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Rent-a-Cop Dave Edgar: 'Maddie is alive, and well, and living in Portugal'

the seventh suspect? more to come?

By Jonathan Corke

MISSING Madeleine McCann could be still alive and just a few miles from the Portuguese resort where she vanished in 2007, investigators believe.

Former detective inspector Dave Edgar, who is leading the hunt, made a secret visit to Praia da Luz at the beginning of last week.

On his return, he said it was a “very distinct possibility” that Maddie could be living in a poor country district inland from the holiday area.

A source told the Daily Star Sunday: “The areas that Dave’s team have focused on are very rural. There are no tourists around there at all. He believes Madeleine could be held in such an area.”

Wednesday will mark 1,000 days since the youngster’s disappearance during a holiday with her doctor parents, Kate and Gerry McCann.

Mr Edgar is convinced she was kidnapped and his team are still receiving a “substantial number” of calls and e-mails containing new information. While previous inquiries have led officers as far afield as Argentina and Australia, the focus is now firmly back in Portugal. The source went on: “They believe the answer lies in Praia da Luz. New information continues to come in.”

Links between the case and at least five sex attacks on British children near Praia da Luz have been ruled out.

Many known paedophiles in the area have also been discounted.

But investigators would still like to speak to convicted Brit sex offender Raymond Hewlett, 64, who was staying near Praia da Luz at the time of the disappearance.

And we can reveal that some British holidaymakers who were also staying at the Mark Warner Ocean Club have not co-operated with the investigation.

Our source said: “There are a small number of individuals who, for their own reasons, have refused to speak.”

Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for Kate and Gerry, said the probe would continue until Madeleine is found. The family hope that a star-studded fund-raising dinner on Wednesday will help boost diminishing funds.

Sir Richard Branson, JK Rowling and presenter Nicky Campbell are backing the event, at London’s Kensington Roof Gardens. And 1,000 lanterns will be released into the sky from 20 venues across Britain and Portugal.

Kate and Gerry McCann, nine days after the «alleged abduction»

Mr Mitchell said: “It’s a painful date for Kate and Gerry. But they remain as determined as ever.”

in Daily Star [Express Group]

All information regarding Madeleine Beth McCann disappearence should be forwarded to the only official and criminal Police force that can investigate in Portugal, not to rent-a-cops or dubious organizations, nor to Police forces that withhold vital information for more than 5 months. Please forward any information that can help re-open the archived investigation of Maddie's disappearence to the Portuguese Judiciary Police in Portimão at:

Departamento de Investigação Criminal de Portimão
Rua Pé da Cruz, nº2, 8500-640 Portimão
Telefone: +351 282 405 400
Fax: +351 282 412 763
Piquete: +351 282 427 671
E-Mail: dic.portimao@pj.pt

In a total of ten vehicles and several houses, the cadaver dogs only signaled cadaver odour and human blood scent in Kate's trousers, on the soft toy 'Cuddlecat', on a child's red t-shirt, behind the sofa in the McCanns' apartment, in the wardrobe at the McCann's bedroom and in the car rented by the McCanns 24 days after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, on the 3rd of May of 2007, in Praia da Luz, Algarve.

The exams made at the Forensic Science Service in Birmingham to the aforementioned evidences collected at the crime scene originated a report stating that there was a match of 15 alleles in 19 to Madeleine's DNA profile.

«The investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, in Praia da Luz, in May 2007, started as if it was an abduction. But “Kate and Gerry McCann were made arguidos because the elements that were collected during the investigation pointed towards death, simulation of abduction and concealment of the child’s cadaver”, chief inspector Tavares de Almeida, one of the PJ investigators who held the case until he was removed from it – in early September 2007 – when he requested the change of the coercion measures into preventive custody “to prevent them from leaving Portugal”, said in court yesterday.

“We always spoke about an accidental death. Even prosecutor Magalhães Menezes [holder of the process] believed in Maddie’s death, just like Kate herself, at a given point in time. But the PJ does not have the power to accuse and the process was archived”, Tavares de Almeida explained – in front of the McCann couple – during the first session of the opposition to the injunction that prohibited the sale of former PJ inspector Gonçalo Amaral’s book ‘The Truth of the Lie’.

“The dogs detected blood and cadaver odour in the apartment and in the rented car. And all that was collected was [done] jointly with members of the Birmingham laboratory, in order to avoid any discrepancies. But, as incredible as this may sound, after the first result showed that 15 out of 19 alleles from the sample of Madeleine’s DNA coincided, they came and said that they had contaminated the samples”, Tavares de Almeida accused.

The thesis of death and cadaver concealment was also defended by inspector Ricardo Paiva, who served as the liaison officer between the PJ and the British family. “I share Gonçalo Amaral’s statement in the book. Maddie dies, probably in a tragic accident, and all indications point towards the parents concealing the cadaver”, he stated.

The thesis was defended by the director of the National Counter-Terrorism Unit, Luís Neves – ‘the simulation of abduction, concealment of cadaver and accidental death are possibilities’ – and by prosecutor Magalhães e Menezes – ‘it is more likely that the child is dead’.» in Maddie died and the parents concealed


  1. "Former detective inspector Dave Edgar, who is leading the hunt, made a secret visit to Praia da Luz at the beginning of last week.

    On his return, he said it was a "very distinct possibility" that Maddie could be living in a poor country district inland from the holiday area.

    A source told the Daily Star Sunday: "The areas that Dave's team have focused on are very rural. There are no tourists around there at all. He believes Madeleine could be held in such an area."

    USING PARSONS FAVOURITE ADJECTIVES, THIS GUY (Edgar), it is not from earth, it is from another planet (MARS), a clown in a joke. WHERE IS THAT SMALL, POOR, RURAL PLACE IN ALGARVE, near PDL? NAME IT!!!! SHOW IT TO THE WORLD!!! He deserves to be sue by all the people in the Algarve, for spreading lies and speculating about the most improbable situation. IF THE PLACE WAS SO POOR AND SO SMALL, WHY DID HE NOT SEARCH THE PLACE BY HIMSELF? OR HE IS DOING THAT, THIS IS WHY THE CRIME INCREASE SO DRASTICALLY IN RURAL AREAS IN ALGARVE NOW, WITH FOREIGNERS BEEN ROBBERED AND ABUSED BY GANGS OF IMMIGRANTS? ARE THE MCCANN'S and their desperate situation also behind that? THEY SEEMS TO BE SO PERVERTED THAT I Don't have to change my mind any degrees to believe on that. THE MONEY HIRED IN THE FUND, CAN BE SPENDED ON ANY CAMPAIGN and is enough to buy perverted immigrants and poor people.
    Dave Edgar, same as Kate, every time he open his mouth, he ruin more Mccann's image and reputation.

    I was commenting with some friends, last week, why suddenly, the Algarve become a target for organized gangs which spread terror into foreigners abusing them and not stilling very valuable belongs? somebody said, as a joke, this is because of the perverted Mccann's.... The country show the world that justice did not work and it is easy to foolish the judicial system and blame the police. THEY JUST FOLLOW MCCANN'S STEP. But can be more....

    Mr. Dave, if you receive so many calls indicating that Rural Algarve is the target, why did you not call GNR to investigate? Why your employers did not re-0pen the investigation? Why Gerry runaway, once again, on the second day of the trial, after a very bad beginning with the Inspectors testifying that they believe on dead Madeleine? Why Gerry did not joined you for a little physical search? Or are you searching Maddie grave, not a cellar, to plant some evidences which can connect the body to an abductor? SEE, WE CAN BE SO PERVERTED AS YOUR EMPLOYERS AND THEIR ALL TEAM.


  2. well i think every one expected this to happen,what a plonker that dave edgar is but the sad thing about it is the editor of this comic paper actually printed this crap,what hope is there for madeleine.NONE.THEY WOULD HAVE DONT BETTER REPORTING ON THE GASPERS STATEMENT

  3. I see Clarrie is still involved with them, contrary to what has been reported elsewhere. So maybe it is true, he's just got less time due to other commitments. This bunfest/fundraiser is more like a celebration for getting off scott free oh and to raise funds to pay KMs wages sorry search for Madeleine.



  5. anonymous 4, please respect netiquette and don't write with all caps on, and it's Gaspars not Gaspers.

  6. Still receiving leads and emails Eddie says, so looks like Sr Amarals book hasn't stop people looking for Maddie, they cant have it both ways.

  7. Are we really expected to believe this guy is a serious detective.

    What about the dogs then Mr Edgar, the best in the world.

    The guy, who is supposedly a cop, needs to be lacking something up top to discount them.

    But then, he has a job for life with the McCanns. How much does he get paid?

  8. «And 1,000 lanterns will be released into the sky from 20 venues across Britain and Portugal.» People should spend the money helping the children in Haiti, those poor orphaned children that face the risk of paedophile and organ trafficking networks. It's obscene that money is going to be donated to the McCanns fund, a limited company, not even a charity, instead of going to real and proper charities like Unicef, Amnesty International, Doctors without Borders - money that will be used again to perpetuate this farce, to pay for image consulting companies, silly rent-a-cops, dodgy detectives, and the best defense lawyers that money can buy...

  9. Where is the evidence for edgar's extraordinary declaration about Madeleine living happily in the countryside of Portugal? And as for the unhelpful holiday makers not co-operating with the police, we all know about them. They are called the tapas nine.

  10. This isn't the first time 'Dave' has made such claims, back in August Madeleine was thought to be in a lair in the wilderness, http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/madeleine-mccann-is-in-a-secret-lair-1787032.html.

    Despite having visited Praia da Luz before he needs to make another visit, this time 'in secret'. Amazing how he never manages to progress beyond simply visiting Praia da Luz in spite of all those calls and emails with new information.

  11. Nº5 you forgot to make your point whilst critizising Nº4 - I guess we all will survieve a breach of netiquette and spellingmistake...it could have so many reasons...

    The 'story' is a cheap and sad cook up - and not helpful at all - but nothing they do ever is, isn't it?

  12. Anon 4

    I think you are EXACTLY RIGHT.

    There is something besides the investigation THE MCCANN'S DON'T WANT KNOWN ABOUT.

    THE GASPARS, THOSE STATEMENTS WOULD BE DYNAMITE IN THE HANDS OF THE UK MEDIA. Their potential for damage to the McCanns is immense.

    Yet, the information is coming from friends of theirs, also doctors, so hard to ignore.

  13. http://www.the3arguidos.info/topic3730.html

    More libel Joana. can you please report this video to the correct party. Thank you.

  14. 15 please publish the video link, I don't have an account in that forum to see what is that about. thank you.

  15. Edgar said months ago, that he was sure she was living in a lair just out side PdL,how much of this terrain has he covered. How can he secretly go, as I am sure the locals in these wild lawless villages must recognise him now. I envisage him dressed as Indiana Jones swinging on a vine.
    Ok so we have had Edgar back in August sure she was there. It is now near end of January, Did Kate say to Edgar oh she seems happy enough where she is for now, let's get Christmas out of the way first. Of course then they were busy sopping and seeing their lawyers for their hearing at Lisbon. That next week woudn't work for them either as they had the court case. Lets see can we fit her in this week? Oh no Gerry has a conference on the 26th and then we have the party. Tell you what Edgar pencil in her birthday, and we will take it from there.

    I know most of this garbage can be expected from the comic papers, but surely even they must have scruples. They must know they are printing absolute drivel.


  16. Joana the video mentioned is just the usual crap, saying Sr Amaral is a convicted liar blah blah blah, they've now decided its a cover up because of tourism in Portugal, these lot really are a bunch of w*****s.

  17. "Rent-a-Cop Dave Edgar: 'Maddie is alive, and well, and living in Portugal"

    The Celeb Party is in London, looks like Maddie is not invited.


  18. Anti-Philo 17, brilliant nearly wet myself. Now i can't get that picture of Indiana Jones out of my head.

  19. Or in other words "SOS, the McCanns are about to get caught we need money, lots of money to keep them out of prison"

    So transparent

  20. “There are a small number of individuals who, for their own reasons, have refused to speak.”

    Which would make them perfectly compatible with investigators that refuse to question, surely? How is 'Victoria Beckham', by the way? There's a striking similarity between Dave and the photofit of the woman that was such a significant lead they didn't want to talk to her.

    Has the other guy who came on board at the same time as Dave just disappeared?

    Liz/No. 7, you make a very significant point. Was this the central argument of their libel case?

  21. To Anon 1 - I feel that you are portuguese and what you are saying comes from your heart. I am british and agree with every word you say and share in your frustration.

  22. thanks Liz, nevertheless can you make me a screenshot or send me the video link in question? thank you


  24. Edgar might be a complete douche bag but IF he has any new leads-that could possibly reopen the case-that would be a good thing, wouldn't it ?

    Or must Madeleine (alive or deceased) NOT be found ??????

    In case it could jeopardise a theory or two ?

  25. Excellent reply Joana

    This should get the publicity it deserves, everyone who reads this please start Twittering, Stumbling etc. etc. etc. Let`s promote this reply and Joana`s site even further. Don`t just read the facts, advertise them.

  26. There is no way that Edgar is going to do anything that will reopen the case.

    The McCanns don't pay him for that.

    If that was what they wanted they could request it themselves.

    But they wont.

  27. Good morning Joana, the video states that Amaral has been charged with torturing and beating a mother whose child has disappeared.
    I have asked for the link myself so that I may also report this.

  28. If this guy Edgar read the files, he knows that this couple lied to the police, gave conflicting accounts of their movements, refused answering vital questions, lied about credit cards, erased mobile phones memories, had scent of cadaverine in their clothes and car, and behaved in a way not conforming to that of grieving parents after their daughter's disappearance.
    If this guy Edgar was ever a policeman he would reach the same conclusion as the officers that investigated the case.
    If this guy Edgar were an honest former policeman he wouldn't work for the McCanns because it wouldn't be ethical to do so.
    If this guy Edgar is investigating in Portugal without appropriate authorization, he is committing a crime.
    If after all this, this guy is working for the McCanns, we can conclude what type of a man he is.

  29. The Mccanns are about to commit yet another crime on the 27th Jan...FRAUD...let them carry ,on let them talk and steal from the rich. Their day will come.

  30. This is the video Joana


  31. this is an interesting quote.--And we can reveal that some British holidaymakers who were also staying at the Mark Warner Ocean Club have not co-operated with the investigation.

    does mr edgar mean these holiday makers could not be bought off.
    also if mr edgar beleives this has he told the REAL POLICE who these people are or is this another airy fairy story like the last one from edgar,if only he realized how bad this makes him look

  32. Anonymous at 7 has just said exactly what I think. I would go further and say that rather than Sr Amaral's book being a hindrance to finding Maddie, I think the fund is. It enables the McCanns to waste other people's money on mickey mouse detectives who couldn't detect their own noses if someone pointed to them.

    I am so upset about this. I read report about a little girl in Haiti who had a hand amputated without anaesthetic due to lack of doctors, money etc.

    The McCanns are releasing 1,000's of balloons?? I despair, I really do.

  33. And we can reveal that some British holidaymakers who were also staying at the Mark Warner Ocean Club have not co-operated with the investigation.
    Our source said: “There are a small number of individuals who, for their own reasons, have refused to speak.”
    I was not aware of what is stated above.
    Do we have a list of all holiday makers that were staying at the resort??
    why would anyone refuse to speak?

    this was no "normal" holiday.( most definately a networking holiday and it would seem that their are strong indications of some type of society ..Freemason???)

    Again i will ask....is anyone aware of what society bought apartment 5a ?
    Is it a "secret" society ? or does somebody know ? if so what is it?
    its a simple question! and fair!.....and relevent.

    The internet nutters are the ones who even now deny there is a conspiracy? infact i would say they are brain dead, wake up..smell the coffee, probably the same sort of person who believes the DR. David Kelly case was all above board.


  34. Why the delay then Dave? If you are so certain of where she is, why are you and the concerned parents not there right now searching with every bone in your body, like the people of stricken Haiti are looking for their families missing?

  35. So, the show goes on. Joana you're right. The scenes from Haiti are horrendous. Bodies and rubble filled together. Yet this circus over one girl goes on and the parents continue to fill the rubbble over her memory and the truth of what really happened to her.

  36. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zwa3pAPcBHI

    Here is the link Joana...a serious touch of libel I believe.

  37. "Former detective inspector Dave Edgar, who is leading the hunt, made a secret visit to Praia da Luz at the beginning of last week. On his return, he said it was a “very distinct possibility” that Maddie could be living in a poor country district inland from the holiday area."
    So why didn't he just go and look, rather than returning to speak to a tabloid ?
    Organise a search ? Mention it to the local Police and Army cadets and Scouts and Round Table and residents and ex-pats associations and get something done ?
    Is he under the same obligation that prevented the McCanns from actually doing any lookiing ? Some rule that we do not know about ?

    Is a "distinct possibility" in the same category as a "strong lead". Or is it something different.
    If you knew that the possibility was distinct, would your prefer to swan around at a party at Derry and Toms rather than going out there yourself to look, or organise a search ?

  38. So Dave Edgar has been saying for months that Madeleine is probably in the Algarve...

    Well, then, why haven't they contacted the authorities and begun looking. Aren't the Mccanns listening to him? If they aren't, why should we?

  39. This Edgar statement in the press is expected, obviously published with the knowledge of the McCanns, his employers. He is saying that their daughter is highly likely to be in a place near Praia da Luz. So why haven't they given the evidence of this to the police to investigate legally in Portugal? The fact that they haven't speaks volumes doesn't it? Yes it's nonsense.

    If Rowling and Branson really do back this 'fund raising' on the 27th by the McCanns then I question their judgement and I would never buy their products again.

    The judgement of CEOP also needs to be questioned by some authority, in saying that it's assumed that MBM was abducted. This charade has to stop where the British police are not following the PJ's views, who are in charge of the investigation. It is a credit to the LP that they refused in court, in 2008 I think, to give the McCanns all the evidence they had some time ago but it is strange that no senior people have come forward since to stop this charade and even more strange that it is being carried forward by CEOP. By doing this, CEOP are heading for a fall. It's obvious that there is complicity in the charade from some senior people. who are flying in the face of the PJ evidence and supporting the McCann charade.

  40. If the libel trial goes ahead I would imagine that Edgar will have to prove this by producing all these e.mails he claims to have received...Does Edgar have this evidence? I will enjoy seeing these liars on the witness stand...Lawyers have a way of tripping you up.

  41. Iron 31

    I agree: let them do it. Let them sink to the bottom less pit they have digged and continue digging under their feet.
    Over all,I personally find it EXCELLENT.
    It just points out the mccanns and their PIs are OUT LAW.
    It points out that GA"s book does NOT damage the "search for Madeleine",does it,if the PIs receive phone calls and clues....and THIS is (or WAS now)central to the injunction,isnt it? :))
    It also shows the PIs are illegally leading a private "investigation" WITHOUT the Portuguese authorities"s permission.
    "A SECRET visit"....WHY? simply because they know it is illegal,thats why..although I personally believe NOBODY has gone to PT "last week"
    It is excellent for GA.
    Please,Pinky CONTINUES,please,please.....

    My only preocupation is to know WHEN the mccClub is going to be STOPPED, not when THEY are going to stop.....meanwhile,let them dig further more the bottomless pit of crap they started to dig since the 3rd of may 2007.It is only too good for Madeleine and for GA.

    Mccanns,desesperados,sois A C A B A D O S :))

  42. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1245599/David-Kelly-post-mortem-kept-secret-70-years-doctors-accuse-Lord-Hutton-concealing-vital-information.html

    Another cover up

  43. Dave Edgar has already proved what a plonker he is when he and his partner didn't follow the basic interview procedures they learned as probabationer police officers.

    He is saying that holidaymakers who stayed around the Warner complex aren't cooperating with him. His two bosses haven't fully cooperated with the PJ and they are the parents of Madeleine. He would have to be blind and deaf if he didn't know that fact.

    Even though he says that known sex offenders have been ruled out, he still wants to speak to Raymond Hewlett, who was also ruled out by the police, because he had an alibi. If I was a member of Raymond Hewletts family, as vile as Hewlett is, I would make a strong protest at Edgar's continous insinuations about him.

    If Edgar has any suspicions about Raymond Hewlett, it is up to him to go to the police. He is not a police officer, he has set himself up as a private detective and a very poor one at that.

  44. Encore une incroyable déclaration du ripoux au service des McCann, Article tellement révélateur de la stratégie McCann et de leur incroyable culot que j'ai traduit rapidement l'article pour les Français qui visitent le site et ont un peu de mal avec les subtilités de la "langue de Shakespeare" ( should rather say of Clarence Mitchell's) and will have a be''er compréhension of this subtle text.

    ABOVE: Maddie could stil be in Portugal.
    24th January 2010 By Jonathan Corke.

    ------1000 jours à la recherche de Maddie

    ----Maddie pourrait être encore au Portugal, vivante et juste à quelques miles du lieu portugais d'où elle a disparu en 2007, cest ce que croient les enquêteurs.

    ---L'ancien détective, l'Inspecteur Dave Edgar, qui dirige les recherches, a fait une visite secrète à P.D.L au début de la semaine dernière.

    ---A son retour, il a dit qu'il y avait " une très forte probabilité" que Maddie vive dans un secteur pauvre à l'intérieur de la zone de vacances touristiques.

    ---Une source a dit au D.S S :" Les endroits sur lesquels l'équipe de Dave s'est focalisée, sont très ruraux. Il croit que Maddie pourrait être retenue captive dans en tel endroit.

    --Mercredi marquera le 1000ème jour depuis la disparition de l'enfant pendant ses vacances avec ses parents, les docteurs Kate et Gerrry McCann.

    --M.Edgar est convaincu qu'elle a été kidnappée et son équi pe reçoit encore " un nombre substantiel" d'appels et d'emails contenant de nouvelles informations.

    --Alors que des informations précédentes avaient conduit les officiers de police aussi loin que l'Argentine et l'Australie, l'enquête est maintenant fermement focalisée sur le Portugal à nouveau. La source continue : " Ils croient que la réponse se trouve à P.D.L. De nouvelles informations continuent à arriver."

    ---Des liens entre le cas et au moins 5 attaques d'ordre sexuel à l'encontre d'enfants britanniques près de P.D.L, ont été écartés.

    ---De nombreux pédophiles avérés de l'endroit, ont été mis aussi hors de cause.

    ---Mais les enquêteurs voudraient encore parler à R.Hewlett, le pédophile britannique déjà condamné, agé de 64 ans, qui résidait près de P.D.L à l'époque de sa disparition.

    ---Et nous pouvons révéler que quelques vacanciers britanniques qui résidaient aussi au Mark Warner Ocean, Club n'ont pas voulu coopérer avec l'enquête.

    ---Une source a dit: "Il y a un petit nombre d'individus qui, pour des raisons inconnues, ont refusé de parler."

    ---Clarence Mitchell, porte-parole de Kate et Gerry, a dit que les recherches continueraient jusqu'à ce que Maddie soir retrouvée. La famille espère qu'un dîner de charité réunissant de nombreuses vedettes, ce mercredi, va redonner de l'élan à des fonds en diminution.

    Sir Richard Branson, JK Rowling et le présentateur Nicky Campbell soutiennent cet événement tenu à Kensington Roof Garden, à Londres. Et 1000 lanternes vont être lachées dans le ciel, de 20 endroits différents, en Angleterre et au Portugal.

    ---M.Mitchell a dit : " C'est une date douloureuse pour Kate et Gerry. Mais ils demeurent plus déterminés que jamais.

  45. The one good thing about the McCanns antics is that they have exposed CEOP for it's faults. Any organisation that harbours the McCanns theory of abduction to the exclusion of the PJ investigation, that concluded that MBM died in the apartment, has obviously to be in question, after the court evidence in Lisbon. CEOP have ensured their own demise by doing this and a new government will have to review their role, I'm sure. Whoever it is that is following the McCann line there, will have to be rooted out.

  46. Just watched the video and as you can all see,the person who did it is not even able to spell MADELEINE"s name correctly. They spell it "Madeline"......what a piece of SHITE along with very serious libel contents! unbelievable.....

  47. Ironside @31
    That is what I don't understand. Surely their advisors would warn them of the potential for a fraud case. Unless either they believe them completely or are settin them up for a fall. Either way it disgusts me and leaves me quizzical in equal measure.

  48. Mas o 3º mensageiro diz que :

    Madeline McCann - "In the arms of an Angel"

    lá sabe.....mas deve ser Madeleine,não?E é estranho: coloca uma miúda sei lá de que idade nos braços de um amorfo jovem.Será ele próprio?

    (Não há nenhuma menção honrosa para este vídeo.)

  49. guys, please go and flag that video for promoting racial hatred :s_mad
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zwa3pAPcBHI :-L

  50. Obrigado. Este usuário foi denunciado.

  51. Can somone tell me how to Flag and also report the site ' Dont let them hurt our children?

  52. Lá tive que me inscrever no you tube....eu que nem coloco vídeos.

    Deixei também um conselho:
    themessenger3 :must go to the Church and talk with the priest about his desires......very strange.
    Or to a doctor.

  53. I don't know why the Daily Star is pretending this is some sort of new news, since Dave Edgar already said the same thing in his interview with the Belfast Telegraph back in September 2009. He insisted then that Madeleine was 'being held just 10 miles from where she was snatched in Praia da Luz two years ago.' He even speculated the type of place in which she was being held as 'possibly in an underground cellar'.

    Wasn't the Daily Star aware of this Belfast Telegraph interview? If not, maybe they need to be told that it was in this same interview that David Edgar gave his thoughts on low copy number DNA, calling it 'an amazingly powerful tool', something with which his present employers might not agree. Rather oddly, Dave Edgar seemed unaware that the matter of LCN DNA was already a feature of the Madeleine case, something he should have known if he'd actually read the official case files.

    As for poor Madeleine being held within 10 miles of Praia da Luz, Dave Edgar said in September that 'we must try and reach as much of that mountainous region outside the resort as we can.' Four months have passed since he made this statement, months in which the McCanns have been in Portugal several times, but AFAIK not once have they gone searching the area where their daughter allegedly waits to be rescued, nor do they seem to have mentioned DE's certainty of where she is in any of their many media interviews. Why are they planning a celebrity party and doing something as stupid as releasing 1000 lanterns, instead of searching for their daughter? They've had 4 months now to comb this area, so why haven't they done so? If it's a question of needing permission from the Portuguese authorities then why haven't they asked for the case to be reopened so that the whole matter could be put on an official footing?

    Another thing: why, if their chief PI said in September 2009 that Madeleine is being held within 10 miles of Praia da Luz, did the McCanns issue their viral worldwide in 7 different languages in November 2009? What on earth was the point of that? Do the people who live within 10 miles of Praia da Luz speak 7 languages? Wasn't this a waste of Fund money? And why in their media blitz in November did they make no mention of Dave Edgar's thoughts on the matter? Didn't they agree with his theory? I'm sure they don't pay precious Fund money to someone just to ignore his professional judgment - that would be a very odd thing to do.

    Curiouser and cusiouser. But it's nice to know that the British media eventually catch up with Internet blogs and forums, even though it takes them 4 months to do so. Maybe their journalists should read the blogs and forums to get the news, then they wouldn't be so far behind all the time. At this rate of going it'll be May before the Gaspar statements get a mention in the press, just in time for the third anniversary . Hmm ...

  54. 53, copy & paste the url address http://www.google.com/support/blogger/bin/request.py?page=main_tos&blog_ID=8977675295959215747&blog_URL=http://dontletthemhurtourchildren.blogspot.com/ or at the top click 'report abuse' - but never mind the blog of that nutter, the video is pure libel and promotion to racism, and wasn't obviously written by the person who posted it. Hopefully the ip was recorded.

  55. Video forwarded to Amnesty International in PT
    This is very serious matter.Totally UNACCEPTABLE

    BASTA YA! x(

  56. Anon ≠47, I agree with what you say about the CEOP. It's obvious they are not fit to do the job they're tasked with, if in fact they make judgments about criminal cases that fall far outside the judgments made by the investigating police officers and authorities of the country where that crime was committed. In other words, they act as judge and jury, rather than as impartial onlookers, which is what they acutally are.

    CEOP has no right to say Madeleine was abducted or to present Gerry McCann to the people attending the conference as the father of an abducted child. He is the father of a missing child - that is the correct legal position at present, so why do CEOP not know this? In the official summing-up, the Portuguese public prosecutor made it very plain they do not know what happened to Madeleine -

    'whether killed in a neglectful homicide or an intended homicide, whether the victim of a targeted abduction or an opportunistic abduction), nor even to produce a consistent prognosis about her destiny and inclusively – the most dramatic – to establish whether she is still alive or if she is dead, as seems more likely.'

    Are the police officers in CEOP saying they know more than the Portuguese authorities? If not, then they cannot claim Madeleine was abducted, since they have no reason or evidence to support this specific theory. And that's all abduction is in this case - a theory, which must take its place alongside the other theories detailed by the public prosecutor.

    CEOP needs to tread much more carefully if they want the public to have faith in them. Making judgments about archived criminal cases in other countries, judgments that may well be wrong because they have no evidence to back them up, is stupid and dangerous and, I'd have thought, illegal.

  57. "On his return, he said it was a “very distinct possibility” that Maddie could be living in a poor country district inland from the holiday area. A source told the Daily Star Sunday: “The areas that Dave’s team have focused on are very rural. There are no tourists around there at all."

    Quite so. Only very poor people in a rural area, all too proud to consider the 2 MILLION pounds reward.

  58. If Dave Edgar expects us to believe this tripe...........

    The 1,000 day celebration should be cancelled and all the so called celebrities who support TM should get to Portugal pronto, don their bib 'n brace overalls and help them to find this 'lair'

    What a farce. I refuse to let them insult my intelligence.

  59. "Just 10 miles from PdL"
    Assuming he means within 10 miles. rather than exactly at 10 miles, the area is only 150 square miles. (pi x 10 squared/2, because half of the area is sea so we are looking at a semi circle !)
    Most of that can be ruled out immediately being fields, rocks or cliffs, and therefore as not having "underground cellars" (What other type are there, by the way ?)
    10 people 200 yards apart walking at 2.5mph can cover a flat area of 12 square miles in 8 hours.
    So the 'likely' area could have been searched in 10 days.

    They have had 1000 days, and as yet no one has evebn started to do so.
    I wonder why not.

  60. I have just finished reading Goncalo's book. He speaks from his heart and his conscience and leaves nothing to the imagination,

    No wonder the McCanns want it banned!

  61. So, let me get this straight. Our Dave knows where Maddie could be so why don't the parents go there and start searching? If I hired a detective and he told me where my child was I would be on the first flight out to PDL or wherever the so-called poor district is.

    Dave and the rest of the crowd are just there to spin. They may have gotten away with this crap years ago but people are wakening up slowly but surely.

  62. Now that this so called ex-cop Edgar knows where Madeleine is, he can do two things: inform the Polícia Judiciária of her whereabouts so that Madeleine can be finally reunited with her family. Or tell his employers to do so. Failing to do it demonstrates again the bullshit that regularly comes those quarters. Furthermore CEOP should be informed that this Edgar guy KNOWS the location where Maddie is.

  63. Just been reading the story of Lisa Hayden-Johnson. She pretended for years that her son was the illest child in Britain. According to The Guardian she bullied the professionals to accept that she knew what was wrong with the boy. All the time she was cashing in on the scam by claiming about £20000 a year in benefits for her son. She also courted publicity encouraging donations for her son. She threatened to sue those who challenged her story. Different story but same pattern of behaviour.

  64. Jo, how do you forward a video to Amnesty International? I would like to do the same. Where else can it be forwarded?

  65. Witness isnpector Paiva stated in Lisbon, that the fund is fraudulent.
    Sunday or Daily Express published about it and you can read it on their site.

  66. Jo, have just worked out how to send link to amnesty international portugal, so no need to reply, thanks.

  67. Jerry said that the PJ inspectors were not able to change their point of view about the parents. It prepared the response to the fact that with these inspectors, it is not worth to request the reopening of the investigation.

  68. With this team you have to read between the lines: shall it be Madeleine McCann RIP in Portugal?

  69. Correction, the name of the inspector is not Paiva but Tavares de Almeida(Daily Express).
    All those beautiful complicated Portuguese names!

  70. How that Edgar guy can keep a straight face when he is coming out with this load of baloney is the question.

  71. CEOP are not idiots - they are experts in the field and if they think MBM was abducted then she probably was, imo.

  72. A Thousand days in an unmarked grave
    Don't worry about it we'll have a rave
    Campaign with champagne is Gerry's cry
    Lanterns and balloons, will fill the sky
    The public are stupid and believe what we say
    And we intend to keep it that way
    In England no questions can be asked
    We have the pink one to cover our ass
    Our gamble is that you believe in our pain
    Our only interest is financial gain
    But if you doubt we don't give a f*ck
    We are defended by Carter Ruck
    So watch in awe, don't interrupt our dinner
    We know we are on a winner
    Five star living is what we crave
    What do we care of an unmarked grave?

  73. They have a nerve to say that some people are refusing to cooperate with them, as if they are the police or something official.

    That is the arrogance of the McCanns. When is somebody going to charge them with interfering with a criminal investigation?

    Thought that was a criminal offence in Portugal, but Team McCann have been doing it from the start and nobody has stopped them yet.

    Please Portugal do something about this. Stop this charade. If you let them carry on like this the reputation of Portugal will be zero by the time they have ground it to pieces.

    Those in authority are really letting down the country by leaving it to one man to have to take them on.

  74. Where to start about this outrageous and preposterous article! Its byline says Jonathan Corke and its sources are Dave Edgar,Clarence Mitchell, plus "A souce"(un-named)who gave details of the area "of interest" to Dave Edgar's team. Do the Portuguese Authorities know that a "Team" of Private Investigators is wandering around their remote country villages bothering the locals with stupid questions and perhaps stopping their hens from laying ? One quote in this ridiculous piece states that there have been "At least 5 sex attacks on British children near PDL"------when, and ONLY on British children ? Dont the Portuguese children and other Nationalities count then ? Or are we dealing with made-up figures just to support a theory ? Additionally, the piece goes on to say that "many known paedophiles in the area have also been discounted"----by whom ? Do the P.J. and the local people know about these "many known paedophiles" living in their midst ? No surprise that Raymond Hewlett gets a mention,his dreadful history is something which we can all despise,so its safe to frighten people with his name alone. As to those Brits on holiday who have not co-operated with the investigation,the P.J.ran the only official investigation, therefore nobody else has any authority or right to question anyone on this matter. Regarding the P.J.investigation, if my memory serves me, was it not the Tapas Nine who refused to co-operate in the re-construction ? Also Dr.Kate McCann refused to answer 48 relevent questions. It appears Dave Edgar that once again,you are looking in the wrong direction.Perhaps a few questions to your new employers would be a good idea ? What do you reckon ?

  75. Surely releasing lanterns is damaging to the environment and to wildlife?

    Surely we should be concerned about more general issues than one single child and funding the defence of that childs neglectors?

  76. "Links between the case and at least five sex attacks on British children near Praia da Luz have been ruled out."

    Was this the imaginary five sex attacks? Because we certainly never had any details about them. And yet we did hear about stories about mothers frightened by gypsy thieves and so on - which no doubt they would try and claim were attempted abduction though there was absolutely no evidence to support that.

    It might be they've been pressed for details about the five "attacks" and knowing it was a load of tosh have decided to abandon the claim, which had already served its purpose.

  77. how long are portugal going to let this go on for,cant they see whats going on

  78. Holy Moley! Is Dave Edgar for real? Will we get to see how much he is being paid when the 'fund' accounts are published at the end of January? Lat week during the proceedings in Lisbon I was ashamed to be British. After reading this sh*te I am ashamed to be from N Ireland...........

  79. Can someone please explain to me whay the McCanns didn't sue Mauel Catarino for his book which was published SEVEN MONTHS before Amaral's book?



    Published: 06 Dec 2007

    KATE and Gerry McCann have suffered another sensational attack from the Portuguese media.

    A book written by a Portuguese journalist blames the couple for the disappearance of their daughter Maddie.

    Titled 'A culpa dos McCann' (The guilt of the McCanns), the book is an astonishing attack on the British couple.

    Manuel Catarino, editorial chief of Correio da Manha, published the book today.

    It opens with the lines: "This story did not begin in the Ocean Club, but in London where the official truth was conspired and established: an English girl was kidnapped in the Algarve."

    The author then goes on to accuse Kate McCann of failing to report Madeleine's disappearance to Portuguese police, then pretending she had done so.

    He also said the McCanns holiday apartment showed no signs of having had children in it.

    The book claims: "Pamela Fenn offered herself immediately to call GNR (Portuguese police). Kate thanked her - but said it was not necessary because she'd already called them. Maddie's mother didn't say the truth. The first phone call to the Guard was made by a Tapas waiter at around 22:40 - more than half an hour after Kate noticed her daughter was missing. The first patrol arrived at 23:00 sharp."

    Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/maddie/article552486.ece#ixzz0dXwCKH2X

  80. @39 and @40:

    How can Edgar go to the police, or search himself, when

    a. he has no leads whatsoever about Madeleine being alive and well in the wilderness of the Algarve

    b. he knows she is dead?

  81. Same old tactics. This smacks of that corrupt M3 mob and their boast to know exactly where madeleine was, and who was holding her. The timing of such claptrap always coincides with a worrying time for the McCanns. If Dangerous Dave really believes this nonsense, then someone should tell the incompetent idiot that his careless boasting has jeopardised the safety of Madeleine. But of course, the guy's an ex detective. He should know these things. Unless he's just a big boneheaded opportunistic mercenary these days.

  82. The clever thing about hiring the private detectives to pursue the investigation is that they are not obliged to release all the information they gather into the public domain .

    Its about managing perceptiom from the mccanns perspective . Edgar can release any unsubstantiated rubbish to the deferential British Media who will run with it.

    He does not have to follow anything up -he only has to give the impression that he may be doing something-this is what he is being paid for -to help manage the perception of an abduction in the British Media ,and elsewhere.

    This whole case has been stage managed,choreographed from the beginning.

  83. All you need to do is take a look at the face of Dave Edgar and you know with whom you are dealing. Did anyone check meanwhile if this guy was indeed a cop? Hard to believe! There are good, average and bad cops around in every police force in the world. But you will hardly find a complete idiot like Edgar! If he indeed was a cop, alleged DI, one should verify why he left the police force or was retired. After that, I am sure, there is no need to waste a thought on him anymore. But he fits perfectly into the McCann team of pathological and professional liars. See Clarence Mitchell.

  84. ShuBob,

    You know as well as we all why they didn't sue. The book didn't sell 200.000 copies and therefore the author didn't have 1,2 million to be robbed by the McCanns.

  85. People in Haiti are having their limbs removed after having been given only an aspirin for pain. And the McCanns are releasing 1,000 lanterns into the sky from 20 venues in Britain and Portugal. Madness!!

  86. 81, the reason is because Manuel Catarino did not say a word about Payne.

  87. I just took a look at the BBC web site, reading the McCann articles, they are all full of McCann propaganda. Makes me sick that my licence fee (a fee for a licence which, if I didint pay it, would prevent me from legally watching ANY TV channels - surely a restriction on my liberty in this age when TV is so vital a purveyer of knowledge of all kinds!) is used to distribute the McCann's lies.

  88. The pose of that idiot in the picture sums it up!

    I hope that Clarence's attempts to represent a part of the UK electorate does not run smoothly and without exposure of the obnoxious cretins involvement with fraudsters, child neglectors and possibly worse, bent on restricting freedom and bending the truth, corrupting the principle of freedom of expression. Why would they voite for a spin doctor?

  89. 73 Idiotic post.

    Only a fool blindly believes that official organs are infallable - one only has to look at the many cases of abuse presided over by the authorities in the UK's broken society.

    On what basis do you build your theory that this organisation knows more than the Portuguese police and the UK police, both of which beleive that Madeleine died in the apartment?

    Let me challenge you to an open debate.

  90. about two weeks ago both Gerry and Kate went to Lisbon

    there were barriers a-plenty for the expected outpouring of the Portuguese spirit-from the footage I saw though..there were plenty a meja-peeps..but only about a dozen 'civilians'..all of a certain age-who probably had no jobs to go to on a working day

    what does the equivalent of white-van man in Porto and Portimao think ? We know there was initial interest (Amaral's book sales testify to that)but the obvious lack of interest in the court hearing tells another story nowadays.

    Also citizen's arrest-does that concept exist in Portugal ?-if so, why did none of the more feverish Amaral supporters/McCann haters-
    attempt such (an arrest)?

    Just trying to gauge the genuine feelings of non-partisan Portuguese peeps-yonder the fora

    British tourists in the Algarve were down by 21% last year - this IMHO will go into freefall if the Portuguese position is not cleared up publicly and soon.

    (Although the recession has something to do with that-but German tourist numbers were only down by 7% - so it can't be the recession alone)

    Evil is everywhere and that is a fact but the perception of evil lurking with a seemingly inefficient police-force at work in Portugal will damage the country tremendously - so what does the equivalent of Mr. & Mrs. Smith in Portugal think about the case now ?

  91. more facts:


  92. I think that people who are more casual observers of this entire pantomine would be more inclined to believe Madeleine died in the apartment that night, were it not for the fact that they come up against what to them are barriers to this belief.

    To elaborate, one such barrier I believe is actually a construct by the McCanns themselves, and that is the whole issue about cadaver scent being detected in the hire car.

    If you recall, the point was frequently made that the police expected people to accept that the McCanns must have stored Madeleine's body somewhere for more than three weeks, and then used to car to transport it - but no-one suggested for a moment that this was what happened, although suggestions that large amounts of fluids and hair had been found in the car seemed to give this impression.

    I think for many people, the idea that the McCanns stored her body, to move it again three weeks later, all without detection was a step too far in terms of what they were prepared to believe. Consequently, they turned away from the scenario and were more inclined to believe she'd been abducted.

    But in fact, there is nothing whatsoever in the forensic report to suggest that scenario.

    The signalling of the dogs could well be as a result of items having been transported in the boot which were carrying cadaver odour

    So I think that was definitely a barrier for some people and made them more inclined to believe the McCanns - or at least to give them the benefit of the doubt

    Secondly, there is the idea that parents could dispose of their child's remains and not give them a proper funeral. This is a difficult one too, but lets not forget that some parents do far worse to their children. Faced with the thought that discovery could lead to prosecution, loss of liberty, career, home and remaining children, I don't have a problem imagining someone taking this course of action. But some do.

    Finally, there is the enormity of the fact that if the indications given by the dogs are right, and we extrapolate that to say that Madeleine died in the apartment that night (working on the principle that if it looks like a duck, and it walks like a duck and it sounds like a duck, then it's probably a duck) then the inevitable and inescapable conclusion is that the fund and everything associated with it must be a massive fraud and confidence trick.

    Now that's a biggy.

    Sometimes, things do just appear so incredible, that our minds turn away from that conclusion and seek another answer. Easier perhaps to do that than to look further and seek the truth.

    I am quite sure that had the police who investigated Harold Shipman been aware right from the start that they were dealing with someone whom it would eventually emerge had probably murdered more than 400 people, they would have thought it totally incredible.

    The vast majority of the British public will have derived the bulk of their messages about this case and the McCann couple from the mainstream media, who have in the main treated them rather like a cross between the clergy and the royal family. They have never faced any real, tough questioning, and have been allowed to a very large extent to set the agenda.

    They have shot themselves repeatedly in the foot with this Amaral libel business. People who never knew about the dog findings now chat about them at the watercooler. The more they open the door and allow the light in, the more that will happen, so they proceed with further legal action at their peril. Because what may appear to some as a fantastical tale at the moment may not appear so for much longer once they have been treated to the opinion of yet more of the investigating officers.

    And if people ever get to thinking - en masse - that they contributed to a fund designed to find a child who was already beyond help, then they won't like it. They won't like it one bit.

    All theoretical, naturally.

  93. The same question might be asked about why they only sued the Express and Daily Star, Shubob. The stories in the British press all said more or less the same things but the others were deemed all right. Murat sued all the material papers - but not the Mccanns. Hmmm

  94. Anon 81

    imo Amaral's book was much more dangerous for Mccanns since based on police files...

  95. RIPM at 74

    I think that clever rhyme of yours is excellent.

  96. People please read "THAT KEY BIT OF INFORMATION" by Dr Martin Roberts (mccannfiles.com)

    Very, veeeeery interesting....

  97. Anon at 73

    The sniffer dogs are experts at what they do as well, and if they are indicating blood and cadaver scent in the apartment and back of the McCanns' hire car, they are much more believable than human beings who may have a subjective reason to focus on a certain person.

    Those dogs did not know the McCanns or care less about them.

    Unless this is a hoax of the most unimaginable proportions, Madeleine is dead.

  98. ShuBob

    Does the book you refer to have the Gaspar statements mentioned in it.

    If not, that may be the answer.

  99. "Parents party as daughter held captive in Hellish Lair."
    as a headline on Wednesday?

  100. Post 53 & 56. I suggest you go to the link:
    as post 56 said, and then click on the option that includes, "inciting hatred" (meaning 'of Amaral and Portugal' of course) Then insert the YouTube video URL to report it.

  101. Quand je lis ces élucubrations, je n'arrive toujours pas à croire qu'on puisse prendre à ce point les gens pour des imbéciles. Alors je cherche une motivation cachée, une explication logique à la stupidité d'une telle stratégie.

    Ma crainte à moi serait que cette pièce de théâtre finisse par un Deus ex machina : les restes de Maddie dramatiquement découverts par The big detective Edgar. Découverte permise par son long labeur et l'aide d'une source que sa déontologie, bien sûr ne permettrait pas de citer. Mort mise alors sur le dos du kidnappeur du jeudi:
    - "Vous voyez bien qu'elle avait été kidnappée puisqu'on a découvert sa dépouille.
    Les kidnappeurs tuent en général leur victime.
    On a retrouvé le corps de Maddie McCann.
    Donc Maddie MacCann a été kidnappée.
    Donc Amaral avait tort.
    Donc Amaral est responsable de la mort de Maddie."

    De là on arriverait à dire que le kidnappeur et Amaral ne faisaient qu'un.

    Mais ce qui me rassure c'est que le besoin d'argent condamne un tel scénario aux oubliettes. Maddie découverte morte, plus de dons, plus d'argent pour payer toute l'équipe si bien rodée. Mais dira-t-on, ils n'en auraient plus besoin alors car l'affaire serait close. Pas pour tout le monde. Il est encore , dans un coin reculé de l'Europe, un petit peuple courageux et obstiné qui résiste encore à la propagande tabloïsée, qui ne verserait pas de larmes compatissantes sur la souffrance des pauvres parents ( on pourrait attendre des funérailles à la Lady Di).
    Un peuple conduit par un petit brun un peu chauve qui n'aura de cesse d'élucider la part prise par les parents et peut-être d'autres protagonistes dans cette disparition.
    En parodiant les dernières parole d'"En attendant Godot":
    -Qu"est-ce qu'on fait maintenant?
    -On continue."

    Je les plaindrais presque. Presque...


  102. @ Anti Philo
    Thanks for making me laugh. I think Edgar said 10 years to cover the wild land !

  103. Post 73, nobody thinks CEOP are idiots, they are not following the PJ and the Public Prosecutors conclusions that "MBM is probably dead". That is THEIR JOB, GET IT. It's not CEOPs job to decide!!! Their job is to follow the lead investigation in Portugal and advise only.

  104. As far as I know, there is a criminal offence in the UK called "Deception" isn't there? Does D Edgar have any evidence for his publishing these assertions about parts of Portugal. Why not report him to the Police and then if not, they can charge him with Deception. Good.

  105. @ Anonymous 69
    Certainly. It shows how right they were, they are, they will be, not asking for reopening.

  106. Jim Gamble
    Richard Brandson
    common purpose
    If these two men allow the guest speech and the glitzy dinner to go ahead,then they must be part of the same club and condone child neglect and peodofile activity

  107. @PeterMac

    10 people 10 days ! You're a bit optimistic, but this is feasible, I had suggested that boy scouts could be contracted during next holidays. They would certainly enjoy it very much, being useful and making some pocket money, an helicopter or two could help etc.

    BUT Edgar said 10 years ! And of course he's the one who knows better...

  108. http://www.bishopeton.org.uk/news-and-newsletters/282-missing-madeleine-1000-days.html

    Just when you think you have heard everything..

    Lantern Launch..7.30 pm..Formby Football Club

  109. Has anyone noticed how young the Sarah Payne photo looks (murdered at 8 years old) on BBC News web page today. The age-doctored Madeleine photo looks much older than 8 years by comparison. Why is that I wonder?

  110. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsaTlCBzgnY

    Propoganda for Wednesday

  111. >>...But investigators would still like to speak to convicted Brit sex offender Raymond Hewlett, 64, who was staying near Praia da Luz at the time of the disappearance...<< DSS

    Is Hewlett still alive???

    Beata, Germany

  112. Oh please ......fgs are they not bored yet ? I certainly am ,I was reading on here last night and it widely guessed a "sighting"was imminent .When are others going to wake up and see the light ?

  113. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1191094/Paedophile-Raymond-Hewlett-admits-I-saw-Madeleine-McCann-twice-disappeared.html

    What Bastards the Mccanns and Mitchell are...With the help of CEOP they tried to frame Murat and the search for a patsy continues.

  114. Don't be surprised when the authorities receive panic calls from people reporting flying saucers or UFO's when the McCanns release their 1,000 lanterns.

  115. Video of an ill-looking Clarence Mitchell talking about the McCanns' star-studded fundraiser to an American network.


  116. Such kind of announcement was expected before fundraising event to keep donors motivated.

  117. The `thousand lights or lanterns` is not as innocent as may seem. Its a sign to all those who know what really happened.

  118. By now, nobody in the UK believes Madeleine was abducted.
    They know she is dead.

  119. Dave Edgar, is this the cellar, where Maddie lives well???

    Beata, Germany

  120. MSNBC seems to have cobbled togethr a very biased and erroneous report....

    It makes it clear why they are doing their celebration of 1000 days since they began their fraud.

    So the Portuguese police released the files after pressure 'from this end'?

    'As if they need this too' says the presenter - wild libellous - judge do the right thing?! Where are our US friends - doesnt this make you SICK!!!!

    Jesus - spin spin spin!

  121. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/35044105#35044105

    Watch this and despair! This report is totally biased for the McCanns...what ever happened to Stevo!?

  122. I am so sick of hearing that there is 'no evidence' - there is TONS OF EVIDENCE! No proof perhaps, might get excluded by lawyers from a court maybe...but undelniably there is plenty of evidence that the McCanns and their friends were complicit in the disappearance of this poor child, what there is NOT is evidence of abduction!

    How can we put the Americans right!

  123. 121 ...and we know they are responsible and we know what they are doing in the press....I hope that Portugal does not allow the McCanns to win a case which clearly they have lost!

    If the book is banned permanently then we must ensure that it is spread across the world - why has it not been published in the US and Ireland and other English speaking countries?

  124. The United States warned that they are expecting terrorism at any moment, somewhere in this world.
    It is their conclusion after they analysed the last communication from Bin Laden.

  125. MSNBC should balance this report with one done by profiler Pat Brown.

  126. 127, let the secret services search terrorists in England.
    We have heard of the existence of at least 9.

  127. RIPM said... 74
    A Thousand days in an unmarked grave
    Don't worry about it we'll have a rave
    Campaign with champagne is Gerry's cry
    Lanterns and balloons, will fill the sky...

    you created something great - now we should compose a music and sing or Rap or jodel this in all corners of the world. Where are the hidden talents?

  128. Found this article (rather surprisingly from the Daily Mail!) reporting on the sterling work done by PI Dave Edgar and his team:


    Once again, a great PR exercise but apparently very little detective work.

    Why, oh why, don't any of the investigators employed by The Fund do the job they are paid to do and actually INVESTIGATE???

  129. aacg said... 110
    10 people 10 days ! You're a bit optimistic, but this is feasible,"

    Probably so, but a bit closer than the 10 years of pretendy cop. Most of the land will not have cellars or buildings, whether it be thickly wooded, or open fields, or rocky outcrops or cliffs, and so can be cheerfully ignored for the purposes of "underground cellars".
    Google earth should assist.

  130. (123) Clarence Mitchell is being very clever here. He is trying to make it sound like it was the Portugues police who they got the files from after pressure but he is actually talking about the files from the Leicestershire police that they went to court about to get some of the information released to them.

  131. "made a secret visit to Praia da Luz at the beginning of last week"
    He had a week's holiday in Portugal at the fund's expense.

  132. This star studded fund raiser bugs the hell out of me. The McCanns have now put themselves in the realm of celebrity status holding their very own celebrity bash. Why would JK Rowling and Branson put their name to an event like this after all the evidence that came out in the Portuguese courts 2 weeks ago. Surely they are intelligent to know that there are two sides to every story and that the McCanns version of events isn't the only one to consider. There are hundreds of children, dying, hungry homeless and being exploited in Haiti at the moment, the fund raiser for one child who parents are child neglectors at the very least, is just a sickening way to pour more money into a fund that does little for the purpose it is there for.

  133. Post 123 and 134. What a lot of spin by Clare (what's he done to his hair, dyed the grey?). Yes he's lying as usual. As usual they are desperate for money, particularly as Oprah was not a success and as the UK is finished for them after Lisbon, they want to gain some money from spin in the USA market, hence the invitation to visit the website of course. But there is a book coming out there too by Stevo. I think I'll email MSNBC and tell them the truth, warn them about the Mcs.

  134. If the guy they're paying to ACTUALLY look for Maddie says she's being hidden in a remote region of Portugal and the parents are out partying hard in Kensington....
    These people are beyond sick.

  135. What he said is nothing new.
    If it's such a rural that there's even no ghost to be found who provided him with that info. then. Isnt it just conveneint to say a remote, rural and deserted place but where exactly? Speculation by Dave Edgar doubtless without any shred of evidence to support - DISGUSTING!

    Is Maddie had been spotted there and DE's been given that info he would know exactly where and not merely speculate.

    Actually, its easier to lose oneself and stay obscure in a crowded then deserted place because in a barren place a psycho with Maddie will stick out like sore thumbs.

    Hope they subpoena (sp) him DE) during the libel trial and give him the 3rd degree for details.

  136. Those lies (CM's and DE's) dont come cheap - and mccanns had to pay for them using others money.

    Are those rich (Richard Branson, Rowling et al) all in on it, or are being conned by fraudster mccanns? Ultimately it will be their money that pays for those lies.

  137. So much for Duarte Levys report of Mitchell jumping ship, then. Why am I not surprised?

  138. I wonder do the mccanns have to pay Daily Star for printing that garbish? What's a waste of space!

  139. thedarkknight at 131

    The reason they don't investigate is because if they did it would lead them directly back to the McCanns, dogs and all.

    As it is, they have a job for life as long as they don't blot their copybook and ask the wrong questions.

    It is a farce.

  140. link to the private investigators we investigate -an article on the new madeline foundation website -a good read


  141. Has anyone managed to get themselves a ticket for this CEOP thing tomorrow?
    Any twitterers out there?
    Failing that, has anyone got a ticket for Dickie Branson's do?
    I do hope our intrepid investigative reporters *snigger* will be getting some questions in, or at least popping a few flashbulbs at the odious pair as they arrive in their golden coach.

  142. What a stupidest thing to say - in a district inland! Where exactly if he knew so well? How funny to see them having Maddie dragged through the globe from morrocan to as far as australia then and suddenly dragged back to inland PT not far from PDL.

    What good a general statement like that do? Coming from a supposedly high calibre private dick - jesus h. christ, even a primary school kid can do better with their imagination.

    Where else did he think she could be? on the moon!
    Does he have any brain to engage in the first place?

  143. Can DE be reported to Police for misleading the public with general completely usesless statements where a missing child is concerned?

    Is this standard of work on public donated money allowed? Surely those who donated have a right to complain if they are not happy at the way their money is spent!

  144. maddie may be hidden dead or alive in a remote village i believe. i believe that this will be a case like jaycees. maddies parants may know that maddie is in a secret celler. i think the mcanns arranged this to happen because they could not cope with maddie at home. this had to happen this way because there was no other way for them. they hid her hoping that maddie would remain safe untill they are ready to see her agian. they dont know who took maddie or where she was taken to.


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