1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Freedom of Opinion: A Luxury Item

February 18, 2010. On the very same day that the Attorney General told Visão magazine that he disagreed with the OPINION of the Prosecutor in Aveiro, who indicated the Prime Minister over the practise of a crime, a judge in Lisbon said that she agreed with the OPINION of a colleague, who had forbidden a book that expressed the OPINION of the Polícia Judiciária’s investigators concerning the disappearance of Maddie McCann, a police OPINION that, in any case, had already been dismissed by the Public Ministry of Portimão, that had archived the process because it sustained another OPINION.

A nice game of OPINIONS, if it wasn’t the case that the weakest lose on all fronts and are prevented from expressing their OPINIONS under the threat of disciplinary and civil punishment. The Prosecutor in Aveiro is shackled, because the final word, which is to say, the OPINION that matters, without appeal, has already been made by the Head of the Public Ministry; and the author of the censored book is more or less in the same situation, because despite having the possibility of appealing to the highest juridical instances to defend his OPINION, he cannot afford it. Freedom of OPINION is a luxury item in Portugal.

Dr. Passos Pereira


  1. With the main libel trial now waiting to be listed, important to remember the McCanns have initiated this action, it is they who have sued Mr Amaral for libel. The onus must therefore be on the McCanns to show exactly where they have suffered damage to their reputation, through Amaral pronouncement rather than opinion. If they try to claim no-one is allowed an opinion on their behaviour they will be torn to shreds by the public.

    Mr Amaral, I and millions of others are with you every step of the way.

  2. People on this blog say they are with Mr Amaral myself included but how are we with him sitting at a computer in the UK we are supporting him in words only and some of us with donations to his defence fund. We need more than that we need to let the UK press know how many supporters he has we need to help this man with more than just words from a very safe distance. What can we do for him. I just feel we are letting him down as well.

  3. It is clear that GA has placed his family and everything he owns on the line. He wrote a book I would imagine in the full knowledge of what the Mccanns next move would be. The McCanns are cold heartless manipulators. Machines without souls.

    Like it or not it was the only way to get the Mccanns into Court.he achieved his goal. This can go on for years ..one thing GA has said the Mccanns will not get a single Euro from him.

    What mother who claims her daughter is with a paedophile would say' from now on this will mean only good things for Madeleine.'?

    It is the McCanns fault that Madeleine is missing NOT Goncalo Amarals.

  4. I believe that under the libel law of England and Wales, it is not the claimant but the defendant who has the burden of proof. I do not know if this is the case in Portugal, it is not in the US. This is why English and Welsh courts constitute the 'virtual libel capital' of the world.

    Sadly justice is an unattainable thing in the modern world. Although a significant number of people can see the full picture, understanding why the McCann's are claiming 'abduction' at the exclusion of other possibilities, those that have our 'freedom of expression' in their hands cannot, it would seem, have some kind of group blindness. They (the McCann's and their supporters)even, incredibly, bring attention to the idea that following one theory is ill advised through their own claim that the police have failed them because the police were following only one theory!

    It is indeed ill advised to follow only one theory, unless that theory removes an element of a criminal offence and prevents prosecution.

    Of course the distractions are not only intended to remove the possibility of a charge of neglect being possible. By repeating 'abduction abduction abduction' and demanding the support of the police and public to chase phantoms(the public helpfully generating phantoms!)the McCann's prevent difficult questions being asked about cause. The inconsistencies of May 3rd 2007 in PDL are apparent, it would seem, to everyone who is not a journalist or any other part of the establishment - in fact anyone who holds our 'freedom of expression' in their hands.

    It is a sad fact that freedom of expression, for the EU individual, is a dream and those that hold it in their hands are proving not to be trusted with such a high honour.

    Lets hope that the ECtHR is not also in the clutches of the McCanns!

    The only bright side to this sad tale is that Madeleine has escaped the cruelty of parents who used a star chart to keep her in her bed at night. Perhaps it is the conditioning of that star chart which convinces Kate McCann that Madeleine could not have wandered in search of her errant parents, parents who that very morning claim to have decided to keep a closer eye on the children!
    Maybe the injunction maintained today was necessary to ensure that the libel case could proceed without compromise...or maybe even to enable the re-opening of the PJ investigation?

    Or maybe it was just the beginning of greater injustices, including Duarte's apparent desire to close down any free discussion of her clients on the increasingly regulate internet.

    Question: Can a Portuguese judge rule that a book is banned from the entire world??

  5. I suspect Kate McCann is insane. Imagine waking up at night and seeing Gerry's ugly mug....wouldn't it drive anyone insane?!

  6. 3 It seems the UK press and media have all forgotten that it is not the GNR, the PJ, Amaral, internet bloggers or anyone else's fault that Madeleine 'vanished'...it is the McCann's.

    Gerald and Kate McCann caused this - even if you were to believe their defensive fantasies this is a fact.

    By all means discuss the theory of a stranger abduction, but consider also friends and family (Payne for example), consider the idea of a child wandering in the street looking for her parents, consider the idea of a child falling down stairs or off a sofa, consider the basic issue of a child left alone with two other little ones, in an unlocked apartment in a foreign land.

    It makes one wonder, if it weren't for the 'nutters' on the internet, how much money would the McCann's have defrauded so far!

  7. The decision by the Judge is more than lame it's idiotic.
    If a Judge is preparing to ban a book and stop someone from expressing himself, I expect a good damn excuse - along the lines of 'they threaten to kill my all family'. Anything less, it's just stupidity.
    'Reserve' my hairy arse!

  8. #4,
    "Question: Can a Portuguese judge rule that a book is banned from the entire world??"

    No, of course not!It only applies to Portugal, but that does not stop the McSpinnings and Carter-Ruck from selling the worlwide ban tale! They have tried it before on bloggers and will continue to do it, I'm sure.
    If I'm not mistaken, the book rights, however, can no longer be sold to a different publisher, and the same goes for the documentary video, but that's all. Editions of both the book and the documentary, which were made in other countries before the first temporary injunction was granted will be available for sell. Only with a local court would have the power to ban them.

  9. The dogs don't have an agenda, they don't lie. These dogs have never been wrong.

    If they are saying Madeleine is dead, she is dead.

    They also alerted to the McCanns hire car. So we have to ask of the McCanns, where is Madeleine?

    And keep asking.

    They wont like it, but who cares, we don't like having their load of rubbish abduction scenario rammed down our throats either. But we have had to bloody well endure it.

  10. How are the McCanns going to be able to ban similar books based on the Files? Including the Gaspar statements.

    There are bound to be them. The McCanns cannot stop the whole world, much as they would like to.

    Those Portuguese judges who let them have the injunction must be mad. What were they thinking. Totally illogical, besides being illegal.

    There is defininitely something rotton in the State of the Judiciary. No longer can we trust they are making decisions based on law.

  11. As i have stated elsewhere, opinions cannot altogether be stifled. The internet is a big place and the Streisand effect knows no bounds.

  12. Mary @ #2

    Do not despair, do not lose heart Mary. Not every soldier has to fight on the front line and you and I and all those thousands of others sitting at our computers and spreading the word are doing what we can to support Gonçalo Amaral.

    Just think if the millions of supporter that Humpty Bumpty mentions at #1 just make a donation of one pound, one euro or one dollar – what a difference that would make to Snr Amaral and his defence and pursuit of the freedom of speech and thought.

    Força Gonçalo! Força Portugal!

    Mr B

  13. Freedom of Opinion (Abduction) which the McCanns espouse can be defended by them on the backs of the thousands of people who donated to the Fund. I truly believe they are giggling as they rub their grubby hands together.

  14. Post 2. We can post comments to press articles when the UK press allows, or at least Rate the press comments using the rating +/- feature where that is allowed. Post comments to the USA TV media, such as CNN or MSNBC websites pointing out the situation and the police evidence in the public domain. Email editors and journalists with reasoned opinion.

  15. Strange thing about the Hydra... you cut off one head, and TWO GROW BACK!

    Well done, McCanns, enjoy while you can.


  16. Please see the Algarve Resident for Isabel Duarte's take on the decision. Note that Kate sent her a message telling her she is amazing.

  17. At mary Liverpool, i also would like the press to know how much support he has but even if they know it will never get out as according to the press and media everybody is sympathtic to the Mccanns??(well that is what the spin says) i detest the Mccanns well and truly and the more i see his arrogant face smirking, and her cold nasty heart of stone face , the more i detest them. i want to do some thing also as this man has put everything on the line, for corrupt goverments and judge's to ruin.

  18. Can Murat ask for the case to be reopened, we all know the Maccanns won't that's the last thing they want. Nothing much on the UK news about the book ban tonight, but tomorrow they will be plastered all over the TV. Madelaine is better away from them.

  19. From Ruipial: Mrs. Duarte: "The inspectors that didn't follow that thesis weren´t heard as witnesses in this trial"

    Anyone knows anything about this?
    Who are these inspectors and what they think?
    Not that it matters, because there is no reason to ban a book just because there is no unanimity... that's the point - the case should be debated freely and investigated further!!!

  20. The daily express UK has that Robert Murat is taking legal action against Tanner O,brien Payne and oldfiel is this correct

  21. Maybe the Mccanns are right. There may be something intrinsically wrong with Portuguese justice. Very sad.

  22. You lot are wonderful that has made me feel a bit better, you are all in my prayers tonight along with Mr Amaral. Please God we will all see the day when the Maccanns pay for all the wrong they have done.

  23. :)]Anon 2

    Donating a little bit to the fund is the way you can help best. Every little bit helps. Amaral needs money to appeal. Unless you are a lawyer there is not much you can do. Portuguese people can do much more because they are there, they can concentrate, march, make their views heard. This was a decision that sets a precedent and affects the fundamental rights of their people (not to mention the media). This is a very serious issue that should be addressed with by revolution if necessary. Personally, as a Portuguese, I intend to be in Lisbon for the next round and I will be shouting abuse at all that may concern(politely, of course).

  24. Anon 12

    You are so right.

    Come on folks, every little helps. Please send what ever you can to help Goncalo Amaral with his fighting fund. Because if getting Justice boils down to how much money you have, he needs our help NOW!

    An Englishman

  25. A propos du jugement final: l'image et le son ne collent pas. Normal, la copie du film a été revue et corrigée avant la projection finale. Plus qu'à l'incapacité d'un(e) juge à prendre ses responsabilités, je pense qu'il faut y voir la main mise du politique sur un judiciaire trop frileux pour se découvrir même lorsque le torride soleil de la vérité lui cogne sur le crâne.
    L'avocate au regard de chouette égarée des Mccann a fustigé dans son communiqué les "centaines de blogs" ( merci pour le renseignement et la pub) et les "bandits" qui partout sur le NET traquent les pauvres Mccann "qui ont besoin d'aide". A bandit, bandit ennemi et demi. Vivent les détrousseurs d'oppresseurs versus les pilleurs de troncs d'église qui profitant de l'ombre complice des piliers de l'establishment, profanent le sanctuaire de la Vérité.
    Aujourd'hui les Mccann se parent des habits criards et craquant à toutes les coutures, d'une pseudo indignation vertueuse . Ils ont fait les soldes à la grande braderie de la justice portugaise.
    En attendant que la justice européenne leur taille un costard à leur taille. La veste est déjà prête.Ce sera du sur-mesure.

    Aujourd'hui Madame la juge a dé-libéré et a rendu ( au sens trivial du terme) la justice . Pas beau à voir.

  26. Look at ' theflucase.com ' and watch the World Trade Centre (WTC) youtube video. Site also FULL of info on global warming scam with its false carbon tax, and on the swine flu vaccine, created as billion dollar earner for pharma-ganda and how dangerous the vaccines are.

    For news that is not BBC'd (sorry, watered) down, watch Russia Today (RT) news on UK SKY TV channel 512 and Al Jazeera news, plus more global cover between channels 510 and 516. RT also available on internet as RT.com

    The agreement between UK and Europe to exchange EU personal banking details was signed BEFORE the LISBON TREATY was signed, as were many other agreements.

    The EU parliament, the elected bit, has said NO to this exchange, but the 'unseen' organisation reigning ABOVE the elected parliament can do what it wants, without challenge since it is accountable to NO ELECTORATE.

    This is really what we are up against but there is also the site ' wearechange ' and many many people are challenging the global attempted coups.

    Having said all that, the more that the McCs court cases are continued, the more the McCs are forced into the open, flustered, and eventually their can of beans will be spilled.

    The pursued can run but they cannot hide. Eventually they will tire and make their final slip up. The pursuers can rest whilst another takes their place in the pursuit. The pursuers far, far outnumber the few pursued.

    Eyes are everywhere and leaks and whistleblowers are a reality factor that those who seek to conceal their evil intent, will never be able to control.

    Forca Goncalo and all here, Joanna, Astro, Kazlux, et alia, for seeing the bigger picture and for keeping the unrelenting pressure on.

  27. Good luck to Mr. Amaral - does anyone know what the next step for him is? I will be donating to his fund.

  28. Anon 24 with you all the way. Does anyone know the couple who just won the £56 million Euro lottery? Now they could top up the fund with little sacrifice!

  29. John again,

    The war that the Uk fought in Iraq with the USA and others was an illegal war - fact.

    There is no going around it - it was illegal.

    Now - the 'fact' that President George Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair will not be tried in the hague for war crimes - that hey both will continue to be paid millions of dollars a year - will continue to say that they were right and everyone else is wrong - will NOT make the war legal. It will always remain illegal.

    The problem for the poor man or woman in the street - such as myself - is that we have to endure the smiling bastard that is Tony Blair pontificating at every turn. Even the Chilcott enquiry is an absolute joke - they state clearly that the war is illegal - quiz smooth tony about it - and then wave him on his merry way back to the estate agents office.

    George Bush and Tony Blair caused the deaths of far more people thanSaddam Hussein - fact - and we all know what happened to him (quite rightly as well).

    The Mccann case is the same. It matters not that Amaral is beaten in court and all his money is taken away. It matters not what the uk press say or Clarence Mitchell or Carter Ruck. It matters not what Kate and Gerry say or try to make us believe.

    Madeleine died in the appartment. She no longer suffers.

    It would be nice to have a real ceremony to mark her passing - but sadly she is denied this by her parents.

    She does not suffer - she will not be found - she will not be buried by people that care.

    Life is not 'just'.

  30. Correction, in @26 above, I meant USA and Europe, not UK and Europe.

    The United States government asking EU parliament last week, to agree to releasing of EU citizens' SWIFT transfer banking details, all in the aim of 'tracking terrorists' you understand. Unanimously voted against but as commented on by UK MEP, the silent powers that be, can do what they want.

  31. Bonjour
    j'essaie de verser une somme sur le compte d'amaral mais on me dit que ce compte ne peut pas recevoir d'argent?????!!!

  32. Bonjour 31 il y a un petit problème avec la validation du compte PayPal, nous tentons de résoudre cette question. Je vais poster une mise à jour dès que possible. merci

  33. And why have so many got away with so much John at 29?

    It's called SPIN.

    SPIN is what makes the world go around for these people.

  34. I tried to find the McC's press conference that they gave recently, on the internet. What came up first? This site. Good eh? I have now read the BBC's version of the press conference. Mr McC is complaining about cop in Portugal and the UK. Interesting to see both sets of cops are not looking.

  35. Witnesses, including Mitchell heard "in camera" before the hearing. What a blatant set-up!

  36. I think Goncarlo should sue the McCanns in court for slander, they really have slandered him over the time, even forcing to retire early (not sacked as many pro McCanns would have you believe) All their slanders are documented and filmed. Do it Goncarlo all the evidence is there.......All this has caused you and your family stress and you were only doing your job, which they even took that from you.Johanna where can I send an email to Goncarlo

  37. I read on tweets, Mccann wants a review where all suspicions are wiped off and the files rewritten???....that man gets up my nose, of course he wants that, the perfect little file to stick apon the shelf to collect dust...maybe this is because he does not want anything left in that the twins may read later. Bye bye eddie and keeler, bye bye suspects, hello furry eggman abducter of 8ft tall.
    If it was not so serious I would have to laugh at him, laundering the evidence indeed

  38. I don't think the police of both Portugal and UK are going to be taken in by any so called new leads supplied of the McCanns.

    Look here, look there, but don't look at us say the McCanns.

    Any person given enough resources would be able to come up with something to try and distract from them.

    The police trust the dogs too much.

    Eddie and Keeler have spoken to them telling them Madeleine died in the McCann's holiday apartment.

    They are not going to be distracted following false leads.

    They want information that will lead them to know what happened to Madeleine after she was taken dead from the apartment.

    Everything else would be a waste of time and money.


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