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Leicestershire Police on twitter, playful cops?

Leicestershire Police is on twitter at http://twitter.com/leicspolice, last night someone 'forgot' to log off from twitter account and decided to publish the following important information. Meanwhile the twitts of those twats, pardon, of those twitterers were removed. Thanks to the person who sent the bellow pictures so we may never forget how hard those Leicestershire cops work.


  1. There must be a wholly innocent explanation for this.

  2. could be a spammer spoof...

  3. Police in the UK are always complaining about lack of time to catch criminals because of their endless form filling, but they seem to find time to twitter!

  4. So busy... no wonder they can't attend calls from vulnerable people who are being victimised and tormented. When you read about this sort of cases, the useless police force always turns out to be Leics.

  5. http://mccannexposure.wordpress.com/2010/02/01/shocking-clarence-mitchell-profile/#comments

    I wonder what SPIN Mitchell will put on this if at all..

    Interesting comment from someone who knows Mitchell

  6. they are obviously very interested in hair samples...

    they should liaise with the FSS

  7. # 2
    No it's not, I follow LP.
    It's real.

  8. Nice to know how are tax is being spent, i bet a few heads will be on the block this morning.

  9. Slightly off topic, or maybe not , but has anyone else been following the story of Garry Mann? He was a fireman who got arrested in Portugal during Euro 2004, convicted and sentenced by the Portuguese courts but the Portuguese let him return to the UK and he has never served his sentence. Seems that the English courts do not like the way things are done in Portugal, human rights etc, this MAY give some insight into the interference alleged by Amaral and the protection of the T9.
    Bringing it back on topic, if Leics police are anything to go by, who are we to be criticising other people's systems? The UK, the country that brought you the persecution of Colin Stagg and the Stockwell Tube versions of justice.

  10. Shouldn't the twits be out catching criminals like Gerry and Kate McCann instead of leaving all the work to those on the internet?

  11. You wouldn't find John Rebus doing that

  12. It happens all the time:

    Monday, December 07, 2009
    Cambridge News: 'Words of advice' follow police computer misuse
    A POLICE sergeant who downloaded "inappropriate images" on a Cambridgeshire force computer was given a slap on the wrist.

    The sergeant was among some 16 police staff and officers, including detectives, who were disciplined for, or suspected of, misusing force hardware since 2005.

    Details obtained by the News reveal that between January 7 and August 28, 2007 the sergeant "used force computer systems to access internet websites and view images of an inappropriate nature".

    The officer was given a written warning that November. Force chiefs have refused to reveal the nature of the images.

    A detective constable was given a written warning in October this year for "accessing force computer systems outside the proper course of police duties".

    "Words of advice" were also given to a Special Constable after they used computer systems for "non-policing purposes".

    Last year, a police support staff worker resigned before facing disciplinary action after being caught accessing other people's emails without permission.

    And a police sergeant resigned that year before facing discipline after accessing databases for reasons other than "lawful policing" purposes.

    A police community support officer was sacked last year for "misuse of police computer systems".

    And a detective constable was fined one day's pay for using "confidential information for their own personal benefit".

    A police support staff worker was given a verbal warning after it was alleged they disclosed personal information to a third party.

    Also, a police constable resigned after being accused of an improper disclosure of a business interest and the misuse of the police national computer.

    Another police constable accessed the "force crime system" and "divulged information to a third party without lawful authority or excuse". They were given "words of advice".

    A support staff worker was given a conditional discharge at court after pleading guilty to data protection offences in 2006.

    It was suspected they used computer data to attempt to pervert the course of justice. They resigned.

    Matthew Elliott, chief executive at the TaxPayers' Alliance said: "Cambridgeshire police force needs to crack down on its staff's inappropriate use of computers.

    "This is a shameful waste of precious police resources and time."

    A police spokesman said: "The use of all force IT and communication systems is monitored. This includes internet and email usage.

    "The force permits use of the internet for non-work related purposes on an occasional and reasonable basis that does not interfere with the performance of duties.

    "Staff members who abuse these facilities may have them withdrawn and/or be subject to an investigation and disciplinary action."

    All those slapped wrists - a claim for an industrial injury?

    Mr B

  13. You guys did not understand. Those were tips to Clarence Mitchel as he has that terrific hair style.

  14. # 14
    Of course, I forgot :-)

    And for that he is doing the media monitoring for LP, the tweets got deletet in now time after they were retweeted.

  15. It is only the same information that they regularly put on their webpage about local crime. What is the big deal about them also putting it on twitter? It is considered part of modern policing to utilise the net!

  16. Hear hear Viv. Sometimes this site comes across as petty. It doesn't help Madeleine McCann.

  17. John 11

    They are very clever really, letting bloggers spin undigestible "news",false leads,sicklish parties...all this with a pink hue,destined to the pink british public....to pink spin and the lot ad nauseam and NOT see any further.The target is reached.
    So is the LP twittering....keep the mass busy with irrelevant things and if they have no bread give them croissants....
    Very clever.Gives them a "window of opportunity" to spin up what is on their agenda.So simple!
    When are bloggers to blog off and not feed them back with far too interesting-dangerous questions and comments to which they can in turn respond to THEIR advantage.....? I wonder....

  18. Jo 20 - if i'm reading your post correctly i think you are crediting the Leic plod with far too much intelligence. I don't see the inane twitterings of the plod as anything more than bored coppers having a laugh and not some deep rooted conspiracy, its stuff like that that gets us called nutters.

  19. ;)) Here is an extract from the Guardian to day which perfectly illustrates the view the proud "Englanders" have of the Portuguese in general and their justice system in particular: incompetent and the McCann's hope... gullible.


    "An England football fan facing extradition to Portugal after a "farcical" trial in a language he did not understand will have his case heard by the European court of human rights today...The Portuguese authorities have been trying to extradite him under legislation designed to combat global terrorism...According to Rutter, there was no adequate interpretation and Mann did not understand the proceedings...The lady who was interpreting was a friend of someone in court and her English was at best sporadic," Rutter told the BBC...It is important we do not have the silly situation where people are extradited under something that was intended to deal with very serious issues...Portuguese authorities said the delay in calling for his extradition was because they were unaware that under the Council of Europe's convention on the transfer of prisoners Mann could not be jailed in the UK unless he had begun his sentence in Portugal..."

  20. #17 wrote: "It is only the same information that they regularly put on their webpage about local crime. What is the big deal about them also putting it on twitter? It is considered part of modern policing to utilise the net!"

    #18 wrote: "Hear hear Viv. Sometimes this site comes across as petty. It doesn't help Madeleine McCann."

    #17 What do the above twitters have to do with local crime and modern policing?

    #18 How does the actions of someone at LP twittering the above twitters from LP help Madeleine McCann? How do those twitters help anyone? What is petty about making the public aware of the above?

  21. Liz 21

    Believe me: never underestimate cops or ex cop

  22. viv at 17, it's not information on crime is it?

    18, imagine if it was PJ doing something as stupid as the Leicestershire police twatt, pardon, twitterer did.

    What I find surprising is how you both diminish the fact that LPC published this type of information, how they have wasted time watching some young girl in youtube combing her hair and still had time to add the video as a favourite and share it on twitter, and all you can say is that this site is petty?! What is petty is their little comments, actually, more than showing a cheap pettiness what they point at is outrageous. Just think about it.

  23. Well said Joana - i see the McTwats have let their little gophers out to play. If you read their nonsense you can tell their thick little arse lickers. I think their average age is about 17.

  24. Jo, I think you do not know the system in UK, all our forces regularly publish this sort of information on local crime as it happens, on their webpages, in our local newspapers and now on Twitter.

    Here is the same stuff on Leicester Police webpage:

    and here are entirely similar reports on local crime on the Warwickshire Police webpage (my own county)


    I am sorry but your above post was a non story and usually you are so good!

  25. Jo 24 i dont underestimate cops or ex cops, i grew up surrounded by cops and also have friends who are cops. The twitterings IMO are bored cops pissing about and wasting tax payers money, and nothing unusual.

  26. Another tweet having been removed from today was a link to the Maddie appeal from CEOP.

    Very strange going-ons

  27. The UK has one of the worst Human Rights records in Europe, hence the enactment of the Human Rights Act 1998, effectively to stop people going to the ECHR. The UK can now hide viollations from the eyes of the world.

  28. Joana Morais said: 'viv at 17, it's not information on crime is it?'

    No, it certainly isn't. What it is is some psycho-emotional babble by a young pretty girl chatting to 'you guys'.

    The hair there one is, well, watch it....it's for lonely 'guys' too

  29. If it were a reasonable use of publicly funded time they wouldn't have deleted these tweets would they? After all if they have nothing to hide they have nothing to fear as this rather amusing link demonstrates


  30. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/england-one-of-the-most-childunfriendly-places-in-the-world-1887331.html

    This article gives another perspective on today's UK society.

  31. No surprises there...What to expect of a police force who is available to mount guard outside "Rothey Towers", chasing journalists and McCann critics away, install alarm systems and even serve as delivery boys, carrying flowers to the "McCManor" door!
    On the other hand (for the rest of Leicester's population, that is), they are short on personnel and cannot duly respond to the heartbreaking calls for help of a distressed mother and disabled child! I mean the sad case of Fiona Pilkinton.


  32. #27 Have you actually read and understood the twitters above? How on earth are they related to crime and modern policing? What next? Will you be posting that the above twitters are evidence that the LP are busy investigating the McCanns? That the above twitters are in code that we plebs just do not understand and should bow to your greater knowledge! How is anything that exposes a waste of resources a non story? Perhaps nonsense equal to hair and youtube video twitters took priority over the 30 pleas from Fiona Pilkington!

  33. viv @17
    you didn't even read the OP and are commenting on it???
    I'm sorry but tweets about being subscribed to one or other YouTube channel or tweets on tutorials of how to have big sexy wavy hair is hardly the same information that they regularly put on their web page about local crime...At list I would hope it.
    Please try to read the blog article before you are commenting on it as you are making yourself no favors.


  34. Don't say to my boss, but I also sometimes google, chat and twitter at job. My excuse is I'm french, 35h working is too hard for a frog and sardines muncher!

    Mccann are catholics, but had children by FIVE even if chuch not accept this.
    Also PDL and Rothley had last week anglican services, not catholic!

  35. Reply to Jo (26) Some stupid ex-cops even put their own kids at unnecessary risk then blame everyone else for their own irresponsible behaviour. Isn't that right MuratFan aka Ian West? x(


    You have to ask the question why Muratfan aka Ian West did not consider the welfare & safety of his children & the consequences of his own actions BEFORE he allegedly abused the Police National Computer to access criminal/arrest records to illegally "name & shame" alleged criminals over the Internet.

    Abuse of the Police National Computer may be a very serious matter but so is placing children at unnecessary risk. Perhaps a dossier of Ian West’s “activities” should also be submitted to Norfolk County Council's child protection department for their due consideration in this matter.

  36. I have read the OP but sometimes I think people have a little too much faith in what they "see". I have had someone on my blog tonight mainly and the last few days(I know who it is, in many of his guises he pretends to be Anti McCann, a mad Anti McCann that is), /sending me a virus/ cloning my posters etc. I think sometimes people just do not see the wood for the trees!

    If you want to see the genuine posts by Leicester Police, try having a look at the link I posted to their webpage, they are identical!

    If there is one thing the McCanns would like to discredit next, that will be Leicester Police! Just wait and see!!

  37. Viv 38 - sorry i dont think i know you but we both post on some of the same forums. I am unsure about Leic Plod, they seem to be in cahoots ie Gaspars statments travelling by snail, but then on the other hand they faught tooth and nail to stop the McTw*ts getting the files through Justice Hodge. I think like Sr Amaral, they were onside with the PJ but later got their collars pulled by someone with huge influence. Now unless McTw*t was in line to be the next Gordon Brown or was a secret weapons expert, who could have that much power and why? that as they say is the question.


  38. We're good and responsible polices,not suspects...

  39. Johanna @ 29 now that IS peculiar... particularly when you consider no reports from that conference have been forthcoming. I am gagging to know what's going on now! Mind you, been here before it could be nothing...

  40. if the leicester police had placed
    an "illegal listening device" into the mccanns home...

    the leicester officers responsible for said illegality,would do their utmost to prevent this being revealed....

    maybe they know something..maybe they don't...

    if they reveal what they know...
    they'll also have to reveal how they know...

    and that would leave themselves open to prosecution
    and may also render any evidence obtained as
    "inadmissable evidence"

    many serving officers within the leicester police force
    do NOT accept the mccanns version of events... but they have neither the rank nor evidence to oppose those within the leicestershire police force that may have the evidence of
    "what was heard ...what was said"

    The force may appear inept and some officers may indeed be deliberately obfuscating the investigation to protect their own
    careers...but appearances can often deceive and leicester police force is staffed by many honourable honest "coppers" ......

    time will tell if local rumours of "wire taps" prove false.

    @ notts'

  41. But it is not illegal in UK to place a listening device in a suspect's home. Google PIDA where officers have to seek prior authority to intercept communications but having done so, any evidence they obtain is admissible in court. Such evidence has often been used to convict terrorists in particular, hatching murder plots before they get around to doing it.. we have even seen the videos etc police collected, AFTER, the suspect was convicted and the time had gone by for them to appeal.

    I have no doubt British authorities have bugged the McCanns and others in many covert ways!

    I notice my last two posts did not make it to this thread, hope this one survives the vetting process, particularly given I never write anything abusive or offensive.

  42. 18, imagine if it was PJ doing something as stupid as the Leicestershire police twatt, pardon, twitterer did.

    I'm not sure how this kind of remark 'twatt' helps transform the public image of McCann skeptics from nutters to people with genuine cause for suspicion. *Ducks*

    Thanks for your comment @notts' ...an interesting point of view

  43. I was following Mark Williams Thomas - but he blocked me - for asking too many pointed questions about the McCanns!!

    I find it very interesting when people shut you down - its jsut another form of limiting free expression - instead of putting an alternate view, argued logically, they run away and hide!

    I was giving him the benefit of the doubt, now I'm wondering where he really sits in all this. I was defending him against people who said he might be helping the McCanns by appearing to be embarrassing them...whereas really he was simply propagating the abduction fairy tale. Now I am wondering, maybe they had a point!

  44. RT @leicspolice Minute for Madeleine - View our message http://ceop.police.uk/madeleine/madeleine.asp - what no hair styling tips tonight?
    about 8 hours ago from web

    Got and retweeted/replied to this tweet as above yesterday & they've since deleted it lol

  45. Mark runs a business from the Leicester area where he seeks work commenting with his, ahem, "expertise" on all matters relating to criminal justice, given he was a former police constable and never rose above that rank. But he did quite recently obtain a degree. I do not think he has the requisite experience and given he was only at police constable level could not have been acting in any major role in serious investigations as he suggests. He would have been given the runaround by his sergeant to go and do the tedious legwork on any inquiry rather than being part of the major decision making processes on a major case.

    I find it very likely that given his proximity to the McCanns he was booked to be rather helpful to them. I also think there are McCann supporters who will sometimes offer what seems to be a less than forthright McCann view so as to further confuse and not blow their cover. He has put forward the woke and wandered theory sometimes, that is not so serious for the McCanns as some of the others!

    I think constructive criticism of the police in this case is fine but silly insults do denigrate the maker of them. If we cannot get justice from the police, there will be no justice for Madeleine. I wonder why people cannot perhaps more helpfully point out that both British and Portuguese Police have an an awful lot of success stories where they do lock up the bad guys, but sometimes it is not so easy, not when you are dealing with Mr Gerry McCann!

  46. Appeal following indecent exposure in Leicester http://bit.ly/96z7Cb

    Oh no! Did Gezzy finally completely crack -)) :)]


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