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Isabel Duarte: McCann's lawyer Press Conference

«The McCanns' Lawyer, Isabel Duarte, shoots in all directions but mainly towards at Inspector Ricardo Paiva - who seems to have been singled out as a new target, as Amaral has proven to be way out of their league. According to witnesses, this is a milder preview of what was described as Duarte's 'antics' in Court, during her Final Allegations.» in Justice For Madeleine


Video title: McCanns/Amaral Final Hearing
                   February 10th

Cut to: Sky News footage of the press conference, subtitled «This is what the Media showed you» with Gerry McCann saying: "There is one real reason why we've come here and taken this action".

Cut to title: «It was more like this»

Cut to: Portuguese Journalist footage, unedited and in full here : «Exclusive Video: McCanns Press Conference»

Portuguese Journalist: If you volunteer to do a reconstruction wouldn't that open the case?

Gerry McCann: We want to create information that will lead us to us helping find Madeleine.

Portuguese Journalist: That will help Madeleine. Don't you think so?

Gerry McCann: Well if it does then, you know, we will participate.

Portuguese Journalist: You are in Lisbon. You could take that step today. Ask for the case to be reopened and do a reconstruction with your friends

Cut to title: «Don't Stand by, ASK WHY»

IV [video part] 

Sandra Felgueiras: Can we ask you, what is the intention of this action made to TVI, at the Oeiras Court, is it an action filed by you or by the McCanns?

Isabel Duarte: The Oeiras Court is the competent one to judge actions against TVI, and TVI has a temporary injunction, where they are forbidden to divulge the thesis of death and of cadaver concealment. And since the injunction was published [sic], TVI violated several times that Court order - They can't do it, they've comitted various crimes.

video cut/inset of Palácio da Justiça building

Isabel Duarte: Most of the notifications [reports] that I analysed on Friday, I had access to the process, most of the notifications should have deserved an investigation by the Portuguese Police, and they didn't.

Unknown Portuguese Female Reporter: And why do you think that happened?

Isabel Duarte: I have no idea.

Sandra Felgueiras: Did you intend to say that the PJ is systematically disregarding leads that could re-open the case?

Isabel Duarte: I didn't intend to say, I said it. I said that the Judiciary Police has archived all the notifications sent by the Leicester police, by French police, Spanish police...erm...notifications that are in the process.

Multiple questions: [unintelligible]

Isabel Duarte: I don't have to interpret the decisions of someone who came in here as a witness, saying that he believes that Madeleine is dead and that is at this moment investigating the whereabouts of Madeleine. I don't think that I need to...

Unknown Male Portuguese Journalist: Should he be removed?

Isabel Duarte: ... I don't think that I need to do any interpretation about this.

Sandra Felgueiras: Are you asking for Inspector Ricardo Paiva's removal?

Isabel Duarte: I'm not asking anything. I...

Unknown Male Portuguese Journalist: Do you believe the Judiciary Police could have done a lot more, than what they did?

Isabel Duarte: What I'm saying is, the notifications that I analysed, most of them, deserved to be investigated by the Police. If I was...erm... If I had any responsibility on that process, namely and probably I have it in representing Madeleine, I'm not sure...

video cut

Sandra Felgueiras: You believe this is something that reflects the feelings of the public opinion and of the Police itself?

Isabel Duarte: I...

Sandra Felgueiras: That is, a rejection of the McCanns's version about the disappearence?

Isabel Duarte: I analysed the process because there were two contradictory versions made by two witnesses in this injunction proceedings. First, the prosecutor [Magalhães e Menezes] who said that there was no relevant information that deserved an investigation. And the second one, by Mr. Ricardo Paiva, who said that there were a series of information, that he was investigating. Therefore, I had to go see, what information was down there [Portimão] and that he was investigating, because I had to inform my clients when they came here today.

Sandra Felgueiras: But in this particular case...

Isabel Duarte: And I knew there were information from the Leicester Police, several, sent down there to the process. So...

Unknown Male Portuguese Journalist 1: What is the practical consequence of that now? Now that you are aware of that reality, what is the practical consequence of that?

Isabel Duarte: Now, I will have a meeting with the lawyers that are constituted [appointed] in that process. I investigated the process because I constituted myself as an assistant in Madeleine McCann's name. And now I'll have to reunite with the lawyers that are in that process who are my client's representatives in that process, and we will have to decide what is actually going on, and I don't need to imply anything, because a witness that came in here to say that he believes that Madeleine is dead, it is him who has the responsibility to investigate where she is...

Multiple questions: [unintelligible]

Sandra Felgueiras: Do you believe that with that the process can be re-opened, that is, with those clues that the Inspector Ricardo Paiva, isn't, allegedly, investigating. Could those leads be new data needed to re-open the case?

Isabel Duarte: What I said was that, these clues deserved an investigation from Police in other countries, therefore I reckon they should be investigated by the Portuguese Police.

Multiple questions: [unintelligible]

Foreign Citizen's Woman Voice [in Portuguese]: A reconstitution, wouldn't that be good?

Isabel Duarte: Madam, I am not... I can't be part of the reconstruction, I wasn't there.

Sandra Felgueiras: Therefore to you...

Isabel Duarte: Yes.

Sandra Felgueiras: ...the evidence you saw are sufficient to re-open the process?

Isabel Duarte: erm...What I've seen was various relevant information, photos, possible locations, license plates...

Sandra Felgueiras: That your clients didn't yet identify?

Isabel Duarte: My clients are knowing it now. My clients knew about this now. I have the documentation with me to deliver to them.

Sandra Felgueiras: And the photos that you've seen, did they seem to be of Madeleine?

Isabel Duarte: There are photos who are similar to the girl, erm, even shocking, and there are others...

Sandra Felgueiras: Shocking, why?

Isabel Duarte: It doesn't matter.

Unknown Male Portuguese Journalist 2: You said that Inspector Ricardo Paiva lied, are you planning to act criminally against him, as you did with...?

Sandra Felgueiras: [in simultaneous with the above reporter] The situation is shocking?

Isabel Duarte: [in simultaneous with the above reporter] The situation where the girl is in, yes.

Isabel Duarte: No, in relation to Inspector Ricardo Paiva, the importance that I give to him is the importance of knowing if he should be heading or not the investigation to this process, because...

Unknown Male Portuguese Journalist 3: So, you are definitely placing him in question?

Isabel Duarte: I am not... What I said should not be interpreted beyond my words.

Unknown Male Portuguese Journalist 1: Doctor [doctor is applied to anyone who has an University degree], so let's try to speak in a clear way. Before what you said...

Isabel Duarte: My words are clear, for you and for other persons.

Cut to: McCanns getting inside the car.



  1. red hat no drawers and another one who is making easy money out of madeleine,seems to me she is on the same level as turdo 3 and good old dave edgar and the rest of the motley team mccann crew.

  2. "Shocking, it doesn't matter."
    Pardon? What does Duarte mean by that?

  3. What can she say ,she is the McCanns lawyer. I would myself have preferred someone calm and with an ease of words as opposed to a shrill menopausal woman..Screaming Vampires and Vultures in a Court room? Is this the way a lawyer conducts herself and wishes to be taken seriously? Having said that ,this whole case is bizarre and borders on insanity ,in that respect Isabel Duarte is perfect for the Mccanns.


    An interesting link for those who think Hewlett is in the frame.

  4. Watch it Gerry! Isabel is taking over your control, constituting herself as assistente. She's got the bit between her teeth and could be the unwitting downfall of the deadly duo.

  5. John again,

    Guilty, m'lord!

    two days to go - which way will the judge jump?

    I cannot believe that the judge will continue the ban on the book - I think she may be linched!

    I am most looking forward to the reaction in the uk - the press will have a field day.

    The mccanns can count themselves lucky that I did not win the euro lottery this weekend - because if I had - I would be taking them on and carter ruck! 56 million would keep them tied in knots for a while - plus I would dig up the grave yard in Pria de Luz - she is probably in there somewhere.

    (I have bought tickets for this weekend as well!)

  6. Is she implying Paiva is leading current investigation?

  7. Now come the time for the witches. We had already the BEAUTY and few MONSTERS, but no real fairy tales without a witch. And the witch must show up at the stage. If we look attentive inside all the fairy tales, the odd characters always find a witch to save their skins.

  8. Isabel Duarte has the face of a haunted woman.

  9. My my she certainly seems as rattled to get the mcscams of as they are. Wait and see her getting the big heave ho lol

  10. John; my thoughts exactly about a Euro Lottery win.

  11. I'd have a look in Sagres/Burgau area.

  12. After acting on behalf of the McCanns, will Isabel Duarte ever be able to get Portugese clients?

  13. Careful Ironside, a lot of menopausal women on this site are probably working hard to have the McCanns brought to justice! Grandmas like myself too.

  14. Anon 4 just what I was thinking, this woman could be the undoing of the Mcs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lose canon comes to mind!!

  15. I think she will need "rest and recuperation" after the trauma of being caught in the spin cycle of the McCanns.

  16. "Shocking...it doesn't matter" says it all, Isabel Duarte. Well if it "doesn't matter" why even bother to bring it up as compelling evidence that the Portuguese Police are overlooking any evidence that might point to Madeleine's existence? Not convinced, were you? In fact, nor am I!

  17. What I can make out from this is that the McCanns are anticipating the re-opening of the case and are trying to do to Paiva what they successfully did to Amaral i.e get him removed from the case. Is anyone else thinking like me?

  18. Esta fulana esta a assumir publicamente:

    -Tentativa de manipulacao da actual investigacao ao acusar em tribunal o Inspector responsavel pela investigacao de mentir e nao investigar avistamentos de Madeleine.

    -Tentativa de manipulacao do tribunal porque em cada audiencia promove mais um processo baseada nas desculpas mais bizarras, violacao de segredo de justica, desobediencia a providencia cautelar, etc. etc.

    - Manipulacao dos Media com um assumir continuo de conferencias de imprensa a porta do tribunal. Explora na rua, situacoes vividas dentro da audiencia, sem que as partes visadas possam defender-se ou contrapor. Uma coisa e responder a perguntas dos jornalistas, outra e por-se a geito e chamar jornalistas para espalhar a sua ensagem numa verdadeira cruzada de manipulacao.

    BASTA OLHARMOS PARA O COMPORTAMENTO DOS DOIS LADOS ( TEAM MCCANN E TEAM AMARAL) PARA PERCEBERMOS ONDE MORA A RAZAO E A VERDADE. O advogado de Amaral, calmo e sereno mostra saber o que defende. Isabel Duarte, perdida. alucinada, a vociferar, mostra nao confiar nada no que defende, nem saber exactamente o que defende. ESQUECEU COMPLETAMENTE MADDIE E CENTROU TODA A DEFESA NOS PAIS. UMA VERGONHA, num pais onde os jornais noticiam hoje a formacao de um colectivo de juizes para julgar o roubo de um pacote de amendoas cujo valor sao 2 EUROS. A VIDA DE MADELEINE, nem 2 Euros vale, e o que concluimos, pois quem a negligenciou conseguiu enganar e escapar a justica, enriquecer e ascender ao estatuto de celebridade.

  19. Her eyes have seen pics? jeeze what crap will they come up with now... My goodness she certainly looks like the vulture she described all the people who disagree with them. I say she will jump ship as her career will be on the line after the 18th. Maybe they already have their safety helmets ready for the outcome, as the Mcabre mcanns will lose all the respect they have for each other and fingers will start to be pointing.,

  20. Sorry but is this a miss print or wrongly understood Gerry is quoted saying * We want to create information that leads us to us helping to find Madeleine.*
    I am not English speaking but to me this makes either absolutely no sense or perfect sense. No one can create information on a case the information must come from outside so??? what does this mean. Create information that leads us to us.... ? Create / fabricate information??? not good that leads us to us??? oops

  21. Yes ShuBob 17, yes defo, bully tactics as usual.

    s going tobe befor Duarte is given the old evo

  22. tweet G AMARAL is a witness for Robert Murat against Jane Tanner bloody fantastic

  23. So Duarte has had herself constituted as assistente. Is this why GA suggests doing the same?

  24. Having seen the reactions and the faces of the McCanns and their lawyer Duarte, after the hearing, they certainly look far from happy. I think they are very worried and for good reason. The McCanns left their children for six nights, not just the one night, and they know they are very unpopular for that act alone. Whatever else happened, we can only have an opinion at the moment and my opinion is the same as the majority of the antis - Madeleine was not abducted.

  25. @21 how do you know this???? if true bloody brilliant

  26. Shubob

    Yes, they are very worried about Paiva!

  27. ShuBob, I agree completely - Paiva is the next one in their gun sights. Can't have anyone with the wrong ideas investigating, can they? But it's going to look a tad suspicious if they keep trying to smear one PJ officer after another, isn't it?

    John & others, yes, a lottery win would go a long way towards evening things up a bit in this case. Let's all live in hope. ;)

  28. @24

    Totally agree with you.

  29. @20

    Gerry did actually say " we want to create information" incredible isn't it! You just can't make it up.

  30. @27 im on twitter and got it confirmed by fduartecarvalho who i think is a friend of G Amaral, and has been tweeting all the latest from G Amaral since the last court date and will be tweeting al the latest from the court on the 18th

  31. Mr Amaral is a wonderful man, he should get a Brit award a Bafta award the Oscar, the OBE the MBE even a knighthood. Gerry Maccann deserves an award as well, I will make him the president of Err Err The League of the shithouse rats hate the man.

  32. @30.the mccanns have created information since 2007 so nothing new there

  33. @30 I am speechless. I thought it must be miss quoted! Why would he have so much trouble in speaking a language he grew up with, with so much difficulty, so much so that someone like me that only started speaking English 2 years ago find absurd? Was it a grammar mistake, is it because of nerves or has tongue decided to opt out of the charade and decided to do its own thing? I dont even wanna ask this but was it a slip and should one take it for for he said... that they want to create information and leads them to themselves. I thought this case is strange but this is toatally weird

  34. hmmmmm

    If there were photos of Madeleine. If you were the family's solicitor would you want to tell the world, or quietly get the case re-investigated and re-opened instead of telling everyone about leads that 'might' not have been followed up?

    I think when she says the shocking, she might simply mean that the pictures are shockingly like Madeleine?? Just thinking out loud. If she means that the pictures look like Madeleine in a really bad situation, how ridiculous to think that the police wouldn't follow it up.

    It's getting more and more LA Law every day.

  35. Gerry, "create information", means a confession?

  36. Deary me, Duarte seems to be barking mad.
    Nice of her, not to want to prosecute Paiva (I doubt if she could anyway) but just to have him removed from his job.

    She's treading a very dangerous line between trying to nail Amaral and painting the police as incompetent and actually suceeding in getting the case reopened (she carefully didn't explicitly ask for this to happen).
    Does the judge in this hearing have the capacity to ask the prosecutor to re-open the case?
    It would be a deliciously ironic twist in the case if this book banning order actually resulted in the McCanns reinstated as arguidos! (as indeed they should be until a reconstruction is achieved)

  37. @ Post 13...I apologize it was not my intention to be disrespectful.

  38. Great news if Amaral is indeed a witness for Murat against the serial liar Jane Tanner.
    Is there anymore info on this case and how it's progressing?
    I'd even be glad to know what the hell it's about! lol

  39. ShuBob said... 17 What I can make out from this is that the McCanns are anticipating the re-opening of the case and are trying to do to Paiva what they successfully did to Amaral i.e get him removed from the case. Is anyone else thinking like me?

    Absolutely, we who have followed this case from the start, are aware who Mr Paiva is, he was never a main player in Team McCann's mind, he is now, Kate McCann's dream, Gerry's rage, so this man must be destroyed.

    I cannot believe these people have got away with so much, Gerry McCann, the street fighting man, who belongs in the gutter, and fights from the gutter, please somebody stop these people destroying more life's.

    As for Mz Duarte, what can you say, it makes me wonder if anybody connected to Team McCann are hypnotized to act like morons on their behalf, there is no other explanation as to why she behaved in such a manner.

  40. The Mccanns' legal eagle looks more like the vulture to me, scavenging for pickings amongst the bones of their weak court case. Could it be that McCann is displeased with her and she's desperate to gain favour with the Master (and earn fees) by twisting (sorry seeking) information for him to be creative with? Of course this theatrical distraction by the Mcs is damage limitation, the case has gone against them, but if the decision does too will they need another scapegoat?

  41. How did she manage to become an assistente in this case. The McCanns requested this and didn't get it. How would their lawyer be able to do this.

    I can't understand that one.

  42. Isabel Duarte reminds me of one of the witches in Macbeth.

  43. anon@13

    Ms Duarte doesn't even look menopausal. She looks as if that ship sailed long ago...;)


  44. First they created that abduction, now they wanted to create info about it...create...create...all about their self creation.
    Is any real about their words? No wonder the PJ knew their fingers were in the cookies jar and now this menopausal ID is thrown into the mix of this insanity. Will this drama show never end?

    Taking on Paiva seems pretty desperado. They should beware of the tigers devouring them that they've entered the tiger's den. Honestly I cant see how they can expect to take on every inspector on the case and not suffer repercussion.

  45. The McCanns were assistants to the process, check pages 2703/2704, date 25 September 2007, where Carlos Pinto de Abreu [former McCanns defense lawyer], answers that the McCanns wish to remain assistants to the process. As assistants, according to the Portuguese Penal code, article 69, nº2, the McCanns, at any time, could have requested to do for example a reconstruction, a police one, not a fictional made for the media, and in that manner re-open the process. Besides, there were various other legal manners to re-open the case, Kate McCann's 48 unanswered questions comes to mind.

    To the blogger commentators, please, there's no need to offend Mrs. Duarte, she is after all playing her role, the role of a defense lawyer, more than the supposed accusation lawyer role. Let's leave the usual offenses to those who are 'Clutching at Straws'.

  46. With all due respect to this no doubt illustrious lawyer, and being an old lady mesel', so with no disrespect to old ladies...

    Whenever I see Isobel Duarte in action I am put in mind of a garden gnome gone horribly wrong.

    Perhaps she is a nutter too far for Team McCann. (living in hope.)


  47. Apologies accepted Ironside. Keep on blogging; it's good to hear your views.

  48. I think it’s time, after all the sound and the fury, to put some objective probabilities into the frame.

    Take Gerry’s “incredibly unreliable” sniffer dogs. Both Eddie and Keela signalled in the McCann’s apartment and not in the other nine locations.

    And both signalled in the McCann’s car and not in the other nine cars.

    Now for one dog to signal like this randomly would be a 1 in a million chance. For both dogs to separately signal this same result is a 1 in a million million chance.

    Of course this is assuming a flip of the coin chance factor but even if they only were trained to signal 1 out of 10 times, it is still almost a 1 in 500,000 chance.

    Not only that, but Eddie, the cadaver dog, signalled in exactly the same location in the McCann’s apartment as Keela. And, sure enough, blood was found under the tile when it was dug up.

    Finally, Eddie also signalled on Kate McCann’s clothing which she subsequently revealed she had been wearing when visiting dead bodies the week before. So there can be little doubt that the other cadaver scents detected by Eddie were also of a cadaver, but not those on the clothing. (Presumably she didn’t rub her clothes into the tiles or in the boot of the car.)
    So it seems that these two dogs can be asked to give probabilities and, instead of being incredibly unreliable, are actually incredibly reliable. Moreover, we have Kate McCann’s testimony to back them up!

    (For the mathematically inclined, two to the power of 10 is 1,048,576 and detecting the single correct choice out of 10 is a 1 in 25.8 chance. Doing this correctly four times in succession is a 1 in 443,884 chance.)


  49. Joana 46 - I just posted a sarky remark regarding the defense lawyer Dr Duarte... and then read your chastisement to us all. Apologies if I've offended. I often react that way to lawyers, I find their profession necessary but unpleasant.

    I've known a number of young lawyers that buckle under the strain... so to survive to be an old lawyer, well, it takes something extraordinary. Just because it is extraordinary, doesn't mean it is worth having. Much like the great capitalists - they are very good at making money, but have a look at the best of them, is that what you want to be? Rich, probably most people want to be, but at what price? And celebrities, again rich and famous to boot. But the the price they pay is very, very high.

    Anyway, feel free to delete my earlier comment if it is inappropriate.


  50. In my opinion, the McCanns had bad luck by having their daughter dying outside the UK.
    If exactly the same would have happened to her in Rothley, her parents would have never been in trouble.
    Look at what is happening to Robert Green now.
    He tries and he does not succeed.
    This kind of crime must be very much common in Britain.
    And who cares?

  51. Anonim - 2!
    She was probably talking about dark haired teenager "madeleine" with black skin. ? And was just "shocked"!!!

  52. Well said Joana, shes just doing what shes paid for we don't need to stoop to their supporters level.
    Lets see what Thursday brings.

  53. Why did the Maccanns stay so long in Portugal in 2007 That has always puzzled me. I know they fled as soon as they were made suspects. Any views anyone.

  54. Good luck John again. I hope you win. :D

  55. Thank you Statsman, for your pertinent calculations and considerations.

  56. Shu bob, I think you are right.

    I hope Pavia has anticiaped this battle and is ready.

    I'm hoping and praying that the Mcs lose, I think they'd make themselves look even more stupid then if they continued to attack Pavia.

    Poor McCanns, what a dilema! :))

  57. Mrs Duarte probably in her heart of hearts knows the score, she knows Mr Amaral is telling the truth, she is in it for the Money just like the Maccanns. But this time they seem to have bitten off a lot more than they are able to chew. Mr Amaral's defence has torn them to shreads. Which one of us would like to be in their shoes tonight. And its far from over after Thursday. Mr Amaral has been a very clever man and they through arrogance and pride took the bait.
    Good Luck for Thursday Mr Amaral my thought's are with you.

  58. Indeed, the phrase "create information" is totally bizarre... Granted, G McC has never been very good at expressing himself (nor is K!), but still, you would think that he would correct himself if he hadn't meant that, e.g. create situations which can lead to information

    Curioser and curioser!

  59. Kate and Gerry may well have stood toghether on those steps, they even held hands, but they certainly didn't look like a "couple."

    Good luck to Goncalo and Paiva for Thursday.

    People in England are hoping that your patience and courage will eventually be the undoing of those child neglecting McCanns.

  60. Quote: Anonymous said... 30 @20

    "Gerry did actually say " we want to create information" incredible isn't it! You just can't make it up" End quote

    Gerry can:) Creating evidence? Not a problem for him. Does it all the time.

  61. 3 LOL! Even the same pose, how amateur!

    I guess the idea is that the stupid public dont relaise that the pose is the same - i.e. that the photofit isnt from a witness describing, but from the photo!

    Jeez! Such blatent and crass manipulation!

  62. Mary Liverpool uk said... 54

    "Why did the Maccanns stay so long in Portugal in 2007 That has always puzzled me. I know they fled as soon as they were made suspects. Any views anyone."

    In my view because of the celeb/hero treatment they were receiving they thought they were home and dry. Until, the tide turned against them when they were made arguido's and they left Portugal as fast as they could!!

  63. Surely the McCann`s lawyers, both Portuguese and British, know the McCanns have been lying from day one. And surely they must question all the lies the McCanns tell. Can`t understand how they can brazenly go along with the lies and surely they have a duty to report anything thats a crime.

  64. After watching to the video twice (tough!), I got the impression that Isabel Duarte is saying that she represents Madeleine McCann (is her counsel), while other lawyers represent the McCann. Not necessarily that she is "assistente" in the process. That is how I heard it, at least.

  65. Did I hear in that interview When a journalist asked about "an abductor" and gave a sarky laugh , KATE Roared in and said "YES an abductor, I know cos I was there I know ,I know more than you " ,,OHHH really Kate please do tell ,because I think you were NOT there that is why it happened ,so who did you see take your daughter? if you were there???? pepper29142

  66. I hate to rain on everyones parade, but there is no way Doctor Amaral will win this case.

    The book will be permanently banned and the McCann's will milk the judgement for all it is worth.

    Dont get me wrong, I hate it too - but jsut being realistic. Any other outcome would be too much like winning the lottery!

  67. As I've mentioned before, it is no coincidence that Mr. Paiva has been singled out. I believe that this is not being done on the initiative of Mrs. Isabel Duarte but on the advice of team McCann. The reason for this has to do with Mr. Paiva testifying that he received a tearful phone call from Mrs. McCann in which she said she had a dream that Madeleine was on a hill. She basically implied that Madeleine was dead. If you recall Mr. McCann was not happy with this particular part of Mr. Paiva's testimony and he quickly declared Mr. Paiva a liar. When I see team McCann react in such a manner, I like the McCanns place great importance on what Mrs. McCann told Mr. Paiva. Therefore it could be that Madeleine is buried on a hill somewhere in Praia da Luz.

    Everyone wants the case re-opened, but put yourself in the shoes of a Portuguese detective who is assigned to this case and realise how difficult it will be. You can't have a reenactment of what took place on that fateful night because the principal people involved refuse to do it. Portuguese judges won't let you have access to the contents of text messages belonging to your primary suspects. You aren't able to get information on your suspects who live in a foreign country and who clearly have political protection, so what do you do? Possibly you could interview the police officers and the people who first came into contact with your suspects on that night or anyone who came into contact with them prior or after May 3, 2007, to see if they can give you clues that allow you to determine the location of the body.

  68. Duarte knows damn well that anything that the PJ did not investigate were as a result of created sightings and red herrings are clearly of no significance. Its all just a smoke screen, and her clients have questions to answer still.Bringing the law down on everybody except themselves. Why do journalists never ask why KM is she going to answer the 48 questions and all the rest? So I presume that the bully McCann has still not requested the reopening a week on? I suppose enormous pressure will be put on the Judge to keep the injunction in place? After all that has transpired I am so pessimistic. I hope that the lid is blown off and the lies and crimes are exposed after all the utter BS that has been peddled for almost 3 years. Good luck to Mr. Amaral and justice.

  69. I have to agree totally with Joanna regarding some posters insulting remarks of I.Duarte.
    She has her job to do and has to do it irrespective of how she might feel or beleive about the McCanns spin,if the McCanns even got a sniff that she wasnt doing her job to their instuctions they would have her carter rucked and disbarred (thats of course if they had any money left)Dont stoop to the British tabloids level of insults as they have done to Goncalo Amaral, slag off her quotes etc by all means but not her appearence.

  70. There is something strange since the beginning. The McCanns act so sure of their story that I think little Madeleine is not burried by the sea.You know, the sea rejects all that does not belong to it.So, sooner or later, something would come out.She might inicially have been burried there but she was removed.Worse of all: she might have been removed over and over again, even with the possibility of being hidden in the same place twice or more times.When they got an opportunity, they got rid of her. She is NOT in Portuguese soil, rocks, sand or sea.Besides with the tempests of winter, every proof would vanish.That´s why they are so confident when they boast there is NO EVIDENCE she is dead. All those friends, supporters,investigators, neighbours, family, that were in touch with them in those days May-June '07,should be thoroughly and severely investigated. They could not have made her disappear into thin air without a solid help. A. Janeiro

  71. Most people put the finger on it - this was the final hearing of the case versus G. amaral and the publishers, but not once they mentioned the book or G.A...

    Just like last time when G.A.'s witnesses pulverised the McCanns, out comes I.D. suing left and right and raising a smoke-screen...

    I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see their faces on Thursday...

  72. Ah Gerry as we say in Glasgow " the game's a bogey " !

  73. I feel sorry in my heart for Madeleine, God love her.

    As for me, I hope I get to see the day when I understand why her parents were protected.

  74. Anon 67 - Do you think Goncalo Amaral will lose this case :-

    (a) because of a proper legal judgement according to law or

    (b) because the judge may be pressurised by certain corrupt individuals in the Portuguese heirarchy?


  75. @statsman...

    here's how I make it out:

    2 to the power of 10 = 1024. If we assume a .5 (50%) chance of each dog signalling each location - this assumes that each is a random event - and that they are independent events, so the outcome of one does not influence the outcome of the next. There are 1024 possible outcomes of a single randomly signalling dog's results at 10 locations.

    Thus the probability of a particular (specified in advance) location being signalled by a single randomly signalling dog is 1/1024. (There is exactly one way to do this out of the 1024 possibilities.)

    Note that if you do not specify the location in advance, then the probability is increased to 10/1024, or about 1/100, as there are 10 ways out of the 1024 to achieve one positive at any of the 10 locations and nine negatives at the rest.

    So using the "specified in advance location" argument, doing this 4 times correctly with a randomly signalling dog would have a chance of (1/1024)^4, or about 1/10^12. That is, 1 in a trillion if you are American or 1 in a billion if you are British.

    If as you say the random dog has a 10% chance of a positive signal at any given location (rather than a 50% chance), then the probability of getting the "right" (pre-specified) location out of the ten, and none of the others, is (0.9^9)*0.1 which is about 1/25.8. The 10% dog would thus have a (1/25.8)^4 or 1/443,884 chance of picking the "right" location 4 times successively.

    Same answers - some pretty broad assumptions underlying the calcs, though. For instance, it doesn't take into account seabass...

    Going to bed now. G'night all!


  76. I don't think that, in the McCann's position, I would be able to carry on with my life. I would certainly not be able to face cameras and do press conferences. When someone dies you have closure, that is the only way they could carry on. They know she is dead, and they know where she is, IMO.

  77. I would agree with Joana's comments and urge everyone to not stoop to the level of turning this site into a slagging forum. I personally don't care if Kate dyes her hair blue or Clarence swings from chandeliers on his days off, it is of no concern, lets leave the slagging, personal or otherwise to other forums.
    I include in that comment various journalists/ TV presenters.... Each have their own opinion, some may well be aware of the situation, and privately don't believe whats being spouted to them. But others may well be totally unaware. Eitherway i would suggest it would be better if we all stuck to the points. Hope this comment does not offend anyone, that is not my intention.

  78. "we want to create information"

    "I was there I know more than you"

    How I perceive the meaning of these statements

    Creating information .. if you google create information there are a great deal of sites who use this statement to market products.

    I was there etc... so tell the Police all you know .. the centre
    stage is yours.

  79. imo... The McCanns have not told the truth , I think that most of
    the people who have followed this case would dis-agree.

    The McCann Team have somehow become the voice for "abducted children"

    The Fact is 3 small children were left alone

    No more excuses McCann . No More PR to make you look good

  80. I picked up some bits that are not in the transcript, at around 4:46/4:47 and following on the subject of the shocking photos that resemble Madeleine, Sandra Felgueiras asks : ..."is the situation...shocking"? I.Duarte replies: ..."the situation the little girl is in"
    Well, well, well, she has just confirmed it cannot be Madeleine! Doesn't she know that her clients, the parents of the girl, have continuously claimed she has not come to any harm, she is "out-there", giving her "tuppence worth" to her abductor?!
    And what a classy lady! And a deaf one too! Didn't you just love her answer to the question "wouldn't a reconstruction be good...?", "I cannot do one, I was not there"!!! Nice spin, McCann and Mitchell wouldn't have done better!

    She said that all those leads that Paiva is supposed to have ignored were considered worthy enough for other police forces to investigate and she mentions the Leicester police, the french police, well, there you have it! Those leads WERE INVESTIGATED, by the police of the countries were the leads originated from, only those police forces had the authority to investigate those leads, the PJ cannot go outside Portugal's borders to investigate. In order to do it they need permits from the authorities of the country where they want to conduct an investigation, and this takes a long time to obtain and has high costs, the dislocating of personnel, travels and accomodation. That is why in most cases the PJ asks the local police to conduct an investigation and see if the leads are credible enough for the PJ investigators to go there.
    I'm sure that in this case the PJ, and detective Paiva got just that, information that had been duly(or not, in the case of the Leicester police...trust those guys to do nothing!)) investigated and forwarded as not relevant to the process.

    To finish with, in my opinion, the McCanns, Kate in particular, never forgave Paiva for his "betrayal" back in 2007. He was the family liaison officer ( by the way, a luxury that was never bestowed to any portuguese parent with a missing child), he had regular and frequent meetings with the McCanns, and according to one of their relatives( Kate's mum? not sure), there was some kind of a friendly relationship, they had had the odd-meal together, etc., in the McCann view, Paiva was under their spell, someone one notch above the common sardine-muncher plod, he even spoke fluent english! Until one faithful day, when Paiva comes to the villa and tells them they are going to be constituted "arguidos" and must go with him for further questioning! Kate(in)famous outburst follows, "what will my parents think, what will the press say, our government is pressuring for the end of the investigation"! It must have been a shock, a hard blow to them, to have Paiva, from all people, someone they thought was on their side, someone who had bought their version of events, coming to them with such bad news! They must have realized that Paiva was not their friendly accomodating cop, and what a blow it must have been for their over-inflated egos! And, adding insult to injury, Paiva tells to the court of the phone call from Kate and confirms he shares the belief that resulted from the investigation, that Madeleine died in the apartment. It is just too much to take! Paiva is the next one to strike down, and it will be through the hands of their fierce "pitbull", Isabel Duarte!

  81. Joana, very well, protecting lawyer Duarte.
    Every person has the right of defense and they need a lawyer.

  82. 67, are you feeling some better now, three hours after you were raining on our parades?
    You are not Gerry, are you?

  83. thank you anonym 82, bom ouvido! - adding the extra bit to the transcript.

  84. The shocking photos could be Philomena's.

  85. Ricardo Paiva cannot answer back. He is a policeman, bound by the laws of secrecy which compel him to remain silent, regardless of the attacks and smears aimed at him by the McCanns.

    That's why they're doing it. Just like they did with Amaral.

    The McCanns know thay can make any accusations they like through their hired help, and that Paiva is forbidden to defend himself.

    If that wasn't the case, they wouldn't dare do it.

    They make me sick

  86. Anon 54 -

    The McCanns,in my opinion, stayed on in Portugal because it was a freebie and a jolly for them paid for by their wealthy supporters. They really enjoyed all the publicity, sunshine, running and not having to face the British so soon after their daughter disappeeared. In other words it gave them some leeway as well as pleasure, but as soon as they were made arguidos and frightened for their skins, they hot footed it back to the UK like chickens!

    I pray that Goncalo wins this hearing, but if he doesn't then he has said he will take it to the European Court, where, hopefully, more evidence will come to light to justify his views and writing his book. Good, in the end, invariably conquers over bad.

  87. Bravo Joana for keeping things balanced and fair!

  88. Shubob - spot on.


  89. A full week has passed since this press conference. What has actually been DONE over the information that Ms Duarte allegedly uncovered? Information that allegedly contains shocking pictures of girls that resemble Madeleine so much, that Ms Duarte believes it could be her? What has been DONE, after the parents discovered several leads that the PJ have not investigated?
    To paraphrase Ms Duarte's final allegations, what would YOU, as parents, have done? How would YOU, as parents, have felt?
    No matter what side you are on, ask yourselves, think about it, without any external influence: What would you have DONE by now?
    I think that actions speak a lot louder than words.
    One full week later, all there is, is silence.
    A deafening silence.
    God bless Madeleine.

  90. #82 I could be wrong, but the way I read that exchange, over the 'shocking' photographs, is that the word 'shocking' has been used not to describe their similarity to Madeleine but to describe the 'situation' (as said by SF) those girls (i.e. not Madeleine) were in when the photographs were taken.

    Far be it for me to defend Isabel Duarte but, if I am reading it correctly, I think she is correct in not explaining any further.

  91. 54 - That question was indeed asked some time ago. I can't remember who it was that questioned them staying on in PDL. He said it was a strange thing for them to do as people normally want to get back to the safety and comfort of their families in such circumstances.

    The need to get home to familiar surroundings and the comfort and assurance of family is the usual thing to do. You are right to question why the parents of Madeleine decided to stay on in PDL for so long. They say they felt closer to Madeleine inPDL - BUT by all sccounts they didn't know where she was. Closer to Madeleine would have been their home and her bedroom full of her possessions - that's where the memories were surely. After all Madeleine was either in the creche all day or in bed sleeping - seldom making memories with her parents in PDL on that particular holiday if what they maintain is to be believed.

    I think that's what keeps us all here, and has for all this time, the strange inconsistencies. The gut feeling that something just doesn't feel right.


  92. Alguém ordenou que se fizesse outra "cópia"?

  93. Joana I asked a question on another thread ,but cannot find the answer for it (apologies if I am missing it) can this judge order the case to be re-opened ? and if (when)Goncalo wins on Thursday will he be granted loss of earnings from the book which has been stopped ? thank you ,and Good luck for tomorrow Goncalo ,from a English Mother

  94. Nobody is holding a gun to Isabel Duarte's head and making her take the case.

    She has her own motives for doing that (I suspect she hopes to make a great deal of money), and does not get my sympathy vote for any adverse comments made about her. She will no doubt be expecting this kind of thing.

    People are very emotionally involved in this case and she can expect more of the same kind of comments if she wins, because besides the McCann case, the freedom of speech issue looms large in Portugal.

    She is also treading on dangerous ground throwing comments like 'vultures' and 'vampires' around about those who do not agree with the McCanns, and to call a fellow professional 'A LIAR' in court like she did, when he can have no come back legally, and she knows it, is a disgrace.

    I have a feeling that like so many who get caught up with the McCanns she will be dragged under. She is a fool to take on the case and against the rights of her own country.

    I think it will be something she will live to regret. She is going to make herself lots of enemies and the McCanns are not worth it, but that is her decision. She must live with it.

  95. Anon 91
    What have they DONE?
    Why should they DO anything. Their Private detective KNOWS that Madeleine is in a 'lair' within 10 miles of PdL.
    So there is no need to DO anything -
    Except of course go and have a nose round to see if you can find the lair, but that would involve physically searching, and they would never do that, would they.
    Much better to have a big party at Branson's expense and try to make some more money.

  96. I think a lot depends on when Madeleine died, because if one could then trace the movements of the McCanns, one would have a good idea as to where the body is or was at some time. When these things first happen and you are truly bereaving you always go back to be near your lost beloved one. I think this was one of the reasons why they stayed in Portugal for so long.

  97. The shocking photos could be the photos of a very damaged Madeleine

  98. I've been thinking more about Isabel Duarte's use of the word 'shocking'.

    If, as I read it, she is referring to the circumstances under which the photos were taken (and not their similarity to Madeleine), then that is, quite frankly, disgusting. What she is doing is using those girls unimagineable suffering as a piece of street theatre to confuse the issue (implying by default that they are shockingly similar to Madeleine; as was interpreted by the UK press) and also to provoke an emotional reaction to the 'situation' Madeleine could find herself in.

    If we consider that she wasn't talking about similarities to Madeleine, then there was absolutely no need to mention that the pictures were shocking at all - it has no relevance to Madeleine's plight. Do we need to know that there are shocking pictures of other girls? No, in the context of Madeleine, we do not. She has used those poor girls for her, and her clients, own ends to provoke an emotionaal response, and for that she should be thoroughly ashamed.

  99. Post 91 Well said. Totally agree.

    By the way, don't they recognize their own child by those pictures or does 'shocking' mean the girls on those pictures are dead.
    And what about the parents of those girls in the pictures or don't they have any.

  100. Anon ≠67, we don't know what the decision will be about the temporary injunction, but Mr Amaral has already said he will take the case to a higher court if necessary, which of course will mean all the information getting aired again in the media - I don't think the McCanns would be too happy about that.

    And they'll milk any decision; if they succeed in keeping the injunction in place they'll no doubt be happy to see the xenophobic British press fling more abuse at Mr Amaral and the PJ, if the injunction is removed they'll screech about the unfairness of Portuguese law. That's the way they operate, we've seen it time and time again - always a matter of gloating, smearing or whining.

    They might succeed in keeping GA's book banned in the short term, but what about the official case files? Those files are available to be read by the public, but the British press has deliberately ignored them and kept their contents from the British public. If the McCanns think the public can be kept in ignorance of what's in the files for ever they're very badly mistaken. Their attempts to ban GA's book have resulted in some very interesting information coming out in court; I'm sure the ordinary British public would like to see how the case files back up all that's been said.

    Best of luck to Mr Amaral for tomorrow, but whatever happens there's now no way for Team McCann to put the genie back in the bottle.

  101. 71 The secret lies in the acid beds of Huelva...so there is no body and there are no traces left.

  102. I fear that they will win on Thursday - there is no way that the Portuguese judiciary can fight the politicians.

    Prepare for the appalling consequences of the McCann's being free to say what they please whilst any opposition is silenced by the law.

  103. Does anybody remember the video where Kate McCann said they felt close to Madeleine in PDL, and then she let slip with 'though of course she is closer to UK' or words to that effect.

    That sounded like something that was not meant to be said, and Gerry reacted to it as such.

    Could be that all this dream of hills in PDL, and walking along the shore and all that, is simply a ploy to get people looking away from where she really is, as Kate McCann inadvertently all but told us.

  104. Statsman, thanks for that.

    Perhaps that information should be sent to the police, both in UK and Portugal, just as a reminder about the dogs and the odds being zilch of them getting it wrong.

    It is useful to know for the case against the McCanns.

    Overall, I hope the dogs end up playing a very big part in obtaining justice in this case, and showing what a load of spin the McCanns are using against these marvellous animals.

  105. Interesting article..particularly the TVI aspect:

    Prime Minister José Sócrates came under renewed attack last week over allegations that his government has been trying to gag the freedom of the press in Portugal.

    The accusation forms part of a wider raft of criticisms into what has been called the Prime Minister’s authoritarian style of leadership in recent months and includes an assault on a State of Law, trying to control the media, using money from public companies to finance ruling PS party interests and trying to restrict the role and actions of the President of the Republic, Cavaco Silva.

    Dubbed ‘The Hidden Face Scandal’ (Face Oculta), after it was alleged by a former Presidential aide that President Cavaco Silva’s office and telephone calls were being “bugged” by the secret services at the behest of the Prime Minister, the latest allegations now centre round a conspiracy to silence the President who is said to be extremely critical of José Sócrates’ style of government.

    Over the weekend, it was reported in Portuguese national daily newspaper Correio da Manhã that illegal phone tapping had revealed that José Sócrates and Armando Vara, a leading BCP banking consultant, had cooked up a plan to force legislative elections in 2011 and use money from public companies to finance the election campaign and control the media.

    According to various media sources, based on information gathered from Public Ministry State Procurator magistrates from telephone calls between the Prime Minister and Armando Vara, José Sócrates is allegedly involved in a “conspiracy at the highest level” and an “extreme complicity in political objectives” to “create the conditions to return to government with an absolute majority” by “encouraging political crises that would favour (the present) government”.

    The phone call recordings, which have been transcribed and examined by a judge, show that the Prime Minister “insulted the President various times” while the leader of the PSD opposition, Manuela Ferreira Leite, was subjected to insults of “a sexist nature”.

    One of the media targets is private television station TVI, which has been consistently critical of the government’s style and performance, while it has been alleged that its former evening news anchor, Manuela Moura Guedes, was forced out, under political pressure, from her post last year.

    In June last year, a respected judicial expert signed a document in which he stated that he had “no doubts that the business negotiation process for the purchase of TVI by (part state-owned) Portugal Telecom revealed a serious attack on the principal elements that should govern democratic states”.

    Another media target is the political analyst and commentator Mário Crespo, who together with the outspoken economist Medina Carreira, have been particularly critical of government policies such as expensive public works projects like the TGV high-speed rail link.

    At a private lunch in Lisbon’s Hotel Tivoli, the Prime Minister is supposed to have told rival television station SIC’s Director Nuno Santos and presenter Bárbara Guimarães that Mário Crespo was “a problem to sort out” while Medina Carreira should be “locked up in a mental asylum”

  106. AFAIK, Ricardo Paiva, as any police officer, has the right to sue for defamation. ID called him a liar and a perjurer, so I believe that he has good reason to sue her and certainly hope that he does. She would deserve having to face him in court, poetic justice.

  107. There is something I don't understand ... when did ID go to Portimao and when did she see the file? Why does she still have the documentation with her? Why is she going to give her clients that information when they are about to leave after being with them for two days?

    She said, on the press conference, that they had just learned about the information. If it was so important and needed to be persued why wait so long to give the information to the parents?

  108. Eddie and Keela back!


  109. Joana # 46:

    It is to your credit to call on moderation regarding Mrs Duarte.
    But I would have thought that a woman of culture, an “intelligentsia” so to speak, shouldn’t demonstrate such an extreme extent of aggressivity and – sorry again - weirdness.
    I’ve never watched anything similar like this!

  110. I also think some of the photos the Tapas 9 took; see PJ files Otros apensos, where images are in greyscale; are very odd too.

  111. Anon 106 - thanks for that article. It adds even more concern that the judgement tomorrow will be made out of political pressure rather than true justice. Anon 67`s comments may not be so far from the truth.

  112. Socrates sounds like a real threat to democracy in Portugal. As a socialist, I find it very distressing when I learn of another politician called socialist, I believe, behaving like Mugabe and other dictators.

  113. Nige 99

    Yes: it is totally disgusting from ID but waht can we expect from the people hired by disgusting people?
    WHY are the photos so shocking? were they taken before or after death?

    Nige I totally agree with your post.Totally

  114. Joana, I think it has more to do with the fact we hate to think of Goncalo being bad mouthed again, we have had so much from the McCann's, British press, Mitchell, et al for nearly 3 years, yes of course she is doing her job, and we have to understand that, though it doesn't stop up feeling annoyed that he is once again being targeted via the McCann's, and targeted in such a seedy underhand way.

    Good luck to Goncalo tomorrow, please let it be the right decision.

  115. I hope that the judge in the McCann hearing in Lisbon will take full account of the overwhelming public opinion in this case, which is already that the McCanns had something to do with their child's disappearance. Judges are required to ensure that justice is seen to be done and justice will not be seen to be done by the public opinion unless her decision upholds Snr Amaral's defence case and abandons the injunction on his book on Thursday.

  116. Isabel Duarte is lying about the pictures. She think, we are an incult public which did not get informed. A huge mistake for a lawyer. We don't need to go too far in time, just to stamp at her face how she is lying. A quick trip around the news over the two last years, show us several investigations done by multiple polices from multiple country's, who caught several paedophiles and child's pictures. In all of them, Portuguese police was involved and played an important rule. Always the newspaper reported that no traces of Madeleine on that investigations. I just remember some of that investigations:
    - One carried out by Brazilian police and extended to Portugal and the rest of the world.
    - one carried out by Spanish police, again extended to the rest of Europe.
    -one carried out by the Italian police and again extended to the rest of Europe.
    -One carried out by PJ with several computers seized and that investigation show the police that there were lawyers and other people high educated sharing child's sexual pictures, across the country. Some of that paedophiles were caught and put in prison.
    ONLY A DSTRAIT LAWYER OR A LAWYER WITH A MANIPULATING AGENDA CAN MAKE AN ERROR LIKE THAT. If there is serious journalists in Portugal, and I'M sure there is, they must denounce that charade because they are at privileged position to easily check that information.
    Isabel Duarte by acting like that is accusing also Spanish, French, Italian and Leicester police. THE FACT OF THAT POLICES HANDED THE INFOMATION TO PJ, THEY DID NOT GOT STUCKED OR INTERDIT TO DO THEIR OWN INVESTIGATION. IS HE TRYING TO SAY THAT NO ANY OF THAT POLICES INVESTIGATE BECAUSE PJ DID NOT ASK THEM? GIVE US A BREAK..... We know such "wonderful lady" already gave spectacular answers to some questions, like that:"Madam, I am not... I can't be part of the reconstruction, I wasn't there". LAUGHABLE!!

  117. 108.
    Are these the very files that haven`t been released & are being kept in Portimao for a reason?
    Why then is I.D. allowed to walk in & take them to give/show the M`s? that is what I would like to know.

  118. Somebody is lying:

    Isabel Duarte: erm...What I've seen was various relevant information, photos, possible locations, license plates...

    Sandra Felgueiras: That your clients didn't yet identify?

    Isabel Duarte: My clients are knowing it now. My clients knew about this now. I have the documentation with me to deliver to them. Unquote

    Didn't Kate Healey spend the last few years studying the files at home in Rothley? Either she knew of the information or then she lied and didn't read a line of the files (which is exactly what I think).

  119. It would be so easy for somebody to cobble together any kind of photos they wish given the amount of money the McCanns have had available.

    Those so called shady 'investigators' of theirs could no doubt come up with the goods.

    If the PJ are ignoring them they will have their reasons.

  120. Joana, about your "there's no need to offend Mrs. Duarte, she is after all playing her role", I think playing her role is destroying or weakening the other part's position with solid arguments.
    This is not what she did, as you know, instead she tried to hypnotise, to intimidate the public and the Court, rolling her pale eyes, twisting her mouth in a spiteful grim and moving her head and arms up and down.
    Up to there, let's say OK, but she insulted the audience ! No lawyer is expected to do so !
    Everybody sees that feeding the vultures with the pictures story she's getting a kick or a high !

  121. Thinking out loud again...

    Since Gonçalo Amaral has said that he will appeal to the European Courts if the decision goes against him, what is to stop the McCanns appealing to the European Court if the decision goes against them? I can't see that a temporary injunction would be lifted if there is an appeal going on - maybe I am wrong about that.

    Mr B

  122. ID bends her head down as if embarrassed, lamenting (poor victim parents), heartbroken, when she says "chocantes". I think that otherwise she would have said something like "strikingly similar".

  123. I'm sure British politicians involved with this case at the beginning; conspiracy or cock-up, will do all they can to contain this until after the forthcoming General Election. Even if their involvement was the result of naivety or brownie points in a popular cause, it would end their hopes of an election victory when the real McCann story reaches the wider electorate.

  124. to nr. 71 and 103

    If the body of Maddie would never be found, the Mccanns will never be able to prove that she was abducted. They will never be able to prove that they are innocent in concealing the body.
    They will never be cleared in the eyes of public-opinion.
    If the body would be found, forensic will find out at what age she died and even more.
    Where ever the body may be, Portugal, Spain or England, if she is found, the fairytale for the Mccs is over.
    The Mccs created a dilemma for them selfs.

    The Mccs do not want to reopen the case, they just want to know what is still secret in the (non-public)files in Portugal.
    They are desperate to find out so they can fill in that gap.

    Joana: my respect for your comment in Nr. 46 about Mrs. Duarte

  125. If Madeleine's body were to be found there would be the DNA that would definitely be hers.

    To have relied on Gerry McCann to have gone all the way back to Rothley to get a pillowcase said to have been Madeleine's was very trusting indeed.

  126. I really hope Goncarlo wins tomorrow, but I have a horrible feeling he may not as thhere has probably beens loads of string pulling from the UK. The photos were probably paedophile type photos which makes them so shocking and the poor do not resemble Maddie that much, but also remember one police force in UK (not sure if it was Liecester Police) had been send a video of a girl looking like Maddie, that had some connection with arab people or countries. The police produced this in the early days..but it was a read herring for it had been in police custody long before Maddie....wasn´t abducted. It may also be the same with these photos, they have probably been investigated but results sent to Portugal.
    Good luck Goncarlo for all you are doing for that poor child.
    God Bless you Maddie.

  127. I hope and pray that the decision goes Goncarlo Amarals way tomorrow,if not then i don't see any justice for Madeleine ever,the thought of the cold smug McConns doing the tv and press rounds if they win fills me with horror,i can just imagine our useless,spineless press kissing their backsides and villifying a good man in Amaral.

  128. I wonder - did Isobel Duarte take the McCann`s case in the knowledge that they have told many lies? And does she know the truth?

  129. ID doesn't bother about the truth. She only considers that her clients are victims because they lost (how is none of her business) a child.
    Her copy of GA's book was full of postits marking pages. Apart from the cover page she commented a lot though it's no GA's work, she only opened the book on the Smiths' sighting, trying to convince that it was proving nothing since the child's carrier could come from various paths. She then added "everything in this book is like this" making a theatrical gesture, taking off her glasses and smiling with desdain.

  130. Ironside@3
    Why do you have to be derogatory about menopausal women. Every women has to go through menopause, so you are insulting every woman. You sound like a bigot and a mysoginist. And you sound like someone who has not got the imagination to think up a better metaphor.

  131. Shocking pictures of Madeleine that Ricardo Paiva is now investigating, this again is dynamite. He is the one who was looking so closely at David and Fiona Payne in correspondence with DC Marshall and received the GASPAR statements. Ms Duarte constitutes herself an assistant to the process so that she can report back to Kate and Gerry what Ricardo is up to. Gerry wants to "create" information that leads to Madeleine. Well maybe he is worried they found her in spite his best efforts to bamboozle with his own photographic skills generally depicting Maddie aged 2 and made up or 12 and complete with dark skin etc.

    Could it be possible that CEOP located pictures that are possibly of Madeleine? Could this be why they invited Gerry to attend their "lecture"? One thing is for certain, Kate McCann looks terrified and Gerry gives her some very threatening looks and is not treating us to his famous smirks of late. Strange given he beat Goncalo, in theory..knowing him as we do that should have elicited those smirks and yet something is deeply troubling Gerry. I missed a lot whilst on my hols, but am catching up and remain convinced the McCanns days are numbered and no I do not think it was very helpful of their laywer to drop that bit out about the shocking pictures and how she is representing Madeleine. Will this be her saviour when her clients get arrested?

    I do not think Ricardo Paiva was really supporting the death theory when you look at what he said and remember Menezes said there were a number of charges that could have been put to Kate and Gerry including kidnapping and selling her.

    I think Ricardo is the one Gerry really hates and for very good reason! And I do not think he is going to get his hands on Goncalo's cash. Smiling charming Ricardo, you fool Kate!

    jondipaolo: Insp paiva says he was the family liaison officer for the case but was taken off at the mcanns' request.

    Tuesday January 12, 2010 3:34 jondipaolo
    3:45 jondipaolo: Paiva is asked whether he ever got the impression from the mccanns they thought maddie could be dead. He says yes.

    Tuesday January 12, 2010 3:45 jondipaolo
    3:47 jondipaolo: Kate whispers something in gerry's ear and gives him a little smile. He stays looking straight in front.

    Tuesday January 12, 2010 3:47 jondipaolo
    3:52 jondipaolo: Gerry has put his arm round kate as they listen to paiva's testimony.

    Tuesday January 12, 2010 3:52 jondipaolo
    4:03 jondipaolo: Paiva also says the mccanns were made suspects after the british sniffer dogs were brought in.

    Tuesday January 12, 2010 4:03 jondipaolo
    4:04 jondipaolo: Paiva: there was total collaboration between british and portuguese police on the case.

    Tuesday January 12, 2010 4:04 jondipaolo
    4:09 jondipaolo: Paiva: it was scotland yard who first thought it could be a murder case.

    Tuesday January 12, 2010 4:09 jondipaolo
    4:09 jondipaolo: Paiva: amaral's theories are based on the facts of the investigation.

    Tuesday January 12, 2010 4:09 jondipaolo
    4:12 jondipaolo: Paiva: amaral's thesis has prevented other theories from being investigated.

    Tuesday January 12, 2010 4:12 jondipaolo
    4:13 jondipaolo: Paiva: mccanns never pointed me towards any evidence that maddie was still alive.

    Tuesday January 12, 2010 4:13 jondipaolo
    4:16 jondipaolo: Mr amaral looks like he's dozing off.

    Tuesday January 12, 2010 4:16 jondipaolo
    4:29 jondipaolo: Paiva: we found the 'merchandising' operation with wristbands and so on very strange.

    Tuesday January 12, 2010 4:29 jondipaolo
    4:31 jondipaolo: Paiva: if she was being held somewhere publicity would be more likely to hasten her death.

    Tuesday January 12, 2010 4:31 jondipaolo
    4:55 jondipaolo: The mcanns' lawyer is taking an aggressive tone as she cross-examines mr paiva.


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