1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Tony Parsons vile xenophobic attack on the Portuguese Authorities

Tony Parsons and Daily Mirror, suffering from Lusophobia

«It is the fault of the spectacularly stupid, cruel Portuguese police. I have never much cared for the convention of calling cops "pigs" or "filth", but I am happy to make an exception.»

«And the Portuguese public must also take their share of the blame. The sight of locals jeering at Kate McCann as she went in for questioning made me feel as though these leering bumpkins were not from another country, but another planet.»

From the same Daily Mirror racist hack that wrote in October 2007 'Oh, Up Yours Senor', an infamous and insulting article aimed at the Portuguese Ambassador in London, António Santana Carlos and at the Portuguese people - to which there was never a proper apology* - comes again another blatant and xenophobic attack on Portugal.

«If, as has been suggested in Portugal, there was a “media circus” around the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, then it is the Portuguese police who are the clowns.

Cruel, stupid, spiteful clowns.

You would never guess it but Kate and Gerry McCann are not actually on trial in Lisbon.

Madeleine’s parents have brought legal action against detective Goncalo Amaral, who they accuse of libelling them in his book, Maddie: The Truth Of The Lie.

But the Portuguese plods have used the libel case to declare open season on the McCanns. One former policeman, Francisco Moita Flores, told the court that only the ­“distraction” of the “media circus” prevented the McCanns from being charged with negligence.

“No one believed it was an abduction,” he told the court. “It was a fairytale, a fable.”

But if Madeleine was not abducted, then what happened?

The Portuguese police were shown up as a bunch of clueless amateurs by the Madeleine case, and – shamed, embarrassed, infuriated – they turned their rage on the McCanns.

Even now, the Portuguese cops treat Kate and Gerry McCann with a grotesque lack of respect.

Asked if he cared that he had hurt the McCanns, Goncalo Amaral told a BBC reporter: “No, f*** the McCanns.”

A class act, that fat copper, who has sought to make money out of a stolen child – and the endless grief of her parents.

And what a shock to see the faces of Kate and Gerry McCann back in our newspapers.

The indelible pain is stamped on their faces for ever.

The greatest tragedy is, of course, that a little girl was stolen from her family.

But it is also genuinely tragic that the Portuguese police did not seriously look for the bastard who stole her.

And that’s because they have always been far too busy slandering that little girl’s parents.»

by Tony Parsons in Daily Mirror (contact: feedback@mirror.co.uk or the Press Complaints Comission)

* Parsons wrote a column, titled "Oh, up yours, senor", regarding the Portuguese police investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

One of the complainants was the Portuguese ambassador to Britain, whom Parsons told to "keep your stupid, sardine-munching mouth shut".

The column attracted a total of 485 complaints, and the matter has yet to be resolved by the PCC.


  1. This man is a disgrace.
    I hope Goncalo Amaral sues the pants off him.

  2. why any one should worry what this tony parsons says is beyond me, he is a nobody and the only way to make him a somebody is for people to repeat the shit he writes.forget about him he aint worth the worry.

  3. As a British citizen I am disgusted and ashamed of the way Tony Parsons has spat venom at Goncalo Amaral and other Portuguese citizens.
    I am making a complaint to the Daily Mirror and press council.
    The cheek of it!
    Joan U.K.

  4. ...E as autoridades Portuguesas não reagem aos insultos? por favor, estamos na União Europeia..será que os nossos Deputados não se sentem ofendidos?
    Ah.. não, é liberdade de expressão..só o Gonçalo Amaral é que não se pode expressar!
    Isto é demais!

  5. Pass the sick bag please.

    Perhaps this idiot is another who gets invited around to Rothley Manor, along with the other sychophants, to have cozy little chats with the golden couple.

    How could he not fail to be moved by brave, frail Kate, who after all, was only gone for a moment in time when it all happened. Ha!

  6. So why is it OK for Parsons to make money writing about the case and not Dr Amaral. Dr Amaral has every right to pen his book and he has every right to spend the money he gets from it how he pleases.

  7. Unfortunately complaints to the PCC are inevitably pointless, as it is a toothless tiger and is also staffed by people with connections to the McCanns (as is anyone in the media and UK establishment it would seem!).

    However, if you do intend to to complain, you will need to know the article publication date and where published.

  8. He must be stopped in this abuse of free expression - why is such a creep allowed to spout his opinion in a national media organ yet anything said about people suspected by many as being child abusers (the McCanns and their friend David payne in particular) is closed down by the establishment.

    Thank god for this brave detective and my deep heartfelt apologies to the Portuguese people. An an Englishman I am deeply ashamed of my government and country!

  9. Hello Mr Parsons.

    Mrs McC didn't search physically according to what she said on TV. Could you ask her why? Could you also give us some info on the detectives the duo hired to search for the child and a description of them. Thanks.

  10. Perhaps Clarence of the MMU has dirt on the reporters lol

  11. It beggars belief that this vile specimen is allowed to spew such disgusting bile in a National newspaper.
    As an Englishman, I aplogise to the Portuguese people for this.
    Somebody please send it to Goncalo so that he can add it to the list of scum to take legal action against eventually.

  12. dicusting parsons at it again what a knob, im a british person and a bit ashamed of it at the moment i love portugal .

  13. So who shaped Parson's article er I mean edited his article?

  14. This is libellous and bordering on racist. What Parsons knows about the case could be written on his forehead. Press complaints job, has to be

  15. He is a mudslinging, unimportant little man,calling himself a journalist, who works for a mudslinging, unimportant trash dowwnmarket tabloid, only fit for wrapping soiled nappies in. He is not worthy of cleaning the shoes of Goncalo Amaral. Pay him no heed whatsoever! That goes for the trashy Sun newspaper too!

  16. Is the man an idiot? His comments are enough to incite war - and I, for one, would be on the Portuguese side. I`m so ashamed of some of the UK journalists.

  17. Parsons must realise that he is top of the list for slander...

    Dr. Amaral is pretty busy at the moment but when he has the time, I'm sure he'll be swatting this trivial little fly away...

  18. seems to me he been told how to write this ..its just right down discusting.Shame on him shame on clarance and most of all shame on the mccanns .good luck mr goncarlo and thanks you joana i have sooo much admiration for you
    love sue england xx

  19. I used to like Parsons and have enjoyed some of his books.
    However the man is now a fully fledged member of the trendy leftie liberal establishment which throws a screen around their own when under attack.
    He needs to do more research
    He is a lazy fool

  20. Rather like the initial apparent 'misunderstanding' of Goncalo's remark, this article says so much about its writer and how he thinks.

    Unfortunately at the present time in the UK it seems to be accepted for for newspapers, so-called celebrities, and the plots of television programmes to demonstrate scant regard for truth, decorum, and consideration of all sides of a situation.

  21. Joana: I was up all night going over the McCann case having read the McCanns responses to what Goncalo Amaral's witnesses had to say in court. What strikes me is that the McCanns main thrust is that Amaral has no evidence for his allegations. However, I am a good enough lawyer to see that there is enough evidence to support his claims whereas there is no evidence to support the abduction theory.

    I do not cloud my thinking by taking into account allegations made against Amaral in other cases in Portugal, but stick purely on the developments in the McCanns case.

    It maybe that this is a blessing in disguise. It is odd, to say the least, that our Family Court made Madeleine a Ward of Court when there is no evidence that Madeleine is alive. It is like making a ghost a Ward of Court. And in the Daily Express apology to make a statement that the McCanns are innocent in the disappearance of Madeleine. The Daily Express cannot judge whether the McCanns are innocent, it must be a court of law. It maybe that giving the McCanns enough rope they will hang themselves ;)

  22. I agree with the comments of poster 14 about Parsons and the Mirror. I believe however, that all of us here should be more concerned about the two-page full frontal attack on Mr Amaral in the Daily Mail this morning. It is a slanderous, one-sided assault from my now ex-regular newspaper. In contrast to Parson's infantile piece, it was very literate and more worryingly plausible. The way this despicable pair of child-neglectors have been "promoted, protected and pampered" by the British Media and Britsh Government (to quote the brilliant video by spudgun on youtube) sickens me.

  23. To all Portuguese readers - please don`t ever think that the UK people are of the same opinion as this twat TP.

    In fact, everyone I know, friends, colleagues, family, all believe the McCanns are liars. It seems that a much larger percentage of our population think they are guilty of hiding something, even people in our police force and legal professions and I`m sure many of our more intelligent journalists. They just cannot speak out for fear of losing their jobs or being sued.

  24. He surely shaved off his moustache and took off his nazi uniform and insignia, but even then he cannot hide his true colours. This man is a born racist and fascist. How is it possible that this snake is allowed to spit his venom in a British nespaper, in the 21st century? Please British people, raise up to your noble democratic and human values and let him know what you think. Please, give him a good kick in his balls. This man makes me vomit (and I don't vomit easily)! Nobody can force him to like the Portuguese or Portugal, but this and his previous other articles have nothing to do with sympathy or antipathy, THIS IS RACISM IN ITS PUREST FORM, AND RACISM IS A CRIME PUNISHABLE BY LAW!

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Sharon Anon 17

    Those witness statements by the Gaspars NEED to be brought out in court then.

    It is too important for them not to be mentioned.

  27. I keep saying this and here I go again.
    Rupert Murdoch owns the majority of the British Gutter press
    He is the father-in-law of Mathew Freud of Freud communications, employer of Clarence.

    Rupert is a friend of Gordon Brown and Tony Blair
    Tony Blair has done favours in the past for Rupert Murdoch, bending the rules and creating loans, grants etc. to enhance his sordid horrible business.

    Murdoch owes Brown and Blair a few favours.

    Blair was allegedly covering up an elite Paedophile ring according to some reports

    David Payne accused of Paedophillia

    Google "Blair"Murdoch" or "Brown"Murdoch" or even "Blair"Paedophile"

    Try the propaganda matrix site

    When we are done is there anyone out there able to get all this info onto a website of it`s own? This dirty little circle has to be exposed.

  28. Murdoch "owes Brown and Blair a few favours". Are you serious? His flagship rag the Sun has already come out and backed the Tories for the election.

    But the Mirror that Parsons "writes" for is not owned by Murdoch. It is pro-Labour. But the Sun are the biggest backers of the McCanns

  29. O "BOCA DE SARJETA" no seu melhor.Este panasca badalhoco

    Joana ,se encontrar uma expressão idiomática para classificar esta aberração esteja à vontade

    Obg e parabens pelo vosso trabalho

  30. Parsons

    Não vale a pena continuares com histerias.Quantas vezes é preciso repetir o que te disse o Payne: Estás Fora de Prazo

  31. I doubt it matters what political label they have on the surface, underneath they all belong to the same old boys club. Have you ever seen the get togethers the Republicans and Democrats have in US.

    Up front they make like they are not on good terms, behind the scenes they are slapping each other on the back.

    If you have never heard of them, find out about the 'Bilderburgers'.

    No reporting allowed about their conferences.

  32. OMG! I'm lost for words..

  33. John again,

    I wonder whether this 'reporter' would have the bravery to say these things against a muslim state / individual?

    In fact, his newspaper would not allow it - it would be hate speech and he could probably be arrested in the uk.

    The newspapers reserve their abuse for those that cannot fight back - and Portugal certainly come into that category - what can they possibly do to protect their good name?

    I holidayed in the algarve from a very early age and it is a great place. I also enjoy the way they play football.

    Their justice may be slow - but I am sure it is fair - and this is from a bitter personal experience.

  34. An ignorant rant, pandering to the brainless. The Great British Press at it's worst.

  35. Have just sent an e mail to the Brit. Embassy in Lisbon
    Comment- Better be a sardine muncher than eating Rump Steak, Sir. No wonder you are a country of Hooligans, I thought , the Brits to be so very cool, very disappointed indeed, Sir.

  36. I wonder if Tony Parsons treats his Asian wife with such disrespect??

  37. What absolute bullshit by this pathetic little moron.
    Hey Tony if you fancy doing any white collar boxing I would love to rip your head off... for charity of course!

  38. There's not to much to say about Parsons that isn't already said by his picture. For some reason he reminds me of Archie the pub bore from The Fast Show.

    A boring sketch show caricature - yep, that just about sums this idiot up.


  39. Operation ore is simmering away and this may be the year when this it boils over and some innocent men, now dead, are proved innocent. But the Ore scandal has also covered up for the guilty, two senior Labour politicians fall into this category. Jim Gamble is the man who has to keep operation Ore locked-down because perhaps the flip side of the suicides is actually the powerful men (Business Men, a leading newspaper columnist, Senior Doctors, Lawyers etc) to whom a blind eye was turned. These are the men who are "well connected", like the McCann's and are protected by the "Old Boys Network" for want of a better name. Perhaps a group of NHS Doctors and Business Men escaped prosecution when they were identified as part of Ore. Perhaps the person who pulled the strings is a senior government figure who had to save his own skin and reputation when one of free Paedophiles when on to kill Maddie in 2007. If Jim Bates unlocks the scandal of operation Ore, the truth of the Maddie cover-up may emerge as part of this giant scandel that has been covered up for many years now.

  40. Don't be afraid to insult him:


    Alternatively he could be registered to receive surveys, samples, literature, newsletters etc

    His xenophobic attacks are all too frequent
    Google - Tony Parsons xenophobic

  41. This why it was so important to keep Detective Sergeant Jose De Freitas from testifying at the hearing.
    Had he done so and, as seems likely, confirmed that the UK police not only agreed with their Portuguese counterparts but took the lead in suggesting the cadaver dogs be bought over in the first place,it wouldn't now be possible for xenophobic halfwits to write such nonsense.

  42. Forget Tony Parsons, read Dr Martin Roberts' new offering at mccannfiles.

  43. Anon 28 Quite. Mightn't it be unecessary to suppose that the McCanns are backed by some sort of lefty plot? And surely the awful Murdoch's chief preoccupation is only to instruct his minions to pen whatever rubbish most appeals to a debased readership? Independent of political leanings there has always been a British element that not so much hates foreigners as is ignorant and fearful of them and loves to see this sort of ridiculous bluster to make itself feel less intimidated. The sort of sophisticated, fair-minded, interested and interesting Englishman who once equated Englishness with civilization has long ago left his native shores leaving them to hordes of ill-educated, ill-bred, social-climbing, resentful and trouble-making individuals painfully aware of their own insignificance and desperately anxious to find someone else to blame - and of whom the McCanns are typical examples (and many more, I'm sorry to say, can be found littering the more attractive parts of the European Continent). Let alone rudimentary moral sense, their mental equipment is so limited that they're barely articulate and even the crudest logic is beyond them, but nonetheless by some oversight presumably - and one shudders for their unfortunate patients - they've managed to haul themselves into the ranks of a profession which unimaginative people suppose to be an elevated one. Thus having achieved the small-minded dream of becoming 'middle-class', they have to work hard to imitate their betters, to pose as a loving united family srrounded with dear friends, taking their holidays abroad even while scarcely noticing their surroundings, and of course throwing their money about in order to win 'respect'. It's rather a hard performance to keep up, especially if you're dim-witted, but what with the nice clothes and the attentions of Mrs McCann's hairdresser etc millions of other aspirants can be fooled. That's wny they're in popular favour, as role midels, to use an expression, for so many other less-successful persons in whose bosoms burn the little snobbish instincts so often commented upon in their race, forever ready to be 'insulted' by anyone who fails to notice them and belligerent in their search for recognition. Latins and Southern Europeans and Arabs and all the rest, with an easy natural grace and an untroubled attitude to life and a visible capacity for simple pleasure, simply make these yokels shrivel with an inner shame at their own inferiority, and it doesn't take an advanced psychologist of human nature to predict the result.


  44. The McCanns have planned their spin like a military campaign.

    Please realise that.

    They have marketed the abduction of Madeleine right from the start, and it has been very lucrative.

    Who knows what it is being spent on.

    We have only their say so, and they can do what they like with it, no matter that the trusting public believe they have sent it solely to help find Madeleine.

    Over and over, on tv, radio, newspapers, whatever, the people of the UK have been told that Madeleine has been taken by an abductor. It has been a form of BRAINWASHING.

    Nobody has challenged them on this, except a few brave individuals who have since been sent letters from Carter Ruck threatening them.

    Now, like a breath of fresh air, the Court case in Portugal is saying something different to the McCanns spin, and the controlling McCanns can't stand it.

    They are losing control of the situation.

    That will be why GM left early, so that he can go and send his loyal troops in again with rubbish like this.


    Don't bother being polite about it either.

    Let them know we are angry about what they have been doing. Using people, and taking their money on the strength of something they can't prove, and daring to threaten people who complain.

    The Investigators, Goncalo Amaral and the dogs and all, are saying the litte girl is dead and there was NO ABDUCTION. SO STUFF IT MCCANNS, STUFF IT.

    As for money to help with their so called search, go stuff yourselves again McCanns, and sell your own assets or ask your family and friends for help.

    They look like the could be loaded, just like you.

    The controlling McCanns disgust me.

    Never has such a load of unproven spin been allowed to be used in this way to brainwash the populace, by people who are high on the suspect list themselves.

    Never have people been allowed to interfere with a criminal case like the McCanns have.


    You had an opportunity to do it once. Go for it again.

  45. I thought despite the fact we have free speech in this country (yeah I know, just not free enough to call the McCanns downright liars and horrible people) that new laws were passed that made it illegal to encite racial hatred. Hence the deportation of some very hard-lined moslems who were considered to inflame terrorism. So is Tony Parson not guilty of doing the same thing? Is he not breeching any kind of law that we, the people, can act on? I know it is a stretch but....

    May I also pass my apologies to Dr Amaral and the Portuguese people who are being targetted simply because they have more honour and pride than our authorities and press. I know of no one who thinks the same way as Parsons does, I would not want to know anyone as disgusting as this man.

  46. I think the Parsons guy looks like a tadpole, which is not even as attractive as a frog.

    So how does he manage to dismiss the evidence of the dogs then?

    How did the McSpinners manage to convince him about that one?

    Sea bass story maybe, or did they say the cadaver scent was planted?

    There is one born every minute, and this guy sounds like one of them.

  47. This guy doesn't deserve any comment. His statements judge nobody but himself. I would expect the Portuguese authorities to treat him as persona non grata, in case he would pretend to enter in our country.
    Well, I'm French actually, but as I wrote to Louise, to-day we're all Portuguese cops !

  48. Anon 39

    How can we trust Gamble when he is allowing the McSpinner to give a speech at his conference?

    Gamble also says he believes Madeleine was abducted, and so appears to be dismissing the evidence of the dogs. If only somebody could ask him about that.

    The McCanns must have been working their charm on him with their spin about Sea Bass or planting of evidence.

    I bet you discover Gamble and McCann are like hand in glove, and he visits them at Rothley Manor.

    He is too up close and personal to the McCanns and has been from the start.

  49. Anon 41

    If there was a trial all this information would be brought out.

    If only the Portuguese would reopen the case again. It is the last thing the McCanns want. No need to wonder why?

    So much they don't want known.

  50. Anon 41.

    Exactly! Something else to be added to the host of questionable actions by the UK since the 3rd May 2007, which would fill a book!

  51. it seems Cheeky Chappy and Notting Hill Luvie Parsons is dtermined to maintain his status as the world's oldest stroppy teenager. I read his predictable puerile rant down the pub earlier. Not many have a decent word to say about this irksome little runt.

    Even Parsons doesn't really believes that guff about the Portuguese police pointing the finger of suspicion at saints Kate and Gerry because they were 'shamed, embarrassed, and infuriated.' little Tony knows only too well that no police force working on such a high-profile case, with half the world's media watching, would risk their reputations so recklessly.

    Far more likely that the 'shamed, embarrassed and infuriated' ones are those like Parsons. Almost three years down the line and the portuguese police are still supremely confident in their findings.
    This was clear for all to see last week in Lisbon. This case just will not go away. And that's what's really got Tony rattled. The idiot has backed the wrong horse from day one.

    As for the 'incredible pain stamped on their (McCanns) faces', well to me it looked more like Fear and Guilt.

    But if Mdaleine was not abducted, then what happened? Asks Parsons, somewhat rhetorically. Read the files, Tony, and learn to think for yourself. You may just come to an interesting conclusion. A veritable light-bulb moment.

  52. From the Daily Mirror Tea Lady:

    I'd like to apologize on behalf of Mr. P. He definitely hasn't been feeling well of late. I have heard on the grapevine that it could have something to do with his wife walking out on him recently, and of course adding to his feelings of insecurity is the fact that things have not been going terribly well for him at the paper either.

    So, I'd be inclined to put this unforgivable outburst down to his frustration and insecurity; rather like the tantrums of a small child determined to get the grownups' attention by any means.

    Well, either that or he's on something, or something got up his nose...


    FROM WHAT he wrote, we can say clearly that he support Mccann's fairy tale and got very angry with the evidences showing in Lisbon court. The questions are: Why he defends so strongly the Mccann's and their abduction theory if he was not part of the Tapas friends? Or is he the 10 person, since a lot of people have that feeling that there is an important person missing on the story? Maybe he was that person. AND MAYBE, HE BELIEVES SO STRONGLY AT THE ABDUCTION BECAUSE HE WAS THE ABDUCTOR AND HE KNOWS VERY WELL WHERE IS THE CELLAR WHERE MADDIE IS KEEPED IN GOOD CARE. IS HE ALSO SURVIVING FROM THE DONATIONS MADE TO MCCANN'S FUND, because I believe that with his skills to write, few papers will buy his services. WONDER IF IN UK, AT THE JOURNALISM UNIVERSITYS THEY TEACH STUDENTS TO WRITE ARTICLES WITH A SO POOR QUALITY, VERY XENOPHOBES AND USELESS TO THE WORLD.

    Since he can say everything about Portugal and the Portuguese, we can say, he is the abductor. THIS EXPLAINS all his behaviour. Scotland Yard watch him closely, because you were insulted on the same pack.

  54. I certainly do hope that Dr. Amarals lawyers do get to see this article. In itself, its just a crap piece of writing by one mincehead to be viewed by others of like him; garbage. But the part infering that Amaral cursed the mccanns on live tv - now that most certainly is libellous. And I want that filthy racist scumbag on a skewer!

    luggy x

  55. Este gajo defende tanto os Mccann e a sua teoria de rapto, e em momentos tao estrategicos, que e justo que nos portugueses digamos que para defender o que ele defende, so pode ser o raptor e saber onde Maddie esta guardada. Deve ser o Tapas 10 e usar metodos do outro mundo para nao deixar rasto.

  56. The McCanns must be really crapping themselves to call-in this racist no-mark to hurl abuse at both the Portuguese Police and people. I have no doubt that this sort of nonsense will continue now,both from their friends,and other sections of the rabid gutter-press,right upto and beyond the February 10th.resumed hearing. After 2 days in Portugal, Gerry's lack of self control under the pressure of an arena which he could'nt control or manipulate,became clear. Its only going to get tougher Gerry ! How long will it be before the press which now applauds them, turns on the McCanns in the face of greater revelations? Certain sections of the press are like a pack of Jackals who pursue a lone creature to its eventual destruction! So keep on looking behind you Kate and Gerry, they will be coming your way soon!

  57. Has any British journalist ever mentioned the 48 questions that the distraught mother refused to answer?

    I noticed when Kate was in Portugal she had one of their luggage tags bearing Madeleine's picture attached to her purse, as well as wearing their wrist bands.

  58. These Xenophobic insults for Snr Amaral, the PJ and Portuguese people are in direct proportion to the desperation of the McCanns. The McCanns are now desperate to recover old ground which they fear they've lost as a result of the worldwide publicity of this court case. They fear the tide of public opinion has turned against them and they are desperate to turn it back, but like King Canute they cannot succeed. We read the literary venom that comes out of the McArticles in their gutter press. It's the same nasty attitude that was revealed by their legal team in court during questioning witnesses, the same desperate venom that seeks to criminalise Snr Amaral. Here we see the nastier side that drives these people. The more they fear, the nastier they become.

  59. parsons is the runt of the litter

  60. Why do I see this man in a Nazi uniform?

  61. tony parsons is un-couth just like the mccanns so expect nothing worth reading from him

  62. i really do believe now that the whole lot of those who are "into one another" are getting desperate (as GA has said) following this lastest failed attempt to sway public opinion.In my opinion they agreed to go into the witness box (which i dont think they had bargained for)only till after GA (as a delaying tactic perhaps) then decided that if gerry wasnt there should it be necessary kate could easily fake a last minute collapse.Like at first saying yes to the suggestion of a lie detector test and then finding an excuse not to. they fear being questioned and i dont believe that february 10 will ever come about.And going back to those who are "into one another" i think that a suicide which has been mentioned before could be in the plural

  63. Dear Portuguese people and especially dear Sr Amaral, please please don't think most of us English people think like this disgusting little racist Tony Parsons. I think I have got one of his books in my house, given to me for a birthday or Christmas at some point, and I am going to track it down and burn it when I find it. I will make sure that no-one in my family ever again buys anything that might provide him with any income.

  64. It seems the brief period of fair reporting is over- Team McCann has re-grouped and Clarry has bought a bumper pack of chocolate biscuits to see him through his marathon of cosy chats with editors to 'shape' the story once more. Trouble is, thanks to Twitter and the unfortunate footage of Gerry losing it outside court the great British public has seen & heard enough of the hearing in Lisbon for the message to finally be getting through. No matter what these journalists write in their columns, it does not necessarily mean that the readers believe it. I imagine taking the children to school and going to the shops will be massively more uncomfortable for the McCanns now, with the stares & whispers of people who suddenly have seen the light. So Clarry can spin his tiresome little head off as he gets his press buddies back on message, but the damage has been done.....and the more court appearances they make, the more damage to their precious reputations. They have done it all to themselves.......

  65. Make your mind up about Ore, comment 39. Ore was either worthwhile or it was not.
    One of the things I find most perplexing about this whole affair is the attacks on those such as CEOP who are currently our only defence against the tide of paedophilia. There are people involved in commenting on this case for their own reasons, and those reasons are not noble.

  66. I for one think that the days where any sensible person took notice of articles such as this are well and truly over. The papers can say what they like. The truth is coming out. Why couldn't the UK policeman testify. Don't tell me he agreed with Goncalo Amaral.

  67. :)] Tony Parsons writes for the Daily Mirror, a British tabloid with a low IQ readership. He gets paid to write such pulp and he does a good job of it. It means nothing. The average native Brit has a very prejudiced view of the rest of the World. Is that news? No. "Tony dos Bifes" merely represents the anachronic left over from his ancestors past. "Britannia rules the waves" and all that jazz.

    It will be a travesty of justice if the McCann's are allowed to get away with the "heist".

    Those sympathetic with Dr. Amaral's predicament vis-à-vis the insidious PR machine of the McCann's, should consider donating a buck to his defence fund. Easy and secure (PayPal).

    Al in London

  68. Thanks 40......I've just emailed the moron and I haven't held back.

  69. 'A boring sketch show caricature - yep, that just about sums this idiot up.


    No 38. Yup. It's the attention deficit thing. All I know about Parsons is he lived with julie Burchill (spelling).

    And I've come across a couple of xenophobic articles he's written. As a newspaper obsessive I don't come across him that often. Says it all really.

  70. LET US ALL

    send an email to the McCanns (www.findmadeleine.com) asking them if they are prepared to send at least one pound to Haiti.

    Or are they only the receiving part?

    I bet they will not send anything at all!

  71. mail this to all friends etc

    To learn about the disappearance of little Madeleine Mccann go to-

  72. Xenophobic ranting of the worst kind. The idiot doesn't even seem to know that GA said the British police were in broad agreement with the PJ. I'll make a bet now that even when that fact finally gets into Parson's brain he won't dare call the British police officers 'Cruel, stupid, spiteful clowns'. Cowards like this only vent their spleen against those who they think can't defend themselves; that's how bullies always operate.

    He has made a fool of himself once again and shown himself up for what he is - a brainless, bigoted imbecile.

    If the McCanns need to be defended by the likes of this sick individual then they're in a bigger mess than any of us thought.

  73. Dear All

    Tony Parsons is probably reacting badly because now more than ever people are questioning the McCann's version of events.

    More information is in the public domain which the McCann's can't or won't provide answers too.

    The hate is a sign that Goncalo Amaral has won the moral argument, now he has to win the legal one in Lisbon.

    Parsons demonstrates he is a stupid petty little man and a fool.

    The McCanns have questions to answer.

    I say good luck to Goncalo Amaral and I hope he wins in court.

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird
    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

  74. The problem is, no one can touch Parsons except those who he is attacking - and they dont know he is attacking them.

    How convenient that Madeleine went missing in Portugal, as it is this which has protected the failed parents McCann.

    The question is, what were the McCanns and their colleagues doing in Portugal, who paid? Why so many doctors from different locations in the UK? Was this a drug company funded freebie (used for some awful pervert convention) or some kind of seminar?

    We will never know, but lets hope the Portuguese continue to show their moral fibre through the heroic figure of Amaral - I tip my hat to the man!

  75. Anon ≠55, good idea! I would add this one to your list -


    where there are English translations of the most important parts of the official case files and also a forum where many aspects of the case are discussed. You have to log in to join in the discussion, but anyone can read the case files.

  76. Thanks for that info Anon 55.

  77. Surprise, its email is not working...

  78. Tony Parsehole

  79. as we have said for the last 2 and a half years... the McCann's will be their own undoing...

    if they'd have owned up at the time, Kate would be out of prison in the next few months... as it is, it is going to get more and more unbearable for them... and I will revel in their misfortune after all the unpleasantness they have dished out around the world to various unsuspecting souls just to save their own scrawny skins.

    I wish Amaral would call Mark Harrison to the stand

  80. Julie Burchill was briefly married to Tony Parsons (whom she met at NME), moving in with him in 1981, at age 18. She left three years later; She claims to have got through the "sexual side" of their marriage "by pretending that my husband was my friend Peter York"

    says alot about Parsons frustrations... maybe he should masturbate more frequently... oh I forgot, he does that at the Daily Mirror

  81. such an article would not have been commissioned - I doubt Parsons submitted it freelance - unless someone wanted such an article written, and believed it to be necessary at this time

    which is quite encouraging, don't you think?

  82. Post 51 I agree.

    Parsons is like the xenophobic Alf Garnett, stuck in the past and full of hatred and bile thinking that him and his ilk are superior and all foreigners are inferior. Just look at him he looks like a scalded onion. We have all seen the types that align themselves to the McCanns.

  83. Hello. Please don't concern yourself about what Tony Parsons thinks. Tony Parsons doesn't matter. Columnists in newspapers don't matter. They are paid just to fill gaps that can't be sold to advertisers. Columnists are not journalists, and their opinions are worth as much or as little as the unpaid contributors who write 'letters to the editor'. Columnists are paid by editors to provoke and outrage readers to write in and disagree with them.

    The law matters. Courts matter. Justice, decency and truth matter. Opinions are just opinions, whether they are offered unpaid by me or paid for by people like Parsons.

    Watch the Courts, not the columns. The Courts are where the McCanns really don't want to be, as has been seen so spectacularly this last week. The courts are Clarence Mitchell free zones.

  84. He possibly a freemason too.

  85. It's a pity that this vile insignificant little coward hides behind a newspaper to say what he said. I wonder if he would have the guts to say all those things face to face to Dr. Amaral !!

  86. That thing must have a really very small penis...poor thing! Only very fustrated "things" could write such garbage.

    The only way that it can find to express itself is attacking more decent, better dressed, and better life achievers than itself.

    That P-thing is definetely ignorant, deft, blind and dirty.

    Retreat into your slimy hole, you silly snail.

  87. I do hope that nobody ever believes that in Portugal or everywhere else in the world, that Parsons thing is taken as representative of anything but a fool.

    The United Kingdom can't be responsible for their loonies as much as any other country in the world.

    If something positive came out of this sad event it is the confirmation that we, human beings, we persons of the world, all feel in the same way and most of all, that we are capable of uniting around the same goals when it is justified.

    I just wish that we could expand this experience to other significant aims...



  88. Post 49. Nothing wrong with the laudible aims of CEOP but when they ask McCann to speak at a conference surely you understand the sheer lunacy of that given the evidence against them cirumstantial or not?

  89. testing, can't seem to get through

    bob the bluebird


    Who knows what his motives are but as post No. 2 stated he is a nobody writing s..t.

  91. http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/152230/McCanns-star-filled-party-to-boost-fund

    Money for the ongoing search for Madeleine ??? Yeah right.They need money for the ongoing fight to shut Mr Amaral up.They are really desperate...

  92. Just wanted to point out the Sunday Telegraph seems to be allowing an unusually open debate on the McCanns. What is most unusual, is they allow an extensive quotation from one of the most damning statements - by Fiona Payne talking about how Kate McCann had (according to her testimony) raised with the issue of leaving the door open. In that Fiona Payne notes that Madeleine had woken up before and this was Kate's concern. Of course the LATEST version from Kate McCann on the blog is that they "knew" Madeleine could not wander!!! And yet this interview tells a very different story.


    Anyway - encouraging that a UK newspaper is allowing a snippet of the files to get into the public domain.

    Are you listening Clarence? Better get on the phone to Carter-Ruck.

  93. Latest news in the Express is that the McCann's are to hold a fund raising Celebrity packed event to mark the 1000th day of Madeleine's disappearance.

    It had to come didn't it? They will rub shoulders with all those who they would so like to join and become celebrities themselves, which they have worked so hard at!

  94. The Express describes Goncalo as their 'tormentor'. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! The McCanns have been tormenting this gentleman to high heaven from the very start! Their depravity in their use of him to gain money is disgusting and all in the name of little Madeleine. How low can these people stoop! They, and especially Gerry, have had their eyes on the main chance from the beginning. If they had co-operated with the PJ's from the beginning i.e. Kate answering perfectly reasonable questions about that night, then there would have been no need for what is happening right now, and it's all down to them and their seedy pals!

  95. Surely this artical by Tony Parsons is incitement to racial hatred?

    An amendment to criminal code making a person who has in his possession written material which is threating abusive or insulting, dispayed whether by himself or another, guilty of an offence if he intends hatred of any identifiable group to be stirred up or promoted thereby

  96. Terry -

    A very sensible piece of advice which I will try hard to remember in future! Thank you. And let's hope the Courts come up with the goods and despatch this pair of child neglectors to where they belong, behind bars, be it here or in Portugal! They left their children and it's their responsibility that Maddie disappeared from the face of the earth. The are just starting to admit it, but it's way too late.

  97. George Laird. Campaign for Human Rights - Glasgow University - Post 73

    Thank you very much for your confidence boosting letter above. It is very much needed right now, especially for Goncalo Amaral in his fight for justice for a small child, himself and his family.

  98. The McCanns complain that the words of attorney Magalhaes e Meneses
    are not shown on Amaral's documentary.

    Are they on Gerry's documentary?

  99. Shame on you Mr. Parsons, for having to resort on such CHEAP tactics, but in the long run it only reflects on your own racist ignorant self,
    and at the end of the day it must make you feel very SMALL. Good luck getting to sleep at night.

  100. I had begun to notice that Kate in particular has taken to using the phrase "when Maddeleine was taken from us", and here it is again in the article mentioned in comment 91.

    “If our circumstances remain unchanged, this day will sadly mark 1,000 days since Madeleine was taken from us.”

    It's a strange phrase to use when you are certain of abduction, and rather common usage when someone has died.

  101. Coronation Street faces backlash over Madeleine McCann storyline


  102. # 40

    My email to Parsons was returned undelivered

  103. Anon 45 - I agree with you - yes, this is Incitement of Racial Hatred and it is a crime.

  104. Good point Stephanie (100)

    It is akin to that phone call to her mum when Kate McCann said 'she's gone mum, she's gone'.

    That is also a strange way to talk about a child who is missing, and could be roaming the streets lost or lying injured somewhere. Especially as they said they left the door unlocked.

    Yet they didn't even go looking for her that night, or since.

  105. The McCanns are desperate indeed, they are now sending in the Pestilent Parsons :))

    Problem is, witnesses in court have confirmed everything Goncalo Amaral says.

    Unlike the McCanns who have lied to everybody, police included, from the beginning, Goncalo Amaral is telling the TRUTH.

    What difference does it make what Pestilent Parsons says?

  106. # 102
    The email was on Joana's blog at the time of a previous outrage by this oxygen thief.

  107. Being a Portuguese citizen, I feel offended by the remarks of this wannabe "journalist". Even the gutter press should have limits to what they print. A public front page apologie is DUE to the Portuguese.

  108. To 107:
    Contact your Portuguese ambassador in London and draw his attention to it. I believe it is Mr António Santana Carlos.

  109. You have to excuse Tony Parsons comments. After all he has not a brilliant and intellectual background. The man used to write about punk music for God Sake!!!

    No one can give what does not have, right? God bless is blindness... poor devil...

    Alexandra Correia

  110. Can someone please sent me the link for this article by Tony Parsons, I want to complain to the Equality and Humanright Commission,
    regards Dan

  111. sorry forgot to add my email address dsanderson03@aol.com thanks

  112. To 111

    The article is here but they have already removed the words 'pigs' and 'filth'


  113. with friends like this who needs enemy's:-)))))

  114. @112,bit late now to remove pigs and filth,the damage has been done and a lot of people have saved this disgusting article

  115. This sort of 'reporting' is outrageous and incites suspicion. There are a great many Portuguese people in the UK, living amongst people who will have read Tony Parsons recent article. I think Tony Parsons has put these people at risk with his slurs.

  116. Parsons is a little rat, talks from his hole,not in public. he probably hope to stir up some little revolution that only exists in his little mind, where he is some big shot agitator.

    in the end he is a flawed intellectual that probably BJd his way across the board of directors to get a journalists job..

    sadly there will be people that will feel offended by this rat and counter react by ponting facts like the Mcaans leaving their kids unattended where there were childcare options in the hotel, how Gerry decided to play tennis while the population was searching for his child, how they paid his mortgage on the charity money etc.

    It is however more important to concentrate on hoping that the truth is found and hopefully the child as well.


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