and mentally subnormal though they are, it was the example set by the McCanns that put them where they are now).

    They are destroying lives and committing a terrible fraud. Human or not, its hardly relevant.

  153. Post 115- Post 104 was probably making an ironic reference to Gerry saying F.... in front of the children on the holiday bus.

  154. Anon 115.

    If I'd lost my child because I'd sedated her and she'd choked on her own vomit or I'd left her alone, hoping my behavioural conditioning using a 'star chart' would keep her rooted in her bed when she awoke scared and alone, and she'd been abducted by a passing paedophile...I think I'd start a fund and call Sky and get lawyers and call in favours and persuade my pals to protect me - as they would be complicit (assuming they had used the same methods as me).

    In short, if I was the McCanns I'd be the McCanns, so I'd be a pretty nasty bit of work (whining Gerry McCann or Hot lips dumb blonde Healy, useless mother).

    You can't defend the McCanns behaviour by assuming we all would behave the way they did - some of us love spendding time with our kids and love the opportunity a holiday gives us to spend more time with them. The McCanns behaviour is alien to us, but maybe not alien to Rowling or Branson...I doubt they consider their children in the same way as ordinary folk who consider their children more important than making money!

  155. http://truthofthetruth.blogspot.com/2010/01/confrences.html

    Link to the CEOP conference

  156. I too, would have taken all the steps other posters here have outlined. I would have answered the "48 Questions", even if I thought I was in danger of being remanded in custody. As a grandmother, I would also have given visible support to my daughter in Lisbon, if I believed in her. Mrs Healy was nowhere to be seen.

  157. I think, if they buy 1000 lanterns, one costs 5,50 Euro = 5500 Euro

    17,60 Euro: 20 packs special protein biscuits for poor hungry children

    11,80 Euro: One child multi vaccine

    111 Euro: One hygiene kit, enough for 10 families water purification tabs, cans, soaps etc.

    194,20 Euro: A school for pupils and teachers. This metal box filled with pencils, exercise books, schoolbags etc.

    Is anyone of the tapas9 doctors travelling to Haiti?

    B., Germany

  158. Did someone say, regarding this ´'party', that bad taste couldn't sink lower? It can. See the 'poem' published in The Times. Amongst the McCann's many sins is that of encouraging third-rate writers .....


  159. http://truthofthetruth.blogspot.com/2010/01/confrences.html

    Link to CEOP Conference 26th Jan

  160. to 140
    Ms Rowling has had a disastrous marriage to a Portuguese man. She lived in Portugal for a while.
    So I reckon, this lady is out for personal vendetta . She is pouring her frustation and bad bile onto the citizens of this country.

  161. Quote

    William Donaldson of the FBI was up next, talking on the subject of false allegations of abduction. Interesting to be able to hear him compare the way things are done in the USA to how we do them. William serves on the FBI Child Abduction Rapid Deployment Team. He showed a very interesting PowerPoint and was able to give some insight into the minds of people who do this to their children, as in the Matthews case, normally the motivation is either money or publicity.

    Next up we have a break, all the good biscuits seem to have gone now and people are becoming restless, a constant stream of people going outside to take phonecalls.

    Next up we have Joe Sullivan a Psychologist who gave us a little bit more insight into the minds of wierdos.


    Followed by Mccann looked a little nervous ...I bet he did they had just described him...lol

  162. to nr. 57 and nr. 147 (wow)

    If...the parents took their responsebility, we probable would never heard about this case

  163. I think tonight is more about keeping their protection/lawyers fund topped up, what happens if the money runs out?, how will they pay for silencing/sueing anyone who dare object to the version of events.
    Their day will come, at the moment they're just buying time but time is running out.

  164. Has anyone noticed that since the hearing earlier this month that the number of posters on here and other forums/blogs has seemed to increase dramatically, I think it goes to show that when the publics eyes were opened by the news twitter on Sky a lot of people new to the facts did some searching.
    Hope sky will do the same in Feb!!

  165. 154 LoL .... I bet he thought f**k these guys know how to spot a bullshitter!, wonder if he opened his speech with those immortal lines..... "there is no evidence to suggest..blah..blah..blah"
    Where did you get that info from? can you post the link please.

  166. The pressure needs to be kept on to find out what happened to Kevin Halligen today. My betting is that a D notice has been slapped on reporting the case. The fact that it has been kept out of the public domain on Party Day is significant.

  167. Has anyone anything to report on Kevin Halligen? I believe he was to appear in court today. Thanks.

  168. 166...The link is above the post you refer to..@ 160

  169. She's worked so hard on this, God love her. Here's where tonight's fraud is taking place.


    Have a look around. Nice, isn't it? No wonder the press aren't invited tonight. They would probably blink at the way the McCanns are 'coping' with the loss of their first born.

    Suffer little children, indeed.

  170. aacg

    The investigators say Madeleine died in the apartment.

    Therefore there was no confusion about a disappearance, just a panic about how to cover up a death.

    When her death happened or how, we do not know, yet the cadaver scent in the boot of the car links the McCanns to the death.

    Unless you can explain how the best dogs in the world, who have worked on numerous cases and never been wrong, can have got it wrong with the McCann case, then stop trying to get us to think Madeleine might have been abducted.

    The way you write about this excludes the dogs, but you would have to, if you want us to believe in the McCann abduction fairy story wouldn't you.

  171. Sadly, I don't think the McCanns care much about what people think of them unless they are significant donors or they're vulnerable to a lawsuit.
    Nevertheless, I for one believe justice will eventually be served, despite the McCann's greedy antics.
    Good article, astro.

  172. @ Anonymous 153
    I don't apologize for disturbing you, I didn't mean to. I agree though with what you said or suggest at the end of your post : the MC with their media circus, CM, magnates' support, performative speech, sky lanterns etc. give a shameful model to less privileged people and stats should reveal that the abduction myth gained priority in case of a missing child.
    We can understand this attitude from primary people, not from educated ones. This is precisely why this case has to be studied conveniently.
    Do believe I have no sympathy for these people, I hate the way they looked at Portugal and at the Portuguese people when they discovered that this wasn't a Third World country finally and that the people weren't soft savages.

  173. Does anybody know of any way to get an update on the Halligen case?

    Rather a coincidence of dates! Too much of a coincidence?

  174. Liz,
    My point is that the McCanns are damned if they do and damned if they don't.
    If they didn't raise funds for the search then people would cry: Why don't they get off their backsides and do something?
    Because they use the media - as many do - to help achieve their goals they are damned too.
    What most seem to forget is this...there was not enough evidence to charge the McCanns over Madeleine's disappearance. That's a fact.
    I agree that they should not have left their children alone while they enjoyed an evening out. That is simply wrong.
    Because of that behaviour, which has rightly appalled most, people then want to believe they are guilty of something more sinister.
    Let's face it - if they are guilty of something more sinister - they did a damned good job of covering it up.
    Either that or the Portuguese police were inept?


  175. There are even records of lanterns launching !

  176. Re.
    David v.Goliath
    Amaral v. the McCanns and their powerful backers..Branson/Rowling et. al

    Just one question if I am permitted.

    IF the McCanns have heaped hardship/misery/insult and also a multi-million Euro police bill on Portugal..and IF the McCann's were implicated in the disappearance of the child..as the vast majority here believe..

    then I would expect Portuguese millionaires to take umbrage too and support Amaral to the hilt (whether they do it through middlemen or openly)

    Ronaldo earned 175000 pound a WEEK last year..he appealed for Madeleine's safe return if memory serves - so has probably more reason than most for having the McCanns (as some believe) besmirch the image of his beloved and proud Portugal.

    Surely he alone could fill Amaral's defence coffers from his petty-cash box.

    If not-why not ?


  177. 166: This report from the CEOP conference is a most likely to be a hoax. Always be wary of posters / bloggers that promise information and leave you waiting.........

  178. Quanto rendeu o jantar de corjas? Será que mais alguém planeia fazer um pacto com o Diabo, perder um filho numa zona balnear pacata e montar um negócio milionário, indestrutível porque já não há corpo para ser encontrado? Até onde se pode ir para escapar às malhas da justiça? Um filho já lá vai, quem dá mais...?

  179. Since we are at the Fuck word, what do you think of the fact that the British press gave such a relevance to GA's "Fala com os McCann" immediately translated to "Fuck the McCanns", and absolutely no mention to Gerald's "Fuck off I'm not here to enjoy myself" in front of their young children? Should we demand, in name of all fairness and equality of treatment that they should also publish Gerald McCann's swearing?

  180. Did Gerry get a standing ovation?

    Or is that only from his Mason pals.

  181. Maybe the CEOP is being canny, by inviting McCann thye have a great opportunity to closely examine a child abuser and listen to someone who has actually constructed a false abduction - lets face it, some of these people will be astute professionals and willl not have bought the McCanns fairy tale...may even be there just to examine him.

  182. The peom that Simon Armitage has written is actually a very good poem.

    But it is a pity he didn't have the opportunity to talk to the official investigators on the case, and he might have then written a comepletely different one.

  183. http://latestnews.virginmedia.com/news/uk/2010/01/27/mccanns_mark_madeleine_milestone?showCommentThanks=true#commentForm

    Amazingly, this site seems to be allowing some balance in the views posted!

  184. So Rowling is pejudiced against Portugal! That explains it!

    What a bitch though, to allow personal feelings to prejudice herself against a child...in favour of the abusive parents.

    Yes, abusive - star charts to keep a frightened child from bothering her parents in the night is abuse in my book! No wonder she wandered off, probably scared to check her parents were in the bedroom.

    I hope we get a list of the 'celebs' who attended - know thy enemy! No doubt a few dubious characters...Gary Glitter probably got a special invite from David Payne (I wonder if Tanner was invited, or Jez).

  185. Jack Dee, Fiona Phillips, Peter Bowles have been spotted going to the party!

  186. Peter Bowles? Ex-celebrity, hasn't worked in years surely??? Fiona Philips, no surprise, but Jack Dee?????

  187. Jack Dee - wanker! Fiona Phillips, no suprise, a child neglector herself, she all but admitted she left her kids too...Peter Bowles...not quite sure where that old has been fits in...

  188. I'm not surprised Fiona Phillips is at the bash, she famously told a GMTV audience that when she and her husband took the children on holiday, they too had left their young children without a baby sitter, when they went out to dine. She was interviewing the McCanns at that time.

  189. Haven't they managed to get Prince Charles and Camilla then?

    I thought they were supporting them.

  190. Anonymous 175. Im afraid you are wrong. They simply corrupted the crime scene, phoned the media and brought in political support. Dont waste your time defending them, focus on investigating, analysing, applying logic...Im sure they can defend themselves!

    Clearly the political support is very powerful and could get the detective leading the case removed...he had done too good a job!

    Do not make the mistake of thinking just because there are some wild ideas out there that there are no conspiracies...the McCanns ARE getting huge and continuous media support in the UK, they are of a class, dont forget, these are monied people, use nannies, have trophy children, are often of dubious sexuality...not averse to abusing the weak or innocent, actors. McCann isnt in the same class, but Kate has connections and he has muscled in there. Eventually he will go too far, I beleive there is a psychopathic influence here...McCann looks capable of anything.

    Occasionally some big names in the UK have ended up in jail for paedophile behaviour - they must know about Payne, yet it doesnt seem to bother them. Horrible bunch, luvvies.

  191. Jack Dee is a slob, never found him funny - jsut a low life in my view.

    Good to get the names so they can be challenged when the opportunity arises. When the McCanns go down, we need to make sure it is remembered who supported them.

  192. Excellent post.
    It's such a shame with this little girl, I remember when I saw the news, I quickly went on the computer searching for new information, sightings, etc. That was in 2007, and everything I saw was "Yeah, there was another girl who seemed to be Madeleine in ...", and I always had my hopes up, saying "Oh, maybe it is her! Please be her". And I live in Peru, and we haven't seen any news about this since 2007.

    The thing was that I was reading information from Google News, and well the News is the Mccann's side of the story. After that, I don't remember where, but I read a bit more and learnt that there was something odd about the case, I saw Amaral's Documentary. Can't be any clear.

    From then on, I read about the investigation, I watched the interviews with the parents and it's all over their faces, that's not sadness of a missing daughter. I cannot believe they are celebrating the 1000th day.

    Even if the parents weren't involved, it's a fact that they didn't help looking for her daughter, didn't answer as many questions they were given, there will always be something odd about this case.

    (Sorry for my english)

  193. When the McCanns are 'found out' (Im sure they will not stop at one daughter going missing - McCann is an evil and evil doesnt rest) these slime ball money grabbing talentless 'luvvies' will go down too - their careers will be wrecked by associating with child abusers.

  194. @ Anonymous 171
    I give credit to the dogs, do believe me please ! I felt horrified when I saw Eddie barking at that car's door, though I doubted the abducton at that time. I think that even people who have speculated on M's death would be shuttered if a fisherman found a child skull.
    You have to admit that the weak point in GA's hypothesis is the death timing. M should have died between 8:30 and the time GM went to the flat and thought he was so lucky etc. How can he talk to a guy he hardly knows right after finding his daughter dead ? How and when does he tell what happened to KM ?
    Either M died before they left for the restaurant or this is an unlikely story.

  195. Around 20 (British) people went to (Anglican) mass to-night in PDL and launched these damned lanterns that seem to leave for the stars and in fact finish down polluting.

  196. People used to write in and say how much they loathed the sight of Fiona Phillips, but it didn't do any good, they didn't get rid of her.

    Isn't she married to a producer though?

    And, it was said she turned down a seat in the Lords. If true, this has got to be one of the craziest countries there ever was. Even if it is not, it is still crazy. Who in their right mind would offer a seat to her?

    I can't see an election changing things much. There will still be the same old crowd hanging around.

    The McCanns might yet get themselves titles, and I am not joking.

    May God help us.

  197. Ponder 177: Cristiano Ronaldo is a very ordinary Portuguese boy with a pretty face and a small talent for kicking a ball around, nothing more. The majority of the Portuguese are, to say the least, highly sceptical of the McCanns (is that not correct Joana Morais?), but they have their own more immediate preoccupations into which this business does not enter. Nor do they generally have the same heroic or saintly expectations of Sr Amaral as do some foreigners in their perfectly commendable pursuit of 'justice'. The usual response I hear in this country is that "they're about as bad as each other". I don't quite agree with that, because I think that the McCann duo is almost as bad as you can get, but fortunately or unfortunately personal antipathies are not supposed to enter into moral judgements. If, as we all wish, to see some sort of 'truth' emerge from this sordid tale then we'd best count not on the aid of 'important' intermediaries but on the inevitable propensity of the guiltier participants to trip themselves up - a path along which the McCanns are proceeding splendidly.


  198. Post 175. Oh please - don't you realise that the investigation was hampered by the interference of the British politics and by the McCanns not cooperating with them. Read the evidence. One cannot really blame the PJ for saying 'enough is enough' 'we have wasted enough money on this case which nobody wants solved, so the British can have the McCanns back, and good riddance, we didn't invite them here they are the UK's problem,' and why not.

    However some people don't want these child neglectors to insult the Brirish good name any more.

  199. 199, A closed mind leads nowhere.


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