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"Point of Destruction"

In 1966, F. Truffaut directed the remarkable "Fahrenheit 451". This science fiction film, which has always passionated me, finds at the present moment one of its most unfortunate fulfillments with the news published in a daily newspaper, whose title is "McCann couple demands books to be fully destroyed".

by Dr. Paulo Sargento

Indeed, the McCanns have asked for much and given very little or close to nothing! It is unfortunate that not even them, at the moment, speak of the little girl Madeleine McCann (their daughter and co-applicant in the process - even though, unfortunately, no court is aware of her whereabouts, and thus of her legal status) and are more concerned with their public image and with, the theoretical, enormous profits from books and videos which oppose their version of what happened on May 3, 2007.

In the middle of this inglorious battle, one should, however, question: Where is Madeleine? After the archival of the process, what was done to find her?

One of the witnesses presented by the McCanns is Dave Edgar, one of the "private detectives" who, in recent times, has dedicated himself to searching the girl.

Let us make a simple consideration, with so many private detectives that for the last two years, have worked on the case, what has been achieved regarding the location of the little girl, Madeleine? Nothing. Unfortunately, nothing. Why? Is it reasonable to believe that this failure is due to the book of Gonçalo Amaral? Did the whole world lost interest in Maddie due to the arguments of the former inspector Gonçalo Amaral? One of two things: either Gonçalo Amaral is a Genius or the World is Stupid!

The process relating to Maddie case can be reopened. Kate McCann, the mother, just has to answer to one of the more than four dozens of questions that she refused, consciously, to answer in September 2007.

Together with my colleague Peter Gamito, we made the first 3D simulation of the events of May 3, 2007. I have presented arguments to support the conclusion that the abduction theory was untenable. The argumentation, which I repeat now, boils down to this: it were the girl's parents that suggested the possibility of abduction, presenting a sequence of timings for the supervision of the children (not of Maddie alone) which did not exceed, on average, 7 minutes in absolute terms (values that would be severely shortened if relying, in addition, on the movements of the several tapas 9 characters, with the stated stops near the apartment and on the conversations between these characters). What criteria has the McCann couple, or the detectives who they have been hiring, to demonstrate the possibility for an abduction? I confess that I would like to know, at least, one argument that could be put up for discussion and logical argumentation. I regret that so far that has not happened.

Sadly, instead of presenting arguments that could sustain such a thesis, attempts to destruct opposing views are wielded, a fact which doesn't even deserve the adjective of antithesis.

Madeleine McCann is not the daughter of Gonçalo Amaral! Madeleine McCann is the daughter of Kate and Gerry McCann. I regret that the McCanns insist in worrying more with Gonçalo Amaral than with their daughter and that, like in the movie "Fahrenheit 451", believe that firefighters, rather than putting out fires, should burn books ...


  1. Excllent article. How can anybody in their right mind ignore the basics fact: there was no abduction and absolutely no EVIDENCE to suggest there was.

  2. So Dave Edgar is one of the McCann's witnesses is he ?

    I suppose his 'evidence' will be to confirm that the 'search' has been damaged by Amaral's assertion that the child is dead.

    How will he do that I wonder ? ... will he claim that there have been fewer 'sightings' of late ? ... that there havn't been nearly enough little Swedish girls spotted in car shows, or that there's been a dearth of Victoria Beckham look-a-likes in Australia ?

  3. How can anyone in the pay of the McCanns be regarded as a credible witness? If Edgar did have information on "the hellish lair Of Prai de Luz", it should have been passed to the PJ with a request to re-open the case. This should now be an inevitable requirement if Edgar gives evidence. Has he also passed it the information to his mate Gamble at CEOP? Or is it just a "thesis" as GM usually refers to Mr Amaral's book?

  4. Everyone knows there was no abduction it is crystal clear. It is the Cover Up of the century. But just what it is that is being covered up is the question?...it is also starting to look less like an accident.

  5. @1,yes totally agree,must be the biggest cover -up of all times.
    poor madeleine

  6. There is a family, an English family named Smith who could be a key witness to this investigation. They were ready to go back to Portugal to testify after the Mcann return to Britain in Oct. 2007. Why did they change their mind ?

  7. http://themccanngallery.blogspot.com/

    Mccann gets a hair cut..lol

  8. Let us hope that the judge tomorrow realises just how pathetic a story the mccanns abduction scenario is.

  9. Could he not stand as a witness for Goncalo Amaral instead of the Scotland Yard detective? If he could just tell the court exactly what he's stated here it would be wonderful.

  10. "Sadly, instead of presenting arguments that could sustain such a thesis, attempts to destruct opposing views are wielded, a fact which doesn't even deserve the adjective of antithesis".

    Summed up so easily and honestly, just says it all really.

  11. Nous avons le gros avantage sur le héros du livre Fahrenheit 451, de n'être pas obligés d'apprendre par coeur tous les documents relatifs à l'affaire car nous les avons stockés dans la mémoire de nos disques durs. Prêts à être lancés de toutes parts sur la toile pour abattre l'araignée du fascisme.
    Nous sommes un peu les exilés du livre, nous internautes.Les gens du monde réel portent des oeillères qui ne lui permettent de voir que ce que le Mccann team leur agite sous le nez. Dès qu'ils entendent un autre son de cloche que la doctrine officielle de Clarence Mitchell, dès qu'ils se mettent à réfléchir au sujet de l'affaire, les sirènes officielles de L'ABDUCTION...ION...ION...ION... ION...leur vrillent les tympans.

    Ils veulent bruler le livre et Amaral et toute trace matérielle de Maddie avec. Les juges du tribunal de Lisbonne oseront-ils jouer les pompiers allumeurs d'incendie de Fahrenheit? Je ne le pense pas car ils risqueraient trop d'être dévorés par des flammes incontrôlables.

    Alors, pour conjurer le sort, commençons:


    "C'EST DIMANCHE DE CARNAVAL. Au loin on entend les tirs des chasseurs de lièvres, qui retentissent au-dessus de la végétation rase du barrocal....."


  12. I can't wait for Edgar to take the stand.
    The man is a buffoon.

  13. Excellent article indeed!

    And when all is said and done, Madeleine will still be 'missing'. Shame her parents seem to think that there are other priorities.

  14. what a progress!
    article on skynews talking about disappearence and vanished.
    no abduction.

    it is never too late to write the right thing.

  15. on time: skynews article saying disappearence, vanished and went missing.

    yeah, how happy we are.
    thank you.

  16. Absolutely brilliant article! Sargento should speak out more often IMO!

  17. Voltaire 4
    jajajajajaja...great! J"adore the "abduction...ION...ION...ION"

    On a more,much more serious tone....I have been wondering if they will reach the extreme to order people to be arrested soon....
    There is an article in the Sun talking about an "insulting anti conference"
    Cant stick the link ....

  18. Hi Joana how does the Court system work with translators? Do the Mccanns have to provide their own or does the Court supply them.

  19. We saw Edgar present a press conference to unveil the latest McCann "suspect" along with Clarence Mitchell. Even then when he was supposed to be the one calling the shots, he was unsteady on his seat shuffling uncomfortably from side to side and started sweating when basic questions were asked by journalists. Just imagine how he would "perform" when faced by lawyers in a court of law :))

  20. @17,i wonder what madeleine has ever done to the editors of all the UK newspapers to deserve the injustice they give to her

  21. If not for the money, why on earth did this Dave Edgar fellow accepted to work for this couple? If he was a cop, a real one I mean, after reading the files he wouldn't want to be near this couple. Any real policeman would smell foul and would refuse to accept the case. The guy accepts bona fide the McCann's absurd abduction theory disregarding completely the Portuguese police investigation backed by their British colleagues? It's unbelievable! This rat sold his soul for some pounds. There's no other way. Was this guy ever a good cop? By his handling of Maddie's affair I don't think so. RAT OF THE LAIRS!

  22. does anyone know if other countries have the same laws forbidding policmen from testifying in other countries and would eurojust be interested if any havent

  23. Although people here don't trust the CEOP and Gim Gamble, I'm convinced that A Minute for Madeleine was a strong message of support to the British media.

    The McCanns asked for an appeal, the message went different than they expected and hoped for, they could impossibly complain against it, and journalists are now daring to use words like disappearence, missing and vanished.
    But you can think what you think, the appeal nor Gim Gamble himself never used the words abduction nor abductor.

    that was already a tremendous support for every journalist.

  24. Anon 23...I wonder if you will think the same when you hear what Mccann has to say at the CEOP conference.Gamble is a fake and a liar as soon will be revealed. There will never be trust for the CEOP while Gamble is at the helm...Did you know that the CEOP in Vauxhall have an open day where photographs of abused children can be seen?..What that line of Gambles 'Every time you look at a picture the child is abused again'

  25. Well one thing is for sure.

    As long as 'detective' ha! Edgar doesn't blot his copybook, and he keeps chasing that elusive abductor here, there, and everywhere, and plenty of sightings of 'Madeleine', he has a job for life.

  26. @16 Shubob.

    totally agree.
    For me Dr Paulo Sargento is impossible to argue against, he seems to keep perspective never becoming emotionally aggravated by the rubbish surrounding the case. He stays calm and delivers his points quite brilliantly.


  27. 22, I think that in the European Union we are one country, all together.
    I know that in Portugal, a judge who is busy with a process, can dismiss himself from that process and be a witness in it, if he thinks it is necessary.

  28. This is a really brilliant article.
    The pair is a very destructive pair,a new Bonnie & Clyde... from Rothley. G-d know what else they have destroyed and we dont know about and whatelse are they going to destroy if we do not stop them?
    Because it is time to stop them before they go any further...

  29. I sat and watched "Fahrenheit 451" the other day - quite by accident, channel-surfing and bored out of my wits as I was - and was absolutely intrigued. Yes the firemen burned the books but the villagers memorized the books and, if I remember correctly, retold the stories to the younger generations. Good plan there: let the McCann carry on with their demands to Burn The Books - they can't erase memories too.

    One day, Kate and Gerry McCann, Amelie and Sean WILL know what happened in Praia da Luz in May 2007. Trust me on that one =))

  30. There has never been an independent witness who can corroborate the McCann's abduction theory. All so-called sightings and witnesses have been linked to, or in the pay of the McCanns. 'Quod erat demonstrandum.'

  31. Le point shows a picture of Madeleine I never saw before!
    Are the Mccanns now in Portugal? With the twins or not? Will they go to PDL with the childs?

  32. thoughts on the eve of the battle: the refusal of an English policeman (with a name suggesting at least a sympathy with Portugal) to appear at this hearing is at once a clear indication of the guilt of the plaintifs and of the involvement of some higher-order dirt. The McCanns, out of fear and possibly delusions of self-importance, have foolishly allowed themselves to be pawns. As someone remarked elsewhere, who the gods wish to destroy they first make mad. I don't think madness is quite within the capacity of the McCanns' extremely limited mental capacities, but they've certainly been pushed to recklessness with their wild demands for book-burning, public press-statements as to their 'innocence' and so on. It's a predictable aspect of their characters that anything they say and do is a precise and telling reflection of their own faults; instead of replying reasonably they accuse others of mendacity and greed; under suspicion of carelessness and heartlessness they fake sentimental postures in accordance with some cheap notion of 'public relations'. Really, they're despicable and lowly creatures for whom in other circumstances one might feel a twinge of pity. But what I'm thinking follows Anon 4's discreet observation: "it is also starting to look less like an accident." Following the pattern of their thinking, such as it is, why should they be insisting on 'abduction' with all its sinister overtones? There may be something a good deal nastier than child neglect and accidental homicide behind all this - in which case I'm not altogether hopeful of the easy victory that Sr Amaral - in his innocence? - rightfully deserves. The Portuguese public, I observe, almost unanimously condemns the McCanns, but on the grounds of their impudent interference and high-handedness. The suggestive sort of distastefulness floating in the air is such that the average citizen may not unreasonably prefer to avert his eyes.

    However, fingers crossed ....

  33. An excellent article by Paulo Sargento!

  34. 24, I did not know about a open day, Vauxhall.
    I had no idea about it.

  35. I agree with those posters who point out that David Edgar is an unreliable witness on the grounds that he is 'in the pay' of the McCanns.

    I wonder if any of their other witnesses are also 'employed' by the McCanns.

  36. Another excellent piece of observation and writing from Dr Paulo Sargento - with a killer of an opening line:-

    "Indeed, the McCanns have asked for much and given very little or close to nothing!"


  37. A visit to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre in Vauxhall, London in 2008 left me stunned. As the departments began to deal with cases that were thought to involve criminal behaviour, the gravity of the work began to unfold. Of all the departments, the people who work in the victim and abuser identification unit appeared to have the most challenging jobs. Identifying the people involved by minute scrutiny, for hours on end, of every frame of film, every photograph, often revealing the most horrific offences against very young children, must be severely taxing.
    The people work in pairs and, I understand, have to have regular counselling to retain their sanity. I asked if they ever became inured to the things they saw, and they said no. They felt it was absolutely necessary for them to retain the element of revulsion at these despicable acts so that they could maintain their focus and the will to catch the offenders.
    When I left the building, I sat on a wall nearby and didn't move for half an hour. I thought about the many images I had seen and the courage of the people who dedicated their hours to preventing as many children becoming victims as possible.


    If as CEOP maintain that every time an image is viewed it compounds the abuse of the victim then what on earth is CEOP doing providing conducted tours and displaying indecent photographs of children to visitors to their premises in Vauxhall?


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