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Madeleine McCann and the "ignored clues"

 The many sightings of Madeleine in 2007, none were true leads, some were a direct result of Metodo3 'investigation', others the result of the McCanns abduction thesis media campaign 
and others of hysterical tourists. All were investigated by the PJ and Interpol.

By Jon Clements

Interesting interpretations of some new information which has come out of the McCann's libel action in Lisbon.

Apparently the Policia Judiciara did not follow up dozens of sightings of Madeleine from around the world.

This is, according to some, further evidence of the PJ's bungling.

But is it ?

In any high profile missing persons inquiry publicity will inevitably generate lots of red herrings (some of my colleagues have spent days chasing them only to be left disappointed).

Police have limited resources - they can't simply dispatch detectives on the say so of an individual whose credibility they can't judge.

In fact when one British police force did that it had disastrous consequences for the investigation and may have allowed the abductor/killer to go free.

Surrey police treated the disappearance of Milly Dowler in March 2002 as a missing persons inquiry and sent pairs of officers all over the UK looking for her.

It was a massive mistake and hampered the inquiry's ability to examine the evidence at hand in Walton on Thames - to "clear the ground from under their feet".

As a result they did not discover that sex predator and violent criminal Levi Bellfield - who went on to become a serial killer - had been living 100 yards away from where Milly was last seen.

Madeleine disappeared in Praia da Luz and that is one of the few absolute facts in this tragic story.

Perhaps some of the leads were worth following up, but until the full facts of each one are known it is a bit premature to give them a kicking over this.

in: Mirror, 12.02.2010


  1. John again,

    Isabel Duarte has played the last 'trump' card in the McCann's hand. Photos looking strikingly like Madeleine - and Gerry and Kate's reaction to this? Nothing - not 'give me the file so that we can check everyone ourselves' etc

    The disgusting part of all of this is the fact that if Gerry and Kate had remained in Portugal to help the PJ - they would have been on hand to check every single one of these photos minutes after they were sent in.

    However, they had more important business in USA etc getting money out of Oprah.

    Gerry and Kate's complete lack of horror at this revelation only goes to confirm that they also think / know that the child is dead.

    Poor old Pavia - he is now next on the list for career ruining legal action!!!!

  2. Joana, acabei de descobrir este artigo e vinha precisamente falar dele mas a Joana felizmente está sempre um passo à frente.Deixei um comentário.Vamos ver se o sr o publica uma vez que ficou sujeito a moderação.
    Fico feliz por ver que há uma voz sensata e razoável nos media britânicos!

  3. Spin spin spin. Spin spin spin. Wot a lot o rot!

  4. Excellent article. A real pleasure to read something lucid for one in the British press.


  5. who is this ?
    he sounds a tad on our side

  6. Jon Clements laughingly calls himself a crime reporter. He was going to dig deep on this case and find the truth.

    Some good stuff from 'Himself' plus the latest gadget by Gamble at CEOP. Targeting 5 year olds.


  7. First Brunt defending Amaral and now Clements defending the PJ :-o

    Have BRITISH crime reporters had enough of the smear campaign launched by the McCanns? I sure hope so!

  8. Well said Jon Clements.
    What a pleasant surprise!

  9. Oh my, tabloid in balanced view shocker!!!

    Wonders will never cease...

  10. Jon Clements was one of Gerry's Pro-boys. Suddenly he is defending the PJ. Is the great press bias finally floundering? Gerry will be livid again.

  11. http://www.gerrymccannsblogs.co.uk/morocco_kgm.jpg

    How the mighty have fallen

  12. ShuBob said... 8
    First Brunt defending Amaral and now Clements defending the PJ

    Have BRITISH crime reporters had enough of the smear campaign launched by the McCanns? I sure hope so

    I would like to think so but I'm tempted to think that Clements may be following private investigator Dave Edgar's theory of Madeleine being held in the desolate 'brushlands' on the outskirts of PdL and having being taken there by a 'local' predator.

    IMO, there is no way that any journalist in this country is going to point the finger at the McCanns unless we see a re-opening of the investigation in Portugal and the subsequent DEMAND for re-questioning of Gerry and Kate McCann and the Tapas Seven.

  13. Excellent article. I am surprised and "delighted".


  14. Sorry my post about spin should have been posted on the article by Sun. Need my cuppa coffee!

    Anon 4

  15. I just read Martin Brunt's comment about Amaral's words "f..." the McCanns.
    Brunt is honest enough to explain that Amaral said "Fala com os McCanns"

    (talk to the McCanns).
    The UK is getting better.

  16. The gutter press is feasting on the "similar" red herring that ID threw in their trough.

    If "similar" = the real thing, are all these guys Elvis?


  17. The British police aren't stupid. They've known what's been going on from the beginning. The difficulty for them has been, because there's no body, they couldn't proceed any further. So, it's been a case of "softly, softly", give them enough rope and they WILL hang themselves, eventually.

  18. The misinterpretation, mistranslation of the words "fala com os McCanns" into "fuck the McCanns" are a Freudian slip of the British journalists themselves.
    In my opinion is what their unconsciouness feel about the McCanns and they wish an authority in this case would say it.
    They could repeat it between " ", feeling a lot better, because they are longing for freedom of expression.

  19. well, well, well a balanced view re the McCanns from the Daily Mirror. Never thought I would see that happen.

  20. Jon Clements has his own blog where you can post about the McCanns...All posts are monitored..He has a post on there by someone named Jean...(an old article not todays)...Who says that the McCanns have asked many times the PJ to re open the case but they have refused until there is new evidence. Jon Clements monitored this and then placed it on his blog...Thats how much he knows about this cae.

  21. thedarkknight spot on I think they know but after the false flg kicking the exprss took they are waiting,however the mail did give them a bit of a doing.If it goes Dr Amarals way on the 18th the flood gates will be open,it will be the dam busters all over again,rodger rodger!

  22. Joana, Astro and Kazlux, i have only been able to catch snippets over the last few days and have just been catching up, thank you all so much for the marvellous work you have been doing, brilliant work.
    As for the article above, i never trust the press but it is at least a less biased view, however i feel the McLoonies are at it again trying to distract us all with their 'look over there' photo nonsense, which takes the spotlight off Sr Amarals' reopening the process statement. Its only common sense - SNIFFER DOGS = dead body, no need to traipse all over Europe, simple isnt it?

  23. The McCanns never miss an opportunity to nab a paedophile..even more so when one is in Portugal.

    Thanks to the recent publicity, Hollie Greigs plight is all over the Internet. The McCanns cannot have missed the reporting on Maddie blogs as we have posted links and footage of this case...
    and yet the McCanns PIs are not in hot pursuit of these paedophiles from Scotland.

    This is what Anne Greig had to say..


    Mrs Greig claims that two of the alleged abusers moved to Portugal a number of years ago and that she went to her local police station in Shrewsbury to pass on that information when news broke of the kidnapping of Madeleine McCann.

    Madeleine, who was three at the time, was kidnapped from her family’s holiday apartment at Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, in 2006. Police believe she was taken by a paedophile.

  24. @ thedarkknight

    I agree.

    @ Anonymous 19
    You could be right. In fact, though manipulated, the media have fed a real paranoia,

  25. Now hang on there a second Duarte, Mitchell, McCann etc etc… lets be fair and honest, the PJ have investigated a fair few of the reported Madeleine apparitions! More importantly, the McCanns set up their own investigative hotline, screaming for people to come forward with information – actively encouraging the boycotting of the PJ. Mitchell himself said that they had been inundated with possible sightings…all of which he claimed…were to be followed up by the McCanns’ team of pretendy cops. Let’s not also forget that, thus far, all sighting have proved fruitless. Moreover, that many of the alleged ‘sightees’ can be directly linked to having personal connections with the McCanns and their pals…

  26. Some British journalists seem to go with the tide.

    By the way, Isabel Duarte forgot to pull Dave Edgar's ears too, as he forgot to go after Victoria Beckham's look alike!

  27. No need at all to traipse all over Europe.
    Their No 1 Ladies Private Detective Agency says that Madeleine is being held within 10 miles of PdL.
    And we must believe him.
    We believed Kate when she said the shutters had been jemmied, didn't we ?

  28. Keir Simmons has just said this on Twitter:

    Kate and Gerry McCann will not go to Portugal next week for judgement in case of detective who accused them, I'm told.

  29. Has Duarte stepped into a trap?
    The McCann's 2 previous Portuguese lawyers apparently advised them against pursuing a case against Mr Amaral, as they knew it could lead to the enquiry being re-opened. If Duarte sincerely believes they are innnocent and that the case should be re-opened, the McCanns would now be in some difficulty if they told her to row back from this line. What would she have to conclude if they did?
    Is that why Gerry dodged Sandra's question about the photos?

  30. @ anonymous 29

    Oh dear.
    Is Portugal getting too HOT for them now?

  31. The police also came a cropper in the Yorkshire Ripper case, when they followed false leads, set off by a hoax phone call.I was a probation officer in the NE area at the time and the police came to trawl through our files, looking for a "Geordie". Sutcliffe actually came from Leeds and the accent on the hoax tape was a red herring. Kate knows about red herrings.

  32. Why PJ could not play the fact that the investigation is not successful as "loving and careful parents" refused provide the investigators with full information?

    Kate refused answer questions, Tapas 7 changed their testimonials regularly.

    Is there any legal tool to make them to provide the police with full info?

  33. Why didn't the McCanns look at the photos,say "That's not Madeleine" and eliminate the photos from the investigation. Surely they recognise their own daughter?

  34. @ post 30.

    Good point. I too, believe the McCanns were wrongly advised to go for a Libel trial. Whether this is true or not, I also believe that they had no choice! Amaral, bless him, has had the audacity to not shut up! Bravo Goncalo! I look forward to the possibility of this case being reopened. Because many of us do not believe the McCanns and their fairy tale. Do they intend on suing the whole world? Who goes out of a courtroom at lunch time and launches ANOTHER libel suit?! I usually have a sandwich at lunchtime! We can see how they think...

    And what of Madeleine. She had rights that were violated by her parents. Yet, they've never been taken to task for this. They even spun that, by some nonesense of being 'advised that we were in the boundaries of responsible parenting'.

    They weren't. I long for the truth to come out. As much for Madeleine, but just as much for the people of Portugal. Some of the comments directed at our old ally are unforgivable.

    Keep up the good work Joana!

  35. So,according to the McCanns- the list of past and present liars accused.. Robert Murat and his mother, Inspector Amaral, Inspector Paiva, Eddie and Keela, Kevin Halligen.

  36. Sorry to bother you, folks. Can anyone tell me more about the "photo" that the reporter was trying to refer to? I would be extremely grateful if someone could tell me more. I cannot make it out on the video and I am lost as to what this "photo" is meant to be.

    Thank you.

  37. There is a big contradiction in the McCanns theory:
    on the one hand, they stated that Madeleine was taken by paedophile/predator.

    On the other hand they stated she is alive, safe and non-harmed.

    One statement, I would say, excludes the other.

  38. HURRAH!
    Jon Clements IS NOT STUPID AT ALL!!
    Come on! guys! who else is so?...
    You've got a chance to look like a man of worth!

  39. Isabel Duarte took some privete lessons with Kate, in order to learn how to say disastrous things and in order to put Tapas 9 in difficulties.
    She is an intelligent lawyer and she learns fast.

  40. So McCann was taking Madeleine away when Wilkins appeared, McCann stuffed her lifeless form into the flower bed, where the dogs later signalled cadaver scent. He scurried across the road to make sure Wilkins didnt have to cross the road. Once he had made sure Wilkins was not suspicious of his activites, he recovered Madeleine and carried her lifeless form up the hill and was seen by Tanner as he crossed the top of the road.

    Not realising she had seen McCann, she told others of her sighting, but quickly amended the sighting, including McCann in the story (so she saw both him and the abductor at the same time, to clear McCann). McCann denied seeing her, as he needed to ensure that he was telling the same story as Wilkins - who did not see Tanner (as, of course, she wasnt there when he and McCann were). The mcCanns and their 'detectives' seemed to beleive that this needed some explanation during the so-called 'Crimewatch style reconstruction' staged by the McCanns in a 'documentary' shown on UK TV - referred to sarcastically by most as a 'mockumentary' due to its heavy bias and missing objectivity. Incredibly, during the staged and infamous 'classic' discussion on the 'documentary', the 'detectives' decided that the side of the road was not important and dismissed the issue. But the damage has been done as this 'pantomime' had confirmed that 'dismissal' of the issue was considered vital enough to have given up valuable documentary time.

    Where did McCann take Madeleines lifeless body next? We have to consider the Smith's witness statement as confirming that it was in fact McCann who they saw carrying a child.

    Was Madeleine stored somewhere prior to being finally disposed of , carried like a bundle of dirty sports clothes in McCann's (missing) blue sports bag? Does the secret lie in the use of the Renault hired some 25 days later? Have the remains of Madeleine been dissolved in the acid beds of Huelva whilst the eyes of the world were diverted to Rome where the McCann's staged a funeral, duping the head of the catholic church into presiding over the sanctification of a criminal offence?

    Time to re-open the case, using one of the diversionary sightings generated by the McCann's own detectives as an excuse - but keeping the investigation out of subjective hands and under the watchful eyes of the people's hero, Snr G Amaral!

    Of course all of this is a theory based on nothing but a distant eye cast from the UK. But surely there is as much in this theory as in the story of an abduction?

  41. Now I understand why lawyer Rogerio Alves is not suing Amaral,in MCCanns'name.
    He knew he would lose and it would have cost his name.

  42. http://textusa.blogspot.com/2010/02/mystery-of-rag-doll-by-ironside.html

    The Mystery of Rag Doll

  43. Talking leads not followed up. How about the Smith sighting. Can't say I have ever heard that one publicised by the press in the UK?

  44. http://www.gerrymccannsblogs.co.uk/morocco_kgm.jpg

    I know why Kate doesnt smile much, its not because she's mislaid her child, its because she looks so ugly when she smiles!

  45. And Clarence talks about ** fresh informaion ** and says Kate and Gerry are the only ones looking for Madeleine
    This is equal to...... we are getting short of money & need more.........

    I think a fresh appeal for money won't be far behind


  46. ...so if Gerald McCann disposed of Madeleine that night, how did she come to need to be disposed of?

    Overdosed on sedatives applied by inept medics?

    Fell down the steps looking for her parents?

    Fell off the sofa? Or was she stored behind it, pending Geralds trip back to carry her away - when he tells us he looked down at her in her bed and thought 'how lucky (he was)', maybe he was looking down at her all right, but he wasnt thinking how lucky he was and she wasnt in bed!

    Maybe Kate lost it with her? maybe she choked on those hair beads?

    I used to think that homicide was going too far, but the more I see of this case, the more I wonder.

  47. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TI2-SReQXlM&feature=player_embedded
    McCann on reopening the case and reconstruction...

  48. A journalist who decides not to toe the TM line on the issue of the *cough* sightings, and instead comes up with some commonsense thoughts of his own. How ludicrous, hurtful and unhelpful.

    Gez will be incandescent.


  49. Tactique assez désastreuse: ils se mettent toute la police portugaise à dos et avec elle les polices européennes qui doivent sérieusement commencer à en avoir assez de voir que non seulement les McCann ne sont pas inquiétés alors qu'ils sont impliqués dans la disparition de leur fille ( c'est une certitude pour les professionnels) mais qu'en plus ils osent reprocher aux policiers de ne pas faire leur métier s'ils ne suivent pas toutes les fausses pistes qu'ils inventent.C'est une remise en cause de la fonction de la police qui est en jeu car les McCann, en quelque sorte, disent que les policiers doivent obéir aux exigences de ceux qu'ils suspectent.L'esprit de corps va jouer.
    Ils vont trop loin et se font de plus en plus d'ennemis. C'est la fuite en avant et comme leur arrière garde samenuise de plus en plus, ils vont bientôt se retrouver cernés, tout seuls et traduits devant la justice des hommes.

  50. axa said Is there anyone left for these excuses for parents to blame but themselves. Another police officer having his name tarnished its disgusting

  51. Ironside @ 21.....,

    I think in this instance you are being over cynical about Jon Clements as this article is at least unbiaised in contrast with tabloid reporting over the last months/years.

    It is not at all unusual for a blog to include posts that do not necessarily coincide with general opinions. Indeed is it not the purpose of such sites to generate discussion whether viewpoints agree or disagree? Also, respecting Jon Clements, he is a journalist hopefully reporting on issues that are of current interest to the populace - this does not make him a specialist in a criminal investigation.

    Please forgive me if I misinterpreted your point!

  52. Perhaps if the duo had stayed in Portugal they could have searched.

  53. poster 47 ,I have thought from day one Kate killed her ,gerry disposed of her ,Nothing I have seen or read since then has changed my mind its just a gut feeling

  54. I agree poster 41 ,but this only strengthens my first idea that Kate killed her /found her ,there is NO way Gerry would have moved Maddies body ,then gone back to the pub without Kate know she was dead ,no way he could have gone to 5a,found the body,moved it ,then gone back picked up his pint and carried on as normal ,IMO,Maddie died the day before they claim she did,it was all planned ahead,the flat was cleaned,Maddie was in the wardrobe,Gerry slipped back to move her ,ALL with Kates knowledge

  55. The McCanns have lost all their powerful and rich supporters due to their noise as celebrities and thirsty for money, now they are on their own with the money as a bait for support...
    This is saga against Amaral is one more card to make more money, but it may be their last card if they lose this one because it will drain the fund and unless they fund it with the money they toke through their investigators back door, there will be no more bait to attract support... and their fall has already started...

    "Nunca mechas com o orgulho de uma nacao..."

  56. Ironside. Post 48. In the video, McCann at first appeals to the Portuguese people to help find his daughter, he feels in control, SF throws him off balance and he smirks as he feels he's dismissed her question, then reveals clearly his narcissistic contempt for the Portuguese when he says to a question, "we're going round in circles here..."

    To McCann everyone is a fool, and this is what will be his downfall in the end.

  57. Perhaps the question from Sandra F about the 'photos' sent to the PJ was dismissed by McCann because he's knows she is very clever. If he had admitted to knowing about them, her next question would be about why he hadn't told the PJ they were not Madeleine. McCann knows she can easily trap him. Clever woman.

  58. His contempt for Sandra was the vile glare he could not disguise ,he hates her !! he is a very scary man ,and when cornered as he was on this video it shows even more ,they are running scared ,thats why they are not bothering coming back next week they know they have lost ,if they came they would have to face the press ,this way they think if they dont turn up the British press will not know whats happened ,and imo ,the story will be very lucky if it makes page 34 never mind the headlines ,it will be yet another cover up

  59. 37, if I got it right, inspector Paiva talked about and showed photos of sightings that the PJ got after the case was shelved.
    Those photos refered to Madeleine being seeing across Europe.
    Inspector Paiva said the PJ did not do anything with those photos.
    If I'm not mistaken, lawyer Isabel got angry with the fact the PJ was neglect with those new informations and I think(I'm not sure) she talked about reopening of the process, in order to explore those new opportunities(photos).
    And, gosh, that is the last thing the McCanns came to Lisbon for: to re- open the process.
    But as I told here before, Gerry is specialized in stupid women.
    It is his hobby. Philomena, Kate, Isabel...
    Gerry left the room, furious, said Joana.
    Paiva's words and the photos were a trap, in my opinion.
    The McCanns got now to reopen the process, if they want to convince us that they are searching for Madeleine.
    They even started to talk about it.
    They had no choice.

    ( If I explained this wrongly, somebody please correct me.)

  60. Gerry really does find it hard to control himself when he is angry.

    He doesn't like certain questions at all.

    Perhaps when the case gets reopened, hopefully soon, he will have to make himself an arguido so as to avoid being asked them. There will no doubt be many more questions to answer now, and Sr Amaral says he has other information.

    Kate also, given her past record for refusing to answer, will have to request that status.

    What will the media make of it all?

    They have been led to believe the McCanns were cleared of all charges, because that is how the McCanns have been spinning it?

  61. no, not arguido but as witness.
    a witness is obliged to answer all questions.

  62. How does Isabel Duarte now for sure that the leads Mr. Paiva kept receiving in Portimão since the archiving of the case were not investigated? Did Mr.Paiva confirm that to her? Did he tell her upfront that those were dismissed point-blanc because the police believes Madeleine died in May 2007?(some time ago, there was some news about someone calling the PJ with some information and that person said he/she got answered that there was no point in passing any information because the girl was dead? Is this related?)
    Did Mr. Paiva talk about that dossier with the new unfollowed leads in court? Can someone who was present in the court sessions please confirm this, what did Mr. Paiva really say?
    First, Gerry accused Mr. Paiva of lying about the phone call from Kate, and now Duarte is accusing him of not doing is job! It seems that Mr. Paiva is their next target...

  63. #62, the problem is that, under the portuguese law, the police cannot go on interviewing someone as a witness if he/she is going to be asked questions that can lead to that person incriminating him/herself with the answers. The police has to change the witness status to the one of "arguido". That status gives the person rights, which a mere witness does not possess.
    Unfortunately, due to this particular point in our law the McCanns got away with a lot in 2007 and to this day!

  64. Maybe the McCanns will decide to drop the libel action.

    The way things are going it can only get worse, as even more information will be released they wish could be kept under wraps.

    If they were wise they would forget the money and back out.

  65. @64 I don't wish to be blunt but the Portuguese law is an ass on this point then and needs to be changed. Obviously that is just my opinion (I'm from UK) but I wonder how the police manage to convict any criminals when being arguido, which I think of as being highly suspect, gives someone the right not to answer police questions.

    I think there is a good chance now of getting the case re-opened, which is something I have always wanted, but not to waste any more of Portugal's precious resources, nor to make the same mistakes over again.

    Hopefully Sr Amaral has some good ideas as to how to get round this problem AND will be equipped to fight against Mc Cann's UK protection. Its a big ask isn't it?

  66. Can the Portuguese courts make assumptions about an arguido remaining silent when asked questions that might incriminate them, in the same way that I believe a British court can? If so, then the silence of Kate Healy speaks volumes.

  67. Hi poster (66)I am also from the UK and I agree entirely with your post. I was looking at the rights of an arguido, that a witness doesn't have and as you say an arguido has the right to stay silent when questioned, as well as the right to a lawyer.

    An arguido must report to the police every 5 days, so why the hell were the McCanns given their passports and allowed to fly home, the day after they were made arguidos? They never set foot in Portugal until well after they were released from their arguido status.

    The McCanns were the ones who caused Madeleine's disappearance, whether she was abducted or not and they are the ones who have been given preferencial treatment. I take it if they didn't have to report to the police every 5 days, the same applied to Robert Murat, who unlike the McCanns cooperated every step of the way with the police.

    Robert Murat and his mum, have been put through the mill, because of the false allegations made against him, by the British media reporter and the Tapas 7.

    I heard Robert Murat's lawyer say he requested the arguido status, because of the rights it would give him. I also read that Robert Murat regretted asking for the status, although the police checks on his computer and his mum's home and garden were clear he was not released from the arguido status.

    I read that it was because they didn't want him to speak to the media, while the McCanns were still arguidos. What would have happened if the McCanns had remained arguidos? I am sure an arguido can remain one for a number of years. Would Robert Murat have to remain in a state of limbo, having been cleared of any involvement in Madeleine's disappearance?

  68. Interesting PJ statement about Zavial Beach. Ernesto Macacho claimed the Tapas group went to his beach bar regularly, but the McCanns only once. The Telegraph reported this on May 9th 07. The early reports are worth visiting, because they precede the spin machine going into overdrive.

  69. Does any one know if Robert Murat is planning on writing a book? I'd like to read that one too.

  70. Anons @ 66 & 68

    I am also from the UK and as you will know when arrested, and also at virtually any other time, suspects are not obliged to answer any questions put to them by investigating authorities - have you never heard of 'No Comment'?

    Please, let us not believe that the English legal sysytem is any better (or any worse) that that of Portuagal. I am sure both have their pros and cons but to say that 'Portuguese law is an ass' on the subject of 'criminals' (do you mean suspects?) having the right not to answer police questions is just wrong on all counts.

    In the US they have something similar 'taking the fifth' I think it is called.

    Mr B

  71. I wish somebody would ask Gamble how he can ignore the findings of the best dogs in he world which indicate Madeleine died in the apartment and the McCanns are involved in some way.

    How can this man be taken seriously?

    It appears like he can't see the wood for the trees because he is too close to the McCanns to be thinking straight.

  72. Post 71. I agree that suspects have the right to be cautioned and not to say anything that might incriminate them; however, they should also be aware...."but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court.
    I have no idea what the Portuguese equivalent is.

  73. Hi Poster (71) yes I did know that suspects aren't obliged to answer questions in the UK. Having said that, if my child was missing, I would sing like a canary in case anything I said could bring him/her back. I wouldn't care about saving my own skin, only the skin of my child.

    However, the point to my post was, not about the right to stay silent, I wanted to know how the McCanns were allowed to fly home, when as an arguido, they had to report to the police every 5 days.

    Having thought a little more about it, because the McCanns are in the UK and both the UK and Portugal are EU countries, could they report to their local police station every 5 days?

  74. Anon 72
    Gamble also got operation Ore seriously wrong, miscarriages of justice, and several suicides, but he survived professionally.

  75. Kathybelle 74 - this has always bugged me - why KM would not help the PJ, and why they have muddled and blocked the investigation all along - it can only mean guilt. As far as returning home is concerned, Goncalo said it was agreed they could go home on the condition they returned if required. I don`t think he would have agreed to this himself but was under pressure to do so. Of course they then engaged the top extradition lawyer to make sure they had a defence against returning.

  76. Hi Louise,(76) the McCanns have certainly called all the shots in this sad case, that they are responsible for causing. We'll see what Thursday brings, if the McCanns lose the case, I think it will be the beginning of the end for them.

  77. How can we take any of the ex cops who are working for the McCanns seriously?

    They have gone along with the McCanns in their so called 'efforts' to find the elusive abductor, when it means they have to ignore the findings of the dogs and the findings of the official investigators.

    What else are we supposed to make of these 'cops'?

    How much do the McCanns pay them?

    And do they realise they have a job for life? Unless, of course, they really do start detecting and looking at the McCanns, then they will be out on their ear, and might even end up Carter Rucked.

  78. Anon 78
    I don't think you are meant to take them seriously.
    They are all clearly there to divert attention from the facts.
    M3 paid people to invent sightings in Morrocco, Halligan seems to have been paid to ignore all sightings reported to him. The latest ones are paid to appear with Clarrie, for example at that hastily arranged press conference in the cellar where they anounced the "Strong Lead" of the girl on the docks at 2am trying to score in Barcelona.
    Hastily arranged because the true cost to the Leicestershire Police had been published only the day before, and the meeting diverted attention away from the facts and gave the impression that something was being done. [One day Clarrie will have a lot to answer for]
    As we know one of the Dailies expoded that myths, and mysteriously nothing more has ever been heard of that "Strong Lead".
    Why no one gets hold of Clarrie or Edgar and asks him the direct question, on the record, is beyond me.
    So, they are not to be taken seriously except in the sense that they have all been employed to take the public's and the press' eyes off the ball.
    Red herrings drawn across the trail.
    They are very often present. The bloke hovering about at the scene of a fire who keeps tugging at the sleeves of a Fire Officer and describing in a great detail a man he saw running away - is the one who started it.
    The one who wants to help the police with the search, even though no search has been planned or announced - is the one who did it.
    The one who goes on TV asking for assistance - ...
    Y ya está

  79. PeterMac

    I have no doubt you are right.

    They are disgusting.

  80. Innocent parents, on hearing that blood and cadaver indications had been found in their own Apt, would want to follow every POSITIVE lead which might result in discovering what had happened to Madeleine. This most signiificant of leads has never been pursued by the McCanns. These brilliant dogs have merely been the subject of ridicule by the family. Says it all.

  81. The McCanns would like everybody to forget about the dogs.

    And it is amazing how many of their so called top cop 'investigators' have. What a joke they are.

    That's apart from people like Lorraine Kelly, who no doubt does not even know the part the dogs played in this case.

    Probably not in the script.

  82. lol. everything that was said here is total bullshit haha u wannabe investigators hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa. maddie IS DEAD SGE WAS DISSOLVED IN ACID ;D;D;D;D;D


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