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Exclusive Video: McCanns Press Conference

The following video was recorded by a journalist, the only journalist who dared ask the McCann couple tough questions. You may have seen some of the footage broadcast on your own countries' TV channels, edited to suit the spin, and some even altered or omitted the fact that the McCanns only mentioned that they would like the archived process of Madeleine McCann to be re-opened or reviewed after the former PJ coordinator, Gonçalo Amaral, told the media a few hours earlier that he was evaluating the legal aspects to constitute himself as an assistant in the process in order to pressure its reopening, so the investigation into Madeleine's disappearence can continue.

The whole of the mainstream media also didn't make any reference to a press note distributed among the journalists during the court lunch break by 'Citizens in Defence of Rights and Freedoms - Project Justice Gonçalo Amaral' featuring an appeal to 'the English subjects, and especially to the English media, to pressure the police to open their archives' and that 'the world wants to know what really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann. Premature shelving is not an answer'.

In this video Gerry McCann says that he would be 'delighted' if the case is reopened. We eagerly wait for the McCann Couple to request the reopening of the case and for their participation in a reconstruction.

video from Justice4Madeleine

my heartfelt thanks to jjp for his huge contribution to the transcript

Sandra Felgueiras: Gerry do you also believe that the...

Gerry McCann: There is one real reason why we've come here and why we've taken this action and this why it is [indicates the poster] it's our daughter who is missing, and who deserves justice for a fair search. The laws of a democracy are there to protect the vulnerable in society, our daughter is vulnerable, our twins are vulnerable. Given what you've heard in court over the days of this trial, we want to appeal to the Portuguese people again, to come forward with any information that may lead us to help find Madeleine, or any other information that might be related to Madeleine's abduction. The number here is 800 814 024. [some journalist asks something to Kate McCann] Pardon.

Kate McCann: [unintelligible]

Gerry McCann: Thank you.

Unknown British journalist A: Tell us about those criminal proceedings that you're starting.

Gerry McCann: Can't comment on that.

Sandra Felgueiras: But do you think that the PJ is not investigating important leads that could help you to find Madeleine?

Gerry McCann: I think you've heard detective Paiva's testimony and that speaks for itself. There's one thesis that's being investigated here more than any other, that hasn't come up with any evidence, and the important thing is that there is an innocent child missing and that search must go on. We would very much like the whole process reviewed, we would like all information held by all law enforcements to be put together and systematically reviewed and identified areas for further investigation.

Unknown British journalist B: Are you going to review that Gerry?

Sandra Felgueiras: We were said that that notice the PJ received had inclusively photos from Madeleine or eventually from some child...

Gerry McCann: [refuses to answer, turns head to another direction] Pardon , sorry?

Sandra Felgueiras: ...have you seen that photo?

Unknown British journalist B: Who do you want to do that review with?

Gerry McCann: The most well-qualified people capable of doing it.

Unknown British journalist C: Who, who is that?

Unknown British journalist D: Mrs. McCann, how difficult has this trial been for you?

Kate McCann: It's obviously been difficult to hear all these allegations again, and, but is reassuring again to be demonstrated publicly that there is no evidence that Madeleine has come to any harm.

Unknown British journalist E: Kate do you feel...

Kate McCann: And I really do want to ask Portuguese people to continue to help us, please, there's a little girl still missing regardless of what Mr. Amaral and his followers say, and they have their own motives. There's a little girl still missing, and we know that people care about children, please help us.

Portuguese Journalist: You are asking Portuguese people to come forward, what do you have to say if they ask you 'why are you not re-opening the case'?

Portuguese Man's voice: That is the question, that's the one.

Gerry McCann: [looks startled]

Kate McCann: [answers another journalist question - unintelligible]

Gerry McCann: We be delighted if the case was re-opened, we have no problem with that, but what we need is real investigation, not this, not dismissal...

Portuguese Journalist: Did you already do anything? Take any steps to open the case?

Gerry McCann: We, we have sent information through, at the authorities both in England and through the PJ here. It's the prosecutors decision when to re-open the case.

Portuguese Journalist: Did you get a reply then?

Gerry McCann: What we need is. What we need is and this is very, very clear. What we need is new leads, new information. We believe that information has not gone into the inquiry and we want it all systematically examined under one review panel.

Unknown British journalist F: Gerry would you want that, would that be the British police? Do you want a British review panel?

Portuguese Journalist: A reconstruction. If you volunteer to do a reconstruction wouldn't that open the case?

Gerry McCann: We want to create information that will lead us to us helping find Madeleine.

Portuguese Journalist: That will help Madeleine. Don't you think so?

Gerry McCann: Well if it does then, you know, we will participate.

Portuguese Journalist: You are in Lisbon. You could take that step today. Ask for the case to be reopened and do a reconstruction with your friends.

Gerry McCann: We are going round in circles. We would be more than happy for the case to be reopened.

Unknown British journalist F: Gerry to clarify the, we are talking about this review. Its quite interesting. Is that something you would want the British police to do? A review of the entire thing.

Gerry McCann: We'll take whoever's prepared to do it and whoever has the most expertise and obviously we want the Portuguese and British authorities to cooperate in such a review.

Editing/video glitch

Portuguese Journalist: You are asking the Portuguese people to come forward but you are not doing it?

A number of garbled questions.

Gerry McCann: We don't know when new information is going to come forward. There are many cases as you know of, of children who have been missing for years who have subsequently been discovered. And its when that piece of information falls into place that the children are found. And if people believe, erm, unnecessarily that Madeleine's dead without any evidence then we'll never find her.

Sandra Felgueiras: Are you sure that after this court that public opinion in Portugal will change?

Gerry McCann: It depends what your question really relates to. It's not a popularity contact, er contest. It's about finding Madeleine.

Sandra Felgueiras: You claim that the finding of Madeleine has been damaged with all this Gonçalo Amaral thesis but I'm asking you if this decision will be something like you wish to happen, do you think after that, after this step it will be better for you?

Gerry McCann: I think it will be a step in the right direction. It's about Madeleine. It's not about us. It's about this girl. She's missing. She needs to be found and we are doing everything in our power to aid that search.

Unknown British journalist G: Gerry, have you formally asked anyone to start a review?

Gerry McCann: We are happy to ask now.

Unknown British journalist G: But before today is it something you have formally asked.

Gerry McCann: We are asking behind the scenes all the time, many different things. Of course we want all the information reviewed. It's sensible. It would be done in any other major inquiry. There is a situation we have been advised of in Portugal. But, you know, we want the information reviewed. We want it. It's an unsolved case. It's really important. You would expect that. There is a little girl missing. We must find her, We must do everything in our power. Just because it is hard doesn't mean we give up. We are not gonna give up.

Citizen's Female voice: Why not do the reconstruction, maybe? Why not do the reconstruction, why?

Sandra Felgueiras: Isabel Duarte told to the court that she felt you were under a judgement these days. Do you still feel or did you feel that today you were under a judgement?

Gerry McCann: What's important is the judge's decision. I think that is the objectivity of it not biased opinion. You know, evidence has to be looked at objectively. There is no evidence Madeleine's dead. As far as we are concerned she's still out there.

Portuguese Journalist: Wouldn't you say that someone who accepts that there was an abduction is also biased? It's just one side of the question.

Gerry McCann: Aye. Obviously all possibilities have to be considered and they were considered. One was pursued much more aggressively than any other lead. But you know we weren't there on our own. We weren't in isolation. There were many many people around us. There are many different witnesses that seem to get forgotten about and only negative, er, testimony seems to ....

Portuguese Journalist: But that is part of life isn't it? There is always someone who has a different opinion.

Gerry McCann: We are here. We are standing here in front of you. We are visible. The abductor is not.

Portuguese Journalist: The abductor?!

Gerry McCann: We need to find that person and...

Kate McCann: Yes. The abductor is not.

Gerry McCann: ... and those that are responsible.

Portuguese Journalist: What evidence do you have that there was an abduction? Can I ask this question because you say that Amaral doesn't have....

Kate McCann: I know. I was here. I found my daughter gone. I know more than you do. I know what I saw.

Portuguese Journalist: I'm not saying. I don't know anything. I'm just telling from a point of view where I don't know who to believe. I just want evidence like you say.

Gerry McCann: Where is the child? We are looking for that evidence. Where is the child? What other explanation can explain how she is not here?

Kate McCann: So(???) do you agree it shouldn't be be ruled out? Do you?

Portuguese Journalist: Other people have advanced other explanations. That's why we are here.

Gerry McCann: Okay. Any other questions before we go because we've got a flight to catch?

Kate McCann: Could you just remember there is a little girl missing and we need everybody's help.

Sandra Felgueiras: Are you planning to come on the..., next week?

Gerry McCann: Er. No.

Sandra Felgueiras: Why not?

Gerry McCann: I can't. I've got work commitments.

English Voice: Gerry, do you want to do ???? now.... for the press???

Sandra Felgueiras: How many legal actions are you planning to put in Portugal?

Gerry McCann: If you speak to Isabel. We take all our advice from Isabel regarding further actions.

Isabel Duarte: As many as necessary.

UK Photographer: Will you show it this way?

Portuguese Journalist: Gerry what's your next step?

UK Photographer: Gerry and Kate this way please, this way. In the middle please. Gerry and Kate. Thank you.

British Female journalist: Sorry Mrs McCann, are you intending to come next week? Your husband can't so....

Kate McCann: I've got no plans to come next week, no.

Portuguese Journalist: What will you do if the judge forwards the complaint and asks for the re-opening of the case?

Gerry McCann: Thank you.

Isabel Duarte: Questions about the legal actions are with me.


Note: Alphabetical letters are given to different journalists, distinguished by their voices.


  1. How many times so far have the McCann couple requested the process be re-opened? genuine question. There are some that believe they've asked for the case to be opened again a few times.
    Thank you.

  2. It will all depend upon the injunction ruling. If Mr. Amaral gets the lifting against his book then the pressure will be back on the McCanns big time. It would also mean that they would have little or no chance to win the case against TVI. I just cannot see them requesting that the case be reopened and then them and their friends having to co-operate fully with any requests, questions, information, time lines etc. No chance its all bluster. If the keep the injunction in place, (which lets face it is not beyond the bounds of possibility) then they will carry on as before with their loving press and media and celeb benefactors.

  3. http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/story.asp?storycode=406916

    Talking libel

    Interesting McCann says a TRIAL....

  4. If they had requested a reopening of the case, it would have been.

    Perhaps somebody could explain why, but this is what we have been informed happens.


  6. Does anyone know who this journalist was asking such difficult questions? I particularly liked it when Sandra asked them how many lawsuits they were they planning on filing in Portugal.

  7. Well Gerry did NOT say at any stage in that interview that they had EVER asked for the case to be re-opened. He simply said that they ask many things behind the scenes.

  8. From his words I did not get the impression that he wanted the case to be re-opened (otherwise he could have done so freely for 20 days after the process was archived).

    I believe he felt forced to show some overture to it after the press release and after Mr. Amaral and his lawyer talked about that possibility - it would sound too akward to deny wanting it.

    However, what I read from his words was that he wanted to have access to the global information in the files and have it "revised systematically" (I wonder by whom and with what purpose. Probably to have they destroyed).

    Let's not forget that after they (McCs) got their famous PI Metodo3, the assignment was to antecipate any police dilligence and boycot it.

    Let's not forget the harassment of witnesses both by Metodo3 and Kennedy, in person...

    Come on Mr. JerryO, do you think we believe that gibberish?!!!!



  9. Now thats what you call journalists, that guy ripped Gerry MaCann apart, if the British journalists did the same. justice for Madeleine would now be served.

  10. Gerry was WELL out of his comfort zone there .... I loved it when the reporter laughed when he said "abductor" Kate jumped straight in and said she knew they was an abductor as she found Maddie missing????what that all about ? do they think the whole world(barring them)is stupid?

  11. Hats off to that reporter. "Abductor?! Hah!"

    He made Sandra F look like Fiona Phillips.

  12. Not once did either of them look the person who asked the question in the eye,I have to keep replaying the snigger after Gerry said "abductor"brilliant !!Kate has a face like a slapped arse ! is this the same Kate on the photos outside church DAYS after Maddie met her"abductor"

  13. WOW! they really got rattled didn't they!!!
    I thought the McCanns talked like a couple of people about to get in a ruck down the pub.
    They have absolutely NO CLASS whatsoever.
    'A little girl' ..
    'a girl'
    'a child'
    ...I'm appalled.
    And when Kate jumped in with' Yeah..an abduction' she looked hard as brass.
    No Class.

  14. Sooner or later the Gasper statements are going to become known to the public at large.

    Even if the McCanns win the case this time, Sr Amaral is determined to continue fighting, and little by little, information is being released to the public.

    The McCanns may spin it as they like, but they will not prevent this happening.

    Once the Gaspar statements become known there may be others out there who will come forward with yet more information about this, and Payne and Gerry would find themselves with their backs against the wall.

    Mud sticks, we all know that. Ask Murat. He was crucified in the media, and that was all based on a load of lies.

    If Payne and Gerry are innocent do we think somebody would step in and save them by a confession?

    Or is it every man (or woman) for themself?

  15. Imagine how incredably easy it would be to answer those questions to everyones satisfaction IF an abduction had actually taken place.

  16. Why don't the press ever ask how the McCanns know that Maddie never walked out of the apartment- I really would like to hear their response to that question. All Kate ever says is the lines she has learnt.

    We know- woof woof

  17. Identify areas of further investigation?

    OK how about re-submitting 48 questions to Kate for starters?
    Also, where might a body have been placed in the near vicinity of the Mark Warner complex in the event that Madeleine had been taken from the appartment, dead, as can be considered a serious possibility from the indications of the dogs?
    What, if any, credence should be given to accusations of 'peculiar conduct' levelled at members of the Taps group by an independent witness?
    What more information can be gleaned from the only other witnesses to have seen an inert young child being carried through the streets of the resort on the night in question, the Smith family?
    A reconstruction of the nights events involving the witnesses to check and cross check their statements to see if the events on the night in question may be clarified.

    When that's all done and dusted, perhaps the investigation can then move on to consider the possibility that the child may have been abducted from the appartment, however remote that may seem to be from the evidence available publicly.

    Any good? I'm not even a policeman.

  18. At the end the reporter asked Gerry what he would do if the Judge does forward the complaint to reopen the case (at least that is what I understood)

    Anybody knows what that could mean???

  19. Kate to the reporter: "I know more than you do..."

    Yeah, Kate. We know. So why don't you tell us something we don't already know? Dang, a brilliant opportunity missed by the reporters...:D


  20. We used to think that Sandra was good... then along comes this guy and pinches her crown.
    Three cheers for this journalist. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
    At last, someone who is NOT afraid to put the McC's on the spot and even had the gall to snigger at the word 'abduction' forcing a rather pathetic response from them both.

  21. The farce continues.
    Get 'em banged up.

  22. I think GM had taken his tranquilizers yesterday.

  23. Gerry McCann is not a happy chappy in that video.

    He sure didn't like that question about what evidence do they have there ever was an abduction.

    At last, a journalist who is thinking for himself, and asking the most important question which the McCanns could not answer, except that we have to take their word for it and not question it.

    How McCann hates it if he can't control the spin.

    Better they left when they did in case other awkward questions get asked, like, why did Kate refuse to answer the 48 questions.

  24. Gerry can't attend court next week because of 'work commitments' and Kate McCann, when asked, replied that she also had no intention of returning to Portugal.
    Why not - what's stopping her?
    Isn't her friend Fiona available again to hold her hand?
    What ever are they afraid of...............

  25. Somebody should ask Gerry where he put the fridge that Payne says in his statement had broken down in the holiday apartment?

    Where did you put that fridge Gerry?

    Does Payne know?

  26. the child, repeatedly, the child. not'our child', 'our baby' 'our madeleine. or even just madeleine. so detatched it beggars belief. i hope in my lifetime there is justice for 'the child'. sick bastards. soz about caps not working.

  27. The strongest images for me , it's when, first Kate McCann and after Gerry with her, clutch the poster of Madeleine , like a shield to protect them against the questions. Or like a lifebuoy for people who are drowning.It's very disturbing to see how they use her image after what happened to her by their fault. They didn't protect their 3 years old child and now she is dead,these two adults hide themselves behind her poor face!

  28. Thabks so much Joana and astro for your work here. Truly invaluable. How else would I have come across this video which I've been watching over and over again? It's a classic IMO :D

  29. We need to send our useless journalists over to Portugal to take a 'master class' in how it 'should' be done!

  30. I predict that this will be one of the most watched videos of the two being questioned by reporters ;))

  31. Gerry, you covered up, in a Dostoevsky novel you could be an anti hero. Kate, you need to fess up to Gerry.

    Kate, you where with Madeleine on the night she cried for a long time crying Daddy. On the third you were with Madeleine from tea time while Gerry was out playing tennis.

    The guy's a tosser but he loves you very much, or maybe himself more.

    Gerry, you need to knock this on the head, enough, do a plea bargain and end the exhaustion.

  32. Those two are sickening. He is as hard as nails and she looks like a skull. They are running scared in my opinion. They didn't answer any of the questions coherently and he looks as if he is really trying to reign himself in not to be aggressive like last time in January. She looks like she wants to be elsewhere, and especially not next to him. Just my view, but body language says a lot.

    I think they've had it. I do hope so. I can't believe that any sane person would believe these two and the shite they talk. Even my aged mother who supported them for ages has turned about-face and changed her mind. Shameful people. I hope they get their comeuppance very soon and that poor little child gets to lie in peace with a decent burial.


  33. Well done all on this blog you really are wonderful for all this hard work and informing us in the Uk. If judgement in this case is for Mr Amaral(please please God it will be) that will be the start of the end for the Maccann's. but if it goes their way there will be no holding them they will then be sure they are untouchable. This pair will never ever confess while they have breath in their bodys, Madelaine must have been so well disposed of they are confident she will never be discovered. They are both mentally unstable.

  34. Anon 17

    Don't forget the dogs.

    If they are wrong in this case, as the McCanns want us to believe, it will be a first time ever.

    The police are not going to dismiss them as easily as the McCanns insist they should.

    No attempt at a distracting abduction scenario based on Jane Tanner's ever changing account, will replace their certainty that Madeleine is dead.

    The dogs can't be ignored.

  35. WOW. Well done to that reporter for asking the questions that our press should have put to them in 2007.

    Gerry has the look of a man who knows his time is up.

    I am probably on my own in this thought but I sometimes think Kate has convinced herself that Madeleine was abducted. Is she that far gone now that she believes in her own fairystory?

    Why was this video not shown in its entirety in the UK? Who made the decision to just show a very small part of the video? Would love for one of the news channels to explain the reasoning behind it.

    Thank you Joana and all the team for yet again bringing us the real news and thoughts from Portugal.

  36. OH, how I wish that that brave male reporter had asked just another hot question: - "Mr. McCann, are you aware of the Gaspars statements to the Leicester police regarding the odd gestures from you and Mr.Payne in the holidays in Mayorca, refering to Madeleine? Do you care to comment on that?"
    And Kate, she knows more than "we" do...come on, do tell us what you know! There's no secrecy law anymore, tell us what is it that you know that proves abduction beyond any doubt! That would put us all to rest, convince us, and maybe, just maybe, then we will start to believe your version of events.

  37. #34, the dogs...it has always bothered me why their handler and owner NEVER spoke up in defence of his dogs, himself, and the invaluable work they do together! It has taken him years to train those dogs, it's very hard work and an expensive one too, together they've had an almost 100% sucess( or totally 100%, not sure if they had a miss, I do not "buy" those Jersey "coconuts"! Coconuts in a Jersey orphanage, yeah, right!), they are highly paid and used by many police forces, not one of these police forces have complained about the merit and usefullness of their work( as far as we know), and then, along come two suspects in a criminal investigation he was involved in rubbishing their work, casting doubts on the validity of it! If you were in Mr. Grime's position wouldn't you promptly react and defend your ground? Would you lay back and do nothing, risking to jeopardize being called for future investigations? Very strange!

  38. It is patently clear to me from what they say on this video that the McCanns have never asked for the case to be re-opened. Also that they do not actually want it re-opened by the Police. They want a 'systematic review' of the case - conducted by whoever has the greatest expertise and in which Portuguese and UK authorities should co-operate. I am thinking Butler, Chilcott style - maybe I am wrong.

  39. so you and kate are not going back to Portugal next week hey gerry
    work commitments mccannfiles
    you coward

  40. Anti-Philo said: I am probably on my own in this thought but I sometimes think Kate has convinced herself that Madeleine was abducted. Is she that far gone now that she believes in her own fairystory?

    You are not alone in this thought. I too have thought this many times. I have also wondered if Kate truly does not know what happened to Madeleine, and that Gerry and perhpas the other men acted alone. But then so many things about the way she behaved afterwards were strange, unless....she is an abused wife and is being controlled and manipulated by Gerry.

  41. Lisbon 10th February 2010

    "Three is one real reason why we have come here and why we have taken this action, and this is why it is:
    It is our daughter who is missing and who deserves justice for a fair search. The laws of a democracy are there to protect the vulnerable of society and our daughter is vulnerable, our twins are vulnerable.
    Given what you have heard in the Court over the days of this trial we want to appeal to the PORTUGUESE people again to come forward with any information which may lead us to help find Madeleine or any other information that might be related to Madeleine's abduction. The number is........."
    Reporter (male) Can you tell us about these criminal proceedings you have started?

    Gerry M. Can’t comment on that, speak to Isabel Duarte.

    Reporter (female) Do you think that the PJ is not investigating important leads that could help you to find Madeleine?

    GM I think you heard Detective Paiva’s testimony and that speaks for itself. There’s one thesis that has been investigated here more than any other that hasn’t come up with evidence and the important thing is there is an innocent child missing and that search must go on. We would very much like the whole process reviewed. We would like all the information held by all law enforcement to be put together and systematically reviewed for identified areas for investigation.

    Reporter (female) We were said that notice the PJ received ad inclusively photos from Madeleine are eventually from some chap (?) have you seen that?

    **Gerry after listening, to this reporter turns away and ignores the question.

    Reporter (male) Who do you want to do the review?

    GM **With an inappropriate smirk across his face Gerry answers:
    The most well qualified people capable of doing it.

    Kate McCann. "It's obviously been difficult to hear all of these allegations again mmh but it is re-assuring once again for it to be demonstrated publicly that there is no evidence that Madeleine has come to any harm. And we really do want to ask the Portuguese people and continue to ask them, please help us. There is a little girl still missing regardless of what Mr. Amaral and his followers say, and they have their own motives, there is a little girl still missing and we know that PEOPLE CARE ABOUT CHILDREN, please help us."

    Rep (2nd male) You ask Portuguese people to come forward, what are you going to say if they ask you why you are not re-opening the case?

    GM **Long pause, as Gerry is keeping check on what Kate is saying to another reporter, he then turns and replies:

    We’d be delighted if the case was re-opened, we have no problem with that but what we need is real investigation not dismissal not dismissal..

    Reporter Did you already do anything, take any step to re-open the case like..

    GM We have sent information through the authorities in England and the PJ here. It’s the prosecutors decision when to re-open the case...

    Reporter Did you get a reply from them?

    GM continuing..what we need is, what we need is, and this is very very clear, what we need is new leads, new information. We believe that information has not gone into the enquiry and we want it all systematically examined under one – pause- review panel!
    Reporter (male, English) Gerry would that be the British police, a British review panel?

    **Gerry sighs, almost answers but does not**

  42. Anon 37

    Apparently, Gerry McCann paid a visit to the supervisor of Mr Grimes, and who knows what he said.

    If that is not interfering in the case, I don't know what is.

    The McCanns should be stopped from doing this.

    There have been too many witnesses who have received visits from them or their pals of theirs, Mr Smith included.

    Have the Gaspars also been visited?

    Hard to believe they would have been left out.

  43. Anon 37. I would imagine that Mr Grimes has been "warned off" by the the high powers (those protecting the McScams) not to interfere or he could risk losing his job. Why else would he stay silent. Or perhaps he's been Carter Rucked with a super injuction, God, how CR love their super injunctions. I wonder if the numbskulls behind CR lie in bed all night making lists of who they can Carter Ruck next. What sad lives they lead.

    We all know how powerful these dogs are in what they detect, that cannot be ignored, the McScams obviously don't watch the TV programme in the UK every week on the work of these magnificent dogs that can detect drugs, guns, money, people buried under rubble, solvents that have been used in arsen attacks, funny how the McScams are the only people to say that they are "unreliable".

  44. "We want to create information that will lead us to us helping find Madeleine." Not find infomation or source information.

  45. Anon 44 Good observation.

    'creating' information.

    Yes, I think we can say they have been doing that. It's called spin.

    But it's not going to help find Madeleine. More like hinder.

  46. What do the Mccanns realy want?

    They want a REVIEW from ALL the EVIDENCE
    So there must be something the police knows about, but that is not in the files.
    They want to close that gap, what ever it takes .

  47. So the McCanns are not going to Lisbon next week. They have decided they have bitten off more than they can chew.

  48. Matthew at 46

    Perhaps they would like to find out what Payne said to the police off the record.

    He did say he had something more he would like to tell about the disappearance of Madeleine, but he did not want it included in his witness statement.

    The police do seem very sure that Madeleine is dead!

  49. 44, they have created information all the time,
    the Eggman, George Harrison, the lady from Barcelona, the Girl from Ipanema

  50. @ Anonymous 40
    I don't think she's manipulated by G. This might be what she wants people to think. She decides, he executes. For example, when they entered the Court room, after lunch, we were occupying the first row in the middle of which they always were. We would have made room for them if they had wanted so. I saw Kate proceeding immediately forwards after a short glance, Gerry hesitated but followed.

  51. I wonder why Gerry, who has such a sceptic opinion about dogs' abilities, insisted so much in the 3rd of May night that the PJ should bring sniffer dogs. Did they hope the dogs would find the body?

  52. Can anyone tell me why Mr & Mrs McCann now believe their twins are vulnerable?

  53. "There is one thesis that has been investigated here that has not come up with any evidence"

    So from this non answer do we deduce that the thesis of parental involvement is necessarily true but there is no evidence to suggest that G & K McCann's reputations have been harmed?

  54. In appealing to find "the girl", why have they never mentioned the 2.5 Million reward?

  55. Journo: What evidence is there of an abduction?

    Gerry:Where is the Child?


  56. "Portuguese Journalist: Did you already do anything? Take any steps to open the case?

    Gerry McCann: We, we have sent information through, at the authorities both in England and through the PJ here. It's the prosecutors decision when to re-open the case.

    Portuguese Journalist: Did you get a reply then?

    Gerry McCann: What we need is. What we need is and this is very, very clear. What we need is new leads, new information. We believe that information has not gone into the inquiry and we want it all systematically examined under one review panel."

    Gerry makes clear that they don't want police to review the lies they have been telling all these years.
    He is stressing, "we need new information" NEW NEW NEW don't go back to our lies, don't reopen the Pandoras box, new is the word.
    Kate: "I know more than you do"
    I bet you you katie, I am sure of it, why don't you just tell us, you cold sosiopath with narsictic huspend of yours. "looking" for "a child" Well done K8&G.

    w_nicht (thanks Joana and jjp)

  57. Thank you so much for all your hard work; here in the UK we have only been allowed to see a small, highly sanitised portion of ths video on the news. Well done to the Portuguese journalist, he was magnificent! I loved the way he laughed at the word abduction. I have never seen the saintly mccanns so rattled! I really hope that if the mccanns thought they had won the case there would be nothing that would keep them away. Think of the photo opportunities as their Nemesis Dr Amaral loses! By not going they are indicating that they are very unsure of success. What are these 'work commitments' gerry has? Is he still paid full-time by the NHS? He's never there. I'm going to have to watch this video again!


  58. Sorry to go off topic
    I have just read on twitter Robert Green has been arrested
    Hes the journalist that exposed the Holy Greig horror story
    What kind off evil forces are good honest people up against?
    Go onto utube and watch, before it is removed

  59. Anon at 58.
    I hope this is not true of twitter and hope also that someone has that video safely stored.

  60. Thank you Joana for bringing this to us. it's very much appreciated.

  61. 52: I think it was a bit Freudian, not unlike, "We want to create information".

    42: That's the kind of information that needs to be more widely known. If Gerry doesn't give the dogs any credence, why the hell would he need to visit the supervisor? Maybe he wanted to tell him how to do his job, or something about sea bass.

    Talking of Gerry's job, I keep coming back to this bit from an early article:

    Mr McCann was a "very, very" talented surgeon who was very well regarded and worked in Hawke's Bay, Mr Gearey said.

    Was he? If not, where does the misunderstanding that he's a surgeon come from?

  62. But of course Gerry doesn't want to reopen the case. His ambiguous answers and actions demostrate that. He is happy to reopen the case but won't ask for it. He's willing to participate in the reconstruction BUT, if there is no reopening of the case, there is no reconstruction. It's all so obvious. The guy is in a cul-de-sac and under enormous pressure. He will answer anything just to get rid of troublesome journalists.

    Angela @ 19

    Good observation. Gerry will be mad for that answer. We don't doubt she knows more than we do. We all know she knows!

    Joana, once again thanks a million for your hard work.

  63. Gerry McCann would rather cut off his own testicle with a blunt spoon than see this case reopened.

    And judging by the look on his wife's face when he mentioned doing the reconstruction, she may well insist on performing the procedure for him.

  64. How different all this would be now, had the Portuguese posters not made contact in 2007.

    We in the UK, might have started to believe this guff. Or it even may have faded away by now.

    So thanks Joana for never giving up.

  65. This morning, Robert Green, the campaigner leading the investigation into the Hollie Greig case, was detained by Grampian Police in Aberdeen.
    Robert had gone to Aberdeen to campaign for justice for Hollie, and to announce his intention to stand for election there as an MP on the single issue of Hollie’s case. Somehow, Grampian Police traced Robert to his B&B, picked him up from there and handed his key back to the proprietor – clearly indicating they intend to keep him for some time.
    We are extremely concerned for Robert’s safety. Grampian Police’s press office will not confirm his wellbeing. He has committed no crime other than to speak out. Are we going to stand for this?
    If you would like to contact Grampian Police to enquire about Robert, they can be contacted by telephone on 0845 600 5700 or by email servicecentre@grampian.pnn.police.uk.
    If you call, ask for the Chief Constable. Please stay calm, be polite, but be firm. It is your right to speak to a police officer, so if the receptionist refuses to pass you on, ask them if they are a police officer, and again, politely but firmly ask to speak to the Chief Constable. Record the call if possible. One question you might like to ask is whether or not Robert has been permitted legal representation.
    We will provide updates here as soon as they come to us.

  66. @46
    Do you also get the feeling that the Mccanns may have tried to frame someone but noone has taken the bait and as you say the police are sitting on that info. In spite of all the so-called sightings all around the world, it always seems to come back to "key information" and leads in Portugal, doesn't it? , but they can't exactly spell it out without compromising themselves!

    Thank you Joana for all your invaluable work and keeping us so well informed about little Madeleine's case.

  67. Kate says early on here that there is no evidence that M has come to any harm

    BUT her lawyer has just said she has seen ugly photos of a child who could be M


  68. Wow, this is amazing. Thank you Joana, and those reporters who put our UK media to shame - that is real professionalism at work. Well done to all concerned.

  69. If they have nothing to hide, they could put all this to bed instantly be reopening the case, answering all the police questions, attending the reconstruction and maybe even doing a lie detector.

    Instead because the questions are uncomfortable it's "We have to get a flight home."

  70. After watching this video I have come to the conclusion that these two are well and truly fucked now.

  71. At last a "real" journalist!! i applaud you whoever you are, you put our British press-media to shame with their brown noseing the Mccanns all the time, great to see them squirm as this brilliant journalist ask the question's normal people have asked themselves for years!!! Joana again thanks for keeping us the British updated (we have media blackouts on these two when things are going bad for them!)

  72. ""Portuguese Journalist: What will you do if the judge forwards the complaint and asks for the re-opening of the case?""

    Whose complaint and what judge? I think this is a very important question but I don't understand it.

  73. 35,40: I also think that Kate maybe has convinced herself to believe that Madeleine was abducted. Without dogs evidence I would maybe even believe her. There is part in some interwievs that make me think, that if she is lying she makes it`s very good and clever.

  74. Debaixo de um fogo intenso o casal deixou Lisboa sem qualquer desejo de voltar. De hoje a oito dias teremos dois lugares disponíveis na 7ª Vara de Lisboa. Fazendo minhas as palavras do ex-inspector: quatro dias em tribunal causaram mais danos à imagem dos McCann do que o livro que provavelmente já correu mundo (não entrou na Grã Bretanha, pelo menos pelas vias normais...).

    Falta saber: a Polícia Judiciária aprendeu com os erros de Alípio Ribeiro que deixou cair o inspector sem qualquer apoio da Instituição que representava? Ou sacrificará outro inspector, também debaixo do fogo cruzado dos McCann?

    Existem mesmo dados relevantes na PJ de Portimão e a polícia não investigou? Pode chamar-se mentiroso a um Polícia em tribunal? Chamar vampiros e abutres à audiência, aos jornalistas, aos editores, estações de televisão e distribuidores de filmes? Os Magistrados não são uma elite importante com resposabilidade social, à qual se exige uma postura de referência, um exemplo para a populaça?

    A reabertura do caso acontecerá? E a ser verdade, será conduzido com todo o rigor e transparência? Será um caso exemplar de justiça ou será mais uma Moderna, um BPN? Outro BCP? Um Freeport? Outra Face Oculta? Ou criança ocultada? Um Apito Dourado...enfim uma Casa Pia onde as crianças ainda acabarão um dia a indemnizar os pedófilos?

    Até quando este estado da justiça? Até quando os nossos impostos?

    Se Alípio Ribeiro tivesse imposto limites aos jornalistas muitos não teriam chafordado no chafordão da mediocridade com a intensidade que fizeram e os estragos teriam sido minimizados. E foi excessivo retirar o inspector do caso olhando hoje em perspectiva. Deveria, era ter reforçado o seu apoio em público.

    Dúvido que Francisco Balsemão ande com Mário Crespo ao colo, mas basta uma posição inequívoca para fazer a diferença, aquela diferença que Gonçalo Amaral nunca conhecerá: há danos que não têm reparação.

    Por último, se não tivesse estado durante os quatro dias em tribunal não teria acesso a informação priviligiada do que mais importante lá se passou: a imprensa formata, corta, explora, ignora, evidencia, omite factos conforme intende ou é orientado para o fazer.

    Vivemos numa sociedade em que muitas pessoas deixaram de pensar livremente (ou temos a ilusão de que o fazemos), deixaram de ler, deixaram de se interessar pelos aspectos mais importantes que fazem um país funcionar, e passam horas a ver televisão ou a ler na internet os conteúdos formatados pela imprensa e por outros.

    Vivemos, efectivamente, na era dos media, os acontecimentos judiciais já nem acontecem exclusivamente em tribunal, dia 10 de Fev os McCann informaram os media à hora de almoço que iriam a ao tribunal de Oeiras colocar outro processo (desta vez à TVI) sem terem manifestado nada em tribunal. No fim de outra audiência informaram em directo que iam colocar mais uma queixa crime ao Inspector. Mas o que isto? As pessoas substituem os tribunais, a razão, a análise objectiva das instituições? Os media são armas de destruição massiça das poucas celulas cinzentas que restam ainda ao público inerte, amorfo, que ora atende o que vem do lado dos McCann, ora o que vem de Gonçalo Amaral?

    Já não somos seres pensantes?

    São sinais negros estes os dos tempos que vivemos não admira que depois de tudo o que se gastou, se investigou, algumas pessoas ainda tenham dúvidas sobre o que realmente se passou. Depois de tanto ruído e intoxicação de imprensa, os efeitos de atrofia e confusão do público resultam na perfeição.

    Liberdade de imprensa sim, mas de uma maneira responsável. Os jornalistas e os grupos que os representam deveriam reger-se por um códido de ética imensamante exigente para cumprirem a sua missão com distinção: informar com verdade, informar com rigor.

    O que é distinção nos dias de hoje? O que é um quadro de honra? Ainda alguém se lembra?


  75. Kate knows more than we do
    Yes dear, we all know thats true
    So why not reveal what really happened that night?
    Not keep repeating the same old shite

    Gerry, any sensible person is following where the evidence has led
    And the sad fact is Madeleine is dead
    Following false sightings is a waste of time
    As you and the wife are complicit in the crime

    Do a reconstruction, include Jane
    Explain the statements concerning Payne
    Why do you have difficulty in telling your tale?
    Anyone could believe you feared jail

    Do a deal as soon as you can
    And allow some dignity for Madeleine McCann.......

  76. @65 - The inference that someone else in PDL could be the abductor was oozing from GM - who else has the finger been pointed at?

    Does GM suspect that the case about to be reopened and has no control of the events that will follow?

    Could the current Murat and JT legal action be an proactive attempt by RM to forestall another go at finger pointing by TM when the case reopens?

  77. ???

  78. Elish Frances Angiolini QC (born Glasgow 24 June 1960 as Elish Frances McPhilomy)is a Scottish lawyer who has served in the political role of Lord Advocate for Scotland since 2006.

    We have oft noted that there are many Scottish connections with the Maddie case. Brian Kennedy, Brown, Blair, and Glasgow born Gerry for starters.

    It appears that Angiolini has prevented justice being done in at least one other case in addition to Hollie. It begs the question, has Angiolini also interfered in the case of Maddie?

    The bullying tactics employed by Angiolini mirror those used by the McCanns. And now Robert Green is in custody!

  79. @64 PLEASE PLEASE keep us up to date about Robert.

    God bless him.

  80. "Kate McCann: I know. I was here. I found my daughter gone. I know more than you do. I know what I saw."

    Kate has done a GM: she is on the verge of losing it.

  81. have they a new hotline in pt?
    isn't the nr (from theire page.) :Linha da Investigação: +44 845 838 4699 ou 800 814 028

  82. Thank you, #42 and 43,from #37,
    I also thought that something of the kind must have happened. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall, when Gerry visited Mr. Grimes boss...what did McCann threaten him/her with to master complete silence over the subject? It must have been some very powerful and frightening reason(s), but completely unrelated with the reliability of the work of Mr. Grime and the dogs, otherwise he would have been sacked, or at least not called to other cases. I feel for Mr. Grimes, I really do, it's terrible for someone to know that what they do is correct, that one has not failled in any way and yet be subject to discredit and have to stay silent. "Engolir sapos", that's how we say in portuguese, swallow toads/frogs, meaning, having to take abuse and shutt-up!

  83. "Its obviously been difficult to hear all these allegations again but its reassuring again to DEMONSTRATED PUBLICLY that there is no evidence Madeleine has come to any harm." Kate McCann.

    Firstly Kate its not been demonstrated publicly theres a body of evidence being kept back by the PJ in luie of a court case - you know the real evidence against you in the files that want to get your hands on.

    Secondly how can proving (or not giving enough evidence) that you as parents are not guilty of harming Madeleine equate to no proof of her coming to any harm unless you have harmed her? Your stupidity never fails to amaze me.

  84. They wont be going back to Portugal yet as they have apppointments with the NLP company. This will be for a refresher course as something is going very wrong!!They need the next level of training to deal with these more aggressive journalists!!

    Reminds me of Obama and his TV interview where the flash cards were mixed up!!!and he lost his programmed train of speech.

  85. 71. Dont forget Kate's behaviour on the 'mockumentary' - not very convincing was it!

    Why would she have gone to close the door, if she had known it had been opened? She claims to have thought it odd that it was open, yet didnt immediately check in the room, instead going to close it.

    She knows what happened to Madeleine and all the evidence (yes, EVIDENCE Gerry!)indicates it wasnt an abduction!

    Remeber, there is evidence which indicates that it was not an abduction and NONE WHATSOEVER that it was.

    Make no mistake, Kate McCann is a hard scouse bitch, her lack of class emerges when she loses it (we have seen it a few times now). I suspect that temper of hers is at the root of all of this, Gerald got rid of the body, but she made Madeleine into a body in the first place (is my view).

  86. Thank you everyone involved for all your hard work. My my how rattled they were, i dont believe Kate believes her own lies, she's the spoilt only child who was chased to New Zealand by an adoring Gerry remember.
    I think she wears the pants, but he likes the sound of his own voice too much. Would love to have seen the faces of the Tapas 7 when they heard this interview, thats if they got the full blown one. Rats and sinking ships springs to mind now. I believe it is time for them to make a deal or else they all go down together.

  87. 19 Intersting, I wonder what she knows that she has not told anyone?

    She said there were things she couldnt sasy because of judicial secrecy (Womans Hour interview) but since the secrecy was lifted, she still has not told anyone what this secret knowledge is.

    I suspect its just a childish way of justification for not explaining her assertions (assertions which are not valid).

    How the devil do such people as this become doctors! Jeez! Standards seem to be even lower than I feared!

  88. Sorry, off-topic, but it has just popped into my mind: there was a threathening letter from Carter-Ruck to a blogger, warning an demanding, among other things, that he/she did not referr to Madeleine's abduction as a "mystery"! Well, what about that "Panorama" show? Wasn't it titled "The MYSTERY" of Madeleine McCann"??? Is C-R going planning to sue BBC and Panorama producers?
    Anyone knows how is the situation now regarding that blogger? (Sorry, can't remember which site/blogger it was)
    Has he/she told C-Ruck to "go and bathe the dog"?(portuguese expression, "vai dar banho ao cão", meaning, go away, don't bother me withn nonsense)

  89. Post 64. I noticed that the video of Robert Green on blip-tv has been 'wooshed'. It seems that a concerted effort is being made to silence him by someone.

  90. Guys! I've missed something! "Sandra Felgueiras: We were said that that notice the PJ received had inclusively photos from Madeleine or eventually from some child..." WHAT PHOTOS SANDRA IS TALKING ABOUT? PLEASE!

  91. Nossa, mas os McCanns perderam uma boa hora de terem ficado quietos.
    Estão entrando num tremendo cano.
    Bem feito!

  92. If the McCanns lose this process against Amaral,

    will they start a new one, forbiding him to go to the loo?

  93. re 52 issue: I also picked up immediately on Gerry saying the twins are vulnerable. That is their responsibility entirely. Only Madeleine is a ward of court (why? I don't know. He says it like it is everyone else's fault whereas its up to the parents to protect the twins unless social services deem otherwise. The McCanns have obviously never grasped the concept of parental responsibility.

    re 53: I thought that in plain English Gerry was saying: the police only investigated us harming Madeleine but they came up with NO evidence. If you say it plainly its just not true is it?

    re 66: I think the portuguese journalists did brilliantly especially when English is their 2nd language and Gerry makes it more difficult by speaking his very own brand of NLP but if there is one claim that needs challenging, it is the claim that Madeleine has come to no harm. The icing on the ake for me in this press interview would have been for the journalist to counter with "You mean, Kate, apart from the harm caused by an infant taken away from her family". I work with foster children and although each one is an individual, the one thing they have in common is that they are ALL traumatised by being taken away from their normal life and no matter how bad that life was, they have to recover from trauma before being able to move on, feel secure and enjoy life.

    I just feel so sad and frustrated that these parents have been allowed to get away with so much. It makes a mockery of all our safeguarding training for professionals in the UK and a mockery of all our child protection laws.

    Thanks to Joana and researchers/translators for creating and maintaining this site. Thanks also to all the posters here particularly for giving me the chance to vent my feelings.

  94. For 87:

    Website: www.madeleinefoundation.org.uk

    Carter-Ruck Tuesday 9 February 2010


    6 St Andrew Street


    EC4 3AE

    Your Ref: IH/DXM/13837.5


    Dear Sirs

    For the attention of Isabel Hudson

    re: Dr Gerald and Dr Kate McCann - Your Letter of 5 February 2010 and my letter of 8 February 2010

    Finally, we cannot agree with you that the statement: ‘The fact is that the disappearance of Madeleine McCann remains a mystery’ is, in and of itself, an ‘actionable libel’.

    If Madeleine was abducted, what do we know about her abductor? Despite six or more private investigation and intelligence agencies being employed at a total cost of at least £1 million and quite possibly double or treble that, none of us knows anything at all about the abductor, except what Dr Gerald McCann told the world in a brief statement to the media on 25 May 2007, which as we now know was based wholly on descriptions of the alleged abductor by the McCanns’ friend Jane Tanner. Even that description was undermined by the head of the McCanns’ latest intelligence team, under the leadership of former Detective Inspector Dave Edgar, stating at a press conference last autumn that the abductor Jane Tanner says she saw might have been female.

    So far as we are aware, the whole world is still being asked to ‘look for Madeleine’ without a single clue given by your clients or any of their many advisers about where she is likely to be, and, given Dave Edgar’s recent statement, we cannot even be sure whether it was a man or a woman that abducted her. The only clue we have, for what it is worth, is that Dave Edgar has now twice gone on the public record to say that he is ‘convinced’ (his word) that Madeleine is being held alive in a ‘prison lair’ within 10 miles of Praia da Luz ‘in the lawless hills’ around the resort.

    Given this extreme paucity, indeed total absence, of any evidence whatsoever as to the identity of the abductor or where Madeleine might have been taken by him/her, to state that the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, as we do on our website, ‘remains a mystery’ is merely an obvious statement of fact and nothing remotely approaching ‘an actionable libel’.

    Yours faithfully

    Anthony Bennett

  95. John again,

    Joanna - have you managed to get a legal opinion on the hearing? What is the expected verdict to be given next week?

    Carter Ruck arenot the best libel lawyers in the UK for nothing - these guys are rightly feared.

    However, the fact that the McCanns have hired them shows that they are as guilty as sin - when you compare the quality of investigators that have been hired!

    The best lawyers / the very worst detectives!!!

    It would be a very funny sitcom joke if it were not for the fact that Madeleine was a real child and is being used and abused even now that she no longer lives.

    Will the libel case be done in closed court or can the public view?

    Fascinating stuff - rocky versus appollo type stuff!

  96. Remember this?:

    "If they win the action, the parents...DEMAND the publication of the final decision in national newspapers, on two consecutive days, in a way to, albeit partially, reconstitute their image." (Jornal de Noticias, 10.01.02)

    Let´s hope, since they are English and believe in fair play, they will also DEMAND such publication of the result if they lose. Poor Amaral´s image also needs a bit of reconstituting.

  97. Apologies to all Scots, I should have said British @97. You can have him.

  98. How do I download this please to send by email

  99. Very good point, 97. "We are British" My arse! We are bullies - more like.

  100. @ Anonymous 87

    "Has he/she told C-Ruck to "go and bathe the dog"?(portuguese expression, "vai dar banho ao cão", meaning, go away, don't bother me withn nonsense)"

    That blogger might be Luz. She uses that expression to get rid of someone, it seems (told me that once on 3A)

  101. Anon 88

    That is exactly what I was thinking when Kate McCann said yet again about something they know but can't reveal. Those little hints of hers! How childish that sounds.

    It's the equivalent of trying to persuade people they know who really did it, but as they have been told it in confidence they can't reveal it.

    The last time she said it, the excuse why they could not reveal it was because they were not allowed to talk about the case. So what's the problem now?

    Have you been gagged from speaking out?

    No, it is others you are wanting to gag for daring to say something you don't want known.

    Which is, the conclusion that the official investigators came to, that Madeleine died in the apartment, AND THERE WAS NO ABDUCTION.

  102. 91, go back one article before, "ignored clues" nr.60,and I bellieve that is the answer to your questions aboout the photos.

  103. @74 Alexandra - "Já não somos seres pensantes?"
    Bravo, querida.
    Até dia 18,

  104. This video illustrates quite vividly what happens when the McCanns are deprived of their carefully orchestrated environment and face unexpected questions. They look and act as guilty as hell. End game? I wonder what happened to their Portuguese PR team?

  105. Please don't blame the English for these characters.

    Gerry McCann is not English for sure.

    As for her, who knows!

  106. Anon ≠97 said

    'Remember this?:

    "If they win the action, the parents...DEMAND the publication of the final decision in national newspapers, on two consecutive days, in a way to, albeit partially, reconstitute their image." (Jornal de Noticias, 10.01.02)

    So the McCanns think that getting a book banned for a while longer (pending any appeal that would be made if this injunction is kept in place) is the way to go about salvaging their reputation? Rather than tarnishing it still further, by adding a return to the days of book-banning and censorship in a country where the people fought hard for their democratic rights, including the right to free speech.

    Who in their right mind would want to be seen to be in favour of something so despicable as banning books, as telling other people what they can and can't read?

    They'll see a change in their reputation if they're successful in their quest to censor other people's reading material, that's true enough, but IMO it won't be the one they seem to think.

  107. This not insulting article is more dangerous than any of the others

  108. Kate McCann is hard faced as a previous poster said and rough the pair of them are IMO. The way they stand there like butter would'nt melt with their we are 'victims' expressions totally evil and totally fake I don't know who they think they are fooling but their masks are slipping now and hopefuuly it won't be too long before they are exposed for what they truly are,a pair of evil, lying chid neglectors if not worse.

  109. Martin Grimes' supervisor was Meredith Hughes of South Yorkshire Police. Geery visited him, but exactly what was said?
    I found G's slip of the tongue about "creating information" very revealing.
    No Clarence this time?

  110. @95

    The word "mystery" has various definitions -

    Are they objecting to this particular wording as it could be construed as in the last listed meaning ? i.e. 9. a)A religious cult practising secret rites to which only initiates are admitted. b) A secret rite of such a cult.

    I doubt it, but I'm now starting to wonder...

  111. Interesting article here about Holly Greig. Apparently Denis and Greg Mackie lived in Portugal in 2007. Any connection with the Madeleine case?

    From the above article:
    "Several years ago, Denis and Greg Mackie went to live in Portugal. On 8th May 2007, immediately following Madeleine McCann`s disappearance, Anne Greig, accompanied by a victim`s support witness, went to her now local police station in Shrewsbury to tell them to alert the Portuguese Police, as despite the proven case of paedophile abuse, neither of the Mackies had a record of any kind. The McCann team has accepted that the Mackies ought to have been questioned immediately. It is now understood that the British Police failed to pass on these details to their Portuguese counterparts".

  112. #112, the british police failed to pass on the details to the portuguese police, but on the other hand it was the same british police who came to Portugal, when part of the files were going to be made public, to make sure that the information, identity, whereabouts, etc., about convicted british paedophiles who were living in Portugal at the time, would NOT BE RELEASED!
    I recall that Mr. Green said on his video that he only persons ever questioned by the police in Hollie's case were Denis and Greg Mackie, and Hollie. Maybe they were on the list of british sex-offenders, although they had no previous convictions?

  113. #111, yes, most ancient religions had their "mysteries", initiation rites, all under strickt secrecy, completely off-limits to the profane. The Egyptians had the "Mysteries of Osiris", the Greeks had the "Eleusinian Mysteries", the "Samhain" of the Celts ( with the fascinating notion of the "time between times" when the the world of the dead and ours touched), etc.
    A common point, all related to the dead, the interaction between the dead and the living, the underworld, ressurection, etc., for instance, it was said that those who risked their lives enduring the terrible rites of the Eleusinian Mysteries, came out of it with the ability to live in joy and to die without fear of the death.
    Amazing and fascinating stuff!

  114. Kate McCann: I know. I was here. I found my daughter gone. I know more than you do. I know what I saw."

    Strange expressions. Do you find someone gone?. And "I know what I saw" ...she only saw vacuum because Madeleine had wanished.As if she could prouve that an abduction took place simply because she saw nothing in the flat, as if this fact gave her a superiority above the people who were not there (why "here?)to see the vacuum. And "I know what I saw", as if the challenge was to prove that she is not mad when she said she saw nothing. 6 "I" in a row. But 6 time multiplied by nothing is not a proof that this nothing=abduction.

    But may be she is perfectly right when she says:"I know. I was here. I found my daughter GONE. I know more than you do. I know what I saw." We just have to replace "gone" by "dead" and all is very clear.


  115. Thanks for posting this interview. Excellent work! What a great reaction to Mrs Mc when the Portuguese reporter said, Abductor?
    John @ 96 The duo had the MMU working for them at the beginning too. No other missing child case has had a director of the MMu working for them according to the press.

  116. Very interesting description of Duarte's court perfomnace on Blacksmith's Bureau. I did post that she sounded hysterical and out of control. This first hand account of her behaviour seems to confirm my initial impression.

  117. #113, yes I remember thinking at the time that it was a very weird request.. Did they give a reason why? I assume that the Portuguese police then obliged by not releasing such information? The whole thing stinks..

  118. I'm not sure journalists will get another chance, for a while, but when they do I hope they direct their questions specifically to 'Kate' and ask about their/her willingness to do a reconstruction, have the case reopened, and how she 'knew' Madeleine had been abducted etc.

    They are perfectly legitimate questions to put to Kate now that they have been addressed by Gerry, don't you think?

  119. Mrs McC should tell us what she knows so people can look for her daughter. I think more people would look if she gave the proof of abduction.

  120. "I never met nor spoken to Gerald McCann. However I do know that he addressed my head supervisor at the time, the South Yorkshire Head of Police, or Mr. Meredith Hughes."

    Found this in Martin Grimes' witness statement, so I'm guessing this is the source. Having just watched the Robert Green videos, it makes you wonder how much the investigation of crime is hampered by friendly little chats with people in the higher ranks of all professions. What he describes is certainly consistent with a similar situation here. If it weren't for the Internet, would anyone even know where Green was? Would David Kelly still be alive if technology had advanced a little quicker?

  121. Anon 95. That is an excellent letter. Perhaps in the olden days all it took was a letter from CR to scare people off, but not today.

  122. "Kate McCann: And I really do want to ask Portuguese people to continue to help us, please, there's a little girl still missing"

    What is it with this couple of teflon parents? Are they unable to get words: 'our little daughter Madeleine is missing' out of their throats?
    Or can't they speak those words without feeling uncomfortable?

  123. After reading this transcript, I am even more convinced that the Mccanns are terrified lest the case be re-opened. They have even confirmed my theory that a review panel is only intended for them to get their grubby little hands on investigation details so far not revealed.

    Following the release of investigation files into the public domain, who was it that said Kate Mccann devoted every moment of every day wading through the files in order to find "that vital piece of information"? Same applies - just another attempt to locate information that may reveal evidence the police have against them!

    I am totally mystified by their continued arrogance, this pair are truly unbelievable. To publicly carry on this charade and fly in the face of adversity is tantamount to duplicity in the extreme. Why do they persistantly stand before the cameras only to confirm to the world what frauds they are? I suppose it goes back to the age old expression - attack it the best form of defence!

    The celebrity bash was a farce, in fact I don't believe it ever happened. What of the CEOP conference? - again if it really did take place with G. Mccann as guest speaker it has been kept very quiet. No press coverage, no press release from Mitchell, no success stories? Strange indeed!

    On which subject - where is Clarence Mitchell - why did he allow this reckless couple loose along amongst the wolves? The plot thickens.

  124. 115 and others
    '.... found my daughter 'gone'.
    Do not doctors commonly use this expression to relatives.
    Much nicer than saying "your mother is dead" is to say "I'm sorry. We did all we could, but she has gone."
    Surgeons 'lose' patients on the table. They don't kill them or watch as they die.
    Is this yet another Freudian slip, trying subconsciously to tell us the truth ?

  125. Kate Healy's words "I know more than you do" remind me of Tony Bliar before the invasion of Iraq. He said that if everyone knew what he did about Saddam's weapons of mass destruction they would agree with him about going to war, but of course he couldn't possibly divulge what he knew. That turned out to be a pack of lies, and so will Kate Healy's words.

  126. Robert Green is appearing in court on Monday on a "breach of the peace" charge. However, he was arrested as he made his way into Aberdeen to hand out leaflets: he hadn't actually done anything wrong!

    He is planning to stand as an independent MP at the next election on a single issue ticket.

  127. SB @ 124, I don't think you are allowed to be mystified. You might get a letter!

  128. 124 - yes the idea of a 'panel' infers that it would include a representative from the FUND!!!

    There is no doubt in my mind that they want to be a part of any review to get an early view of anything which might incriminate them and divert attention from it.

    I'm convinced that McCann put Madeleines body in the flower bed as Wilkins appeared unexpectedly and he (McCann) crossed the road toward him to keep him away from the area.

    He was seen later by Tanner - she didnt realise it was McCann and had to included him and Wilkins in her story at the same time as she saw the mysterious abductor. this damage limitation is not prefect, but this puts McCann in the clear. However, it causes a problem - Wilkins didnt see her (because, of course, she wasnt there). So McCann has to make sure we know he didnt see her either - but this is all explained in the 'mockumentary'!

    As we know he was also seen later by Smith. Where, I wonder, did he take her for 'storage' and later disposal?

    The question of how madeleine died is probably answered by taking a close look at Kate McCann. Did anyone else see that footage in the church where she looks daggers at the camera?

  129. 123 Andy what exactly is this help they want? If we base it on their own action, they presumably want everyone to beg for money. They certainly have not shown the direction through their own actions, as they didnt even search on the night of May 3rd 2007!

    I wish someone would point that out to them - ask them why they didnt search the area that night, all night? I know I would have!

  130. 120 A very good point, they must be aware that there are many many people who do not believe that 'the child' was abducted. So it makes absolute sense to reveal all information that makes them so certain she was abducted. If Kate knows more and it is enough to convince her (notwithstanding that as a suspect her being convinced her daughter was abducted could be seen as a subjective view!) then surely it would meet their stated requirement to provide as much information as possible to encorage people to believe their story of abduction?

  131. "We want to create information......" Exactly what they and Mitchell have been doing since day one.

    Odd we haven't had any more information about the 1,000 day gala and the conference where Gerry was to speak. I suppose that information is still being created.

  132. Oh wow, this is stunning stuff, thank you Joana, thank you, they floundered, the were flummoxed, they were scared, the shifty eyes went everywhere, flicking about. Best part was when Gerry said the abductor was not visible, and a Portuguese journalist said " abductor ", and laughed, unfortunately I was drinking a cup of tea at the time, and it decorated my screen.

    Oh I DO have hope now, this gives me hope, also find it very interesting that they are not coming back next week for the verdict, does this mean they know they don't have a chance, or perhaps they are scared of being arrested.

    I am sure the gentleman Goncalo Amaral is sleeping better at night.

    His voice was interesting for me, he is from Glasgow, as am I, (that's the most we have in common thank goodness), he went back to his roots when under pressure, the wee thug from Govanhill emerged at times, the pretendy posh voice forgotten, Aye.

  133. Wee Gerry can't handle the heat in the kitchen.

  134. For an excellent account of the fairy tale McCanns et al, take the time to read the Blacksmith Bureau, you won't be disappointred, the full story as it unfolded in real time.


  135. If you don't read anything else this weekend, I urge you to read "Madeleine McCann: Kate and Gerry McCann's Legal Pitfalls and Risks" on the Anorak web site.

  136. So Kate McCann has publicly admitted that she is withholding information from the investigation.

    "I know more than you do." Oh yes, I'm sure you do, Mrs McCann!

    Gerry squirmed and couldn't end the impromptu press conference soon enough after that. His good wife was off script, big style. She took the bait offered by the unnamed Portuguese journalist.

    Interesting times...

  137. #115 Kate Mccann knows a lot, she knows more than we do, she knows what she saw (Jane Tanner, same script), she knows that the abductor is not visible and she knows people love children. What more does it take to convince the Portuguese people to help. Is this woman insane? Or maybe she also has 'her own motive'.

  138. Somebody knows if Jane Tanner really being sued by Robert Murat, as I read on Twitter?

  139. Thr CEOP Conference took place.

    He spoke at the beginning of proceedings.

    He bombed................really bombed.

    You'll have to trust me on that.


  140. Just imagine, what will the grisly pair share on Valentine's Day? A pair of leopard skin covered handcuffs perhaps? They are tied together forever, locked in a grisly embrace because of what they know. Yuk.

  141. I am in, Spain and I am completely unaware that GM visyed Martin Grimes, the dogs trainer, is this for real???why and for what reason can a suspect visit an investigating officer, or whatever is his position. Those dogs are a non miss pair,I have 2 german Shepherds, one of thems father is a Spanish champion for sniffing out drugs and things, I see my dog follow trails endlessly her nose dripping from the stimulation of the scents, I compare her with the other who never sniffs a thing, so when you see these dogs in action they are incredible. I believe Eddie and Keeler were sent to Haiti to look for bodies under the rubble, and if McCann said they were wrong in Jersey then he was wrong,because those dogs came out on top.Never doubt a dogs nose Gerry, yours might be big but a hounds nose is 1000times more correct. Can someone tell me why he visited Grime....we have to rember there is a Masons mafia working here, and probably Grimes boss is one. You cannot dispute those videos of the dogs, try as much as you like Gerry

  142. The journalists in Portugal are for 100% enjoying their freedom of speech, aren't they?
    The McCanns did not like their questions at all.

  143. If I were innocent I would NOT say "there is no evidence" blah blah blah - I would yell from the highest mountain "I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE DISAPPEARANCE OF MY BELOVED CHILD. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO HER. I BEG YOU TO HELP ME."

    In contrast the McCanns say (over and over and over and over) "THERE IS NO EVIDENCE we had anything to do with this."

    They are counting on the "clean up crew" (Special Branch) and I would be counting on MY INNOCENCE.

    This will end eventually and when it does the McCanns will be seen for the liars, users and entirely wicked people that they have become (or perhaps always were.)

    Watch them - it is "evidence" they discuss, not "innocence". What despicable people.

  144. Anon at 115

    Yes, thanks for pointing that out.

    Like when Kate said to her mum 'she's gone mum, she's gone' not long after the alarm was given that Madeleine had vanished.

    A strange thing to say when her child could be out wandering the streets, or really had been taken off by somebody.

    After all, that is like telling somebody a person is dead and causing them even greated distress when it may not be the case.

    Surely 'missing' would have been a more appropriate word to have used in the circumstances. Unless, of course, Madeleine really was dead.

  145. Near Liverpool (uk) in 1988 a young girl Helen Maccourt (22) went missing coming home from work, her DNA was found in the boot of the local pub landlords car. He was convicted of her Murder and is still in Prison to date her body has never been found, and he Ian Simms has never confessed to killing her. so a case can be solved without a body.

  146. A couple of points:

    It's interesting that Tony Bennett was told by CR that referring to Madeleine's disappearance as a mystery is an actionable libel (a laughable allegation) - why are they so determined to try to frighten Tony Bennett by such ridiculous tactics? It couldn't have anything to do with the fact that he was/is planning a booklet that would give people a chance to read what's in the official case files, could it? Perish the thought!

    The other thing that interests me is the reconstruction, something that really does need to be done. Now in the McCanns' own documentary (the 'mockumentary') didn't they employ an actress to play Kate McCann, yet her part was cut from the final version shown on tv? Why? You don't employ and presumably pay someone to play a part and then cut if for no reason, so I'd really like to know why they did this. Any ideas?

  147. The McCanns are coward people.
    I don't see them back in Portugal, ever again.
    But this process will help the British media to write more about this case.
    They start being corageous, they are just reporting what happened in Portugal and that is great for them.
    Even Martin Brunt came out from his dark corner to explain Amaral never said the word fuck (and I wish he would have said).
    The moment that freedom of expression starts for the UK, gosh, how wonderful.
    British media are even publishing nice photo's of Amaral's.
    I hope Gerry's hospital is following your blog, Joana!

  148. I wonder if the McCanns will keep Isabel Duarte as their lawyer.

    What happened to Rogério Alves?
    Also abducted?

  149. havent seen any thing in the sunday papers about the mccanns taking action to get the case re-opened,i thought it would be splashed all over the front pages

  150. With a general election soon, how about someone standing as a single-issue MP candidate in the constituency that includes Rothley?
    I'm sure we supporters would contribute to the deposit. But with the election in May/June, this is a great opportunity not to be missed.
    I understand that there are certain protections provided to candidates. The issue could be relatively benign, such as get the case re-opened.
    We could then challenge the McCanns to "support" your candidacy, and if the refused, it would be a big own goal for them.
    We could then distribute leaflets to the constituency, and I'm sure there is legal protection for this

  151. @140,cant find any thing on the ceop conference,so how come you know this.where you there?

  152. What excellent questions from that reporter, he really made gerry squirm. More of that please! :D

    And how very strange, after putting so much time, effort and money into stopping Goncalo Amaral's book, these poor, hurt parents do not plan to be in court to see victory for themselves?

    Do they not want to be there in person to see Gonalo defeated and to stand in front of the press and shout their innocence??

    Surely, work commitments cannot be that pressing or important that they would stand in the way of this glorious triumph for the saintly duo.

    Thank you for bringing this press report to us. It would be good if this could be forwarded to every newspaper and TV channel, just so they know WE know what has been said here.
    Maybe one of them might be brave enough to report on it (you can always dream!)

  153. Annon@ 44 you said:

    If I were innocent I would NOT say "there is no evidence" blah blah blah - I would yell from the highest mountain "I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE DISAPPEARANCE OF MY BELOVED CHILD. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO HER. I BEG YOU TO HELP ME."

    I totally agree. Is there something in a human's mind that evades the 'truth', e.g. The McCanns KNOW there is no evidence, that is 'their' truth in this matter. They can't quite come out and say what you said because maybe that isn't 'their' truth.

    A psychologist would know more what to make of statements like this.

  154. Regarding the CEOPS conference and the celebrity jamboree I think we can be pretty certain that if they had been a great success Gerry would have given us a gloating update on his website.

  155. "I am in, Spain and I am completely unaware that GM visyed Martin Grimes, the dogs trainer, is this for real???"

    I had no idea of this, I must have missed it, did he REALLY visit Martin Grimes, is this allowed, wow, beam me up Scottie, what became of the visit, is it on your site Joana?.

    Another thing, I looked at the video that most of the networks used, so different to this one, so WHY, oh WHY did the TV companies edit it so, my goodness, this is astounding, once again, who are these people, and why are they being protected, I think of what they did to Robert Murat, oh don't get me started on that, he was vilified, his life, his wife and child's were taken apart, lies told, he was put through hell, yet these two treated with kid gloves, WHY?.

  156. anonymous at 152

    I signed it as Properdad.

    take it or leave it.

    he spoke at the beginning of the day, after his fund raiser the night before.

    have a look at the programme and work out why he needed to shift when he spoke.

    he then left.

  157. I am not Portugese but I have evidence Gerry

    Do you want to hear it though?

    Madeleine was a vulnerable child,Sean and Amelie are still vulnerable children

    You neglected them Gerry,you and your wife were too busy getting pissed to care about their welfare!!

    Re-open the case NOW,find the truth NOW

  158. Properdad.

    I heard that about the CEOP conference as well.

    I can't understand why he was invited in the first place.

    Thanks for the information.

  159. 142 and 156 - Yes, GM did contact Martin Grimes`s Supervisor - not sure that he visited him - may have been a telephone call :

    From Martin Grimes`s rogatory statement :

    "I never met nor spoken to Gerald McCann. However I do know that he addressed my head supervisor at the time, the South Yorkshire Head of Police, or Mr. Meredith Hughes."

    I think its spelt Meredydd.


  160. Wouldn't it be nice to get Kate and Gerry to discuss the case as normal people....none of the prepared speeches,even Karen Matthews did a more convincing job

    When my child went missing I spoke with the Police,the press,anyone who would listen.I screamed,shouted and cried until finally I found the truth,no law suits,no time to go for a jog,I paced the streets late at night,risked my life, but at the end of the day I have my child.

  161. "I never met nor spoken to Gerald McCann. However I do know that he addressed my head supervisor at the time, the South Yorkshire Head of Police, or Mr. Meredith Hughes."

    I think it was just Grimes' boss, which seems worse. Why would he need to do that if there were "no evidence"? Although he already acknowledged there was evidence prior to his new mantra and only seemed concerned with their "perception" of it:

    "I'm still concerned with their perception of the evidence, but that's for us to sort out with legal support."

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-480825/Gerry-McCann-We-did-kill-daughter.html#ixzz0fVUwpIhe

  162. Properdad. Post 140, 157.

    Do you mean that McCann was thoroughly jeered, or disrespected by the audience? That would indeed be significant!

  163. Properdad at 140 and 157, I emailed CEOP quite early on to ask whether Gerald McCann was really going to sit through a talk on faked abductions by Dr William Donaldson, or whether he would just turn up at the last minute to do his speech. Needless to say I got no reply. Would love to know more if and when you can - it is fascinating that they didn't foresee this problem before the programme was set in stone on the website - what a climb down.

  164. Oh yes Nigel at 151, we so would donate towards the deposit of anyone braave enough to stand on this particular ticket.

  165. Post 129. I think you are spot on. Tanner let slip that she saw a man carrying the child, but it was actually later than claimed, so they had to claim it was earlier (when Mccann was talking to Wilkins) to give him an alibi.

  166. Ann at 156

    I think it was the boss of Martin Grimes that he visited.

    After all, can't expect Gerry to deal with anybody but those at the top. He does know Gordon Brown personally don't you know.

    He was probably giving the dog trainers' boss his tuppence worth about the dogs, and how ludicrous they are, being as how by now they should know it was an abduction.

    For goodness sake, how many more thousands of times do people need telling!! Nobody should question this, so forget the dogs. Nobody should ever mention them again.

    Otherwise you might get Carter Rucked and you wouldn't like that.

  167. Anon at 163

    Maybe it was Gerry who put the idea into her head that she saw the man at the same time as she saw him talking to Wilkins.

    She does appear to be highly suggestible as she has changed her mind with the telling, even changing the direction the man was going in.

  168. 151 Have you seen the news today about Robert Green and the Holly Greig case? He was trying to do exactly what you have suggested and look what happened to him yesterday.

  169. Anon 96.

    The best lawyers, the worst detectives! What a headline that would make! And so very true. They know where their bread is buttered alright!

  170. Could we have a special posting for " I have been Carter-Rucked"? Private Eye magazine could be our patrons.

  171. Were CEOP trying to trap Gerry?

    I have thought a lot about Kate's "I found her gone" statement. As a euphemism it is so often used for the word dead, so that is what I first understood her to be saying. Then I understood that she meant "not there". Still, "I found her gone" is a contradiction in terms and I am sure her subconscious was saying "I found her dead". Unfortunately none of this is evidence is it?

    Through concern for Madeleine and the twins, I have read as much as I possibly can on this case ever since she disappeared and this weekend I have been bothered by thoughts that the parents perhaps belong to a religious cult. At the risk of sounding far-fetched, the children could have been drugged to use their bodies in a ritual and leave them with no memory of what happened. If the Gaspar's concerns have any foundation, then it could explain the happy pictures and videos we have seen of Madeleine enjoying life. Its a horrible upsetting subject, but does happen. Sorry, I felt the need to share this.

  172. post 161- I was pleased to hear your family had a happy outcome. Just wanted to acknowledge what you had posted.

  173. Am I the only person still gobsmacked by the uncouth behaviour of the McCanns in keeping an entire court, the international press and the general public, waiting for at least half an hour while they went off to file yet another complaint during the lunch break?

    If that had been me I´d have nearly died with embarrassment when returning to the courtroom, especially if I had been the one responsible for instigating the whole process. Did they not have to apologise to the judge for keeping her waiting?

    You´d think that a medical training would equip you with at least the basics of good manners, even if you hadn´t picked them up from your upbringing.

  174. To 151
    Email Tony Bennett and suggest he stands.

  175. Off topic - but following on from the Hollie Greig story - I implore you all to watch this video documentary: "CONSPIRACY of SILENCE" about the Franklin Scandal in the USA.

    Chilling and compulsive viewing.

  176. why is he so arrogant and aggressive and kate is so timid (SNEAKY)and thoughtful

  177. Why don't the McCanns return to Portugal to hear the sentence? Because they don't want to take the chance of facing another inquisitive journalist. This time they might ask him comments about the Gaspars' statement and the Smiths' sighting. It would be too much.

    On another note, I wonder how big an invoice will Isabel Duarte send to the fund. I hope a lot. And as for the Portuguese PR company, I know they usually overcharge too. After receiving the bills the McCanns will be extremely happy. They love to pay well and never complain. Silly me, why should they? It's not their money, of course!

  178. Dimsie 147 - Tha McCanns were all set to use the actress to play Kate McCann and then Goncalo Amaral stated that the whole documentary would be classed legally as documented evidence. That was when it was decided to drop the actress playing Kate, apparently the way it was filmed it was impossible to follow the script just using the timeline and the police statements - it just wouldn't work out. They didn't want this to become a legal document so left it out and had Kate doing her house bit from Rothley.

  179. @44

    Yeah the 'create information' line really stood out to me too. What a strange thing to say. . .


  180. gerry *create information* always has said strange things-almost dislexic-just plain wierd

  181. Apologies. I forgot to post the link to the documentary Conspiracy of Silence.


  182. I have just copied, to read later, the mail article Aileen 162 gave the link to. I had to giggle when I saw an advertisement next to it that suggested I forgot stains and trusted pink! That clarrie gets everywhere doesn't he?

    May I add my thanks to Joana and all the others for keeping us up to date with all that is happening and I trust the judge will rule in favour of Goncalo Amaral.

    I still believe in those dogs and I always will.

  183. @177
    Because he's a Gemini and she's a Pisces.

  184. Anon 172 - I think you have a point about cult involvement - its only when you start researching cover ups and paedophilia there is usually a negative/power-seeking/cult/clan or whatever behind it. Some of the research tends to seem a bit far fetched but there are too many co-incidences for there not to be something in it. I had my concerns way before the 1000 day celebration, but when I heard they were releasing 1000 points of light, that confirmed it for me.

  185. Bravo! Bravo! To the brilliant Portuguese journalist who asked questions of the McCanns that should be asked. The McCanns had 8 mins and 15 secs valuable airtime in this interview and produced 0 evidence to support their abduction thesis. Hmm who was it at the start of this hearing said:

    A thesis without evidience to support it is meaningless.

    Hmm who was it? Oh, that's who it was G McCann and all he and his wife have to put forward to support their abduction thesis is this when the Portuguese journalist asked him:

    What evidence do you have that there was an abduction? Can I ask this question because you say that Amaral doesn't have....

    Kate McCann: I know. I was here. I found my daughter gone. I know more than you do. I know what I saw.

    Portuguese Journalist: I'm not saying. I don't know anything. I'm just telling from a point of view where I don't know who to believe. I just want evidence like you say.

    Gerry McCann: Where is the child? We are looking for that evidence. Where is the child? What other explanation can explain how she is not here?

    Kate McCann: So(???) do you agree it shouldn't be be ruled out? Do you?

    Portuguese Journalist: Other people have advanced other explanations. That's why we are here.

    Gerry McCann: Okay. Any other questions before we go because we've got a flight to catch?

    How weak and pathetic are those replies to the Portuguese journalist? Especially GM saying:

    "Where is the child? We are looking for that evidence. Where is the child? What other explanation can explain how she is not here?"

    Err McCanns the publicly avaialable PJ file gives a clear explanation as to why the child is not here. Err the book written (and based on the PJ file) by the first lead Invesigator into the disappearance gives a clear explanation as to why the child is not here. Also the report by Lee Rainbow is an OMG revelation!

    GM says he wants a review of all the information that all the law enforcement agencies have. He says they have been busy working behind the scenes to have this happen. Hmm is that maybe why the British Police have said recently in the press that they are keeping all their info under wraps! Also does he now expect the 11,000 files (that they were only allowed 81 one of) to be released and all that info reviewed and made available to them. Thought the British courts ruled that that info was not to be revealed! Also do the McC's expect the PJ to release the files that have not been made public? Just who do they think they are to expect so much?

  186. Zodiac - Its almost as if they`ve been brainwashed or programmed to believe they are superior gods - either that or they are severely mentally ill.

  187. Portuguese Journalist: What evidence do you have that there was an abduction? Can I ask this question because you say that Amaral doesn't have....

    Kate McCann: I know. I was here. I found my daughter gone. I know more than you do. I know what I saw.


  188. Quote by Clarence Mitchell
    "There is a wholly innocent explantion for any material the police may or may not have found".......

    There's proof of the purpose of an 'enquiry panel' instituted by the Mcanns if ever there was!

    Keep digging Mitchell!

  189. Louise #187 I think it is both.

    Zodiac (can't log in on blogger)

  190. I'm sure this has already been pointed out by someone - but it's a first for me!
    Whilst browsing the SKY website for news on the McCann's I noticed that on the LH side of the page(link posted below) they are now showing the photo of the McCann's holding up the t-shirt with the picture of Madeleine on it - whilst the parents are grinning like cheshire cats.
    Has this been there for ages or did I simply miss it???


  191. I was so pleased to see many copies of the Truth about the Lie, by Goncarlo Amaral on the bookshelves, here in the Canary Islands.
    So at this moment some are still being sold. Hold in there Snr Amaral, and the best of luck for Thursday.
    Scotland Yard and the PJ should get together and reopen this case now, and not allow Los McScams to get their sticky fingers involved, with so much public interest something has to be done

  192. CEOP conference program:


    09:00 Registration

    09:30 Welcome: Jim Gamble, Chief Executive, Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre

    09.45 Multiple case research: Jim O. Beasley III, Supervisory Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation

    10.30 An holistic approach: Adam Gregory, Senior Behavioural Investigative Adviser, National Policing Improvement Agency

    11:00 Break

    11.30 Operation Paris – the Shannon Matthews investigation: Detective Superintendent Andy Brennan, Detective Inspector Andy Walker, West Yorkshire Police

    12:30 Lunch

    13.30 False allegations of abduction: William Donaldson, Supervisory Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation

    14:30 Break

    14.45 Insight from the minds of child abductors: Detective Chief Superintendent Graham Hill, Dr Joe Sullivan, Consultant Chartered Psychologist, Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre

    16.00 Closing speech: Gerry McCann

    16.30 Questions and answers session: All speakers"

    Properdad told us(#140) that G. McCann spoke in the morning part, at the beginning of procedures. No wonder he antecipated his speech (and the CEOP accomodated him, I ask myself why give him that priviledge, to change the whole scheduled programme, push the other speakers interventions forward, cause inconvenience, etc. My goodness, what makes McCann so important that he gets to speak ahead of the FBI agent? I bet that the american agent was not amused!), just imagine Mr. McCann having to seat through the FBI speach on false abductions! And worse, with the dreadful prospect of being asked to participate in the questions and answers session, in which ALL speakers were expected to participate! Oh dear, oh dear! That would not do!

  193. This case has to now be reopened, the Portugese justice system will be considered a joke and very foolish if not. This pair and their cohorts have played all their cards, and are in danger of losing and they know this. I also believe along with 21 there was british govenment intervention in this case. Was it Brown who knows. Only Kate knows what she knows what a silly answer from a so called doctor she really had her cage rattled by the portugese reporter give that man a drink.

  194. Este pai oportunista, nao perde uma oportunidades para se colar a corrente que possa limpar-lhe a imagem e Cativar o publico de novo. Mas como nao leu " O Principezinho" de Saint Exupery, nao sabe o verdadeiro significado da palavra "CATIVAR".
    Nao deixa de ser interessante e comico ver este personagem colado a ideia do policia e do homem que ele mais odeia. Re-abrir o caso, que para ele significa re-avaliar a investigacao e mais concretamente, desvalorizar os indicios de morte e apostar no rapto, mesmo sem pistas crediveis. Tudo para enganar a minoria que o defende e aplaude. Porque para todo o mundo, ele e um actor desesperado que ja nem sabe o papel que desempenha. Arrastado pela trapaceira da advogada vai acabar afogado nos seus proprios gestos e palavras.
    E pena que a tragicomedia que este Gerry protagoniza, tenha virado Tabu em Portugal e nenhum comentador ouse falar dela. Ontem, ouvindo Marcelo rebelo de Sousa, na RTP a proposito da Face Oculta, apeteceu-me perguntar-lhe: " E A VERGONHA QUE ASSOLA A JUSTICA PORTUGUESA NO CASO MADDIE, NAO MERECE UM COMENTARIO, UMA INDIGNACAO?" E que a proposito da face oculta e do comentario de Marcelo, le-se no SOL:

    "Sobre a providência cautelar interposta por Rui Pedro Soares com o objectivo de impedir a publicação do SOL na última sexta-feira, Marcelo diz que, apesar de ser um «precedente», «é muito frequente».

    Ainda assim, «a justiça não se saiu bem». Para Marcelo, «a decisão é errada», pois a protecção da liberdade de imprensa deveria prevalecer sobre a defesa do bom nome." in SOL.

    POIS E, E NO CASO MADDIE, A PROTECCAO DA LIBERDADE DE OPINIAO E INFORMACAO TAMBEM DEVERIA PREVALECER SOBRE A DEFESA DO BOM NOME. Depois sera sempre um exercicio interessante discutirmos o que se entende por "bom nome". Pais negligentes, sera bom nome? Pais oportunistas, onzeneiros e se tiver realmente acontecido o que a investigacao indiciou- pais que planeiam um falso rapto, que escondem o corpo da filha, que montam um Fundo fraudulento feito de donativos publicos, Terao bom nome? NEM SEI QUE NOME LHES DAREI, PORQUE NENHUM SERA SUFICIENTEMENTE "BOM" no mau sentido, para os CLASSIFICAR. Nao ha duvida que estes pais merecem que um tribunal portugues lhes de cobertura a custa dos impostos dos portugueses, e que uma advogada portuguesa ainda tenha o desplante de vir ao tribunal acusar testemunhas, fabricar factos, semear confusao para distrair acefalos e chamar vampiros e abutres a quem exerce um servico tao nobre como o de informar.
    Os casos paralelos da justica portuguesa tem permitido concluir muita coisa na esperteza deste Gerry. Basta ve-lo e ver quem sao os advogados que os defendem em Portugal. Quem lhes tera recomendado tais advogados? Quem os recomendou sabia que a estrategia que eles tem de seguir e a dos politicos portugueses: descredibilizar quem lhes faz frente e pode atirar-lhes pedras para os sapatos- A PJ e alguns magistrados. UMA VERGONHA!!!

  195. @193...

    He had a plane to catch, a very busy and important man, how very dare you question his might and main?

    People to see, information to create! Never an idle moment for the magnificent McCanns...


    Just wondering, was anyone actually there, e.g. Properdad?


  196. "you know, we want the information reviewed. It's about Madeleine."
    "It's not about us. It's about this girl. She's missing."

    We have in Portugal a sentence to classify Gerry words and Behaviour- HE SWALLOW A CASSETE!!! Many different questions, always the same answers.

    "We are asking behind the scenes all the time, many different things".
    WAW!!! What are you asking behind the scenes Gerry? Not to look for Madeleine, this you ask at the stage. Not to reopen the case, because nobody ever reported that and we never saw any actions. THEN, WHAT ARE YOU ASKING BEHIND THE SCENES? - The case to be shelved? Amaral to be dismissed from the investigation and judged in Joana Cipriano case? Amaral to be gagged and the public not informed about what the investigation find out? SO MANY SMOKE AROUND YOU, even with all that rain at Lisbon.

    Wonderful courage from the Portuguese journalist who ask Gerry about the evidences to support the abduction. Of-course more smoke on that embarrassing question. Gerry want to runaway and Kate always compromise herself when she open her mouth without being previously programed by a lawyer or the spin pink man:Kate McCann: "I know. I was here. I found my daughter gone. I know more than you do. I know what I saw." AND WHAT YOU SAW KATE? THE ABDUCTOR? THIS WHY THERE IS YOUR FINGER PRINT IN THE WINDOW ANN THIS IS WHY THERE IS A WINDOW? AND HOW WELL YOU AND MADELEINE KNOW THE ABDUCTOR? BECAUSE IF YOU INSIST MADELEINE STILL ALIVE, THEN YOU MUST PUT IN YOUR CONSIDERATIONS THE HYPOTESIS OF MADELEINE BEING ABDUCTED BY SOMEBOY WHO SHE KNOWS WELL, SOMEBODY FROM YOUR RELATIONS- ONE OF THE TAPAS 9. Dead or alive, you know where she is, that's why, you and Gerry are not coming next week. Running away again.... just in case the judge decide to free the book. just in case somebody with power reopen the investigation and decide to tell the word what happen to your little girl and you desperate try to hide.
    I hope Portugal and Madeleine, will get some justice next week, because it's not only about you and your daughter. IT is about the country who most search and cry for Maddie and you did not even say THANK YOU....

  197. These people look so ridicliously guilty it's almost laughable, how on earth is this circus going to be allowed to be continued


    Every journalist in the UK is watching this and still they are spineless to react.

    Wake up for fu**sake get these people and all the other cronies in a court of and contact Leicestershire Hospital where this man is working it shouldn't be happening

  198. Bem visto Alexandra. Basta vermos a quem tera sido encomendada a entrevista que haveria de servir de pontape de saida para tramar G. Amaral- O GRUPO DN, JN. Ele ha jornalistas que se vendem por pouco para fazerem parte do regime e manterem o salariozito com alguns "agraciamentos" de circunstancia. Sao estes seres que envergonham o pais. A IMPRENSA TEM MUITA CULPA NO QUE SE TEM PASSADO NO CASO MADDIE. Se a PJ, para investigar esta dependente das chefias e do que estas decidem. Dos Jornalistas espera-se coragem, ousadia, verdade e so a verdade deve ser o seu limite, contra tudo e todos. Fazerem parte da farsa, e do mais vergonhoso que pode haver, e de facto quem entrevistou G. Amaral fez parte da farsa, serviu mal o pais e o jornalismo. ESTA HISTORIA ainda ha-de contar-se um dia e esperemos que haja consequencias e punicoes profissionais para quem usa o poder e o lugar que ocupa, em prol da agenda pessoal de determinado grupo.

  199. Properdad, If you are able to do so and still retain your anonymity, would you please provide more details about Gerry's speech/CEOP? Thank you.


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