1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Court upholds 'Maddie - The Truth of the Lie' book and documentary ban

Maddie, The Truth of the Lie, the McCann's banned book

McCann win injunction against Gonçalo Amaral
The former PJ inspectors book will continue to be forbidden

The book written by the former PJ Inspector Gonçalo Amaral “A Verdade da Mentira” will remain withdrawn from bookstores, a decision made by Judge Maria Gabriela Cunha Rodrigues, after judging the injunction interposed by the McCanns.

Likewise, the documentary in which Gonçalo Amaral defends the thesis that Maddie McCann parents are involved in her disappearance, will continue to have its broadcast forbidden.

Neither the former Judiciary Police Inspector nor TVI, can refer to the subject.

The judge gave her decision this morning to the lawyers, in her chambers, at the Courthouse in Lisbon.

This decision can still be appealed, as indeed is considering TVI's lawyer, Miguel Coroadinha.

To this this procedural issue that is the temporary injunction, it will follow the main action which seeks for the permanent withdrawal of the book from the market.

in Público

Note: « The lawyers for Gonçalo Amaral and the also targeted Guerra & Paz, the book's publisher, TVI, which broadcast the documentary based on the book, and Valentim de Carvalho, who sold the video [DVD] stated that they would appeal against the decision. »


  1. What a sad day for Portugal, for freedom of speech and for Madeleine.

  2. well, now, the macccanns should reopen the case, to prove that they are not 'guilty'....

  3. The case is far from over, even Martin Brunt used those words. The mccanns have opened many cans of worms with this case, and those fighting for truth and justice will continue with their quest. I don't think the mccanns should starting counting their cash just yet!

  4. I have had a thumping headache since I heard the news, just like I did the day the case was closed and the McCanns de-arguidoed, and the terrible day Mr Amaral was given his guilty verdict in the Joana trial. I will go off and ponder things for a while, but I will be back, just like before, because I cannot abandon my hope that Justice will be done eventually---------for a lovely little girl who deserved much much better. Do Kate & Gerry even remeber her any more????

  5. I need to know the reasons behind the judge's decision, which seems to be at complete odds with all we heard in the courtroom. Are we likely to get to know any details, or will it all remain a secret? The mccanns need to be asked in tomorrow's press conference about whether they have yet asked for the review of the evidence or if they have asked for the case to be reopened. This will not go away, mr and mrs mccann.


  6. How disappointing! This is only a temporary set-back, however. The persistence of the people seeking justice for this case will continue on until a satisfactory conclusion is reached. I am sure of it.

  7. John again,

    I cannot believe it! Well, I can actually - typical of the case really.

    Rosiepops must be doing flip flacks - I have not had a look at his website yet but can imagine what he is writing - poor Madeleine! The abductor will probably torture her a little more today as a celebration of events - if the book had been allowed - the abductor would be off the hook.

    The Judge took the easy option - might as well keep the book banned until the libel action is over - if the book is allowed based only on the evidence from the defendants - then really too one sided.

  8. I think it is exactly what Amaral wanted. Now he will be able to take the case further and that will allow more evidence against the McCann's to come out........

  9. I cannot see if mccanns won money compensation they wanted? 1.2 mln euro?

  10. I await to see if the Mail print my pro Amaral comments. I doubt it.

  11. It doesn't matter what the British press print. We can let them print away while behind the scenes people will be working for justice. I hope the Portuguese reporters will keep at it.

  12. We have yet to see evidence of a single stone being unturned by the ghastly duo.

  13. I am shocked, but not surprised. Still all is not lost, Goncalo will fight for free speech for Portugal and justice for Madeleine and we will support him.

  14. :)] To Judy / Post 5. So do I. I have tried to guess the young judge's rationale. My theory goes:

    "This injunction is part of a forthcoming trial. If I lift the injunction now, I might be interfering with the main court action then, so I will do a Pontius Pilate and say: the injunction stays."


  15. The case must be re-opened in Portugal and it must be run by the PJ and not by any 'panel' - as no doubt McCann would like very much to be on such a panel!

    Why the Portuguese authorities have shelved this case I do not know!

    I can only assume that it either a lack of desire to waste Portuguese money or a result of political pressure,

    The biggest danger is that McCann is allowed to get his hands on any aspect of running the investigation and the Portuguese must avoid being sucked into wild 'sightings' across the globe!

  16. I too would like to read the full judgement, I am horrified by this decision and cannot understand the basis on which it was made. Judges have a lot to answer for in this case, the Judge who did the wardship case and also Judge Weir who allowed the Omagh Bomber to go free and temporarily discredited LCN DNA evidence in the process. (Had that not happened the Lowe Report might have been very different and charges may have been brought against the perpetrators. Queen Vs Hoey -the Judgement is available on the internet) It seems that Madeleine will never get justice and sadly it appears that the Legal Systenm in Portugal is as biased and corrupt as the UK's. It is totally inexplicable to me that Gerry was invited by senior officers to speak at a conference on child sexual abuse and exploitation. In what other country could a major suspect in an unsolved crime involving a missing child be asked to address a police conference - Does anyone know if its over yet and if they invited Gary Glitter to entertain them at the conference dinner?

  17. 5 Judy, it could go no other way - as there is another claim going on - the McCanns libel claim. The lifting of the injunction would have predjudiced that case.

    I think thats why the lawyers timed it as they did, I think they are playing the system, using knowledge of procedure to keep the book under wraps.

    If the lible case goes in the McCann's favour (which regretfully I fear it might and not because what he says is libel!) then is time to cry!

  18. It is a travesty of justice, but not all doom and gloom, because the book will sell even more in those countries with no ban, and on the internet of course now it is getting even more front page news, so the McCann team have shot themselves in the foot once again I reckon!

  19. Surprise! surprise! The Sun (a tabloid par excellence)and CNN (you know who) reporting on the first round points victory of the case is rather balanced. The British media does tend to be more balanced when things are going their way. If not, then the spin starts...


    (CNN video in the same link).

  20. I feel so sad, in fact devastated, am trying to come to terms with it, very difficult, when will Goncalo ever get justice on his side.

  21. The BBC news at lunchtime at least mentioned that Goncalo Amaral only repeated in his book what has already been released in the police files, so that's one in the eye for the McCanns.

  22. If I were the McCs- heaven forfend!- I'd want to quit while ahead, but if they did, C.Ruck would lose money from the conditional fee agreement. Duarte will probably push them forward, but will have to rely on more than histrionics at the full hearing. Maybe the light will dawn on her as she trawls through PJ files and tries to anticipate what the opposition have up their sleeves

  23. I am at a lost for words. If this is interim ban till libel trial, then further appeal in PT will be pointless unless appeal is taken to EUHR. However, it will be interesting to see what unfolds at the libel ........some thing must break soon or I will lose faith in PT legal system.

    I believe no system is incorruptible. At worst there is always the internal politics.

    We will see how stations other than TV1 have to say.

  24. This is a very sad day, not only in Portugal. Up in snowy Sweden, we are many who today do not understand the world anymore. Justice, is this beautiful word just a word for the young judge? We are sad and disappointed and want to know the reasoning behind her very strange ruling.

  25. Presumably, Sr Amaral will not be allowed to mention the case files either as his book is based on them.

    If so, what kind of justice is that?

    This information has been released and is in the public domain.

    Sorry Portugal, but it is hard to understand any logic in this.

    It was the same with the shelving of the case and not charging the McCanns with anything, when the investigators believed there was evidence for the case to go ahead.

    Madness rules. Fortunately for the McCanns.

  26. Please all of you, don't give up. I think G. Amaral did expect this decision. This is only the beginning ...

  27. They will never ask for the case to be reopened. This false victory looks better this way. Sounds like they are untouchable! The winner takes it all!

    However, this will not be always that way, the main process is about to start, and people - like me that was in court - will hear further interesting information about this process.

    The worse part of this, knowing how justice can be slow in Portugal - is exactly how this can go on and on.

    So, during this victory's period the Mccann's can relaxed and share they're goals with friends and family and bought media & services.

    To Gonçalo Amaral life won't be so sunny, he has to work hard (police karma) with his lawyer to prepare themselves to the main action.

    If I were him, knowing how vicious the system can be, I would bring some fresh experts from abroad to comment on the evidences found.

    Someone with a unquestionable position to explore crime scenes (one from Europe (like Spain or France for instance, other from USA).

    He has an advantage: he was a cop. Still... his essence remains - never goes away.

    For the last but not the least, a minute of silence for all the children that remain unprotected, ignored, unloved, uncared and left unattended day by day, others night after night without anyone came downstairs to see what's happening...

  28. Judy @ 5

    You are having a laugh!

    Do you really think the spinelss British press will ask any seaching questions of the McCanns? All we will hear is thier prepared statemenst (no off-the-cuff exposing words this time) and questions from the compliant press pack 'How did Sean and Amelie react to the news'.

    Mr B

  29. Eu tenho um livro que vou emprestar ao maior numero possivel de pessoas . Se foose gulosa por dinheiro como os mccanns, alugava-o lol.
    O comentario vai anonimo não va a nova pide revistar-me a casa para apreender o book que sweria queimado pela isabel duarte lo
    A sério com o apelo a caixa de pandora vai continuar a tornar publicas coisas que os pais da criança gostariam de esconder.
    Acho de um mau gosto atroz que estes pais digam "ha uma criança desaparecida"na realidade ha muitas , mas so esta esta a render dinheiro para os pais advogados e jornais.

  30. Dare I say the word that doesn't want to leave my head: corruption?

  31. O Marinho Pinto afinal tem razão! Há juízes em quem não se pode confiar. Muitos, por estranho que soe, ainda sofrem de salazarite aguda. Decisão absolutamente incompreensível. Estou PARVO!

  32. So the case files and the evidence of the PJ are not worth sh*t and the first injunction granted in closed session with Mitchell as a witness. Could it get any worse? So the next time a defendant is in judge Gabriella's court will she dismiss any evidence the PJ bring? Mr. Amaral should not bother appealing as the Pt justice system is clearly rotten and go straight to the European court to have any chance of getting justice.

  33. Keep your heads up ,people!
    This was always going to be a LONG fight.
    It's not over yet.
    Plenty of time for the MCanns to shoot themselves in the feet some more.

  34. @ 28 i agree i am fuming with this verdict and i have been fuming with our disgraceful press and media for nearly 3 years, WHEN justice is eventually done and the Mccanns and their "close friends" are behind bars(hopefully) the press should hang their heads in shame at the disgusting way they have slated innocent people(ie Amaral and Muratt) and licked the a***'s of the dreadful Mccanns, i cant believe what a sham this case from start to finish has been. A message to Amaral please keep going you are the only one with the dignity and guts to do this and your family will be very proud of you.(and us all who are wanting justice for the innocent little girl who the Mccanns and the media-press have forgotton about)

  35. The day will come, friends, when the McCann's and Mitchell will recieve their just deserts. Then Lorraine Kelly and Fiona Phillips will hang their heads in shame!

  36. Watch Carter Fuck now turn their attention to this blog.

  37. the link for the sun newspaper reads

    maddie dead....book ban stays!

    nuff said mr murdoch!

  38. Joana, do you know how Snr Amaral is feeling? Please let him know that all his Scottish supporters are (even more so) behind him.

  39. I have left a left a comment with the Daily mail, my last one was not published, wonder if i will be lucky this time..........

  40. Kevin Halligen - back in court on 27th. Let's not take our eyes off this ball.

  41. Book will continue to be sold in Switzerland, with an English translation?
    Is this simply a phyrric victory for the McCanns?

  42. Isto só confirma que a justiça é para quem tem dinheiro :(

  43. Right... now we who have downloaded the book will 'CHAIN-LETTER' it and thus distribute it across the whole of UK and the English speaking world!!!See if they can stop this!! Wildfire?

  44. Before going into over-drive about this court decision, lets look at it from a different angle.

    Could it be a deliberate course of action in order to lure them into a false sense of security? We all know how they love to wallow in any victory they feel they have achieved so it must follow that if you give them sufficient rope they will eventually hang themselves!

    Apart from the courts final ruling, the hearing has been very detrimental to the Mccanns - a fact that nobody can deny, so by this action the situation remains active leaving open the opportunity in the future for them to be forced again into personal participation and ultimately further revelations and questions that they cannot avoid.

    I don't deny that their arrogance and distortion of the truth, even in the case of this decision, is infuriating but I feel we can draw some positive conclusion after careful evaluation.

    Of course this is just an observation but nonetheless worthy of consideration!

  45. Balanced article in Metro. Metro is also taking comments.

  46. I think perhaps we should now be turning our attention to the supposed Murat v Tanner case, any more news about that?

  47. Only pro McCann posts admitted on the Mail and bad mouthing GA...Looks like back up the arses of the Slimeballs Mccanns

  48. One week we see injunctions against newspaper SOL being denied by judges, the next we see injunctions against private citizens being confirmed in court.
    Portuguese justice is a game that only the rich and powerful can play.
    Força G.Amaral

    I would sign my name, but I don't think its safe anymore given the state of affairs of our pink democracy.

  49. Nancy @21
    Yes and if whats released in the PJ files is shown to be detrimental to Drs McCrippens supposed search how long before those too are wooshed chunked? Of course the McCanns want it known Amaral is only repeating what UK/Portuguese experts think using what evidence there is from the investigation - at the very least if successful this puts all future/past police investigation (including the dogs) at doubt; at the best it might open some further development for either getting the files closed completely or even better closed and reviewed. We all know what happens win reveiws dont we.

  50. I am speechless - this is not at all what I expected. The book is based on the official investigation and is readily available on the internet. This is a sad day, not just for Mr. Amaral and his family, the people of Portugal and people from around the world who are moved by the injustice of it. Madeleine's parents continue to betray her memory.

  51. Letter from Iberia
    What a sad, sad day for justice
    The McCann’s left down their child Madeleine in leaving her on her own in a strange apartment in a strange country and she is missing probably dead due to their negligence.
    They have never apologised or shown any sorrow but have continuously insulted the Portuguese police and justice system in particular and the Portuguese peoples in general
    The Portuguese justice system has let down Madeleine much, much more as a result of this most contentious judgment in not providing justice for her and all the peoples in Portugal particularly those who are and were trying to establish the truth behind the lies

    Justice and Portugal two words that can from now on not be compatible.

  52. If Sr Amaral is not allowed to discuss his book, perhaps there is somebody who would be willing to be a sort of spokesperson who would comment and confront the media.

    It would have to be somebody known and respected who would be listened to, and knows how to use the media as the McCanns have.

    Does such a person exist? I hope so.

    The McCanns have been allowed to get away with so much spin because nobody has stepped up publically to refute the things they come out with.

    Surely there would be nothing to stop somebody doing this.

  53. From what I'm reading this part was held in a closed court? Do the press not mind it was banned form the proceedings? Dr Amaral's lawyers presented their side out in the open. Why are reporters not miffed about this. Very odd.

  54. I posted in the DM I supported Dr Amaral and had never said anything bad about the McCanns, I wrote this because of the comments in the McCann press release. The DM didn't print it.

  55. One step of McCanns´ Pyrrhic victory.

    B., Germany

  56. That's the Gasper's statement kept suppressed for a little longer, then.

    People keep telling me there's nothing underhand going on here, oh no. It's just proper judicial procedure and innocent cock-ups they say, not conspiracy. Well I'm finding it increasingly difficult to see anything other than a conspiracy of deceipt going on here. It's not a cover up, because the facts are already known. They can't be 'unknown' now. The facts that are in the police investigation are there for all who search to see. This is a conspiracy of deceipt and an attempt to ensure that the people who don't seek - those who let the news come to them via tabloids and television, polished and spun via creatures like Clarence Mitchell and Max Clifford - are kept under control.

    Well, Clarence, Gerry and Gordon. I've got news for you. This little girl's death and subsequent disposal of her body was my personal line in the sand. I'm no 'internet nutter', I'm a tax paying, law abiding, father of two who lives in the real world and is fully aware that the Government does terrible things every day in my name. For my 'greater good'. To keep the system working, to keep the status quo.

    I'm not going anywhere, you bastards. And nor are thousands of others just like me. I will not get bored, I will not give up, I will not move on to some other tragic cause equally as deserving as justice for Madeleine McCann. As long as it takes. As long as it takes for justice for that poor child.

  57. I'm anon 45. The Metro article appears to have been updated. The previous one very balanced.

  58. The world now knows about Sr. Amarals book , the video and there connection to the PJ files . Thank God .

    Never mind the judicial verdict we know the , " Truth of the Lie . " The McCanns and their lawyers can't shut everybody up .

  59. Either , that Maria Gabriela Cunha Rodrigues woman-judge has no guts, ... she does not want to jeopardize a sucessful career by going against her masters and the establishment, and thus has just passed the ball into someone else's court ( a further appeal by GA ) or there was a sms from the presebt Pgr Monteiro, to her daddy or even worse, this lady is a little mixed up and lost in translation.
    Anyway, I do believe that the longer this goes on, the conviction that Madeleine is dead will also gain new roots.
    This is going to be a very long battle, the longer the better, for when Sean and Amelie are able to read and write, they then can make up their own minds about dear mom and dad's character.
    Why didnt you come when Maddie was crying ?
    Why did you leave us all alone, in a strange house and in a foreign country ?
    Is it your fault that Maddie went missing ?
    Did you really love Maddie mom ?
    Has mom been sick ?
    And daddy did he have a girl friend at Praia da Luz ?
    What were the 48 questions mommy - KATe ?

  60. In their statement, the McCanns said: "...there is no evidence that Madeleine has come to any harm". All along they have maintained that she was abducted from her bed. How on earth can they justify that being taken from her bed by a stranger did not, in itself, cause her harm.

    I'll bet they are pleased and relieved at the judge's decision.

  61. Plug your brain in 56.. Gordon Brown has nothing to do with this and as for Max Clifford, he represented Murat!

  62. http://blacksmithbureau.blogspot.com/

  63. They are soaying no cops are looking for the child. this means the LP too and Scotland yard. I think the McCs will end up making cops and press not too happy with their banning and accusing. They will probably have a smooth over conference soon and a sighting.

  64. Anon at 61

    Andy is right about news being manipulated by people like Clifford.

    And how the hell do you know that Gordon Brown has nothing to do with this?

    Are you a personal friend of his or something!

    Well said, Andy, you are right on it, and are speaking for so many others.

  65. We still did not read the verdict of judge Maria Gabriela.
    What is it based on?
    Lack of corpse?
    I don't think it is based on corruption at all but based on lack of concrete evidence.
    In her heart she knows amaral is right but she can not prove it.

  66. BBC have a link to the questions Mrs McC would not answer!! They have a very balanced report er for now. Well done BBC!

  67. Ironside at 47

    Furthur to my post at 39, I have also left a comment on the BBC web site. They had an article today about the PCC's rejection of complaints relating to the comments writted by a reporter in the Mail about Stephen Gately's death. They spouted the usual line about freedom of expression. The BBC reporting this, opened a 'have your say' section. My comments there basically asked the question, if they were so fond of freedom of expression, why journalists did not report all the facts of the McCann case and why many peoples comments were either blocked or not published.

    so far neither my comment in the Mail nor the Beeb have been published.........but i will certainly let you know if they are....now that WOULD be freedom of expression


  68. Gordon Brown may have nothing to do with this case now, ( he is too busy trying to save his own skin) but I would say he had everything to do with it in August 2007. This is how so far the Maccanns are in the clear.

  69. Querida Joana, fica bem depressa e obrigada por manteres aberto o fluxo das notícias.

    Let's keep our faith that justice is not a bitch and soon poor Madeleine will honoured by it as she deserves.

    After an emotional outburst about the ruling I am calmer now and more rational. This is not the end but the begining. The most important outcome from this hearing was to make it known by the british media all the dirt that was behind the curtain.

    The Tapas 9 will never be looked as poor innocent victims again and the McCann are now dirtier than ever - they only want money and that is obvious from the fact that they only took this action after the book sold enough in order for them to try to collect the benefits.

    I believe now that the judge's hands were tied up by the previous decision about Maddie's case - she could not rule in favour of Mr. Amaral without conflicting the prosecutors' decision to archive the case. The decision to take the files as part of the defense may have been a tactical move from Amaral's team in order to make public what had been out of the press and I'm sure they knew that was a risk.

    But now they can appeal to a higher court where the facts are not discussed anymore but the technicalities of the hearing, and finally in the High Court what they will question will be the fundamental rights of every citizen, under the Constitution, that is the right to express freely an opinion. Freedom is valued as highly as Human life, so the right of the Mccs can never be considered above those.


  70. Anon 61:

    I'm well aware of Max Clifford and his clients, thanks. And if you feel Gordon Brown has not interfered with the investigation in Portugal and the UK, you're the one who needs to plug your brain in.

  71. 8-} Moral da historia: A juíza demonstrou não ter juízo nenhum.

    Ficamos porem sem saber se terá sido a ideia do Papai ou se a menina pura e simplesmente se urinou nos urros finais da Madama Duarte.

    Hoje e um daqueles dias em que sinto vergonha de ser Portugues.

  72. @Anonymous 60
    Very right !
    reductio ad absurdum

  73. Over two hours ago I left two comments at the Daily Mail site - neither have been published and they weren`t nasty either. At least the true public opinion is shown by the arrows and the Pro-McCann ones are well in the red.

  74. This is not a temporary setback this is how it will be the Maccliars are guilty of nothing, they are as Innocent as Maddie herself was. They can outdeal and outshine anyone in this world a very powerful couple. Truth is not enough in this case you have to have the power of Satan behind you. Its Mr Amaral I am sorry for but he will never outwit the Maccanns I sorry to say Justice for Maddie forget it.

  75. Weelcome to the "Real World"
    Admirable effort but in vain,unfortunately

    Forever,I´m sorry

  76. What we need to do is wait for the official statement from the judge. IF this is a war this is the first skirmish only and until we know the reason then I suggest no despair.

    Unlike the McCanns and Clarence who yet again have played the press already today, somehow I feel that this will eventually come back and bite so many people in the press and trust me the British Press will then show no mercy

  77. Brian Johnson aka Mr Marsden’s
    Faked Abduction.

    will they now try to ban this book?

    if the book truth of the lie is now banned (as is the video/documentary) does that mean those in possession of the book and dvd are liable to prosecution?

    will gerry mccann be appointed gordon brown's personal Witch Finder general, should we now expect the mccann's employees ie the british police to come a knocking on the door,

    "we have a warrant to search the premises as we believe you to be in possession of the truth of the lie dvd and as this is banned and suppressed material you are now under arrest charged with the offence of ...annoying the mccanns"

    is the truth of the lie now the "in thing " to have..

    is the truth of the lie the 21st century's lady chatterly's lover or the last exit to brooklyn, now that it's banned it can sit with all the other banned items that nobody can access anymore, like porn, drugs and pit bull terriers...

    "pssst, anyone wanna buy an under the counter copy of the real maddie investigation,banned all over europe it's the real deal,
    meet in the car park under the big clock,wear a red rose in your lapel,and the password is..."

  78. Check the red and green arrows here:


  79. Any news on the justification to keep the book ban in place, or was it just a gutless decision and not based on what was stated in court?

  80. FAO Anon 61
    Gordon Brown has nothing to do with this apart from appointing CM to be PR for McCanns

  81. This is the second time a Portuguese judge decides to ban the book- what is going on? Don't they know their history? Have they forgotten about April 1974?
    It is a sad day for freedom of speech, a sad day for democracy.

  82. I have left a pro-amaral comment in the dailynews...
    they havent published it...
    Sad old England.
    Brainwashing people: "you can think whatever you want, but if you think what you shouldnt, shut-up!"
    Peter Simmons, Bedford- UK

  83. Speaking of the WW2 in occupied countries I always wondered how it could be possible for somebody to cooperate with Germans.

    If this judge lived at those times she would be the kind of judge who would cooperate with Nazis fully. The kind of person who has no feelings towards her own country, her own countrymen, freedom and humankind. She would send freedom fighters to gas chambers and sacrifice humanity for her miserable life.

  84. Like everyone else I am appalled by the Judges verdict and having raged about it, I've calmed down a little and looked for anything positive as a result. (1)The hearings in January produced a lot of testimony from Goncalo's witnesses which enraged the McCanns and brought a spotlight to bear on things which they dont want us to either know about or to appear in the Media. As a result of today's judgement I've learned about a second positive fact.(2) Although T.V.1 are part of the Injunction, it seems that all the rest of the Portuguese T.V. stations are FREE to discuss the book as often as they wish! So,in starting this action to silence us all from even speaking of the case,the McCanns could find themselves on all the other stations on "Prime-Time" viewing ! Now that they have "Sown the Wind",they may have to "Reap the Whirlwind". Will they perhaps attempt to "Injunct" all the T.V. and Radio Stations in Portugal ?

  85. Eu não acredito… A decisão de defender o casal Maccan vai no mesmo sentido da defesa do “acordo” estabelecido entre Gordon Brown e José Sócrates (aquando da vinda do Primeiro Ministro Britânico a Lisboa para o Tratado de Lisboa) para que o caso Maddie fosse abafado, atenuado e a verdade não viesse a ao de cima.
    Desde as análises realizadas em Inglaterra (que demoraram 9 MESES a estarem totalmente concluídas – uma vergonha, de País de 3º Mundo, nenhum laboratório de ponta como teoricamente seria o de Birmingham, leva tanto tempo…) alteradas (pois o que defendiam nos primeiros relatórios relativamente ao sangue encontrado foi modificado nos relatórios finais para que nada fosse conclusivo e não fosse possível comprovar nada, e MAIS, quem é que acredita que todos os cabelos enviados não tinham raíz??? , se nenhum dos vestígios encontrados pertencesse à menina saber-se-ia logo em poucas semanas, não demoravam 9 MESES para entregar os resultados finais à PJ, um escândalo!) por ordens superiores britânicas até à não acusação em Portugal, por parte do Ministério Público, pelo crime de negligência totalmente comprovado pelos próprios pais. Pois é, como retorno da moeda o Tratado de Lisboa, no que se refere a Inglaterra, correu sobre rodas e Gordon Brown e a polícia de investigação Britânica facilitaram posteriomente José Sócrates e outros nas investigações sobre o caso Freeport. Simples, uma mão lava a outra. Infelizmente, é por causa destes alicerces minados que a verdade não vem ao de cima. Nota muito negativa para a Sra. Juiza quanto à sua decisão.
    Este caso é demasiado sério para que seja tratado desta forma. É brutal, é desumano, é tão cruel que indigna qualquer pessoa de bem e com dois palmos de testa, pois estamos a falar de uma criança inocente que foi no mínimo deixada sozinha com os 2 irmãos (bebés!) pelos pais dentro de um apartamento para estes irem jantar e beber copos com amigos e pelos vistos sentiam-se “confortáveis” em fazer isso, pois tinham a possibilidade de solicitar, no aldeamento turístico onde estavam, os serviços de uma baby-sitter que ficasse com os filhos. E nunca o fizeram… Portanto não há desculpa! E não foi a primeira vez… Deixar crianças sozinhas é crime aqui, em Inglaterra e em qualquer outro país civilizado e como tal deve ser punido. O crime de negligência foi praticado não apenas à Maddie, mas também aos gémeos seus irmãos que ficaram também sozinhos dentro de um apartamento…à sua sorte (ou azar). A má imagem dos Mccann foi provocada pelos seus próprios actos que tiveram consequências horríveis para a Maddie e pelas suas tentativas de manipular os factos e as suas responsabilidades. Tivessem eles cumprido com os seus deveres de pais e nada disto teria acontecido (nem o eventual rapto). Afinal aqui quem é que não está a cumprir a lei, quem é que está a defender a hipótese da calúnia. O Dr. Gonçalo Amaral é que não é.

    Quem comete crimes tem de ser julgado por eles. Como não foi isso que aconteceu é preciso agir em nome da Justiça e do Direito Constitucional.

    Claro que quem comete crimes não quer ser apanhado e julgado, mas em nome do bom nome e da honra das sociedades e da Justiça isso tem de acontecer.

    E com tudo isto, a Sra. Juíza mantém a proibição do livro de Gonçalo Amaral….Francamente!!!!

  86. @anon #45

    Metro allow comments but they don't publish them.



  87. Anon ≠60, I agree, their use of the 'no evidence of any harm to Madeleine' is one of the sickest things anyone could possibly say about a child supposedly abducted. The fact that Kate McCann, according to the British press, was considering a future career in child welfare, yet can say that abduction isn't harmful to a child, is quite astonishing.

    Experts agree that even in cases where a child is abducted by one of its own parents (when a marriage has broken down), the fact of being abducted is akin to child abuse. So how much worse is it when a child is abducted (allegedly) by a stranger?

    We are asked by Madeleine's parents to believe that almost 3 years ago a predator came into the bedroom, grabbed her out of bed, made off with her to God knows where, taking her from the people she loved, and has kept her ever since in captivity for whatever purpose he wanted a child for - and none of this has done any damage to Madeleine, hasn't caused her serious harm?

    I couldn't begin to say what I think of their IMO unbelievably callous comments about 'no harm', because unless they haven't the slightest vestige of feeling in their body they must know that any child who had gone through such an ordeal would be very, very seriously harmed indeed.

    However, since no one can show us that an abduction ever took place, I suppose this is all academic really. I can't say I was surprised at the judge's decision today; Madeleine has been let down again by the judiciary but this isn't the end of the campaign to get truth and justice for her, as that will go on for as long as it takes. When the public finally find out what's in the official case files I think there'll be a backlash that'll make the MP's expenses scandal look like a storm in a teacup.

    Onwards and upwards!

  88. Michtchell feeds the yellow press:


    Beata, Germany

  89. The UK media are on the wrong side surely. Do they want freedom to print whatever they like, or do they want to be shut up like Goncalo Amaral. What hypocrites!


    R.I.P. Maddie

  91. This issue of freedom of expression and the way it seems only to belong to people who write the columns in newspapers needs a long hard look at!

    For some reason its ok to have a go at a homosexual singer, but its not allowed to have a go at a child neglector?


  92. Just about sums up the moral fibre of the pair...its a 'victory' we are 'thrilled....hmmmm, yes, your child is dead.

    Who gives a fuck what the UK media report, fair reporting in UK is long dead, it died well before Madeleine did too.

  93. Despair not!

    We knew in our hearts that the McCanns would win the day - but they have won what really? They have got a book banned in Portugal (actually they have jsut won an extension of a temporary injunction that was already in place). A book that anyone who wanted it has already got it.

    I've read a translated copy - I'm sure most of you have read it in one form or another.

    It doesnt make the McCann's look innocent - it makes them look much more guilty! Why try to suppress a book that simply repeats the official police files released to the world anyway?

    We know that McCann disposed of Madeleine - we dont know where for sure, but most of us have a theory that satisfies us!

    Personally I beleive he was taking her from the apartment when Wilkins came along, so he stuffed her in the bushes (where Eddie alerted later) and quickly crossed the road to talk to Wilkins.

    He was seen just after that by Tanner, who blabbed and had it explained later - so she altered it so she'd seen him and 'abductor' at the same time. I think they disposed of her in the acid beds of Huelva.

    Anyway, what we need now is someone independant to take the case files and convert them into a publically absorbable format and publish them, in as many languages as possible, world wide.

    Add nothing - take away nothing - but make it so Joe public can read it.

    The case files are damning all on their own. The problem with Sr Amaral is that he was a police officer and the establishment wilkl not want a police officer to be seen to be able to publish books about current cases!

    I wonder how many people know, for example, that Kate McCann did not want to be involved in following up a sighting? Its in the case files, so its publically available information - so no one can sue anyone for repeating it and the many other little 'oddities'!

    The fact is the book is not libellous and the libel case should fail. It probably will not because the establishment dont want policemen writing books. However, if the author was not an ex- policeman...?

  94. Nancy 90 - I think the paper press journos want that freedom - but are restricted by the `persuasions` of the owners. Its probably why so many journos are going over to Blogging - paper press is dying a death IMO.


  95. This is not the victory the McCanns think it is!

    I'm looking forward to seeing the justification - I bet it doesnt match the McCanns 'excuses' for bringing the case.

    Dont forget it is only an extension to an already existing AND TEMPORARY injunction (and its meaningless as we can all read the book cant we - and we all have printers dont we?!).

  96. I would love Mr Amaral to have a new Romance book Translated into English, and instead of mentioning the tapas 9 by their own names, have readily available a complete list of Portuguese actors and maybe make it really dramatic. Anyway, any dog can tell you, that they adore the smell of blood.

  97. The media will, at some point, realise that this is just the extension of a temporary injunction and probably already realise it is not a statement (as the McCanns and their news spinners are saying) of innocence.

    The injunction does not say 'this is untrue' -the injunction simply bans us, the people, from reading it.

    Neither does it say 'Madeleine is alive' and only the very stupid or wicked will take it as saying that!

    Madeleine probably died in the apartment - this is the view of the police investigators.

    The McCanns cannot prove an abduction - an abduction was impossible. There is only one suspect for the disposal of a corpse - the person who claims he saw her alive last - Gerald McCann.

    The other suspect, Kate McCann, may well have been the cause of death - she certainly seems homicidal to me!

  98. Anyone know if the judgment will be published so we can see the justification?

  99. After all that has taken place in this case, I'm surprised that people are still being surprised . It should be apparent to anyone who has followed this case from the beginning that the McCanns have been protected by the governments of England and Portugal. I believe both governments place their fingers on the scales of justice when it is in their best interests. The McCanns would have never risked the details of this case coming once more to the public fore without the outcome of the hearing being secured beforehand. Do you remember what Mr. McCann said when he was annoyed with reporter's questions? He said it's the outcome that matters.

    I've been saying for a long time that the only hope I see for this case to move forward is for there to be a change of government in both countries but even then there are no guarantees. There is political instability in Portugal and there is an upcoming election in England, so there is hope.


  100. Portugal has suffered financially and emotionally, because of the negligence of two parents, who went on holiday with three small children, and went home with two.

    Judge leaves the temporary book ban in place because the libel trial has yet to be heard. Smart move Judge.

    Now everyone send what money you can, to help Snr Goncal Amaral's with his fighting fund.

    An Englishman

  101. Why are you all sad, when you should be happy?
    The only reason for sadness is the times that this taking... but justice always comes to those who have patience to wait.
    Yes, this is the end of the game... the McCanns game...
    Now it is time to get real... and in real it will not be only the people in the stadium watching the game, but the entire world watching and knowing that until then it was not the truth but a just a game. A game that those wanting justice didn't want to play, but they had to in order to get to the next level, to expose the truth not only to those watching the game, but to the world.
    With todays events, Amaral just got more serious support, and the McCanns can't sing victory!

  102. So GM says he will be delighted if the case is re-opened?


    "As painful and personally damaging as the slanderous claims of Mr Amaral and his supporters have been to us and our family, our primary focus has always been, and always will be, to find Madeleine through our own best investigative efforts."


    Looks like he or his wife won't be the ones who have any intention of re-opening it though! Yet their PR spokesperson was on Sky news today stating that there are no police anywhere looking for the McCanns missing child. The missing child they claim was abducted. The PR spokesperson stated it was shocking that the Portuguese were not following up (From where?) new evidence! The above article states the McCanns always intended to find M through their own best invesigative efforts!

  103. Amaral forbid to defend thesis of death !!! That means Amaral is obliged by Kate´s law to bring Maddie back to Live???
    Amaral, can you do so???
    From Lisbon

  104. 52

    Max Clifford springs to mind!

    Remember Robert Murat employed Max to be his PR agent, then just when all was coming to a head Robert changed tack and went with someone else, leaving Max to pick up the bill. Something tells me Max is not a happy bunny!

    I think Max Clifford would probably be more than happy to take on Goncalo as a client.

  105. No 60, you are right and they are crazy. No matter what sort of upbringing Madeleine had, she will have suffered by being taken away from it. The McCann's REALLY need correcting on this one. She came to harm but noone dare say it to these parents.

  106. Zodiacz

    What a shame the McCanns are spending all the fund money on lawsuits instead of trying to find their daughter Madeleine. s
    Shame on them, in fact shame on all the tapas and their families and friends. How any of you sleep at night or have any peace is beyond me. Karma trust me, will come to you all.

  107. We've read the book.No need to read it twice.
    Now, we'll lend it. And lend it. And...

    From Belgium with respect.

  108. So technically this ruling is also in a sense saying that what was in the OFFICAL Portuguese Police files are also inaccurate and "Stopping" people from lookin for Madeleine?

    Also there or 2-3 other books, similar to Mr Amarals book, why have these authors AND publishers etc etc NOT been dragged through the courts???

    Something does not add up!

  109. I really hope Mr Amaral will fight on and bring the case to the European court of Human rights.
    The Mc Scums have won today, but they will not succeed stopping people from having their own thoughts concerning Maddies disappearance.
    There are still the findings of the dogs, there are inconsistencies in the statements of the parents and the friends and there is also the fact, that the so called abductor had a time frame of about 3 - 4 minutes to snatch Maddie.

  110. Have been out all day and was dreading logging on to find the outcome. I had the horrible suspicion that those liars would reign supreme.

    No,no,no,this is ALL wrong.I'm seething. x(

    HOW can this have happened?????

    Joana please, if you can, tell Goncalo that he's been amazing throughout. I'd love to think he would take this further but really, why sould he?

    Let's face it, the McShyts don't care about anything but themselves and their "special" reputation.

    Seems to me Goncalo is a thoroughly decent man who cares about right and wrong and also his family. Surely there's only so much he and they can take :(

    Goncalo is a totally amazing man. I'd love to meet him to tell him so.

    If I was unfortunate enough to meet the McShyts I'd proabably get myself arrested.

    I'm SO angry.

    Can we do anything???

  111. Post 112 Maybe its because Goncarlo Amaral mentions the Gasper statement in his book and is not in the other books printed.

    Gerry does not want that statement in the British media at all costs,that would finish them .

  112. the slave. 33

    Thank you for being so positive, but Goncalo and his family have done nothing wrong yet they seem to be being punished and ridiculed more than the bad guys.

    I wouldn't blame him for saying enough is enough.

    I know he carees about right and wrong and justice but he also cares about his family too -

    Unlike those lieing Mc's...The thought of them triumphant makes me sick. x(

  113. My stomach churns in advance at what will likely be said (lied) in tomorrow's press conference...

    But I trust that Dr. Amaral will fight on to get truth for Madeleine and to restore his reputation which has been malicioulsy attacked.

  114. I was so disappointed, but I knew they would pull a few strings. I think the judge was just too young and inexperienced, didnt want to create a stir, or more info as Gerry would say.
    OK Mccanns prove you have nothing to hide, demand the case is opened, assist a reconstruction, answer the 48 questions, ask for a replay with the dogs and stop hiding behind"yeah you know we have been working so hard behind the scenes???" but which scenes...come out and prove your innocence, if you have nothing to hide. Leave those unturned stones alone, they will turn over for themselves and reveal all. Lets have a fund for Snr Amaral????to help him fight his cause.

  115. Anon ≠94, good comments and I agree. There is a lot in the case files that must be got into the public arena, many things in there that they've done their best to keep hidden. They've been helped by the British press to hide the facts of the investigation, but that won't last for ever.

    I think we need to look at this from another angle. If the judge had decided today to lift the temporary injunction it would have been a good thing in many ways, especially for Mr Amaral, but would it have helped get the facts to the general public in the UK? The McCanns had already announced their decision to appeal if the verdict went against them, so where would that have left any hopes of getting an English edition of the book into British bookshops? Nowhere, IMO, so the British public still wouldn't have been able to find out the facts.

    What's needed is either for Mr Amaral to rewrite the book (or write a new one) and this time give the facts only but no personal conclusions; giving facts isn't libelous and the facts are already available publicly from the official case files. Alternatively, someone else could write a book giving the facts as detailed in the case files, being equally careful not to do draw conclusions or give their personal opinion. If the biased British press had had the sense to give both sides of the story in the first place, there would be no need of such a book, but they didn't and so now the case is crying out for an informative book that would let the public see at last why so many investigators came to the conclusion that Madeleine hadn't been abducted but had died.

    Only cowards and those with something to hide ban books, so we can draw our own conclusions about the present action. But this is today, and tomorrow is another day, and some day all the things they still try to hide will be known to everybody. A very nice thought.

  116. Well said, Andy (post 56)

    I'm not going to forget about this case either. I'm sick and tired of things going the right way for the McCanns. They care not who they hurt and destroy on their way. I wish Snr Amaral all the best in his fight for truth and justice and I know that in the grand scheme of things that there is little I can do but I'm staying to see this through to the end.


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