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Gonçalo Amaral's Defense reveals NPIA's Report which involves McCanns in Maddie's disappearence

Gonçalo Amaral's lawyer on the trial over the prohibition of the book 'Maddie - The Truth of the Lie' revealed today the existence of a report which suspects of the McCann couple involvement in their daughters disappearance in 2007, in Algarve.

António Cabrita said, at the final allegations of the lawsuit filed by the McCann family against Gonçalo Amaral, that the 'extremely confidential' National Policy Investigation Agency report, a British private body [sic], 'considers that not only the abduction should be investigated but also the death of the English child'.

Added to the proceedings, the document, made by a detective [criminal profiler Lee Rainbow] who went to Praia da Luz, also states that the officer has 'a strong conviction of the parents involvement into their daughters disappearence' and that both Kate and Gerry McCann 'endeavored to convey a positive image'.

The lawyer recalled that 'other books were also written' on the Maddie Case and stressed that the 'only book attacked' was Gonçalo Amaral's work, temporarily banned on 9 September 2009.

'Abusive misuse of freedom of information'

Fátima Esteves, the lawyer for Guerra & Paz, who edited the book and is also referred to the proceedings, held that "freedom of information is being abusively misused" with the injunction filed by the McCann family.

'The book by Gonçalo Amaral has an opinion based on an investigation. There is persecution in parallel lawsuits against Gonçalo Amaral. When you don't have reason, you shoot in all directions', she affirmed referring to lawsuits filed against the former inspector for breach of the justice secrecy and libel.

'Exploitation of the media'

The lawyer stressed that 'the McCanns publicly denigrated the good name of Gonçalo Amaral', while Michael Coroadinho, lawyer for defendant TVI, accused Kate and Gerry of exploitation of the media.

Henrique Costa, representing Valentim de Carvalho, also targeted in the process due to the commercialization of video after its broadcast at TVI, said that 'it's is not possible the documentary offends any personality rights of the McCanns'.

'There is no proof given in this process, it is only general considerations and value judgments. There are no facts of concrete violation in the book or video', he argued.

'Revenge, audience ratings, vampires and vultures'

Isabel Duarte, the McCann family lawyer, held a contrary opinion emphasizing that 'the book and the documentary broadcast by TVI were divulged for reasons that have to do with revenge, audience ratings, vampires and vultures'.

Isabel Duarte criticized the statement given at the January 12 hearing by PJ inspector Ricardo Paiva, the holder [liaison officer] of the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Process archived for lack of evidences [material]

'Ricardo Paiva lies and moreover he has the responsibility of searching for Maddie', she said at the closing arguments, revealing that she has consulted the process in Portimão, archived in July 2008 for lack of evidences, clearing Kate and Gerry McCann of the involvement into their daughters disappearence.

'The PJ has been archiving all the information given by the Spanish, French and Italian Police. There are several relevant information, pictures, car plate numbers. None had importance to the responsible. Most of the information that I analysed deserved an investigation by the PJ', she said.

Sentence on the 18th February vs Reopening the process

The lawyer said that she will meet with the other McCann family lawyers to eventually ask the reopening of the archived process by the Public Ministry.

The injunction filed by the English couple for considering unsustainable the divulgation of Gonçalo Amaral's thesis in the book and documentary regarding the parental involvement in the girl's disappearence, will have its sentence made on the 18th of February.

in SIC with Lusa


By Martin Fricker

Court told of 'advice by expert'

Portuguese detectives made the McCanns suspects in Madeleine's disappearance after taking advice from British police, it was claimed yesterday.

Cracker-style profiler Lee Rainbow - who worked on the Ipswich Ripper and Shannon Matthews cases - said officers should consider their possible involvement in the case, a court was told.

The National Policing Improvement Agency ( NPIA) expert wrote a report to Algarve police chiefs giving advice.

Details of the confidential report emerged during the final day of a libel trial involving former Portuguese detective Goncalo Amaral, who led the Madeleine investigation.

Amaral is trying to overturn a worldwide injunction [it's just in Portugal] banning the publication of his book Maddie: The Truth of the Lie. In it he claims Kate and Gerry were involved in Madeleine's death and staged her disappearance. His lawyer, Antonio Cabrita, told the court that Rainbow wrote: "It was Madeleine's father who was the last one to see her alive.

"The family is a lead that should be followed.

The contradictions in Gerald McCann's statements might lead us to suspect a homicide."

Cabrita added: "This report has never been published before but is part of the investigation. On June 1st 2007 British police had the theory that Madeleine could be dead and the family could be involved.

"It was British police who said they must consider not only abduction but homicide as well."

The NPIA provided a checklist of what should be done, advising the Portuguese police to include the McCanns in their inquiry and take new forensics at their holiday apartment in Praia da Luz.

Last night an NPIA spokesman said: "In disappearance cases it is common for the NPIA to advise investigating officers to consider the possibility of the involvement of family and close friends. The NPIA gave similar generic advice to the Portuguese police in the Madeleine McCann case."

Kate and Gerry launched criminal proceedings against Portuguese TV station TVI yesterday for repeating Amaral's claims that Madeleine is dead. A ruling in Amaral's libel case is due to be made on February 18.

in Daily Mirror


  1. i hope someone calls the mccanns bluff about them wanting the case re-opened.

    thank you joana and astro and team for all your hard work
    with out you most of us would not have the truth to what went on yesterday as we only have the up there arse british papers who wouldnt know the truth if it slapped them in the face

  2. also read short comment here to understand the request to reopen the case, thank you

  3. Letter from Iberia

    At last some more “evidence” that points toward the McCann’s undoubted guilt is revealed
    At last more of the truth is beginning to emerge

    A little girl is dead and a Portuguese court has been informed that the parents are considered suspects

    Hopefully the court will find in favour of Snr Amaral
    Maybe the criminal process will now be re-opened
    The McCann’s brought to trial and found guilty as they are

    But more importantly a young innocent girl who died in Portugal will at last receive Justice from the Portuguese Justice System

    Then and only then will Madeleine rest in peace

    Thank you Joana for all of your hard work in making the truth available to the English speaking world

  4. This is explosive stuff!!! Even the report on it in the Sun is actually very balanced, not a sardine muncher type insult in the whole piece they printed today. Perhaps the Sun is now not so convinced, they have heard the report from British experts who also suspect the McCanns. The NPIA report did not just say 'Suspect the parents because you always do in these cases' it actually said 'the father was the last person to see her and there were inconsistencies in their statements' Surely the British police can no longer sit on the fence anymore, they have to come out and say what they think. They are looking more & more ridiculous everyday.

  5. I am happily beginning to think " What comes around, goes around."

    A massive thanks to Joana.
    Forca Goncalo!

  6. Joana, thank you so much. I am sure the fact we have got even this far is down to Goncalo Amaral and you. At last there are glimmerings of possible justice for this poor little girl, who was so privileged in material terms but denied everything that really mattered.

  7. Todays headlines here in the UK are pretty explosive - has Pandora's box been well and truly opened at last?

    We can only hope so ... many thanks to Joana, Astro and the Team for their translations and information. Without it we would all have been rendered as blind, deaf and dumb as the Mccanns wished us to be.


  8. Looking good folks,looking good !! Kate and Gerrys faces outside court when they stood like a pair of pratts holding Maddie posters said it loud and clear ,yesterday did not go the way they had planned ,IMO,They looked very worried ,and I love it !!

  9. Thank you Joana and all of you in Portugal who bring us up to date news every day on this case. If we had all relied from the beginning on what our media came up with, we would know nothing at all.

    Goncalo's witnesses did him proud, and from what I saw on Twitter yesterday the hearing went well for him. However, it won't do to become too optimistic at this stage, bearing in mind how the McCanns have a habit of coming up smelling of roses.


  10. Good morning to all, and a big thank you to Joana for all the hard work!
    There's an article in today's Daily Mail too, but as usual it keeps up the distortion of the facts (read: it blatantly lies!) and plays the whole thing down, calling Mr. Gonzolo(sic)Amaral "the disgraced cop", say he was sacked, which we all know very well he was not, and it also ignores Lee Rainbow's "strong conviction of the parents involvement", instead we are told that:

    "A spokesman said last night: 'In disappearance cases it is common for the NPIA to advise officers to consider the possibility of the involvement of family and close friends."

    "'This is good practice for investigating cases. The NPIA gave similar generic advice to Portuguese police."


    "Mr Rainbow, who has worked on major investigations including the Ipswich prostitute murders and the disappearance of Shannon Matthews, did not say there was any evidence the McCanns were involved."

    Of course, Mr.Rainbow (and by extension, all of the british police) never suspected the "distraught" parents, he was only "going by the book", it was only "generic advice"!

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1250084/How-letter-UK-police-turned-spotlight-Kate-Gerry-McCann.html#ixzz0fDQtnn94

  11. The McCanns really shot themselves in the feet, insisting on persecuting Gonçalo Amaral. Serves them right.


  12. The Mail and the Mirror both carrying the story online ,I have left comments on both,see if they get printed !! I have posted both stories to my facebook

  13. Hello Anon #4

    I was surprised too, that Antonella Lazzeri wasn't spewing her usual clueless venom. No comments allowed however.
    Unless he granted more interviews which Antonella attended, I can't recall Gerry asking for the case to be "re-opened", though.
    I believe he said "reviewed", which is not the same, far from it.

  14. Yesterday the Mccanns were in black: did they lost someone?
    When will Clarence come back?

  15. hank you Joana And Astro for all the information you provided.
    I don't think that when McCanns asked to the police to review the case they mint to reopen it?
    What do you think Joana? Review and reopen is not the same thing. reopen belongs to the court not the police. I'm i right?

  16. Isabel Duarte yesterday said PJ lied in court.
    The pretext not to ask the Portugal to reopen the case? Not trust in cops who lie...

  17. Comments are allowed in the Daily Mail



    blip.tv has taken the Robert Green video down after receiving a threatening letter from Callum Anderson of Levy and McCrae, the law firm who refuse to say whether they act for Ms Angiolini the person, or Ms Angiolini, the Lord Advocate. They also refuse to say whether or not they are being paid out of the public purse.

    As a result, sadly, we have to use the version on You Tube, which is split into 10 minute chunks.

    It seems this is not the only case where Ms Angiolini has dragged her feet!

  19. I thought this was an interesting point printed in today's daily mail so early on in the enquiry: the NPIA, and specialises in sex crimes and murders.

    "Mr Rainbow, 37, leads a team of five criminal profilers at the NPIA, and specialises in (sex crimes) and murders."

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1250084/How-letter-UK-police-turned-spotlight-Kate-Gerry-McCann.html?ITO=1708&referrer=yahoo#ixzz0fDuWAt5u

  20. a little bit more evidence that the mccanns could be involved with supposed abduction of madeleine and gerry was the last one to see her alive,thank you António Cabrita for getting that very interesting FACT out to the public.

  21. Get "tooled up" with a good lawyer, Lee Rainbow. The McCanns will be after you!

  22. There is no evidence Madeleine has come to any harm
    Why doesn't this statement cause the authorities alarm?
    This is the mark of a deluded mind, to believe Maddie is with a predator, of the charming kind

    He lets Maddie send nice presents to the other two
    So a kind thoughtful monster, can it be true?
    Madeleine was neglected on many many nights
    A thousand days later they are still peddling this tripe

    Stop trying to make us believe she is safe and well
    If she is alive she's in a living hell
    Just how thick do you think we are
    We are not your stupid mates from the Tapas Bar!

    Setting a spare place on Christmas day
    Did you tell the twins Maddies's gone on Santas sleigh?
    Messing with the twins minds to cover up your greed
    Shows that you are very sick indeed

    You think you can stop thought and what is said
    It only shows you are soft in the head
    Leicestershire Social Services should act before its too late
    Or its possible the twins will suffer the same fate

    Its never too late to do the right thing
    Pick up the phone, give the Police a ring

  23. http://www.mirror.co.uk/search.cfm?what=mccann&Search=Search

    Daily mirror reporting with vanish carpet stain remover next to it... you can't make it up

  24. Oh, how badly did Team McCann underestimate Gonçalo Amaral's intelligence, strength, tenacity, intuition, courage, integrity....the list goes on!

    Thank you dear Dr Amaral, for speaking up for a 3 year old child whose own voice was cruelly taken away from her. Betrayed by those she should have been able to trust most.

    Thank you dear Joana & Astro and all who have contributed so much to shining a light on this sad case. A sad case turned sordid by the McCanns and their corrupt supporters.

  25. Looking at the top photograph of Gerry and Kate I see so clearly the following:
    From him towards her I see pure loathing and absolute contempt.
    And from her I see a pleading for forgiveness.

  26. I too would like to offer a big "Thank you" to Joana and team, for all their hard work over this case.

    As an Englishman, I would also like to assure the Portuguese people, with whom we Brits have an historic and very long-standing alliance, that this whole episode has in no way been a negative reflection on you, your lovely country, or your Police force.

    From the beginning it was clear that the British Labour government has wielded an unhealthy and undemocratic influence over its counterpart in Portugal, for reasons yet to be ascertained, but which has had the effect of protecting a couple who, in normal circumstances, would long ago have been subject to the full force of the law.

    Hopefully, we are now seeing the start of the unravelling of that shameful process.

    Fraternal greetings and good luck to Mr Amaral, to Joana, and to all of our Portuguese friends.

  27. Thank you Joana and all the team for your fight for Justice, for Madeleine. Thank you for all the information we are lucky to get here on this blog. All this means much more then we could imagine!

  28. Aside from everything else, how ridiculous do the gruesome twosome look holding those ridiculous little banners?...How contrived is that?
    How do they dare to even do it knowing the truth?

  29. I'm not sure that Kate knew that Gerry was going to call for a review. Here's an MSNBC clip


  30. To Team Joana - Thank you from the bottom of my heart x

  31. The Daily Mirror has also printed the most unbiased report I have read since this case began. IMO the worm is now starting to turn. Because all this information has been aired in court it means that the press can print it without fear of being sued for libel. I think it's starting to be 'have our own back' time. BRING IT ON.

  32. 8-} Has anyone heard of the Citizen Media Law Project?

    "The Citizen Media Law Project (CMLP) is jointly affiliated with Harvard Law School’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society, a research center founded to explore cyberspace, share in its study, and help pioneer its development, and the Center for Citizen Media at Arizona State University, an initiative to enhance and expand grassroots media" (quote/unquote).

    Following this trend and to expand on something that was aired by some of this blog users recently, why shouldn't we set up "The Citizen Supreme Court of Justice"? We could then put the "Meccanos" on trial and have a very public veredict and decision. Think about it...

  33. I wouldn't have expected this British Press coverage even if Mr Amaral had won the case! Certainly, the British Police involvement (NPIA) pricked the ears of British hacks. What confounds me is that this information has been in the public domain for some time. Why did it take Cabrita's statement to make the Press realise. The floodgates will surely open if Amaral wins. I had a degree of cynicism and doubt about press openness. This is beginning to wane - only just a little.
    Angelo Del Montello

  34. What are the bets that when this couple is charged-- and they will be-- that they get separate lawyers and turn on each other. Gerry will say Kate is unstable and Kate will say Gerry is manipulative and controlling.

  35. Re post by Anon at #4 -

    But of course! The NPIA spokesman's claim that it was only generic advice is just bullsh*te! Lee Rainbow clearly points to the inconsistencies...CONTRADICTIONS...in Gerry's statement as cause to suspect HOMICIDE! Now that is strong, strong stuff that no Bandaid can cover...! What on earth can you possibly say concerning the events surrounding the disappearance of your child to be suspected of HOMICIDE??

    So, with all of that, the McCanns - and Gerry in particular - are protected at the highest levels. I think it's time their protectors start watching their own backs. Secrets will be no more: the walls are talking!

  36. Panorama interviews- Nov 2007 "The Mystery of Madeleine McCann"
    Quite revealing in the light of information we now have. The whoosh-clunk and tiny- tears husband comments by K, her demeanour in interview, the decoy(?)videod car run to Huelva, the assertion that their independent(?) tests on the car revealed nothing incriminating ....
    Carter -Ruck threaten to sue if the word mystery is mentioned in an article now. Are they going to sue Richard Bilton and Panorama next?

  37. Have you seen the reports that the NIAP are saying the advice they gave was generic advice:

    A spokesman said: "In disappearance cases it is common for the NPIA to advise investigating officers to consider the possibility of the involvement of family and close friends.

    "This is good practice for investigating such cases.

    "The NPIA gave similar generic advice to the Portuguese police in the Madeleine McCann case."

    Isn't this a bit of disingenuous back-peddling by the NPIA?

    According to Joana's report, and in my opinion

    'considers that not only the abduction should be investigated but also the death of the English child.
    'a strong conviction of the parents involvement into their daughters disappearance'
    and that both Kate and Gerry McCann 'endeavored to convey a positive image'."

    This is far from 'generic advice'.

    Mr B

  38. 'British police said McCanns should be investigated after Madeleine went missing'

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1250084/How-letter-UK-police-turned-spotlight-Kate-Gerry-McCann.html#ixzz0fEpeAWKY


  39. "It was dramatically produced yesterday by lawyers for a disgraced Portuguese detective whose campaign of vilification the McCanns are trying to stop.
    The couple want Gonzolo Amaral to be legally barred from accusing them of being involved in Madeleine's disappearance.
    The detective was sacked from the investigation after he made an outspoken attack on English police, accusing them of failing to investigate the McCanns. He has since retired from the police force." DAILY MAIL

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1250084/How-letter-UK-police-turned-spotlight-Kate-Gerry-McCann.html#ixzz0fErdwCG5

    A shame, they insist with "disgraced Portuguese detective" and spreading such incorrect lie "The detective was sacked from the investigation". WHEN ARE THE EDITORS OF THIS NEWSPAPERS TO OPEN THEIR EYES AND GIVE SOME CREDIBLITY TO THEIR PAPERS?

  40. Shortly after the beginning of the investigation, continuous relationships with the Leicestershire Constabulary, which, for the effect, sent several of its officers to Portugal, with the PJ equally sending officers to the United Kingdom, were established, and intense cooperation and understanding was registered between these entities, which were united in the common purpose of searching for the missing child, and for the truth.

    The Republic’s Prosecutor

    (José de Magalhães e Menezes)

    The Joint General Prosecutor


    (João Melchior Gomes)

  41. "Mr Rainbow, who has worked on major investigations including the Ipswich prostitute murders and the disappearance of Shannon Matthews, did not say there was any evidence the McCanns were involved.
    But his confidential report appears to have been a turning point in the Portuguese investigation.
    Madeleine's distraught parents were named as official suspects a few weeks later, despite Portuguese police failing to find any evidence against them".

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1250084/How-letter-UK-police-turned-spotlight-Kate-Gerry-McCann.html#ixzz0fExFnwm

    More lies and more manipulation at Daily Article. If the advise was a general advise and there is no evidences against the Mccann's, then WHY THE REPORT IS CONFIDENTIAL? General advice must be left as a menu, free to be consulted, not like a confidential report. SEEM'S THAT THERE IS PRESSURES ALREADY ON TOP OF MR. RAINBOW HEAD.

    Wonderful that daily mail, has the "have your say" open for public comments. And the comments are not nice for the mccann's. I highlight one of the comments which I read there
    "Will the British press publish the outcome of this if Mr Amaral wins or will they be gagged by the Maccanns?"

  42. Joana,
    the 'National Policy Investigation Agency' is a part of the official UK Police, not a private agency. They have a .police.uk website address.

  43. Thank you Joanna and all your team for all your hard work

    Forca Goncalo!!!

  44. After this report McCann should have been questioned by the UK cops yet he never was. What does it take? No wonder the investigation never moved on. Both never fully questioned her refusing to answer and him telling lies, and the British cops did nothing. Start with them and the answer will be revealed instead of all the red herrings that they have created. when are the UK cops going to do something??

  45. In that photo at the top of the page, Gerry looks like a man who knows he's going down. Her look says she recognises and has come to terms with his reaction - she doesn't look shocked, worried, afraid, does she? She knows everything he knows, and he knows that something happened in that court room that rocked him to the core.

    You can run but you can't hide. Listen, your song's playing.......

  46. Oh yes, #34, this is a well known tactic in British murder cases, with both partners blaming the other for a child's killing, and therefore neither being able to be convicted. This loophole may have been closed by now, I know that was being discussed at one time - if so, just in the nick of time, eh? (pun intended)

  47. Seems clear to me from yesterday's pantomime that the lovely K&G are up the creek with a lollipop stick for a paddle. And they know it. I also believe it will turn out to be a good day for Madeleine in time..

    Thanks to xclamation, astro, the team and all the helpful forumers, - you're all stars!

  48. The Scum are no longer insulting Gonçalo Amaral.
    He is not the "disgraced cop" anymore but "the former detective".


  49. thank you joana from a british reader xx

  50. Number 43 has not gotten a c cedille on her computer, that person obviously does not live in Portugal.
    I have the same problem and I've chosen to write "sucesso or success".

  51. Interesting, the Sun report is written by 'Staff Reporter' and not the nasty woman who is pro-McCann and spits vitriol against the portuguese.

    Do you think she is on holiday?

  52. Hi all, back :s_smile I'm still collecting my thoughts on yesterday to give you a report, it was a full 24 hours without sleeping and I'm still trying to catch up with comments on the blog and here, emails, videos, etc - just wanted to say that in my opinion, the allegations and the events that happened yesterday were very positive for Gonçalo Amaral's freedom of speech and for Madeleine.

    I've made a comment beneath this post 'McCann: Case to Reopen' which adds further information to the events of yesterday, made at 5am, so pardon me for being incomplete, I'll cite it here again, don't know if you saw or read it:

    «sorry for the mistakes, just reedited while trying to translate a last article before I go to sleep in what has been a very long but positive day- important in my view.

    The final allegations of all the defense lawyers of each of the requested parts in the claim made by the McCanns were fantastic, demolished completely all the unproved reasons given by the McCanns to ban a book and a documentary. Isabel Duarte's final allegations were nothing short of theatrical, and even offensive, so much that within the audience a gentleman voiced his distress at the adjectives used to describe those who don't believe in the McCann unproven thesis of abduction. At lunch time, we, citizens of the PJGA - Project Justice Gonçalo Amaral gave leaflets with a note mainly focusing on a request to the English Police and on Madeleine's case to be reopened. Amaral stated outside court, upon leaving after his lawyer closing statement, that he would study the possibility of becoming an assistant to the process in order to reopen it, so the investigation to Madeleine's disappearence can continue.

    Regarding the legal figure of assistant to the process, it was a status requested by the McCanns via their previous lawyer Rogério Alves, granted, that they could have used to request the re-opening of the case. Oddly enough, after the hearing was over, the McCanns appeal was coincidentally similar to both released press note and Amaral's statement - which again is an odd request to come from the McCanns since, as was stated in court, they never sent any of the information gathered from their private investigations and [multiple] investigators to the process.

    'At desperate times shoot in all directions' was an expression said by a defense lawyer heard yesterday at court to express the lack of proof to affirm that Amaral thesis impeded the search for a live or dead Madeleine. The same lawyer answering to an article that based the request to ban the book and the documentary, said 'It is the parents who are responsible for the the physical and moral integrity of their children' not 'Gonçalo Amaral, Guerra and Paz, TVI nor Valentim de Carvalho'.» (continues)

  53. Upon a comment on the blog I've also posted a timeline of the events of that day for reference:


    2 witnesses statements

    Lunch time break

    PJGA press note distribution

    Session starts at 2:30 pm

    Order of lawyers allegations

    António Cabrita for Gonçalo Amaral's defense, makes his allegations

    Gonçalo Amaral leaves the court and gives an interview to several media saying that he his studying the possibility to become an assistant to the process in order to reopen a badly archived case.

    Fátima Esteves for Guerra e Paz - the book publisher, makes her final allegations

    Miguel Coroadinho for TVI makes his final allegations

    Henrique Costa for Valentim de Carvalho makes his final allegations

    Isabel Duarte for the McCanns makes her final allegations

    Court session ends

    lawyers approach the judge's bench to schedule the next session for the judge's sentence, and the McCanns are warned of the latest of Amaral's media statement

    Gerry McCann get's out of the court room furious

    McCanns come outside and at the court's entrance make a press statement under pressure and difficult questioning by some journalists and citizens journalists.»

    I'll try to do my best to give you some insight on the final allegations and on the events that followed. I should also add that a lunch time the McCanns and Isabel Duarte went to Oeiras Court [50 km from Lisbon] and met up with a prosecutor there, they filled another criminal complaint against TVI for the successive breach of the injunction - a criminal complaint to which the McCanns were witnesses. I would like to point out that they didn't use the court lunch break to request the re-opening of the process - which speaks for itself.

  54. Hello anon #51

    The mad woman from The Scum, Antonella Lazzeri actually wrote an article this morning.
    No vitriol, but she misquoted Gerry. End of a love affair!
    She wrote that he has asked for the case to be re-opened. In fact he asked (twice in 20 seconds) the media for the case to be reviewed. Not really a formal request, in my opinion.

  55. Thank you for all the information and work you do on this Joana and the others who keep us informed, and for all the translations.

    Without it, we in the UK wouldn't know what was really going on.

    The news is so distorted by McCann spin. They have been brainwashing the public for so long with their abduction theory which they state as fact when it isn't.

    No doubt they thought they had succeeded, but things are starting to change, and now the 'abduction' word is not being used like it used to be.

    No wonder they are running round in small circles trying to sue everybody they can. That Fund of theirs must be replenished somehow and voices of dissent silenced.

  56. I am a member of the British Public. I am Mr Average Ford Focus Family guy - the 2010 equivalent of the "Man on the Clapham Omnibus". I do not believe a word you say Mr McCann.

  57. They both have the look of desperation in that picture. It is not a pretty sight.

  58. THANK YOU Joana, for everything!

    You are a treasure!

  59. Anon 57 - I dunno, I thought she was looking adoringly at him as usual. He looks as if his eyes are like death rays and his mouth sealed tightly shut to contain his venom. She obviously likes it though.

  60. Gerry got out of the court room furious!!! Eh,eh,eh...I bet he was! Mr. Amaral got to the press first and talked of the utmost necessity of the reopening of the process and of his intention to became an assistant in the same.
    Poor Gerry, he hates so much not being on top of things!

  61. 25 su, I see that too ,,,pepper29142

  62. On the picture they hiding behind the photo of Madeleine like behind some shield. But it does not bring off any more.


  63. "FINITA LA COMEDIA?" - would be a good name for the picture above.

  64. poster 60 ,he is not furious ,he is bloody LIVID !!She has the look of impending defeat ,and I love it !!!!!!

  65. Gosh, imagine if this Lee Rainbow is a Gamble's first degree cousin.

  66. Joana, I don't think that Oeiras is 50km away from Lisbon, it is much less, about half maybe, or not even that? If it was 50km away those poor McCanns and their lawyer and PR person would have had to skip lunch...or maybe they had some sardine sarnies in the car boot to munch on the way, lol!

  67. They regret, don't they?

    They are used to win, to be a success, Gerry as the youngst born in his family, the handsome, intelligent little brother,
    Kate as only child of a loving couple, pretty girl..
    It is not easy to lose, is it?

  68. you're right 66, it's about half http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=R.+Marqu%C3%AAs+de+Fronteira&daddr=38.70832,-9.3386073+to:Av.+D.+Jo%C3%A3o+I+Oeiras,+OEIRAS,+LISBOA+2780-065&geocode=FXX_TgId8ER0_w%3BFWCkTgIdEYFx_yk7h78OOs8eDTFxrBi0vesAEw%3BFfFITgIdi8dx_ynhLm8fJ8keDTEYT4k2Cse9FQ&hl=en&mra=dme&mrcr=0&mrsp=0&sz=14&sll=38.727505,-9.151182&sspn=0.026583,0.054674&ie=UTF8&ll=38.707025,-9.24815&spn=0.106361,0.218697&z=12&via=1 - 50km going and returning. thank you for the correction.

  69. Em lugar de Oeiras, não seria Olheiras, de puro cansaço de não dormir, com medo de algum Olhão do Algarve?

  70. 68, Joana, why are you cursing?

  71. sabes ou supeitas que sou?

  72. 72, all those mysterious letters on 68.
    Makes me think of an angry Donald Duck.

  73. 72 só se tivesse poderes psíquicos tipo o Marcos Aragão Correia, não é o caso.

  74. 74 you have a very creative imagination, it's just a link to google maps, from the court house of Palace of Justice in Lisbon and the Oeiras court house.

  75. 76, ah, thank you!
    I've never seen this before.

  76. That suggestion to 'reopen' the case must be playing on Gerry McCann's mind, though he has tried to correct it to mean 'review' the case.

    The worry is the judge in the case may get ideas and actually request it be reopened thinking this is what they want.

    I do hope so.

  77. they must regret the fucking day they sued amaral.
    if they would have allowed the existence of the book, they could have said that it was rubbish, trash, garbage and they could have continued living their horrible life in peace, if there is any peace in their home.
    book or no book, people know or suspect much more than they hoped, already from the first months.
    it is too late to protect their children and themselves. amaral's book will not make any difference for the siblings, when they are old enough to consult internet.

    the best thing they could have done would have been to be responsible parents, respecting their children.

    when the siblings will get old enough to understand, there will be a dozen of books about this case and thousands of articles everywhere.
    it became a tsunami from day one, caused by the couple themselves.
    the mccanns invited the world to get involved with them and there they see the results.
    it became a untreatable metastase.

    they got to realise that they are the ones responsible for what happened before and for what is happening now, not amaral or the PJ.

  78. I would also like to thank you Joana, as well as your team, for giving us all the information re the court case and for providing this forum, for us all to express our views.

    Mr Amaral is a brave and good man, for not only fighting for freedom of speech for Portugal, but for fighting to give Madeleine the justice she deserves.

    Hopefully her parents will will receive another kind of justice, in the form of punishment. Meted out by the legal system, for their part in Madeleine's disappearance and lying to save their own skins.

  79. Perhaps 45 what rocked him to the core was being described as the last person to see Madeleine alive- I wonder if he had thought that would make him the most likely candidate? Perhaps he has been focused on the reaction to her reaction on finding Madeleine 'abducted' perhaps hearing he's suspect numero uno (and by a respected UK force) brought some reality to proceedings? Mr Amaral never fails to impress me,as do his collegues. Camp McCann was I reckon a very fosty place to be after that revelation. If youre reading Gerry yep its you not Payne not your wife thats being 'looked' at.

  80. How can Carter-Ruck continue this farce of trying to shut down one book and an obscure TV documentary when the very fact of their having tried to do so has opened up the existence of both, and the contents of both to the entire world.
    Even the previously gagged British Media have been gleefully reporting the "allegations" against the McCanns, apparently with impunity.
    If one looks at the comments on the story on the various newspaper web sites one sees almost overwhelming disbleief in their official story, and disgust at what they have ben trying to do.,
    Who advised the McCanns that it was a good idea to do this ?

  81. @25 Quote ''Looking at the top photograph of Gerry and Kate I see so clearly the following:
    From him towards her I see pure loathing and absolute contempt.
    And from her I see a pleading for forgiveness.''

    I think you are 100% correct.

  82. I bet the flight home was fun!

  83. #67, when your only brother is Uncle John McCann, it is not too difficult to be the handsome younger brother!

  84. Where is our dear friend Clarrie at the moment? The words "rat" and "sinking ship" seem to come unbidden inot my mind!!

  85. I doubt if more than a handful of people in Britain would have been aware of Amaral's documentary before this fiasco. Equally with his book, no English publisher would have touched it for fear of public opinion and being sued by Clarrie, so the Anglophone version would have been published in US or Australia, and only available to those in the know from Amazon. Thanks to all this the whole country knows about it. Well done Team McCann.

  86. What do you think of the fact that the dogs found cadaver on Kates clothes,but not Gerrys ,even though the Smiths saw him carrying Maddie through the streets? IMO he must have burnt all the clothing he wore ,but why didnt Kate have the common sense to do it too ?

  87. I don't see any adoration in Kate's eyes. I think they despise eachother. But they are stuck with eachother for good. Or until one of them spills. Serves them right.

  88. Photographs
    What did Justine McGuiness mean in her statement? " I also remember Gerry's frustration upon seeing the presentation of some photos of Madeleine one night"
    Presentation by whom? Why frustration, rather than grief or sorrow?

  89. ANnon 34 / 35

    Agree they will turn on each other...and was it not already reported a while back that they have separate Lawyers already?

    Yesterdays report in the Daily Mirror :



    By Martin Fricker (The Mirror)


    " His lawyer, Antonio Cabrita, told the court Rainbow wrote: "It was Madeleine's father who was the last one to see her alive.

    "The family is a lead that should be followed. The contradictions in Gerald McCann's statements might lead us to suspect a homicide."

    We have always read about Kate and IMHO the public has been delberately lead to believe that it must have been KAte because of the way she has been depicted in the press as unstable, failing to cope with Madeleine etc, but never anything about GM.

    If anyone was going to get caught it seemed Team M. was setting up KM to be "Seen as the most likely one to snap" & her health issues meant that she would be dealt with in a more lenient way.

    GM was always portrayed as professional...in control etc.

    Here we have a direct description of what it was that made the police suspicious of Homicide....GM not Kate......Interesting.....very interesting !!!

  90. Annon 45

    "In that photo at the top of the page, Gerry looks like a man who knows he's going down. Her look says she recognises and has come to terms with his reaction - she doesn't look shocked, worried, afraid, does she? She knows everything he knows, and he knows that something happened in that court room that rocked him to the core."

    Yes they both know the same things....and react very differently....!!!

    It is difficult to imagine that GM would have done such a massive cover - up to protect KM......remember he got rid of his clothes...and conveniently forgot to tell KM to do the same!...

    GM is reacting badly to events......!

  91. Ha ha, did you know that Clarence's middle name is Eden? As in Garden of? He has certainly yet to eat of the apple from the Tree of Knowledge.

  92. To stop all speculation this case needs to be reopened and not just reviewed.

  93. for me Gerry in that photo is raging inside and Kate looks relieved and at peace, maybe she needs to tell. What was it that Payne wanted to say on missing maeliene that had to be off record, had to be important, but he was afraid. Why did they have all those enlarged photos with them in preparation. I think Gerry deep down is a misogenist, and he should not be working at the hospital until this case is cleared, let alone using it as a business address. Its a scandalo. a scandalo
    WELL DONE Snr Goncalo, from a brit and supporter in Spain

  94. I bet this posters exhibition was their pompous Portuguese PR's idea. Not a very convincing piece of theatre. Given the circumstances I think the whole scenario was pathetic and Gerry's initial words looked well rehearsed.

  95. The NPIA report was part of material specifically witheld by the Justice Ministry as part of an agreement with the UK authorites, for reasons which are made clear in the files.
    For Cabriat to have a copy is actually quite a serious matter. You may find it something to crow about, but if you want co-operation from the UK in releasing more information then this was a major foul up.

  96. # 25
    Your words echo my thoughts. I see him looking at her and saying in his head, "You got us into this now you get us out!". His pursed lips of furious anger. I see Gerry is getting tired of this.

  97. Gosh #34 - I think this is a very perceptive conclusion to come to. I was absolutely sure that Gerry was controlling and I have even felt sorry for Kate because she is married to such a man, who has her in a strangle hold. Kate is an idiot for not being honest in the first place. People in this class are brought up to not be liars. They normally have honesty and integrity as some of their good qualities. That's why the general public are so baffled about the possibility that they could be involved in hiding a body. However, when it comes to survival, a strong person, which Gerry is, will do anything to survive. He is fighting for the survival of all he has studied and worked for and of all he is proud of, and all that makes his life worth living. He sacrifices honesty and integrity in order to survive. What I cannot understand is why no one in the know has leaked anything. Could Gerry have pulled things off without anyone in Tapas 7 knowing?

  98. 97 -Are you suggesting that the Ministry of Justice is continuing to withhold information pertinent to this case? Withheld for what reasons? If this is some hint that action is forthcoming, the UK authorities need to get on with it; before the reputation of various organuisations is irrepairably damaged.


    Gerry saying.... " now listen Kate, just do as I tell you, you've rehearsed it enough times for goodness sake! If you get it wrong again I'll give you another beating when we get home. "

    Kate saying.... " I'm really sorry Gerry. I promise I'll try harder. "

  100. What is wrong with the justice system?? What are they afreaid of?? Don't give up Dr Amaral!!

  101. Oh wow only just noticed this you are posting so much stuff and it is red hot!! Thank you very much Jo and the gang for this startling revelation that as early as June 1 the British were advising via a profiler Mr Rainbow Gerry was very suspect and should be looked at, my sentiments entirely! That is a very sinister and threatening look he is giving Kate IMO in the pic above, I do dread to think what secrets that woman is keeping and cast my mind back once again to her sleeping the room witht he children and immediately after Maddie, ahem, "disappeared" being covered in bruises.

    There is so much more that is coming out of their persecution of Goncalo Amaral that we did not know before and this is just simply dynamite, I love it. To say it just serves the money grabbing barstewards right would be something of an understatement.

    If I recall they were getting just a little uptight about Goncalo revealing even more than was revealed in the process. Picture this, Gerry lying in bed with his Goncalo doll a machete and a toy gun, lol! I bet the poor doll is in tatters by now=)) Dear Dear Gez, do you break out into a cold sweat at the thought of what he may drop out next:D

    Oh, and by the way, does their lawyer need a mental health check? V:))ampires and vultures, she sounds quite mad to me, but there again, trying to defend the gruesome twosome must be so incredibly stressful for her


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