1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Gonçalo Amaral: "The executive power is increasing its influence over the judicial"

by Benedita Oliveira

This Friday evening, Gonçalo Amaral will be in Coimbra, invited by “Campeão das Províncias”. The former Polícia Judiciária inspector will lead the second session of the “Province Evenings” cycle that takes place at the restaurant of the Coimbra camping park, in Portela.

In an interview to our newspaper, Gonçalo Amaral regrets that the “performance of justice is dangerously slipping into media exposure” and that there is an increasing “baleful influence of executive power over judicial power”.

Campeão das Províncias (CP) – Could one say that you are a ‘beirão’ [a native of the Portuguese region of Beiras] who is impelled by determination?

Gonçalo Amaral (GA) – There are no doubts left about that. I was born in Beira Alta (Torredeita – Viseu), I came to Lisbon at a young age, within a migratory movement that populated the capital. Nevertheless, I never lost my origins and my roots, and I never stopped being in touch with the region and with its inhabitants. I am proud to have been born in Beira and to have apprehended its stance in life, a very determined stance that has nothing to do with obsession.

CP – You have always bet on academic education throughout your career. Are you a man of diversified interests?

GA – I am a simple and humble man with strong beliefs. I defend principles and values that should shape our society, like the search for material truth and the performance of justice. My interests, while diversified, are based on respect and solidarity with other people, with a good dose of common sense.

CP – How would you describe the period during which you were a PJ inspector?

GA – It was a period of learning and a great contribution towards the performance and the making of the principles that I mentioned above. We are aware of the fact that we serve the State and society.

CP – Do you have an unfulfilled dream?

GA – I have the dream of actively contributing towards the well-being and the fulfilment of dreams of helpless, abandoned, mistreated and abused children. I believe that I still have a strong contribution to make in that area, which may include creating a foundation to support those children, and possibly teenagers in our country.

CP – Do you feel penalized or the victim of injustice with all the media exposure from the Maddie case?

GA – No! Unfortunately, I am starting to understand that the performance of justice is dangerously slipping into media exposure. Which is not good for justice.

CP – Were you surprised about the McCann couple’s commitment to remove your book about the case, from the market?

GA – The timing of the injunction was surprising. I remind you of the fact that in August of 2008, the couple stated that my book was innocuous, that it brought nothing new and that they weren’t thinking about suing anyone. It is legitimate to ask why they did it one year later, when the book wasn’t selling anymore.

CP – The child’s parents allege that there are several leads that were not followed. Do you think the reopening of the process is possible?

GA – The child’s parents talk about pseudo leads, that are always related to the abduction theory. I remind you that they “demanded” the archiving of the process, in 2008, when they were arguidos, merely to defend their image. They are not interested in the reopening of the process or of the investigation, where all hypotheses remain open, from a voluntary disappearance up to homicide, like the Public Ministry mentions in the archiving dispatch. They are only interested in the defence of their image.

CP – Do you still consider that Portugal is a country with freedom of expression?

GA – Portugal is a country with freedom of expression, insofar as there is no previous censorship or editorial prohibitions that emanate from the State’s executive body, which is to say, our governments, after the [revolution of] 25th of April [1974], did not create any institutions that limit the exercise of freedom of expression. Nonetheless, the judicial system, through injunctions, has been the target of attempts to limit freedom of expression, through the tenebrous instrument that is an injunction. This juridical instrument allows for the limitation of fundamental rights without the possibility of contradiction, which becomes baleful for our democracy.

CP – What is your opinion about the Portuguese judicial system?

GA – The justice system has serious problems of inefficiency and inefficacy. On the other hand, within the model of separation of powers, there is an increase in a baleful influence of the executive power over the judicial power. The independence and the irresponsibility of the judicial magistrates is at stake, because of some media exposed cases, with premature changes in the penal and penal process laws.

CP – Does Portugal have the necessary means for an effective combat against corruption?

GA – I think it does! Over the last few decades, there have been significant advances in the anti-corruption legislation. The problem does not lay in the creation of new criminal types, like that case of illicit enrichment. The question is the investigation method. Criminal investigation of corruption has to be pro-active, one cannot await the criminal action and then “go out to search for kilos and kilometres of papers” to analyse. It will be effective and efficient to start the investigation before the action, and to seek the end of said investigation with a possible detention in flagrant offence.

Gonçalo Amaral will appeal the decision

The former Polícia Judiciária inspector will appeal the sentence that maintains the prohibition to sell the book “Maddie – The Truth of the Lie”. Gonçalo Amaral has classified the decision as “fully out of frame” and considered that the sentence is a reflection of “the state that freedom of expression is in, in Portugal”.

The book defends the thesis of Kate and Gerry McCann’s involvement in the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine, in the Algarve, in May 2007.

The former Polícia Judiciária inspector has devalued the decision, noting that the trial was “one more step” in the fight that he holds in Justice, with the McCann couple.

Admitting that he is suffering “a persecution” by the British couple, who has filed other lawsuits against him, Gonçalo Amaral advanced that he is willing to go up to the European Court of Human Rights.

When he was removed from the investigation, Gonçalo Amaral has placed a full stop on his career at the police, with the purpose of reacquiring the plenitude of his freedom of expression about the case.

The book “Maddie – The Truth of the Lie” was removed from the market approximately one year after it was launched, due to the injunction that was requested by the McCann couple, and granted in a provisory way on the 9th of September, 2009.

Editor Guerra & Paz, TVI and Valentim de Carvalho, that sold the video with a documentary that was broadcast by the tv station, will also appeal the sentence.

in: Campeão das Províncias, 25.02.2010


  1. "I remind you that they “demanded” the archiving of the process, in 2008."

    They demanded???

    Gosh, I learn something new every day.

    How was it possible for them to 'demand' this?

  2. Interesting stuff.

    I still cannot understand the thinking of the judges in allowing the McCanns to abuse the law in the way that they have.

    They have admitted that the book was, to them,of no consequence, yet they claim damages as a result of it! Utterly ludicrous.

  3. Where is amaral's video, the truth of the lie?

  4. Goncalo Amaral is certainly being persecuted by the McCann couple. I can just about understand their motivation, although I believe they are evil incarnate - Our Lord had quite a lot to say about people who betray the trust of a child. However, what I am totally unable to understand is why the Portuguese state and judiciary would turn against one of their own most dedicated servants, and apparently kow-tow to the agenda of this pair of child neglectors/killers who have brought nothing but damage and despair to ordinary Portuguese people who are simply trying to make a living as best they can. Please, can any of our Portuguese friends explain any of this to me? I am English, by the way, but I have absolutely nothing in common with the ghastly pair, and every sympathy with all Portuguese people who have suffered at their hands.

  5. 3 look at the left column titled 'The Censored Book and Video', follow the links underneath.

  6. Have never heard that they demanded the Archiving of the case- on what grounds exactly? and why can't this bit of info hit the headlines in UK. It is a fact after all. Amaral's defence should bring it up at the trial. WOW what news that is.

  7. I still got to get used to hasty funerals in warm countries'.
    It seems Guilhermino Encarnacao is alredy buried.
    When I came to live in Holland, I was horrified that funerals, cremations used to be 3 days after the death.Waiting such a long time.
    My husband's cremation, 5 yeras ago, was 7 days and 10 hours after his death.
    My Brazilian brother's comment:
    "Na Holanda a missa de ano é durante o velório."

  8. Yes, I remember they demanded their arguido/a status should be lifted. This meant ending the investigation against them. As it was the main direction, it had to mean the shelving of the case, pending further evidence.

  9. Looking at this case and the power the Maccanns seem to have over the justice system in Portugal, is there any hope left of justice for Maddie. Will the Murat case be the Key, really can we all see it happening.It would kill me to see Mr Amaral lose out again in May.

  10. They demanded to shelve?
    Ok, your majesties, we obey.
    The PJ was getting too close to the answer.Please, people, don't give up.
    Please continue supporting Madeleine.

    Let us wait for the results of the game

    Murat x Jane Tanner.

  11. after all, is amaral allowed to talk about this case, publicly?

  12. If Jane Tanner turns around and says she was confused, and it was on her later return to the apartment that she saw bundleman, then that will sink Gerry McCann's so called alibi of her having seen him and bundleman at the earlier return time.

    That could be enough to reopen the case and have Mr Smith return to PDL to give evidence or do a reconstruction of the night he saw the man who looked like Gerry carrying the child who looked like Madeleine.

    Jane Tanner has changed her mind so many times, and the McCanns must be worried about this. They do not want that case reopened obviously, or they would have requested it by now.

    If the money for the lawyers is being provided from the Fund then that is going to be expensive being as how there are three of them needing lawyers.

    Besides the McCanns themselves of course.

    But will the McCanns be willing to pay for lawyers for them from the Fund?

    And what about those who contributed to the Fund that was meant to search for Madeleine, how will they feel about all the money being used for legal fees.

  13. :)] Heeello No. 10 (Downing Street?)

    Do you know if there is already a date for the Murat versus Tanner showdown? Just curious...

    By the way, I read the Amaral vs. McCann contest could be in June.

    I am inclined to agree with Dr. Amaral. The executive in Portugal is calling the judicial shots. His case certainly gives that impression...

    Well, Cavaco e Silva did study in England and was close to Lady Thatcher but I don't think the subservience comes from there. It is all about class and ideology. Teun Hadrian van Dijk can explain that better. Doctors, worth remembering, are high up in any ideology. MD stands for minor deity ;)

    "Eh! Who is barking? Who brought these dogs in here?" x(

  14. after all, Murat versus Jane will mean a lot for Maddie and for us all.
    Jane will have to admit she lied, that she made up stories
    and the same will happen to Tapas 3.
    If an English judge gives a veredict in favour of Murat, it will be very bad for the McCanns.
    All their four witnesses lied.
    People who still doubt a little bit about the truth, will believe Portugal for 100%.
    Being sued by Murat is not only a case of a lot of money payed by them but also an evidence that that abductor does not exist.
    This is bad for the McCanns.
    And very bad for Tapas4 wallets'.

    "If you know who is involved and you are keeping this secret, remember it is never too late to do the right thing".

  15. CP – Do you feel penalized or the victim of injustice with all the media exposure from the Maddie case?

    GA – No! Unfortunately, I am starting to understand that the performance of justice is dangerously slipping into media exposure. Which is not good for justice.

    Absolutely Goncalo, absolutely.

    No 1, No I am not surprised the McCann's demanded the archiving of the process, just surprised they were allowed to get away with their " demands ".

    Reading this a thought came to mind, if Goncalo loses his appeal, which seems certain, higher courts will not ALLOW such an injustice.

  16. Something to bear in mind: DENIS GHENGIS MACKIE (Father of Hollie Greig, lover of Sheriff Buchanan) GREG MACKIE (Brother of Hollie. Both Mackies fled to Praia da Luz in Portugal).

  17. @1 i would also like to know how they were allowed to do this,also i bet not a lot of people knew this,but they do now,little by little bits of info are getting out.

  18. 16 do you have any evidence or link to support that? thanks

  19. At the end of the day 2 people are responsible for what happened on May 3rd 2007, whether she was abducted had an accident or whatever else may have happened ultimately the 2 people that should have been there looking after 3 children wasn't there.

    Anything else that has happened after May 3rd is about self preservation, shifting blame, cover up the truth.

    I am British and i am disgusted in the way they have dragged the Portuguese country and it's law enforcement through the gutter with one intention in mind and that is to shift the blame on anyone apart from themselves.

    They have to live with this for the rest of there lives and i wouldn't wish it on a more deserving couple.

    I hope any dna and fluids that were tested have been kept, because technology will only get better and i hope one day a glimmer of proof will come.

    One thing is for sure, abductors, paedophiles,will take your kids and will die in an accident if you think you are cleverer than the rest of us responsible parents and let it happen through neglect.

    Foggy :-)

  20. It beggars belief that the two SUSPECTS ,were allowed to "demand"anything ,what on earth is the law coming to? It makes you think they are far too protected to get at ,I hope I am wrong

  21. Poster number 4 says he cannot understand why the Portugese judiciary have turned against one of their servants. The answer is quite simple and has been expressed by other posters on here. The Portugese Government complied with the British Government in sabotaging the investigation and perverting the course of justice. If the McCanns went down, Brown,Socrates,Mitchell etc go down with them. The McCanns would not be taking legal action against Amaral if they were not ultra-confident of winning.I do not wish to sound ultra-pessimistic, but it would be best if we started a fund not for Mr Amaral's defence but for him to pay the scumbags the money they demand. Visits to the Pope, the America Ambassodor, flown out of Portugal when they were made argudios, accompanied by David Milaband to speak at the European Parliament, cloying documentaries about them on British TV, treated like celebrities in the British Press (They're probably nearer to Brady and Hindley than they are to Posh and Becks)a former government spin-doctor provided for them, etc.etc It is clear that this sick, vile pair are untouchable. It's cruel, it's unjust. Politics has always been a dirty business.

  22. 19 in the case files the FSS- Forensic Science Service states they destroyed the evidences gathered, not sure if anything was saved.

  23. 16 If true, maybe this explains why the mother in law went along but didnt baby sit - i.e. they were the Tapas 10, not the Tapas 9?

    However, looks like this is an unsubstantiated statement - perhaps thrown in to divert the diection of the thread.

  24. 19


    Maybe some got lost in transit. I think there was some from 2007.....

    Just kidding!

  25. To all those pinning their hopes on Murat v. Tanner I recommend reading "Murat, the Man in the Middle" on the McCann Unravels blog.

    Fascinating stuff.

  26. Jane Tanner's 8.30 phone call on the Night M disappeared-both her number and recipients are in PJ files- may be one clue.

  27. :)] To Joana (ref. 18)
    Would this be of any use?

  28. Joana (ref. 22)

    Are we saying that FSS destroyed the actual samples and just keep a record of it? (Anon link at: 24) Also I understand some samples were analysed in Portugal and according to at least one expert (Porto) the results should have been accepted as highly relevant or conclusive(by his standards). I do not have names in memory right now but that much I remember. I hope those samples were preserved. DNA does not have a "sell-by-date" if well preserved (sub-zero temperatures).

  29. :)] To Joana (ref.18)
    Alternative link at:

    What do readers make of this in the context of Madeleine's disappearance? See a parallel with Katherina Gaspar's statement? All-in-the-family paedophilia part of Gerry's local culture? How would a paedophiliac act that went wrong fit into the timeline? From 6.30 onwards say?
    Re-open the case and place the McCann's in preventive arrest pending further investigations? Hmmm.

    x( Eh! Who is barking! Who brought these dogs in here?

  30. I am baginning to believe that the Portuguese government has much to answer for with their subservience and lack of character of the Prime Minister who is willing to sacrifice all and sundry in his thirst for power. I also believe that the executive power put pressure on the judge through the "moço de recados" Pinto Monteiro. His behaviour in the case of the "escutas" of Face Oculta more than is scandalous and he hardly makes an effort to hide it, just like Cândida de Almeida, whose only function in the DIAP is to shelve cases involving Sócrates or to exonerate him. Since she has been the head of the DIAP hardly any of these important cases have gotten anywhere.
    This situation is getting very dangerous with the government trying to control not only the press and media but also the judicial powers.


  31. -25-, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
    "Kate McCann (then Healy) was a bridesmaid in 1975 at Paul and Maureen Beneduce's wedding in Blackburn. Robert Murat is related to the Beneduce's and his family were also at this wedding. Robert Murat has relatives in Blackburn and Darwen."
    (would be happy to be wrong)

  32. I believe David Payne was born in Preston.

  33. Then there was that business about hair samples being found in an apartment in Burgau possibly matching Murat and Tanner. What the hell is going on? What stuff has Murat disclosed in this secret court action?

  34. Who will be the first jounalist to ask this question:

    Did you “demanded” the archiving of the process, in 2008."?

  35. :-o To Anon 31

    It is a small world indeed. The problem with visual witnesses with infra-red vision is that they (unlike a CCTV camera) can be wrong.

    But OK let us give them the benefit of a doubt since they are two witnesses (three to be precise)So, how come the dogs did not detect anything at Murat's house, or on Murat's stuff? Was he there on the night just overseeing something? The man in the middle of some undercover operation?

    How would you as an investigator proceed? Try to connect a possible acquaintance of the McCann's with Murat on that basis and then link it with, say, a Gerry's statement that goes: "I didn't come here to enjoy myself!" or something else? For what effect? What exactly would you be thinking of?

    Why would Murat be suing some of the Tapas? To allay all suspicions? To cash in as well? Both? What?

    As for his friend (boy friend?) is "Thentherewere4" suggesting he was some sort of go-between, part of children sales business, a trace cleaner? What?

    True, anything is possible but I would rather stick with Amaral's Occam's Razor approach: "Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem" ("Entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity").

    There are traces of blood and DNA plus cadaver odour both in the McCann's apartment and the car they rented (albeit later). Nowhere else. Repeat: nowhere else.

    Are we now thinking along the lines of Ruth Rendell's "The Babes in the Wood"?

    :)] Over

  36. Hello poster (23) there were 4 couples on that PDL holiday including the McCanns plus the mother-in-law of one of the party.

    The nine adults are...Kate and Gerry McCann, David and Fiona Payne, Rachel and Matthew Oldfield, Russell O'Brian and Jane Tanner and Diane Webster.

    I thought Diane Webster had gone to PDL to look after her grandchild/grandchildren, but I read that she too, was dining at the Tapas bar, with the rest of the group.

    What kind of people were the "Tapas 9" to leave those small children alone? Madeleine who was almost 4, was the eldest of all the children of that group and she was little more than a toddler, herself.

  37. @33 - ignore the hair samples stuff - that really is a complete red herring.

    It relates to mitochondrial DNA, and to put it in it's simplest terms, all it means is that way way way back in their family history, Murat and Tanner share a common ancestor, and are thus descended from a common maternal line.

    I wish they hadn't included it in the file, because it's completely meaningless in evidentiary terms, but has caused a lot of confusion

  38. I am sure I read that Jane Tanner has been in Portugal three times previously. And, Gerry and Payne have also holidayed there previously going back to the early 90s. Cannot remember about Russell but I do feel he is involved.

    Goncalo knows there is much more to this case than meets the eye and things he knows he cannot directly allude to IMO but still, I believe he intends to be a very painful thorn in the side of Team McCann.

    Why was an expert on sex offenders, Rebelo subsequently put in charge of this investigation, I could hazard a guess. Every possibility in this case has had to be carefully analysed including the McCanns claims of stranger abduction, if the police did not do so they would provide the McCanns with that element of reasonable doubt to defend themselves and enable them to say these things were not investigated. Very plainly they were, so that they could then be quite properly discounted. Mr Smith did not see a stranger to Madeleine carting her off, he saw her own father! Has Gerry complained about any of this evidence or sought to deny it? Of course not!

  39. Bridget 37- I think you're a bit confused on this one. The evidence does not suggest any link at all between Tanner and Murat bloodlines. Mitochondrial DNA points in the 2 separate sample shows one sample is from a maternal bloodline of Murat and the other is from a maternal bloodline of Tanner. Could Tresmegistas, I think it is(?) explain the odds of a) that happening in the same apartment and b) the same apartment that the PJ chose to search? There is an explanation in the files about the biological significance of the results.

  40. Viv - Gerry had been to Portugal for a golfing holiday. I think i remember it was in 1998.

  41. I am poster 16. I have checked it out and I do not believe the connection to Praia Da Luz can be backed-up. Sorry for posting this without validating it first of all, it seems to be a rumour and that is all.

  42. Trismegistus -apologies for my spelling on post 39. I believe Trismegistus was the god of learning. Stats is not my strong point, but from my basic knowledge, I believe the odds on this combination are long ones?

  43. Hi 40, date of 92 and 94 ring a bell with me for Payne and Gerry although, apparently, separately. And ah, yes, golf, what a common denominator that is. They have been at it for years.. Geraghty; does he not live on a posh golfing estate? And Mr Brian Kennedy clearly loves his sport. His boats, his golf his rugby, I can see from that happy Rugby snap he has so much in common with Gerry, their love of sport. Why the lovely Mr Clarence Mitchell was there too lapping up the entertainment.

    It would not be a distortion to say that British paedophiles love the Algarve and Southern Spain, they just feel safe there away from nasty British cops and Probation Officers who know them so well and lots of nice beaches to prowl.

    So, if you were one yourself and were thinking of blaming one what a great place to go!

    I am sure these muppets did at least know of Mr Murat from Exeter, Gerry was very angry when the oh so astute Sandra asked him and do you know Robert Murat. Mind you guilt always makes him angry. I am almost certain Robert is an innocent man, considered to be a perfect Patsy. So Rachel, Fiona, Russell, that makes them all seem they have a great deal to tell some wicked lies about, rather than admit the awful truth. And he does look so much like David Payne, at least that is a fact we can surely all agree upon.

    Those three went back for a PJ organised confrontation with Murat in July 2007. They had no problems returning to help the police on that occasion and thought it was so worthwhile. Robert, apparently, was very distressed by this. That is understandable. Imagine the terror of being stitched up for the abduction of Madeleine? In the released files there is, and I am sure Jo and others will correct me if I am wrong, not a scrap of information about this confrontation. And bless me, those muppets did not think it was such a good idea to pop back and help the police ever again. Maybe they realised that in reality, the police consider them just a little more than "witnesses".

  44. Joana..

    Can i ask what are your thoughts about the taxi driver who believes he picked up Madeleine with 3 men and a blonde woman?

    who has dismissed his account and why?

    I still think he is a key witness and crucial to solving the case.


  45. Anon 39 - apologies, I found a better translation which has helped to clarify this. The two haplotypes of Jane Tanner and Robert Murat are different, but were found in the same premises.

    However, I still maintain this result is meaningless, in that the sample which was a match for Jane Tanner, for example, could also have been a match for 8 other maternal bloodlines, therefore the sample could belong to a very distant relative, either from the same maternal bloodline, or from eight others. Same goes for the sample which matched the Haplotype of Robert Murat, although I cannot find a specific reference to how many other maternal bloodlines this was identical to.

    In terms of the investigation, I still maintain that the results are meaningless
    I'm not sure anyone can give you a 'what are the chances' on this without knowing the frequency in the population of those specific haplotypes, which I don't have access to. What I think was established though was that in terms of the investigation, this was not a finding of significance or of any value

  46. Sometimes there are indeed more questions than answers.

    4 - FOUR - witnesses have given evidence to the Portuguese police concerning the wherabouts of Robert Murat on the night of May the 3rd.These 4 statements identified Robert Murat as having been seen both standing on the street corner opposite the McCanns apartment 5A and one also identified him as having being seen inside the Ocean Club, inside Waterside Gardens itself, on the night of May the 3rd 2007.

    This being the case why should Murat bother with sueing Tanner at all?

  47. So the PJ just happen to search an apartment and just happen to find a hair that just happens to establish that two of the key players in this saga have a common ancestor? Even if that's right it doesn't explain why the PJ just so happened to have searched the Burgau apartment in the first place.

  48. 41 I am glad you checked. The Hollie Greig case is deeply disturbing and it is important that people do as you have done, carefully check their sources.

    Hollie's father and brother were said to have moved to Portugal but I have found NOTHING stating they were anywhere near Praia da Luz. The problem with this "rumor" is that it could be used as another "they must have abducted Maddie" in the same way Team McCann has tried to implicate Raymond Hewlett.

    It is easier to accomplish this type of thing when the person you have picked as your scapegoat is indeed a scumbag - which is true in both of the examples above.

    Great of you to come back and clear it up!

  49. 42 - close enough!

    trismegistos (or -us, = thrice great) is the epithet of hermes, greek deity of wisdom, arts, magic, merchants & travellers. got very important in the renaissance (alchemy) and is also said to be a leader of souls after death.

    fits in well with the mccann saga :D


  50. About "the English Gag" : Is the book going to be translated. Does a translation exist on the web ?

  51. 50 as far as I know, there isn't any English translation of the 'English Gag', and we won't do one in this blog, but we have made with authorization a translation of the preface written by Moita Flores to Gonçalo Amaral's latest book which you can read at: 'Locard's Truth - The Preface to The English Gag' http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2009/12/locards-truth-preface-to-english-gag.html


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